Is Eric Swalwell The Answer To Trump’s Prayers?

Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the complaint filed by Rep. Eric Swalwell against former president Donald Trump. Swalwell just filed a complaint that could prove to be the vindication that Trump has long sought in the riot in the Capitol on January 6th.

Here is the column.

French philosopher Voltaire said he had only one prayer in life — “O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous” — and that it was uniformly granted by God. The answer to Donald Trump’s prayers may be Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.). It is not because of Swalwell’s relationship with a Chinese agent or the bizarre defenses of him, including one Democrat insisting he deserved the Medal of Honor. It is because Swalwell’s lawsuit against the former president could offer Trump the ultimate vindication over his role in the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

Swalwell’s 64-page complaint against Trump — along with son Donald Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) — alleges nine counts for relief, from negligent emotional distress suffered by Swalwell to negligence in the “incitement to riot.” One might think this would be a lead-pipe cinch of a case. After all, an array of legal experts has insisted for months that this was clear criminal incitement, not an exercise of free speech. As a civil lawsuit, it should be even easier to win, since the standard of proof is lower for civil cases.

Yet, for more than four years, many of these same experts claimed a long list of “clear” crimes by Trump that were never prosecuted or used as a basis for impeachment. Likewise, despite similar claims of criminal incitement, roughly three months have passed without a criminal charge against Trump. District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine insisted weeks ago that Trump’s alleged crime would be investigated. Yet any such prosecution likely would collapse at trial or on appeal, and people like Racine are not eager to prove Trump’s case.

Enter Swalwell, who has long exhibited a willingness to rush in where wiser Democrats fear to tread, with what may be his costliest misstep yet.

First, his lawsuit will force a court to determine if the defendants’ speeches were protected political speech. As if to guarantee failure, Swalwell picked the very tort — emotional distress — that was previously rejected by the Supreme Court. In 2011, the court ruled 8-1 in favor of Westboro Baptist Church, an infamous group of zealots who engaged in homophobic protests at the funerals of slain American troops. In rejecting a suit against the church on constitutional grounds, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote: “Speech is powerful. It can stir people to action, move them to tears of both joy and sorrow, and — as it did here — inflict great pain. On the facts before us, we cannot react to that pain by punishing the speaker.” Roberts distinguished our country from hateful figures like the Westboro group, noting that “as a nation we have chosen a different course — to protect even hurtful speech on public issues to ensure that we do not stifle public debate.”

Second, Swalwell must show that Trump was the factual and legal cause of his claimed injuries. Swalwell and others have expressly argued that, if not for Trump, the riot would not have occurred. But a trial will allow the defense to offer “superseding intervening forces” on that question — acts of others that may have caused or contributed to the breaching of the Capitol. A court could rule that Trump was not the “but for” cause of the riot before even getting to any legal causation or constitutional questions.

Claims of blame would have been easier to make before the House refused to hold hearings on Trump’s impeachment, including weeks after its “snap impeachment.” Now, facts have emerged that implicate Congress itself in the failure to take adequate precautions against rioters, despite advance warnings. Former House officials claimed an FBI warning was sent only in an email, a day before the riot — but FBI Director Christopher Wray has testified that a warning of plans to storm the Capitol was sent on all of the channels created for sharing such intelligence. Moreover, former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund testified that he asked for National Guard support but was refused six times; one key official, Sund said, did not like “the optics” of troops guarding Congress. Delays at both the Capitol and the Pentagon allegedly left the Capitol woefully understaffed. And Trump has been quoted by former Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller as warning him the day before the riot that “You do what you need to do. You do what you need to do. You’re going to need 10,000 (troops).”

There also is a growing problem with the riot’s time line. Swalwell’s complaint alleges a failure by Trump to act as violence unfolded. But as more information has been released, the time period has shrunk to a difference of minutes between the breach and Trump’s call for law and order. Trump ended his speech at 1:10 p.m. The first rioter entered the Capitol at 2:12 p.m. Eight minutes later, Trump had a heated call with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who told him of the breach. Then at 2:26 p.m., Trump mistakenly called Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) instead of Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.). Lee reportedly said Trump did not appear to realize the extent of the rioting. Finally, at 2:38 p.m., Trump called for his followers to be peaceful and to support police. That was roughly 30 minutes after the first protester entered the Capitol. Trump’s defense team will likely emphasize that the he not only told followers to go “peacefully” to the Capitol but made the call to obey law enforcement roughly 30 minutes after the first rioters entered the Capitol.

Many people think Trump should have spoken earlier. Indeed, I condemned his speech while he was giving it. Yet, various people took actions (or failed to take actions) that left the Capitol vulnerable. And, at trial, a comparison could be drawn to the violence around the White House during the previous summer: Fearing a breach of that complex, overwhelming force was used to create an expanded security perimeter — but the use of National Guard troops then was denounced by congressional Democrats, D.C.’s mayor, and the media.

Finally, Swalwell’s complaint accuses Trump of reckless rhetoric — but Swalwell could find himself on the witness stand having to answer for his own rhetoric. Those comments include his mocking of threats against Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine). Swalwell, who now claims severe emotional trauma from the Capitol riot, dismissively tweeted “Boo hoo hoo” when angry protesters surrounded Collins’s home in 2018.

Swalwell’s complaint is timed beautifully to collapse on appeal just before the 2024 election, giving Trump and Republicans the ultimate repudiation of prior Democratic claims. Voltaire also famously said that “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him.” Luckily for Trump, Swalwell not only already exists, but he may be the very answer to Trump’s political prayers.

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  1. Turley’s still butt hurt from Swalwell’s owning him during the Ukrainian hearings and he’s petty enough to never let it go. Of course Trump is the “but for” cause of the riot since he set the time and date, advertised it, and then incited the crowd to riot. That’s not disputable, though one could say – in a complete stretch – that Trump didn’t intend to incite them. The rioters said he incited him and the evidence says he clearly did. Can you escape responsibility because you didn’t intend an obvious result? Don’t expect a correct answer from Turley, the GOP?Fox/Trump house lawyer.

    1. Turley’s still butt hurt from Swalwell’s owning him

      One thing that’s vaguely amusing about you is your continual recycling of fantasies (“collusion has been proved”). Has your long suffering wife insisted on a neuropsychiatric work up for you?

      1. “Has your long suffering wife insisted on a neuropsychiatric work up for you?”

        We ask the same thing about you and your wife, Art.

    2. Totally false, there is no duty to anticipate the criminal actions of a third party, or hundreds of Democrat leaders would be getting sued for apologizing for ANTIFA riots.

    3. Sorry dude, but you need to put down that crack pipe and come back to reality.
      Trump still has first amendment rights. The burden of proof is to show he crossed the line. Too bad for you… he didn’t.

      Turley has it correct that Swalwell’s lawsuit is smoke. Now w smoke, the DNC and MSM can hash this out to generate more smoke to hurt Trump down the road.

      Page 1 Trump is sued.
      Page 6 months later… if at all, lawsuit dropped or dismissed w prejudice.

      Swalwell aka ‘swallow’ is trying to score points w his Democrat constituents.

    4. But for the Sun rising on Jan. 6th there would have been no protest at the capital.

      There are myriads of logical errors in your post. This is just one.

  2. The French breached their capitol with an array of guillotines.

    Marie Antoinette may obtain her just deserts after exerting, “Let them eat [communism].”

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and

    to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence, 1776

  3. Shirley, Mr Turley, you’re not suggesting that leftists will make even an outward show of intellectual consistency? They cannot do so, and therefore will not do so. Leftists cannot attain intellectual consistency because of their abandonment of morals based on an external truth, and simply prove God’s promise:

    “But understand this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, savage, opposed to what is good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, loving pleasure rather than loving God. They will maintain the outward appearance of religion but will have repudiated its power. So avoid people like these.”
    “And just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these people – who have warped minds and are disqualified in the faith – also oppose the truth. But they will not go much further, for their foolishness will be obvious to everyone, just like it was with Jannes and Jambres”

    2 Timothy 3:1-5, 8-9 (New English Translation)

    1. I would be remiss if not adding that this applies to many–indeed, one is too many–on the right. Regardless of the political spectrum, such reprobate-mindedness manifests as false teachers\church leaders, and the many that are deceived by them:

      For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine and accurate instruction [that challenges them with God’s truth]; but wanting to have their ears tickled [with something pleasing], they will accumulate for themselves [many] teachers [one after another, chosen] to satisfy their own desires and to support the errors they hold, and will turn their ears away from the truth and will wander off into myths and man-made fictions [and will accept the unacceptable]. 5But as for you, be clear-headed in every situation [stay calm and cool and steady], endure every hardship [without flinching], do the work of an evangelist, fulfill [the duties of] your ministry.

      2 Timothy 4:3-4

      1. Looks like I got too hasty to post a clarification — 3:14 post should’ve referenced the Amplified Bible (AMP)

  4. RSB network shows the videos from the ELLIPSE 16 city blocks from the capitol where the rally was to have speakers on protecting elections and ballots. People started gathering at 8 am…One group had Five busses from outside DC gathered to take speakers and listeners. Trump invited himself a few days before and was suppose to show up at 11 he didn’t come so his boys and their wives spoke. Trump showed up at noon, there were problems with the mic so he started speaking at 12:10 and ended shortly after one pm after the riot began…Over half a million were at the ellipse, between the Washington Monument and the White House they did not walk to the ellipse after one pm, 16 city blocks, riot and walk back 16 blocks for their busses. The night before they found two pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC HQ near the capitol do you think either side would blow up their own HQ? One America News had video of antifa changing clothing and adding Trump hat and shirts they showed John Sullivan, (Utah) antifa was arrested. FBI Wray said there were no Antifa people there.. I watched their rally that day, no people upset in any way, Right Side Broadcasting video shows the whole am at the Ellipse but you won’t see it anyplace else, better look before computer people take them down.

    1. John Sullivan isn’t a Trump supporter. He also isn’t an Antifa supporter.

      “One America News had video of antifa changing clothing and adding Trump hat and shirts”

      How do you know that they’re Antifa supporters unless you’ve identified them by name? You can look up the names of people who’ve been arrested –

  5. Mr. Turley, until you come on here and tell the damned truth, that the Election was stolen, I do not take you serious. Why are you such a coward ? We know what happened, the Left used INTIMIDATION to get the Supreme Court not to hear these cases. The riots was all about scaring the hell out of the Three Justices, they knew Roberts was a never Trumper, all they had to do scare the hell out of one of those justices and that is what the riots were about. They stole the election and Mr Turley is too chicken to tell the truth.

        1. Along with being nasty to all posters and filling the blog up with mindless comments Anonymous the Stupid has his pretend friends patting him on the back over and over again.

      1. You say burden of proof belongs to who makes a claim , as you have made a positive claim going by your own words it is incumbent upon you to prove it!

        1. It has already been proved by the certification in each state after audits, the small number of arrests for voter fraud, and the failure of the many court cases attempting to show otherwise.

          1. I cited before the guilty plea of a Philadelphia election judge for feeding thosands of ballots into counting machines.

            That took place over YEARS. The investigation and efforts to prosecute started YEARS ago.

            It usually takes a very long time to investigate and prosecute election fraud.

            Further – even when fraud can be proven, it is extremely rare that it can be prosecuted.

            We have precincts all over the country where more votes are counted than registered voters.

            We have even more precints where more votes are counted than legal voters.

            We know that thousands of people vote in states they do not reside in, in every state and every election.
            And that occurs with In person elections.

            It is incredibly rare that any of these can be prosecuted.

            Once a person has voted and left the polls – it is nearly impossible to identify the actual person committing the fraud.

            Lets say I go to the polls in 2022, and I vote identifying myself as some person other than myself that is on voter registration lists,
            I will be allowed to vote – even in voter ID states without ID,
            And my vote will be counted.

            After I leave the polling place – how are you going to catch and convict me ? You know the name I voted under. You do not know my name.

            Probably 10,000 people voted that day at my polling place – do you expect any of them will be able to identify me ?

            And even if they could pick me out of a line up – HOW are you going to figure out who I am in the first place ?

            And the problem is 100 times worse with mailin ballots.

            No one sees the person who votes by mail. Prosecutions of mailin voting fraud only occur when the person is stupid enough to tell someone who reports it to the police.

          2. Are you really this daft ?

            The US has a long long long history of election Fraud.

            The extremely large scale voting fraud in the 19th century resulted in 28 states passing constitutional amendments requiring secret ballots – to prevent vote buying and voter intimidation that was rampant at the time.

            In the 20th century stuffing ballot boxes has been common place. Johnson likely had 80,000 ballots stuffed to win his first Senate election.

            Thousands of dead people vote in every state and every election.

            There are more than 20M non existant people on voter rolls throughout the country – despite federal laws requiring that dead and inactive voters must be purged from rolls after 3 inactive cycles.

            While Bush’s HAVE Voting laws have been mostly disasterous – one thing they did was remove the mechanical voting machines from circulation. These were used in my county straight through to 2000.

            Nearly every mechanical voting machine ever removed from service was found to have teeth ground off gears and other alterations to rig elections.

            But one problem with mechanical machines was that if you alter a voting machine to rig ONE election – the same machine with the same modification continues to get used for years after.

            One of my great fears in the 2000 election was that the Bush Gore FL contest would deteriorate from claims of counting the votes to claims of Fraud. It likely did not – because any claims of voter fraud against Bush and republicans in 2000 would have been reciprocated by claims of fraud by democrats – the election would have degenerated into which party was dirtier, and there would be no possible good outcome.

            I have zero doubt there was actual fraud by both parties in 2020.
            The question is which party engaged in the greatest amount of fraud.

            The GA Senate report on the 2020 election is DAMNING.

            First it documents the actions of Kemp and particularly Raffensberger in conducting a lawless election – failing to follow the GA election law.

            Next it documents the completely lack of transparency both in the election itself and in the alleged recounts.

            Next it documets the complete failure to do the signature matching that GA law requires.

            Finally it documents that the conduct of many election officials particularly those in Fulton county was openly sufficient partisan as to raise the strong possibility of organized election fraud by election officials.

            Allegations in GA are no different from those in PA, AZ, NV, WI, MI. The conduct of election officials is indistinguishable.

            Democrats have jumped the political shark – and they did so before the election. They have made it clear they beleive the ends justifies the means. No one who beleives the ends justifies the means can ever be put in a position of power or authority – they can not be trusted.

        2. The burden of proof with respect to trust in an election ALWAYS resides with those running the election.

          This is why there are election laws and why we are supposed to follow them scrupulously – because those running the election are also the beneficiaries of the election – whether right or left.

          Election officials are government.

          Elections establish the legitimacy of government.

          It is an absolutel requirement that elections must be not merely honest and transparent, but have the clear appearances of honesty and transparency.

          The report of the GA senate subcommittee on elections is a devastating must read.

          But the key issue is not that fraud was proven or the extent of the fraud.

          It is that those running the election have an absolute duty to conduct elections that are not only NOT fraudulent.

          But are obviously not fraudulent to ALL.

          If the results of an election are subject to question – the election itself can not be trusted.

          When the results of the election can not be trusted there is no consent of the governed.

          There was no armed insurrection at the capital – but there legitmately could have been .

          This election should not have been certified until it was thoroughly examined.

          The GA subcommittee report is a start. But MOSTLY it is just a reflection that the possibility – even probability of fraud was never thoroughly investigated.

          The conclusion is NOT “Trump won” or “the election was stolen”.

          The conclusion is “we do not know”.
          And the GA executive;s lawless conduct is the reason that we do not know.

      2. The election was stolen, and they purposefully made it obvious for anyone with a modicum of intelligence and critical thinking skills to see.

        So that excludes you, and your fellow Dem trolls here.

        But even if you did know, expecting a Dem troll to admit that, is like expecting a Free Safety to admit that he was guilty of pass interference on a no call.

      3. Because you say so ?

        We had to listen to 4 years of stolen election rot from your ilk – with absolutely no credible basis.

        That has been actually debunked thoroughly.

        The lawless election claim can not be debunked – because it is true.

        The fraudulent election claim will likely last through 2024.

  6. Don’t pray for me Argentina!
    I will never swallow your tail.
    If you prancer, I’ll keep my distance.

  7. Turley has fully sold whatever soul he had to defend the worst person ever to occupy the people’s White House. His client cannot be “vindicated” for chronically lying every single day of his wrongful occupation of our White House. He cannot be “vindicated” for beginning his campaign to stir up his deplorable disciples even before Election Day ito try to stay in power by predicting that he would win an election by a “landslide” despite knowing that pre-election polls showed he would lose. He cannot be “vindicated” for setting a record for low approval ratings in 4 years’ time, for the chaotic and unsuccessful “administration” he helmed or for shredding the successful economy handed to him by Obama, by botching the pandemic, resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths, or for his failed trade war with China. He cannot be “vindicated” for spending taxpayer money to go on “Stop the Steal” vainglory tours calculated to whip up the deplorables into believing the Big Lie, or for his refusal to accept the truth of his loss to Biden despite 60+ unsuccessful court lawsuits (that Turley has yet to comment on), despite recounts, re-recounts, signature match validations, and trying to coax, and then threaten, the GA Secretary of State and Governor into stealing away Biden votes and awarding them to him.

    Turley’s spin is entirely deceitful. It’s one thing for a law professor to comment in a scholarly manner on the likelihood of success of Swalwell’s lawsuit, and it’s another to put the partisan spin on the issues that Turley has done–including implying that Swalwell was feeding information to a Chinese spy with whom he allegedly had an illicit relationship–allegations that were never proven, but Turley tries to leverage this allegation to defend a loser like Trump. Trump can never be “vindicated”. He has always been a crook, a cheat and a liar, a one-termer whom the majority of Americans never wanted in the first place and never approved of. Swalwell’s lawsuit is addressing a domestic terrorist attack fomented by a lying narcissist whose tender ego could not tolerate this truth, and who was willing to incite a riot to try to prevent Biden, the choice of the majority of Americans, from taking office. Turley has never addressed that outrage, but instead uses his credentials to downplay the truth and defend this loser. That is shameful.

    1. Did he bring the claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act? Which exceptions might apply, then? Would the Court even reach many of these questions if the jurisdictional exceptions spit out most or all of the claims?

      1. You should be deported for abuse of pixels. YOU TOLD MORE LIES in that BS amateur screed than Trump.

        Hope you enjoy your COVID from the Bidens illegal aliens as your town gets filled with section 8, your daughters abused by trannys and your neighborhood destroyed from an Iranian dirty nuke paid for by the $3 billion Biden just gave Iran even as they are bombing our troops.

    2. The fact that you think Joementia was the choice of more Americans than Obama or any other President in history, is hilarious. The rest of your points are just too easy to refute.

      1. Then why did Trump fail to ever capture even a 50% approval rating in 4 years’ time? Do you really believe that most Americans accepted his mishandling of the economy, lying about the pandemic and letting it get out of control, and his trade war with China that backfired and wanted 4 more years of these failures? Do you really believe all of the polls were wrong, including those conducted by Fox? If you do, you are delusional.

        1. Rassmussen had Trump’s approval at 51% on Jan 19, 2021. And at 53% several times in 2020.

          Trump’s approval rate on any given day during his presidency was within 2% of Obama’s at the same time,

          and that despite the most hostile press and left ever.

            1. The only organization today that continues to do daily presidential appoval polls is rasmussen.

              You may not like them – but they are still the only source.

              Their daily polls confirm what I have said.

              I am tired of this nonsense that some left wing nut fact check organization – that is completely clueless as to what an actual fact is makes a tedious and implausible claim that you somehow buy.

              I would note we KNOW the Polls were bogus. We KNOW that on issue after issue, YOU, the LEFT, Democrats, the media, LIED.
              So why are we supposed to beleive your garbage ?

              Trump faced the most relentless barage of negative press for 4 years. Teh overwhelming majority of which was lies and fabrications – like the most recent WaPo retraction of the false story regarding intimidating GA election officials.

              When you LIE constantly – why do you expect to EVER be beleived ?

              1. Rasmussen is not the only organization that does presidential polls, and there’s absolutely no reason to reject the rest. Here are Trump’s ratings taking additional polls into account along with Rassmussen –

                “they are still the only source.”

                No, they aren’t. They’re simply the source you prefer.

                “Their daily polls confirm what I have said.”

                You haven’t actually presented any evidence to back up your claim. Go ahead, link to the daily polls you’re talking about.

                “some left wing nut fact check organization”

                Once again: your opinions aren’t facts.

                “We KNOW that on issue after issue, YOU, the LEFT, Democrats, the media, LIED.”

                No, John, you don’t know that. You many believe it, but believing it doesn’t make it knowledge. Once again, you haven’t QUOTED a single thing I wrote and presented evidence that it’s a lie. As you’ve said, “We establish the truth of claims by evidence. The party making the claim bears the obligation to prove their claim.” You have not proved your claim.

                Accusing me of lying over and over without QUOTING any lie from me is a sign of weakness on your end.

                “…you LIE constantly…”

                No, I don’t, nor have you presented even a shred of evidence to back up your claim. Weak, weak, weak.

                1. Rassmussen is the only source for daily presidential approval polls.

                  They have also had the best track record in something like 5 of the past 6 election cycles.

                  I do not absolutely reject the rest – I just do not expect the same quality of information from them.
                  Further, AGAIN Rassmussen has proven the most accurate.

                  but that does not mean the others are useless.

                  In the end – I do not care much about polling – the error rates have risen significantly. They are no longer predictive of much.

                  And finally – I do not beleive we should make key decisions based on Polls.

                  The primary use I have for polls is proving to those that pretend we should be a democracy that their oppinions are less popular then they think.

                  The use of force AKA government must be justified. All laws, all regulations etc. must meet high standards to be imposed.

                  Among other factors – it is not enough that we beleive they will do something good.
                  We must actually KNOW they will. That test alone would fail much of what the left has imposed on us.

                  Note – popularity is not in the criteria.

                  1. Instead of saying “Trump’s approval rate on any given day during his presidency was within 2% of Obama’s at the same time,” which is false, apparently you should have said “According to Rasmussen, Trump’s approval rate on any given day during his presidency was within 2% of Obama’s at the same time,” since that’s the only approval ratings you’re actually talking about. Maybe what you meant to say — but didn’t say — is true, maybe it isn’t; we’ll see when you link to the data you’re using. (Personally, I doubt that you’ve checked 4 years worth of data for each of them, but perhaps you have. We won’t know until you actually link to the data instead. Your words don’t cut it.)

                    1. Nope.

                      I am not required to qualify my posts to suit you.
                      Further an assertion is not false merely because it is sourced.
                      Nor can an assertion about oppinion EVER be false because you do not like the source.

                      You have made numerous claims regarding Biden’s approval – and you did not qualify any of them.

                      Regardless, there is no objectively correct measure of Presidential Aproval. Rassmussen is merely the best we have and the only one that provides daily results.

                      If you do not like Rassmussen – start your own daily presidential tracking poll.

                      You are horribly deluded about burden of proof.

                      You are posting as anonymous – your burden of proof is ALWAYS extremely high.
                      Only a historical liar has a higher burden.

                      We are not equal. You are not even real. And I am not obligated to conform to your standards – especially standards that you – who are subject to a higher burden of proof – do not ever meet.

                      You are a hypocrit – and that may be worse than a liar.

                    2. Google is your friend –

                      DDG “Daily presidential tracking poll”
                      Gave Rassmussen as the first hit.

                2. You keep citing 538.

                  538 does ZERO polling. They are not even a polling agregator.
                  They are essentially a poll spining organization.
                  And they have a poor track record – they thoroughly blew 2016 so much that I pay zero attention to them anymore.
                  I suspect they did poorly in 2018 and 2020 too – but I have not bothered to check

                  Nate should go back to baseball.

                  “”they are still the only source.”
                  No, they aren’t. They’re simply the source you prefer.”
                  You can rant all you want – no one else does daily presidential approval polls.

                  ““Their daily polls confirm what I have said.”
                  You haven’t actually presented any evidence to back up your claim. Go ahead, link to the daily polls you’re talking about.”
                  Really – you are incapable of finding Rassmussens Daily presidential tracking poll ?
                  You can not find where they compare Trump’s results to Obama’s over time ? Or Trump’s to Biden’s over time ?

                  For someone who fixates so much on polls it is disturbing that you are unable to find the ONLY daily presidential approval poll.

                  ““some left wing nut fact check organization”
                  Once again: your opinions aren’t facts.”
                  Please tell me which part of my remark is false ? Which part is an opinion ?
                  The vast majority of the media and the fact check organizations are OPENLY left.
                  Are you demanding that I prove something that is admitted ?

                  ““We KNOW that on issue after issue, YOU, the LEFT, Democrats, the media, LIED.”
                  No, John, you don’t know that.”

                  Actually we do – and it has been proven., This debate right here is just ONE instance where that is the case.
                  While you try to sniff arround in the weeds over distinctions between firearms and weapons – that no one is even debating with you.
                  You completely miss the fact that you have entire lost – FACTUALLY.

                  There was no “armed insurrection” – While I beleive one could have been justified, the FACT is an armed insurection did not occur.

                  You want to make a huge deal over whether there were one or two people OUTSIDE the capital facing firearms charges – the FACT is there was not a well armed cohort storming the capital.

                  If every single left wing nut media claim regarding the Capital protest proved true – you would at best have a small amount of mayhem.
                  You would STILL not be close to armed insurrection.

                  But Your claims and Media claims have proven near univerally FALSE.

                  Sicknick was not killed by protestors. The only death directly the result of violence was the murder of Babbit.

                  Maybe there were firearms INSIDE the capital – but there is no video of them and none were recovered. The claims guns were fired have faltered.

                  Simply YOU LIED!! – that is not an opinion it is a FACT.

                  Claims of moral failure demand proof – and I have provided it.

                  And you are still sniffing arround debating with yourself what constitutes a weapon. It is irrelevant what constitutes a weapon.

                  What matters is that the WEAPONS that those attempting an armed insurection would require WERE NOT PRESENT.

                  Even the unproven claims you have made of Tasers and Bear spray – if true were sufficiently uncommon as to be meaningless.

                  One person with an AK-47 in a group of one thousand – is NOT an armed insurection – and you do not even have that.

                  This is simple – YOU LIED! It is not an oppinion – it is a FACT.

                  While I have proved it – I did not need to.

                  YOU are the one who made the false moral claims regarding those at the capital – the Burden of proof was ALWAYS on you.

                  I expect just like the gun claims and the claims about Sicknick, and the claims about fire extinguishers, and the claims about plasticuffs, that ultimate your claims about stun guns and bear spray may prove false too.

                  But it does not matter. True of false – you accused these people of armed insurrection – and you have not even reached the level of small riot.

                  Those at the capital were far better behaved than the average BLM march – such as the ones in Louisville, Seatlle, and Portland just recently. That involved looting rioting and arson. Even trying to burn a building with people in it.

                  YOU LIED! – that is clearly NOT a mere oppinion.

                  But keep snorting about what is a weapon. Would a gagle of angry grandmothers hurling bedroom slippers be an armed insurection ?

                  Even asking reveals how much of a LIE you have been trying to sell.

                  “You many believe it, but believing it doesn’t make it knowledge.”
                  It is FACTS – there was not an “armed insurection” at the capital – or anything even close.

                  The latest from DOJ is that there was very little Qanon presence. Oh and aparently the Obama administration was covering up some government ring of pedophiles in 2010. So even Qanon is not nearly so nutty as claimed.

                  I beleive there are now 4 court cases with more coming finding that govenors or sec states in swing states acted LAWLESSLY during the election.

                  Since you seem to like Court decisions – are you prepared to accept that the election was LAWLESS – because those conducting it have been found by the courts to have done so LAWLESSLY ?

                  You have said that was not the case. You have defamed those who said it was. You have accused me, them and Trump of being liars.

                  Are you prepared to CORRECT that LIE now ?

                  You owe the country appolgies for so many LIES.

                  I would also refer you back to my post on the burden of proof – there is no universal standard. The bruden of proof is not EQUAL.

                  Each of us is not equally credible – you are still posting as anonymous – that is entitled to zero credibility.

                3. You are not going to get me to ever quote anything but the post I am replying to so long as you post as anonymous.

                  I am not playing that game.

                  So long as you post as anonymous – you can disown anything you posted in the past, and no one can prove otherwise.

                  But the reverse is also true – YOU can not prove that YOU are not the author of any other post – anonymous or otherwise.

                  In a recent post you claimed I had attributed something Svelaz said to you.

                  SO ?

                  Prove you are not Svelaz.

                  I am not claiming you are – or arent, and I do not care.

                  But I an not getting into a quote battle with you.

                  And I am perfectly justified in accusing you of lying based on past anonymous posts that are clearly LIES.

                  If you want the privileges that come with an identity – you have to take an identity.

                  There is no Anonymous – just an unrepentant liar.

        2. Natacha – I beleive by the evidence of your own posts that you are the one that is delusional.

          OPlease support ANY of the claims you made.

            1. “You first, John. You support almost nothing that you claim.”

              Correct – but real world facts DO.

              I have in many posts claimed “the sun will shine tomorow”

              Need I prove that ?

      2. You’re confused. A lot of Biden voters don’t like Biden all that much, we simply hate Trump and really wanted him out of office, and that motivated us to vote for Biden.

        1. Motivated so much that a trial to address all the sworn affidavits claiming fraud should be no problem to prove wrong, right?

          1. Fine by me.

            Sidney Powell, Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, Jeanine Pirro, Rudy Giuliani, and Fox News are free to introduce them in the Smartmatic lawsuit. Dominion filed other suits, and those defendants, some of whom were also sued by Smartmatic, can also introduce what they want.

            1. Have you heard anything on any of those lawsuits ?

              I could be wrong – but I doubt you ever will.

              While Powell and company likely overclaimed, the FACTS are that there is plenty of evidence of problems with DVS systems.

              More than sufficient to kill the case – that is if it is Tried anywhere but DC.

              Given that neither Powell nor Dominion are based in DC – I beleive Dominion is out of TX and Powell has ties to TX – that sounds like a good venue to me.


              20 years ago I was sued for breach of contract. I counter sued for reliance on false promises.
              The FACT is that both claims were true. I signed a contract that I should not have relying on the DOCUMENTED false representations of the company I contracted with.

              2 years later the case quietly died. Because neither party was willing to risk proceeding.

              I could be wrong – but that is my expectation with the Dominion lawsuit.

              Dominion HAD TO sue Powell etc – or they were going to be destroyed as a company. They were already in serious trouble.

              It is still likely that few people will buy from them in the future.

              Though who knows election officials do not seem to give a damn about election integrity.

              Regardless, if DVS proceeds just based on the facts currently known – the eevidence from Antrim county and from NH will get in.

              In both instances DVS equipment botched the election, and clearly and significantly miscounted votes to a large scale.

              Even if those are the only instances in the entire country – which is highly unlikely – 85% of counties in NH are using the same systems and software as failed in 1 county, regardless those FACTS are more than enough that Powell and company can use them as a basis for their defence.

              DVS is in the position of trying to claim that Powell defamed them by claiming they were mass murders when the most she can prove is that they are murders.

              That does not make for much of a defamation case.

              I would suggest reading Leon Uris’s QB VII.

        2. You are free to vote for whatever reasons you wish.

          My grandmother voted for the most handsome candidate.

          That does not make your reasons wise.

          Hating or liking someone is a poor reason for voting for or against them.

          I am libertarain. I find some of Trump’s policies offensive.

          But I find the policies of every republican and every democratic candidate offensive.

          Bush and Obama were disasterous. Both in terms of personal liberty and in terms of the good of the country.

          Under Bush and Obama we stepped a bit closer to a police state, under the pretense of fighting islamic terrorism.
          Under Bush and Obama we killed the people of other countries and brought home many of our own in body bags for no perceivable national interest.
          Under Bush and Obama the economy floundered. Instead of the 3.5% growth that assured us that our children would live better than we did, we had the sub 2% growth of european social democracies.

          Some of these idiocies were either fully or partially reversed by Trump.

          Trump was no messiah. But he was certainly head and shoulders better than his immediate predecessor.

          As to your “hatred of Trump” – congratulate yourself for being manipulated by the left and the media.

          Get rid of the nonsense the media spews – and Trump is a fairly banal president.

          He sought to reduce the power of government – a little.
          He sought to reduce US meddling in the Mideast – a little.
          He completed a shift in foreign policy focus from Russia to China that has been in the works for decades.
          He improved our tax system – a little.
          He secured the border – a little.

          For the most part he enforced the laws we have. Not the ones some of us wish we had.

        3. I would ask you to think beyond Trump.

          The US left is constantly ranting about hatred.

          If you were to listen to democrats, the left, and the media – we live in the most racist moment of history in the most racist country in the world.
          Almost 50% of the country is “neanderthals” They are antiscience, mysogynist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, hateful hating haters.

          Yet, to most anyone who can grasp reality – that is just plain not true.

          If you are a minority – this is the best country in the world to live in.
          The mad rush of poor immigrants to get in “illegally” is proof of that.

          Being born in america is winning the lottery of life.
          Regardless of your race – if you are born in the USA you are the 1% of the world.

          Please name a consequential place in the world where it is better than America to be Gay, Trans, Black, Brown, …. ?

          This country is not perfect – but it is still a light to the world.

          Everything the Left claims that people fall short on – are still better in America than elsewhere.

          If you hate Trump, or republicans or conservatives, or half the country for their purported “racism” or whatever – YOU are the problem.

      1. You’ll find a host of DNC trolls here who suffer from severe Trump OCD.

        They hate him, yet they love him, because he’s been living inside their feeble minds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for so long that they have a condition that makes Stockholm Syndrome look mild by comparison.

    3. Says the coward who believed a le about Russia fir 4 years, then is happy with a stolen election. There is what you have for integrity you left wing loon. Meanwhile Obama the punk left the Whie House with 100 million in the bank, the Clintons are crooks, Pelosi is a crook, but Trump lost 2 billion being the President, and you don’t have enough wisdom to understand you are being gaslighted, Trump was going against their graft, that is why both the Left and Right in DC hated him, Trump got MORE VOTES than any sitting President EVER, yet you believe an old white fool got 80 million votes, You don’t really believe that, bit it assuages your opinion, which was clearly WRONG else Trump wouldn’t have gotten plus 10 million votes the second go around. YOUR TYPE is just like the people who elected Hitler, you are a dimwitted sucker.

    4. “Trump. Trump”

      TDS is obviously a very long term type of OCD.

      You should seek help ASAP, Natacha.

      The longer you wait, the more everything will begin to look orange to you. Even an azure sky of deepest Summer will begin to look orange, instead of blue. Before you know it all of your clothes are orange, and you’re driving an orange car.

      But you still have a chance, if you can just admit that you have a problem.

    5. Nat: What is shameful is this posting by you. Obama did not hand over a great successful economy to DT. Communist loving Paul Alinsky myermedom Obama was given a Socialists funded system by Trea Sec Paulson and Fed Chair Bernake beginng with Sept 2008 Quantative Easing billions poing into the system. . DT confronted the Chinese abusing of the trade system. Companies were returning to America. America beging full export of Crude, Gas, NG, Diesel fuel, by increasing leases for that purpose, and fracking. DT was building the Wall. I know that comment will tramatize you. You will need to go in for analysis. DT did not cause or botch the Virus. DT wanted to close the travel to and from China in Jan 2020. (History and time will tell those tales.) He was called racists, etc., for doing so. The Dems just full speed ahead to Impeachment. The pandemic, actually and figuratively was generated by Socialists Dems. No way in Hell were the Dems to be elected in 2020 with the economy that was running under DT admin. So what happened, Pandemic shut down. True to nature only a Dem Socialists’ opinion is now allowable or tolerated and that is why you guys intend to close off all opposition. DT is a survivor. Under the coming Socialists Kam Harris regeme, America will not. Never seen such hate as that by Dems/RINO establishment to DT PS NOT one of you cyclope Dem DT haters can see that a coup was attempted beginning when DT became Repub candidate Until now. If DT and his admin pulled those actions, as Hillary would say; “there would have been much hell to pay”.

      1. You’ve been watching Fox News for at least 4 years now, haven’t you? Your hero ADMITTED he lied about COVID. Didn’t Hannity play the Woodward interview recordings, in which he admitted he knew from the beginning that COVID was highly contagious, that it was deadly, but wanted to “downplay” it? If he had told the truth then, measures that were later put into place could have been implemented sooner and thousands of lives could have been saved. Did you forget the other lies: 15 cases will soon be 0 “and that’s a good job we’re doing”…or “anyone who wants a test can get a test”. Even after the China travel ban tens of thousands still entered the US from China due to exceptions. Your hero wanted to punish China for not falling for his stupid tariffs that backfired spectacularly, resulting in the worst trade deficit in 14 years. What “companies returned to America”? Name some. Your hero dismantled the pandemic rapid response team put in place by Obama, and did not replace outdated stocks of PPE in the strategic supply stores, resulting in shortages of PPE. He refused to use the DPA to ramp up production of PPE. He refused to wear a mask and downplayed the importance of mask wearing and refused to create a federal mandate for wearing masks on federal property, which also helped spread the disease. He had NO plan for vaccine distribution, even though he had months to get one in place in advance of the vaccines coming on line. He LIED about Hydroxychloroquine and then doubled down, even hiring the “demon sperm” doctor to back him up. He pushed for EUA for Hydroxychloroquine before testing for efficacy, but after testing was done, it showed that Hydroxychloroquine killed more people than if they hadn’t used the drug in the first place. That little stunt resulted in lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients experiencing shortages of Hydroxychloroquine. He insisted on dominating the COVID briefings instead of allowing the doctors to speak because he wanted to control the message and can’t stand it if cameras are there and he’s not front and center. He even suggested ingesting bleach and using lights inside the human body to kill the virus. Do you recall that your hero said that we’d hear nothing more about COVID after the election if Biden won? That, too, was a lie.

        Your hero cheated to get into the White House with the help of Russia, and no amount of lies by Fox, OAN, News Max or any other pro-Trump outlet will change this truth which Dan Coats was fired for telling. More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton and never approved of Trump because he is all smoke and mirrors. He lies constantly, he is arrogant, he is a narcissist, a racist, a xenophobe and misogynist. He has had a bad reputation his entire life and failed at business. He was given a chance to prove he was worthy of the most powerful job in the world and he flopped badly. He was impeached twice: first for trying to gin up lies about Joe Biden by leveraging aid to Ukraine, and secondly for inciting a riot with the Big Lie.

        1. Did more than 50% ever believe Trump was cognitively not up to the job and didn’t know what the heck was going on? No siree they did not. But they DO believe Joe Biden is not capable of functioning at full cognitive capacity to do the job of POTUS:

          “A new poll suggests that 50% of likely voters are “not very confident” or “not at all confident” that Joe Biden “is physically and mentally up to the job of being President of the United States,” versus 48% who are “very” or “somewhat” confident.

          The poll, by Rasmussen Reports, was conducted March 4-7, and was scheduled for release just hours after Biden had trouble remembering the name of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin or even the name of the “outfit” — the Pentagon — that he runs.”

          (Why do 50% of voters think this? Because Joe Biden is senile and it is clear he is not up to the job. Imagine what the Fake News media have heard behind the scenes that they are NOT reporting to the public in a coordinated effort to protect Joe Biden and Democrats??)

          1. Some of Biden’s quirks have been present all his life.

            But there have been strong signs over the past year that something else is going on – that he is getting worse cognatively.

            Regardless, if true it is likely it will be completely obvious soon enough.

            Then democrats have a HUGE problem.

            The country can survive a senile president.

            But democrats will have OBVIOUSLY LIED to voters once again.

            One wonders how many whoppers voters will tolerate ?

          1. Obama 3.0 is running the country and ramming their agenda through while the public is being deceived and lied to, daily, by the Fake News and how they are all colluding in the Hidin’ of Senile Joe Biden…..where’s your State of the Union Address, Joe?

    6. Oh Lord, isn’t it time to let go of your Trump derangement? Biden won – rejoice already.

      1. TDS is the syndrome present in those who spent the past 4 years gnashing their teeth over nonsensical false claims about Trump.

        And many such as you still do.

        Biden is president. Whether he won the election has not been properly established. ‘

        But there is no reason for rejoicing.

        He has only been president a short period and he is already a disaster.

        If we had honest press you would be inundated with pictures of children in cages at the border and the left would be wailing.

        But neither the left nor the press nor democrats are honest – not even with themselves.

        The left does not seem to grasp that their idiotic policies have consequnces.

    7. @Natacha: Thank you for confirming:
      * Mr. Trump was not, indeed, the worst person to ever be our president;
      * That he was duly elected;
      * That he never supported, suggested, or indicated approval for any act of violence by any person or group from any segment of the political spectrum;
      * That polls are inherently unreliable;
      * That Mr. Trump did, in fact, have a “magic wand” with which he educed a thriving, booming economy by any objective measure (even knowing that objectivity is anathema to you), and St. Obama had no idea to do same;
      * That he listened to and followed every item and recommendation presented him from the experts and scientists venerated by the left–especially Dr. Fauchi;
      * That he traveled as much, or less, at taxpayer expense than St. Obama (the Benevolent);
      * The 2020 election was rife with irregularities and improprieties;
      * That Mrs. Clinton still does not accept her defeat–as she has every right to believe whatever she will;
      * That 99% of his lawsuits never made it to determination of the facts for “lack of standing”;
      * That recounting the same lawful and unlawful ballots will always produce the same numbers;
      * That the “threat” to Mr. Raffensperger was a leftist media’s ginned up, pathetic attempt to continue a narrative, and nothing more;
      * That Mr. Biden had many, many, many votes awarded to him that had been mis-awarded, or that were cast by ineligible and/or dead voters;
      * That you an an expert on deceitfulness, partisan spin, and misinformation;
      * That Mr. Swallwell is a national security threat at best, and a knowing participant in providing highly sensitive information to the Chinese government at worst;
      * That Mr. Swallwell did have an illicit relationship with an agent of the CHinese government’
      * There is nothing that Mr. Trump needs vindication of (beyond marital infidelity, which for many leftists is actually a selling point);
      * That the 2016 election likewise mis-awarded votes in favor of the Democratic candidate to prevent showing a clear majority support for the Republican;
      * That Mr. Swallwell’s law suit is ridiculous on its face, that he is a lying narcissist, incapable to tolerating–or even expressing–the truth, and was not just willing, but eager to lie repeatedly, earnestly, and demonstrably to the nation and world to provide impetus to continue the utterly false “Russia, Russia, Russia!!!” bogeyman;
      * That Mr. Biden was not the majority choice, and should rightly be inducted into the five-time losing candidate’s club (not counting 1980/2004 when he canceled plans to file for nomination), which demonstrates that America has never supported him in a national election;
      * Mr. Turley is under no obligation to address any of your pet issues or grievances based on your unmoored-from-reality, deranged delusion.

      You have had a *very* productive day, and I appreciate you championing the right in general and Mr. Trump in particular. Reconciling and recovering our divided nation depends on folks like you who provide confirmation that the left is completely unhinged, demented, and devoid of any moral underpinnings whatsoever.

      Please keep up the good work of fighting leftism. However, given how much you’ve accomplished today, I would suggest you take some time off from posting. I’m not sure leftist can handle so much truth as you consistently provide in your ever-so meaningful contributions. Indeed, leftists can rarely handle any truth that conflicts with their twisted perceptions.

      I’m sure Mr. Trump would be proud to have such a dedicated supporter like you!

      “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of [a]witnesses [who by faith have testified to the truth of God’s absolute faithfulness], stripping off every unnecessary weight and the sin which so easily and cleverly entangles us, let us run with endurance and active persistence the race that is set before us, [looking away from all that will distract us and] focusing our eyes on Jesus, who is the Author and Perfecter of faith [the first incentive for our belief and the One who brings our faith to maturity], who for the joy [of accomplishing the goal] set before Him endured the cross, [b]disregarding the shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God [revealing His deity, His authority, and the completion of His work].

      Just consider and meditate on Him who endured from sinners such bitter hostility against Himself [consider it all in comparison with your trials], so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.”

      Hebrews 12:1-3 (AMP)

    8. How often were you dropped on your head as a child? My goodness, you suffer from Leftism bias to a degree that makes Biden look smarter than Pelosi. Weird how not a single court case was ever allowed to hear evidence to prove all the sworn affidavits were lies…weird how Russian collusion was a lie and you ignore it….weird how Trump lives rent free in your head but a Guy who supposedly got 80 million votes has to protect DC with barbed wire and thousands of troops with all that support? You are what is shameful. But when you are this stupid, its easy to understand how you can be so ignorant of reality.

      1. “Weird how not a single court case was ever allowed to hear evidence”

        That’s false. Some cases were rejected for lack of standing, but others were lost on the merits for lack of evidence.

        “to prove all the sworn affidavits were lies”

        You don’t have to prove that. Some of the affidavits complained about things that are legal. Some simply repeated hearsay.

        “Russian collusion was a lie”

        No it wasn’t.

        As for your insults, stop trolling.

        1. “That’s false.”

          No it is actually correct.

          Perhaps you can provide transcripts for the hearings in which those who offered affadavits of fraud testified ?
          Or where ballots were examined by the courts or by experts who testified in court ?

          You can not, because the only instances in which anything like that occured – are still ongoing.

          This was a MASSIVE failure of the courts.

          They DID NOT hear evidence.

          “Some of the affidavits complained about things that are legal.”
          Shredding ballots is not legal.
          Running the same ballots through counting machines over and over is not legal.
          Scannning ballots that did not go through the proper chain of custody is not legal.
          Removing legally required election observes is not legal.
          Refusing to impliment the legally required process for challenging ballots is not legal.

          There are affadavits by people who DIRECTLY observed each of these as well as many many other instances of alleged fraud.

          You do not seem to know what hearsay is.

          I would further note that there is no strict prohibition against hearsay.

          If you hear someone confess to committing a crime – that is hearsay. It is also admissible.
          There are myriads of exceptions to the hearsay rule.

          Further, this is not a typical criminal or even civil trial. It is a hearing about the legitimacy of the eleciton – and therefore the legitimacy of the government itself. The actual authority of the courts REQUIRES getting it right. It also REQUIRES erring on the side of reassuring the people that the election results are trustworthy.

          It is NOT sufficient that Biden voters believe Biden won. It is a necescity that the overwhelming majority of voters – including those who did NOT vote for Biden belive the results were the result of a lawful, fair and honest election – even if they do not like the results.

          You should understand this – you wasted 4 years in the Collusion delusion witch hunt.

          At the very least the claims of election fraud should have resulted in a Special Counsel investigation.

          The claims of election fraud are far more credible than the collusion delusion ever was.

          ““Russian collusion was a lie”

          No it wasn’t.”

          Of course it was – the fact that you are still repeating it destroy;s your own credibilty.

          Intelligent people understood it was a lie – the first time Hillary made the claim.
          It was self evidently not in Putin’s interest to favor Trump.

          The entire Collusion Delusion nonsense depended on a stupid claim that putin’s alleged personal anomosity to Clinton was so great that he would act against Russia’s interest to favor Trump.

          This of course ignores the fact that nothing happens in Russia without Putin’s atleast tacit approval.

          Trump Tower Moscow was never built.
          Conversely Bill Clinton received 500K for speaking in Russia.

          Those two facts destory BOTH halves of the claim.

          And that was known on Day one.

          Since then we have found so much more. The most of the Steele Dossier was produced by a Russian agent – it was russian disinformation.

          Russia has still not been successfully tied to the Clinton emails. The Trump campaign had no prior knowledge and certainly no complicity.
          BOTH of which are required – and you have neither.

          Natalia’s stupid – and likely Fusion GPS fostered effort to entrap the Trump campaign was a failure.
          No Dirt on Clinton was provided. And even if you do not beleive that – none was used – which is effectively the same thing – even though it would be disgusting but legal to use Russian provided dirt on Clinton. Just as Clinton used FALSE russian provided dirt on Trump.

          So where is this collusion ?

          Even Mueller’s charges against Russian companies purportedly acting for Trump – FAILED.

          Mueller was surprised when those companies opted to actually defend themselves in US courts – and Mueller LOST. OOPS.

          There was no Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.

          And please do not spray us with the nonsensical debunked Senate report again.

          I have gone through it POINT BY POINT multiple times.

          Your FEELINGS (nor those of the Senate) are not facts.

          If you do not wish to be called stupid – do not continue to try and sell stupid claims.

          So long as you continue the idiotic Collusion delusion nonsense – you can not defend yourself against accusations of stupidity.

          The whole thing was STUPID FROM THE START.

          I would further note with respect to Trump’s claims about the election.

          When all facts in every claim by Trump or against Trump come out – historicially Trump has ultimately proven correct.

          He was spied on. XFH was a witch hunt, as was the Mueller investigation. The FBI and CIA KNEW before they started that what they were chasing was a lie – and they chased it anyway. If Mueller did not know at the start – he did so shortly thereafter.

          There always was a basis to seek an investigation of Biden family misconduct in the Ukraine.
          The evidence against the Bidens comes primarily from US sources – FOIA requests and US witnesses.
          It is not and never could be Russian disinformation.

          Yet you beleived and probably continue to beleive most or all of this nonsense.

          So why should you be trusted about ANYTHING ?

          Certainly there is no reason to trust you about the election.

          I fully expect to hear a slow litany of damning evidence regarding the election. Though I do not expect it to receive consequential media coverage.

          In the end it will be trivial for those who think the election was stolen to continue to hold that view.
          And equally possible for those who think Biden won legitimately to hold that view – because they will have no knowledge of the truth.


          1. No, it’s false. Judges can read, and plaintiffs submitted written exhibits. In several cases the lawsuits were rejected on the merits after consideration of the evidence that was submitted.

            For example, Judge Ludwig, appointed by Trump, noted that “the Court … provided plaintiff with an expedited hearing on the merits of his claims” and ruled that “on the merits of plaintiff’s claims, the Court now further concludes that plaintiff has not proved that defendants violated his rights under the Electors Clause. To the contrary, the record shows Wisconsin’s Presidential Electors are being determined in the very manner directed by the Legislature, as required by Article II, Section1 of the Constitution,” and that the “claims fail as a matter of law and fact. … This Court has allowed plaintiff the chance to make his case and he has lost on the merits.”

            Do you understand what it means to lose a case on the merits?

            “Certainly there is no reason to trust you about the election.”

            I’m not asking you to trust me. Read the rulings, like the one I quoted from above –

            As for Russian collusion, if you cannot even bring yourself to admit the collusion in the form of Manafort providing campaign polling data to a Russian intelligence officer, then it’s a waste of time to discuss it with you.

            1. “Judges can read”
              It is NOT even debateable that they CAN NOT.

              When they can not follow the law as written – it is clear “they can not read”

              1. That you disagree with their interpretation doesn’t imply they ca’t read. What an arrogant interpretation on your end.

                1. “That you disagree with their interpretation doesn’t imply they ca’t read. What an arrogant interpretation on your end.”

                  The use of the word interpret is error.

                  The law is clear, the facts are clear. the election was lawless – there are now atleast 4 courts that have declared the actions of govenors, sec. states, election officials in 2020 LAWLESS.

                  The GA Senate election subcommitted found numerous instances of lawlessness and found as FACT that Raffensburger acted LAWLESSLY in the election.

                  These are courts that can read – and apply the law AS WRITTEN – they do not “interpret” aka TWIST the law to suit desired ends.

                  If you are “interpretting” the law – then we have the rule of man not law – we are LAWLESS.

                  You have made my point.

                  I am no more arrogant that the kid who pointed out that the emperor has no clothes.

                  I am perfectly willing to own that I will not reject reality – because someone in robes can’t read.

            2. “In several cases the lawsuits were rejected on the merits after consideration of the evidence that was submitted.”

              “For example, Judge Ludwig, appointed by Trump, noted that “the Court … provided plaintiff with an expedited hearing on the merits of his claims” and ruled that “on the merits of plaintiff’s claims, the Court now further concludes that plaintiff has not proved that defendants violated his rights under the Electors Clause. ”

              It is self evident that your claim that judges can read is false – why would I beleive they can write ?

              With respect tot he specifics about – I could care less about Trump’s rights under the electors clause.

              I am not prepared to accept that presidential candidates have any special rights.
              If Ludwig wishes to claim Trump failed to prove his rights were violated – I have little difficulty with that.

              That is not the issue. The issue is that the rights of VOTERS and CITIZENS were violated.

              With respect to the evidence presented – I have no idea whether it proves to any standard necescary to reverse the election.
              But it ABSOLUTELY proves far beyond any necescary standard that further serious inquiry is necescary.

              The Courts FAILED at that. They also FAILED to uphold the law and state constitutions as written.
              That latter failure is absolutely fundimental. It is a far bigger problem than the allegations of fraud.

              When the courts do not uphold the laws and constitution as written – we are LAWLESS.

              As to the lessor claim of election fraud. The allegations of fraud that were made DEMAND inquiry – not the short shrift you and ludwig gave them.

              The legitimacy of government rests entirely on trust in the outcome of elections.

              Not merely vote counts. A plurality of people beleive the election was stolen. A majority beleived the election was rife with fraud.

              A fraction of that number would REQUIRE transparent inquiry.

              The courts are not required to come to the conclusions I or Trump would wish.
              But they are obligated – to all citizens to not merely examine evidence of fraud – but to do so openly, deeply and transparently.
              Which is ALSO an obligation of election officials.

              It is NOT the role of govenrnment to merely count the votes.
              It is the role of government to do so such that voters can trust the count.

              A lack of trust is a lack of legitimate government.

              You say Ludwig examined the merits – he did not. The “hearing” he granted – was parties making legal arguments.
              It was NOT presentation of evidence and witnesses.

              To date I am aware of only two instances in which voting records have been successfully subpeoned by courts or the parties.
              The first is in Antrim county – where a court granted limited access to DVS machines and the results were pretty damning.

              The other is in AZ – where the state Senate has subpeoned all election records and has not at this point had an oportuntiy to conduct a review – beyond discovering that thousands of ballots had been illegally shredded.

              Outside of these – no court has actually heard evidence. The only evidentiary hearings have been state legislatures.

              Afadavits are important, but they can not be cross examined.

            3. BTW – by the standards articulated by Ludwig No one can EVER bring a successful election fraud claim – no matter who egregious the fraud is, nor how obvious it is. If the evidence produced with respect tot his election is not sufficient to warrant inquiry – there is no level of evidence of fraud that is.

            4. “Do you understand what it means to lose a case on the merits?”

              Yes, you do not, nor does ludwig – and yet you claimed he could read ?

              Do you know what an evidentiary hearing is ?

              It is not judges reading affadavits. Nor is judges reading (or not) affadavits a hearing or decision on the merits – EVER.

              Regardless, if each of the 6 key states:
              The constitution of that state was not followed.
              The election laws of that state were not followed.
              The ballot counting was not conducted with observers as is required by law – without after the fact outside third party review which has not occured anywhere it is not possible to determine whether those counts are accurate. We have nothing beyond the word of the counters.

              In every state there are affadavits confirming observation of election officials repeatedly counting the same ballots.
              In every state there are affadavits confirming observation of ballots being injected into the counting process from outside sources.
              In every state there are affadavits confirming that tens of thousands of mailin voters were not legitimate voters in that state.
              Whether because they are dead, fake, or out of state.

              No court has yet conducted or allowed inquiry into any of those claims.

              Verifying those things did not occur should be the NORM for elections – it should NEVER require a court to intervene.
              It is the duty of those running the election to prove those did not and could not occur.
              And they must do so in every election, and they must do so transparently.

            5. Why shoudl I read the rulings ?

              Yopu keep saying over and over that the courts addressed the merits.

              That requires actual public inquiry – witnesses, testimony and subpeonas of records.

              None of that has ever occured.

              You have no court decision – where that occured.

              If a prosecutor allaeges that a defendant has murdered someone, and he provides the court afadavits, video of the murder, and the defense claims – “the defendant did not commit the crime” – and the judge says – I dismiss charges because I do not beleive the prosecutor or thousands of afadavits – that is what we have here.

              10,000 pages of rhetoric in decisions will not change the fact that there was no actual inquiry.

            6. “As for Russian collusion, if you cannot even bring yourself to admit the collusion in the form of Manafort providing campaign polling data to a Russian intelligence officer, then it’s a waste of time to discuss it with you.”

              It is alleged that Klimich is a russian agent – not an intelligence officer.
              It is KNOWN that he is an agent of the US state department.

              Regardless, it is a FACT that he was a member of Klimich’s staff and that Manafort did not know either that he worked for US state department or that he might work for the Russians.

              I would further note that there is nothing illegal about sharing polling data with anyone.

              If there were – Pew Gallop, RCP, 538 would all be criminals.

              So the jist of your collusion claim is that Manafort shared polling information with a member of his own staff and that staff member unbenownst to him MIGHT have been a russian agent ?

              I guess we must send Swallwell to jail then – as well as Clinton.

            7. To be clear – I do not care if Trump shared actual polling data personally with Putin – that would not be a crime.

              But you do not have that – what you write is FALSE.

              You completely omit the fact that Manafort did not know that Klinick was working for the US state department much less that he MIGHT be a russian agent too.

              Nor do you know what Klimick did with this polling data.

              You have made a long list of assumptions – which even if true – are not a crime and not collusion.
              and are not likely true.

              Bill Clinton knowingly went to russia gave a speach and was paid 1/2M for it – did he collude ?
              Obviously the russians found it valueable – they paid him.

    9. Natasha:

      “…..Trump can never be “vindicated”. He has always been a crook, a cheat and a liar, a one-termer whom the majority of Americans never wanted in the first place and never approved of. Swalwell’s lawsuit is addressing a domestic terrorist attack fomented by a lying narcissist whose tender ego could not tolerate this truth, and who was willing to incite a riot to try to prevent Biden, the choice of the majority of Americans, from taking office. Turley has never addressed that outrage, but instead uses his credentials to downplay the truth and defend this loser. That is shameful.”

      Preach it sister! Turley’s pretense to legal objectivity and fairness is a joke. He’s a Trump apologist and GOP shill.

      1. Given that there is pretty much nothing in Natacha’s clueless rant that is accurate – I am not suprised that you endorse it.

        Regardless, Natacha might as a well be a self test for idiocy.

        She is exactly like the collusion delusion nonsense.

        While today nearly every claim has been thoroughly debunked.

        The first moment that Hillary claimed Russians helped Trump – I nearly choked laughing.

        How could anyone beleive a claim this stupid ? Yet millions did, and far too many still do.

        A president Trump was NEVER in Russia’s interests. That was obvious to any intelligent person BEFORE the election.

        You have to beleive that Putin is an idiot to beleive he favored Trump.

        Support for the nonsense than Nutacha spews is the same.

        It is a test of idiocy – and you failed. You bought into the idiocy.

    10. “Turley has fully sold whatever soul he had to defend the worst person ever to occupy the people’s White House.”

      False and irrelevant.

      Attorney’s routinely defend peoples constitutional rights.
      Sometimes those are bad people.

      None of us have any more rights than the least rights we grant the worst people.

      “His client cannot be “vindicated” for chronically lying every single day of his wrongful occupation of our White House.”
      Would you be speaking of Biden ?

      “He cannot be “vindicated” for beginning his campaign to stir up his deplorable disciples even before Election Day ito try to stay in power by predicting that he would win an election by a “landslide” despite knowing that pre-election polls showed he would lose”

      So you are now criminalizing politics.

      BTW inarguably the polls were wrong.

      “He cannot be “vindicated” for setting a record for low approval ratings in 4 years’ time,”
      Trump’s approval rating for his entire 4 years was within 2pts of Obama’s at nearly every point from start to finish.
      BTW according to Rasmussen Trump’s (current) approval rating has been above Biden’s from Jan 20th to the present.
      And Biden is still -5 – 5 pct more people strongly disaprove than strongly aprove.

      “for the chaotic and unsuccessful “administration””

      Lets see:

      Reigined in China

      Shifted the Balance of power in Europe away from Russia by forcing NATO to take responsibility for their own defense
      and by guaranteeing their energy supply,

      Reduced force levels in the mideast – and but for skuldugery and lying by DOD officials would have gotten us out of the mideast.

      Reached more peace accords in the mideast than ALL prior president combined times 2.

      Significantly reduced illegal immigration.

      I would note that Biden is keeping a suprising number of Trump’s changes.
      Biden has re-affirmed Trump’s commitment to secure the energy needs of NATO – so long as they keep Russia in check.
      He continues Trump’s measures against China.

      He has re-affirmed the Abraham accords, retained the US embassy in jerusalem.

      Though he has increased US mideast force levels – and Bombed a sovereign nation.

      And he has a disaster going on with the southern border.

      There are nearly as many unaccompanied minors PER DAY being dealt with as during the ENTIRE Trump presidency.

      “he helmed or for shredding the successful economy handed to him by Obama,”
      This is laughably stupid.

      The Obama “recovery” was the worst since the great depression.

      Even with the “pandemic” Trump’s 4 years have more average growth per year than Obama’s 8.

      “botching the pandemic”
      How so ? Be specific ?

      The CDC now has studies that confirm those from europe – Masks do not work.
      Over the course of 100 days in the US mask wearing resulted in less than a 2% reduction in C19 spread.
      That is WORSE than the European results, which were pretty bad.

      Lockdowns do not work. Inarguable those states that locked down had worse C190 than those states that did not.

      Even adjusting for latitude and population density and overall health – those states that locked down performed WORSE than those states that did not .

      The US deaths/M are lower than several countries in Europe – such as Belgium, the UK and Italy.
      And on par with the EU as a whole.

      Todate there is absolutely no evidence that any proactive policy by any govenrment or world leader reduced C19 deaths.

      The best evidence we have is that those nations and states that did little or nothing had the best outcomes.
      Their C19 death rates were not especially high, and their deaths from other causes – suicide, drugs, etc were much lower, and their economies did not tank as badly.

      Put simply the claim that Trump screwed up with C19 is just nonsense.

      But if we are going to play that game – there have been almost 150K deaths since Jan, 20.

      There have been an average of 1,000 deaths per day From March 2020, through Jan 19, 2021 – under Trump.
      There have been an average of 3,300 deaths per day From Jan 20 through today under Biden.

      You are not the only person who can twist statistics.

      Stick to rational claims – and I will not make defensible, correct but misrepresentative claims tlike that Biden is killing more than 3 times as many people per day as Trump.

      “for his failed trade war with China.”
      Biden seems to be continuing that.

      “He cannot be “vindicated” for spending taxpayer money to go on “Stop the Steal” vainglory tours calculated to whip up the deplorables into believing the Big Lie”
      He did not.

      “or for his refusal to accept the truth of his loss to Biden despite 60+ unsuccessful court lawsuits”
      Dred Scott was also an unsuccessful lawsuit. As was Plessey vs. Furgesson.

      Grow up – the courts get things wrong.

      As of Mar. 1 2021, no one outside of state election officials has reviewed any of the ballots cast anywhere in this country.
      “despite recounts”
      There have been very few actual hand recounts – GA did NOT do an actual recount – they did not count the paper ballots, they recounted scanned images after they were altered by adjudication.

      GA did a very small signature verification in the worst possible county for Trump and that STILL produced a gain of about 0.5% for Trump which if true in other counties would have tipped the election.

      “and trying to coax, and then threaten, the GA Secretary of State and Governor into” Doing their job.

      GA is just about to pass a very stringent election law that will have everything Trump wanted and more, and that Kemp has said he will sign.

      So all you have is that you want special rules for Trump.

      “stealing away Biden votes and awarding them to him.”
      Not at all what he or anyone else asked or wanted.

      All anyone wants is an honest count of legitimate voters.

      If you beleive that Biden won fairly – then you would not oppose real scrutiny of the ballots and Ballot envelopes.

      BTW GA is a voter ID state, Any mailin ballot without a 100% signature match – Trump only wanted a 40% match GA used a 0% match,
      A correct Drivers License number, a correct address, from a real person residing in the state who is eligable to vote – is FRAUD

      Do you really think that there are not several thousand fraudulent votes in GA, NV, PA, AZ, MI, … ?

      In NH alone in 2016 there were 3500 ballots counted from people who NEVER proved residence in NH.
      And NH is a tiny state.

      “Turley’s spin is entirely deceitful.”

      Because you do not like it.

      You need to grow up.
      Others are not deceiptful, evil, hateful, hating haters – merely because you disagree with them.

      Whether you like it or not the more than 50% of the country that disagrees with you is as much if not more patriotic than you.
      They are nearly all decent people – more decent than you.

      “including implying that Swalwell was feeding information to a Chinese spy with whom he allegedly had an illicit relationship”

      Few have claimed Swalwell was deliberately acting against the US interests.

      That said his conduct was reckless.

      Being a member of the Intelligence committee is a priviledge not a right.

      Sending Swalwell to jail requires a proven case.
      Removing him from the HPSCI does not.

      ” He has always been a crook,”
      Then you should be able to convict him of a crime.

      “Swalwell’s lawsuit is addressing a domestic terrorist attack”

      No it is whiny leftist nonsense like Jesse Smollet trying to gain false victim status – as if being the victim of something is somehow virtuous.

      The lawsuit is itself narcisit. If you are so fragile you can not stand up to criticism and politics – then do go home.

  8. I think it’s very naive in todays world to believe that the courts will actually folllow law. It seems that public opinion has steered Justice Roberts to ignore the will of the people in regards to voter fraud for fear of riots.
    The Democrats have turned the USA into the Soviet USA… perhaps this is why they kept protecting Russia on President Trump?
    I fear we will never see true freedom in America again.
    And I ask, how would you like to be President Trump or General Flynn in the Democrats America ?

    1. Roberts is supposed to follow the Constitution, not the will of the people. Why don’t you understand that?

        1. Justices clearly disagree about what the Constitution requires. If they didn’t, all rulings would be unanimous.

          1. To find that government has a power under the constitution – the Court should have to be unanimous.

              1. You are correct that it is not the law.

                But it is much more than an oppinion.

                We as an example know that only about 1/3 of collonists actually supported independence. and something less than 17% supported it vigorously.

                We know that laws that are not obeyed by the overwhelmining majority of people will ultimately fail – regardless of their merits.

                That a law that is opposed by as little as 11% of people who will do so doggedly will FAIL.

                We KNOW that it is beyond the power of government to actually enforce any law even where a majority of people approve.

                That should be self evident – There are 1M in law enforcement in a nation of 330M.

                You can not aresst prosecute and jail 49% of people.

                Our law enforcement system barely copes with 1% of people who refuse to obey a law – even facing punishment.

                How is it going to work as you pass more and more laws that are vigorously opposed by 5%, 10% or more of people.

                The courts should be obligated to find unanimously – or at the very least by supermajorities for ALL infringements on liberty – because there is a high cost to enforcing an infringement on liberty and government will fail when it can not pay that cost.

                This is not a legal argument – it is partly a philosophical one. but it is also a practical and pragmatic one.

                Lets look at one example – many on the left wish to ban some or all guns.

                How is that going to work ? Do you expect the 50+% of people who own 350M guns in the US to just turn them in ?
                What is only 1% of those people choose to resist by FORCE – that is 1.5M violent confrontations.

                Do you think the police will even try to enforce the law ? Do you think 1M police are going to try to confiscate guns from 1.5M armed people who are going to resist ?

                What if resistance is not 1% – but only 1/100th percent that is still 15,000 violent gun confiscations. That is alot of dead police and lots of dead citizens.

                Every single law that the left passes creates a small but real number of very dedicated enemies.

                I want the left to continue to behave in the stupid tyranical fashion.

                The left is the seed of its own destruction.

      1. Roberts is supposed to follow the Constitution, not the will of the people. Why don’t you understand that?

        As evidenced by his Affordable Care Act legislating, the better question is why doesn’t he (Roberts) understand that?

        For all these reasons, to say that the Individual Mandate merely imposes a tax is not to interpret the statute but to rewrite it. Judicial tax-writing is particularly troubling. Taxes have never been popular, see, e.g., Stamp Act of 1765, and in part for that reason, the Constitution requires tax increases to originate in the House of Representatives. See Art. I, §7, cl. 1. That is to say, they must originate in the legislative body most accountable to the people, where legislators must weigh the need for the tax against the terrible price they might pay at their next election, which is never more than two years off. The Federalist No. 58 “defend[ed] the decision to give the origination power to the House on the ground that the Chamber that is more accountable to the people should have the primary role in raising revenue.”

      2. Anon: Why did Roberts not just rule on the law in OBHC act when he changed the word “penalty” to the word of “A Tax”? Did he rule on what was presented to him or did he not just write the law? 16th Amendment allows “INCOME” to be taxed and not “ACTS”. To penalize an act or the lack of an act (purchase HC Insurance or not) is a penalty and not a tax. For Roberts To not hear a Constitutional First Amendment defending suit requests is egregiously wrong. First and Second Amendments are Foundation of America. Note the numbers I & II. The Press will soon rue the days they did not speak out, but they had the same Socialists agenda. Anything other than DT , and do so by legal or illegal actions.

  9. Trumps call for calm @2:38 wouldnt have reached anyone. There were first hand reports of the Cell Jamming around the Capital. Need to confirm that, but if thats the case, then short of walking there and delivering it on the steps, people in and around the capital would not have received such a message.

    1. It is increasingly evident that the events of the 6th were a tempest in a teapot, and that outside the direct acts of a few protestors that the entire event was botched by Pelosi and Democrats.

  10. This is a civil suit against a then-sitting president. Under Nixon v, Fitzgerald, I don’t understand how this suit ever makes it to a court room.

  11. Perhaps Swalwell’s threat to use nuclear weapons against US citizens, and the ethics investigation about it, can be brought up.

  12. Swalwell is an embarrassment to all Americans both left and right though the left hasn’t yet caught up with their own self consciousness.

  13. This has all the makings of a Pelosi strategy to keep Trump and his alleged insurrectionist followers in the Domestic Terrorist crosshairs through the 2022 midterms. She has allowed Swalwell to remain on the House Intelligence Committee, confounding the logical reason to remove him. Why? Because she will use him to do just what he did. She is one hideous human being.

    1. I am not impressed by the humanity of most politicians, right or left.

      The question is not whether Pelosi is despicable. It is whether she will be successful.

      There is not much doubt she will be successful with far left nutcases.

      But keeping Trump in the news is likely to backfire.

      And ultimately the most critical thing for 2022 and 2024 is that democrats must succeed.

      Not by passing legislation.

      They must do far better at governing than they did under Obama.

      I honestly do not know how to predict.

      We are in the process of coming out of Covid – that should produce a significant economic surge.
      And the benefits of that should be to those hit the hardest – a key democrat demographic.

      But democrats are doubling down on the Bush/Obama economic stupidity under Biden.
      And worse we have flooded the economy with nearly 6T of funny money.

      Further the economic carnage to small business has been enormous and democrats are incredibly hostile to small business.

      Regardless the future of the democratic party rests on strong economic success in the next 2 years.
      Failure to acheive that will be devastating.

      No amount of media spin, or billionare funds, or lawless elections will make up for a failure of democrats to match Trump in prosperity.

      1. John say, Biden’s $1.9t. Covid relief act is supported by 60% of Republican voters.

        One thing democrats have going for themselves is that they are much better at handling an economy than republicans. The record speaks for itself. Every republican president has left a democratic president with a failing economy or a financial mess to clean up.

        If vaccinations keep up the pace the economy is certainly going to keep improving.

        Trump’s only claim to prosperity was the performance of wall st. Many republicans claimed proof of Trump’s success on the economy was the performance of wall st. Under Obama Wall Street broke multiple records and reduced the deficit every year except the first year of his presidency.

        Trump’s economy has produced ever increasing deficits and debt to which republicans seemed very unconcerned with.

        If the filibuster remains during Biden’s first term it will be difficult to produce policies when republicans seek to just obstruct. It may be that democrats will get rid of the filibuster and push thru real policies for a change.

        1. It was Clinton that signed off on NAFTA, 78,000 factories left, 5 million people lost their jobs…Unions lost their income thru dues and could no longer give money to the democrats. They needed voters so they keep insisting voting age gets lowered, more immigrants come in, felons vote, resident aliens vote, illegals vote….Democrat party has been the most destructive ever since they sent 7,000 advisors to Vietnam instead of the 300 approved by world body, and LBJ started bombing the north on faulty cables that our ships were being attacked……I left the democrat party long ago, today they are more socialist/marxist than FDR could recognize.

        2. Not a republican.

          Republicans are generally the lessor of two evils.

          They certainly have not demostrated any tendency to fiscal restraint since Trump was elected.

          I do not support trump’s massive C19 bills.

          I do not support Biden’s C19 bills.

          Why do you think everything is determined by Poll ?

          The Bill was passed without Republican votes.
          Because Republicans are not idiots.
          It is highly likely this will prove disasterous.

          I am following alot of economists.

          There is no consensus on the economic future or the effects of this “stimulus”.

          I do not agree with all the doomsayers, nor do I agree with those claiming a boom is coming.

          We have NEVER done anything like this before.

          The economy is awash in funny money. We are already seeing signs of inflation – possibly the return of stagflation.

          Getting rid of that was incredibly painful. Do you really wish to repeat that ?

          Regardless, this is a massive and purposeless economic gamble.

          I am not making specific predictions – beyond that the odds of this turning out well are nil.

        3. No democrats are not bettter at handling the economy. That is crap from idiots like Blinder.

          The actual economic data driven by the effect of actual policies is that the POLICIES of democrats fail.

          One of the most well established rules of thumb by economic data is that all government spending reduces economic growth.

          For every 10% of GDP the government spend growth declines by 1%.

          This is reproducable – over time – years, decades, centuries, through US history.
          It is also reproducable for the entire OECD.

          IT should not be surprising – as Robert Barro #4 ranked IDEAS RESPEC economist in the world has demonstrated – with a massive database on government spending – ALL government spending is massively inefficient – generally producing 25-35% of the value of private spending.

          Again I am reluctant to make specific predictions – history does not repeat itself, but often it rhymes.

          Never in history has any country engaged in the kind of massive spending we have done and had a good outcome.

          You, Biden, and the left are as usual betting “this time is different” – the odds are massively against you.

        4. “If vaccinations keep up the pace the economy is certainly going to keep improving.”

          That would be the pace set by Trump.
          Trump’s goal was 1M vaccinations/day. By Jan 19. he had accheived that. Trump averaged 800K/day from the time the vaccine was available in the US.

          Biden’s goal is to continue 1M/day – so far he seems to be barely managing that.

          I would further note that according to JHU data C19 hit its winter peak and started to decline BEFORE the vaccine could have had any effect.

          In the US we have had about 30M infections – that is about 10% of the population.

          It is likely that actual infections are 2-4 times greater. Based on what we have seen on cruise ships and other countries it is unlikely that C19 can infect much more than 1/3 of the population.

          We are likely already reaching “herd immunity”.

          Though I do find it interesting that now the left has entirely embraced “herd immunity” something you spent the past year scoffing at.

        5. “Trump’s only claim to prosperity was the performance of wall st.”

          False – that is actually far more true of Obama – and why Biden had strong support from Wallstreet.

          The facts are that Trump successfully improved conditions for the working classes.

          “Under Obama Wall Street broke multiple records and reduced the deficit every year except the first year of his presidency.”

          Correct – those at the end of Obama’s presidency were still DOUBLE those of Bush.
          BTW Deficits were projected to increase BEFORE Trump was elected.

          Obama’s policies front loaded benefits and backloaded costs.

          “republicans seemed very unconcerned with.”
          Correct – have I ever said I was a republican ?

          “if the filibuster remains during Biden’s first term it will be difficult to produce policies when republicans seek to just obstruct.”

          “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the congress is in session.”
          Mark Twain

          “It may be that democrats will get rid of the filibuster and push thru real policies for a change.”

          If democrats wish to self destruct – that is fine by me.

  14. Professor Turley’s rational analysis leads me to suspect he is a conservative at heart.

    1. The professor entered the academy in 1987. His was a common type back then, though not necessarily modal. The political odyssey of Alan Dershowitz is the same sort of non-odyssey.

    2. Dal, a lot of Democrats used to believe in civil liberties and freedom of speech. They party has radically changed so that their former Presidents wouldn’t recognize their commitments to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That is because right in front of everyone’s eyes the Democratic Party has become fascist.

      1. To the best of my knowledge, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Gary Hart, and Michael Dukakis have refrained from offering a critique of the culture of the Democratic Party or of any social agglomeration which uses the Democratic Party as an electoral vehicle. All of these men were out of public office ‘ere the Clintons took over the Democratic Party’s central organs and initiated the 24 hour spin cycle, so they’re not implicated in the pathology of the current era. Jerry Brown and Bob Kerrey continued to hold office after 1992. However, they’ve been off script enough that you could call them independent thinkers. I’m not aware they’re attempting any critique either. it’s all coming from a scatter of public intellectuals: Dershowitz, Turley, Taibbi, and Greenwald.

        1. And Tulsi Gabbard.

          There are actually a lot of lifelong Dems who left the Party after they realized that Barry Obama had completely snookered them once he took office and became a Wall Street bootlicker.

      2. Conservatism is NOT an ideology.

        It is simply grasping that we should not displace what is established without significant thought and reasonable assurances that the change will be an improvement.

        That is wisdom – not ideology. It does not preclude a single thing that any ideology might seek to accomplish – but it does require careful consideration before acting.

    3. Wjy because you disagree with his analysis? Maybe we should be questioning Pelosi and her staff about who knew what when and why she refused help from the National Guard. Maybe someone could explain why Antifa was involved.

    4. Conservatism – the resistance to engage in massive rapid unproven change is just practical wisdom, it is not an ideology.

      You can be hold almost any political position and still expect that before what is working – however badly is replaced that the replacement demonstrate that it is a net improvement.

      That is the core of conservatism.

  15. Do you know anything dumber than a Democrat? Hmm neither do I. Who would vote for a person that spent 3 months campaigning from his house

    1. Over 81 million people voted for Biden, including independents and some Republicans. We wanted to get Trump out of office.

      1. That is your opinion, which as a free citizen of the United States, you are entitled to. But I disagree with your opinion.

        1. But elections shape consensus opinion. Oh wait, they didn’t start going down that road until 1776. My bad.


          1. “But elections shape consensus opinion. ”

            They do ?

            What is your evidence of that ?

            Elections are not supposed to shape US,
            They are supposed to shape government.

              1. Fundimentally elections should not be run by government.
                There is just not a better solution.

                But more so than any other act of government – elections must be purged as much as possible of even the slightest effect of bias by those running the election.

                More so than anything else government does – running elections can not be tinged by politics, it MUST be transparent. It must be near universally perceived as well done and legitimate.

                We have had two recent bits of news of significance.

                The first is the Lignon GA Senate report. There are numerous damning conclusions – but there are TWO huge ones.

                The first is that Raffensberger acted outside the law and without required transparency. That the “recounts” were fake and that the actions he promised were either not done or not done as promised.

                Or put most simply that Raffensberger specifically and the State executive – including Kemp did not run an election in a way that the results could be trusted.

                The 2nd Conclusion is that the conduct of election officials in Fulton county was such that they were clearly partisan and biased.

                That they were cheering the illegal removal of election observers is in and of itself damning.

                When it is clear that those conducting an election are not merely biased – but they have acted on that bias – you can not trust their conduct.

                It not who votes, but who counts the votes.

                We may not know whether the election officials in Fulton county properly counted the vote.

                But we do know that they are not trust worthy.

                The entire purpose of transparency is to mitigate the harm from biased election officials.

                It is probably not possible to run an election anywhere, where those running the election can be trusted sufficiently.

                Regardless, as Reagan said – Trust but Verify.

                We should never – especially in elections be required to Trust election officials.

                The entire purpose of transparency and conducting elections openly in public and making election records public is to eliminate the need to Trust people.

                This is also the HUGE failure on the part of the courts.

                You claim they looked into things – they did not.

                But even more importantly – they prevented real public scrutiny.

                When election observers were thrown out – in the major cities in every single one of these contested states – it was the OBLIGATION of the courts to restore trust. And that is accomplished by shining the light on what actually occurred.

                The courts were obligated – to not only assure that when done outside of public scrutiny the counting process was conducted legitimately, but also to do so such that ALL OF US know that.

                Rather than decide on legal nuances or even to conduct inquiries in court, the real obligation of the courts was to crack open the election process and subject it to public scrutiny.

                There are allegations regarding bias on the part of election officials, as well as equipment.

                It is possible – not even difficult to resolve these. VERIFY the results publicly.

                Myriads of experts recomended random audits of election counting processes – before this election – before 2020.

                This is a trivial process, Third parties come in. Specific counties and precincts are selected randomly and ballots, and counting is all confirmed by independent audit and replication.

                These are processes that are used privately in finance and myriads of other areas where fraud is possible and trust is essential.
                These are easy, cost effective and also effective. Fraud – especially white collar fraud – which election fraud is, is trivially deterable by even minimal odds of getting caught.

                We have a massive crisis in rents right now accross the country – myriads of people have not paid their rent for a long time.

                But very very few people who have established credit, are failing to pay their rent – because even if they can get away with it in the short run – they can not in the long run. They value their credit – their trust, because it is valueable. Because it is what allows them to rent a decent apartment, buy a car, buy a home. Conversely those without credit – are receiving a free ride. Ultimately they will be evicted and face enormous judgements – but they do not care – they have no credit and never will. No one trusts them, and never will.

                Those who run elections are the former. They can be counted on to behave trustworthy – regardless of personal biases so long as the probability of getting caught is high enough and the penalty sufficient.

                We can not eliminate political biases. But we actually can prevent people from acting on them within government.

                Doing so requires TRANSPARENCY – increasing the likelyhood of getting caught.

                1. Doofus John ignores the fact that his team has been attacking state election systems often run by corrupt. Hey, most obvious grifting liar in history tells him he lost because the other guy cheated – and he said this months before the election – and Doofus John believes him.

                  PT Barnum saw him coming.

                  1. “Doofus John ignores the fact that his team has been attacking state election systems often run by corrupt.”

                    Not “My TEAM”

                    ME!!!! I have been fighting for election integrity since 2001.

                    I strongly opposed Bush’s introduction of electronic voting machines – which are not nearly as bad as mailin voting.

                    I do not give a crap who runs an election – if you think that I beleive republicans are incapable of gaming flaws in election laws – your nuts.
                    If we do not fix the mess we made in 2020 – Republicans will fix it for you – using massive fraud of their own.

                    Gaming the current system is trivial.

                    “Hey, most obvious grifting liar in history tells him he lost because the other guy cheated – and he said this months before the election – and Doofus John believes him.”

                    Idiotic argument.

                    I have opposed Mailin voting PUBLICLY – not just before 2020 – but over a decade before Trump ran in 2016.

                    I have also been completely consistent HERE over a very long time.

                    If you do not like the law or constitution – CHANGE IT.
                    You do not get to play games in court mangling the meaning of words to get the outcome you want.

                    You do not get to do that – even when I agree with the outcome you want.

                    We have the rule of man – when laws do not mean what they say. We are lawless.

                    I have argued for voter ID for two decades.
                    I have argued for paper ballots for two decades.
                    I have argued for making elections HARDER for decades. I have no problems with most people chosing not to vote because it is not worth the effort of going to the polls.
                    I have argued for elections on a single 24 hour time period for decades.
                    I have argued for manual ballot counting – as they do in france for decades.

                    While I beleived it was more likely that democrats would cheat in this election – I was nearly as worried about fraud by Trump and his forces.
                    And if you do not fix the mess you made of the election – you WILL see republican fraud on a growing scale.
                    Everytime Democrats shift to a new tactic – Republicans follow – often exceeding democrats.

                  2. You appear not to understand the Barnum quote.

                    It is those who trust the outcome of a lawless untransparent election with numerous credible allegations of fraud without any inquiry that are the suckers Barnum was taking of – YOU.

              2. Sorry, I forget the 2nd major news item regarding the election.

                The recordings of Trump’s conversations with GA election officials have been made public.

                While I never had a problem with the remarks that candidate Trump allegedly made.

                I honestly do not care if the president or anyone else makes threats they do not have the power to go through with, or makes threats they do have the power to follow through with in order to secure an investigation where there is sufficient predicate.

                There has never been any doubt that the GA election requires massive amounts of sunlight.

                Al that said – the FACT is that the recordings prove that Trump did NOT say the things the media aleged.

                Once again the media LIED about what Trump said – just as many HERE have LIED about what Trump said.

                When you make a FALSE moral accusation about another – you destroy your own integrity.

                Washington post has retracted significant elements of its story alleging Trump “interfered” in the GA election.

                Those allegations were FALSE. Trump did NOT say what was reported.
                Those stories were FALSE.

                Everyone repeating them was repeating a LIE.

                So again – Why are we supposed to trust the media ?

                Especially why are we supposed to Trust media claims about Trump when so many have been LIES ?

                Why are we supposed to trust democrats and the left – when they continue to repeat media claims that are LIES ?

                When they continue to trust a media that has LIED to them constantly ?

                Why should we trust anyone who has repeated these LIES ?

                One nearly every issue that is debated here on RIL – one side has a long long long history of repeating and arguing Known LIES.

                Why should those people be beleived – ever about anything ?

      2. Of those 81 million people that voted for Biden we all want to know how many actually complied with the law and were real votes. In any event some did vote for Biden and now they are waiting to know why they did so.

        Many have lost jobs.
        Price of gasoline has risen.
        Most of the $1.9Trillion went to places other than the American people
        They are waiting for Biden to speak, but they have to wait for the left to find the right puppeteer.

          1. What news is that EB? You don’t even know what is on Fox News. You use its name to cover your ignorance.


            1. Comments are encouraged. Stand-alone comments are fine. Not every comment has to be “an argument.

              Here’s a shout-out to Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber for all the time they spend on this blog, trying to control what is said.

              1. This is a legal blog, it is not Facebook or Twitter, it is not personal email. The expectation is that posts are on point and support their claims.

                i.e. that they make arguments.

                The fact that Darrin does not censor off point posts does not make that any less a norm or expectation.

                If you want to fist bump with friends – try a forum that is for that purpose.

                Regardless, I am free to call you out when you fail to make an argument.

        1. S. Meyer, 60% of Republican voters support Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief act. Their own representatives wanted to throw them scraps instead.

          Price of gas has nothing to do with Biden. President’s have no control over fuel prices.

          81 million voted. The majority did so legally and voted according to each state’s rules. Every court has pointed this out.

          1. You don’t know what you are talking about and your statistics if even reported as such don’t say much of anything. You wouldn’t know any better since you fail in the ability to think.


            1. S. Meyer,



              It’s overwhelming bipartisan support obviously.

              The statistics say “60% of Republican voters support Biden’s $1.9 trillion aid package.

              76% of all Americans support it. That’s an overwhelming majority no matter how you want to parse it.

              1. You don’t know what a push poll is.

                individualize the Covid relief bill into its parts and even the Democrats will object.


                1. Anonymous SM, I know what a push poll is. Those pills were not push polls. Nice try.

                  You just don’t want to accept reality.

                  1. “individualize the Covid relief bill into its parts and even the Democrats will object”

                    Ask Democrats if they like the idea of permitting Covid patients into the US. Ask Democrats who have school children in the public schools if they like the idea of their children’s education being hampered by illegal aliens. Ask the young ladies that vote Democrat if they like the idea of not getting rid of the illegal aliens that raped them.

                    Ask any taxpayer if they like the idea of a Covid bill that pays them an amount less than the debt the bill creates for them.


                    1. I beleive we have spent $6T now on Covid.

                      Yet, in 2020 we did not produce more than 2019.

                      We are wealthier – better off solely by PRODUCING more value with less human effort.

                      There is no short cut arround that.

                      No amount of money will make us wealthier, Better off.

                      Housing prices are skyrocketing, other prices are rising – why should that surprise.

                      When govenrment spend money – we must pay for it.

                      Either through taxes, higher debt – which is just taxes later, or through inflation.

                      What is the value we have gotten from 6T in covid spending ?


                      No, very few people are saying that there was “no fraud.”

                      At this point, it would seem that there wasn’t enough fraud to have made any difference, with regard to the outcome of the election.

                    2. ” there wasn’t enough”

                      That is similar to what the Captain of the Titanic thought.

                      Think of Bastiat and the The Known and the Unknown. That is something a lot of Liberals fail to do and thereby don’t perceive the trade-offs involved.

                    3. That is not known – there have been very very few allegations that have been seriously examined.

                      There are several major claims:

                      The first relates to ballot counting. That can fundimentally be resolved by examing the actual ballots.

                      While a true forensic audit by qualified and independent auditors would somewhat resolve this – some issues – such as forged ballots can not be established without a review by highly skilled forensic auditors. Verifying the count can be accomplished trivially.

                      Scan the raw ballots and post them online and allow the public to examine and even count those ballots. There is no substitute of transparency.

                      I would note that BOTH of these should become the NORM. All elections should have a third party random audit after the election ALWAYS.
                      There are several forms of election fraud that become far too risky if there will always be an independent audit.

                      Scanning and posting ballot scans online after an election is another effective means of transparency.

                      No private information is exposed by making ballot scans publicly available.

                      Making raw ballot scans publicly available eliminates ALL incentive to jigger with ballot counting.

                      Making Ballot scans public completely ends all debates about Counting and counting systems. It elimates all incentive to jigger with the counting process.

                      One of the claims in this election is that Biased election officials jiggered with the counts – that their biases – consciously or unconsciously tilted the election – or that machine counting errors tilted the election.

                      Both of these claims are easily checked by publishing raw ballots as well as permanentlly difused by ALWAYS doing that.

                      This BTW also e,iminates the incentive for election officials to scan the same ballot over and over to bump counts.

                      If the raw ballots are publicly available – they can be counted by the press, by the parties, by anyone – significant discrepancies between the ballots and the counts will be caught.

                      The other issue is the legitimacy of the actual ballots.

                      Were their fraudulent or forged ballots counted – that requires forensic experts.
                      This is a problem that is MOSTLY unique to mail in elections. It is more difficult in inperson elections.

                      Mailin elections mean that ballots are in the hands of the general public outside the chain of custody of election officials.

                      It provides the oportunity to forge ballots and inject them into the election – this is made worse by unsupervised ballot collection boxes.

                      Regardless, much of the detection of forged ballots requires forensic analysis.

                      Thje other legitimacy issue is of the voter. Did a legitimate votrer cast a vote.

                      Counting errors, and all forms of ballot fraud and forgery can be corrected – even after the fact.

                      If counting errors, or forged ballots tipped the election it is possible to confirm that and to CORRECT the results.
                      To KNOW that Trump won or did not – atleast based on the actual ballots.

                      Voter legitimacy issues can not be fixed after the election. While we can establish the number of fraudulent ballots that were cast, we can not know who those fraudulent ballots were cast for.

                      This is potentially the more consequential problem. The only means of assuring that only legitimate voters are allowed to vote requires doing so Prior to accepting a ballot. Once a Ballot is accepted – the requirements of secret ballots prevent eliminating ballots of later determined to be fraudultent voters.

                      Though I would note that the UK has a system that allows removal of fraudulent ballots if a voter is determined to be illegitimate.

                      Further modern technology – such as one way hashes would provide an even better means to accomplish the same thing.

                      Each ballot can be tagged with a hash that allows courts to go from the alleged voter to the ballot they cast But NOT from the ballot back to the voter.

                      But absent such techniques – which the US does not use all that can current;y be done after the fact is to determine the extent to which illegitmate voter are cast.

                      We already know that voter registration lists in the US countain over 20M illegitimate voters. Dead people, fictitious people, people who are not eligable to vote. Either they are not citizens of not residents of the state, We know that many of those illegimate names on registration lists vote. We do not know how many nor can we know who for.

                      We know that in in person elections this number is small – about 1/10th or less of what it is in mailin elections.

                      We also know that even in inperson elections the number is likely large enough to alter the outcome of close elections.

                      In NH in 2016 6500 votes were accepted and counted by people who could not prove at the time of the election that they were NH residents.

                      Over the next 9 months just under 1/2 of those were found to be legitimate, but the remaining approx 3500 were never verified as residents and likely were not. And this was an inperson election.

                      the NH 2016 presidential and senate election would have flipped over 3500 votes.

                      If we can not secure inperson elections – we can not possibly secure mailin elections.

                    4. There is an excellent article in the federalist debunking the left claims.

                      First there are only 28 distinct court challenges. 29 if you count the TX challenge. The Claim that Trump lost 60-80 cases is based on individual motions NOT cases.

                      All of the outcomes are routed in twisted technical issues.

                      In PA a case involving over 150,000 fraudulent ballots based on an affadavit by a postal worker that he transported those ballots from New York to PA by Truck a few days before the election was dismissed – because such claims must be made within 20 days of the actual act.
                      This was impossible as the Postal worked did not come forward until December when it was already a few days late.
                      Regardless, this case was dismissed for being too late.

                      Many of Trump’s Supreme Court Challenges were dismissed because Congress certified the election – therefore the issue was moot.
                      SCOTUS stalled until they could avoid having to take a tough case.

                      In another case in PA – an Equal Protection case – the court FOUND that the voters bringing the case had their rights violated by disparities in the handling of mailin ballots between counties – but dismissed the case anyway – claiming that the voters could not sue the counties that violated the law – because they were not residents of those counties, and could not sue their own counties – because they did not violate the law.

                      Basically the court ruled that it is not possible to make an equal protection claim in election law – even were there is clear disparate treatment under the law. If this decision was applied to race and employment law – no discrimination claim could ever be made.

                      In another state courts ruled that the statutory language “Shall” – which as a universal principle of law means MUST, and it the word ALWAYS used in law when the legislature COMMANDs an action – either of citizens or Government – Shall always means NOT OPTIONAL, NO Discretion. Well the court ruled that int he context of election law “Shall” means Optional.

                      There are innumerable cases in PA especially where the courts dismissed pre-election challenges – because the election had not taken place and they were therefor “speculatuve” and the Supreme court deeply frowns on speculative challenges.
                      Then when the same challenge was made AFTER the election when the predicted violations of the law had actually occured often the very same courts dismissed the same challenge as being made too late. Trump should have challenged the law BEFORE the election.

                      As I said frequently the very same court that dismissed a challenge before the election, as premature dismissed the same challenge after the election as too late.

                      There have been extremely few instances outside of hearings by legislatures in which courts have examined the merits of any claim.
                      Most of those cases are ongiong. Pretty much ALL have found evidence of Fraud.

                      In AZ one court ordered a random sampling of mailin ballots to determine whether there invalid mailin ballots were being accepted.

                      The documented rejection rate was significantly below 1%. From the Random Sample the judge ordered – the Plantiffs – Trump found that 11% of all mailin ballots were invalid. The Plaintif Disagreed – only 6% of Mailin ballots were improperly accepted according the the AZ Sec State. The Judge dismissed the case because the number of invalid ballots was too small – Yet Not only Trump’s election but the AZ Senate election were decided by a few tenths of a percent – not by over 6%. The error found even according to the state was 10 times larger than needed to alter the outcome of the election – if that error rate was true beyond the random sample.

                      BTW the same thing occured in GA – The Sec. State did direct the GBI to take a random sample of mailin ballots and determine the extent to which invalid ballots had been accepted. Raffensburger Cherry Picked Cobb County – the county least likely to have significant mailin voting fraud, and the GBI still found that almost 400 of 5000 mailin Ballots examined were illegitimate This is a rate just under 10%. Trump lost GA by 0.2%. An actual audit of Fulton county alone that found even 1% of improperly accepted mailin ballots would have flipped GA.

                      In AZ there has been a knock down drag out slugfest between Maricopa county and the AZ Senate over access to Ballots.

                      The Senate subpeonad ballots because Maricopa county refused to allow a truly independent auditor to conduct and audit – instead they had the voting machine vendor audit their systems. Ultimately the AZ Senate recently won this challenge and when they went to get the 2.1M ballots from Maricopa country – they found thousands had been shredded.

                      In PA during the election (like other states) election officials prevented election observers from actually observing the election processes.
                      The were not allowed to record anything, photograph anything or take notes, they were not allowed within 20′ of election officials.
                      Guiliani challenged this during the counting process and won in court. But hundreds of thousands of votes were already counted without observations. AND when the election observers were allowed in – election officials responded by moving counting a further 20′ away in defiance of the court order. When this action was challenged – the courts decided that counting had finished and the issue was moot.

                      The court decisions that Trump has lost are NOT proof that there was no consequential fraud – they are proof that our courts are either terrified or corrupt.

                  2. Of course they were.

                    When you use the word Predatory in a poll you have already dictated the outcome.

                    You can not possibly be that stupid.

                    As noted before – if there are actually predatory private educational institutions – there is a perfectly good court system to address that.

                    And there have been some successful cases.

                    There is absolutely no need for any government beyond enforcing “the rule of law” – just to be clear – the Rule of law is NOT – any law you can make up, or any idiotic interpretation of the law you can concoct.

                    It is the body of real criminal law, contract enforcement and torts.
                    That is all that we require from government.


              2. If as you claim support is actually broad and deep, then the republicans who voted against it will be punished in the 2022 election.

                I would not be betting on that.

              3. BTW why is something a good idea merely because you beleive a majority of people favor it ?

                Hitler won a plebescite in 1938 with over 89% of the vote.

          2. Do those Republicans support:

            The per capita cost of $6,000?

            Open borders and hundreds of millions of dollars being spent because of them?

            Paying for their loans and then paying for someone else’s loan to the tune of $10,000 per student?

            Hundreds of millions of dollars for the Endowment for the Humanities

            Hundreds of millions of dollars to PBS?

            Additional salary for the House?


            Do Republicans support some Covid relief? Yes, a lot do, but not all the stuff that is unrelated to it. Each American will pay more for the package than they will receive back. You need to learn what you are talking about.

            1. S. Meyer, “some relief” is not enough for these republicans. They need a lot of relief and they gladly support it.

              The open borders issue is old news.

              Student loan forgiveness is also supported by a majority of republicans.

              “ 67% of respondents, including 58% of Republicans, support some form of widespread student loan forgiveness — whether it is universal, tied to income, or based on specific program eligibility. Only 26% of respondents said student loan debt should not be forgiven.”

              “ 78% of likely voters, and 80% of Republicans, support holding the owners and executives of predatory for-profit colleges personally liable for fraudulent behavior that harms student loan borrowers. ”


              1. “ 78% of likely voters, and 80% of Republicans, support holding the owners and executives of predatory for-profit colleges personally liable for fraudulent behavior that harms student loan borrowers. ”

                That is likely a reasonable statement though I don’t know if such statistics have been obtained or are valid.

                The rest of what you say is rubbish. You don’t have the slightest idea what poll numbers mean or how they are collected. Dumb people generally don’t.


                1. Anonymous SM,

                  The problem you’re having is that selective denialism you seem to be afflicted with. Any proof contrary to your assumptions is immediately dismissed as “unreliable” or “suspect” simply because it contradicts your preconceived notions.

                  Follow that with baseless insults and you have the makings of full blown willful ignorance. You can’t make a reasonable or logical argument without devolving into throwing insults. It’s the mark of a fool.

                  1. You complain about others throwing insults and then throwing one yourself. That plus the new icon is the mark of one who already communicates with me by another name. Could you be Anonymous the Stupid or another alias that lacks backbone? I’ll assume you are just another Anonymous the Stupid pretend friend or one of Paint Chips many aliases because neither of you have any backbone to stand erect nor brains to think.


              2. Open Boarders is “old news” ?

                We have a mess at the border right now worse than any in the past 20 years – and growing.

                And the Biden administration is completely clueless in dealing with it.

                We have an increasing number of governors suiing the federal govenrment over their failures at the border.

                Old News ?

                No! Just evidence that the media does not report inconvenient truth.

              3. Student loan forgiveness is an incredibly stupid idea.

                How do you think that will be taken by those who paid off their student loans ?

                What do you think the response will be with regard to future borrowing ?

                Do you have the slightest idea what the term “moral hazzard” means ?

                Student loan forgiveness is a massive moral hazzard.

                It is much like the idiotic democrat border policies.

                It is blind to the unintended consequences.

                Have fun.

              4. BTW your poll on “for profit educational institutions” is garbage.

                The moment you use the word “preditory” you lose the argument.

                Regardless, in an era where public K-12 education has failed disasterously – it has doubled in real cost over 40 years and substantially declined in quality – now you want to take over the rest of private education ?

                In the US the only education system we have that delivers a quality education for the price charged is private education.

                As to holding preditory schools responsible – we have a perfectly good courts system for that.

                Private education is by contract. If a school agrees to educate you for a price and fails to meet its contractual obligations – you can sue for breach of contract.

                You can not do that with public schools.

                The obvious solution to our educational problems is to;

                Get the federal govenrment out of education. Rather than forgive federal student loans END THEM. Our education system worked much better and cheaper BEFORE. We should not reward govenrment failure with more govenrment failure.

                Get states out of education. Privatize the entire education system.
                If government must have any role – then it can provide funds to parents to educate their children.
                Let the parents find the schools.

                Why is it you are pushing idiotic ideas that we KNOW from experience fail ?

                Why do you think that some push poll actually means some idiotic idea actually works ?

          3. “Price of gas has nothing to do with Biden. President’s have no control over fuel prices.”

            They don’t?

            Biden killed the Keystone pipeline. His administration halted energy leases on federal lands. They have publicly announced their opposition to fracking. Those regulations kneecap production and diminish the supply of fuel. Less fuel, now and in the future, causes prices to rise.

            The some 30% increase, just in gas prices, is caused by Biden’s anti-energy policies. His regulatory policies have caused middle class unemployment, and not just in the energy industry — but in those industries that depend on energy production. (So much for democrats being the party of the “working man.”) Finally, the Biden-caused rise in energy prices causes prices to rise in countless other industries — e.g., transportation, food, clothing, housing, utilities.

              1. Gas prices are not higher ?

                Those working on the Keystone XL and in fracking have not been laid off ?

                Aparently you live in an alternate reality.

                The Energy increases and job losses can be directly attributed to Biden.

                But Morgan Stanley and many others are predicting substantial inflation – and in some areas we are already seeing it.

                This is the consequence of pumping $6T into the economy without increasing the value produced.

                Republicans and democrats are equally responsible for that – except that the current 1.9T is purely democrats.

                Regardless, lots of economics ouija boards are saying – significant inflation coming.

                There are alot of competing factors driving the economy right now.

                There is massive pent up demand – due to a year of lockdowns.
                While that will likely be a positive economic factor when it is allowed to be actualized, it is also inflationary.

                We also have had massive economic disruption – thousands of small businesses have been wiped out by ham fisted lockdowns.
                New demand will cause those businesses to be replaced – but the destroyed businesses are for the most part gone.
                The people who were bankrupted may never recover.

                And then there is the massive money dumped into the economy – and the Fed;s commitment to continue easy money policies regardless.

                In atleast some ways we are seeing a repeat of the events that caused the housing bubble, only it took nearly a decade to inflate that bubble into bursting. Current expectations are this bubble is growing much faster.

                We are already seeing significant inflation in numerous areas – Housing as an example.

            1. Svelaz lives with superficialities that are mostly in error. We reached oil independence under Trump and prices feel. Biden is walking us backward and along with higher prices for anything that deals with fuel (ie delivery of fuel) he is also making the world less safe.

              1. “[Biden] is also making the world less safe.”

                Yes! That’s a very important, often ignored, consequence of Biden’s anti-energy domestic policies.

                Under Trump, America was energy independent and, in fact, a net exporter of energy. With respect to foreign policy, that put us in the catbird seat when dealing with Middle East oil producers (some of whom are hostile to America), and in dealing with Russia and China (both of whom are hostile to America.) That energy independence made it possible for the Trump administration to negotiate the Middle East-Israel peace treaties.

                Production at home means strength abroad. And the reverse is true: Production weakness at home (like under Biden) means weakness abroad.

                1. Sam, oil is a non-renewable resource which will reach peak out in the near future. Unless you don;t care what happens to our kids and grandkids, we need to be mindful of the fact that we will not always independent and in fact it is smarter to not pump when oil is cheap than when it is expensive. It’s a matter of time, and the sooner we adjust to this reality – exacerbated by climate change – the better we and our progeny will be.

                  1. When horse carriages were being built JF figured he should stock up on them. Then automobiles entered the market and JF was left with a lot of near worthless carriages.

                    In the future oil will not be the major energy source it is today. Technology will bring us better sources. Solar power and the turbines we use today will never be the solution. JF doesn’t understand economics or power His ability to collect accurate facts is awful.

                    One thing seems certain. If JF presents a set of facts the likelihood is those facts are wrong.

                  2. God, not the peak oil nonsense.

                    Please name a single year in which the known proven oil reserves did not Rise.

                    When I went to college at GA Tech in 1977 we were taught this same peak oil nonsense.
                    We were told we had 3 years to redesign Atlanta and the world to shift to sustainable living.

                    1980 passed 40 years ago – and we have far more proven reserves of oil today than in 1977.

                    Lets go beyond oil. Can you name a single left wing nut malthusian claim since …. Malthus that has EVER come true ?

                    In the 60’s Paul Ehrich was selling “the population Bomb” – millions were starving in Bangeldesh – and hundreds of millions would starve soon if we did not sterilze the world. Humans were a plague destroying the planet.

                    Today there are nearly 8B people – more than twice as many, Starvation due to a shortage of food is non-existant.

                    No one on earth starves because we can not feed them – we are providing twice as much food per person as we did in 1965. And we have twice as many people. Global population will peak at 11B – and we will be able to feed them.

                    Of course oil is a renewable resource. Oil was created by nature. Further if you drill deep enough anywhere on the planet you will strike oil.
                    You may not reach it until great depths, and it may not be in sufficient quantities to justify drilling. But it can be found everywhere.

                    Some REAL data on resources, scaricity and economics.


                  3. “oil is a non-renewable resource which will reach peak out in the near future.”
                    Would you like to bet on that ?

                  4. At the current level of proven reserves and consumption we have 47 years of oil left.
                    That assumes no further oil is discovered – through human history more oil has been discovered every year than has been consumed.

                    Oil reserves are a fraction of the energy in coal reserves, Coal reserves are a fraction of the energy in Uranium reserves, and Urainium reserves are a fraction of Thorium reserves.

                    Coal can be converted to gasoline – the Germans did so at large scale during WWII.

                    It is possible that we may shift to solar energy in the future – it will not be because we must. it will be because we want to.

                    We did not shift from wood and peat and dung – because they ran out – we switched to coal because it was better and cleaner.
                    We later switched to oil because it was cleaner. Today few still heat homes with coal, or wood, or oil – most of those homes are now heated by natural gas – because it is cleaner.

                    In each instance we switched because we wanted to – not because the price was lower. In no prior switch did government play any role.

                    You do not seem to grasp that we do not need government to work any of this out.

                    Just as we did not need government to deal with covid, and all government has done is make it worse.

                    1. John, our leftist friends are under the mistaken impression that all knowledge required can be compressed into one individual or a small group of individuals so that the best decisions can be made by the bureaucrat rather than the population as a whole.

                      They are mistaken. Each individual holds a limited amount of knowledge and much of that is located in small single areas of knowledge that do not cross over to other areas of knowledge with great efficiency. That knowledge is small compared to the knowledge of millions of people who have expertise in millions of areas and together in small incremental steps create policies unavailable to even the most brilliant mind.

                    2. Actually he is under the delusion that leftism is magical and that anything that you can create a narrative with first order positive effects – whether that narative is correct – is therefore good.

                      Recently he tried to claim that even though federal revenue increased significantly after the 2018 Tax cut, that in reality it decreased because of inflation.

                      Inflationary expectations right now are quite high. But for most of the 21st century they have been very low – the FED actually targets a 2% rate of inflation.

                      Further GDP growth figures – and GDP rose in 2019, and are inflation adjusted.

                      Finally even his own source essenatially claims that an enormous tax cut that purpotedly costs hundreds of billions of dollars, actually decreased federal revenue by 1.5% – that would be about $50B,

                      And he is making this claim that a non existant 50B drop in revenue is worse than spending 6T on Covid.

                      The covid Bill bailout of pensions was 50% larger than HIS claim of harm from tax cuts.

                      There was an ACTUAL 130B increase in tax revenues post tax cut. Not huge – by federal government standards.
                      But not a massive decline.

              2. S. Meyer, we reached oil independence long before Trump. We became a net producer during the Obama administration.

                Biden has no control over oil prices anymore then Obama of Trump did. There was an oversupply of oil during Obama’s and Trump’s terms. The pandemic made it worse.

                Delivery of fuel has never changed. If you’re referring to the keystone pipeline you would know that the keystone pipeline is only used to transport Canadian tar sands oil to the gulf coast for export. Refineries in Houston are do not want to use the heavy oil because it is more costly to refine. This is why it’s being exported.

                1. I should have said energy independence which was reached under Trump. Yes, we exported oil under Obama because we have always had a lot of oil, but much of that export relied on our ability to dig more efficiently, natural gas, fracking along with other things. Biden’s comments have threatened the other sources of energy and just the perception of what he says sends ripples throughout the economy.

                  “Biden has no control over oil prices anymore then Obama of Trump did.”

                  That is not correct. Not that long ago we saw what type of effect Trump could have. Preventing or promoting the use and collection of energy resources has a tremendous effect on oil prices. Through stupidity Biden can have more of an effect on the price of oil then Trump or Obama permitted to occur.

                  Biden is walking us backward and along with higher prices for anything that deals with fuel (ie delivery of fuel) he is also making the world less safe.

                  “the keystone pipeline is only used to transport Canadian tar sands oil to the gulf coast for export.”

                  For export and some use. But as I said before you are dealing with superficialities. I might trust you with a welding iron, but not energy policy.

                  1. S. Meyer, actually we reached energy independence during Obama’s term in office. The fracking boom occurred during his presidency which led the U.S. to export more oil than it imported. Oil producers were pumping out oil at record levels until the oil price crash that put Lang oil companies in debt.

                    You really don’t know what you are talking about. I’m IN the oil business. I KNOW exactly why prices are higher and its certainly not Biden’s “policies” which you have not been able to point out exactly which policies they are.

                    We are still under Trump’s own policies you dolt.

                    All you have is the keystone pipeline cancellation as proof which I pointed out is not. Canadian oil being exported through Houston has no effect on oil prices. Canada is still transporting oil using other pipelines and still using rail. Nothing has changed.

                    The biggest jump in prices occurred when Saudi Arabia decided cut production or remain at current levels.

                    The recent cold snap further constrained current supplies causing energy prices to rise. I’ve been on the field for a decade and in the business for another 10. I can tell you with clear confidence that you have no idea what you are talking about.

                    1. “You really don’t know what you are talking about. I’m IN the oil business. I KNOW exactly why prices are higher “

                      You are not credible and being in the business doesn’t provide credibility unless we can verify you are a credible individual. We only have your comments on record which have been proven not to be credible.

                      You state “actually we reached energy independence during Obama’s term in office.” I know we were energy independent under Trump but I can’t say for sure or not whether that independence came earlier. If you want to utilize your “expertise” to prove a point then you should easily be able to provide all data both in favor of your contention and opposing it along with a good rational of how you reached your opinion. Let’s hear it or skip the boasting.

                      “We are still under Trump’s own policies you dolt.”

                      We might be under most of Trump’s policies but some have changed such as the Keystone Pipeline. That changes the perception of the capital investors. Perception and capital allocations are very important in our economy. Before you try to call another a dolt you should recognize your inadequacies and foolishness because in the business world you would either apologize or end up a failure.

                    2. The US became an net exporter of oil in 2019.
                      That is from numerous sources – including wikipedia and government data.

                      We have been a net exporter of coal for decades
                      A net exported of natural gas since 2017.

                      Here is ONE source.

                    3. I’m IN the oil business. I KNOW exactly why prices are higher and its certainly not Biden’s “policies” which you have not been able to point out exactly which policies they are.

                      I don’t think any oil companies are headquartered in West Hollywood.

                    4. I do not think Oil companies care much what Svelasz says or thinks or where he works.

                    5. “The shift in policy is coming with the Biden-Harris administration to take the helm this week for the U.S. government. Gasoline prices are expected to increase at least 20 cents per gallon over 2020 prices. ”

                      From Newsbreak.

                      There are conflicting claims regarding whether canceling the XL effected current prices. There is zero doubt it increased future prices.

                    6. Fracking started in 1947.

                      According to both Wikipedia and numerous news stories and government data the US did not become a net oil exporter until 2019.

                      Fracking became wide spread and economically viable during the late Clinton/Early Bush administration – if grew exponentially – until in 2012 there were 1M new fracking wells drilled that year.

                      Absolutely Fracking grew under Obama.

                      US fracking produces 59% of US oil consumption.

                      Fracking contributes 1/2T net positive to the US economy every year.

                    7. For someone “in” the oil business – you seem to know very little about it. and so much of what you “know” is wrong.

                      Businesses go bankrupt all the time. It occurs in every single industry. It occurs in good times and bad.

                      Franking is high risk high return.

                      The Saudis attempted to drive US frackers out of business during Obama. They succeeded in bankrupting many of them.
                      But not all – purportedly Fracking was going to become unprofitable at below $80/Barrel.

                      The Suadis drove prices down to $19/Barrel and many frackers were still able to stay in business profitably.

                      And the moment prices rose again – those wells that shutdown reopened.

                      Current crude prices are $64/bbl – that is tripple the level at which Fracking loses money.

                      Complete the oil pipelines (not just Keystone) and US frackers can be profitable down to about $10/bbl.

                      Your claim that the Keystone XL cancelation has no effect is just as stupid as your claim that tarrifs destroy farming in the midwest.

                      Oil and grain are global commodities.

                      The US both exports and imports oil. Today it exports more than it imports.

                      Regardless, All oil production anywhere in the world determines prices.

                      You CORRECTLY note that the Saudis cut production – and that increased prices.

                      Keystone XL will lower prices in the US even if not a drop of candian oil is sold in the US.
                      Further the fact that Candian oil is harder to refine does not mean it will never be refined and sold in the US.
                      It just is not at present.

                      Candian oil will be refined in the US – when it is more profitable to refine and sell it in the US than to load it onto a tanker and refine it elsewhere. Neither you nor I can predict when or if that will happen.

                      Further the cancelation fo the Keystone XL is a signal and that effects prices now and in the future.

                      There are myriads of other pipelines under construction to transport US frackoil to the gulf. Where it will be refined or shipped.

                      The closure of the Keystone XL threatens those pipelines as well. Ceasing those will make future prices more expensive AND degrade en vironmental safety – Pipelines are less expensive and more environmentally friendly than shipping oil by rail.

                    8. “I can tell you with clear confidence that you have no idea what you are talking about.”
                      Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

                      You do not seem to grasp the laws of supply and demand.

                  2. S. Meyer, “We might be under most of Trump’s policies but some have changed such as the Keystone Pipeline. That changes the perception of the capital investors. Perception and capital allocations are very important in our economy. Before you try to call another a dolt you should recognize your inadequacies and foolishness because in the business world you would either apologize or end up a failure.”

                    As I pointed out before. the Keystone pipeline cancellation did not affect the price of oil at all. The oil transported on the pipeline is a completely different form of oil normally used in the U.S. Tar sands oil is thicker and more laden with sulfur that the lighter crude that is much easier to refine. This is why the crude coming from fracking is preferred because it is not as expensive to refine than tar sands oil.

                    Simply declaring ” i’m not credible” doesn’t prove i am not who I say I am and my experience. Judging from the ignorance you show on the subject I can say you are not qualified to determine whether I am credible or not.

                    1. “Simply declaring ” i’m not credible” doesn’t prove i am not “

                      My words don’t prove it but your words proved you not credible.

                      I already told you why I thought the Keystone Pipeline and other things cause problems. You deflected and demonstrated you know nothing about the capital markets and perception. I wonder if you even know how to use a can of WD-40.

                      Darren above seems to have seen the fabric you are made of and he is probably right. You talk big but have little substance. As suspected, you didn’t do a thing to demonstrate your expertise.

                    2. As you pointed out – you are incredibly poorly educated regarding supply and demand and incapable of more than first order thinking.

                      I can find myriads of sources that state uniqivocally that cancleing the Keystone XL will have a $0.20 gallon effect on the price of gasoline.

                      Even your claims should recognize a future impact.

                      Well the economy ANTICIPATES what is predictable.

                      I can find several sources that claim that the recent increases are due to canclling the keystone XL.

                      You blame them on the unusually cold weathing in the Gulf region – so much for Global warming. It is 2021 and the Artic is STILL frozen over most of the year and it is STILL never possible to pass from the atlantic to the pacific via a northern passage.

                      Regardless, the cold snap might have driven prices up – if so they will drop again.

                      Everything I am reading on the immediate economy leads me to conclude that current factors are so complex that in the short run it is unpredictable. i beleive that GS is predicting 8% growth in 3Q2021 – due to pent up demand from lockdowns.

                      I think that is optomistic. But we will see. But there are others predicting recession – some now, some in a few years. some are predicting a return to stagflation, some are predicting hyper inflation.

                      Many of the reasons offered by all of these different people are good, but there are way too many factors in play.
                      We are already seeing much the same thing that happened that caused the 2006 housing bubble and the 2009 financial crisis.

                      Obama’s policies are absolutely abysmal both economically and otherwise.

                      Further we have dumped 6T into the economy – lots of economists presume that MUST produce a growth bubble – in the short run.
                      And aparently we are about to spend another 2T on infrastructure.

                      Just to be clear – I opposed Trump’s covid spending – the answer was always to not lock down – as the hypocratic oath goes “First do no harm” We ignored that.

                      I opposed Obama’s infrasturcture stimulus – it was a failure. And it was tiny compared to what Trump wanted and what Biden is planning.

                      Republican – democrat – I do not care Government mass spending is a bad idea.
                      It is a bad idea even without the ensuing debt. Massive infrasturure spending will make us more miserable – not happier.

                      Obama left roads accross the contry under construction and impassible for years. We need not do that again.

                      I am 62. The roads today are better than they have ever been in my life. Not perfect – but much more than good enough, and all without massive infrastructure spending.

                      Regardless, I am persuaded for the moment that there will likely be a short strong economic burst shortly.

                      But like everything that government does – good always comes with bad. Unitended conseqeunces will follow.

                      I can not beleive we can dump 6T into the economy and not have inflation. And the value of dollar substittutes – like precious metals and crypto seem to think the same.

                      And beyond the money – Biden’s policies will have an effect eventually.

                      Biden is already clearly worse than Obama. And Obama did not preside over a great economy – he presided over a stagnant one.

                    3. No one merely declarted you “not credible” – we demonstrated it.

                      You are ignorant of supply and demand. That is self evident.

                      And you do not understand that the economy – especially for commodities is global.

                      It does not matter if canceling Keystone XL does not directly impact US refining and gas production.
                      It effects global oil supply and costs. And global commodity prices elect local commodity prices.

                      Oil does not care where you refine it, and cars do not care where the gasoline came from.

                      You keep arguing that locality for global commodities matters.

                2. “S. Meyer, we reached oil independence long before Trump. We became a net producer during the Obama administration.”

                  “Biden has no control over oil prices anymore then Obama of Trump did.”
                  More accurately – Biden. Trump, and obama all have some control over oil prices – as well as other prices.
                  Policies do matter, they can drive prices up – or down.

                  You have argued that Trump’s tarrifs have negatively effected commodity agriculture markets.
                  While the details of your argument is erroneous – tarrifs have little effect on global commodity prices.
                  Supply issues have major effects. Tarrifs change who sells to who. They do not change how much is produced.
                  Other regulations and policies do alter production.

                  The most fundimental law of economics is the law of supply and demand. It is immutable that if you expand or contract supply you change the price of a commodity.

                  “There was an oversupply of oil during Obama’s and Trump’s terms. The pandemic made it worse.”
                  Correct – bring oil prices down. that “oversupply” continues, But Biden’s policies seek to turn abundance into scarcity which even in small changes drive prices up. Even the expectation that suply will be constrained drives prices up now.

                  “Delivery of fuel has never changed. If you’re referring to the keystone pipeline you would know that the keystone pipeline is only used to transport Canadian tar sands oil to the gulf coast for export. Refineries in Houston are do not want to use the heavy oil because it is more costly to refine. This is why it’s being exported.”

                  And you would know that ANY changes in supply effect prices GLOBALLY.

                  The tarrifs on agricultural products do NOT change the supply of agricultural commodities – they only change who buys Soy from whom.
                  Not how much soy is produced and bought and sold. While reducing fracking and increasing the cost of transportation clearly alter the supply and raise prices.

                  Svelaz – none of this is difficult, it is all Econ 101.

            2. Sam, the keystone pipeline has no effect on gas prices. The product that’s supposed to go thru the pipeline is Canadian tar sands heavy oil meant to be EXPORTED thru Houston to international markets.

              I was a pipeline worker for well over a decade. Trust me when I say this, those jobs don’t last long and there’s always a pipeline or refinery doing upgrades and turnarounds that these workers get work on. Pipeline work is seasonal and always temporary.

              Federal leases? News flash fella, oil companies make more money off of private leases than on federal land. Those leases are only speculative based on expected reserves instead of proven reserves.

              You don’t like those high gas prices. Look no further than OPEC. Saudi Arabia decided NOT to increase production at their last meeting.

              Our own oil producers can’t increase output because they are already deeply in debt and it’s expensive to produce even prices are as low as they are here in this country.

              Lastly, Biden has not enacted any regulatory policies at all. He’s only been in office less than 100 days. All his attention has been focused on the COVID relief act. What policies of his exactly, have increased gas prices?

              1. “What policies of his exactly, have increased gas prices?”

                When you make it *illegal* to produce energy — as Biden’s policies have done — you restrict supply, and prices rise accordingly. (Contrary to your claim about cold weather, prices are future looking, not backward looking.) Research his rabid environmentalism and his administration’s anti-energy policies, as I have done. I’m not going to do your homework for you (which you would just ignore, anyway).

                Incidentally, your facts are wrong about Keystone. It was also designed to transport American light crude.

                  1. That and they don’t grasp the elementary point that statist policies make it more difficult (if not impossible) for producers to be productive. (The fascist Covid lockdowns should have given them a clue.)

                    Imagine the following decree issued by the Health Czar of “Meyersville:”

                    “Henceforth, all donut production will be cut by 50%.”

                    Their response would be: “OMG, where’d all the donuts go? And why does my glazed donut now cost $2? Must be foreign flour producers or greedy donut capitalists. Confiscate the donut factories!”

                    1. Sadly, this POV is no more accurate now than it was in the Reagan administration.

                    2. Sadly the arguments anonymous followed by Svelaz have demonstrate a need for remedial economics.

                    3. Svelaz is ignornat of one of the most fundimental laws of economics – that of supply and demand.

                      It would also be wise if he had some familiarity with Coases law.

                    4. Sam, your logic salad is pure nonsense. It has nothing to do with what you think you’re trying to argue.

                      Trying make yourself seem smart by spewing nonsensical logic salads only makes you look more ignorant.

                      You and SM both claim Biden’s policies are the problem. Neither one of you have produced these policies, not one.

                      The fact that you cannot produce the policies you claim is proof that you both are just making arguments from ignorance.

                    5. “You and SM both claim Biden’s policies are the problem. Neither one of you have produced these policies, not one.”

                      They have been discussed over and over again, but you are focused on three word talking points and calling yourself an expert when no expertise is to be found.

                      Policy discussions rather than legislative desires are different. Energy concerns mostly arise due to two considerations, 1) climate 2) foreign policy.

                      1) Biden most definitely has acted to reduce the use of coal, oil and natural gas. That is part of his climate policy that you can’t seem to match with the regulations that are being considered or how the capital markets have acted. You don’t seem to have a thimbles worth of knowledge on how each policy interacts with other policies.

                      Tell us what oil policy was behind Biden’s cancelling of the Keystone pipeline? It has to do with climate, and being green even though at present there is no adequate green ability to supplant oil and natural gas. Thus what Biden is doing is tightening the supply side of hydrocarbons. You don’t pay attention but did you notice that drillers secured drilling permits before Biden took office. That should tell you something about the policies behind Biden, but it doesn’t because you can’t put three word talking points together. Biden is also threatening our energy security but you can’t see that just like you couldn’t see that with the threat to our pharmaceutical security that you still might not recognize exists. Tell us how Biden will react to granting leases on public land or offshore waters? Don’t you know? You can’t understand that policy prediction? You are no expert on oil or anything else.

                      2)In the foreign policy sphere Trump tried his hardest to stop the oil pipeline from Russia to Germany. Such an action provides soft power to the US. A pipeline provides soft power to the enemy you fear the most, Russia. You complained about Russians buying Trump condominiums which was laughable but you have little understanding of the soft power you are providing to Russia. With the Keystone that soft power you are providing goes to China which maybe when your grandchildren are forced to take Chinese in the schools you will recognize China is a threat. Energy runs the world. Control over energy can lie in the hands of western nations or nations that have concentration camps and do not respect individual liberty.

                      You are always accusing others of not knowing what they are talking about. That is because you think everyone in the world is as ignorant as you are. The truth is that you have almost no understanding of the world you live in.

                    6. ALL regulation negatively impacts cost.

                      This is a tautology.

                      Regardless you have insulted SM and SAm’s argument – but you have not actually made an argument.

                1. Sam, that’s BS and you probably know it, or should if you are going to comment. Gas prices were about where they are now or higher for at least half of Trump’s time in office, rising from where they were when he took office. The effect of Keystone will not be felt for years and then almost exclusively NOT HERE. The current prices are due to OPEC curtailing production, just as Sevelaz pointed out.

                  1. AnonJF, what they don’t realize is that the keystone pipeline has not been transporting Canada tar sands oil yet. Because it’s not finished. Only the southern portion of the line is operating and its current supplying oil from the northeast to refiners in Houston. Nothing has really changed. Not enough to affect prices.

                    It’s funny they keep mentioning these Biden policies when he’s only been in office less than three months. I think they meant Trump’s policies.

                    1. Svelaz, you make a lot of inaccurate assumptions that are based on ignorance. See my more detailed discussion already posted. I tried to write it in the simplest of terms but I still don’t know if you will be able to understand the simplest of details.

                    2. Bzzt Wrong.

                      “The first three phases of Keystone are complete, and are currently carrying 5.5 lakh barrels of oil every day to the US from Canada via a longer route.”

                    3. This is where Svelaz claims expertise. Yet his knowledge is limited and mostly wrong. What does that say about other things he talks about where he has no expertise?

                    4. Of course something has changed – the total volume of Oil deliverable to TX in the future has been reduced.

                      While it is arguable that the recent Spike was caused by Biden’s cancellation of Phase 4.

                      It is inarguable that there will be less oil and therefore higher prices in the future as a result.

                  2. You are correctish that Current Gas prices are not unusually high – even compared to much of trumps presidency.
                    But they peaked in 2018 and dropped lower than they were in 2016 by 2020.

                    You are incorrect that the effect of the Keystone XL will not be felt here.

                    Oil is a global commodity – just like soy, wheat and corn.
                    Fluctuations in global supply – result in fluctuations in global price.

                    All that said, the Keystone XL through all of phase 3 is complete. Biden canceled Phase 4.

                    That is a stupid mistake – it will limit the supply of canadian oil to the Gulf, but it it will not stop it.

                    Further Phase 4 appears to bifurcate the Keystone XL into 2 segments – one of which – through Phase III would primarily handle US Oil,
                    with phase 4 bypassing US oil fields and heading closer to straight for TX.

                    Without that US and Canadian oil will both have to compete for use of the Phase 3 pipeline.

                2. Sam, you’re a a moron. Biden has not made it illegal to produce energy. Producing energy requires fuel which in this country is either natural gas, coal, nuclear, solar or wind. Point out which one of these cannot produce energy legally.

                  The east coast grid had no issues with supply during the big freeze. Texas which has its own independent grid relies on natural gas and coal for the majority of its power. Power plants I. Texas didn’t winterize, meaning they didn’t insulate gas lines, cooling systems which rely on water that froze, and coal too wet to use.

                  Natural gas producers in Texas can’t operate their equipment at those temperatures which prevented them from supplying power plants. Power plants had to either shut down or rely on limited reserves. Biden didn’t make any of that “illegal”.

                  Sam, any crude pipeline is designed to transport light sweet crude. Keystone doesn’t transport it. It’s purpose is to transport the tar sands heavy oil to Houston for export.

                  You still haven’t pointed out exactly which policies of Biden have made it “illegal” to produce energy. Give me one policy.

                  1. “Sam, you’re a a moron.”

                    Ad hominem — the “refuge of the scoundrel”

                    And, thus, you destroyed what was a civilized and engaging exchange of ideas.

                    1. He is a fascist and one thing we have learned is fascists are not civilized when you threaten their power.

                  2. Biden has acted to constrain the supply of energy.

                    The left does not like using NG to produce energy – despite the fact that it reduces CO2.
                    They absolutely loath Coal – despute the fact that it is stuill the cheapest way to product gigawatts of energy.
                    They similar loath Nuclear – as a consequence the US has very little and no prospect of more soon.

                    Solar and wind are both immature, expensive and to become more than a supliment require massive cheap energy storage which does not today exist.

                    A significant portion of US energy is from Oil – which powers most of our cars and trucks and trains.

                    Each of these can be used legally – though each is constrained by government – which raises costs.

                    The laws of supply and demand have not been repealed.

                  3. TX experienced a 100 year Freeze. Most of TX does not see sustained temps below freezing more than once every 100 years.

                    It is actually NOT wise to design many things to deal with once every 100year events.

                    Just as TX recovered rapidly from Huricane Harvey – unlike Louisanai and Katrina.
                    They have recovered rapidly from this.

                    It makes no more sense for TX to build for once every 100 year cold snaps than it does for alaska to design for once every 100 year warm snaps.

                    12% of the XL’s capacity is set aside for Bakken Crude.

                3. I should have picked up on Svelaz’s erro regarding Keystone – thank you.

                  All oil pipelines can transport nearly any kind of oil.

                  I also should have grasped the error just by looking at the route the Keystone XL takes.
                  It runs straight through the williston and permian basins.

              2. “the keystone pipeline has no effect on gas prices.”
                Really ? Are you that completely clueless and brain dead.

                The Pipeline is the cheapest and safest means to transport oil. The opposition by left wing nuts is proof of their complete idiocy – just like their opposition to nuclear energy – atleast until recently.

                Oil is a comodity – the more there is on the market the lower prices will be.

                ” The product that’s supposed to go thru the pipeline is Canadian tar sands heavy oil meant to be EXPORTED thru Houston to international markets.”

                Incorrect and irrelevant. What is along the gulf is Refineries that convert the oil into gasoline. But even if the Canadian oil was exported – that still lowers gas prices.

                We have been over global commodity markets – what is true of soy and wheat and corn is true of oil.

                I would further note that US Oil and natural Gas shipments to Europe are what destroy’s Russian and mideastern leverage in Europe.
                So you have a bad effect regardless.

                “I was a pipeline worker for well over a decade. Trust me when I say this, those jobs don’t last long and there’s always a pipeline or refinery doing upgrades and turnarounds that these workers get work on. Pipeline work is seasonal and always temporary.”
                Correct, but as we discussed in another post – ALL WORK IS TEMPORARY.

                If you are doing the same work in the same way year after year – you are going to lose your job.

                One of the many jobs of I have today is commercial building assessments. These pay well – but I must get each job one at a time – they are “temporary” – Each takes a 4-8 hrs and then is done. But I do more than 100 a year. Still each and every one is a separate individual job.

                They still provide a good income.

                “Federal leases? News flash fella, oil companies make more money off of private leases than on federal land. ”
                So ?

                One of the problems -particularly in the west is that the federal government unconstitutionally owns most of the land.
                The constitution severely limits the federal ownership of land within a state – this is why there are few federal lands on the east coast.
                Because our founders followed the constitution.

                During the westward addvance the federal government was required to sell its land holdings in a territory before that territory became a state.
                But as we grew further west this unconstitutionally stopped.

                “Those leases are only speculative based on expected reserves instead of proven reserves.”
                If you were correct – it would be irrelevant. At the very least it is revenue for the federal government.
                I would further note that it is the exploration of expected reserves that increases proven reserves.

                “You don’t like those high gas prices. Look no further than OPEC. Saudi Arabia decided NOT to increase production at their last meeting.”

                Again commodities are driven GLOBALLY – by PRODUCTION – just as with Wheat and corn and Soy.

                “Our own oil producers can’t increase output because they are already deeply in debt and it’s expensive to produce even prices are as low as they are here in this country.”

                Crude Oil prices are 64/barrel – as was discovered during the Saudi Oil War sometime ago Frackers can economically and profitably produce oil down to $19/barrel. While the Saudi production cost is $6/barrel – that is without shipping.

                But CURRENTLY Frackers have another disadvantage – transporting oil by Train to refineries in the US is 3-4 times as expensive as shipping it by tanker from the mideast. HOWEVER transporting it by pipeline is less than 1/3 the cost of shipping it from the mideast.

                This is why the fight over pipelines is so important. It effects not only prices, but diplomacy and foreign policy throughout the world.

                Oil and Gas Fracking in the US have dramatically lowered energy prices throughout the world – but there is currently a ceiling to that effect dictated by the fact that the cost to get Fracked oil (or Canadian Tar Sands oil) to market is much higher than shipping by tanker from the mideast.

                Regardless, if you put impediments in the production of energy in north america you empower tyrants throughout the world.

                You can expect more beligerance from Iran and other nations in the mideast. You can expect more problems with Russia.

                You disempower the west and you empower russians and the mideast.

                “Lastly, Biden has not enacted any regulatory policies at all. He’s only been in office less than 100 days.”
                FALSE, One of Biden’s FIRST EO’s on Day one canceled Trump’s EO requiring that agencies get rid of 2 archaic and failed Regulations for each new one they enacted. This EO has been incredibly effective. It did not stop the creation of new regulations. But it resulted in a significant windfall in the elimination of inneffective and burdensome regulations. Further it compelled agencies to look at the impact of regulations and to focus on better regulation.

                “All his attention has been focused on the COVID relief act.”
                Are you saying Biden can not walk and chew gum at the same time ?

          4. “Price of gas has nothing to do with Biden. President’s have no control over fuel prices.”

            Do you just make things up ?

            What do you think the effect of canceling the Keystone pipeline and ending Fracking would be ?

            “81 million voted. The majority did so legally and voted according to each state’s rules.”

            The presidential election would flip over a change of 40,000 votes. That is Far from a majority.
            That is a tiny portion of votes in those states. The amount of fruadulent voting necescary to flip the eleciton is tiny.

            No they did not vote according to each states rules. 5 of the 6 swing states constitutionally REQUIRE secret ballots – that means that no voter can posses a ballot outside of a polling place and no third party can ever possibly know how a voter voted. These constitutional provisions were imposed in the early 20th – late 19th century to end massive voter fraud that occured for the first century of US history.

            Regardless, it is a tautology that the election was LAWLESS.

            “Every court has pointed this out.”
            to their everlasting discredit.
            BTW not EVERY court.

            There are ongoing cases accross the country – and we are seeing preliminary results in those that go completely against your narative.

      3. 81M people voted for Biden ?

        How do you know ?

        81M Ballots were cast for Biden – but that is NOT the same as people.

        Nor do you speak for each of those.

        I did not vote for Trump – and you defnitely do not speak for me.

        1. John say, “ 81M Ballots were cast for Biden – but that is NOT the same as people.”

          81 million people represented 81 million ballots counted. Each ballot represents one vote by one person. Therefore 81 million ballots were cast for Biden.

          That’s not a difficult concept to grasp.

          But if you want to apply your own logic 74 million ballots were cast for Trump. That’s not the same as 74 million people who voted for Trump?

          1. “81 million people represented 81 million ballots counted. Each ballot represents one vote by one person. Therefore 81 million ballots were cast for Biden.

            That’s not a difficult concept to grasp.

            But if you want to apply your own logic 74 million ballots were cast for Trump. That’s not the same as 74 million people who voted for Trump?”

            Correct. This is why we have election laws. Ones that we are supposed to follow scrupulously. It is why we are supposed to conduct elections transparently.

            One Ballot only represents one legitimate Vote – when the election is run rigorously.

            If it is not it is trivial to have more or less ballots than voters.

            In PA there is an affadavit by a postal worker that the day before the election he drove a Truck from NY to Philadelphia containing atleast 150,000 ballots.

            There are few if any legitimate explanations of that.

            YOU have cited the PA SCOTUS decision that allowed unattended ballot boxes.

            If 10,000 ballots are deposited in an unattended ballot box – how is it you know that each represents a single voter casting a single vote ?

            Next Ballots are typically counted by running them through scanners.

            The PA election officials – and their coconspirators who were charged and plead guilty to election fraud in PA in 2020,

            Took the same ballot and ran it through scanners over and over when no one was watching.

            If that ballot was scanned 1000 times – there are 1000 additional votes – but there is at best 1 voter – and maybe not that.

            Ballots can be forged, or legitimate blank ballots obtained – when the chain of custody of ballots is destroyed Which MUST occur in a mailin election. But even sometimes occurs in in person elections. Blank ballots – forged or otherwise can be filled out and injected into the election system. This is easiest by election officials – which is why it is so damning that election officials so publicly sought to evade scrutiny in 2020. But that is NOT$ the only way to get fraudulent ballots into the system.

            Purportedly we very people when they register to vote – only legitimate voters should be added to voter reguiustration rolls.

            Yet we KNOW that voter registration rolls in the US contain a minimum of 20M fictitious of illegitimate voters.

            If we have 20M bogus voter registrations – why is it hard to beleive that we have millions of bogus votes ?

            Our election system will not reject a mailin voter from anyone who is registered to vote – including any of the 20M fake registered voters.

            It does better when attempts are made to fraudulently vote in person – because a real person must make the attempt to vote in person.

            There need NEVER be a real person behind a mailed in ballot.

            If you are not smart enought to figue out how to cast hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes in a mailin election conducted by the rules today – without getting caught – then you are not very smart. It is quite easy.

            It is near certain that you will see atleast a few on the right deliberately screwing up the elections in the major cities that are the focus of allegations of fraud in 2020.

            It would only take a couple of thousand dollars to flood Philadelphia with hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes.

            The BEST that could be done would be with MASSIVE effort – and contacting every single mailin voter, many of thos fraudulent ballots could be removed.

            As the 2020 election was conducted – nearly every one would have been counted.

            If I can do that – so can you, So can anyone else who beleives the ends justify the means.

            Regardless it is NEVER possible to conduct a mailin election without potentially large scale voter fraud.
            But it is possible to do far better than we did in 2020.

          2. Svelaz – you do not even know that there were 81M ballots for Biden or 74M for Trump.

            You only know that is the count.

            If as is alleged in every major city – as appears to have occured on security camera video and as has occured in every election in the past – even without mailin voting – so election officials ran the same ballots through counting machines over and over – then there are fewer ballots than votes.

            We KNOW that is possible. That has been demonstrated repeatedly.

            It is also quite trivial to have fewer voters than ballots – As noted there is an affadavit by a postal worker that he drove a truck with over 150,000 ballots from NYC to Philadelphia. There are few if any legitimate explanations for 150,000 PA ballots coming from NYC to philadelphia just be fore the election.

            There is no certainty that a ballot represents a voter. Todate PA still has more a couple of hundred thousand votes counted than people who voted. There are alleged explanations – but we need more than explanations. We need PROOF that within a tiny margin of error we have the same number of ballots as voters.

            But even that does not give you certainty that 81M votes is 81M people – it only means that 81M votes is 81M ballots – again something we do not actually know. And MAYBE that 81M votes is 81M voters – that would be IF we had transparency and proper chain of custody on ballots, which we do not.

            Lastly – there is no certainty that 81M votes, 81M ballots is 81M people. As noted before there are over 20M non-existant registered voters accross the country.

            Registered voters does NOT equal legitimate actual people.

            I have met some on the right who think Trump won California.
            I think that is wishful thinking.

            But I would not be surprised if there was massive voter fraud in California.
            But it would take 4M fraudulent votes in CA for Trump to win CA – that is not likely.

            But the more important question is are there 40K fraudulent votes in GA, AZ, and NV ?

            I would be completely shocked if there were not conservatively DOUBLE that number.

            40K fraudulent votes in 3 states is all that is needed to flip the election.

            100K fraudulent votes is all that would be needed to give rpublicans commanding control of the house, senate and white house.

            I would not be surprised by 100K fraudulent votes.

            I would not be surprised by 100K fraudulent votes just in PA.

          1. So says Anonymous the Stupid who insults yet another member of the blog.

            Walworth, I think Anonymous the Stupid fits this character.

            1. Anonymous the Stupid and Buggy Wuggs live in their bedrooms. They occasionally have to leave their bedrooms to use the bathroom, and when their mommies make them sit down at the kitchen table to eat something.

                1. “Anonymous the Stupid and Buggy Wuggs live in their bedrooms.”

                  Anonymous the Stupid. Walworths got you pegged.

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