NYT: Gaetz Sought Preemptive Pardon From Trump

The New York Times is reporting that Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz asked President Donald Trump for a preemptive pardon at the end of his term. Gaetz is reportedly facing sex trafficking charges and the report would indicate that he was sufficiently concerned back at the end of 2020 to seek the extraordinary protection. Gaetz has not responded to the report.

Gaetz, 38, reportedly got nowhere with the Trump White House in seeking his own pardon.  Given Trump’s highly controversial pardons, including many friends and political allies, the rejection would be notable but obviously would be the correct response.

Preemptive pardons are inherently controversial and relatively rare. There was much speculation of whether Trump would grant a prospective pardon to himself. In this case, such a pardon would be outrageous.  If Gaetz engaged in sex trafficking (particularly with an underaged girl) there is no conceivable good-faith basis for a pardon. Gaetz has denied the allegations. He has yet to be charged so we do not know the full extent of evidence against him. For the Trump White House to be able to fully explore the merits of the allegations, it would have had to seek confidential information for the Justice Department — something former Attorney General Bill Barr would clearly have rejected.

Notably, if Gaetz wants to have any political future (which seems diminishing by the day), he needs to be vindicated in these charges, not excused from answering them. A pardon would have avoided the risk of conviction while cementing the perception of his guilt. Gaetz insists that there is evidence that will clearly vindicate him. If so, the path of vindication is not through the White House but the court system.

Fox News has noted that Gaetz suggested during an interview with Fox News in November that then-President Trump should “robustly” pardon “everyone” from Trump himself to administration officials. He said that it was the only way to defend against the “blood lust” among Democrats. If this report is true, he made this comment when he was himself making or about to make a secret request for a pardon. This controversy may deal with uncontrollable lust but not blood lust.

Moreover, his case is not an example of a Democratic “blood lust.” This is an investigation under Bill Barr, Trump’s Attorney General, who investigated both Republican and Democratic figures during his term in office.

If this request was made, it was incredibly inappropriate and unwarranted. It would show a willingness to seek political favors to avoid possible criminal charges.  I have repeatedly said that Gaetz should not be judged in the media before we see concrete evidence.  However, if true, this request would speaks loudly to the character and personal convictions of Matt Gaetz.



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  1. So you were the pride of Appalachia?

    Moonshine was your milk…

    And the sun hurts your eyes.

    Karl Marx was your mentor…

    And the New York Times your medium, through which you Vicariously sought to become their most accomplished anti-Semite ignoramus 😉

  2. “I am sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today,” says attorney for Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg, now that Greenberg (Gaetz’s associate) is likely to plead guilty. Looks like Greenberg’s cutting a deal to cooperate against Gaetz.

    NYT – “Mr. Greenberg had been scheduled to go on trial in June, but both sides set a May 15 deadline for a plea deal.”

  3. They filmed the death of Ashli Babbit – who really shouldn’t have been where she wa

    Well this is good news.

    Shoot to Kill is now the minimal standard for dealing with rioters who really shouldn’t have been where they are
    How long did the antifa thugs control an entire police headquarters? A place they really shouldn’t have been. The police have officers with some very specific skill sets. Like ex military snipers. taking care of people that really shouldn’t be there.

    A applaud the leftist new Rules of Engagement.

    1. She was in the midst of climbing through the broken glass window in a door into the Speaker’s Lobby, which enters directly onto the House floor, while there were still House members and stafff members there who hadn’t been evacuated yet.

      That officer was there to protect members of Congress, just like the Secret Service is there to protect the President.

      I certainly would have rathered that she not have been shot lethally, but don’t downplay what she was doing.

      1. Anonymous the Stupid, she was foolish and was shot and killed. We still don’t know who killed her or the exact sequence of events. At the time of her death she posed no immediate lethal threat to anyone. It is funny how we do not have complete information on what happened.

        On the other hand G. Floyd died while resisting arrest and you want the policeman charged with homicide even though the autopsy and findings show he likely died of an overdose combined with his medical illnesses. Take note how exculpatory information (for the police officer) was withheld by the city.

        The opposite way you act in both circumstances tell us that you are not to be trusted and are perhaps one of the biggest hypocrites on the blog. Nothing you say can be trusted.

    2. The capitol police showed a lot of restraint in not blasting a lot more rioters.

      Although if the mullet-heads had got anywhere near Pence or Pelosi the Secret Service and the Capitol Police would have warned them and then would have shot them.

      You are ibsessed with the word “Leftist.”

  4. Did any of you actually read the NYT article? And I mean read it carefully, not while in a daze.

    Here is the *only* fact — the only “source” — cited by the NYT to support its conclusion that Gaetz sought a preemptive pardon: “. . . according to two people told of the discussions.”

    So the Times’ “source” is two unnamed people who weren’t even personal witnesses to the alleged event. They (allegedly) were merely “told” of it. By whom? The Times doesn’t say. Were they told of the event by two other people, who were told of the event by those who witnessed the alleged event? By three other people, who were told by the two other, . . .?

    The Telephone Game is for parties, not for journalism.

    1. And they usually are found to be untrue. Trump has already stated that he never saw a pardon request from Gaetz.

  5. Professor Turley, This is all hearsay. You are speculating on innuendo. How many times has the NYT “reported” sheer falsehoods and yet you act like their word is gospel. It’s obvious that this is all part of a concerted effort to keep the GOP far away from the White House. So far nobody has presented a shred of proof. Aren’t you an attorney? If I were Matt Gaetz I would consider this column defamatory.

  6. Some anonymous person accused me:

    “Your comments about Turley are mean and indecent. Sometimes they are even libelous. Turley has talked about Dominion and included Fox in that discussion. He dedicated at least one of his blogs here to the Dominion subject.”

    I did a search of “Dominion” and 2 posts came up:

    11/20/20: “Will the Trump Team Prove a Global Conspiracy or Will Dominion Sue for Defamation?”

    This post discusses Dominion’s potential lawsuit against Trump’s lawyers. No mention of its potential lawsuit against Turley’s employer Fox. Turley failed to mention Fox’s repeatedly hosting these allegedly slanderous lawyers on its broadcasts and promoting these lies by Fox hosts themselves.

    12/6/20: “Will Pot Save the President? Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Investigation of Roughly Two Dozen Dominion Voting Machines”

    This post concerns an unrelated lawsuit concerning the results of a close voting result about marijuana. It had nothing to do with the election results of Trump though it did open the door into an investigation of the accuracy of Dominion machines. There was no mention of Fox News. However, Turley took the opportunity to comment:

    “polls show that up to 90 percent of Republicans and even a fair number of Democrats believe question the legitimacy of this election. With roughly 74 million voting for President Trump, such doubts are dangerous for this country which remains a virtual powder keg. The best option is greater scrutiny and transparency. We have had failures of leadership on both sides. President Trump has fueled the anger not by seeking challenges, which is his right. He has field [sic] by anger by declaring the election “stolen” and “rigged” and acting officials like Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger the “enemy of the people.” President-elect Biden failed to see that this country’s divisions will not be resolved — even partially — without greater scrutiny.  He should have declared immediately that his campaign would not oppose judicial review of any and all election challenges.”

    Turley parrots the Republican/Fox News line that 90% of their voters question the legitimacy of the election WITHOUT mentioning that Trump and the Republicans have been repeating the Big Lie BEFORE and for months AFTER the election. The fact that Turley would NOT mention that the ONLY reason 90% of Republicans would hold that belief is due to HIS NETWORK broadcasting that the election was ‘stolen’ and ‘rigged’ to millions of its viewers is proof that he is not being honest. Turley will not acknowledge the effect repeating the these lies has on Republican public opinion.

    I have repeatedly acknowledged that Turley has stated that HE did not give credence to these falsehoods, but to his everlasting discredit, he will not denounce Fox News for its hand in spreading the Big Lie in the past nor condemn Trump for continuing to spread it to this very day! And apparently he will never address the billion dollar defamation suit brought against his network presumably because he is afraid of biting the hand that feeds him.

    1. Oh God who cares?

      They’re all a bunch of money-grubbing, pussy-grabbing cReepublicans who backed the wrong horse.

      Blah blah blah blah.

      All sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    2. Ben and Jeffrey have a new flavor: chamber-pot chocolate with rainbow sprinkles.

      1. No the flavor is disgust at how damned dumb all y’all are in these comments, and how anyone could still support Trump or people like Gaetz.

        He’s a walking sex scandal.

        Look at that hair.

        Biden is kicking ass right now and reminding everyone what leadership is all about.

        When did Americans become so gullible and dumb, hum?

        1. “Biden is kicking ass right now and reminding everyone what leadership is all about.”

          This is why I never listen to anyone wearing a black leotard.

          1. Read the infrastructure proposal, bubba. That’s called vision. That’s called leadership.

            Biden saw what Tesla did with a $465 million investment and he wants that to keep going.

            Trump was a mistake and a four year waste of time.

            Now it’s time to launch America into the 21st Century.

            Past time to do that.

            1. Tesla is moving it to Texas. Is that why Biden wants to move Guatemala to Texas?

              1. Tesla is building a factory in Texas, which is a clever marketing move, building a 21st Century pickup truck in redneck central.

                That was tactics and strategy, although he also got 2100 acres for $5 million where in California it would be $5,000,000 an acre.

                There’s lots of empty space in Texas.

                Tesla HQ is still California.

                Biden isn’t moving Guatemala to Texas.

                Biden wishes Guatemala would stay the f- – – in Guatemala and stop causing him headaches.

                But it’s nice that it’s Texas’ problem and not California’s.

                Although people in the rest of the country don’t understand how important immigrant labor is to California and Texas and how most of them get along pretty well.

                  1. Immigrant labor is the foundation of California agriculture, which produces 25% of the food eaten in the United States and is worth $100 billion all in.

                    I believe it’s close to a million workers a year to pick all that lettuce, strawberries, grapes, crip buds.

                    Which means agriculture in California alone is worth more than the entire GDP of a lot of whiney, impoverished, hands-out Red States.

                    1. “produces 25% of the food eaten in the United States and is worth $100 billion all in.”

                      It’s funny but $100 Billion is way off the mark especially since government statistics say: “U.S. consumers, businesses, and government entities spent $1.77 trillion on food and beverages”

                      He sounds like another fellow on the blog that also can’t keep his numbers straight.


                    2. California Economic Contribution and Impact Research

                      In 2018, California generated around $49.8 billion in agricultural cash receipts with the highest valued commodities being dairy products, more specifically milk, grapes, and almonds. That same year, the value of California’s agricultural production and processing industries represented 2.8 percent of total state GDP. Some of the dollars generated by these industries end up being re-spent within the local economy, bringing additional value to the state through “multiplier effects.” Economic impact and contribution studies measure these effects, which can be broken down into direct, indirect, and induced economic effects.

                      The $50 billion is the value of the products produced. The other $50 billion is the value of water, labor. machinery and all the economic inputs that go into prodycing that produce.

                      You aren’t terribly bright are you?

                      Your family has been telling you that for years so it’s probably disheartening to hear that from a stranger

                    3. Marcus, you said :

                      “California agriculture, which produces 25% of the food eaten in the United States and is worth $100 billion all in”

                      USDA.Gov says: “U.S. consumers, businesses, and government entities spent $1.77 trillion on food and beverages”.

                      Run the numbers. If you didn’t pass sixth grade you might have a problem, but if you graduated high school you should be able to figure out the mathematics


                    4. California produces a lot of food, which is why we don’t freak out over immigration as much as the rest of the country.

                      California needs those workers to keep ag going.

                      And that $100 billion is probably more than the entire GDP of whatever sad, backward-ass, hands-out-to-Uncle Sam Red State you come from.

                    5. Marcus, I guess your non answer means you didn’t get the mathematics involved. That is OK. Maybe mathematics is a weak spot.


                    6. “Are you as tiresome and boorish in real life as you are in person?”

                      Marcus, I am a regular guy who is dealing with a loudmouth, arrogant jerk.

                      “Here, read the Wikipedia if you want to know about California agriculture:”

                      I don’t have to know too much detail about California’s agriculture to see that you didn’t know what you were talking about. Your numbers didn’t even come close. That is not a problem for most discernible people on this blog because they already recognize you as a non-credible individual that shouldn’t be listened to.


                    1. Biden is old and everyone his age has some form of mental decline.

                      But dementia is going some.

                      Look at his speeches and his press conferences and he does fine.

                      And he is kicking ass.

                      He’s cleaning up the mess left behind by Trump and he’s moving America forward into the 21st century.

                      That’s what leadership is all about.

                      Trump didn’t have a clue. He jst paraded around wearing stupid Red Hats and smelling his own farts and accomplish nothing other than playing the fiddle while half a million Americans died and the economy lost tens of trillions.

                    2. “And he is kicking ass.”

                      Marcus is sounding off again. Will Marcus tell us what Biden has done, how and what effect that will have? No. Marcus is full of cr-p.


                    3. Biden is overseeing a smooth, equitable distribution of vaccines that Trump most certainly would have screwed up.

                      If Biden were like Trump he would have withheld vaccines and help from Texas because Texas ran his campaign bus off the road.

                      Trump would definitely have withheld aid to California because California wants nothing to do with his fat, vulgar ass.

                      Read the infrastructure bill.

                      500,000 EV chargers by 2030 is Biden having a vision for Making America Great Again and foaming the runway for the inevitable transition to electric cars running on renewable energy.

                      Trump walked around wearing that stupid red hat and talking a lot of BS but what did he accomplish? What did he move forward?

                      Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He’s a fraud.

                      Biden is a leader, with a vision, and the balls to move forward on it.

                      Thank Odin Trump is gone and America can move into the 21st Century.

                    4. “Biden is overseeing a smooth, equitable distribution of vaccines that Trump most certainly would have screwed up.”

                      Marcus, Trump was the one who got the vaccine and Biden was promising what Trump had already realized. You don’t know that. Biden hasn’t succeeded at all. He is continuing what Trump did and has had lost vaccines and developed other problems. Race has now entered into vaccination distribution.

                      “Trump would definitely have withheld aid to California because California wants nothing to do with his fat, vulgar ass.”

                      That you want the nation to pay for California’s incompetence only demonstrates that you are as incompetent as California’s leaders.

                      “Read the infrastructure bill.”

                      Apparently you haven’t or you are unable to read. The infrastructure bill is mostly non-infrastructure with only a sliver of money going to infrastructure. Again you are demonstrating your ignorance or inability to read.

                      “500,000 EV chargers by 2030 is Biden having a vision for Making America Great Again and foaming the runway for the inevitable transition to electric cars running on renewable energy.”

                      That’s known as a vision or dream not reality. Are you one that doesn’t understand reality along with being ignorant?

                      “Trump walked around wearing that stupid red hat and talking a lot of BS but what did he accomplish? What did he move forward?”

                      You say you read the NYTImes but don’t know? That proves our point that the NYTimes is junk. Enough has been said about Trump’s accomplishments on the blog but either you can’t read or the NYTimes is a waste of money.

                      Your rhetoric is filled with emptiness. That is why the rest of you is full of bluster.


                    5. Did you see where Oracle’s Larry Ellison is bailing out of California (as so many are) and just bought himself an $80 million mansion in Palm Beach, FL?

                    6. Ellison has houses and yachts around the world. I used to live in Tiburon and he would come flying past my house in a 191 foot aluminum yacht called Izanami.

                      The thing would do 38 knots which is crazy fast for a yacht that big.

                      I called it a “fast attack luxury yacht.”

                      Then I moved to Malibu around the time he spent $750 million to buy everything he could get his hands on.

                      I woke up one morning to see Izanami moored behind my house but the name had been changed to Ronin.


                      Apparently someone noticed that Izanami backward is Im a Nazi and he had to change the name of his yacht.

                      I was on Maui writing a book a few years ago when he bought the entire island of Lanai for $500,000,000

                      I lived in Hawaii for a few years and he had another yacht called Musashi moored in Kewalo Basin – it looked nice at night.


                      Ellison has houses all around the world.

                      IF he’s moving to Florida it’s to avoid state income tax.

                      Can’t blame him or Musk for moving to Texas as that will save them billions of dollars.

                      Doesn’t mean California is bad, just means Ellison and Musk are too rich to live there.

                    7. Marcus, are you in competition with Obama for the egotist of the year award or who can include the most ‘I’ in a statement?


                    8. Marcus, You are as vindictive and empty as Obama but you have zero self-control.


                    9. I like Obama.

                      Reading his book right now. He’s a rad dude.

                      Honest. Funny.

                      I hope he comes back to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

                    10. “I like Obama.”

                      That is your choice, but I have no feelings one way or the other about the guy. I don’t know him. I don’t like his policies and the fact that he weaponized the FBI and DOJ.

                      I read one of his books before his first election and realized at that time he wasn’t good for the country. When he was elected I hoped his political philosophy would mature. I thought that in the area of race relations that were already changing in a positive fashion very quickly that he would help. He didn’t help race relations, but made them worse.


            2. Now it’s time to launch America into the 21st Century.
              Could become a new Dark Age.

              1. No it’s not going to be a Dark Age.

                We just came out of the Dark Ages.

                America lead by a vulgar putz.

                Biden is going to kick China’s ass and make America a leader again.

                Remember all that nonsense about Make America Great Again?

                Biden is going to do that.

                And not just parade around in a stupid red hat.

      2. Diogenes, why don’t you take issue with my arguments instead of taking potshots at me? Don’t be intellectually lazy. I thought you were the one honest man I have been looking for on this blog…

      3. Diogenes, they both like to insult without knowledge. Marcus on the bluster side and Jeffrey taking pot shots at things he claims Turley should be doing. It’s Turley’s blog but like a true leftist Jeffrey S. believes Turley didn’t build his blog.

        I think Jeffrey is angry that Turley doesn’t bash Fox for what they said about Dominion. I’m not sure what Fox actually said that was bad though I read some reports. Suits are flying but what does that have to do with Turley? I seem to remember Turley weighing in mostly having to do with those that made the comments. That seems to be the crux of the issue so perhaps Jeffrey should leave the blog because he gets so upset that Turley doesn’t do his bidding.

        The two of them definitely are walking around with rainbow sprinkles.

        1. It’s Turley’s blog but Allan S. Meyer still complains that Turley allows anonymous comments.

          Allan S. Meyer is definitely walking around with rainbow sprinkles.

          1. Anonymous the Stupid you are a liar. I don’t complain that Turley allows anonymous comments. That is his business. I don’t like the anonymous label because the scum of the earth misuse the generic anonymous so that:

            The anonymous figure can blame what he said on others.
            People don’t realize how many posts they make.
            People don’t realize it is the same anonymous no matter what time of day it is.
            The anonymous figure can pat himself on the back with a consensus of pretend friends.

            Stupid people might want to hide behind the anonymous label so they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions but that type of behavior keeps them Stupid. Anonymous the Stupid you are proof that this is so.

        2. Thank you, Allan. Troll drollery is insufferable. I appreciate the backup 🙂

            1. That is Marcus complimenting himself just like Anonymous the Stupid does with his pretend friends. Both like self confirmation but Anonymous the Stupid has to use pretend friends. Marcus just gets up there and says it.


                1. Marcus, There is another on the blog with no brains but a good spell-checker.


  7. The NY Times should be removed from this forum as it is simply a rag for false narratives and brings this blog from the dinner table to the toilet.

    Trump has already debunked this false narrative and I suspect the NY Slimes will print the retraction on page 69 buried deep within its anti semitic rants 😉

    1. The New York Times does a fine job of handling the truth.

      They must be so grateful not to have to juggle Trump’s BS any more.

      It doesn’t take a PhD to understand this world, but you have trouble spelling PhD, don’t you?

      1. Hmmm your initials start BM, just a coincidence? Clearly you pile it higher and deeper, so you surely must be a PhD…

        Sorry to have to inform you that you are well below my academic circles and have far fewer initials to follow the BM…

        Just saying 😉

        And you can at least use your NY Slimes paper to put under your miniature poodle when it is ready to leave you a BM…
        and no I am not referring to you here at this point, so you can defer on the poetic ending of this retort

        1. The only initials following your name are PDA which stand for Prole Dumb Ass.

          If brains were dynamite you couldn’t blow your nose.

          Go get another tattoo or try a new vaping flavor or raid the Capitol or do whatever Prole Dumb Asses do.

          If you are American there is no excuse for any American to be that gullible and dumb.

          1. Junior BM it’s time to come up for dinner… this is your Mommy calling you and for heaven’s sake will you stop all that nonsense and start in on your homework or I might hear back from your third grade teacher again who thinks you have less upstairs than demented Joe and his Ho Ho Ho….

              1. That does it Junior! I just got a call from that teacher and she says… BM (Ben Marcus) either rules or sucks and then I can’t get her to stop saying …

                BM SUCKS over and over and I hear a toilet flushing in the background… please come upstairs, get out of the basement, come out of the closet and by the way…. I have your pop tart waiting
                for you 😉

                … and please don’t make your step father beat you again tonight, his arm is getting sore

                  1. Hey in all seriousness your prose is pretty good… your blog has potential, give me some time to digest further …
                    Initial impressions can be deceptive, but I enjoyed reading up to Andrew Jackson and will go further at another time…

                    No duel this evening 😉

  8. Carpslaw says:
    “Being sued does not mean they lied. Could you give me a clear example of FOX News lying about the election results.”

    I agree that Smartmatic and Dominion will have to prove to a jury that Fox News recklessly promoted the Big Lie that the election was stolen on account of these companies’ allegedly faulty software. We shall see- unless Fox settles out of court by paying an enormous sum of money without admitting fault. My only point has been and continues to be that Turley will devote 3 blog posts about Gaetz which is not a First Amendment issue while blithely ignoring the chilling effect of a billion dollar defamation suit against Fox which most certainly is! Does Turley suppose that we are oblivious to his holding his tongue about Fox’s legal liability? After all, he wrote about Project Veritas’ defamation lawsuit against the NYT.

    Turley has an agenda to disparage the Mainstream Media but not to criticize his employer, Fox. He has an obvious conflict of interest which must be taken into account. That is all I am trying to point out.

    1. Your comments about Turley are mean and indecent. Sometimes they are even libelous.

      Turley has talked about Dominion and included Fox in that discussion. He dedicated at least one of his blogs here to the Dominion subject.

    2. Anyone who works for Fox has sold their soul to Satan whether they admit it to themselves or not.

      They know, deep down.

      So this Turley chap should enjoy his mortal time on earth and live it up because the rest of it is not gonna be fun at all.

      Plunged to the depths of hell, forced to listen to The Pina Colada Song and Sunglasses at Night and – ironically – Christian heavy metal for all eternity.

  9. The extortion attempt didnt just begin, and knowing the FBI is involved in a hostile case against you, you may go to prison, innocent or not. Look what happened to Mike Flynn at the hands of the FIBbers. The FBI and CIA could have their own civil wars, and who knows what would happen. Trump knew the CIA should be disbanded altogether.

  10. Why not just wait for the facts before writing a full column about it. NYT is never a fact oriented paper.

    1. Their job is to ADVOCATE a “takeover mindset” not report or journalize anything. If Conservatives, Christians, even “moderates” were as corrupt as they make us look to be, then they’d be embracing us instead of accusing us. They cover UP everything corrupted.

      1. Not all Christians or Conservatives or even moderates are corrupt.

        Although a lot of youse are intellectually corrupt.

        If you’re sane. the NYT is a good newspaper.

        They strive to get it right.

        Same with The New Yorker.

    2. I think that the NYTimes wrongly reported this, and that Gaetz never requested a pardon. I agree with the comment above, I’m sort of surprised that you didn’t wait on this one.

    3. Agreed Munir… It’s troubling that JT is so casual about a “leaked” investigation… vintage Deep state/ Police Stte tactic.

  11. NYT, huh. This is how they prosecuted trans/homosexual predators in the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, etc, with the intent to normalize their conception of social progress: abort (i.e. render nonviable) the organizations, and cannibalize their profitable parts.

    That said, due process, not trial by press, popular judgment, and nationwide protests. Not Planned Politician.

  12. My Goodness. How many times must the main stream news flat out lie to you, with unverified libelous SLANDER, before you stop swallowing what they spray out their firehoses whole?

    For once, couldn’t we explore the implications of false accusations? Instead of “If true…”, why not try “If allegations are proven untrue, then…”.

    Today, President Trump announced that Gaetz had not requested a pardon. NOW WHAT?

    1. “President Trump announced that Gaetz had not requested a pardon.”

      No, Trump said ““Congressman Matt Gaetz has never asked me for a pardon.”

      The NYT reported that Gaetz asked the White House for a pardon.

      It’s entirely possible that Gaetz asked the WH while not speaking to Trump himself.

      Also, Trump lies a lot.

      1. How would you know if Trump lies a lot? You’ve never heard anything he’s ever said in full, unedited form from any “mainstream” outlet. So you’re in the blind.

        1. Ummm, listen to his speeches? He is incapable of telling the truth.

          He is caught, on sound and video, talking about grabbing women by the pussy.

          And then he denies having said that.

          Thank God that idiot is out of office and stifled.

          1. Yes it’s much better to have the geriatric shit show we have going on now with Biden.

            1. The shitshow ended when Trump left office.

              Biden is holding up well for his age. He’s doing the job. He is making himself heard.

              He is leading and moving forward with Build Back Better – also known as Making America Great Again.

        2. “You’ve never heard anything he’s ever said in full, unedited form”

          A strange and false assumption on your part.

  13. NYT is no paragon of news/journalistic integrity so anything coming from them must
    be taken with a grain of salt. Needless to say Gaetz’ one on one with Tucker Carlson
    a few days ago made my hair go curly: he didn’t come across as credible, in fact
    sounded moronic and bizarre. He strikes me as an empty suit even though I was
    happy to see him go after Rino Liz Cheney. Oh well.

  14. A politician looking for a favor. Who would have guessed. Gaetz may or may not have done what he was accused, however it does not place a good light on him with everything happening now. I wonder if there is more skeletons to come.

  15. what defies credulity the most here is not that the nyt wrote a fake news article about a republican
    but the fact that they think anyone would believe a story that the nyt wrote about a republican

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