D.C. Sued Over Use Of Stun Grenades and Chemicals Against Reporters in Racial Justice Protests

We previously discussed the hypocrisy of the D.C. government and the media after D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser admitted in court that it was the Metropolitan Police Department who used tear gas and stun grenades near the Lafayette Park in 2020. D.C. counsel also insisted that such use was entirely appropriate and sought to dismiss the lawsuit by the Black Lives Matter movement.  The media effectively buried the story despite flogging a false narrative against former Attorney General Bill Barr for over a year in non-stop coverage. Barr was even denounced by members of my own faculty. Now, reporters are suing the city for attacking the media. Yet, there is no outcry in the media or from the left against Bowser and her government.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit on behalf of two photojournalists who claim to have been injured by chemical irritants and stun grenades by Metropolitan Police Department officers during racial justice protests in August 2020.

One of the plaintiffs, freelance photojournalist Oyoma Asinor was arrested and claims that the MPD failed to return his cell phone, camera and goggles for nearly a year.

In the prior litigation, the city waited for a year to reveal the truth that it used tear gas near the park. A year earlier, Bowser condemned the federal government for its clearing of the area and alleged use of tear gas. Much of the media lionized Bowser for her stance at the time. The media also ignored the city’s own history of such abuses. She received national acclaim for painting “Black Lives Matter” on the street next to the park and renaming it “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”

One year later, Bowser kept the “BLM plaza” but opposed the BLM protesters. Her administration insisted in court that the protesters were legitimately teargassed by the metropolitan police to enforce her curfew that night.

After the park clearing, the media uniformly denounced then-Attorney General Bill Barr for ordering the park to be cleared so that President Trump could hold his controversial photo op in front of the St. John’s Church. The accounts in virtually every news report were quickly contradicted, but few reporters acknowledged the later facts coming out of federal agencies. As I noted in my testimony to Congress on the protest, the clearing of the park raised serious legal questions, particularly the unjustified use of force that night.

However, the repeated claim that Barr ordered the clearing of the area for the photo op was never supported and quickly contradicted. The plan to clear the park was set long before there was any discussion of the photo op, and it was based on the threat posed to the White House compound. Barr said he was unaware of any planned photo op when he approved the plan and that the delay in implementing it was due to the late arrival of needed personnel and fencing. Nevertheless, legal experts like University of Texas professor and CNN contributor Steve Vladeck continued to claim that Barr ordered federal officers “to forcibly clear protestors in Lafayette Park to achieve a photo op for Trump.” (Vladeck later offered a bizarre rationalization for his peddling the false account).

The false account was debunked by the Inspector General report. The BLM lawsuit against Barr and the federal government was later dismissed — again with relatively little recognition by the reporters and activists who flogged the false story for a year.

The city is being sued for precisely what Barr and others were accused of in literally hundreds of major articles for a year. Academics and reporters declared the tactics to be an assault on democracy and press freedom. Now, there is largely the familiar sound of crickets from a press corp that increasingly acts like a de facto state media.

Here is the lawsuit: ACLU Complaint



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  1. They are lucky they are Democrats, and not conservatives, or they would have been thrown in a DC prison for months getting beaten by guards, and thrown in solitary confinement!!

  2. Here we go again: Turley opens by repeating the same misleading argument about the DC Police being the ones who tear gassed peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park to clear the way for Trump to waddle over from the White House and pose with a Bible in front of St. John’s church. The DC Police were NOT the ones who cleared Lafayette Park in Trump’s vain effort to counter his appearance as a wimp hiding in the White House bunker. The DC Police did their thing a couple of blocks away, and Turley knows it–he admitted that the DC Police were merely “near” Lafayette Park–a little qualifier so that Turley can claim he wasn’t lying. Turley once again tries to rescue his pal, Bill Barr, from his involvement in this shameful overtly political display–but that dog won’t hunt. Barr, as AG, and Gen. Milley, as head of the Joint Chiefs, should never have allowed themselves to be used a campaign props. Milley has at least apologized and admitted that the US military does not and should endorse or even appear to be endorsing political candidates. Barr hasn’t apologized or admitted that the DOJ should also not be used as political props. Turley argues that the claim that the feds cleared Lafayette Park was “quickly controverted”, but that “controverting” was nothing more than Barr’s denial. Barr lost all credibility when he allowed himself to be used as Trump’s pawn by getting a jump on Mueller’s findings–only Barr lied about the findings.

    1. Hysterically funny set of media-Leftist lies. One thing is for sure ORANGE MAN BAD! Just ask the Afghans that jumped from the American plane (because the drooling, dementia patient doesn’t know the demonym for Afghanistan’s citizens).

    2. Did you read the article you freaking muppet. Man you lefty’s are thick headed.

    3. Peaceful protesters? I think anyone saying peaceful protesters to these looters and destroyers should foot the bill to millions (per city) billions in cumulative damages. In Portland we got hit with 44% tax increased because these deranged BLM and Antifa destroyed without thinking about the consequences (ah! They are Earth lover therefore destroying so we can rebuild and deplete more the Earth of its resources! You guys are such a joke!) …Did they stop when Biden won? In your dreams! Even to this day they destroy…they were for blacks, than they were against the mayor, than they were against the conservatives blacks (they should not be protected because they were traitors of their colored ancestors)… than they were against Biden…than they were against transgender (remember the gentleman that was beaten up in downtown Portland for intervening for a tans and left in the street unconscious?)…than they were against Asians…than they were against Jewish people…than they were against people not considering equal trans men with women (yeah…all of a sudden trans lovers!) …

      Due to hate that was embraced for 4 years your judgment has been altered and guess what? … You did not go back to being the same … you are forever changed (your critical thinking did not revive).

      Therefore, facts cannot be stomach by you and all the people that are feeding on false narrative.
      The paper trail for the request of clearing should have dates and therefore the info should not be subjective nor interpreted…Why should Turley admit to anything when there is paper trail (proof)…he needs to state the facts! Probably you are questioning the paper trail knowing how Obama and his administration abused the FISA … I give you that!

      Milley was right in admitting that US military should not endorse a political candidate and saw his involvement as such…I bet you did not have any problems with FBI being use as props by Obama and his racist Attorney General and they to this days have not recognize (FBI is nothing more than the democratic secret service aka CCP’s secret service). Just because Milley considered his presence a conflict of error does not prove that the request to clear the plaza was not made prior and did not have any connection with the photo op. Trump took advantage of the clearing on the spur of the moment since he is a good marketer…

  3. Glenn Greenwald is starting a channel on rumble.com, an ideologically neutral alternative to the highly censored youtube. His central message is that the site is devoted to fostering free debate and open discourse, unlike the ideologically driven and censorious entrenched platforms like NYT, WaPo, and youtube. Of course, WaPo and their ilk recognize Rumble as an existential threat to their survival. They will do their best to destroy it, following the well-worn model they adopted in the Lafayette Park fiasco, among others.

    Greenwald’s initial posting is here:


    Rumble and alternative sites like Substack provide a model for sustainable change and the core values of free speech and open debate. The funny thing is that I would probably disagree with Greenwald on most social issues of substance, but agree with him on the core principals that make a functioning society possible. Maybe there is hope for us after all.

      1. That’s exactly right, Anonymous. The WaPo article is Exhibit A for the propaganda tactics alluded to in my post that are standard fare in today’s corporate media. Greenwald has a quite a bit to say about that article, include the deceptive framing, the misstatements of Greenwald’s and Rumble’s views, and showcasing of an anti-Rumble ‘expert’ with close financial ties to Google, whose ties are deliberately obscured. So yes, it is worth a listen to the video, available here:


      2. Greenwald is a scumbag, who hasn’t done journalism in years. Just writes opinion pieces about things everyone already knows about. Nothing but a hand-jobber for the $$$.

        1. Apparently you and your buddy below haven’t read anything Greenwald has written. In the past he has written a lot of poor pieces that mostly support poor and ineffective leftist ideas, but lately he has been writing about freedom of speech. You guys don’t like the topic.

          When talking about the suppression of free speech one only has a limited venue to do so in. Fox is one of the few places. The MSM doesn’t permit such talk. They consider free speech dirty.

    1. At approximately 16 minutes Greenwald eviscerates the Washington Post quoting line after line showing how the Washington Post deceives its readers. To any intelligent being there is no doubt that anyone who trusts the Washington Post article after that wasn’t listening or lacks the intelligence to tell the difference between news and deception.

      Svelaz and Anonymous ought to listen closely a couple of times so they learn how to read a newspaper.

      Politically, I am at the opposite pole from Greenwald, but he respects the first amendment.

  4. “Checking on the grandkids’ obnoxious noises this afternoon, I found that they were running in circles around the kitchen table, laughing and having a great ol’ time. I asked them what they had for lunch, and they said loudly “SUGAR!”. I asked what kind, what did you eat? They said “SUGAR!”. A few more tries with the same result; that is not going to work, so I asked “What can Grampa have for lunch?” – “SUGAR!!!”

    (Article by Alan Barton republished from AllNewsPipeline.com)

    That wasn’t what I wanted; but then, I really didn’t expect anything else at that time and under those conditions.

    In January there were a number of articles that stated that two DC cops had committed suicide. One, from the NY Post, said “Another DC police officer commits suicide after Capitol riot” and another from US News said “Second Officer Commits Suicide After Responding to Capitol Siege”, both dated January 27th. A few other sites had basically the same thing, and they all said something about “riots” and “siege” and “Insurrection”, terms put out by the Satanic forces at work there.

    Yahoo! News went so far as to say “65 D.C. Police officers who responded to the riot and 70 Capitol Police officers were injured in hand-to-hand combat that lasted for hours…”. Hand to hand combat? Really? What world are they living on? They are yelling “Sugar!” at the top of their breath because the true reason why real Patriots were there was to support President Trump and decry that the elections were, in fact, massive fraud and theft, in fact a real life COUP.

    All of the “combat” was Antifa and FBI agents assaulting American Citizens, and both of the victims that died were at the hands of the DC Capitol Police, one shot in the head assassination style, and the other tromped on to death by crowds the Police REFUSED to control, even after many requests even to help get her out of harms way, demands really, that they do their job to save life.

    Both were young ladies, they murdered women for their fanatical leftist bosses like Pelosi and Biden (read as Obama).

    Let’s look into that a bit deeper, shall we? ……….. More


    1. No, Karen, you are wrong, again. The DC Police were only “near” Lafayette Park–the feds cleared the Park for a Trump campaign photo op, attended by Barr, as head of the DOJ, and Gen. Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs. Neither of them should have allowed themselves to be used as campaign props. The reason for the vainglory stroll was Trump’s feeble effort to reverse his image of a wimp hiding in a bunker, afraid of protesters.

      1. That is false. You are spouting talking points. Those reporters aren’t suing the feds they’re suing the metro police and Bowser. You were lied to, and you still can’t come to grips with it. Wake up.

  5. I’ll bet Egypt is ecstatic that the Israelite slaves were out of Egypt before the ink was dry on their release papers.

    Egypt hasn’t suffered for millennia, and doesn’t suffer now, a caterwauling, ineffectual and dependent minority which is relentlessly begging for “free stuff,” in all its multitudinous forms, including compulsory free social acceptance, free money, free food, free housing, free matriculation, free grade inflation, free hiring, free mortgage assistance, free healthcare insurance, free immunity from culpability, etc.

    The communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) in America have made Karl Marx proud.

    No freedom and self-reliance for them, simply class “untouchability,” dependence, benefit and entitlement, while rigidly adhering to the precept in the Communist Manifesto “…from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

    1. The evidence since the construction of the first pyramid that all of the pyramids were built by laborers who were paid market wages. This and others facts were documented in the pyramids in hieroglyphs on papyrus and the walls and stones of the interior of the pyramids.
      The “Europeans discovered” this when they understood and figured out the “Rosita Stone.”
      There is no evidence, absolutely no evidence, no archeological evidence, no historical evidence, no physical, objective or empirical evidence the so-called Ancient Hebrews ever were in ancient Egypt.
      The mythology of over 420 years of the so-called ancient Hebrews in Egypt, of 50,000 ancient Hebrews “escaping” in the parted Red Sea and ancient Hebrews living 40 years in the desert was shown to be completely and utterly without support in archeology … and in reason, logic and common sense … in a book ( not the first book to do so ) by Israel Finkenstein (chair of department of archeology Tel Aviv and Neil Silberman, 1960)
      The so-called Torah has more mythological stories of ignorance, prejudice, hate and murder by the so-called ancient Hebrews and their “baby sitter in the sky, sky daddy, sky mommy or any other invisible overseer than any other mythology, superstition, tradition or religion known or, at least, documented by books.
      dennis hanna

      1. You are probably correct about the builders of the pyramids not being slaves for the most part.

        You are almost certainly wrong in saying there is no evidence that Hebrews were in Egypt.

        You are also wrong in your description of the Bible and Judaism as compared to other ancient religions.

        When I have time I will give you a link to an archaeologist’s lecture on the Hebrews in Egypt. Meanwhile, give a thought to the child sacrifices to Moloch or Baal and to the human sacrifices in mesoamerica. The Hebrews are relatively mild compared to them.

        You seem a bit too intense on this subject to consider the evidence without prejudice.

        1. Some people have difficulty understanding that the Bible was not intended to be a historical document though it contains historical information. Thus when they find potential inconsistencies with the Bible and reality, their minds go into overdrive, followed by an attempt to libel a people that rid their personal world from human sacrifice while educating their young.

          1. S. Meyer, I think that is exactly right. The Bible is subjected to more severe standards than any other ancient text. It was never a scholarly history along the line of Thucydides. It is a story of a people and their beliefs in their relationship to their God. As evidence it is more valuable with its inconsistency and occasional obscurity than it would be if it were a Platonic dialog. The inconsistency does not surprise me nor does the archaeological evidence supporting Biblical accounts. It lies among the other Ur texts and pillars of Western Civilization and is hated for that as, indeed, is the West itself.

            Notice that none of the privileged hot shots who attack the West seem willing to leave it. I wish they would. But the migration flow seems entirely in rather than out.

      2. Dennis– By the way, the notion that the Hebrews left Egypt by way of the Red Sea is an error down to a mistranslation.

        The correct term is Reed Sea which was near one of the major roads to and from Egypt. It was shallow and a possible way of bypassing the huge forts the Egyptians maintained on the major road.

        Conditions have changed and the Reed Sea is much smaller now but it still exists on a negligible scale including lots of tall reeds. The story is much less fantastic when the correct sea is known.

        It turns out that quite a lot of the things in the Bible have been confirmed by archaeology and other old texts.

      3. “[A]ll of the pyramids were built by laborers who were paid market wages.”


        The entirety of ancient Egypt was a slave state, for millennia. It was despotic rule by the one considered “God-King.” That God-King owned everything, including all of the land and every Egyptian. Those monuments to death (the pyramids) were built by individuals regarded as property of the state, i.e., by slaves.

        1. Sam,

          I think that all ancient civilizations relied upon slavery and likely needed it to survive. Only modern industrial technology has freed civilization from the need for slavery at some level.

          However, there is evidence that work of a sacred nature on tombs was not done only by slaves. Watch Romer’s “Ancient Lives”. He visits the site where workers lived and left writings depicting their lives, quarrels and gossip. Interesting and not what one would expect.

          1. ” Only modern industrial technology has freed civilization from the need for slavery at some level.”

            I wonder what part capitalism might have played in ending slavery?

            1. “I wonder what part capitalism might have played in ending slavery?

              I think capitalism was a major force leading to the end of slavery. Good point Meyer and one that ‘our betters’ ate trying to bury.

              1. I brought that up because today, so many look towards socialism/communism as an answer, but socialism/communism is slavery.

                The classical liberal and libertarian, by nature of their ideology, are against slavery. The ideology penetrating the Democrat Party today promotes aspects of slavery, and too many have knee-jerk responses to all questions involving individual freedom and individualism. Religion as well played a part in ending slavery. It was religious people that were abolitionists. Yet too many Democrats and the left abhor religion.

                1. “but socialism/communism is slavery.”

                  So far it has always worked that way. I was surprised at the depth and width of totalitarian instincts in America, particularly among those who should know better.

                  As an aside, I noticed that some Democrat wants to withhold social security payments from those who decline to get vaccinated. No thought given to the payments made by people over years of working or the promises made to provide some security.

                  1. I did not know that about social security. Thanks.

                    They treat every part of life as if connected to one string which is totalitarianism. Have you noted that they do not have a reasonable understanding of the ideologies discussed? IMO, that is because in the end they are power hungry freaks and dictatorial.

                2. “It was religious people that were abolitionists.”

                  That’s a bridge too far. The best argument for abolition came from those who understood the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

                  1. Sam check out Britain and see if it was atheists or religious people who were fighting against slavery.

                    1. That some of the abolitionists were religious (e.g., Quakers) does not mean that the ideology of religion is anti-slavery. The abolitionists were, in fact, a product of the Enlightenment, and made Enlightenment arguments, e.g., based on the “rights of man” and the notion of “free labour.” The entire abolitionist movement was based on appeals to reason (also an Enlightenment value).

                    2. Sam, I think the Quakers may have had slaves. I didn’t say that the ideology of religion is anti-slavery, it isn’t. The Old Testament permitted slavery. What I said was that the original abolitionists in England were religious.

              2. The question is: what part *didn’t* capitalism play in the end of slavery? Why? Because never in history did a society turn away such capital profit potential. In fact, the only thing that could match the level of willing refusal of profit potential would be to actively refuse the profit potential of fossil fuels, yet unmined. We’ll see if the species can meet that challenge. Color me still doubtful. We can’t even get a population fully vaccinated, so human survival seems to be a fledgling motivation for action.


                1. I am interested in what eb has to say. Did anyone understand this word salad? What did the words, capital profit potential, refer to, or were they just added to make the remark sound sophisticated? His last sentence doesn’t fit into the paragraph, and that sentence seems to demonstrate a lack of understanding of what aids and what doesn’t aid human survival.

                  1. Here, I’ll boil it down for you…

                    Chattel slavery was a huge money maker. Through the Civil War, the U.S. as a whole turned its back on that profit potential even though it left in place many loopholes to capitalize off the remnants of it.

                    The only thing thing on the planet that presents the same amount of opportunities for sheer profit lies in the potential worth of fossil fuels still in the ground, yet to be collected and processed. Can humans turn their backs on that profit potential for the good of the planet?

                    Can humans do the right thing and shift their means of generating their power over to a sustainable market model? Clearly, science has weighed on the question of what is the correct path forward.

                    But when faced with survival of a pandemic through the means of vaccination, a significant portion of a citizenry can’t even take a shot in order to save themselves…, what is the possibility of that citizenry being able to dedicate to a slower moving, but even more sweeping threat to human survival (the toxic heating of the planet)?

                    If viewed only through the lens of capitalism, humans will self destruct in short order, and indeed, seem pretty determined to do so. If able to widen their perspective to see beyond capital as the only driving force, humans may have a chance of survival.


                    1. I didn’t ask you for an explanation. You are the one who posts these word salads that mean little.

                      “Chattel slavery was a huge money maker.”

                      I won’t explain the economics of chattel slavery. That requires numbers and equations along with facts. You don’t deal in those things so I will make a quick observation and send you on your way.

                      Slavery was predominantly in the south.

                      The north was a thriving capitalistic enterprise.

                      I note that your mind wandered onto other subjects. You must have the same problem as Biden.

              1. Thanks, It says he also wrote: “Capitalism: The Cure for Racism” which is an interesting title. We have to note how the racists on this blog who push race hatred have a dislike for capitalism.

          2. I’m sure they were beaten and worked to death. You really think anything they or their masters wrote is to be trusted.

  6. Important one.

    Just worth noting, that it seems from the lawsuit, that the trigger for the arrest of Asinor (the reporter) was the following, I quote:

    ” Demonstrators standing around five to seven feet behind Mr. Asinor threw two water bottles at the officers, which either missed them or landed near them harmlessly. The officers responded by shooting rubber bullets at the demonstrators.”

    So, it seems that, he hadn’t been involved personally it that trigger of throwing water bottles, but, while being chased and escaping, officers, couldn’t realize probably, who did what.

    Not to forget by the way, during protests after the death of George Floyed, Molotov bottles(cocktail) had been thrown on police officers several times(see link). So, god knows, what exactly had crossed their mind on that moment, triggering all this it seems from the lawsuit.

    Here for example, titled:

    “Attorneys charged with throwing Molotov cocktail at NYPD vehicle offered plea deal”




      1. Not at all.

        First, the reporter was released from custody without any charges pressed against him.

        Concerning the rest (demonstrators) I quote from the lawsuit (pages: 14-15):

        ” The D.C. Code defines a riot as “a public disturbance involving an assemblage of 5 or more persons which by tumultuous and violent conduct or the threat thereof creates grave danger of damage or injury to property or persons.” D.C. Code § 22-1322(a). The statute makes it unlawful to “willfully engage[] in a riot in the District of Columbia” or “willfully incite[] or urge other persons to engage in a riot.” Id. § 22-1322(b) & (c).

        But, quoting concerning the reporter:

        “Mr. Asinor did not engage in a “riot” on August 30 or 31. He did not incite or urge others to do so. Nor did he commit any other unlawful act. Nothing Mr. Asinor did on August 30 or 31, 2020 provided probable cause to believe that he violated D.C. Code § 22-1322 or any other law.”

        So, rioting, inciting etc… not insurrection.


    1. Just start politely telling them the truth, that they are Mentally Retarded & that they should seeking medical attention, further we are no longer going to listen to them.

    2. Here’s one from my Vaccine Insanity File:

      (She’s to stupid to realize it was most likely the Experimental GMO mRNA Gene Therapy “Vax” that killed her mom & dad. LOL)

      Clown World 101: Woman Says Vaccinated Father Who Died From Covid Could Have Suffered Worse If Unvaxxed
      “I can’t imagine how much more he would have suffered if he had not gotten the vaccine”

      Image Credits: Gaston Brito / Contributor / Getty.
      By Kelen McBreen | INFOWARS.COM Friday, August 13, 2021

      A grieving woman who lost her fully vaccinated father to Covid on Tuesday oddly claimed her father would have suffered even more if he didn’t get the experimental vaccines.

      “I saw my dad, how sick as he was… I can’t imagine how much more he would have suffered if he had not gotten the vaccine,” Yvonne Rodriguez told KSAT.

      Because the 76-year-old man was diabetic and had heart problems, his daughter made sure her “at-risk” father was fully vaccinated.

      In fact, both Rodriguez’s father Patricio Elizondo and her mother Sylvia Elizondo were fully vaccinated.

      Sylvia passed away three months ago after “a long illness,” according to KSAT.

      “We did all the right things,” the San Antonio, Texas woman said. ………. more


    3. Speaking of Breastfeeding,

      There was a study out no more then 2- 3 months ago that the pregnant women that took these GMO Gene Therapies “Vaxxes” Binary Bio-Weapons that 80% of them had Miscarriages with-in a few days or weeks of the Jabs.

      There was also some info on the harm to babies breastfeeding from moms that took the jab.

      Anyway that study is out there & that’s why it was so shocking to me that with just weeks of that study the CDC urging pregnant & breastfeeding women to take the Jabs.

      We’ll likely see the result of the work that’s being done on the lawsuits being rolled out with-in a week or so. We already seen this week 3 major airlines fold on forced Vaxxes after of of the employees lawyers had a chat with the companies…. AA was one of them.


      JUST IN: CDC Urges All Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women to Take Covid Jab
      By Cristina Laila
      Published August 11, 2021 at 12:40pm
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      The CDC on Wednesday urged all pregnant or breastfeeding women to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

      In an effort to scare pregnant women, the CDC said data suggest expecting mothers face an “increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19.”

      “CDC recommends that pregnant people should be vaccinated against COVID-19, based on new evidence about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines,” the CDC said. “COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all people 12 years and older, including people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to get pregnant now or might become pregnant in the future.”

      The CDC said there is no evidence that the experimental Covid vaccines cause fertility problems in women or men:

      TRENDING: Disgraceful: Chicago Mayor Backs Decision to Cancel Honor Guard and Bagpipes for Fallen Officer Ella French – Police Superintendent Says We Don’t Have 20 Minutes “For That S–t.”

      COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all people 12 years and older, including people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant now, or might become pregnant in the future.
      Evidence about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy has been growing. These data suggest that the benefits of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine outweigh any known or potential risks of vaccination during pregnancy.
      There is currently no evidence that any vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, cause fertility problems in women or men.


      1. First of all, the COVID vaccines are not “gene therapy”. Whoever wrote this doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about. The vaccines do not alter human genes–they use DNA of the spike proteins on the COVID cell to stimulate the human immune system to make antibodies against the COVID virus. The CDC has laid to rest the claim about pregnant women miscarrying after receiving the vaccination–reliable studies prove that it is beneficial not only to the pregnant woman, but to her baby, who receives passive immunity from the mother’s antibodies. Pregnant women who contract COVID often die, and that’s because their immune system is already challenged due to the pregnancy, plus the strain of pregnancy on their bodies. You need to stop spreading this misinformation.

        1. “reliable studies prove that it is beneficial not only to the pregnant woman, but to her baby”

          Really? I mean freaking holy hell really? You cannot POSSIBLY know this.

        2. “Pregnant women who contract COVID often die”

          Really? Holy freakin’ hell really?

    4. I swear to God these Vax Pushers are trying to RedRum as many of us as they can.

      I have evidence that to me says that these so called experimental Vaxxes should have never been let out of a lab let alone given to
      Any Immunocompromised Patients.


      FDA Authorizes Covid Booster Shots For Immunocompromised Patients
      Tyler Durden’s Photo
      by Tyler Durden
      Friday, Aug 13, 2021 – 08:14 AM

      After growing chatter over the past week, late on Thursday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized booster shots for certain people with weakened immune systems, likely the launch of broader efforts to better protect against evasive variants like Delta. The agency said that other fully vaccinated individuals do not need an additional vaccine dose right now, clarifying that the clearance is specifically for solid organ transplant recipients or those who are diagnosed with conditions that are considered to have an equivalent level of immunocompromise.

      “After a thorough review of the available data, the FDA determined that this small, vulnerable group may benefit from a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna Vaccines,” Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock said in a statement. She said other people who are fully vaccinated are adequately protected and don’t need an additional dose at this time. The agency is reviewing whether an additional dose may be needed in the future, she said.

      The decision expanding the authorization of the mRNA shots follows “scientific evidence” that vaccines are less effective at protecting people with weakened immune systems from Covid-19 than the general population. Immunocompromised people who didn’t have an antibody response after two doses of the mRNA vaccines had responses after a third dose, studies indicated, supporting the decision to recommend a third dose. About 2.7% of American adults are immunocompromised, which also includes people who live with HIV or take cancer treatments and other drugs that suppress their immune systems.

      We expect the “scientific evidence” to expand to include everyone just as soon as Pfizer sees a dip in its revenue projections.

      “This action is about ensuring our most vulnerable, who may need an additional dose to enhance their biological responses to the vaccines, are better protected against Covid-19,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said.

      “An additional dose could help increase protection for these individuals, which is especially important as the Delta variant spreads,” she added.

      The expanded authorization is expected to be the first step in a broader campaign to get ahead of the evolving coronavirus, which has mutated into more contagious strains. A few other countries, such as Israel and Germany, plan to or have already administered the third shot to avoid another crisis due to the contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus.

      Scientists are still divided over the broad use of COVID-19 vaccine boosters among those without underlying problems as benefits of the boosters remain undetermined.

      Authorized vaccines appear to work well against the new strains that have emerged so far, especially protecting people against severe Covid-19, according to studies. Yet the shots don’t appear to be quite as effective as they were against the original virus, many studies indicate. Some other, preliminary research suggests that the protection conferred by vaccination wanes over time.

      As noted yesterday, Pfizer has said the efficacy of the vaccine it developed with BioNTech drops over time, citing a study that showed 84% effectiveness from a peak of 96% four months after a second dose. Moderna has also said it sees the eventual need for booster doses, especially since the Delta variant has caused “breakthrough” infections in fully vaccinated people.

      The U.S. health regulator on Thursday amended the emergency use authorizations for the vaccines to allow an additional dose in certain individuals, specifically for recipients of solid organ transplant or those diagnosed with conditions that are considered to have an equivalent level of immunocompromise.

      Reports of infections among vaccinated people and concerns about diminishing protection have galvanized wealthy nations to distribute booster shots, even as many countries struggle to access first vaccine doses.

      The World Health Organization last week called for a moratorium on COVID-19 vaccine booster shots until at least the end of September.

      Spurred by the Delta variant, coronavirus cases in the United States have spiked to their highest levels in more than six months, according to a Reuters tally. With U.S. health officials have saying that those with weak immune systems may not be sufficiently protected by their existing COVID-19 vaccinations,

      U.S. regulators must fully authorize the COVID-19 vaccines or amend their emergency use approvals before officials can recommend additional shots. A panel of advisers to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will meet on Friday to discuss eligibility of immunocompromised individuals for booster doses.

      To maintain high levels of protection, some public-health experts and vaccine makers have recommended giving boosters to the general public. The Biden administration is expected to decide on a broader booster strategy by September. And since the midterms are in over a year, and mail-in “voting” has to be the only option by then for obvious reason, we expect that this round of booster shots will be extended by another, and then another, until all the votes are “counted.”


      1. Why would they need to??? You’re completely willing to do it to yourself.


    1. “Totalitarianism is when power replaces truth.”

      And tell us, when did that happen?

      1. Truths are pliable in that they are based on faith and/or opinion. Whereas, provable facts have more weight, but are elusive when it comes to manipulation for political power. By spewing its so called “truths” the mainstream media have aided and abetted the manipulation of facts, allowing Totalitarianism to rear its ugly head.

  7. To the left truth has no importance. Just make up the facts and hope no one notices. Barr used tear gas. Trump racist toward Asians. Don’t notice that hate crimes against Asians are being perpetrated by black men. Poverty is caused by racist white men in failed cities controlled by black mayors. The response is always the Bart Simpson defense. “I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can’t prove a thing”. https://www.google.com/search?q=bart+simpson&client=safari&sxsrf=ALeKk02_zKtbaT7_g9caUHLGkzipOBGwyA:1628950976258&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=TN3sn-AN7cmshM%252C7ziYDLo2vh1yHM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kTMJHLevTrkrXEVmSZpOq3RlK2DSA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiz966i27DyAhUHXc0KHRUZBREQ_h16BAgQEAE&biw=1269&bih=767&dpr=2#imgrc=TN3sn-AN7cmshM.

    1. Thinkitthrough:

      The problem that may prove fatal to the country is that there are too many people who either will never learn the truth due to their ingestion of propaganda, or they will resist the truth. There are many examples here where someone makes a statement that is proven false, yet they ignore the facts and keep repeating that falsehood. You gave several of those examples already.

      I do not know how to get through to people who actively resist learning the truth. I don’t understand this mindset. I’ve changed my mind on topics when given more information. For instance, I first thought the Jan 6 protestors had murdered a cop, only to change my mind when it turned out he died of multiple strokes.

      I remember when a relative told me that meme that said Hillary Clinton belonged in jail was antisemitic, because it had a 6 pointed star. I pointed out that the star had no internal lines, and that the actual clip art was named “sheriff’s badge.” I forwarded photos of the many law enforcement, ranger, and even gymkhana badges that had 6 points. Hillary Clinton was not Jewish. She stood accused of having a bootleg server in her basement that she lied about, and kept top secret information on. That would send just about anyone else to an oubliette. Her foundation was also accused of selling influence. There were legitimate reasons why people felt the law had not applied to Hillary Clinton. It is impossible for any of us to know who created any of the memes we forward. It was also patently absurd to claim Trump was antisemitic, as he had a Jewish family, frequented Jewish events, supported Israel, and was tight with Netanyahu. But she wouldn’t listen to anything. Wouldn’t reason through the argument. She felt emotionally that Trump was antisemitic, hence the meme was antisemitic, and no amount of facts could dissuade her. It was just a feeling, and how do you sway a feeling? I never did get an apology when Trump turned out to be a steadfast supporter of Israel, even moving the embassy to Jerusalem as previous presidents had promised, but failed to do.

      1. Colin Powell recommended to HRC to have a private server as most high level cabinet used it as standard practice since government servers were so vulnerable to being hacked. And Ivanka Trump turned out to be a fan of the practice herself.


  8. The city is being sued for precisely what Barr and others were accused of in literally hundreds of major articles for a year. Academics and reporters declared the tactics to be an assault on democracy and press freedom. Now, there is largely the familiar sound of crickets from a press corp that increasingly acts like a de facto state media.

    I know this is the last paragraph, but is such a great example of the “Narrative” (lies) endemic with the propaganda media. They know they are pushing pure lies. They get caught, and they don’t stop.

    This is the “big lie” of the left, claiming the Trump Presidency was so horrible. Except everything they bring up, is nothing but narrative setting by the propaganda media.
    The American people are being gaslighted…about most of everything. The lie that President Trump mishandled the Covid response. in reality, President Trump did everything within his power, and nothing could have been done differently. That is according to Fauci.

    1. “The lie that President Trump mishandled the Covid response. in reality, President Trump did everything within his power, and nothing could have been done differently. That is according to Fauci.”

      Many on this blog don’t believe Fauci. So where does that leave you?

    2. All Trump did was give taxpayer money to the drug companies to purchase equipment to ramp up production. Plus, he promised to purchase the vaccines, even if they weren’t effective. He did not purchase enough, however. He threw out the pandemic playbook left by Obama. He did nothing in the way of planning for vaccine distribution. According to Leonnig and Rucker’s Book, “I Alone Can Fix It”, there were those in the Trump Administration who pointed out that getting vaccines produced wasn’t enough–extensive planning for effective distribution needed to be done, but he rejected this idea and refused to do it. The vaccines themselves are the product of decades of scientific experiments with mRNA technology and studies about the characteristics of coronaviruses. Like the braggadocious showman he is, he takes credit if it looks like the vaccines are viewed favorably by Americans, but he still panders to the deplorables, failing to encourage them to get vaccinated. It’s always all about him, him, him. Why wouldn’t any reasonable, patriotic American President strongly urge everyone to get vaccinated? Because Trump is still trying to derail Biden’s presidency by any means possible.

      1. Mr. Chocolate Chocolate Chip is derailing his own presidency at shocking speed without any additional help needed.

        A surprise to no one.

      2. My god you are just filled with propaganda. Every take you have is that of a hysterical teenager. Orange man bad. Wah. If you can’t see you’re constantly being gas lighted by your media sources there probably isn’t any hope for you. Now I’d like to be wrong but reading your garbage comments filled with provable false information I’m sure I’m not.

  9. Where are the apologies from the left that promoted the lies on this issue rather than fact? Nowhere. The left lies and runs away when the facts come in.

    You guys are hypocrites.

  10. How can a ” Judge” in Texas being suing government? Judge Andrew Brown. Maybe his first name is Judge? Not a judge on a court.

    1. In Texas, the chief county official is called “Judge”. They aren’t “judges” in the courtroom sense. I don’t know why they carry this title.

  11. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder…..convince me otherwise…..I will wait.

      1. Oh come on, this sort of societal bias is common ordinary mode of operation for the left. Anticipated, in fact.

  12. Culture of mendacity.

    Media, Dem politicians, Lefty organizations, all work together to lie,obfuscate, and manipulate.

    But thinking Americans are starting to understand.

    That is why we look with such contempt at Anonymous eb’s dozens of posts every day.

    Or Natacha’s interminable posts (does the woman even know the word “succinct”)?

    Their posts are just irritants as we look for meaningful comments on the blog.

    1. By meaningful comments, you mean things that you want to hear or read only. On a blog that it’s owner preaches free speech, other comments or opinions are not wanted outside the bubble of right-wing opinions or comments.

      1. What comments of yours have been censored? There isn’t anything you say that is worth censoring or repeating.

      2. And there are some policies that only work if they are implemented at the national level.
        Just jump in with something substantive. Defend Apple spying on its users and alerting the “authorities”. Please point out even one piece of legislation that disenfranchises one voter. Explain the media blackout of President Biden’s son selling access to his father for over a decade. I for one would welcome a fact centered discussion.

      3. Fishwings, try to actually rebut what Monument says rather than pull another usual diatribe against a site you continually visit???
        Monument (as usual) is right about EB Anonymous and Natacha, two far left radicals, one that comments 100 times a day and another one that uses 2000 words to make a word salad of left wing insanity. Nobody is censoring these two fools, in fact the vast majority of us clear thinkers are laughing at them.

        Please note that the left has never, not once, apologized for their lies about Barr and the DC RIOTS! No one on the left has stated that the DC RIOTS were in fact RIOTS against the government and created more violence than January 6th.

        Please note that the ACLU is involved with this suit that is “coming to the defense” of reporters and yet they have not uttered one peep about the censorship going on by big tech. The ACLU is gone, another institution ruined by woke politics.

      4. “By meaningful comments, you mean things that you want to hear or read only.”

        Fish, It is my opinion that it’s not so much that ALL conservatives (admittedly some do) want to read and hear only things that “they want to hear,” but more that those things are absent in reports from the mainstream media. A true democracy must always allow for both sides of the discussion to be presented so the public can think and form their own opinion. As it stands, and as lamented in this blog over and over again, actual facts are missing or ignored for the sake of political gain. There is no balance in reporting, only political biases. No wonder our country is divided.

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