Fear Free Speech: Biden Denounces Big Tech as “Killing People” By Not Censoring Speech

President Joe Biden slammed Big Tech companies this week for “killing people” by failing to engage in even greater censorship of free speech on issues related to the pandemic. It was a surprising condemnation of companies who have been loyal allies of Biden, including killing stories embarrassing to his family like the Hunter Biden laptop scandal before the election. It also has censored stories questioning his victory in 2020. Nevertheless, Biden denounced the range of uncensored free speech as the cause of death for many — the ultimate anti-free speech trope for those seeking to convince people to embrace their own censorship.

Biden was asked by a reporter what his message was to “platforms like Facebook” on the subject of “COVID misinformation.” He responded “They’re killing people. The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and they’re killing people.”

This comes as these companies have been criticized for censoring debates over the origin or treatment of Covid-19.

For a year, Big Tech has been censoring those who wanted to discuss the origins of pandemic.  It was not until Biden admitted that the virus may have originated in the Wuhan lab that social media suddenly changed its position. Facebook only recently announced that people on its platform will be able to discuss the origins of Covid-19 after censoring any such discussion.

The White House recently admitted that it was flagging “misinformation” for censorship by companies like Facebook. Moreover, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has called for people to be banned from all social media if any one company bans them.

Biden is accusing these companies of actually killing people for refusing even more extensive censorship of speech. The statement equates free speech with death itself.

We have seen this type of reckless rhetoric in other areas where disagreement with a policy or proposal is treated as de facto racism or hate speech. That was the case recently with the NAACP official who denounced those of opposing what is commonly referred to as critical race theory lessons as haters of a long litany of groups from the disabled to children to “help people.” This was followed by the chilling words “Let them die.”

Rather than seek to convince the skeptical, Biden wants to silence them and use these companies to control what is read and discussed about the pandemic. What is chilling is the degree to which reporters and academics have supported the massive censorship system in the United States. However, that system is clearly not (to use Sen. Blumenthal’s words) “robust enough” for Biden who wants these companies to carry out a more complete censorship of opposing views.

I do not fault those who want to convince citizens to take the vaccinations. I have had the vaccinations as has my family. However, this is part of an overall push for greater censorship and speech controls. Governments always claim noble purposes as the basis for limiting speech or other rights. It is the very danger Louis Brandeis once described in his dissenting opinion in Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438 (1928):

Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.


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    1. Everyone;

      The Junta of Biden/his Goons, Pelosi, Sen Scumer, Rino Sen Commie McConnell, Rino Kevin Freak McCarthy & their goons & the rest, I think they’ve damned themselves to hell very soon .

      Just one more small piece of a massive data set.


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    2. The 47% figure for the vaccinated included those who only had one dose. One dose has been found to have low protective benefit against the Delta variant. The graph which compares the unvaccinated, those with one dose, and those with both doses, shows that the unvaccinated had the highest rate, while the fully vaccinated, with both doses, had the lowest rate of infection.

      I have read some contradictory statements and am unclear on exactly how protective each vaccine brand is abasing the Delta variant. While the graph does show that less fully vaccinated than partially vaccinated got Covid, it’s also true that less people are fully vaccinated than partially so. From preliminary data, however, the vaccines do seem to provide some protection against Delta, although it will take some time to get solid figures. The numbers have changed a bit in the studies I’ve read, due in part because some studies count any positives as cases, and others only count symptomatic, or even severe symptomatic.

      I found it ironic that the article referred to it as the “Indian ‘Delta’ variant”, which drove the Third Wave. I’m not up on my PC rules. Are we back to being allowed to call variants by their country of origin? That’s no longer xenophobic, or was that only when Trump used this customary nomenclature?

      1. Karen: you are not a scientist, you did not attend college, and you are therefore not qualified to offer scientific opinion. Why don’t you understand this?

        1. Natch– What a rude thing to say to Karen.

          First, she is one of the most intelligent posters on this blog.

          Second, your understanding of what qualifies someone to have a scientific opinion is snobbish, elitist, and wrong.

          Many discoveries have been made by people without much formal education. Look at the life of John Harrison as recounted in the book “Longitude”. There are may others. Consider Joseph Priestly who discovered oxygen, invented carbonated drinks and the rubber eraser. His education was limited and he was mostly self taught in many things.

          It is not up to experts, and certainly not you, to decide who may or may not offer a scientific opinion. Ideas are judged by their merits.

          As an aside, lately many of the ‘expert’ opinions published in professional journals have lately turned out not to be replicable when put to the test. It is a current recognized crisis in science and indicates that too much material coming from our diploma mills is sheer rubbish.

          Look at this study out of the University of Oregon. https://reason.com/2016/03/07/this-university-of-oregon-study-on-femin/

          Here is the theme:

          “Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology, the feminist glaciology framework generates robust analysis of gender, power, and epistemologies in dynamic social-ecological systems, thereby leading to more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions.”

          You don’t need a degree to recognize that this is insane. Yet, according to you, these are the only people eligible to have a scientific opinion.

          1. By the way, the gibberish from the University of Oregon study was actually supposed to be about glaciers, you know, rivers of ice.

            Let’s get all post-colonial and feminist about a river of ice so we can have more ‘equitable science and human-ice interactions’.

            Does this person even know that glaciers aren’t alive? A glacier will never be her boyfriend or change a flat tire for her.

            1. “. . . the gibberish . . .”

              Young, there you go, again — demanding that things make sense. Why can’t you just pretend — you know, nod in agreement and submission? That’s how you get tenure and academic grants.

          2. “John Harrison as recounted in the book ‘Longitude’.”

            That was a terrific story of discovery and adventure. He started life as a carpenter. If I recall correctly, it took him some 10 years to perfect a clock that could calculate longitude.

            “Consider Joseph Priestly . . .”

            Or Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the Dutch scientist who stated as a draper. He then created unparalleled lenses for microscopes, and became the father of microbiology.

            Or Benjamin Franklin, whose formal education ended at 10, and who started as a printer.

    3. I know you watch only alt right media, so you don’t really know, but the vaccine was never touted as fully preventing COVID. You can still contract COVID, and can spread it. If you’ve been vaccinated, you are highly unlikely to end up with a serious case, to get hospitalized, or to die. Here in the US, over 99% of new COVID infections are among the unvaccinated, and all of the deaths are from those who are unvaccinated.

  1. Brandeis said it well. Or, as Graham Greene’s narrator Fowler said of the CIA operative Alden Pyle in “The Quiet American,” “I never knew a man who had better intentions for all the trouble he caused.”

  2. I want to highlight one part of what JT said: “I do not fault those who want to convince citizens to get vaccinations. I have had the vaccinations as have my family.” Please follow JT’s lead and get the COVID vaccinations. Thanks.

    1. Please let free men choose what they do or do not put into their bodies and respect their choice as their own even if it is not what you would choose. Thanks.

      1. Fair enough Kris. Then for those who do not want to get a vaccination, please wear a mask and practice social distancing in accordance with CDC guidance. Thanks for considering this.

        1. please wear a mask and practice social distancing
          I got vaccinated. I’m a strong proponent of taking action to protect myself, and not leaving by health up to the actions of others.

        2. Masks and social distancing does squat. Thanks for considering this. If you’re vaccinated then you have nothing to worry about so please mind your own business. Thanks.

    2. I know the official results from HHS, FDA, CDC of those that died & were injured as reported are grossly under reported, but people should glance at the RedRuming results of their Bug Juice Cr*p Before they decide to take it.

      And if they do take it they should stay away from the public.. & Me as they’ll likely be Shedding variant type of that Cr*p

    3. “Please follow JT’s lead and get the COVID vaccinations.”

      Why? What if my physical/medical conditions are different from his?

      1. As I said to Kris earlier, fair enough. If you don’t want to take the vaccination based on your circumstances, then please wear a mask and practice social distancing in accordance with CDC guidance. Thanks.

        1. “. . . please wear a mask and practice social distancing . . .”

          If I’m not sick, why? If you’re vaccinated, why do you care? What if I have natural immunity?

          I don’t need the government to “protect” my health. I need it to get the hell out of my life.

          Stop treating me like an irresponsible child — with the government as my “parent.”

        2. Be careful when you follow the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.

          In other words, think for yourself.

  3. An interesting strategy. First you tell Big Tech that they are an accessory to murder. Then you tell them you want to sit down for a little meeting about what they should allow on their platforms. Here’s how the meeting begins. You do understand the penalty for accessory to murder don’t you Mister Zuckerberg. We can overlook your discretion if you agree to do what we tell you to do. Now we will continue with the issuance of your erasing pencil as the next piece of business on the agenda. How ironic. Big Tech started out voluntarily doing what the leftist wanted and now they are being required to do their bidding. Now they have two options. Option one is to say they won’t comply and option two will be to roll over to receive their kibble. My money is on option two. They come to lick Joe’s hand and he slaps them away with threats. They never thought that their loyalty would be misused even when history predicts the fruition of the final solution.

    1. The final solution… a wicked solution to relieve “burdens”. Voluntary, too.

  4. Fascism includes the merging of state and corporate power. To make this statement better understood, the Biden Administration is the state power and Big Tech is the corporate power. Calling others fascists is often the throwing around of the phrase without understanding the actual definition. The actions of the Biden Adminisitration and the partnership formed with Big Tech meets the definition exactly.

    1. That, finally, is an accurate description of fascism. (Well done.) Under fascism, the individual (or company) holds the title to property, but the government controls the use and disposition of that property. It’s a perfect description of what the Biden administration is doing to Facebook, et al.

  5. Meanwhile. in other breaking news, the Biden administration supports providing the Cuban people with a censorship circumvention tool.

    The Ministry of Truth is alive and well.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled cognitive dissonance.

  6. Nowhere in the mainstream media do you see critical analysis of the side effects of the vaccines…but you can find this missing analysis at the Bret Epstein’s Darkhorse Podcast:

    1. Thanks Ivan! Very good video. Also includes a strong argument against censorship.

      1. I highly recommend watching their other videos on these dangerous vaccines. Alex Berenson on twitter is another excellent source. If you wish to look at the hundreds of thousands who’ve had horrifying side effects from the vaccine then download the telegram app…facebook shutdown 2 groups focused on covid vaccine side effects and these people have gathered on telegram.

    1. Non-sterilizing immunity, at best, a vaccine with pathogenic components, at worst. A risk management protocol that has been normalized as a magical elixir. A government bent on general distribution through empathetic appeal, judgments, and labels.

    2. Viral Diversity and the Pandemic Response,
      by Dr. Peter McCullough


      “Fortunately, Delta is mild and very manageable if treated early at home in high-risk individuals or those presenting with severe symptoms. Why did the vaccines fail so quickly?

      * First, the genetic vaccines are all coded to the original Wuhan wild-type spike protein. That strain has been extinct for months now.

      * Second, mass vaccination when it hits >25% of the population, begins to promote latent variants to become predominant and the overall flora of mutant strains to become less diverse.

      For example, about six months ago in the US, we had about 14 strains according to the CDC. Now we have only about six strains, with the rising Delta expected to become super dominant. Since Pfizer, Moderna, and JNJ provide no coverage for Delta, we can surely expect more cases but the public may be blinded to reality……”

  7. Social media, academics, and the elite class seek to treat the general population of the United States like children in need of an adult guiding hand in what they are allowed to watch, read, listen to, or say.

    It appears that techies made millions by providing a platform purported to be a public square. It was the digital equivalent of every newspaper, chat group, reunion site, and clubs of common interest all rolled into one, like a video telephone but on a global level. They got millions of people addicted to it, unable to do without it, and they cooperated amongst each other to prevent any competition, ensuring they were the only ones who would provide this service. They even pulled servers from competitors. It was “buy or bury.” (https://www.bbc.com/news/business-55250366) Then, they let the other shoe drop. Techies were going to decide what was good information, and what was misinformation. They decided what we were allowed to say or read, and who would have a voice. They even created Google algorithms to promote Democrat causes and hide stories in favor of Republicans and what they deemed “misinformation.”

    Funny thing is, much that they labeled “misinformation” turned out to be true.

    You don’t need Facebook. You can email pics of your kids to your family. You could pick up the phone once in a while.

    Leave FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Most of these people aren’t talking about anything important anyway. Try some of the new sites that are fighting these monopolies, like Locals.com.

    1. You have perfectly crystallized the appeal of Trump to his uneducated and gullible disciples: you are a victim of “social media, academics and the elite class” that are trying to make you feel bad about not having an education and being a scared white person who resents educated people, educated women and especially minorities, telling you what do do. Karen, don’t you realize that your fear and resentment of scientists and educated people proves you didn’t attend college, like you claimed? If you had, you would be one of the “academics”.

      This is also a perfect example of why new COVID infections are raging–up over 70% from the week before: because gullibles like you have been indoctrinated into fearing the vaccine, after being convinced that you know at least as much as those uppity “scientists” like Dr. Fauci, based, of course, on the garbage you heard from some alt-right media source. And, you don’t realize or even care that the misinformation about the vaccine being “experimental”, “more dangerous than COVID itself”, or that there are scary “unknowns” about the vaccine, is based on politics. BTW: when the vaccine was first formulated and tested on volunteer human subjects, it was “experimental” at that point. After testing proved it was both safe and effective, it was no longer “experimental”. The FDA approved it for emergency use authorization because the benefits, including safety and efficacy, outweighed the risks of not stopping the pandemic. The vaccine was reviewed by a panel of highly-qualified scientists. People fought to get their dose. There were shortages as people clamored to get their shot. Vaccination worked until it became clear that Trump couldn’t bully, litigate or cheat his way back into office, and then the fear and lying started. Now, vaccinations are stalling and COVID is once again raging and taking lives, including those of children.

      Republicans, who are the quintessential sore losers, are doing everything possible to scuttle Biden’s presidency, and not just the usual refusing to cooperate in negotiations for new legislation. If Trump can’t be President, and take victory laps for saving lives with the vaccine, then Biden can’t either. Trump took a victory lap last December, claiming that the virus was vanquished, and called it a “Christmas miracle”. It’s on video–look it up. But now that the court cases and recounts confirmed that there was no way Trump could have won and he had no path back to the White House, suddenly Republicans are against the vaccine, Trump is silent, and the pro-Trump alt-right media that keep pushing the Big Lie keep spreading fear and lies about the vaccine. The result is a massive surge in new infections, especially with the Delta variant that is more virulent. As a result, the stock market is down, and California has re-imposed a mask mandate. In places like Missouri, it’s as bad or worse than at the peak of the pandemic, with shortages of nurses, doctors, bed space and ventilators. So, alt right media spreads lies about masks, but when there was a nationwide mask mandate and social distancing, new cases stabilized or went down, so masks DO work. Nevertheless, the Republicans and their alt-right media enablers keep pandering to the non college educated resentment: “no one can tell me what to do”..”no one can tell me what I have to put in my body”, confirming the message that doctors and scientists can’t be believed, but Sean Hannity or some dimbulb on Facebook or some crackpot small potatoes doctor can.

      If you doubt that Trump’s ego is behind the fearmongering, consider this: why do you think that Republicans have hired the totally-inexperienced “Cyber Ninjas”, who guaranteed before they started that they’d prove Trump won Arizona? It’s because Fox News called Arizona for Biden early-on, before any other network, and refused Trump’s demands to retract their analysis. Trump has to prove them wrong. His narcissistic personality disorder and massive ego require it. No matter what findings the Cyber Ninjas come up with, it won’t change the overall election results because there aren’t enough Electoral College votes from Arizona to make a difference, but that’s not the point. Trump has manipulated the Republican Party into going along with the Big Lie, and he must prove Murdoch and Fox wrong. So, millions are spent looking for bamboo fibers in ballots in Arizona. The faithful still believe because Pastor Hannity told them so.

      Whatever shared identity and patriotism we had as Americans to work on solutions for our common good has gone to hell, thanks to Trump. Now we are divided into camps, with fear and resentment stoked by the Republicans on one side and the majority of Americans on the other side–those of us who believe in science and a duty toward our fellow citizens to prevent unnecessary illness and deaths, so we wear masks, social distance and get vaccinated. The virus is once again a threat to us all, not just because of the risk of new variants, but also to the economy, which hasn’t recovered. The hyperinflation we are experiencing is due to diminished production as a result of the pandemic, but the supply chain still hasn’t completely caught up, so there’s a shortage of some food items, consumer goods and auto parts. If the COVID surge continues, the supply chain will never catch up. That’s Trump’s legacy, and how you disciples of his can continue to fall for this sh*t never ceases to amaze me.

      1. Natch: “That’s Trump’s legacy, and how you disciples of his can continue to fall for this sh*t never ceases to amaze me.”

        Yes you are amazed.

        ‘Dumbfounded” is a synonym.

      2. “The hyperinflation we are experiencing is due to” Biden’s war on energy producers, coupled with the Left flooding the economy with fiat money.

        1. Oh please. We’ve already surpassed the stupidity meter for the day. Just because the fossil fuel lobby is price gauging again because there’s a rumor they won’t be able to vomit all over the planet without restriction is no excuse for you to leave all your mental faculties at the door.

          I’m assuming there are some for you to leave at the door.


          1. 90% insults. The other 10%, conjunctions.

            Congratulations. That’s got to be a blog record.

            “the fossil fuel lobby is price gauging”

            Nobody probably remembers, but I predicted months ago that the Left would blame the energy industry for the destructiveness of their own statist policies. And there it is.

        2. No, the hyperinflation is absolutely not Biden’s fault, and every single reputable economist agrees. They also agree it will stabilize IF we get the pandemic under control with vaccination, a prospect that is now uncertain because the faithful have been misled into believing the vaccine isn’t safe. AND, that’s Trump’s fault, too. There is a glut of containers at key ports and container ships waiting to dock, but the is a shortage of dock workers, truck drivers to move freight from the dock and other necessary elements along the supply chain. Factories had less output because of the pandemic and workers getting sick or shifts needing to close due to COVID. Allowing COVID to get out of control is Trump’s fault, Everything he touches turns to sh*t.

          1. Wishful thinking.

            Government limiting production (via Biden regulations), plus flooding the market with fiat money, causes inflation. That’s Econ 101.

    2. Karen: “Social media, academics, and the elite class seek to treat the general population of the United States like children in need of an adult guiding hand in what they are allowed to watch, read, listen to, or say.”

      In other words they want to treat us the way Democrats used to treat their black slaves.

  8. Totalitarians always claim they want to take away rights for the “greater good”, and they get to define what that is.

    This is especially true in arguments in favor of censorship.

    1. Greater good arguments have also been used to essentially kill patients who were inconvenient. See the scandal of The Liverpool Pathway in the UK. Almost entirely the support for those programs comes from the left. Killing people for the greater good.

      Before the war Germany developed a greater good program for taking care of retarded or disabled children. They would take them from home assuring worried parents that they would get the best care available. But they didn’t tell them that they thought the best care available was to gas them. It didn’t start in concentration camps; it began in clinics where the greater good was served by the best care available–murder. See Robert Lifton, “The Nazi Doctors”.

      Oh yes, the Germans of that era were also apt at using experimental drugs on people not fully informed.

      When you hear ‘greater good’, Run!

      1. Young, I agree.

        At one time, eugenics and genetic hygiene was considered cutting edge in academia. Progressive science. There have been many instances throughout history where the medical field committed great wrongs, yet they were esteemed scientist. The lobotomy comes to mind.

        1. A few years ago The New England Journal of Medicine published an article basically saying that assisted dying [they meant killing] was not best left to doctors who might be squeamish. Instead special bureaucrats should take over. They didn’t have a government title yet, but I would suggest Einsatzkommando. That fits and has a nice ring to it.

          You probably heard of the Belgian case of a moderately demented woman in her 70s who was going to be given a comfortable death. The family came by with the doctor and the lady had a lovely little family chat and was offered coffee laced with a sedative. Demented or not she quickly figured out what was going on and didn’t want to be killed today, “Thank you for the offer”. The doctor tussled with her, trying to give her a lethal injection, and was losing so family members had to hold the old girl down while she was killed. Do they celebrate Mother’s Day in Belgium, assuming they can still say “mother”? Must be quite the day for that family.

          Strangely, the family that did this would be horrified at the legal execution of a mass-murdering terrorist.

          1. Young, could you imagine letting hack politicians decide who lives and who dies. Talk about 1984!

            1. The Republican party has eagerly volunteered for this role, taking it on with an energized relish since the days of Ronald Reagan.


        2. Karen: you really don’t know what the hell you’re babbling about. Eugenics was a movement and had proponents, but it also had numerous detractors. It was never considered “cutting edge” of anything, except to Hitler. The lobotomy came into vogue when there weren’t drugs to control people who were schizophrenic and who harmed themselves. It was spread to other psychiatric conditions, but it was not widespread and was only a fad. It, too, had it’s detractors.

          Karen you don’t have a background in science, so stop pretending that you do.

          1. Eugenics: Hitler in part copied what you and your friends advocated.

            1. Hitler did cite the Eugenics Movement as support for his slaughter of Jews, Gypsies, Romanians, homosexuals, mental patients, people with congenital anomalies, like microcephalics, Down Syndrome patients, Russians, Poles and other people he decided were not genetically pure enough to be allowed to live, much less reproduce. The vasectomy procedure was invented by an Indiana doctor who perfected the procedure by sterilizing men at an Indiana prison, because they were criminals, which was one criterion, along with chronic alcoholism, sexual promiscuity (but only females–it was OK for men), feeblemindedness, etc., but no one in the American version of the movement favored killing or sterilizing Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals or other ethnic groups. And, eugenics was never embraced by most people or most states. It was not mainstream medical science.

  9. JT undercuts his arguments by bringing up Hunter Biden (yet again!) when he really has nothing to do with what President Biden said.

    1. That is an idiotic claim.

      JT’s post is about the cost and threat of supression of free speech.

      Faux President Biden is seeking to compell SM to even greater censorship – censhorship whihc even recent history shows has near universally been WRONG.

      There was self evident lawlessness in the 2020 election.
      We increasingly have PROOF that the election was insecure and rife with errors.
      And finally that the odds – of large scale fraud are quite high.

      Yet the media STILL supresses story about election problems.

      We now know that the likelyhood of a completely natural development of Covid are astronomically low and that with near certainty C19 came from a lab. Yet for over a year that was supressed.

      We know not only more daily about Hunter Biden’s misconduct – but ever more that Joe Biden was both aware and involved – atleast when he was actually competent.

      Yet, the media still tries to supress that.

      Conversely Joe Biden wants MORE censorship – when todate SM censorship has accomplished nothing beyond delaying people learning the truth.

      1. to date SM censorship has accomplished nothing beyond delaying people learning the truth.

        This is true, but in fact, there was quite a bit more accomplished by all this censorship — it had a massive impact on the outcome of the 2020 election.

        That’s no small thing…

  10. Check the protesters filling the streets of Paris today:

    “Massive demonstration on the streets of Paris against the newly announced French vaccine passport. Protesters chanting “freedom” and calling for the resignation of President Macron.”

  11. One question that came up: why haven’t all the ‘homeless’ people littering the streets in major cities not been wiped out by Covid/Wuhan? Months into this epidemic and they still there, crowded, living in filth, shooting up, crapping in the streets and not dead from Covid. I don’t get it.

    1. Young, are you saying no one’s died from Covid? Or are you just disappointed that the homeless haven’t all died off?

      I’m not sure if anyone has exact statistics on homeless Covid cases. But it’s odd to assume they’re immune.

      1. I do not have data for either infection rates or mortality rates for the homeless – but based on what we do know it is likely these are low.

        While on one hand the homeless likely have significant health problems overall. I would expect that they have less of the risks that covid seems to prey on.

        But most importantly – particularly in California and probably Seattle. It is highly likely that the homeless have naturally high levels of vitamin D. 15 minutes of summer sun and maybe an hour a day of winter sun will provide normal levels of Vitamin D.

        Most people have low Vitamin D. It is well documented that the risk of Covid for people with normal VitD levels is about 70% lower than the rest of us. Further the mortality and severity rate of C19 plummets with higher levels of VitD.

        In fact C19 treatment using a VitD analog is the most effective existing C19 treatment. Many times superior to Remedsivir or anything else.

        So No I would not be surprised if the data showed dramatically lower instance and severity of C19 among the homeless.

        1. There are still a lot of them. But then it is encouraged by politicians.

        2. OR, the more plausible explanation would be the fact that the homeless are not gathering indoors in large numbers.

          Many keep to themselves or wander around more lessening their risk to exposure. The chances of exposure diminish considerably when you’re outside and are not maintaining close contact for prolonged periods of time.

          1. Svelaz, apparently you haven’t been to the LA Fashion District or near other homeless areas. They live in filth crowded together, covering sidewalks, in tents and makeshift huts, and sharing food, drugs, and air. Tourists passing are at risk of getting hepatitis [happened in San Diego] and in LA typhus made it from the homeless into city government offices. Homeless camps are petti dishes for many communicable diseases so the question remains, why not Covid?

            1. Young, it’s still a wild assumption that they are immune. What is certainly true is that they are not forced to be confined most of the time.

              “ It definitely is and has been better than we expected,” said Heidi Marston, executive director of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Marston and county officials said an aggressive public health response, including a homeless hotel program, is paying off. But homeless people in the rest of California and across the nation have had a better-than-expected time of it as well. And one reason might be the environment where nearly three-quarters of L.A.’s homeless people live: outside. Living outside normally “weathers” homeless people, teeing them up for a host of diseases and early death. But during COVID-19 crisis, outside is safer than indoors because fresh air disperses droplets containing the virus and there’s more room to keep people apart, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said. A small Japanese study released in April found the risks of transmission in a closed space were 19 times greater than in the open.“


              It seems that just being outside and exposed made them less susceptible to serious infection.

              Could it be that because of the loads of anti-bacterial products we use everyday has made us more vulnerable?

              1. I am making no assumption that the homeless are immune. I have no idea what is going on, but most other serious plagues would have wiped them out and that discrepancy is worth closer examination.

                The ‘explanation’ that they live outside where it is safer also mentions the benefits of putting them in hotels which are not outside. Also skipped are crowded indoor shelters. Last, as I said, you haven’t been to their encampments. They aren’t lying on the sidewalk in the open air; they are crowding into tight little tents and homemade shelters. I took pictures to show to friends who didn’t believe me.

                Having seen it, the official explanation only increases my distrust of official explanations.

                We are mushrooms to officials and you know what mushrooms are fed.

                1. Young, taking pictures and assuming they are crowded into tents all the time is still an assumption. Not bent there doesn’t change the possibility that they are not as affected by COVID-19 because they are outside.

                  Remember the BLM protests? They too showed a remarkable lack of mass infection and it was expected.

                  Just because the data is inconclusive or unexplainable doesn’t mean it should be an automatic distrust of government. It just means government is like you. It doesn’t have all the answers but it doesn’t hurt to take its findings as information that you can add to what you may already know. The important thing is to be able to acknowledge the possibility of changing your mind upon learning new information.

                  1. My main point is that the data is inconclusive but requires an explanation. You seem to agree.

                    The government response in the LA Times is flawed on its face, internally contradictory and contradicted by facts visible to anyone who visits those areas.

                    The government and the government medical establishment lost a lot of credibility when it took the position that BLM protests were not particularly dangerous but open air church services or MAGA events were. It doesn’t take a scientist to see that that is pure nonsense.

                    1. Young,

                      “ My main point is that the data is inconclusive but requires an explanation. You seem to agree.”

                      Yes I certainly agree. That doesn’t mean that the government should be distrusted just because it is the government.

                      There was no opposition to open air church services or MAGA gatherings. As long as the social distancing and masking was maintained.

                      There was opposition to gatherings inside buildings and churches were a potential source for exposure. There was reason to limit indoor gatherings and churches shouldn’t have been exempt.

                    2. “Yes I certainly agree. That doesn’t mean that the government should be distrusted just because it is the government.”

                      The government should be distrusted because it has engaged in lies and has tried to censor others from expressing their point of view. Most of the lies come from Democrats and you have parroted their lies. Republicans are guilty as well but to a much lesser and less dangerous extent.

                      Some government actions stopped outdoor church meetings.Your replies at best appear to be half answers. Bad milk mixed with good milk means you have bad milk.


                    3. “The government and the government medical establishment lost a lot of credibility when it took the position that BLM protests were not particularly dangerous . . .”

                      A credibility that is now shattered, by allowing unvaccinated migrants to populate the country.

          2. Svelaz, your juvenile emotions tell you what to think. Then you confirm your emotions with papers written by others that you haven’t read yourself. You don’t bother to correct your errors when pointed out and then post the same nonsense over and over again.

            You have proven yourself to have no credibility.


            1. S. Meyer,

              “ Svelaz, your juvenile emotions tell you what to think. Then you confirm your emotions with papers written by others that you haven’t read yourself.”

              YOU demanded proof and documentation about my assertions dumba$$. I provided EXACTLY what you wanted. I also provided in my own words what CRT was, as YOU demanded.

              I can’t help you if you have trouble recognizing what you wanted. You gave up. When it became apparent that I provided you with a paper that would allow for a discussion of its merits and you starred to engage on discussing it you stopped at just the first two tenets and gave up after you couldn’t be bothered in trying to understand what the author was saying. You quit because it was too tedious and complicated. It’s an academic paper SM. You often claim being an intelligent individual, but obviously you couldn’t understand so you just quit and feigned some poor excuse to stop the discussion. It just shows you’re all talk and no brains.

              1. ” I also provided in my own words what CRT was, as YOU demanded.”


                No you didn’t. You copied the 5 tenets from the article. If you call that your own then you are a plagiarist. I went over that article with you and copied items you denied the article included. Then you ran away. Obviously, you never read the paper that you told others to read and still haven’t admitted that it was a student that wrote the article. You are a very confused person who doesn’t stick to the truth.

                I have already posted one of my responses and await sincere answers to it. I have a line-up of other responses you ran away from. Pro Hint: Don’t cite an a paper you haven’t read and make sure the paper applies.

                I await honest responses. Not the one’s you are making up.


                1. S. Meyer,

                  “ No you didn’t. You copied the 5 tenets from the article. If you call that your own then you are a plagiarist. I went over that article with you and copied items you denied the article included. Then you ran away. ”

                  S. Meyer, you dumba$$, I never claimed what the paper said as my own words. You’re putting words in my mouth. I have explained to you in my own words what CRT is multiple times only for you to demand a source which I provided.

                  I never denied the items you copied from the article, that’s just YOU lying. We literally discussed those first two tenets and you just gave up because you deemed the points being made by the author and my analysis as “gibberish”. I did read the paper, YOU didn’t. You’re just projecting what you did onto me S. Meyer. I can tell because you GAVE up trying to understand the premise of the paper by dismissing it as gibberish. Meaning you didn’t really read it. Otherwise you would have included your own analysis of that “gibberish”.

                  It’s not hard to see you’re just trying to project what you did into me.

                  It’s not surprising and it is expected.

                  1. “I never claimed what the paper said as my own words. “

                    Svelaz, you claimed on multiple threads that you had put it in your own words and when finally you responded, you responded with a link and copied the 5 tenets from the paper. In other words you lied previously about putting CRT in your own words and you lie now.

                    You don’t know what you are talking about and that should be obvious to anyone. You can’t even respond to direct quotes from your linked paper and you lied about the author not being a student and lied again even after I quoted the proof. Then when I put the word student and the author together for the last time you never responded. You are a liar and not very bright.

                    “I have explained to you in my own words what CRT is multiple times only for you to demand a source which I provided.“

                    Actually I asked for it in your own words and then you could add a source if you wished. What proves you a liar is that even now, as you have done countless of times, you say you put it in your own words, but did you do it here? No Why? You don’t know what you are talking about and you can’t defend words that you put on paper. You can’t even defend the article you linked to.

                    ” you just gave up because you deemed the points being made by the author and my analysis as “gibberish”. “

                    That is a stupid thing to say when I wrote about half a dozen more replies to different responses of yours and you didn’t respond. I do admit saying that much of what was said in the paper was gibberish and your excuses for your lack of knowledge were gibberish as well.

                    I am anxious to continue our discussion into CRT. All you have to do is say something meaningful or respond to the responses I already sent. Alternatively you can respond to the direct comments I made, your own quotes I copied and criticized, or the things I copied from the paper that you said didn’t exist.


      2. “But it’s odd to assume they’re immune.”
        But not odd to wonder why they are still there. The Black Death or the Plague of Cyprian would have cleaned them out.

      3. It is absolutely NOT odd to look into any patterns that we see.

        The fact that infants had a higher death rate than children over 6m lead to the discovery that the MMR vaccine appears to confer some immunity.

        Patterns related to latitude lead to determining that Vitamin D appears to have mitigating and propholactic impact.

        I am not aware any population that has had higher than a 30% total infection rate – it is therefore near certain that about 70% of people has SOME natural immunity to Covid.

        Even the cruise ships – never went about 30% infection rates.

        Nor is any of this unusual. There are very very few infectious diseases that 100% of a population catches.

        There is ALWAYS some natural immunity in a population to any disease.

        We should ALWAYS look for patterns that might tell us what natural immunity exists and how to improve on it.

        We have wasted enormous amounts of effort on things that either do not work at all, or whose beneditical impact is little more than buying small delays.

        Why have we not put more into exploring the causes of quite clearly real natujral immunity.

        1. I imagine the homeless have immune systems that are challenged often. Perhaps their systems have become more robust. “Covid? Okay. I’ll drink another bottle of wine, crap on your porch, and I’ll feel better in the morning.” Apparently that is working.

          There is a genuine question here: what is the impact of Covid on the homeless? One expects it to be profound but apparently it isn’t .

  12. Turley Continues Sobbing Over October Surprise That Was Still-Born

    From above column:

    It was a surprising condemnation of companies who have been loyal allies of Biden, including killing stories embarrassing to his family like the Hunter Biden laptop scandal before the election.

    The Trump campaign had planned the Hunter Biden story, as an October surprise, months in advance. Rudy Giuliani had even made a special trip to Ukraine where he allegedly spent up to a million dollars in pursuit of that story. But when the moment came, in October, to unleash the big surprise, mainstream media shrugged. ..What an outrage..!

    Every media outlet in the country was supposed to fixate on Hunter Bider right up Election Day. That was the plan, at least. Though it didn’t help that Trump appeared totally unhinged during that debate right before the Hunter Biden story. Then Trump succumbed to Covid! That development upstaged the Hunter Biden story.

    Oh well, any day now John Durham is going to surprise us all by revealing the treachery behind the Mueller Probe. ..Yeah, right..!

    1. What is your point ?

      What has Guiliani got to do with the press failing to do their job ?

      For the past 4 years the press has dug into every single anti-Trump story – breathlessly telling us “this time – we got him”.
      Except they did not.

      Yet, the evidence regarding Hunter Biden has been arround since 2015.
      Further Hillary used the Hunter Biden scandal to push Biden out of the 2016 race.

      Joe’s corruption was neither secret nor off limits – when Hillary wanted Joe out.
      But the moment Trump became president – the press not only refused to do their job – but became the propoganda arm for the democratic party.

      Regardless, once you decide that you can pick and choose what is true and what is false – based on your politics – rather than facts – how is it that you expect to succeed at anything ?

      It should not take Guiliani to get the press to do their job.

      If Eric Trump was drug addled and boffing 13yr olds – it would be on every coverpage day and night.

      But strangely the bad conduct of democrats gets narry a peep.

      I would say it is not fair – but life is not fair, and I do not really care about fairness.

      But it is DANGEROUS. When one idelogoy gets to decide what not only what is truth for all, but what we are allowed to hear about – large scale failure is inevitable.

      1. Most likely it was Trump’s constant lying and Giuliani’s own credibility problems that made the press indifferent to the hunter Biden issues. Let’s not forget that what hunter Biden has been accuse of is not illegal.

        Trump’s credibility and Giuliani’s sincerity are highly questionable. Giuliani is already being on the way to disbarment along with Sidney Powell. That presents a problem in trying to take the Hunter Biden allegations seriously.

        1. Hunter Biden LIED ON A FEDERAL FORM to get himself a GUN that was later tossed in a trash bin across from a SCHOOL.

          Money laundering, tax fraud, illegal drugs, lies, plagiarism, lies! The corruption and dysfunction in the Joe Biden family is far greater than anything Trump’s kids have ever done, yet the media will not talk about Joe Biden’s screwed up, corrupt, dysfunctional, probable law-breaking, completely greedy, unethical disgusting behavior.

          1. “ probable law-breaking, completely greedy, unethical disgusting behavior.”

            See, no proof of illegal activity. Remember, you’re innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

            Allegations are just that, allegations and that is not proof of guilt.

            Greed is not illegal either. In fact Trump’s own kids are just as greedy. You didn’t have an issue with it.

            Lying? If it’s ok for Trump to lie incessantly, it’s ok for Biden and Hunter too. Lying is not a crime, unless you’re lying to the FBI. IF you have credible evidence.

            1. “Lying? If it’s ok for Trump to lie incessantly,”

              Svelaz since it is difficult to pin down all your errors and misstatements on CRT without going to another thread lets take this statement.

              Tell us the most significant lies Trump made that have to do with his presidential duties and are not opinion or were required for national security. I can mention a number, but most are not important.

              Now you have your chance to shine by placing fact next to your comments and proof next to the fact.

              You will run away from this as well.


        2. “Most likely it was Trump’s constant lying and Giuliani’s own credibility problems that made the press indifferent to the hunter Biden issues. “


          What an idiotic response! Blame others for the press not doing its job. Next you will blame the student whose paper you said told it all about CRT, but though you didn’t read it. Instead, you told others to read it. You have no credibility.

          Go ahead and prove what you just said with a paper you haven’t read and proves you to be ignorant of what you are talking about.

          Your posts are mindless. Correct the problem by responding to those things you advocated that prove you wrong.


          1. SM,

            “ What an idiotic response! Blame others for the press not doing its job.”

            No, just the fact that they do have a reputation for lying about anything. Giuliani is in court specifically because he was constantly lying in court. He has no credibility and neither does Trump.

            The press are not obligated to follow what a couple well known liars are saying.

            It’s Trump and Giuliani’s own fault for incessantly lying. Because of that the press did not take them seriously.

            1. “lying about anything” ..”and neither does Trump”

              I just heard you make the same comment and responded. Put up or shut up or keep sounding like the liar you are.

              Name Trump’s most significant lies having to do with his presidential duties that are not opinion, or a national security issue. Then show the proof. Unfortunately you don’t know the difference between opinion and fact. Proof is something you will never understand.

              You talk big but have nothing to show.


  13. The misinformation that undermined public faith in the vaccine came from the public health establishment.

    I remember hearing radio advertisements saying that vaccinated people still need to wear masks and social distancing because “doubling up” or something.

    1. What misinformation ?

      The good news is that we have a vaccine in record time. Frankly we could have had it sooner but for the red tape of the government.

      At the same time we should not forget – this vaccine was NOT nearly as well tested as normal.

      That is actually a good thing – there was not time.

      But it also means there is reason for people to be concerned. There is lots of good reasons to be concerned about this vaccine.
      Just as there are lots of reasons to be hopeful.

      There is not a one size fits all answer as to whether you should be vaccinated.

      If you already had Covid – probably not.

      If you are under 20 – with near certainty you should NOT be vaccinated.

      Between 20-50 ? the risk of the vaccine is probably higher than the risk of not getting vacinated.

      Over 50? – Probably you should get vaccinated.

      And there are numerous other factors – not just age that effect the decision to get vaccinated or not.

      Regardless, there is not a right answer.

      1. “ If you are under 20 – with near certainty you should NOT be vaccinated.”

        What’s the rationale behind this claim? The delta variant is affecting the younger more than the original. Hospitalizations for the younger demographic is increasing with this variant. Since the much older population is most certain the highest demographic that is vaccinated the younger demographics are the ones fueling the rise in cases.

        Children are now being affected more with the delta variant than the original. Sadly only when increasing numbers of children end up in the icu or need to be on oxygen and only then will more people will change their minds on vaccinating.

        Let’s not forget the increasing risk of economic impact with the rising cases and increase in absenteeism due to new infections in covid.

        The majority of the population has already had COVID. If more cases are rising among the unvaccinated it can mean those previously exposed don’t have that “natural” immunity to the new variant.

        1. Again, Svelaz you provide conflicting evidence and use the number of infections to determine the need for an experimental vaccine. You are unable to deal with the basics, potential harm vs benefit. Instead you tout your misinformation without even having read what you say you have read.

          Your methodology is dumb and mindless. You need facts, harm caused by the virus in each age group and potential harm from the disease. That you haven’t bothered with. You are always short on facts

          Anyone that wishes to see how Svelaz runs away from facts can search his name at:



  14. Reposted from my comment below:

    Considering the many unresolved questions about Covid and the vaccines, and doctors have questions too, I am not sure this is a decision to be left to ‘experts’. VAERS reports almost 11,000 deaths and nearly 31,000 hospitalizations attributed to the vaccine. Those are big numbers.

    Now there are reports of infections in people who have been vaccinated. That risk has to be laid by the alleged benefits.

    As for the longer term? Nobody–truly nobody–knows.

    Meanwhile nearly enough time has passed to develop a traditional vaccine along the lines of the flu vaccine which will have much fewer question marks littering its path to future consequences.

    Trust the science? Okay. The mRNA vaccines are experimental and for emergency use. There is not enough actual science for the FDA to go out on a limb and approve them as safe for normal use in the way other vaccines have been approved.

    Get the vaccine and you become an experimental subject.

    Once it’s in you, you can’t get it out again.

    That’s the science.

    1. Please cite the legal, constitutional basis, the enumerated power, for any authority by the executive or legislative branch to dictate on any aspect of healthcare, abridging the related healthcare rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities of free individuals and citizens.

      There are no phantom, constitutional “emergency powers” triggered by colds, flu, cancer or any other disease.

      “China Flu, 2019” is not discernibly more lethal or debilitating than historic and usual colds and flu, for most healthy people.

      Freedom Through Self-Reliance is the American thesis, not flawlessly comprehensive, nanny-state, governmental, womb-to-tomb healthcare.

    2. The risk lies with the mRNA technology’s persistence, distribution, and cellular destruction, but the risk is not lower with a conventional vaccine, where a safety profile is conventionally established over years, even decades. In fact, the spike protein has been observed to be pathogenic on its own. The risk also lies with partial immunity, thus the call for a second and now a third jab, and booster shots, too, and there still remains a significant risk of viral infection and pathogenic progression and transmission. That said, the majority of the population were already inoculated, either through cross-reactive immunity or developed through infection. Then there are the effective, inexpensive, low-risk therapeutic treatments that prevent infection and mitigate pathogenic progression in individuals that are otherwise healthy. There are many choice for the vast majority of people to remain viable.

    3. Absolutely the decision to get vaccinated must be made by the individual assessing their own risks.

      I would further note that the mRNA tachnology – though experimental is NOT the most serious question regarding the vaccine.

      Deliberately encouraging the Spoke protein to attack out immune systems is the real experimental issue – not mRNA.

      It is likely that a traditional vaccine will function similarly enough to the mRNA vaccine to had the same dangers.

      the mRNA vaccines are experimental. And there have been problems – but given that we have delivered hundreds of millions of doses. in all likelyhood the risk profile is better than that of traditional vaccines – regardless that IS now knowablle.

      mRNA vaccines introduce new medical technology that has been sidelined for years.

      We should not be looking to go back to traditional vaccines.

      I would further note that it typically takes 4 years to develop a truly new vaccine. Most “new” vaccines that are devolped quicker are just small permutations of those we already have.

      C19 is not a permutation of the Flu – it would have taken 4 years.

      Further the success of the C19 vaccine advances the what we can do with vaccines by many years.


    Since 1860, the singular American failure has been and continues to be the judicial branch, with emphasis on the Supreme Court.

    Abraham Lincoln was the personification of the definitions of the words, crime, illicit, illegitimate and unconstitutional.

    Executive action and legislation abridging the freedom of speech or the press must have been struck down by the judicial branch and Supreme Court frequently, consistently and profoundly, to assure that neither branch ever contemplates or attempts it.

    “…courts…must…declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void.”

    “…men…do…what their powers do not authorize, [and] what they forbid.”

    “[A] limited Constitution … can be preserved in practice no other way than through the medium of courts of justice, whose duty it must be to declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void. Without this, all the reservations of particular rights or privileges would amount to nothing … To deny this would be to affirm … that men acting by virtue of powers may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

    – Alexander Hamilton

    1st Amendment

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  16. What they do in China? THAT could never happen HERE in America.

    Oh yeah?

    1. “It’s the [Constitution], stupid!”

      – James Carville

      “What they do in China? THAT could never happen HERE in America.”

      – Anny

      Not under the Constitution.

      Americans have allowed the communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) to nullify the Constitution through the total failure of the judicial branch and Supreme Court to support the “manifest tenor” of the U.S. Constitution by executing their sworn duty.

      The Chinese republic is precisely the same form as that of the American Founders, a restricted-vote republic. The crucial difference being the U.S. Constitution which provides maximal freedom to individuals while it severely limits and restricts government to its prescribed role of merely providing security and infrastructure which facilitates the maximal freedom of individuals.

      “[We gave you] a republic, if you can keep it.”

      – Ben Franklin

      Franklin’s was and was intended to be a restricted-vote republic; citizens must have been free whites, turnout in 1788 was 11.6% and only European males, age 21 with 50 lbs. Sterling/50 acres could vote.

      China is an irredeemable communist dictatorship without the restraints on government imposed by the U.S. Constitution. The key to America and American freedom is the Constitution.

  17. The Repo party has become a death cult. You can argue all you want otherwise but the fact remains, 99% of those dying from COVID have not been vaccinated. So it is really quite simple, if you advocate that you should not be vaccinated, you are encouraging people to die from COVID. There is one reason and one reason alone to not be vaccinated, the vaccine is bad for you. And this is true for only a small percentage of the population. So Biden is right. If you are spreading misinformation and people are taking action (or not taking action in the case of not being vaccinated), you are spreading death and causing people to die.

    Sheeesh, get educated. The vaccine is safe and saves lives. Not getting vaccinated may not kill you, you you could catch COVID and spread it to somebody who is immune compromised and then dies. Really? This is what you want from your no vaccination argument?

    Get educated.

    1. So Joe and Kamala were wrong (as well as others) to express “concerns” about the vaccine during their campaign?

      1. They were concerned that Trump would bully the FDA to allow an ineffective vaccine in order to sway the election. But the vaccines turned out to be highly effective and the FDA resisted the bullying.

      2. Whig, show us an article from a credible, known source saying that Biden and Harris had each questioned vaccines.

        1. I and others saw/heard both of them disparaging anything the Trump administration did (including the vaccine efforts) on TV broadcasts!! “Nuff said.

      3. And both of the named FOOLS continued to wear masks long after they were fully vaccinated!!!! (Kommie Harris as recently as her visit to ElPaso – NOT “the border.” As Mrs. Bill famously said” “What difference does it make?”

    2. They are a death cult and they like it that way. As long as they can claim to “own the line” they don’t care about collateral damage.

      1. President Biden said yesterday: “the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated”

        Fact Check: FALSE

          1. Again…

            Biden said yesterday: “the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated”

            This statement is not true. It is false.

    3. The vaccine is safe FOR MOST PEOPLE.

      You can experience severe side effects and even die from the vaccine.

      Fully vaccinated people are still getting Covid and dying from Covid.

      You being fully vaccinated protects YOU from being less likely of dying from covid.

      You being vaccinated protects you, no one else, just yourself. Most of the time, but not always. YOU can still get covid.

      Natural immunity in those who have recovered from Covid is robust, enduring and broader protection than you get from the vaccine.

      There are no scientific studies showing/proving any efficacy or benefit from wearing a piece of cotton pulled up around your mouth.

      Stop with your misinformation.

      Get yourself educated.

        1. Then please do correct everything you are ‘pretty sure’ is false….with some facts. We are all ears.

        2. I’ll start off your research by reposting this study from Israel:

          “Coronavirus patients who recovered from the virus were far less likely to become infected during the latest wave of the pandemic than people who were vaccinated against COVID, according to numbers presented to the Israeli Health Ministry.

          Health Ministry data on the wave of COVID outbreaks which began this May show that Israelis with immunity from natural infection were far less likely to become infected again in comparison to Israelis who only had immunity via vaccination.

          More than 7,700 new cases of the virus have been detected during the most recent wave starting in May, but just 72 of the confirmed cases were reported in people who were known to have been infected previously – that is, less than 1% of the new cases.

          Roughly 40% of new cases – or more than 3,000 patients – involved people who had been infected despite being vaccinated.”


        3. How do you account for 80% of the hospitalized Covid patients in Israel being “fully vaccinated“?

          1. We are not seeing covid-recovered (naturally immune) people become ill a second time with the variants, including the Delta variant. But we are seeing “breakthrough cases” among the fully vaccinated.

            What does that “science” tell us?

        4. Check the VAERS report that has documented *more than* 10,000 vaccine associated deaths, SO FAR.

          1. This statement shows how you do not understand what is going on. You have completely misrepresented the date. The “vaccine associated deaths” is what you have wrong. There are deaths, but every day people die, not necessarily from what they just ate (most of them ate something in the previous 24 hours), what they drove, what they said, or anything else related to what they just did.

            So since you obviously do not understand that simple fact, you are hopeless and you can be like the many other people that do not get vaccinated, spread it to a loved one who dies, or perhaps you will die.

            Yep, your definition of freedom which is not what “society” is based on.
            Get educated.

              1. I saw that too. I thought it was funny. But the vaccine is 100% effective– until it isn’t.

                The reporting of vaccine associated deaths is likely to be inaccurate.

                But we should be used to that.

                Covid reporting has also been inaccurate.

                You do the best you can with what you can get, knowing that much of it is b.s.

            1. To be filed under: The selective use of a fallacy

              “The ‘vaccine associated deaths’ is what you have wrong. There are deaths, but every day people die, not necessarily from what they just ate (most of them ate something in the previous 24 hours), what they drove, what they said, or anything else related to what they just did.”

              You are correct. That is the post hoc fallacy.

              What’s ironic is that that is the same fallacy used by Covid panic mongers to gin up the Covid death numbers — as in: Died “with Covid” counted as a Covid-caused death.

        5. “The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against the Delta variant is “weaker” than health officials hoped, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Friday, as over 1,000 people tested positive for coronavirus and more countries were added to the list of places to which Israelis will be banned from traveling.
          “We do not know exactly to what degree the vaccine helps, but it is significantly less,” Bennett said.”


          (and we are at only about 3-4 months of people being *fully vaccinated)

        6. Ask yourself: Exactly who are unvaccinated people protecting when they wear masks?

    4. Death cult? 🤣 Lefty logic: The freedom to choose to kill an unborn baby is a human right. But their is no human right to reject taking an experimental vaccine. GFY

      As long as we’re talking about forcing people to put something in their bodies to save the life of other humans; make birth control mandatory and you might convince Conservatives that saving lives is your highest priority.

      1. “experimental vaccine”?
        Emergency use authorization does not mean experimental. Get educated.

        Not being vaccinated means you can spread it to those who are immune compromised and cannot get the vaccine. The fact remains that 97-99% of those in the hospital from COVID have not been vaccinated. Or do you reject this fact? When hospitals are filled with COVID patients (who would otherwise not be there if they had received the vaccine), patients cannot get other elective surgeries.

        Death cult? Yep, repos and those who mock or otherwise get in the way of everyone being vaccinated are part of a death cult. Good ridance. The average IQ of the country will go up.

        1. Emergency use does mean experimental. They have not done long term testing therefore we don’t know what the risks are…which means, by definition, that you are experimenting on those who get the vaccine. And from what I’ve seen, it’s clear that the covid vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines ever used.

        2. Can you explain to us why we have never produced a safe and effective mRNA vaccine, after all these decades of mRNA research?

          1. Because the FDA and CDC will not approve anything as safe without decades of testing short of being forced to in a crisis.

              1. Pathogenic priming.

                There are data that support that if you vaccinate persons who are infected or have already recovered from Covid, there is evidence of potential adverse events/harms should they later come into contact with the virus or a variant.

    5. “The Repo party has become a death cult.”

      That’s odd.

      Blacks and Latinos are by far the least vaccinated individuals. They vote overwhelmingly democrat.

      Get a clue.

        1. Here is the most recent data on vaccination rates based on race/ethnicity, as of 7/4/21.


          “In particular, Black and Hispanic people have had persistently lower rates of vaccination compared to their White counterparts across most states. These lower vaccination rates leave Black and Hispanic people at increased risk for infection, illness, and death, particularly as new variants, like the Delta variant, spread.”

          1. KS:

            Thanks for saving me from having to cite the same evidence for the nth time.

          2. Karen said: “Lower vaccination rates leave Black and Hispanic people at increased risk for infection, illness, and death, particularly as new variants, like the Delta variant, spread.”

            Another factor in racial differences in mortality is that blacks and Hispanics have higher rates of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems, all of which seem to significantly raise the chances of a fatal outcome with Covid.

    6. “The Repo party has become a death cult.”

      Since Blacks and Latinos have, by far, the lowest rates of vaccination, perhaps you meant your headline to read: “Blacks and Latinos are a death cult.”

      Or since those ethnicities vote overwhelmingly democrat, perhaps you meant your headline to be: “The Democratic party has become a death cult.”

      Or perhaps you just like making things up, to smear republicans.

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