Chicago Faces 135% Increase In Carjackings . . . So Legislator Seeks To Ban “Grand Theft Auto”

My home city of Chicago continues to reel from soaring crime rates. Among the categories of increasing crime is a 135% spike in carjackings.  One would think that the legislators would be focused on better policing and other programs. Rep. Marcus Evans Jr. (D, Chicago) however wants to ban video games like “Grand Theft Auto” which depict “motor vehicle theft with a driver or passenger present.” While it would not likely make a dent in carjackings, it would curtail free speech and individual choice.

Owning a car in Chicago has become increasingly difficult. I have one close relative in Chicago who sold his car because it became simply too expensive to continually replace tires and other items regularly stolen in broad daylight. Cars are stripped on city streets by gangs that drive around harvesting sellable items or just stealing entire cars. The solution for many is to simply not have a car.

The idea of limiting what people watch or listen to is hardly new. For years, leaders have sought to limit video games and rap music as causes of crime or the erosion of family values. The idea is that the government can regulate what you are enjoying and modify your desires and actions. It is the ultimate expression of paternalistic governance theory. It is not just limit to criminal impulses but extends to dietary impulses like the Big Gulp laws.  There are real issues of individual choice that are dismissed in such measures. When it comes to banning video games, however, there are also free speech issues in the curtailment of forms of artistic and social expression.

Carjacking is increasing because there is insufficient deterrent. It is treated as an exciting exercise or thrill by young people. Eliminating GTA will have about as much impact on carjacking as eliminating Call of Duty will reduce world wars or banning Minecraft will decrease structure-destroying “mobs.”

What such bills accomplish is not crime reduction but political protection. It gives the appearance of action from legislators who do not want to take more decisive or direct action. It is easier to blame a video game than state or city enforcement policies.

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  1. This police chief knows how to address and eliminate crime.

    The question: Do we eliminate crime or coddle criminals – do we assure crime elimination or law enforcement perfection?

    “It’s time to stop talkin’ and start chalkin'”

    – Chick Hearn, L.A. Lakers

  2. Who is going to pay for the tax increases? Not the super rich. The one’s who pay will be the middle and upper middle class while the poor pay through higher prices and everyone pays with lost jobs. That means you, your children and your grandchildren pay.

    Who gets rich? The elites.

    Is There Wasteful Spending In The New $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill?

    However, The Wall Street Journal editorial board estimated that only $825 billion was directly related to COVID-relief and $1 trillion was “expansions of progressive programs, pork, and unrelated policy changes.”

  3. As with all problems, it’s necessary to get to the root cause and eliminate it. Strict gun laws have not decreased gun-related crimes. Eliminating GTA won’t stop people from doing the real thing. Wherever there’s an incentive to commit crimes, there needs to be a deterrent greater than the incentive. If jails and prisons function as merely a free AirBnB, then that is no deterrent. The government has a duty to secure our natural right to life, liberty and property. We can’t be more concerned about the “rights” of criminals than we are about the rights of law-abiding citizens.

  4. In Chicago professor Turley’s hometown the murder rate is increasing and the leaders wish to focus on a video game. In my hometown, NYC, the murder rate is increasing and all the leaders want(ed) to focus on was closing the skating rink.

    What does professor Turley’s hometown and my hometown have in common? Both are Democrat run cities.

  5. I live here. Typical Chicago Democratic nonsense. I am sure it will somehow end up being Trump’s fault. This is what happens when there is no deterrent. The majority of the jackers are POC so it would be racist to enforce the law. Meanwhile hard working Chicagoans are losing their property and are living in fear. But the good news is the Columbus statue was taken down.

  6. “Carjacking is increasing because there is insufficient deterrent. It is treated as an exciting exercise or thrill by young people. ”

    You double back on yourself with this, Turley. Agreed that these bills are often just political cover, but if as you say young people are doing this for kicks, the bill about GTA would be an appropriate solution, but as is the case with truly perplexing problems, they exist on several levels at once.

    Mespo’s answer will get you shot in the face because tactically speaking, car jacking is a crime of surprise. No one comes up in a broadly announced way to take your car. They jump in at a parking lot. Or a stop sign with a distracting move, etc. No time to pull a weapon without it getting used against you or just getting smoked on the spot.

    Also Jon, you’ve ventured into Reagan era ‘tough on crime’ sensibility and that has mostly proven effective at one thing — populating jails. Look, I know guys who I grew up with, and played ball with, who’ve run on tough times and have been known to prefer jail in the winter to the possibility of freezing on the street. One I know, short of a drug possession arrest, will throw a cinder block through a window and wait for the cops to arrive if he’s not incarcerated by late November. Yes, jails are basically Gladiator Academy for gangs and there are plenty of youngsters looking to punk off older guys in order to build a reputation. But the truth is, once you get in the system, it’s really hard to get off that turnstile. Like all truly perplexing problems, this one exists on several levels at once and doesn’t lend itself to simplistic solutions in a lot of ways…

    However one area where it is simplistic in regard to car jacking is that there is serious money to be made in its practice. And in the economic devastation of a pandemic this cause can’t be brushed off easily. People do it because there is money in it. Full stop.

    Is it right that not owning a car or driving a beater seems to be the only solution, or that car parking combative training is almost a necessity? Well, no. But often the nature of a problem and the answer to it can be quite varied. At least at first.

    Elvis Bug

    1. Elvis, stop defending criminal behavior. Stop making excuses for criminals. Stop pretending that the pandemic is causing kids to go out and steal tires or take over a car. Odd that it doesn’t happen in other areas…isn’t it? It happens in areas that believe that bail is bad, that theft of under $900 is not a crime, that assaulting a cop is fine and that there should be less police presence.

      It is guys like Elvis that help raise the crime rate, abet the criminals that attack the poor people of color in our cities.

      I am so tired of seeing longwinded blowhards like Elvis pretend that the world is a classroom and that pretentious words and ideas help to explain violence and crime. CRIME IS CRIME and CRIMINALS ARE CRIMINALS and society’s biggest job is to protect decent folks from the criminals…even if it means “filling up the prisons”.

    2. Elvis Bug tries to tell us that because the problem in Chicago is so complex a solution is so hard to find. Could the problem possibly be attributed to the fact that all fifty Chicago Alderman are Democrats. Could the problems in Chicago be attributed to the fact that the great great grandfathers of the people of Chicago voted to put Democrats in control. I agree with Elvis Bug. The problems of Chicago have been just too complicated for the Democrats to figure out.

        1. Bug, you have posted a comment concerning an article about car jacking in Chicago. Earth to Elvis Bug. The article is about crime in “Chicago”.

          1. I’d maintain the article has a setting of Chicago, but that the article is about car jacking writ large and its relation to a) the game GTA, b) old school Reagan era ‘tough on crime’ policy, and c) the tendency for legislators to put up rather worthless bills as political cover.


            1. Freezing temperatures in Honolulu, er I mean Chicago. I forget, what city was this post about? The Law of holes works too.

              Anyway, carry on, you’re doing just fine.

    3. Elvis Bug tells us that throwing a cinder block through a window should be understood as an act of desperation and should be compared to a guy jumping in your car and threatening you with violence if you don’t turn it over. Hey Bug, a little compassion for the victims shaking in their boots from fear and the chill of a cold winter day as they see their car driven away might be in order. I know, it’s a lot to ask.

      1. Please point out to me where I used words advocating not having sympathy for those who’ve experienced being carjacked.


        1. Elvis Bug, how difficult would it have been for you to insert one little sentence about the victims of the crimes? There are many people who are in desperation who don’t throw blocks through windows or steal cars under the threat of violence. You make these criminals sound like a hungry five year old stealing a slice of bread.

          1. Cool. Got it. You can’t stick to what I actually wrote but instead find it necessary to hold me to whatever standards are in your head. Just so we’re clear. Because funny thing, I actually spoke in my last paragraph toward those victimized. Not to your standards obviously, but that’s not really my problem is it? After all, I can only answer what Turley wrote, and he didn’t express the sentiment toward victims that you require either.


            1. Anonymous, it really isn’t necessary to respond to every post here. Make a point and then shut up. Much as you’d hate to admit it, monopolizing a conversation is rude.

              1. They responded to me and I’m just being polite and responding back, Joe Momma. Lol. Track up the page to see how the blog functions.


            2. Elvis Bug says he mentioned victims in the last paragraph of his post at 8:38. I recommend a re-reading of his 8:38 post in search of a mention of the victims . When facts don’t mater just make it up as you go along. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

              1. “Is it right that not owning a car or driving a beater seems to be the only solution, or that car parking combative training is almost a necessity? Well, no. But often the nature of a problem and the answer to it can be quite varied. At least at first.”

                Is the word ‘victim’ in there? No. Is the POV of the text directed toward unnamed victims? Yes.

                But hey, I’ll keep in mind I need to bring coloring books next time. Is that good for you TIT? Better yet, maybe I should check in with you before I post anything just to make sure I include everything you need. Have to keep the textually challenged in mind here, I somehow keep forgetting that. Thanks for pointing it out.


                1. Elvis Bug, so you didn’t actually mention victims but you somehow considered the victims. You admit that there is no mention of victims in your post after saying you included the mention of victims in one of your posts. Now we must somehow believe that your care for the offended by the criminal is in there somewhere even if it’s not really there. Elvis personality one is speaking to Elvis personality two.

                  1. Ha. I know right? And since I was responding to Turley’s post, and his mention of victims, I’m clearly not being the proper transcriptionist for your personal thoughts. How crazy right?

                    Oh wait….


                    1. Count up the number or times Turley used the word ‘victim’ in his article. I’ll wait…


            1. AnonJoeFriday, Elvis Bug has stated that criminal acts might be understood because the perpetrator might be acting in desperation. Due to Corona many people are living in desperation. These people are not throwing cinderblocks through windows. So the desperate guy breaks a window in his own neighborhood. After several broken windows the business owners insurance premiums go up and he has to raise his prices to cover his additional expense. You don’t have to make mention of every occurrence in the chain of events but you should be aware of the repercussions and take them into account before you tell us of the sad plight of the criminal. Part and parcel of the victim hood mentality.

                1. Elvis Bug. You tell us a story about someone breaking a window to go to jail to escape the winter cold. You didn’t have to use the word desperation for us to assume that the guy actions were because he had no where else to turn. When you have nowhere else to turn you might be considered in desperation. Your argument is that you did not actually use the word desperation. Were you not trying to illustrate his plight. If not, why did you tell the story in the first place.

                  1. That’s your read, TIT. I used the analogy of someone I know who consciously made the choice to do something to get incarcerated for the winter. The emotional tinge you place on it is entirely your own creation.

                    I told of the experience to counter Turley’s assertion that tougher punishment will stall car jacking because at its core it maintains fear of punishment will curtail the action. My case is: no it won’t, not when there’s enough money riding on the act itself. Not everyone fears jail. Some see it as a way of life to be navigated. Some see it as home. Some fear it. Some see no other option.

                    But i’m done catering to your emotional needs and I’m not your free tutor, so, you know, GFY.


              1. Thinkit, Elvis made no excuses for anyone in his original post, nor since. If you just want to argue, pick out something worth the effort and to the actual comments of the other person.

    4. “Mespo’s answer will get you shot in the face because tactically speaking, car jacking is a crime of surprise.”

      I didn’t think firearms were allowed in Chicago? There must be some mistake, there certainly aren’t any armed criminals then. I don’t understand what’s happening to these people then.

      1. The problem is the border crossings at the city limits slohrss. The gun sniffing dogs are mostly on the take and people know now to chuck a uncooked meatblss out into the adjacent field as they approach. Guards and dogs try to outrun each other to them and the miscreants hit the gas.

      2. The Jane Byrne registration act was unconstitutional and finally cancelled after DC v Heller. Of course it never did a darn thing

        In typical Illinois style, the passed the most restrictive concealed carry in the union which is possible under DC v Heller.

        It is all fiddlesticks. The criminals keep carrying and citizens do too.

        Allegedly, a regular law abiding citizen will face a UUW charge at worst in Crook county, which can easily get dropped.

        if they pinch a regular low level criminal for having a gun, it’s a rarity. “Allegedly” if there is only one jaywalker detained, and no third party witnesses, the police “allegedly” will just skip the arrest, steal the gun, and it disappears.

        “purely hearsay on my part” –Sal Sar

    5. Elvis Bug mentioned the Regan “tough on crime” on two occasions. In his selective historical memory he forgets to make note of the Clinton/Biden 1994 crime bill. The largest crime bill in American history. The bill called for the hiring of 100,000 new police officers. Elvis has to lend force to his Republican Derangement Syndrome (RDS). Elvis pages through the history book and accept this, turns the page, that doesn’t fit in so reject it. If you read closely these little tidbits of years of programming will make their way to the surface.

      1. Cool. I’ll make sure to consult the devious farm animals grazing on your brain before writing anything, TIT.


    6. “the bill about GTA would be an appropriate solution”

      How so?

      You have a constant habit of making idiotic and absolutist statements without ever backing them up with any proof.

    7. Elvis Slug:
      Sure noone ever stops a car jacking with a gun cause it’s such a big surprise. FYI my CCW is positioned in my vehicle so that it’s out and ready in less than the time it takes for someone to open my car door. Here’s some of the counter-examples:

      There’s about 14 more I can’t cite due to blog rules.

      So, per usual, you talking out of you Elvis.

    1. In South Africa some cars were equipped with a sort of flame thrower that would shoot fire from the underside of the car and into the legs of the local hot shots. Probably a racist hate crime to equip your car like that in Chicago.

      1. “But, but I didn’t do it! I didn’t try to carjack that vehicle!”

        “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”

      2. it is an old wisdom from chicago lawyers to drive a cruddy car. less to worry about in difficult traffic and fits in where-ever, “grey man” style

        fancy cars mostly serve big egos. Sal

        1. +100

          …and it’s good to always keep people guessing. They might be inclined to underestimate the owner…

  7. “let’s eliminate the game that would keep people from going outside and stealing shit!”

    Chicago Legislature.

    1. “At least they didn’t blame Trump or systemic racism.”

      You underestimate their capacity for deflection and evasion.

      They blame Trump and the republicans for the increased crime because of their “failure” to pass gun control laws.

      Carjackings and other property crimes are, they allege, caused by poverty and PTSD-like symptoms, which in turn are caused by “systemic racism” (whatever the hell that is).

  8. The best deterrent to a car jacking is a .38 caliber in your hand. A .45 is a better deterrent. If you decide to go around unarmed in Wild West Chitown, the consequences are on you. It’s a “shall issue” concealed carry state and Mayor Beetlejuice will help you not at all.

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