Want Lower Car Insurance? Get Some Wolves, According to a Recent Study

I am admittedly a long advocate for protecting wolf populations as well as other wildlife severely displaced or reduced by development or hunting. However, there now appears a type of environmental dividend for those looking for a reason to support wolf reintroduction programs: lower accidents and insurance rates. A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that car accidents with deer decreased dramatically after the re-introduction of wolves.

The study found a decrease of 24 percent in deer/vehicle collisions after the reintroduction of a wolf population.  That is not apparently due to the just reduction of the population through a natural predator.  Dominic Parker, a natural resources economist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and co-author of the study said “When you have a major predator around, it impacts how the prey behave. Wolves use linear features of a landscape as travel corridors, like roads, pipelines and stream beds. Deer learn this and can adapt by staying away.”

The findings mirror the similar reductions from cougar populations in a 2016  study .

Since a 2008 study for the U.S. Department of Transportation found car crashes cost more than $8 billion annually, that is quite a wolf dividend.

Obviously, many argue that wolves represent a threat to cattle and other operations.  There is also a high demand by hunters for the ability to hunt wolves.

So if you want lower insurance rates, get some wolves.


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  1. According to data compiled by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (where the study you are blogging about was conducted), the grey wolf population in WI has exploded. They estimate there were only 25 wolves in WI in the year 1980. In 2020 their estimate of the wolf population had increased to 1034. See Figure 6 on page 17 here:


    I was not able to quickly find authoritative data on car insurance rates going back to 1980. Something called “The Zebra”, however, says the average annual cost to insure a car in Wisconsin in 2012 was $950. Today it is $1070.

    The wolves are slacking off.

  2. Epstein guards get 100 hours of community service– no jail–for falsifying records, lying, and failing to protect their charge.

    Banana Republic.

  3. I own a farm in UpState NY.
    We have a coyote problem. They breed like rabbits.
    Wolves do not, with the alpha pair are the only ones who breed in a pack.
    Wolves and coyotes do not like each other. Wolves tend to drive the coy out or kill them. Only in extreme situations will they cross breed.
    I would like to see the reintroduction of wolves in the area.
    As to the killing of cattle and other small and medium livestock, electric fencing. I have had cattle and goats out on pasture now going on 10 years have not lost one to coyotes. Something about 9kV zap on the nose makes them think twice.

  4. Yeah, you can also reduce the mice population by introducing cats; the chicken population by introducing coyotes and the cat population by introducing dogs. Scientists are so smart. What next? Water is wet?

      1. Being involved with production agriculture for more than 6 decades I am very familiar with warnings of end of the world predictions.
        Bovine somatotropin in the dairy industry. The first gene modification for Glyphosate resistant crops, the next gene event was the NC11 BT event, which signaled corn plants to create the protein Bacillus thuringiensis in its green matter, killing insects on the first initial bites of leaf.
        All of the predictions have failed

        1. I’m just outside the city of Tulsa Ok. Still rural, barley.

          Because Idiots everywhere must want the wife’s beautiful breast cut off from cancer from Round Up/Glyphosate they spray it seems everywhere.

          It’s also killing honey bees.

          So hoping to help a small bit I left large patches of unsprayed clover for years. I’ve not seen one honey bee this year in the back yard.

          When I was a bare footed kid decades back I remember hardly being able to take a step without risky getting stung by stepping on a honey bee.

          The same with Monarch Butterflies a month or so before the 1st freeze. So thick in the trees nesting in the evenings, resting here on their journey South for the winter that it looked magical. We’re lucky to see a half a dozen a year now.

          Same story with people I’ve known that died of gut issues….. Another bowl of Gay Frogs & Starlite Corn Fruitloops cereal anyone.


          BTW: Somewhere around here I’ve the names of some cleaner sources for grains. I’ll post them If I find them today/tomorrow.

          Ref: Gay Frogs: https://vcresearch.berkeley.edu/news/pesticide-atrazine-can-turn-male-frogs-females

          Remember that Bovine Growth Hormone crap in the milk that was turning all the kids into balloon babies? The small local dairy system was working far better… but Corporate/Wallst Monetizing Everything ph’s up everything it touches.

          The massage for the better future does seem to be turning the wolves loose in corporate board rooms, DC, Wallst & the blue cities until they are safe for people again. lol.

          1. “The massage for the better future does seem to be turning the wolves loose in corporate board rooms, DC, Wallst & the blue cities until they are safe for people again. lol.”

            That or turn some FFA gals loose on them that enjoy cutting pigs. LOL, the way they would laugh scared the hell out of me.

        2. “All of the predictions have failed”

          Only if you count being early as wrong.

    1. I checked & that this one link is currently under attack & may come back up later.

      The down link was this one:

      Nobel Laureate Says “No Chance of Survival” For Vaccine Takers


      May 24, 2021
      The American Journal
      The American Journal

      Luc Montagnier not only explains the issues with the vaccine and how the antibodies create the adaptable variants, but also explain that taking a vaccine makes it impossible to survive the virus.



      I checked & this link with the same Luc Montagnier & it’s still working:

      Breaking : Discoverer OF HIV Warns COVID Vaccine Could Kill You


      May 23, 2021
      The Alex Jones Show
      The Alex Jones Show

      Breaking : Discoverer OF HIV Warns COVID Vaccine Could Kill You


  5. Huh, would crashes with wolves increase? But I suspect because wolves are smaller, damage costs would be lower.

  6. Someone out there might know the answer to this. When John Prine died did they put a flag decal on his casket so as to get him into heaven?

    1. Someone out there might know the answer to this. When John Prine died did they put a flag decal on his casket so as to get him into heaven?
      Naw it was a plastic Jesus and it was raining or freezing.

  7. I’m for protecting the dinosaurs.

    Save the Dinosaurs! Save the Dinosaurs!

    Alas, it was not to be.


    That pesky natural universe is a worthy opponent, is it not?

    1. Birds are descended from dinosaurs. T Rex and turkeys have much in common. A little gene tinkering could bring them back. Could be a stupendous Thanksgiving dinner provided the entre didn’t eat you first.

  8. That’s just silly.
    The most efficient predator is the human. Instead of Limiting the annual deer harvest, expand it. A couple of doe only seasons would do two things we want. 1) Lessen the deer herd. 2). create more trophy bucks, buy having the biggest bucks winning the battle to breed the does left.

    But this is a great example of asking the question. What is the govt goal?

  9. If that is the scientific case to be made….then by all means import Lions, Tigers, Crocodiles, and Grizzly Bears to University Campuses, the Halls of Congress, the White House Grounds….and Media News Rooms.

    The Republic would benefit from that.

  10. As a footnote, this is an interesting story about a biologist – hiking in a wilderness area popular with campers and hikers – that got treed by wolves from the Loup Loup pack. https://tinyurl.com/3n2s7r2s

    From the article:

    “The good thing is, the woman who encounter the wolves was safely rescued. However, when we were initially told it took 14 minutes to get to her. It turns out, that’s not exactly what happened.

    “There was a great deal of confusion as Okanogan County dispatchers tried to launch a rescue operation. They said they kept getting met with resistance from the state. As a result, that young researcher sat in a tree, surrounded by a pack of wolves for over an hour.”

    I guess I now have in my mind’s eye an image of Professor Turley hanging in a tree with a half-dozen wolves beneath him awaiting dinner, the bureaucracy squabbling over who could do what when, and him wondering what his future held.

  11. You left out important information. Was this study on the federal dime? How much did it cost?

  12. Now if we could retrain a dangerous preditory species roaming the DC swamp habitat. Where’s that study? I’m all in. (but I do hope it isn’t a gov’t study)

  13. By all means. Introduce them to every state east of the Mississippi. Montana and Idaho can send some your way.

    1. I haven’t kept up with the program to reintroduce wolves to Yellowstone park.

      But under govt management they soon phk’d it up & didn’t follow through & keep the wolve pack’s populations under control & wolves spread far & wide outside Yellowstone.

      Welcome back to the Obama Commie/Nazi/Marxist/Islamic Era again!

      The stupidity is amazing……. ( add your own happy ending)

  14. Wolves should not always be introduced. Ask New Mexico ranchers whose calves and cows are being slaughtered. Wolves don’t just kill for food, they kill for sport.

  15. LoveIt, I think i’ll get me a couple. I just hope they don’t eat the neighbors chickens or my schnauzers .

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