“Reimagining” History: Archives Racism Task Force Finds Rotunda Triggering

We discussed today how the term “triggering” itself can be triggering. Now, it appears that the racism task force for the National Archives has found the Archives themselves are triggering. The task force, created by National Archivist David Ferriero after the protests over the killing of George Floyd, released its report finding that the iconic Rotunda (containing the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights) is a symbol of “structural racism” and should be countered with such reforms as staging dancing performances. It also found the emphasis and celebration of the Founders and Framers to be harmful.

For full disclosure, I have spoken repeatedly at the Archives and have long expressed the commonly held view of the Rotunda as one of the most beautiful and powerful spaces in the world.

That is not exactly the take of the Racism Task Force headed by Erica Pearson, Director, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Ovnelle Millwood, Director of Workforce Strategy and Analysis. The task force found the Rotunda to be one of three examples of structural racism: “a Rotunda in our flagship building that lauds wealthy White men in the nation’s founding while marginalizing BIPOC, women, and other communities.”  The task force called for “reimagining” the space to be more inclusive.

The report also objects to the laudatory attention given white Framers and Founders, particularly figures like Thomas Jefferson.  They encourage the placement of “trigger warnings” to “forewarn audiences of content that may cause intense physiological and psychological symptoms.”

The task force’s report also calls for changing OurDocuments.gov — the website on American “milestone documents” such as the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  — to be less celebratory of historically impactful Americans, such as former President Thomas Jefferson.

“To address over-description in the short term, NARA should fully reassess the content of OurDocuments.gov, Docsteach.org, and other NARA online content and rewrite or discard material where necessary. OurDocuments.gov features transcripts and historical context of “100 milestone documents of American history” but often uses adulatory and excessive language to document the historical contributions of White, wealthy men. For example, a search of Thomas Jefferson in OurDocuments.gov brings up 24 results. He is described in this sample lesson plan as a ‘visionary’ who took ‘vigorous action’ to strengthen the “will of the nation to expand westward.” The plan does not mention that [Jefferson’s] policy of westward expansion forced Native Americans off their ancestral land, encouraged ongoing colonial violence, and laid the groundwork for further atrocities like the Trail of Tears. By comparison, searching Harriet Tubman returns one result. The only sentence in which she appears notably lacks the reverence found in the document about Jefferson. It describes the role of Black women in the Civil War, ‘the most famous being Harriet Tubman, who scouted for the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers.’”

Language must also be corrected:

“By racist language, the ADS means not only explicitly harmful terms, such as racial slurs, but also information that implies and reinforces damaging stereotypes of BIPOC individuals and communities while valorizing and protecting White people. Descriptive terminology cannot be divorced from its context. The ADS also recognizes that racist language is only one type of harmful language and that oppressive systems do not exist in a vacuum. The subgroup therefore calls on NARA to address sexist, homophobic, ableist, etc., language in archival descriptions and related policies and practices. NARA will only succeed in dismantling oppressive systems if we acknowledge their complex, overlapping nature and the cumulative harm they cause to marginalized communities.”

Even the famous murals are now considered triggering:

Murals The National Archives should consider options to address the problems presented by the Faulkner murals. While these massive paintings are historically significant and loved by many, others find them oppressive and exclusionary. “The murals,” said one respondent to the Museum Subgroup’s survey, are “an homage to White America.” One possibility is to commission additional murals for the walls in the Rotunda Gallery. Another is to stage dance or performance art in the space that invites dialogue about the ways that the United States has mythologized the founding era.

I am particularly concerned about “reimagining” the Rotunda.  “Reimagining” has become the over-used term for any wholesale reform from “reimagining policing” through defunding to “reimagining the Supreme Court” through packing. It is hard to oppose “reimagining” anything without sounding defensive or, perish the thought, unimaginative.

Yes, the Founders and Framers were overwhelmingly white. We also do celebrate their brilliance in the creation of these foundational documents for freedom. That does not mean that we do not recognize countervailing elements in their histories, particularly when it comes to slavery.  It also does not mean that the document lived up to its ideals given the enslavement of millions. However, those documents allowed us to address the scourge of slavery and to address so many of our failings. The Rotunda is a celebration of these foundational documents not some zero sum contest for what groups will now be represented in this relatively small space. This is not an “homage to White America” but an homage to the founding documents of one of the oldest and most successful democracies in the history of the world.

The concern is that there will be little real debate over some of these proposals. No one wants to be viewed as racially unimaginative or, worse, racially insensitive. The task force itself does not include countervailing views on these issues.  It takes a great deal of courage to raise a dissenting voice on such issues. We have seen academics subject to campaigns for termination after questioning reforms. The lack of attention to the report when it was released in April is itself concerning. These reports can go unchallenged and move into implementation without serious debate or discussion.

It is unlikely that many will object at the risk of their own careers. We have been discussing efforts to fire professors who voice dissenting views on various issues including an effort to oust a leading economist from the University of Chicago as well as a leading linguistics professor at Harvard and a literature professor at Penn. The cancel culture has also extended to museumsbook publishers, and other forums for intellectual exchanges. Now the esteemed Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) fired podcast host and deputy editor Dr. Edward Livingston, who raised his own concerns and doubts in a podcast over claims of structural racism. That fallout at JAMA has continued with the recent departure of the editor of the fame publication.

I agree with the task force that it is important to contextualize our historic figures and to augment our historical presentations to be more inclusive of figures like Tubman. However, the Rotunda is designed as a reverent space for our founding documents.  It does not require reimagination to understand the power and significance of those documents.

I can also understand the preference for more diverse murals to reflect the diversity of our nation and its roots in many cultures, including our Native American culture. However, the murals by artist Barry Faulkner depict the writing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. The signers of these documents were clearly non-diverse but the murals capture the historical creation of the documents on display. They are almost 100 years old and have become an indelible part of the Rotunda. The Rotunda has a defined and confined purpose of focusing on the documents that laid the foundation for this representative democracy. It should not become the latest battleground for our contemporary divisions and controversies.

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  1. I am 70 years old and Jewish. I have been discriminated against far more than 95% of the minority population in this country. I could tell you stories ranging from college fraternity rush to applying at Law Firms for jobs to cliques in Bar Associations, among others.
    I didn’t go to my safe spot and cry because my feelings were hurt, and I didn’t let discrimination stop me. I went out on my own and made my own way. I’m not part of the 1% or even the 25%, and I have no regrets and no ill will. The same avenue is available for every legitimate citizen in America regardless of race creed, religion, or color.

    There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like you for whatever reason. Teaching young people that everyone should like you and to make excuses for real life events instead of how to engage them is not only counter productive, it’s anti American.

    It is my firm opinion that Critical Race Theory and the consequential pronouncements like this report are nothing more than a creative attempt to replace expiring affirmative action programs by creating a diversion. People in this country are beginning to realize that the Democrat programs have not given the desired results. And it’s not because of racism. While there has been some progress, it is clear that programs like vouchers for private schools would have been far more effective. The top 3 answers are education, education, and education.

    The time is now to expose these ideas for just what they are: a bad faith attempt to misrepresent our history.
    We need to let these people know in no uncertain terms that we want the truth of our history told, and that many times, truth hurts.
    But that us what America is all about.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Cohn!! It is remarkable that you got on with your life and have been able to put aside the discrimination suffered in the USA by too many Jews. It is a lesson for anyone who has suffered discrimination — and a more important lesson for those who let themselves be victims because others encourage that. It is decent, hard-working Americans like you who don’t view themselves as victims – and have made the USA a better place for EVERYone. (As a woman who entered law school in 1965, I have my own repertoire of discriminatory words and actions. I never let that kind of misconduct – and unlawful conduct – get me down.)

      1. Was affirmative discrimination the rule or exception? In my experience, most people do not exercise liberal license to indulge diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment), whether it is color or sex.

    2. It’s a dark irony that while the Nazis alleged Jew privilege, the neo-Nazis allege White privilege. Woke and morally broke.

      That said, Critical Racists’ Theory presumes diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment), not limited to racism, sexism, ageism (e.g. selective-child, planned parent/hood), denies individual dignity, individual conscience, intrinsic value, and normalizes color blocs (e.g. the racist designation “people of color”), color quotas, and, not affirmative action, but rather affirmative discrimination.

      Can they abort the baby, cannibalize her profitable parts, sequester her carbon pollutants, and have her, too, again?

      Progress is an unqualified monotonic process: one step forward, two steps backward.

    3. Critical race theory sounds like something the Nazis would dream up.

  2. In the dawn of Communist China, the Red Guard destroyed the Four Olds and cultivated the Four News. They destroyed anything that they viewed as anti-proletarian or traditional. They changed street names, store names, and even their own names. They desecrated ancient temples, ripped up Chinese classic literature and paintings, and they destroyed landmark ancient architecture. They even burned their own families genealogy records. Lost. Gone forever, in the mad rush to be new and progressive. After unleashing the violent useful idiots, the Communist government stepped in to protect some priceless relics, like the Terracotta Army.

    Sound familiar?

    Must we really be doomed to repeat the failed lessons of history?

    These destructive fools so eager to tear down statues, who view the Declaration of Independence as a threatening document, are the product of the public education system. This system has devolved into a Leftist madrassa. These people need to get out more. See African nations, with their never ending tribal warfare and the persistence of slavery. Go (carefully) to the Middle East and see the real plight of women. Perhaps become enlightened that being a woman is more than just a state of mind, and that castrating children is an evil act.

    1. They are also the product of parents and communities that don’t care enough to step in and correct or teach them. This all came about from wide scale socetal blunders, not just higher ed. You want it to be different, stop raising snowflakes.

  3. This post is very tone deaf. Who got “freedom” under the constitution? Not African Americans who were enslaved under it. Not Native Americans who were kicked off their land and massacred under it. Not women who did not vote under it. Who then? Oh ya, white men. So a white man talking about how the constitution was about freedom rings hollow.

    1. The Karengentsia has spoken.

      MollyG, why are you still fighting the last century’s wars? All those battles were fought, adjudicated, and won decades ago.

      1. Diogenes,

        MollyG had a point that is true. Questioning the concept of what “freedom” meant back then by pointing out the truth about who really was free at the time supports some of the concepts that CRT points out as issues that have been either swept under the rug or have just been ignored.

        Just because these issues were “won” or adjudicated long ago doesn’t mean the sentiments that led to them in the first place have not been an issue any more. They are very much still a lingering issue.

      2. Diogenes– “MollyG, why are you still fighting the last century’s wars?”


        She isn’t. She doesn’t understand any of it. She might as well be fighting wars with Orcs or Martians in her imagination. She seems a product of one of those mephitic ‘studies’ programs.

    2. It’s ironic, but only if you mischaracterize the governing, ideological, and religious spectrum, that while the Nazis blamed Jew privilege, the neo-Nazis blame White privilege.

      That said, black Americans were free under the Constitution. Indigenous Americans secured their rights under the Constitution. Women have always voted for their republican representatives under the Constitution.

      Americans stood up to indigenous and native slavers, as well as advocates for diversity, inequity, and exclusion (e.g. Some, Select [Black] Lives Matter), and elective abortive practices (e.g. murder), to both feminist and masculinist, and other woke institutions of class-based bigotry.

      The Twilight Amendment, that established the Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, relativistic (“ethical”) religion, and including, among other things, religious policy not limited to selective-child a.k.a. planned parent/hood, the alt-choice, the wicked solution, that denies a woman and man’s dignity and agency, and a life deemed unworthy of life.

      Can they abort the baby, cannibalize her profitable parts, sequester her carbon pollutants, and have her, too? Time will tell if Americans take a knee.

    3. MollyG:

      Western civilization abolished slavery. Slavery is still commonly practiced in many African nations, such as Eritrea. The concept of individual rights and liberty evolved in Western Civilization. Many wish it evolved faster than it did, but evolution occurs at its own pace.

      The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights were the precursor steps in the evolution of individual liberty, culminating with the abolition of slavery. Slavery was ubiquitous since the dawn of humans. Every culture practiced it, especially Native Americans. The Aztecs were rather notorious for slavery, as well as human sacrifice. The concept of individual rights did not occur to them.

      A black man can own slaves in Eritrea, descended from the very people who captured enemy tribesmen and sold them into slavery to Europeans, can emigrate to the US, and be considered part of a protected class.

      The Constitution and the Bill of Rights evolved from the Magna Carta, precursor forms in the evolution of liberty. The Bill of Rights was a critical first step, and protected many freedoms totally unavailable anywhere else in the world. But battling the institution of slavery, that vile practice ubiquitous in the planet, was going to take time and more societal evolution.

      Christian organizations organized abolitionist networks. It became increasingly difficult to reconcile the practice of slavery with the ideas of liberty and freedom of the US.

      The United States is the only country that I know of that fought a Civil War to end slavery. We fought, bled, lost so many loved ones, in order for those who never owned slaves to free perfect strangers from slavery. That’s putting your money where your mouth is.

      Democrats stuck to their ways of judging people based on skin color. They fought back with Jim Crow. They’re fighting now with racist identity politics, in which your worth can be gauged by you skin color. Again. It’s just that the elites have targeted different scapegoats. White elites point out other whites as inherently racist, yet it never seems to affect the political careers of the white Pelosi, Biden, or anyone else in the government ruling class. They pit peasant against peasant, and get rich off their government service, a separate class with separate rules.

      1. Slavery is still practiced *here*. It is no longer institutionalized, but it is still a thing. Idiots like Molly are too comfortable in their bubbles to notice or care. It is so much easier to address imaginary grievances from the comfort of a keyboard. If leftists actually cared and wanted to make a difference, there are myriad ways to do that. what they really want is to preserve their own personal comfort.

      2. Karen: you try so hard to appear academic and to have some individual perspective on things, but, as usual, you fall short. The “evolution of individual liberty” is a battle still being waged. If you knew something about history and the law, you would know that Roe v. Wade was part of an evolution of the right of privacy derived from the Constitution, coming on the heels of cases like Griswold v. Connecticut, which struck down laws forbidding even the teaching of contraception, much less providing devices. There was also Loving v. Virginia, which struck down miscegination laws that outlawed inter-racial marriage. Roe v. Wade was about the point at which the government could intervene in a woman’s right to decide on whether to terminate a pregnancy, and held that at the age of fetal viability, the state had an interest to ban the procedure. The battle continued with the right for same-sex couples to enjoy the right to marry whomever they chose, and thus endow them with rights that unmarried people have. Unfortunately, the SCOTUS allowed the Diocese of Pennsylvania to discriminate against same-sex couples in foster home placement (but only because the law had a discretionary exception). The struggle continues with transgender people being allowed to choose the pronoun that fits their identity, and being allowed the same right as anyone else.

        Democrats do not judge people based on skin color. And, you are repeating lies when you pretend that critical race theory is being taught in schools. It is not, and in colleges where it is taught, the lesson is not that a person’s worth is gauged by skin color. And…Democrats are NOT pushing critical race theory.

        See, Republicans know that educated women and suburbanites find Trump and his endless pomposity and lying repulsive. Biden enjoys an approval rating in the low 60’s. Disgust over Trump and his failed policies is spreading to those Republicans who continue to support him. So, because they cannot win over educated women and suburbanites, they have to come up with some “hook” to get them to vote Republican. That “hook” is to lie that critical race theory is being taught in schools and that white children are being indoctrinated to believe that they should feel guilty about their race. All lies. Critical race theory is about awareness of how racism has affected all segments of society. It is not about teaching anyone to be ashamed of their race or heritage, but to be sensitive to those who came before who are different. But, Republicans had to have something to fire up the suburbanites and educated people to go to the polls and vote Republican. All manipulation for political purposes. And, people like you buy it, hook, line and sinker.

        1. Natch– You raise an interesting subject with Griswold v. Connecticut and the Right to Privacy.

          Where is that right now with the level of government and tech intrusion into our lives? Does that ‘right’ even exist anymore other than in textbooks?

          That is something that should concern all of us.

          Apart from that, your comment on Trump suggests that he is your alternative [or addition] to Global Warming. Everything bad in the world is due to Trump or Global Warming or both. It sounds bizarre after the first time.

          1. How are government and “tech” intruding into your life? I neve mentioned global warming, and never implied that Trump caused everything bad in the world. See, this is another deflection point taught to you by the alt-right media. In response to the well-supported findings of the Muller investigation, alt right media says cutesy things like “Russia, Russia, Russia” or “orange man bad”, to avoid the merits, which they know are devastating.

            1. Snowden and Assange could explain tech invasion of privacy io you. You should already know it so I won’t bother.

              No, I agree with you that you don’t harp on Global Warming much–yet. But you toss out Trump in a way the alarmists toss put Global Warming as an explanation for practically everything.

              As for the other, I am not sure where I could find a class or program to teach me alt-right deflection points. Where do you go to learn your alt-left deflection points? Perhaps the same instructors teach both courses–alternate nights, of course, to avoid breakage.

        2. Roe v Wade was issued on the false premise that women have control of their bodies and only they can make related decisions.. If that were true, then women could employ euthanasia or suicide, the ultimate exercise of control of one’s body, both of which are not allowed under existing law. So much for that being a valid “Constitutional right.”

        3. “Democrats do not judge people based on skin color.”

          Except, of course, for affirmative action, and government grants and contracts earmarked for black-owned businesses.

          “And, you are repeating lies when you pretend that critical race theory is being taught in schools.”

          Except, of course, for countless k-12 school districts in WI, MI, NY, VA, ID, NC, CA, NV, NJ, etc., etc.

          To illustrate, once again, how dishonest CRT proponents are: They claim that they are not teaching the *theory* of CRT to grade schoolers. Technically speaking, that is correct. They are merely teaching the *tenets* of CRT.

          “[I]n colleges where it is taught, the lesson is not that a person’s worth is gauged by skin color.”

          Seriously, gain knowledge, lest you spout absurdities.

          CRT is a racist ideology masquerading as “anti-racism.” Shorn of its obfuscations and nonsensical academic language, CRT boils down to this: The individual’s identity and value are determined by his racial group. (It’s a racial version of collectivism.) If you are black, you have been oppressed by white, “systemic racism.” If you are white, you are guilty of “systemic racism.”

          Thus, blacks deserve special favors, e.g., reparations, et al. And whites deserve to be punished, e.g., by paying those reparations, by suffering unearned guilt, et al.

          There is no more horrifying form of racism than using ethnicity to determine what an individual deserves.

    4. That is history! the past! Quit whining! It’s 2021, so get on with life, live in the present and the future – and don’t fall prey to those who would divide citizens based on race or “color” by enjoying victimhood.

    5. Molly, why dont you live in the present?
      Because there is not a place on earth that is more diverse, open, accepting. with a government structure that provide opportunity to every single person.

      I’m still waiting for the perfect place in the world…well even someplace better than the Untied States of America

  4. So why do leftists make so little sense? They don’t have to make sense. They think they’re in power.

    Many are concerned about the “Thucydides Trap” between Beijing and the U.S. Forget Beijing. Beijing is decades from challenging U.S. and Japanese naval supremacy in the Pacific.

    The real Thucydides trap is this: the left believes they are on the cusp of installing a one-party, left-wing state in D.C. Many on the right (me included) fear that same outcome. Biden was elected by Democrats to be an alternative to the hard left, but he–as always–is simply fueling policies that will put the hard left in total power within ten years.

    And this left won’t be FDR’s progressives. There are no such progressives anymore. The word “progressive” has been appropriated by the hard left, but these leftists are the least progressive people in the world, and this is why their ascension is to be feared. The right has good reason to be paranoid… so does anybody who really loves freedom and justice.

    At some point, given the vindictiveness and gaslighting of the hard left, the right might seriously consider secession as option. That is when the real Thucydides Trap will snap shut. The emphasis on “rightwing terrorism” by the DOJ is federal preparation for such a conflict (never mind leftwing terrorism and racism). In fact, General Milley appears to be preparing for a federal war against the right by encouraging hardcore, leftwing indoctrination in the military.

    Anybody who wants to secede from the socialist republic can expect a call from General Milley’s artillery. Can’t have a socialist republic without tax serfs.

    This is how one-party, leftwing government rolls. They put others’ backs against the wall, pin labels on them, and then blame them for any conflict that arises. The Thucydides Trap has arrived.

    1. I would add that our patriots in the services need to stay in the military, no matter how hostile Milley and Gilday try to make the work environment. You patriots are the only thing standing between the Constitution and Pentagon’s new commissars. Hopefully, someday Milley and Gilday will be sacked for trying to politicize the Pentagon.

  5. Can anyone out there help us gain our rights as media has failed us on three issues: !. 2010 found our 1969 Colorado marriage certificate name changed from my legal name to a childhood nickname. An our first child’s 1970 Denver, Colorado birth certificate illegally name changed from my legal name to childhood nickname. Without proof of who you are you can’t vote, etc. But, you can be jailed overseas when presenting a fake ID for a visa. 2010 Hillary Clinton’s State Department did nothing to correct documents. Fear that our government may have tampered with visa records in over 45 countries in a coverup. Spouse was a Korea War Vet and need the marriage certificate for medical ID; was VA denied medical treatment for 2 1/2 years. To date Colorado has refused to open files it sealed. ***But, California gave me REAL-ID by search of it’s files.
    2. Twice denied the right to vote: For 25+ years our Constitutional right to vote in a 1995 Oregon Special Election to replace our U.S. Senator has been covered up by media (which has to expose such) and no elected or state has helped. Our ID was correct, registered to vote and had lived in the state and had voted prior to 1995, Polling site right next door! Primary: voter registration changed to none preventing primary vote. Not given mail in ballots in General Election; mail in was only way you could vote. ***Check to see which U.S. Senator from tidewater state was calling for U.S. Senator Packwood (OR-R) to resign in 1995. But, maybe media records changed for another coverup! ***Legally nothing done by Feds has been legal since November 1995!
    3. Georgia Voter law issue: No way DOJ can sue Georgia as DOJ for 25 years has refused to help us with voter rights. Following the recent removal of the MLB Midsummer Classic baseball game from Georgia to Colorado I asked MLB (have case number) to remove said game from Colorado sighting failure of Colorado to open vaults containing proof of ID tampering and Colorado employee union laws to ensure voting rights in Oregon. Listed the legal right to remove NY’s senior U.S. Senator: by law this could be a Republican replacement.

  6. Way to insure full inclusion is to exclude everyone by reimagining the space torn down . . .

  7. “fundamental change” is what Obama said was his goal.

    serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying:
    fundamental principles; the fundamental structure.

    Democrats hate the United States of America, all of fundamental documents, and all the fundamental vision of a nation governed by the people, through representative govt.

    This posting is just an example of thousands of examples of the people being eliminated from governance. “Re imagine” all you want, but force congress to debate and pass legislation. All of the contentious problems we have today are the result of un elected committees, and un elected judges forcing their desires on citizens.

  8. The Europeans lead civilization in both creativity and inventiveness for the last 4 centuries and other groups do not have as much to compare.
    This envy is what drives this type of erasure thinking. The Southeast Asians are now the only ones that chose to compete and try to surpass
    the European record.
    Who knows? They might do it.

  9. “I can also understand the preference for more diverse murals to reflect the diversity of our nation and its roots in many cultures . . .”

    Once you concede that premise, America’s enemies have won. The cultural rot and decay are merely a matter of time.

  10. I am triggered by the word task. Wait can I even say triggered because now that is a trigger.

    The left asked for a “task force”, and since using a task system “is a system of labor under slavery characteristic in the Americas”. Since slavery is racist, the government formed a racist committee to review the rotunda to see any aspects of oppression. So is anyone surprised that a racist committee found problems with the rotunda.

    The world has gone mad and I really feel the great experiment USA is about to fail. Luckily I am in my 60’s and hopefully will not have to live through what is coming. But the progressives will have to “reap what they sow”, they will blame it on the conservatives, but they will own it.

  11. The Racism Taskforce should be ignored and disbanded for being racist themselves. Leave our history alone; we can learn a lot from it on many diverse subjects.

  12. Face it folks, the United States is under attack by Marxists/Leninists whose goal is to overthrow the government and establish the kind of Marxist Utopia that failed in the former Soviet Union. They are people who have been fed a diet of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism in American universities and colleges and blacks who were admitted to schools to “study” “black studies” so the schools could get the proceeds of their student loans and GI Bill benefits. They’re attempting revolution from within the United States government they have infiltrated over the past half century. They get away with it because Casper Milquetoasts like Turley won’t take a stand.

  13. Maybe those who object should start contributing to having their own museum and collections. I also find it interesting that no one has pointed out the sufferings so many lived with before they came to America. Serfdom in Russia and slavery that goes on even today in some African countries. Very few people here now were to the manor born and most came from serious poverty and neglect and made sure their children and grandchildren buckled down and were able to take advantage of this nation’s generosity and comparatively open society. To spend your life finding the faults that always will appear is one quick way to become a very depressed human being.

  14. Many, many years ago there was a song sung by an Indian tribe. “They’re coming to America!
    The land of their opportunity!”

    1. You DO realize that a) Native Americans aren’t really native to America and b) many Native Americans engaged in genocidal wars against other tribes on a routine basis? There were not noble and no better than the White colonists.

  15. They tore statues down because they were offended, and they got away with it. Now they have George Floyd statues. I guess they want George Floyd murals and statues only in the rotunda. He is their new GOD. What a joke they are…and the backlash is going to be glorious to watch.

  16. “The task force called for “reimagining” the space to be more inclusive.”

    So, maybe a painting of Lebron,.. filthy rich black man,.. dunking a Basketball while wearing a “made in china” headband would suffice?

  17. The Professor is incorrect: a great, great many of us could give a **** if woke snowflakes think we are ‘racist’. These are the same people that get triggered by raindrops, so low is their tolerance for even the mildest of discomforts. Adults that play along with these kids’ nonsense and experience the fear of woke recrimination are straight up cowards. Don’t be one, as they are bullies, and as with all bullies, stand up once and they skitter like roaches exposed to light. Stand up together, and they won’t come back.

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