The Majestic Beauty of Zion

My trip to Utah to speak to the Federal Bar Association allowed me this week to return to Utah, one of my favorite places on Earth. While I only had a day for hiking, I drove to Zion National Park for some wonderful hikes. I wanted to share some of the pictures and encourage everyone to take a trip to Utah to see the almost indescribable  beauty of this state.

St. George itself is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and surrounded by gorgeous red cliffs and valleys that are mesmerizing.

In hiking Zion, you need to park your car at either the parking lot or in the town. You then take buses to the trial heads. This is the best organized park in the country. Buses run every few minutes.

I started with the Emerald Pools trails with lovely waterfalls. It is an easy hike and a good way to loosen up.

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I then did the Angel’s Landing and Rim trails. This is a brutal climb along a steep trail with a lot of switchbacks. It is also breathtaking, both literally and figuratively. I keep climbing above Angel’s Land to the Rim trail. I strongly recommend the extra effort.  However, be sure to take a lot of stops and drink a lot of water. This is a trail that you have to do at your own pace. (This was my fourth time on this trail and, while it took longer, it is still one of the most inspiring trails in the park).

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These hikes are exhausting but truly rejuvenating. I am heading home today but already planning my next return to Utah.

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  1. Your trip to Zion is really one of the best and mesmerizing trip of this blog. I have started to save for Zion and will soon visit there.

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos. Beautiful! Utah is a gorgeous state. We hope to return to see more.

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    1. Get over Trump. Your boy Biden is in there, destroying the country as we speak. Worry about HIM, instead of your love for Trump which is apparent because he lives in your head 24/7. Obsessed much??

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  4. The review of Zion is truly one of the roughest trips you will ever see, feel, recall, and enjoy.

  5. I have a hard enough time climbing in bed at night. So no thank you.

  6. See the selfie?

    Look at that smile.

    Professor Turley is happy.

    Oh, my!

    Oh, Happy Day!

  7. It is my continuing hope that every citizen of the USA have ample opportunities to see our nation in all its beauty. I’ve visited the 48 contiguous states and I’ve never been disappointed in what I have seen.

    1. That’s wonderful!! My husband and I decided, as much as we would like to see the world, we want to see all of America first, so this is what our aim is too!!!

  8. Jonathan Turley, you, similar to many others, misuse the word ‘incredible’. Seems to me that a professor ought to do better.

    Perhaps you meant ‘astounding’?

    1. @David A Benson: You remind me of my alcoholic mother. That’s incredibly sad. Here’s hoping that experiencing the beauty of what’s being shared will eventually override your need to critique. Keep coming back! 😇

    2. DBB – I did not see the word “incredible” used anywhere in the article. I did see the word ‘indescribable.’

      What a hoot you are DBB.

        1. I read the article that was in front of me. It said nothing about being updated or edited.

          Don’t ever shame on me, mister.

    3. DBB – Seems to me that a retired professor ought to do better. Take Turley’s advice. Before you share a comment, “be sure to take a lot of stops and drink a lot of water.”

  9. Wife and I visited Zion Nat’l in 1997. I am sure things have changed somewhat but not the beauty. We also made a trip further up to Bryce Canyon and it definitely is wothwhile to visit also.

  10. Professor,
    It is with profound jealousy that I say “thank you” for sharing your grand experience and photos. Makes me miss my hiking days (when I was in my 40’s and 50’s) in Arizona and Utah. Treasure these adventures!

  11. You must go to Bryce Canyon National Park on your next visit to Utah. Stay in the Park lodge right on the rim of the canyon. No TV, no air conditioning. Some I’m the cafeteria steps away. . Breathtaking. Heaven on earth.

  12. Check and see if Attorney General Garland has the DOJ following you in Utah.
    Be very afraid of the US Federals

    Department of Justice is using the PATRIOT Act to Investigate Parents

    Moms for Liberty responds to DOJ Whistleblower Letter Confirming They Were Investigated by FBI after AG Garland Testified Under Oath Parents Were Not Being Targeted

  13. Thank you for sharing the absolutely gorgeous photos of Utah.

  14. When you’re ready to pack it in on your day job, scenic photographer could be a good career choice!

  15. On my bucket list. I’ve been to Sedona, and loved it, but have yet to make it to Zion in Utah. Breathtakingly beautiful.

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