University of Waterloo Limits Science Position to “Women, Transgender, Non-Binary, or Two-Spirit” Persons

Canada’s University of Waterloo is in the news this week after advertising for applications of a science position but limiting consideration to “qualified individuals who self-identify as women, transgender, non-binary, or two-spirit.” The school’s Faculty of Environment posted an announcement seeking applications for a PhD-level scholar in “geography, earth and/or environmental science and sustainability, planning or a related discipline” who has “evidence of an active research program with emphasis on climate and/or climate change science, water science and sustainability, or future cities.”The announcement contains the usual criteria on showing promising research and ability to attract external funding. It also adds this criteria: “This call is open only to qualified individuals who self-identify as women, transgender, non-binary, or two-spirit.”Some may be unfamiliar with the “two-spirit” identification. The conservative site College Fix includes this description:

According to LGBTQ, a two-spirit person is one who “identifies as having both a masculine and a feminine spirit.” The term was coined in 1990 by Myra Laramee at the Third Annual Inter-tribal Native American, First Nations, Gay and Lesbian American Conference.

“Two-spirit” also may include “same-sex attraction and a wide variety of gender variance, including people who might be described in Western culture as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, gender queer, cross-dressers or who have multiple gender identities,” the site states.

The HRC further explains the history behind the term:

Research shows that more than 150 different pre-colonial Native American tribes acknowledged third genders in their communities. And that may have been a unifying feature of different pre-colonial cultures. …

By no means did all pre-colonial Native American communities accept or celebrate gender and sexual orientation diversity. Often when tribes were conquered, they were taken as slaves or forced to submit sexually to their conquerors. However, we also know from writings of the European colonizers that not everyone they wrote about self-identified as third gender — some of them were conquered warriors who were forced to dress femininely. Interpretations of the role and standing of Two-Spirit and third gender people varied by tribe.

Such exclusionary criteria are permitted under Section 14 of the Ontario Human Rights Code to “relieve hardship or economic disadvantage, help disadvantaged people or groups to achieve, or try to achieve, equal opportunity or help eliminate discrimination.”

Since individuals can “self-identify,” it is not clear if there is any level of proof that would be required for applicants. There have been past studies showing an increase in such self-identifications on applications. Students and prospective faculty are aware that diversity is weighed in such selections.

As a result, one student showed that more than a third of white students falsely claimed minority status while roughly half of applicants claimed Native American status. Most notably, 77 percent of students who lied about their race were accepted by those schools.

As discussed in an earlier column, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the most famous example of an academic being challenged on such self-identification. Notably, when Warren claimed a small percentage of DNA possibly linking her to Native Americans, she was denounced by various groups.

The response from Native American groups who denounced Warren for using DNA to show ancestry was interesting. Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin insisted that “using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.” Warren privately apologized to the tribe for using a DNA test to establish status as a Native American.

Canada has recently had its own such controversies over indigenous identifications by faculty members.

When it comes to sexual identity, there is generally no authentication or confirmation required for applicants.

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  1. I idenbtify as whatever you need to give me the job. You can always “transition” back to what you actually are later.

  2. I myself am species-challenged.


  3. Henceforth I identify as an African American transgender cross dressing homosexual. It is 100% true, and at the same time it points out how insane our American leftists have become.

  4. Time to boycott institutions of “higher learning”. They only destroy society. Starve them out of existence.

  5. This is yet another problem the (((J))) has made for you. Take your blinders off and Behold! The (((J))) is your problem! BLM is a corporation… started and owned by… you guessed it…. A (((J))) ALL the problems now are funded and incorporated by the (((J))). Just open your FKN eyes and do the research. It’s all FACT

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    1. conquered warriors who were forced to dress femininely.

      That was to humiliate them.

  6. Not satisfied with only the asylum, the lunatics also take over the university.

  7. The left goes into a rage when Florida Governor Disantis says that the children of Florida are being groomed by the Florida LBGTQ++ (Disney) community. The woman’s movement was justified in making us aware of the casting couch in Hollywood. The casting couch still exist in Hollywood. See Harvey Weinstein. Hollywood knows about the other casting couch in Hollywood but they just keep their mouths shut about it. I am presenting a link that hopefully will inform you about the other casting couch. When the link comes up it will say that it can not play on this format but if you press the play button it will load. The link is to a film about the other casting couch in Hollywood. The film is an hour and a half long but if you view just the first few minutes I believe it will further your interest. Do you think that the groomers in the film voted for a Democrat or a Republican? WARNING, you will be saddened.

  8. I am familiar with one of the colleges at Waterloo. It is a fine and respected institution.

    This struck me as incredibly odd!

    I had to take a psychological test (years ago)before an employment interview. Afterwards, I had occasion to ask a question of university professor who specialized in educational and psychological assessment. I told him about the bizarre nature of some of the questions in the CPI. “How could anyone take this test seriously? It is weird. It seems it would be easy to cheat.”

    He replied, “When you are crazy these questions will not seem odd.”

    If this job application seems normal to anyone, they might be just the person the recruiter is looking for.

    “Once we threw away the compass of right and wrong that was passed down to us from ancient wisdom, self indulgence has become the rule, supported by a good deal of rationalism.” Arthur Goldberg

  9. To “identify as.” Can I identify as a dog and be someone’s pet? Can I identify as a cat and run bare? Can identify as a 12-year-old and go to 7th grade? Can I identify as a Hobbit?

    1. And we could all have a get-together some evening with friends and turn this into a parlor game — and to take a title from the band ‘The Who’…..the name of the game is ‘Who Are You.’ I really wanna know. I think Old.George is really onto something here —- how about this one — since scientists seem to agree that mankind originated in Africa, we are all African, if you go back far enough. I think I’ll put that down on my next Loan Application or Job Application — African American — and I self-identify as that — no one can prove that I don’t.

  10. If I walk into a doctor’s office and there is a diploma from the University of Waterloo hanging on the wall, I’m gone in a flash.

    1. I always wanted to be a doctor. Who else can ask a woman to undress and send the bill to her husband?

  11. Jonathan: My DNA test shows that .00000000000000004 percent of my ancestry can be traced to a remote native community in Georgia. But, hey, I’m, not bragging. Doubt if I could get a “minority” business loan. But growing up I often recall playing “cowboys and injuns” with the local kids. I always chose play the “Indian” part spending endless hours making a headdress and a bow and arrow. I always tried to be authentic. My hero was Iron Eyes Cody who portrayed an “Indian” in movies and on TV along side John Wayne and Roy Rogers. I became disillusioned when I found out Cody was not Native American but of Italian ancestry. It was also about this time I learned there was no Santa Claus and the characters in Amos n’ Andy were really white. Life is full of disappointments.

    Now, as it turns out, I do know something about the “two spirits” identification used by Waterloo. I spent years, off and on, going to Mexico and studying the art and cultural anthropology in the state of Oaxaca–in Mitla and the Istmo of Tehuantepec. There the traditional indigenous division of three genders is seen as a natural way of being…female, male and “muxes” in the Zapotec language. A “muxe”, to use a Western term, is male-to-female, female-to male, trans, etc. There is no social stigma attached. Even the local Catholic church recognizes the “muxe” designation because it is deeply ingrained in local culture.

    Here and in Canada “two spirits” is accepted and is included in under the LGBTQ umbrella. The “two spirits” tradition among North American communities was disrupted by conquest and disease along with efforts by Catholic and other missionaries, government agents, boarding schools and white settlers who tried to stamp it out–trying to perpetuate the myth of only male and female from religious teachings. Now there are annual gatherings in both the US and Canada of LGBTQ members of the native American community. It’s a story largely ignored by the white community.

    So where comes your fixation with Waterloo’s recognition of gender identity? Could it be your Catholic upbringing that teaches that homosexuality is a sin? And how is Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test relevant to the issue of gender identity? Perhaps, a distraction from the fact there is no DNA (at least not so far) for gender identification? That fact doesn’t make it less important in establishing academic credentials. Waterloo is entitled to choose its own criteria for identifying qualified candidates. “Two spirits” has been around since the 1990s so your apparent ignorance shows you have a lot of catching up to do.

    1. Dennis McIntyre is all into choosing people for a job according to the color of their skin or their gender. With being from Georgia some of his ancestors could have agreed that certain jobs only belonged to the white man. How is this any different. Considering the acceptance of the Roman Catholic Church of a varied gender identity we should consider that the Roman soldiers took twelve year old boys to the battlefields for their sexual pleasure. Because something has happened in the past it doesn’t mean that it should be continued and accepted in a civilized society.

    2. Homosexual deviancy has been around far longer than the 1990’s, and not just among Native Americans. Best estimates of the numbers is under 2% of the human race, regardless of race or color. It is not that people have a “fixation,” it is that they have become tired of having a small minority attempt to force their beliefs on the normal majority, to the point of giving advantages to them and disadvantages to those who are NOT sexually deviant. I and many others do not care what one adult does with any other adult in the privacy of their homes, I and many others object to having their deviant behavior thrust into our faces and our lives, demanding that we not only accept them, but glorify them and embrace them, placing them ahead of normal people who are better qualified for positions such as this teaching position, simply because of their deviant behavior. And since the deviants are now attempting to indoctrinate our children, I and many others feel they have gone a bridge too far, and we are tired of it. The fact that YOU do not recognize this means your apparent ignorance shows you have a lot of catching up to do.

    3. Yes because we were building a society, not nomadic cannibal land. The Christian agreement of one woman per man is the only thing that gives equality of opportunity. This push for mental illness to be recognized over normal is retarded. Full stop. If you agree with it, you area retard and should not be allowed within 500ft of children, nasty groomers.

  12. “Oh, my, those in charge left out an open door for those sometimes called “people of color.”

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