What Elephant? The Media Again Buries A Hunter Biden Scandal on Foreign Deals During the Biden Vice Presidency

I previously wrote a column on the one year anniversary of the Hunter Biden laptop story that marveled at the success of the Biden family in making the scandal vanish before that 2020 election. It was analogized to Houdini making his 10,000-pound elephant Jennie disappear in his act. The Biden trick however occurred live before an audience of millions. Now, in an encore, a new major story on Biden’s Chinese dealings has surfaced. Once again, poof!

The media has made the story disappear except for a couple of the usual outlets. Even with the New York Times reporting on the story, the disclosure of Biden’s role in securing one of the world’s largest cobalt mines for China (a key component to electric battery production) has been ignored by the major networks and many other print outlets. Once again, ABC. NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and other media just cannot see the elephant.

What is most amazing about this continuing trick is that the story has all of the elements that the media longed to confirm during the Trump Administration on the financial dealings of the Trump children. The son of the President was involved in a successful effort to handover a strategically vital natural resource to the Chinese that would guarantee their dominance in one of the most important new industries of the “Green economy.” This occurred during a period when Hunter Biden and his uncle were accused of running a global influence peddling operation with foreign powers that cashed in on the Vice Presidency of Joe Biden. Then there is the fact that the story appears to contradict denials of continuing ownership in such foreign interests by the Bidens.

Finally, there is the fact that this windfall from the Chinese occurred in a field that Hunter Biden knew nothing about (much like his work on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma) and he was, by his own description, a hopeless addict. In his recent book, Hunter admits that he was a crack addict and alcoholic all the way up to the start of his father’s presidential campaign — in his words, “Drinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room is absolutely, completely debilitating,” as well as “smoking crack around the clock.”

This elephant is truly difficult to unsee.

Hunter Biden established the firm Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) Equity Investment Fund Management Company with a few American and Chinese partners in 2013. He and his American associates controlled 30 percent of the Shanghai-based operation and served on the board. They then put together the purchase of the Congo cobalt and copper mine transfer from American company Freeport-McMoRan to China Molybdenum for the sum of $2.65 billion.

The Tenke Fungurume mine was considered a human rights nightmare. The Congolese military reportedly reduced workers to virtual slaves, torched homes, and killed dissenters. Amnesty International spokeswoman Sarah Jackson denounced “the long history of excessive use of force … unlawful killings.”

However, there was money to be made and Hunter Biden was there to lend the Biden name to the enterprise. BHR served as a minority stakeholder to buy out around $1.14 billion of shares from Lundin Mining of Canada, a partial owner of the mine. China Molybdenum then bought BHR’s shares two years later to give it 80% of ownership of the mine and control of the vital natural resources.

Biden controlled 10 percent of BHR through Skaneateles LLC but his lawyer reportedly insisted that, as of April 2020, he no longer had such interests in this foreign company. That may be untrue, according to the media reports. Chinese business records reviewed by Fox News in April 2021 allegedly show that Hunter Biden continued to hold a 10% stake.

If true, it means that through the election, Hunter Biden was still receiving money from a variety of companies with close ties to the Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian governments. In this case, his alleged influence peddling was used to deliver a huge strategic advantage to the Chinese in the very area of electric cars that his father was making an American investment priority.

Of course, this is simply not the type of scoop that has drawn most of the media coverage.

None of these facts, however, can force the media to see the elephant. The key to the trick was involving the media in the original trick is that it invests reporters in the illusion. It is like calling audience members to the stage to assist in the performance. Reporters have to insist that there was nothing to see or they have to admit to being part of the original deception. The media cannot see the elephant without the public seeing something about the media in its past efforts to conceal it.



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  1. It’s a big club and you’re not in it. They’re all feeding at the trough so why would they blow the whistle on themselves? Turley´s childish naivete is a bit much…as if words and logic could ever cause sociopathic criminals to hand over control and walk themselves into jail. As if words alone could ever overcome their control of the megaphone to convince enough of the population to ever change things. And “they” control everything.

    Thomas Jefferson knew what’s required in such circumstances, but that’s a big ask and violence plays right into their hands. And so we slip further and further into our neo-feudal, dystopian condition. RFK Jr is right, we are facing our last chance right now.

  2. The hyenas are seeing what they can get away with.
    It is time for the lions to put them back into their places.

  3. Leftists claim to have science on their side. But science is about making observations and reporting these observations. If observations are made about certain demographics and reported, it should be considered science, but it’s not: it is racism, sexism, and homophobia, and subject to punishment, as was done to Galileo.
    And there are plenty of mobs waiting in the wings to punish you for reporting what you observe with your God-given eyes.

  4. Why does the loony left see criminals as the victims instead of the property owners?
    This sick way of looking at things should not be given a second of air time on television.
    A paramilitary force should pull up in SUVs and arrest the pundits at CNN and MSNBC.
    That would be more justified than an organized theft.

  5. Someone on the right needs to step up to the plate to make some radical changes,
    to counter the radical changes that the left is making.

  6. OT: WE listen to the crazies like Jeff, ATS and Svelaz. They don’t bother to look around them and see what is happening under their chosen policies. They deflect using terms like the Big Lie. Stores looted, people killed, cities burned…Jeff’s response, The Big Lie. Gas prices way up due to policy failures (pipeline good for Russia but not for US,… whose side is Biden on?) but to Jeff it is all about the Big Lie. An interruption in the supply chain… The Big Lie. On and on. Doesn’t that make Jeff look and sound like a fool? He will regurgitate, The Big Lie…Does he mean the Steele Dossier? That was a big lie along with the hoaxes and everything else. Jeff is a lawyer, but he sounds more like a drunk belching out the words Big Lie not knowing what it means.

    However with all of this Jeff supplies us with entertainment. He tries to take on Turley who is an accomplished person, but Jeff has his Big Lie and he wants an accomplished person to debate with. What a fool.

    Democratic cities that enacted bail reform see rise in crime, repeat offenses

    The suspected Waukesha Christmas parade attacker, who had a long criminal history, had been released on $1,000 bail just days prior to the massacre in a case in which he was accused of running a woman over in his car. JTN

  7. Face it, the Bidens are the most corrupt political family to ever occupy the White House. Joe has done nothing but feather his family nest since he was elected to the Senate in the 70s. Donald Trump may be shady but at least his wealth came through legitimate businesses, not influence peddling for China. Democrats impeached Trump for nothing when the claim that Hunter was shilling for Ukrainian crooks was true all along. Anyone who voted for Biden is a blithering idiot.

    1. Semcgowan says:

      “Donald Trump may be shady but at least his wealth came through legitimate businesses, not influence peddling for China.”

      Not merely shady. Trump is an inveterate liar, and anyone who denies that is a liar themself.

  8. The United Nations has such a metric, but it is so obviously biased towards blue states. Can’t say that it is objective.

  9. It’s a double-whammy. First they victimize you when they rob your store, burglarize your home, steal your wallet, rape and murder your daughter,
    committing gross injustices against you, giving you plenty of reasons to have an express negative opinions of them.
    But when you express these negative opinions of them on the Internet, then YOU are the bad guy, and you lose your job.
    They want to receive fairness and justice, but they don’t want to give it.

  10. Hunter had a laptop. Trump had a foundation he can never run again. Turley had an academic reputation he can never regain.

    1. Hunter had a laptop, that along being depraved added proof that POTUS has acted criminally against the people of America.

      Trump had a foundation and with that foundation funded many things that charities and the public enjoyed. That the prosecutor used his office in a political fashion is reprehensible. Trump’s foundation was no different from thousands of others, certainly better than the Clinton Foundation.

      Trump can open another foundation if he wishes (if he hasn’t done so already). The Bidens can open other bank accounts in Russia and China stealing from the American public.

      Turley’s reputation has survived every attempt by leftists to smear it. It is only the leftist mindset that sees Turley’s reputation as tattered.That is because the left expects Turley to lie.

        1. You still believe it wan’t Hunter’s laptop? LOL Foolish, but you have a right to be stupid.
          The laptop had nothing incriminating on it.? LOL again.

          Do you think the Trump Foundation didn’t fund many charitable entities? LOL at your lack of knowledge.
          Do you think Trump can’t open a Foundation again? What a fool you turned out to be.

          The Biden’s have been opening and keeping bank accounts despite saying the opposite.

          You are laughing, but it seems you can’t show anything that I said to be wrong. I guess you are laughing at yourself. LOL

          1. Hunter’s laptop >> red herring.

            The Trump foundation funded the Trump’s, that’s why it’s illegal for them to run one in NY state again. As far as other states…, well, the Stop the Steal is his latest grift and he’ll do it until he’s nailed for the inevitable graft and fraud charges coming his way. That’s just what he does. He’s a con man. Realize the money you donate to him is what he lives off of. And I love that the RNC has been paying his legal bills for issues arising previous to his presidency.

            1. “The Trump foundation funded the Trump’s, that’s why it’s illegal for them to run one in NY state again.”

              The Trumps put money into the charity. They didn’t take it out. You are ignorant as to how private foundations work. The prosecutor in Trump’s area acts politically, not legally. Trump is free to open another Foundation elsewhere, and may have done so already. Take note how you don’t know what he did that was wrong. Millions went to charities and to the public from Trump’s Foundation, but you are too Stupid to realize that.

              “Realize the money you donate to him is what he lives off of.”

              Another Stupid statement from one who is ignorant about almost everything. The money one gives to him is given in different fashions. Trump very carefully follows the law. You can’t stand that. Trump lives off his earnings that were earned long before he entered the political arena. Biden has lived off of corruption and lies from the beginning of his career. Apparently Biden doesn’t have to live within the law because the press neglects to report the truth. You know it and I know it. You just don’t want to admit it.

                1. ATS, you really are dumb where context is concerned. Of course money was taken out of the foundation, but it went to charity. The money in the foundation didn’t go into Trump’s pockets.

                  Biden’s 10% did (go into Biden’s pockets), his piece of the action did, and his shared accounts with Hunter did. Money seems to flow to Joe Biden’s pockets based on what Hunter or the rest of the Biden Family Syndicate do when they sell America down the drain.

                  Enlighten us as to how any dollars went into Trump’s pockets. The direction of flow was, money put in and then money went out to IRS approved charities. It’s that simple that even a simpleton like you should understand.

                1. ATS, the second that old boss gave money to Trump, it was taxed. If he gave it to the foundation it went to IRS approved charities. You probably don’t understand what your boss was telling you or maybe he didn’t know what he was doing.

                  The one thing we know is that your boss was a cheat if he thought that was happening. I guess you learned more than you expected from him based on your lies and deceit.

                  You are so ignorant you can’t even explain your link. Nothing there was illegal based on accepted practices of most of the Foundations in NY, and is done over and over again. A lot of money United Way gets is obtained in the same fashion, but you are too Stupid to know that.

                  The article didn’t say what you thought it said. Typical ATS Stupidity.

                  1. Maybe I should have used my name above because many might not recognize that Trump’s Foundation was not different from other Foundations. By the way, Warren Buffet gave huge amounts to the Gates Foundation.

                    Anonymous points to the fact that the Foundation took more money in than gave away, at least according to ATS’s link ( ATS seldom knows what is in his links.) That is perfectly acceptable. One has to spend the income or be taxed on it. Neither Trump nor his sons or daughter took a dime in compensation from the foundation. TIt seems they spent more than they had to.

                    1. Allan, it’s always clear who you are in your responses no matter what identity you choose to post under. Your way of speaking is uniquely you and is easily recognizable. Also, your manner of discussion is rather one trick pony as well. In this case you’ve done what you do when faced with a post that counteracts one of your erroneous claims. You accuse the poster of not understanding what they’ve posted. It’s easy to see through this method of deflection.

                      Additionally, you seek to obscure the subject matter when you get caught in a burst of ignorance by trying to expand the discussion beyond the focus on a specific point. In this case you’re trying to take this discussion into the realm of tax policy in regard to donations to Foundations — different than your false claim that trump’s foundation ran on money he personally donated…

                      In short, you’ve got your running shoes on. I’ll just let you go for a jog into Allan world.

                    2. “You accuse the poster of not understanding what they’ve posted.”

                      Anonymous the Stupid, when it comes to you, that statement is almost always true. Maybe you wish to expound on how private foundations work in NY. You don’t seem to know, and you can’t even pick out the points in a short article that prove your case. You are intellectually challenged. I can defend what I wrote, but you can’t defend your words which you have demonstrated by running away from the substance of my response.

                      “different than your false claim that trump’s foundation ran on money he personally donated….”

                      I never said anything of the kind. You like to lie. It’s a short trip up to read what was said. Make the case and prove it by quoting my words. You can’t and once again prove yourself to be a liar and deceitful.

                      I didn’t deflect to tax policy though that is the basis of private foundations. I stated that what Trump did was common to many private foundations.

                      Now you can put your alternative facts on the table to prove me wrong, or you can do what you usually do, put your tail between your legs and disappear. You have once again proven yourself to be a liar.

                    3. Anonymous the Stupid, take note how I provided information and you provided none.

                      You couldn’t put your alternative facts on the table to prove me wrong or prove yourself right. By default, you have proven yourself to be a liar.

                    4. “Again… “The Trumps put money into the charity. They didn’t take it out. “

                      If they don’t spend it, the principle grows. As the principle grows that charity has more to spend. With growth of the charity, invariably more money goes to charity or it is taxed. No money goes to the donor except for management fees set out by law. The Trump’s took no management fees.

                      Tell us where money in the charity went into Trump’s pocket. The IRS forms, at least in the past, were on the net so you could look at where the money went. It was all very clear and transparent.

  11. Society keeps getting worse and worse.
    Maybe we need a benevolent dictator with the power to cut through the crap and do
    what needs to be done to stop the downward spiral, despite the howls and protests
    from loony leftists who want this societal decay.

    1. Anonymous says what this country needs is a:

      “benevolent dictator with the power to cut through the crap and do what needs to be done”

      Assert your Second Amendment Rights? Come on, just say it.

  12. Turley makes a good point:

    “Reporters have to insist that there was nothing to see or they have to admit to being part of the original deception. The media cannot see the elephant without the public seeing something about the media in its past efforts to conceal it.”

    By the same token, Trumpists have to insist forever that the election was stolen. After all this time, Trumpists cannot concede that the election was not rigged without the public seeing them for what they were- LIARS.

  13. If a law were passed stating that that leftists can’t win arguments, cases, and conflicts anymore by calling people names,
    then they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. That is the only way they know how to “win”.

  14. When leftists call you a name, they make it seem that you don’t have any rights, like people in concentration camps.
    Why would they want to make it seem that way?
    If you have no rights, then they can rationalize harming you.

  15. So people get a little perspective, deals like this take place every day in The DC Swamp.

    Why do you think the Swamp worked so hard to get rid of President Trump? 2016- 2020 was the most bipartisian agenda in DC in decades. The establishment politicians of both parties worked relentlessly to erect barriers to the administrations agenda. Why? Because President Trump saw behind the curtian, and wanted to expose the actions
    eftist always pointed to Republicans that raised objections to President Trump. Liz Chenney? She hated Trump long before Jan 6. But only because he was in the way of her self enrichment at the taxpayers expense.
    The Senate Intell committee? Corrupt. Both sides in bed with the intelligence community. The intell community is the fourth branch of government. And the State Dept is the phony store front running prostitution and gambling in the back. Top to bottom staffed with grifters.

    The media is the propaganda agency for all the above.

  16. We are witnessing vile corruption of the highest magnitude on full display. Politicians, captains of industry and the glitter rich are drunk with raw power. They have bought and paid for the traditional corporate media. China now holds well more than 80% of the green energy global market. How did we lose this race?

    Fortunately, many of the corporate news giants are significantly losing their audience. Who would have thought non-traditional news organizations such as Al Jazeera would emerge as considerably more reliable than the U.S. media.

    I spoke with a sheriff’s deputy a few days ago. He described the new hostile environment and working in an understaffed setting. Our homicide rates here are up significantly., Criminals have little to no bail, DWI offense is slap on the hand. He said there are talented people who are called to law enforcement but are smart. Too smart to subject themselves to the perception created by the media. The same media who receive their marching orders from a limited number of people calling the shots.

    Am I surprised that they ignore factual stories about corruption? No, I am not.

  17. Does society really need The View?
    Let’s have a vote on whether The View should even exist on television.

  18. Echoing Professor Turley’s column:

    Five Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’ Corrections We Need From the Media Now — Just for Starters


    Along the way, some journalists won their profession’s highest distinction for this flawed coverage. While co-bylining stories that the Post has all but retracted, Helderman and Hamburger also share a now increasingly awkward honor along with more than a dozen other colleagues at the Post and New York Times: a Pulitzer Prize. In 2018, the Pulitzer awards committee honored the two papers for 20 articles it described as “deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically furthered the nation’s understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its connections to the Trump campaign, the President-elect’s transition team and his eventual administration.”

    Although neither newspaper has given any indication that it is returning the Pulitzer, the public record has long made clear that many of those stories – most of which had nothing to do with Steele – include falsehoods and distortions requiring significant corrections. Far from showing “deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage,” the Post’s and the Times’ reporting has the same problem as the Steele document that these same outlets are now distancing themselves from: a reliance on anonymous, deceptive, and almost certainly partisan sources for claims that proved to be false.


  19. Democrats are like the student who still wants an A on his paper, even when writes that 2+2=5.

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