Hunter Biden’s Ex-Partner Sentenced to Federal Prison for Fraud

Joe Biden, second right, and his son, Hunter, right, pictured golfing in the Hamptons with Devon Archer.
Fox/Tucker Carlson Tonight

For those of us who have covered the Hunter Biden scandal for years, one of the most prominent figures in his alleged influence peddling efforts is Devon Archer, his close friend and partner. Archer was sentenced yesterday by federal District Judge Ronnie Abrams to a year in jail. Archer is shown (far left) in this 2014 picture with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Archer was convicted of defrauding the Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation of the Oglala Sioux Tribe in the handling of a $60 million bond offering. Hunter Biden was not implicated in those dealings.

Abrams was previously reversed after she set aside his 2018 jury conviction. In United States v. Archer, the Second Circuit found that Abrams abused her discretion in tossing out the verdict.

Abrams actually gave a lighter sentence than the 30 months requested by prosecutors, citing the pandemic conditions in prison as “extraordinarily difficult.”  The lower sentence may have practically undermined any interest of federal prosecutors to reach a cooperation deal with Abrams in their ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden.

Archer was involved with Hunter as a board member on Burisma Holdings, an Ukraine-based energy company. He was also featured in the controversial picture with now President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied knowing anything about his son’s foreign dealings, even though Hunter Biden himself contradicted that account and a key witness Anthony Bobulinski has refuted the denial.

After the photo above was posted on the Burisma website, Demetra Lambros, the VP’s Chief Counsel, later called for the photo to be removed.

One of the most extraordinary exchanges found in Hunter’s text messages reportedly dealt with Archer complaining that he was arrested by Biden “appointees.” According to press accounts, Hunter Biden responded by assuring him that he was covered and “family”:

“Every great family is persecuted prosecuted in the US — you are part of a great family — not a side show not deserted by them even in your darkest moments. That’s the way Bidens are different and you are a Biden. It’s the price of power.”

That exchange is highly concerning since Hunter knew that he was a potential target of a criminal investigation. He was talking to a potential witness who could be used against him and his family in any investigation of their alleged influence peddling and foreign dealings.



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    Note Russia’s ranking on this list of the world’s largest economies ranked by the World Bank.

    Russia’s economy is smaller than either Italy or Canada. So how does an economy that small sustain a hostile occupation while totally isolated from the world’s banking system?

    United States: $20.89 trillion
    China: $14.72 trillion
    Japan: $5.06 trillion
    Germany: $3.85 trillion
    United Kingdom: $2.67 trillion
    India: $2.66 trillion
    France: $2.63 trillion
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    1. Aninny:
      Right. The Russians aren’t in Ukraine blasting their cities to smitherines. They’re on holiday driving through the countryside fretting over their GDP. It’s not the amount of GDP, it’s what you produce. You won’t win wars throwing Ukrainian butter, but you might throwing Russian rockets. Oh and Italian wine is wonderful. Wanna handicap their odds of repulsing a Russian invasion without NATO? Do you ever think about what you bleat out?

  2. Germany Is Suddenly Interested In Building Its Defenses

    Declaring that “Russian President Putin has started a war of aggression in cold blood,” Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Germany must limit economic interdependence with Russia and must bolster its badly neglected military defenses.

    What Germans are already calling a “revolution” in their security policy represents a strategic defeat for Vladimir Putin — and a strategic victory for the United States and its European allies. Putin might yet conquer Ukraine, but he has clearly repelled and galvanized the European Union’s richest, most populous country, failing in his long-term effort to co-opt Germany via energy and commercial ties, such as the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

    Embracing “hard power” as few, if any, of his predecessors in Germany’s post-1949 democracy have done, Scholz framed the issue as “whether we have it in us to keep warmongers like Putin in check. That requires strength of our own.”

    Accordingly, the chancellor said, Germany would change long-standing policy and ship arms to one side of an active war — Ukraine. Germany will create a $113 billion fund for defense in 2022 and then spend more than 2 percent of gross domestic product annually, even if it requires a constitutional amendment to allow budget deficits. Germany will pursue aircraft and tank development with France and provide a more modern version of outdated German planes assigned to carry U.S. tactical nuclear weapons. Germany will pipe less gas from Russia and build terminals to receive liquefied natural gas from other sources.

    The sudden turn of this previously vaguely Russophilic center-leftist, and the 78 percent support that his decisions received in a new poll, reflect the anguish Scholz and many other Germans feel for having been naive and complacent toward Russia.

    Edited From:
    Turley’s Putin-loving commenters believe Russia is on its way to scoring a quick victory. Yet if the entire world hates Putin and Russia is bled dry economically, ‘what’ victory can Putin achieve?

    One should note that in the run-up to invading Ukraine, Putin kept denying his obvious intentions. Therefore Putin is now on record as being a cold, calculating liar. Which means he is finished as a legitimate ‘statesmen’ in the global community. From this point onward, Putin assumes rogue status.

    The article above references a major turning point for Europe. Germany, the world’s fourth largest economy, has decided to beef-up its defenses to an extent unseen since World War II. That is the resolve that Putin unwittingly triggered by invading Ukraine. Germany’s economy, by the way, is more than twice as big as Russia’s. And Germany has the industrial capability of building a major military.

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  4. The Biden officials entering the SOTU address just now is one of the most frightening sights for the safety and well being of our fragile country. This is a parade of the weak freaks of the Biden failure administration. For shame on all of them.

    1. Biden and his ‘weak freaks’ administration –from Kamala to Blinken to Austen to Milley to the rest of the motley crew of lightweight IDIOTS destroying this country.

      Biden tells LIES and BELIEVES his own lies. Beyond weak. Beyond sad. Beyond frightening for our country. We are IN TROUBLE with this demented weak, lying POS in office.

    2. Biden is talking “Buy American!”

      LIAR. I just got my free Covid tests from the government: MADE IN CHINA!

      LIAR. I got my free N95 masks from the government: MADE IN CHINA!

      LIAR. Yesterday, in time for the POLITICAL SCIENCE to change, there is no more MASK MANDATE. YOU LIE JOE BIDEN. All you do is LIE.

      Biden is a LIAR and a FAILURE for this country. Go to he – ll — you lying dog face pony sh*t.

      1. The PLAGIARIZER in Chief

        Biden says: Cut the price of prescription drugs. TRUMP did that.

        Biden says: Buy American. TRUMP did that.

        Biden says: MAKE it in America. TRUMP policy.

        Child care was Trump policy!

        JOE BIDEN is a LIAR and once a plagiarizer, always a PLAGIARIZER.

        Biden says: Let’s cut energy prices! YOU F’N liar it is YOUR POLICIES that made our costs skyrocket! YOU LIE!

        HE MAKES US SICK to BE Americans. Shove it Joe Biden. And take your Jersey trash mouth low class wife with you.

      2. “Biden is talking ‘Buy American!'”

        If his administration would stop strangling our energy industry, we could buy American oil and gas.

    3. I can’t even watch. This is so filthy disgusting watching the LIAR in chief LIE. And be sucked up to by the media and the corrupt, lying establishment. They are all despicable.

    4. ‘This SOTU would be best characterized as the “please forget that we f***ed you right up the a** for two years!” address.’ @eScarry

    5. ‘Tonight Joe Biden: “Let’s stop seeing each other as enemies.”

      Yesterday’s Joe Biden: “The unvaccinated are responsible for the pandemic.”

      Yesterday’s Joe Biden: “Republicans are trying to stop the black vote from even being counted!”

      Take your unity and shove it, Joe Biden.

      1. ‘You told us eight weeks ago we were entering a winter of death and demanded that every person who didn’t get vaccinated lose their jobs. You made kids wear masks in schools. All of it was anti-science and designed specifically to divide us.’ @ClayTravis

    6. Guys, this speech is not for you. It’s for D-leaners who who disapprove of the administration and these are the lines that worked for them in focus groups. Don’t overthink it. @SWGoldman

  5. TRUMP ‘WANTED’ TO LEAVE NATO (despite his denials)

    “Trump told his top national security officials that he did not see the point of the military alliance, which he presented as a drain on the United States,” the New York Times reported in 2019. That reporting was confirmed when Trump’s former national security adviser John R. Bolton published a memoir in 2020 that described Trump as repeatedly saying he wanted to quit the alliance, saying at one point, “I don’t give a s— about NATO.” Bolton said he had to convince Trump not to quit NATO in the middle of a 2018 summit.

    Trump’s former chief of staff John F. Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general, was also described as saying that “one of the most difficult tasks he faced with Trump was trying to stop him from pulling out of NATO.”
    When Trump ran for reelection, it was generally feared he would pull out of the alliance if he was reelected. In a fit of pique at Germany, Trump in 2020 ordered the withdrawal of 12,000 U.S. troops, about one-third of the force based there. When Biden became president, he quickly reversed the plan and kept the troops there.

    Edited From:

    Trump apologists have been saying that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine ‘never would’ve happened under Trump’. What nonsense!!

    Anyone paying attention saw that Trump repeatedly denigrated NATO and went out of his way to insult NATO members. In fact, the alliance was appalled when it learned of Trump’s efforts to make President Zelensky parrott Putin’s lies regarding DNC hacking.

    So it strains the imagination that Trump could have rallied the alliance against Putin now. To the contrary, just last week Trump was hoping to incite a massive convoy protest to snarl Washington. Such a protest would have essentially been a fifth column for Putin.

    The invasion of Ukraine sets the world on a whole new course. Any American seen as soft on Putin is going to find themselves very isolated. And that goes for Donald Trump. His popularity will be losing altitude in the weeks to come. Americans will never forget that Trump was a stooge for Vladimir Putin. It will be in the first paragraph of Trump’s obituary.

    1. “The invasion of Ukraine sets the world on a whole new course. Any American seen as soft on Putin is going to find themselves very isolated. And that goes for Donald Trump. His popularity will be losing altitude in the weeks to come. Americans will never forget that Trump was a stooge for Vladimir Putin. It will be in the first paragraph of Trump’s obituary.”
      Yeah, NATO shut Putin right down and kept him miles away from invading Urkaine. Oh wait!

      1. Mespo, this invasion isn’t going that well for Putin. And now the Russian economy stands a good chance of collapsing. I guess NEWSMAX doesn’t tell you these things.

        1. Aninny:

          Your military understanding matches your political understanding. Russia has Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkiv, on the verge of collapse from shelling and rockets and has its capitol, Kyiv, encircled and cutoff with a 40-mile long artillery, mechanized force convoy on the way. Now let’s say you’re a Russian General with complete air superiority, no naval threat and the enemy encircled and unable to be resupplied. Plus you know a modern city has to be re-supplied about once every 7-10 days before starvation sets in. Let’s also say casualties from street by street, house by house fighting with give you about a 30% mortality rate but a seige with give you about 5-15% moratlity rate after the mop up operations begin. What you do? Charge in like a mad fool or constrict the cities until they inevitably fall in a few weeks? Like Churchill said the delay you see is watching the snake digest its prey not choke on its meal.

          1. Crisco, Russia’s economy doesn’t even rank in the Top 10.

            Explain how an economy smaller than Italy’s sustains a hostile occupation of a major nation.

    2. Within a few months of Biden’s taking office, Putin massed troops on Ukraine’s border; in July he published a long essay explaining the sources of his opposition to Ukraine’s becoming part of NATO; in the fall he started preparing for an invasion and proposed a settlement of the issue of NATO’s further expansion eastward; when his proposals were rejected and he was threatened with sanctions he continued his preparations, announced the recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk and, when there was no movement on Biden’s part, he invaded. All of this happened under Biden. None of it happened under Trump.

        1. “Putin-loving blog stooge.”

          And you’re a Raytheon lobbyist.

          Now that that’s settled, can you try to stay focused on the arguments?

    3. “It’s the [Art of the Deal], stupid!”

      – James Carville

      NATO Members were compelled to consider NATO sans America.

      They increased their contributions.

      ‘What an Ignoramus!” (See mespo727272)

  6. In a somewhat related nothing-to-see-here report:

    The special counsel who investigated the November 2020 election in Wisconsin, has determined in a 135-page report that the nearly $9 million in election grants provided to Center for Tech and Civic Life by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, violated a Wisconsin election bribery law.

    1. OLLY,

      From your article:

      “Special Counsel Michael Gableman, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, was tasked by Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to investigate the election.”

      That means exactly what it says, Olly. Gableman was appointed by the Republican speaker. His report is purely partisan. It has no legal bearing of any kind.

      What’s more, Gableman has been derided by Wisconsin media for conducting a sham investigation. The mayors of all the WIsconsin cities named in your article refused to even cooperate with Gableman.

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