LA Teacher’s Union Under Fire For Effort To Racially Classify Critics

United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is under fire after Maryam Qudrat, a mother of Middle Eastern descent, was asked by the UTLA to identify her race after criticizing the union’s opposition to reopening schools despite overwhelming science that it is safe. The response of the UTLA was evasive to the point of incomprehension. However, the controversy is fueled by recent efforts to portray parents demanding a return to school as racist or examples of white privilege, including recent controversial comments from the UTLA President.

Qudrat was contacted by the UTLA after she spoke out against the opposition to resuming classes in Los Angeles. She has a seventh-grade child and has been calling for the union to follow the science. Instead, they contracted her with an email from a union research who noted that she has been quoted twice by the LA Times in eight months and the union wants to know her race. The email notes that her name sounds Iranian but the researcher does not want to assume her race with a “legitimate method.”

The concern however is why the union is trying to racially classify critics. The fact that Qudrat was quoted twice in the LA Times would not yield any broader demographic information on the range of parents who want their kids back in school. Instead, the email is intimidating when opposition to the closings is being used by some to claim racism. That issue arose recently with the public statements of UTLA President:

“Some voices are being allowed to speak louder than others. We have to call out the privilege behind the largely White wealthy parents driving the push for a rushed return. Their experience of this pandemic is not our students’ families’ experiences.”


Myart-Cruz has also criticized “Middle Eastern” parents in joining “white parents” in seeking school re-openings.

In response to the latest controversy, UTLA issues this statement:

“The email in question is from a UTLA researcher who was attempting to ascertain the race of individuals quoted in order to assess whether or not that is a factor we could evaluate. This outreach by the researcher was not authorized and nothing from that outreach is contained in the report. We understand this type of email could be taken out of context.”

What exactly does that mean? The researcher was working for UTLA “to ascertain the race of individual quoted in order to assess whether or not this is a fact we could evaluate.” Read that over a couple of times.  “Assess whether . . . we could evaluate”? Moreover, what are you evaluating? This sounds more like opposition research. What would it matter is the small number of people quoted in a newspaper have a particular ethnic background? It would not establish the make up of families holding that position. While the union says “we understand this type of email could be taken out of context,” it does not explain the context or purpose. It does not deny that it was researching the race of anyone who opposes the union effort to keep the schools closed.

In reality, there are many minority parents who have spoken out about the need to re-open and the science is clear on the issue. Indeed, it was clear when the Trump Administration was pushing for re-opening last year despite ads calling such efforts “attempted murder” before the election.

Obviously, the claims of racism from the UTLA will chill other parents from speaking out. Indeed, we recently discussed a leading researcher who stopped his work on Covid-19 due to threats and harassment for showing minimal risk from school openings. That is the “context” that many of us are concerned about when reading this email.

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  1. Illegal deportation is the legal inverse and moral equivalent of illegal immigration.

    The communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) cheated.

    Now it’s time for Americans to implement corrective action.

    Grab the invasion bull by the horns.

    Decertify the teachers unions and make teacher unionization, aka teacher communization, a capital crime.

    Illegally deport the illegal immigrants back as illegal emigrants.

    “[We gave you] a republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin

    Naturalization Act of 1802

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof…

  2. Dr. Lomax explains how the O.B.I.T security monitoring system works.

    It operates 24 hours a day & uses outer band individual tele-tracers on humans, active or asleep, that send out biological signals, specific to an individual….Like a finger print. People who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear from O.B.I.T

    1. we don’t need that. we already have these cell phones that track us and we willingly carry them around all the time. and they relay signals all over to towers and the FBI gets the info without a warrant if they want via stingray.,

      then there is all the info we part with freely via TERMS OF USE on all the apps. which silicon valley harvests to profile us all in very precise detail

      this is america today: willingly under constant surveillance, complain a little, yawn, go back to the usual

      Sal Sar

      1. Sal Sar, you are referring to Obama’s share plan with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon & other carrier vendors.

        PS….FBI are not the only one’s who use stingray interception black boxes.

        1. Before Obama it was Bush that restarted and ginned up a lot of this after 9/11. Patriot act, stellar winds nsa snooping, etc. They threw the Church committee reforms in the garbage. Everybody just said ok kind of like we did with the excessive covid restrictions that linger on a year hence.

          Bedrooms? We live in a perverse society where private sex work between consenting adults is criminalized, UNLESS YOU TAPE IT FOR FUTURE DISPLAY TO THE PUBLIC AS PORN. Then it’s protected by the First amendment, see? Really, I am totally serious, that is the law. Does this not seem twisted? How can private vanilla sex for money between a free and willing men and women, be criminal, compared to some of the sick obscenity that freely circulates today, that is apparently “protected,” this is an infamy.

          anyhow, yes, bedrooms, people don’t care. they have the amazon device, the google device, on top of their phones, sitting in the corner uploading everything to Silicon Valley. Nobody cares! You and me are fast becoming dinosaurs to care about such tings as privacy. If you look at how many people, literally millions, now make their own homebaked porn videos and load them up to the world to see— for free! you can perhaps get a sense of how little the average person values privacy.

          Arthur C Clarke also predicted many decades ago, that people would eagerly give up privacy as new technological fancies came online. It is a dying value, evidently

          Sal Sar

  3. Fact: People with dark skin tend to be vitamin D deficient, and therefore their immune systems are compromised. Likewise with anyone who is overweight. Especially if they are obese.

    Yet the Ministry of Truth (aka/ the mainstream media) NEVER informs people that they should take vitamin C, D3, and Zinc every day to keep their immune system operating at peak efficiency.

    Instead they just constantly repeat the bullsh*t about useless masks and social distancing. That is obviously by design.

    Speaking of being overweight. Cecily Mynart-Cruz apparently needs to stay out of the chip aisle, and head towards the produce section.

    She’s also a bigot.

    1. This is actually true and it’s across the board – African American, Southeast Asian, African, you name it – it’s a very well-known medical fact. It takes a privileged American D to ignore that, and I suppose it makes me wonder why I am so much more informed about her ‘community’ than she seems to be when by all rights she should be advocating for people’s actual health with actual information. Oops! Can’t virtue signal around legitimately helping people and having them get better! And modern progressives certainly can’t have that. If the self-righteous rage dissipates they might actually have to just get on with their lives. Can’t have that, either.

  4. Since Boston was mentioned recently, this is not much different then what happened in Boston in November (when Boston removed the “racist” exam from the exam schools). The school committee had already decided to get rid of the exam, but had to go through the formality of a public comment. Everyone in favor of removing the exam berated the those that wanted to keep the exam by calling the exam racist and all but calling the exam supporters racist. Yet the only racism came from a school committee member that wanted to remove the exam.

  5. This should not stop any parent from complaining or coming forward to demand that the schools reopen. Only by rejecting such open racism can we get back to being a functional society.

  6. the United States government usually classifies light skinned people of middle eastern descent as Caucasians/ white. If it has to do so.

    It would be interesting to survey how various migrants from those nations self classify their own race.

    Labor organizing is a good thing for society in principle, but like many other good ideas and institutions,. such as schools, but these are ever more and more, run by awful people who are protecting turf and ginning up conflicts among others, in a selfish way, to undermine their perceived opposition.

    at some point more and more people will ask, has American liberal-democratic-capitalism, quite simply, failed?

    Sal Sar

    1. “the United States government usually classifies light skinned people of middle eastern descent as Caucasians/ white. If it has to do so.”

      That is because people of Middle Eastern descent are a variety of the broader Caucasian race.

    2. We have been reading Sal Sars comments for some time now. For a long time he has been railing about the dreaded billionaires. Finally today he has come out with where he really comes from with his comment about the failure of democratic-capitalism. He should have told us months ago that he is an adherent of the Marxist doctrine. In America he has a right to be a Marxist but he should have had the intestinal fortitude to tell us exactly where he is coming from so that we could more accurately asses his positions. Again I repeat that in America he has a right to any political persuasion he chooses. I have one question for Sal. Would he be able to write in support of democratic-capitalism if he was in Russia or Communist China? At long last he has fully revealed the hammer and sickle on his sleeve. I am not calling for his cancellation but only for our complete understanding of his perspective. I am calling for Sal Sar to speak more.

      1. I was born in flyover USA and when I have voted, I am white and male and gen x and I was baptized a Christian. I generally voted for Republicans. I have voted for Democrats on many occasions but they were all generally personally known to me to be fine people who were running in state or local elections. I have been called a racist for most of my life, whether for cause or not. I was privileged to have the finest education money could buy in flyover USA and became a lawyer. I used to be an “objectivst” and a liberterian, loved Ayn Rand and Ron Paul and all that. In my callow youth.

        I have had many classes in business accounting, micro and macro econ. I did well in all those classes, I did have one marxist economics class, and I rather hated it at the time, but some of the concepts lingered with me. In philosophy I have studied the ancients and the usual syllabus up to 200 level depth of all the big names, and beyond that I took closer interest in existentialists, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Sartre. Among these, Sartre was literally a communist, and heidegger was literally a nazi. But I am not the only one who has been influenced by them. You can look them up if you want to reckon their importance for yourself.

        I have also studied a lot of history. I think our Anglo-American approach to history overemphasizes Athens, and overlooks Sparta. We seem to think that democracy or individual rights is the only way to organize society. It is not. It is the exception and not the rule. And yet humanity has thrived under Spartan type regimes in many instances quite as well as it has under Athens type regimes. Of course we are taught otherwise because our masters here have always favored the one notion over the other.

        I have also been called a feudalist, and a fascist, and a nazi. Recently, I have more people calling me a Marxist. This amuses me now. Thank you. It is perhaps less dangerous for me personally to be called a marxist. Although most leftists today have no concern at all about economics, they are just absorbed with blm and lbgtq and that sort of nonsense. For my part, it seems obvious that the billlionaires actually fund these destructive trends among the self identified left. Is that not interesting to you?

        I see these billionaires today and what they do, and I am repulsed and angered by it. it is not accident that they do these things– they intend to destroy America as a nation. America has balanced individual rights against group identity and solidarity since 1776. When it needed war, then it was all in on solidarity, union, democracy, and group rights. When the coast was clear, which was most of the time– it was all about advancing the liberal notion of individual rights at the expense of democratic and popular will. This is clear enough if you go to law school and watch the ebb and flow of topics like “substantive due process” which in the form of deseg, abortion, and gay marriage, gobbles up more and more of what used to be considered subject material only for democratically elected legislatures.

        But why? i have many times explained the globalist agenda, which seeks the free movement of capital, labor, trade, and information across national borders. The driver of it is profit, global capitalism, not anything else. The victims of it, are people, and nations. Does it make me a Marxist to observe this? Uh, ok! whatever.

        I come to a conclusion that is not that far off Plato’s Republic. Monarchy and aristocracy and their facsimiles are under-rated, and democracy has a lot of problem, and over the ages, seems to soon degenerate into oligarchy and plutocracy. Which in my mind, plutocracy is rarely far off from chaos and tyranny. Why? BECAUSE THE PLUTOCRATS, THE RICHEST OLIGARCHS, CAN ALWAYS DO WELL IN CONDITIONS OF CHAOS. Perhaps you have heard of Tom Peters a “management guru” of decades past. He wrote a book that had nearly that title. Profiting off chaos or something like that.

        Take the fortune 400 and go down the list and you will see names which are about 95% awful culture destroying scoundrels. Their billionaire status is not accidental when we consider the harm that they are intentionally doing to our country in so many clever ways

        You can call me a Marxist, or a nazi, or a fascist, or a Trumper, or a racist, or a commie, or whatever names you prefer. I will just keep on thinking about the world we live in, facts and history and existence, economics, politics, society, and do my best to understand and share what seems helpful. Thank you for your interest

        Sal sar

        1. sorry a little garbled up there as I was trying to edit and keep it short and relevant but one only has so much time for this conversation. i apologize to all if I am confusing and boring. sal sar

          PS here is an American writer people may have heard of, who is considered a racist and white supremacist now, on much firmer grounds than Dr Suess, but apparently he was also a socialist. I recommend a book most have not heard of, even if they liked White Fang or Call of the Wild. Jack London. Dystopian classic, i recently reread it and found it strangely relevant to today

        2. Sal has a lot of words to tell us that he actually has no ideology at all. However, reading his posts tells us what his ideology is. You could superimpose his writings over the comments of Vladimir Lenin and no one would know the difference. Sal doesn’t want to be pigeonholed but he places himself in a particular light by his posts. He can say that his ideas are not one thing or the other but all one has to do his look at his rhetoric and realize that he is very adept at putting up a smoke screen. As to China and Russia, there are many testimonials concerning their limiting of free speech by people who actually lived there. Let’s start with Solzhenitsyn. Sal wants us to take his word that free speech is not suppressed in China or Russia. The question is should we believe Sal or the witnesses who have actually lived in these nations? Lastly, he presents his personnel bonafides to tell us of his credibility. We know that Lenin and Marx were educated men. Their being educated did not prevent 60,000,000 deaths in soviet Russia and the education of the leader of China has not prevented the Uyghur concentration camps. I know, in Sals lexicon these things are just road bumps on his way to his perfect society. We can only hope that he will be making the journey alone.

          1. TIT, are you stuck in some kind of Cold war funk? Missing the good old days when things were simpler?

            The soviet union collapsed back in what, 91? and the PRC is a state capitalism. “Communism” is not what is troubling us here, it is mostly mischief ginned up by American billionaires.

            This windmill-tilting at “communism” is a joke. I am not a communist. but if there is something to be learned in their histories, or writings, I will look into it. As for Lenin, I doubt you have read much of him, but as you surmise, sure I have read him too. And Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, and Che Guevarra besides. Am I supposed to clear my reading with you first? Do I have to have Jeff Bezos the billinonaire that you apparently wish to defend, to curate my library? No thanks!

            as for their mass murders etc, you know, Chinggis Khan killed a lot of people too. But we can see how highly mobile warfare and massed archers were an effective warfighting strategy at the time. I am not going to ignore whatever he accomplished just because he was a bigger murderer than anybody. oh and a genocidist too, to make hitler blush. why should I look away from what is useful, true, or relevant, because it is a history steeped in blood? most of history is!

            Also. I agree that I have no “ideology.” I hope to God that I do not ever get trapped in one ideology or another again. You ever heard of pragmatism?

            Here’s satiate yourself on more Marxist analysis, plenty of links for you to find some real commies to argue with

            TIT, feel free to chat with me again, but spare me the simpleminded red-baiting. I mean it was a laugh today, you are one of the few that have ever called me a red.


          2. You know, some of TIT’s schtick reminds me of the Objectivist crowd. You an Ayn Rand lackey TIT? You got your nose up Leonard Pea-cough’s backside? I read that whole “lexicon” too and took it for what it was worth. I didn’t let them drag me down forever however, with their fake hero worship aimed at sucking up to billionaires. There’s no real John Galts on that list of billionaires. Well, if you stuck are in the Rand-cult, there’s no helping you, I know that racket from the inside. Whatever good there was in it, they have mostly trampled into irrelevance with their dogmatism, inflexibility, and arrogance.

            Sal Sar

        3. “Monarchy and aristocracy and their facsimiles are under-rated . . .”

          So you prefer wealth by plunder, as opposed to wealth by production.

          Plato’s “Republic” is the philosophic blueprint for communism — state control over an individual’s life, from cradle to grave. At first, I thought that Tit was being hyperbolic. That you admire that book (and Sparta) makes me realize that he was right.

      2. I missed this question:

        “Would he be able to write in support of democratic-capitalism if he was in Russia or Communist China?”

        sure, that in itself will lead to nothing in Russia. In China, people are more guarded, but, if you are a nobody, the state will not care. they may file it away for future use

        but do you not think that the US also sees, records, and files away our stray remarks for future use?

        we are a lot less “free” than you may believe. indeed in China, many argue that there is a much wider range of economic freedom, for regular people, and not just for people who can hire bankers, lawyers, and accountants to organize big business enterprises.

        and the Chinese government does not say you are a baddie simply just because– you are Chinese. We have America which seems to believe that today. Here we are, the common folk, who if we are native born white men, are somehow “systemically racist” even if we are not, and somehow personally responsible for: taking North America from the Indians, importing african slaves, maintaining that peculiar institution, jim crow, and all the racism ever since both slavery and jim crow was ended. We’re responsible for all that, collectively because of our skin color, even if we personally had nothing to do with it. If we are men, we are the patriarchy; we are thus systemically responsible for all the oppression of times gone by as well as whatever scant limitations supposedly contain women today; we are per se homophobic; we are transphobic; if we are native born and proud of it then we are nativists; it goes on and on.

        TIT, your precious American liberal-democratic-capitalist system, which is pretty much just a degenerate form of what the Marxists call state-monopoly capitalism, is responsible for the disgusting opprobrium heaped on native born white men today. It’s not really the black folks who benefit, and it’s not them who hate us. nor the immigrants, the average women, nor the gays or trans. No, it’s the billionaires, who pay their elite managers in mass media, education, political leadership, and big business to hammer us as a group, collectively, liberal individualistic norms be dammed, to divide and discourage and demoralize us. They want everybody to hate us, and we to hate all of them. If they are lucky it could break into civil war, and they keep pushing it. They would like that very much! They presume they would come out ahead. Because in all forms of chaos, they usually do!

        ORDER brought about through cultural and social national unity, embodied in politics, is the one thing that can bring billionaire mischief to a halt.

        BILLIONAIRES are the enemy sir, “think it through” not the russkies, not the Chicoms. The ones on that Forbes 400 list, as a group, not any particular one or two., The group. That’s the foe.

        Sal Sar

        1. Sal, in your 4:22 comment you tell us that the Marxist called capitalism State Monopoly Capitalism. You try to say that you are not a Marxist yet you quote the Marxist comments on Capitalism perfectly. You seem to know a good deal about their judgements. Some might call it steeped in the dogma. If all else fails you’ll just kick them in the teeth and if that fails then there’s nothing left to do but shoot them in the back of the head. Over and over again through your posts you prove the premise of my original comment. This argument is not about you or me winning but about a system of government that has been proven many times over to lead to genocide and slavery of its people and your support for their form of governance. Let me repeat, you know the exact criticism of Capitalism by the Marxist. You must have picked it up somewhere.

      3. I am not a Marxist, or socialist or Democrat, but I don’t really care what Sal Sar is so long as his comments are interesting and he is willing to engage rather than simply bat insults back as so many of the Anonymous trolls here do. One of the values of this site is the opportunity to hear different points of view. Professor Turley is to be admired for keeping it up when the tides of society are drowning opinions that depart from a chosen narrative.

        As for Sal Sar, he doesn’t have to declare that he is a Marxist or isn’t. I don’t need advance labels to consider what he has to say.

        1. Young, let’s say that a klu klux klan member was to post on this forum. Maybe he would have some interesting things to say. Would that mean that you would not be willing to call him out. Would you be out of line in calling him a racist. Do I need to again point out the 60,000,000 dead in Russia under the Marxist ideology. I know, it’s just a number not a worthy exclamation of real people expiring from hunger. Have you ever been just a little bit hungry. Excuse me if I don’t have much charity for those who espouse such a system even if they might be interesting on one subject or the other. Let me remind you of a statement that Sal made about billionaires on this forum. “We should confiscate all their property”. As if this wasn’t enough, in the same sentence he sad “we should kick them in the teeth”.

          1. TIT, show me where I defended Bolshevik mass murders. Oh wait, I never did. You just made that up. You don’t like my strong words. Maybe you want weasel words instead. Why are you scared? You some bored billionaire reading Turley blog? I doubt a single one ever has. You got pretensions, maybe?

            Anyhow, we can give the 800 billionaires due process trials before we try them for racketeering, treason, sedition, etc., and punishments proscribed by law. which will include confiscations. And maybe a kick in the teeth, yes. Maybe some of them would skate. As a group however, they need a major correction, and that’s the point, either we correct them, or they’re gonna keep on driving us into the dirt. I’ve elaborated clearly on how they do it, its fairly obvious these days.

            And don’t start in with the hunger BS. I tell you what, Billionaire Bill Gates has got some hunger planned for all of us. Gonna feed us bugs because no more meat. He’s the biggest farmland owner in America ya know. Think that he’s just looking for a new investment there>? LOL Stick around long enough, and we will see what the climate change activists like him have planned. Less CO2 emissions means less food in the long run, for starters. I tell you TIT, you are a fool if you are worried about “commies” right now. You need to worry about those billionaires. They’re the ones with power to harm you, not some long dead corpse still lying in Red Square.


            1. Once again Sal recommends kicking people in the teeth. After the billionaires are gone who next will he decide needs kicking in the teeth. In Russia they said the same thing but they continued the kicking in of teeth right down to the common man. There are communist billionaire oligarchs in Russia as we speak. And last but not least he tells us that the Russians should not be considered our enemy. Don’t worry about the Russians interfering in our elections depicted by the left. First they’re bad guys the they aren’t bad guys. How convenient.

          2. its funny TIT brings up racist and kkk. why dont you toss that one out too TIT. dont be shy. others here have, why not you?

            See it’s not every day that one guy gets called a red and a racist all at once. Today’s a new achievement for me I guess.

            oh wait: Leonard Peikoff wrote a book about that. It was forgettable, except for the cover-art. You an Ayn-Rand worshipper, TIT? Is Atlas Shrugged your Bible? Do you pour over her nonfiction like it is on par with Maimonides? Have you ever sent ARI money hoping that they would notice you? Have you denounced Nathaniel Branden and all the other enemies of Rand yet? I got a feeling you know what Im talking about.


          3. TIT: “Young, let’s say that a klu klux klan member was to post on this forum. Maybe he would have some interesting things to say. Would that mean that you would not be willing to call him out”


            What would I call him out for if he is saying something interesting?

            I might argue with him, or laugh at him, but I don’t get the ‘calling out’ impulse so many have. Farrakhan is basically KKK in black but nobody calls him out.

            I don’t need to “call someone out” to say he is full of c**p.

            On the other hand someone whom I disagree with on almost everything might have a new and interesting idea that I like. Haven’t you had that experience? I have. I remain open.

          4. TIT: “Have you ever been just a little bit hungry”
            Yes. Everybody misses lunch once in a while.

            1. Young, you know the feeling of being hungry from missing lunch once in awhile. Now multiply that feeling over weeks as you slowly starve to death. You keep thinking that surely you will have some food soon but it never comes. Imagine the last weeks when you experience the knawing in your stomach as your body tries to eat itself. Imagine the raging banging headache as you pray for your life to end. Imagine being thankful that you child’s suffering had ended quickly. This was done to people in the name of trying to set them free from their oppressors. The point was not about being a little hungry after lunch. The point was to try and make you think about how hunger feels even when your just a little bit hungry so that you might understand what it might be like if you were very very hungry.

              1. I have absolutely no idea why you are rambling on about hunger and headaches and Mussolini’s trains. If his trains did run on time maybe I could get to lunch on time and everything would be fine and I wouldn’t be hungry. Don’t you want trains to run on time? How about buses? Did Mussolini get buses to run on time? I don’t know where this is going. What if the KKK made buses run on time? Would that be good, bad or doubly bad racist?

  7. They have learned to shut you up cry “Racist, White Priveldge, White Supremacy” and you respond “no not me” like a bunch of little weenies. Start responding “OK, now let’s get back to the issue”, let’s see what happens when you don’t go on the defensive and respond offensively? Isn’t it about time we put a halt to the old chestnut?

  8. What exactly does that mean?

    That they resort to ad hominem arguments?

  9. Listening to this, all I can think of is Reagan firing all the air traffic controllers. End the teachers union as it is today.

  10. Race has been weaponized by the left to attack and intimidate opponents.

    Race is used cynically by lefties who really don’t care about race unless it benefits them.

    Lefties are mostly (with a few exceptions) ugly people.

  11. The boy who cried wolf too often — the wokers who cry racism ad nauseam. Not only irritating, but intellectually lazy and doesn’t ever get to the root of problems.

    1. I mean these are different people. Not like the one guy who claimed Cruz cheated, then Hillary cheated now Biden cheated. Anyone who ever beat him anywhere must have cheated even if 62 courts say otherwise and now threats to congress are at an all time high because he keeps lying to his base made of dangerous sycophants. And what do the republicans do? Build a golden statue in his honor at CPAC and straw poll him as their leader.

      1. “then Hillary cheated”

        Speaking of Hillary.

        Have you ever heard of Russia?

        1. Speaking of Hillary, have you ever heard of Benghazi? You know the Republican spearheaded YEARS-LONG investigation into why she didn’t respond fast enough when a Libyan embassy outpost the GOP refused to fund for years happened to get raided as the ambassador was visiting?

          Yet, what are we, not even 2 months after the Capitol got raided after Trump told people to gather that day, telling them directly he’d march with them and Trump did nothing but act giddy for hours as people were looking to capture and kill politicians including his own VP, and now even mentioning his name is a sign of some mental obsession to you? I suggest you write definition of the word hypocrisy on the chalkboard 100 times so it sinks in, then say 10 Hail Mary’s in front of the golden Trump CPAC idol from last week so we know you mean it.

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