The Biden Administration Drops Dozens of Charges Against Violent Protesters in Portland

We recently discussed how the plea agreement with a BLM protester (who tried to cut the brake lines on a police vehicle) may indicate a significant shift from the Trump Administration in prosecuting violent protesters.  New figures out of Portland would indicate that there is such a major shift occurring. The Justice Department are dropping 58 of the 97 criminal charges brought after the Portland riots, including assaults on officers.

I previously criticized the federalization of these protest cases. Local police were clearly relying on the federal government — as opposed to their own local prosecutors — to address violent protesters. Yet I was also critical of the role of local officials in dismissing and even in some cases fueling such violence with their rhetoric or inaction.  There is clearly a reluctance by many local officials to prosecute violent protesters. Indeed, cities like Atlanta have dropped charges against protesters. Most of the charges brought for violent protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd were dismissed.

One of those defendants who saw their charges dropped in Portland was David Bouchard who admitted that he put a Customs and Border Protection officer in a chokehold. Likewise, the Justice Department dismissed the charge against Charles Comfort who was indicted by a grand jury of civil disorder for twice charging at Portland Police Bureau officers and hitting them with a makeshift shield and kicking a third officer.

Once again, I remain opposed to using federal charges in many of these local cases, but the decision was to pursue these individuals in the federal system. Now they will walk without any prosecution. There are reportedly 31 deferred resolution agreements (DRA) signed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Portland, including 19 charged with felonies and some involving alleged assaults on federal officers.

We recently saw a belated change in the rhetoric of some leaders like Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler finally condemning anarchists (though he avoided specifically mentioning Portland’s homegrown Antifa group). While such leaders previously blamed the Trump Administration for the protests, they have continued unabated after the election, including continued rioting in Portland.

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  1. Tyranny is at hand in the USA courtesy of the anointed one and his puppet masters.

  2. In the words of the Brave Masked Wonderful Warriors of Antifa ™:

    Your speech is violence. Our violence is self-defense,


  3. Allowing attacks on officers. Should lead to even more private citizens getting armed and less wanting to become police.
    Anyone think that will produce great outcomes?

    1. With armed citizens more attackers would without a shadow of a doubt get killed on the spot. This would save money in the court system not having to prosecute them. However there would need to be protections for home owners to legally with no prosecution for defending their homes and property. We need law and order. Without the laws being upheld to protect law enforcement officers there is no respect for them or their authority. In fact their authority has been taken away with no consequences for disobedience.

  4. Let me get this straight. The one single group of Trump voters, with a few Antifa thrown in, who stormed the Capitol building and posed in Pelosi’s office, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law plus some. The entire Republican Party should be condemned because of the behavior, one time, by this one group of people. Trump should be impeached or tried after he left office for telling rally attendees to “peacefully protest”. Social media should censor all conservatives and anyone who attended the rally in any fashion, including those who never left the peaceful, fun rally and had absolutely no idea any of this was going on at the Capitol, should all be fired. Because accountability.

    But Democrats can storm the Capitol Building and the Senate offices during the Kavanaugh Hearings, attack federal buildings with impunity for months, riot, loot, and commit arson against innocent business owners, often minorities, struggling to survive in a pandemic. Prominent Democrats, including the President and Vice President, and their teams, can bail out rioters and looters. Democrats can seize entire city blocks and terrorize residents and business owners. They can drive the businesses at George Floyd Square out of business. But looting is Reparations and it’s all just fighting the good fight. Of COURSE diversions are warranted instead of jail time, and of COURSE most shouldn’t be prosecuted. They were just mad.

    Any time I’ve asked a Democrat I know about this, they hastily change the subject. Unless they’re brainwashed and will just parrot “accountability” and “fight the good fight”, what are they going to say? It’s indefensible.

    Welcome to the Brown Shirts of the 21st Century. Meanwhile, mainstream media have gained a new moniker. Pravda.

    1. You are Exactly correct!!! Could not have worded it better. One more thing, F antifa and blm.

    2. Very well laid out, Karen S. You are able to correlate today’s social environment with that of pre-WWII Germany; I just hope that you and all the other decent people are prepared for what is now a certainty in our immediate future.

      From dark comes light. And it’s about to get very dark.

      God Bless us all.

    3. I could not have said it better. I live in a Minneapolis suburb thank God. I am totally ashamed of the Governor on down. The appointment of a racist bloodhound attorney general, and the total disregard for the welfare and protection of 1000 businesses this administration has destroyed permanently through allowing violent domestic terrorists and their organizations run the city. Not to mention the Covid shut downs for law abiding citizens. The legal law abiding citizens come last and are under curfew while the law breaking violent so called protesters are allowed to shut down our freeways and burn down our businesses. All the time disregarding law enforcement to disperse, go home orders after violence sets in with no rights for their own protection. Law enforcement in this state has been reduced to rock and water bottle targets to be kicked, choked, spat on with no prosecutions for attackers. This is not acceptable. Moist of the law enforcement officers have their own families to provide for and this is BS.

    4. Thank you Karen S. There really is nothing more to add for any person who qualifies as sane.

    5. You’ve been corrected so many times, it’s pathetic. Facts don’t faze you. First, Trump is not a conservative, and neither are his disciples. You keep harping on the one comment your fat hero made about “peaceful protests”, ignoring the Big Lie, the “Stop the Steal Campaign”, exhorting disciples to “fight” for him. Democrats and ANTIFA did NOT storm the Capitol Building–Trump disciples did, and then the Hate Network put out the lie that it was really ANTIFA and Democrats. You believe, despite all proof to the contrary.. Did you notice the Trump flags and signs? How about the Nazi and White Supremacist shirts and hand signals? “Democrats” did not seize entire city blocks or terrorize business owners or residents, and to say this proves how gullible and immune from facts you are. You are the one who is brainwashed, Karen S. Where’s your proof of any of this?

      The entire Republican Party hasn’t been blamed–just those cowards who go along with The Big Lie because they are afraid of dumbass losers like you and because they know that the majority of the American people do not agree with them. Republicans have no real agenda, but if they keep punishing people like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney, and keep demanding loyalty to the fat narcissist, then they will own the Insurrection.

  5. I posted yesterday that this is a problem for voters.
    Due to the nonexistent civics education (leftist consider that a feature not a bug) voters have no idea they hold the power about how crime is managed in their jurisdictions. Voters in Portland should turn out all the elected officials in law enforcement and the prosecutors. Doesn’t do anything for the current dereliction of duty, but its never too late to plan for the future. Failing to do that, the voters are getting exactly what they voted for…good and hard.

  6. Turley: you really need to stop with the intentionally misleading and politically-motivated statements like the title of your current little turd piece. The Trump Administration controlled what the DOJ did. Biden does not. That is clear. That is the truth, so for you to try to stir up the Trumpster dumbasses by proclaiming that the “Biden Administration” decided to drop charges against persons who violently attacked police officers is factually wrong, and you do know better. You’ve become yet another Hate Network pundit.

    Another thing that makes this piece unfair is that you don’t know all of the facts, much less the reasoning behind deferrals or declination to prosecute under federal law AND to top it off, you lob arrows against Joe Biden, who had nothing to do with it. Another misconception you try to nurture is that those who won’t be prosecuted federally will somehow walk free. They can still be prosecuted under state law, depending on how the federal case was dropped.

    I suppose that if students at the University where you teach were to protest your presence on the faculty, you’d scream “First Amendment”. You make the University look bad, Turley, because what you do is use your credentials to spread politically-motivated false narratives put out by the Hate Network. Do your First Amendment rights include the right to use your legal credentials to mischaracterize facts solely for political reasons?

    1. “The Trump Administration controlled what the DOJ did.”

      What a load of garbage.

      “Biden does not. That is clear. That is the truth…”

      What an even bigger load of garbage.

    2. I’m old enough to remember when Obama’s AG called himself his WINGMAN! I am also educated enough to know that DEMOCRAT JFK appointed his own brother AG. Now we get people either so partisan or unable to think critically that she claims that it is a Republican that controlled his DOJ.

      The level of stupidity going on right now is troublesome and injurious to our country. I am older and I have no children and I sadly think both are probably a good thing.

    3. Komrade Natacha, your radical communism shines through in this diatribe of utter nonsense. It is you throwing smoke to provide cover for your anarchist komrades by slinging nothing by slurs at a man who has a confirmed — successful — history of all things legal. You are exactly who Karen S adroitly articulated in her comments.

      The fact is that Trump did not control what the DoJ did. Had that been the case, a large number of federal, and media employees and their useful idiots would have been incarcerated (or deservedly worse) for sedition, treason and other high-profile crimes. But they weren’t. They were allowed to walk because the DoJ, FBI and other LE entities have been successfully infiltrated by people who use and allow crime to shape an environment that provides excuses to create more draconian laws.

      But thank you for announcing yourself to those of us who are watching, and taking notes.


  7. Any comparison of January 6th riot to the yearlong May 2020 – present riots in Portland and across Democrat run cities is an absurdity and has no intellectual merit.

    For almost 365 days, Democrats/liberals/progressive rioters, Anti-fa, BLM, and anarchists have been destroying private and public property, attacking local and federal employees, attacking and killing police, coordinating movement of projectiles and incendiary devices, and attacking and killing bystanders. The Biden Administration is a corrupt oligarchy, intent on destroying the US and our civil society. That is why they aren’t prosecuting.

    In DC, a one-time event, the ONLY person who died in the violence was a protester shot by a cop whose name is not being released (why?). Again the corruption of the Biden administration and lies about so many issues explains the Orwellian nature of today.

  8. Mayor Wheeler and others are finding out that it is hard to put the genie back in the bottle

      1. Yep. And now there will likely be one of his pathetic “Aninny” responses.

  9. The stink comes from the federal transfer. If the charges came from local authority, why not resolve them locally? My theory: the secret deal was to transfer ONLY if the feds dismiss the charges, rather than locals take the heat for it.

  10. Two kinds of justice.

    One, harsh and probably unfair (see pretrial detentions/conditions) for Capitol rioters.

    Another, forgiving and tolerant for Lefty protesters.

    Doesn’t engender respect for the law or those who apply that justice.

    1. The Capitol insurrectionists should have been arrested on Jan. 6 instead of allowed to freely exit.

      Just like the violent Portland protesters were arrested on the scene.

      You’re right, two kinds of justice.

      1. That’s all you got? How about when the BLM and Antifa “protestors” encircle perps so cops can’t arrest them? Many perps in Portland got away because of that. Did you forget this or are you not from the area so think you know it all?

      2. They were not insurrectionists, they had every right being there as laid out in the First Amendment. Unless of course you are referring to the ANTIFA/BLM plants who are actual insurrectionists, whether they’re in the Capitol Building or rampaging through the streets of American cities. Then yes, they must be rounded up and punished accordingly.

        Portland ‘protesters’ may have been arrested on scene, but as Jonathon is trying to highlight in this piece – they have been allowed to walk without much attention brought upon the fact.

        1. The Capitol insurrectionists didn’t have a right to break the law in diverse ways, such as breaking windows to enter illegally, interrupting Congress’s certification of the EC vote, entering without going through security, attacking police with batons / bear spray / …, breaking into offices, stealing government property, etc. The First Amendment does not give them a right to do any of those things, and if you think it does, you misunderstand First Amendment law.

          Take a look at the variety of charges they’re facing, and tell me which of those things you think should be legal –

          “Portland ‘protesters’ … have been allowed to walk”

          Some have and others have not. Of the 97 people who were charged, 31 now have deferred resolution agreements, and 27 had charges dropped (for a total of 58, as specified by JT). Thirty-two cases are still pending, and 7 people have entered guilty pleas.

          1. Exactly which laws did they break? Even the DoJ are struggling to answer that question.

            We know that BLM/ANTIFA planted ‘MAGA-wearing’ insurrectionist’s, and that they most definitely broke the law. But I am talking about the 1000’s of others who had every right being at the Capitol Building demanding questions be answered about an election bloated with conspiracy and crimes.

            I recommend you read Andy Ngo’s “Unmasked” for a deep-dive into how one side — radical Leftist’s — are allowed to rampage through our cities without consequence, while the other side is labeled ‘terrorist’ for being in THEIR house, seeking answers to questions that are actively being suppressed by government/media/big tech.

            1. “Review: Andy Ngo’s new book still pretends antifa’s the real enemy”


              FEB. 8, 2021 7 AM PT


              “Unmasked” will do no more to help Americans understand antifa than Borat helped us understand Kazakhstan. It is simply a cudgel for Trumpists to swing whenever they need to obscure their own complicity in events like the Capitol riot, which even Ngo was forced to admit had not been conducted by antifa.

              On Jan. 4, some protesters showed up in front of the Virginia residence of Sen. Josh Hawley. The protesters were loud and plainly unwelcome. Hawley treated them as terrorists, denouncing “antifa scumbags” whom he falsely depicted as vandalizing his property. It made for some good Fox News segments, which seems to be both the origin and endopoint of so much conservative thought these days.

              Not 48 hours later, there was Hawley in front of the Capitol, fist raised in support of what few would call anything but treason. Followers of Trump fervently searched footage of the riot, desperately trying to find evidence of antifa agitators. But those rioters did not wear masks, so it was clear who they were — and were not.

              -LA Times

            2. March 3, 2021 Reviews

              Andy Ngo’s Unmasked: The Next Phase of the Grift\

              by Shane Burley


              “Ngo’s book is more than just a grift. It attests to the core of his appeal in that it strings together disparate political and social forces into one overarching, fearmongering narrative. This is what his followers want to hear repeated back to them. This book is the apotheosis of the media spectacle that has surrounded this charlatan. There’s a chance that Ngo’s star may soon decline, whether he exhausts his resources on lawsuits, his fans grow weary of his perpetual victimhood, or if the culture simply moves on from his charade. But whenever Andy does fall, I’m sure antifa will be to blame. Their attacks on freedom are legion; their hatreds legendary. What a blessing that we have this meek yet brave savior to ring the liberty bell. ”

              — Shane Burley is the author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It (AK Press, 2017) and Why We Fight: Essays on Fascism, Resistance, and Surviving the Apocalypse (AK Press, 2021).

            3. “Exactly which laws did they break? Even the DoJ are struggling to answer that question.”

              No, the DOJ isn’t struggling with that.

              I take it that you didn’t look at the page I cited. The DOJ specifies the charge(s) for each person — in the column unsuprisingly titled “Charge(s).” You can get much more specific criminal information for some of them; for example, here’s the indictment for Dominic Pezzola –

              “We know that BLM/ANTIFA planted ‘MAGA-wearing’ insurrectionist’s, and that they most definitely broke the law.”

              No, we don’t “know” that. You believe that, but you haven’t presented any evidence for it. AFAIK, the sole person charged so far who is known not to be a Trump supporter is John Sullivan, but he doesn’t identify with BLM/ANTIFA either. Go ahead and name the persons you’re talking about — just like the DOJ names hundreds of people on that page — and let’s see your evidence.

              “I am talking about the 1000’s of others who had every right being at the Capitol Building”

              I’m talking about the The Capitol insurrectionists, all of whom broke the law.

              “an election bloated with conspiracy and crimes.”

              If you have evidence of crimes (and conspiracy is a crime), present it, or better yet, submit it to law enforcement.

              I’ve found Andy Ngo to be dishonest, so no, I’m not going to spend my time reading his book.

  11. Reminds me of this quote from Ronald Reagan: If you want more of something, subsidize it; if you want less of something, tax it. The Biden administration is sending a clear message to the Marxists that they are greenlighted to continue tearing away at our cultural norms.

    CT, and CRT afterward, were in fact fully-loaded howitzers aimed at all the pillars of the system. They did not even pretend to want to alleviate problems, considering doing so as perpetuating the capitalist, Christian, and patriotic structures that, in the eyes of its practitioners, needed to be razed, not improved.

  12. The Feds are too busy prosecuting Grandma and patriotic citizens to devote energy to actual marxists. They are rubbing their unequal justice system in our faces, hoping to demoralize conservatives. Funny thing is, it’s driving us into strong, determined local action. We are busy fighting back.

  13. I plead guilty to being of the old school of Riot Control….big sticks, tear gas, water cannons, arrests AND prosecutions for Riot, Arson, Looting, Assault, Murder, Rape, Robbery, Damage to Property….and stiff penalties applied.

    Violence cannot be appeased, condoned, encouraged, over looked or ignored.

    It must be put down immediately without quarter given.

    I also believe in protecting peaceful protestors….no matter what their agenda might be….right up and until the first rock is thrown, the first window broken, the first fire set….or the first Officer assaulted.

    At that point protest has become Riot….then it is Katie bar the door time!

  14. I think some of the charges related to destruction of federal property and attacks on federal officers and would likely be appropriate federal charges when the state fails to act.

    Rioting for a ‘good cause’ appears no longer to be a state or federal crime.

    1. Like why weren’t the Capitol insurrectionists arrested on Jan. 6?

      Ralph, above, says “I also believe in protecting peaceful protestors….no matter what their agenda might be….right up and until the first rock is thrown, the first window broken, the first fire set….or the first Officer assaulted. At that point protest has become Riot”

      Do you agree with Ralph that Jan. 6 was a riot, since windows were broken and officers assaulted (along with other crimes, like breaking into offices and theft)?

      1. Like why weren’t the Capitol insurrectionists arrested on Jan. 6?
        Do you agree with Ralph that Jan. 6 was a riot

        If you’re going to troll the blog with your content modifications, don’t be so sloppy with your efforts. Your Marxist betters expect more from their useful idiots than that.

        1. You object to my quoting what Ralph wrote about what constitutes a riot? There was no “content modification” in my quote from him. You do see that HE used the word “riot,” and explained the point at which it crosses over into being a riot for him, right?

          Nor was there any “content modification” in what I wrote about Jan. 6.
          Anon @ 10:03 AM can call them “trespassers” if he wants, but I don’t have to use his word for it unless I’m quoting him, which I wasn’t.
          Should I start claiming “content modification” every time you use your own language instead of mine when you respond to me? (I haven’t and won’t, because I’m not foolish.)

          As for your insults, they reflect on you, not me.

          1. Nor was there any “content modification” in what I wrote about Jan. 6.

            Anonymous wrote: Why are the January 6th Capitol trespassers treated so differently?

            You wrote: Like why weren’t the Capitol insurrectionists arrested on Jan. 6?

            Should I start claiming “content modification” every time you use your own language instead of mine when you respond to me? (I haven’t and won’t, because I’m not foolish.)

            So, that makes you a lying fool; a Marxist wannabe busted on the tripe you routinely post.

            1. Thanks for showing us that you don’t understand how quotation marks work.

              When I’m quoting someone, I use quotation marks (or, the quote includes quotation marks, I may set the entire quote off in italics instead or use a block quote). When I’m using my own language, I don’t. I was not quoting the 10:03 AM. You want to pretend that I modified it, when the truth is that I asked a question in my own words, and did not pretend to be using anyone else’s words.

              “that makes you a lying fool,” you say, looking in the mirror.

              “a Marxist wannabe”

              Nope. But of course that won’t keep you from lying to yourself about my wishes, in order to make your garbage arguments easier.

              “busted on the tripe you routinely post.”

              No more than you are, and probably less.

  15. It proves the left and the puppet masters in Washington accept violence to further their aims.

    Where have we seen that before? In the fascist / totalitarian governments of Nazi Germany, Italy, Russia and China to name only a few.

    1. You watch. Conservatives will have their Tienenman Square moment of tragedy at the hands of the Anti-Liberals in power.

      1. Trump disciples are NOT conservatives. Read the writings of Bill Kristol and George F. Will, who can explain this to you.

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