Democratic Lawyer Marc Elias Under Fire For Suggesting Georgia Voters Will Be Unable To Correctly Identify Their Driver’s License Number

Georgia Department of Driver Services

We have previously discussed the controversial history of Marc Elias, including allegations that he lied about the funding of Steele Dossier by the Clinton campaign. Elias has also been criticized for challenging elections when he and other Democratic lawyers denounced Republican challenges as a threat to democracy. Now, Elias (who is heading a new group called “Democracy Docket”) is again under intense criticism after a tweet that some have called inherently racist.

Democrats have used the recent Georgia election law as a rallying cry for federalizing elections by labelling the law, as described by President Biden, “Jim Crow on steroids.” Biden has been repeatedly called out for demonstrably false statements about the law.  Elias has been arguing that the law is a barrier for black and minority voters. He is being denounced for a tweet where he suggested that Georgia voters could not be expected to be able to read their driver’s licenses correctly — a statement that seemed to refer to minority voters who would be disproportionately impacted by such a requirement.

Elias tries to explain by the new law is such a barrier to voting by noting that “The new Georgia law will require voters to submit ID to vote by mail. If they use their driver’s license, they need to provide the #. One of the two numbers below is correct. If they put the other, it will be rejected.” He then includes an image of a Georgia driver’s license with two separate numbers highlights and asks “Are you sure you would pick the right one?”


Elias is suggesting that the numbers will be hopelessly confusing and thus effectively bar black voters from participating in elections.

Polls show that 72 percent of American adults approve of requiring photo identification to vote, but they have not faced with the daunting challenge of finding the driver’s license number.

If voters cannot deduce that the “DL” number refers to “Driver’s License” number, the form itself would make this obvious by only have boxes for nine numbers as well as instructions on where to find the number. There should be a concern for how errors are addressed in such systems, including the use of provisional votes or other means to address errors in writing down such numbers. Mistakes can occur that the system should allow for notice and corrections to be made.

Previously, the main argument against verified voting rules was that many minority voters do not have identification cards.  This argument suggests that many who do have such cards will have difficulty figuring out their DL number.

Whatever the arguments against verified voting, insulting the intelligence of minority voters is not likely the best option.


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  1. Leftists are hypocrites and the leftists on the blog have fallen for the hypocrisy. Make sure you see the video so you can see the conversion from a Suburban gas guzzler to a green bike.
    There is no shortage of phonies on the Left, but I have always suspected that Pete Buttigieg may be a contender for the top prize. Buttigieg planned a photo op of himself riding up to his destination on a bicycle to demonstrate his “green” bona fides as Secretary of Transportation. So how did he do it? He took a Chevy Suburban, along with his handlers, to a nearby location and then took a bike out of the back of the vehicle. A Chevy Suburban–how green can you get?

    1. S. Meyer–That Buttigieg would do this doesn’t surprise me. Remember St. Greta made a big deal of taking a sailing boat to save energy but flew her crew back and forth between continents. I am not sure they are conscious of hypocrisy.

      What is truly disgust, however, is that the invertebrate Republicans won’t run with this and hammer it into the public mind regularly. Losers.

  2. What is so incredible about this is the fact that they are always denigrating voters as stupid people!!! They might be, but the American people whatever nationality are not ignorant people!!! What the idiotic elitist mentality thinks nothing but arrogant!!! The Georgia Bill is designed to make voting easy, cheating difficult!!! Guess that tells everyone what they want, they want to keep cheating!!!

  3. I got my first vaccine yesterday. They asked me for my ID. I live in a very left wing state. The government here must be suppressing the right to a Corona vaccine by requiring an ID. Democrats must turn against their leadership to rectify this discrimination! Hold your breath. When pigs fly. When the Sun doesn’t come up in the morning. When they don’t throw up a little in your mouth.

  4. Every once in a while the real feelings about Blacks by the Democrats floats to the surface. However, this concern about voter ID for black voters is nothing more than a smoke screen. The ultimate Democratic goal is the voting by illegal immigrants that would be barred by a voter ID provision. They already have the Blacks in their back pocket. If there’s a little racist slip up it is a small price to pay for the votes of at least 11,000,000 (and growing) people in the nation illegally who have no ID that is required by law. The smoke screen has not the sweet smell of apple wood but rather the acrid aroma of melting asphalt.

  5. “Whatever the arguments against verified voting, insulting the intelligence of minority voters is not likely the best option.”

    Yet that is what the Democrat Party does on a regular basis.

  6. Probably should put in perspective. How many people voted illegally through absentee ballots in Georgia? I am guessing the number is less than 10.

    How many people will not end up voting who are eligible because of this requirement? I am guessing probably tens of thousands. How many people in Georgia – particularly in minority neighborhoods – give up and don’t vote in person because of really really long lines? I am guessing probably hundreds of thousands.

    Now, FoxNews and Turley will want to tell you about the less than 10 people who might fraudlulently vote without ever putting a number on it – saying one fraudulent vote is too many. Meanwhile, the purpose of all these laws is to suppress hundreds of thousands of votes by making it harder. These elections are really close in Georgia – and suppressing hundreds of thousands of votes sometimes swings things to Republicans.

    These laws and this whole widespread voter fraud fiction is simply a way for Republicans to try to steal elections. In close enough races, it sometimes works – and then they are in power to help steal the next one.

    1. You seem to not have a good idea of what the numbers are. What makes you think your guesses will be any better?

    2. Hey Republicans Trying to Steal Elections, by requiring an ID. What are you going to do when Delta Airlines asked you for an ID when you want to fly to the Democratic National Convention. Being a voting Delegate, I am sure you will quickly comply. Compliance is something in which you are acutely familiar.

    1. Went in dumb. Come out dumb too.
      Hustling round Atlanta in their alligator shoes.
      They’re keeping the voters down.
      They’re rednecks. Rednecks!
      They don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground.

    2. A driver’s license is just one form of ID. You can’t get into the DNC convention, ride on a plane, cash a check, get government benefits, or many other things without ID. I do not believe that minorities do not have valid ID or can’t read an ID number. Everybody should want to make sure that voting is secure. I want to make sure that democracy is protected.

  7. Has anyone compared the new license with the magic desktop used by Hunter Biden to try and “free” himself?


    Identification to vote?

    That’s ridiculous!

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence, 1776

  9. I would like to add two points to the discussion:

    1) The left seems to be starting to get that itch that they get for vaccine passports and yet you need an ID to get a vaccine. Please discuss the hypocrisy of this seeming contradiction;

    2) Whenever someone with either half a mind or a full political agenda such as Biden, CEOs or the media calls the law Jim Crow please ask them what they want changed to make it palatable. I GUARANTEE that the only thing they want is to for the voter ID part to be excised and at that point we have them because the VAST majority of ALL voters support voter id.

    1. It’s that kind of thinking that distinguishes you from the useful on the left.

      Well done!

  10. ‘Biden didn’t “turn around” the vaccination program. He inherited a vaccination program that he and his party did everything to stop until after the election. The only thing that turned around was their attitude. #factcheck’ @joelpollak

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