San Francisco Voters Oust District Attorney in Rare Recall

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin has been lionized by the press for years. He had the ultra-liberal resume for an ultra-liberal city. Boudin is the son of Weather Underground terrorists and  a former translator in Hugo Chávez’s presidential palace in Venezuela. Now, in a rare move, the voters of San Francisco have ousted Boudin in a rebuke not only to him but the failure of other leaders who have been downplaying or deflecting increasing crime in our major cities.

The San Francisco Chronicle, is reporting that 60 percent of the voters tossed out Boudin. The city has been plagued by violent crimes, daytime smash-and-grab crimes, shoplifting and property damage.

Boudin blamed “right-wing billionaires” for his defeat. It was an ironic criticism given his support from billionaire George Soros.

It is worth taking in mind that San Francisco also recently ousted far left school board members who were accused of pursuing controversial policies in the public schools.

The recall of Boudin should be deeply concerning for Democrats who have pushed for these new DAs and “reimagining” criminal justice. The most concerned should be George Gascón who previously held the position in San Francisco. He was also accused of allowing crime to rise unabated and left the city — later running for Los Angeles District Attorney on the very same policies that led to his opposition in San Francisco.


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  1. Conservatives are routinely mocked for their vigorous defense of their natural rights, especially the 2nd amendment, where it is joked that they will be outgunned by our government in a second revolution. But that assumes our new long train of abuses will only be resolved through violent means. While we have the self-evident truths that justify a revolution, they do not tell us how that revolution must be fought.

    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    The recall of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is a great example of how we can peacefully alter or abolish an existing order. Most impressive is the fact this was accomplished in a very large. very Left -leaning city in a very large, Left-leaning state. While experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. Even San Francisco’s ultra-liberal constituency proved the next point of the DoI to be true: But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    Elections are the forum where we have the best chance for a peaceful revolution. We need to ensure they are free, fair and uncorrupted. If the upcoming midterm elections are corrupted and the will of the people is denied their peaceful expression, then regrettably, this final point will come to fruition: We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity.

    We are on the clock.

  2. Gascon “was also accused of allowing crime to rise unabated . . .”

    Why does the radical Left embrace criminals?

    Part of the reason is their deterministic view that criminals are just “victims” of an “oppressive system.”

    But there’s another reason. Criminals roaming the streets are useful to the radical Left. Those criminals cause disasters and create fear — which are then used as a pretext to usurp rights and to exert greater government control over the individual’s life. (That, by the way, is Soros’ motivation.)

    An object lesson in that totalitarian formula can be seen in the Left’s reaction to the Uvalde shooting.

  3. OK. The SF DA got booted. Who will be the new SF DA?

    After all, outlaws need to make a living too. Having a new DA worse than the 1st would be an issue.

      1. Lest we forget that Kamala Harris was a twice-elected San Francisco DA…with an atrocious record.
        Harris, Gascon, Boudin — all awful DAs.
        It apparently goes with the territory.

  4. To my “nomal” friends on this site. Wasting time with JS and Anon, is foolish. They are both trained seals that have been bought and paid for by the CCP. Adult discussions should ignore those two paid political bots and state the truth and the facts, without interference by the clowns. Fact is, this hearing is total nonsense, designed to change the subject of the real problems that plague America and the world. A committee of Congress looking into this, should be investigating it purely to prevent it from happening again. However, this committee is designed to change the political dynamics of the day, with nothing but the mid-term elections in mind. Not investigating why and how this was allowed to happen in the first place, and why the national guard was not used that day, are the real questions that need answers. But, just like the “Russian collusion” hearings held by the Democrats, truth is not the objective, but politics is…as usual.

    1. Great comment Jay Kerry, thanks! Those two are deliberately trying to ruin the comments section in order to make it stop being provided to the rest of us. The moronic “commenters” ended the comments section on the Hill by being so obnoxious. This is a form of the “heckler’s veto”.

    2. Jay Kerry,

      We’ve never seen you before. How do you you even know Anon and JS? Because you’re a puppet of The Blog Stooge?

      1. Anomaly,

        There is no doubt that even a casually reader of this blog would notice that we have a retard and an idiot with a bag on his head as two of our most prolific posters.

  5. Even Democrats Hate Democrats…but they will elect someone Just as Bad…because it is a DEMOCRAT.
    Their greed and blind belief in Propaganda means they are a LOST cause, on the way to 1920’s & 30’s Germany
    See where they are opening another investigation against Trump and his people! Welcome to open Fascism

  6. Obviously a White Man can’t be allowed to have this position a trans-binary tri-mix full Marxist is needed!

  7. He just wasn’t bad enough…maybe they will elect his parents!
    Democrats Hate America!
    DOj/FBI are 100% corrupt!

    Democrats voters have elected some of the worst elected officials in American History. Democrats are starting Civil War 2.0…Republicans haven’t started fighting!

  8. Our American dems have gone SO far left, become SO insane, and become SUCH a pathetic, whining, temper tantrum throwing, chutzpah-riddled victim class, up to and including our POTUS, it’s becoming damn near impossible for nearly anyone over 30 to take them seriously.

    Perhaps we should be grateful for their destructive lockdown: it accelerated their madness in broad daylight for all to see whereas it might have been years, otherwise. Losing San Fran is pretty much losing, period. Good riddance, Soros.

  9. The people who lose by the actions (or lack of actions) of these Soros soft-on-crime district attorneys are the citizens who live in the neighborhoods and projects where these thugs and gangsters live. They don’t have the option of living uptown or in a gated and secured community. They don’t have an armed security detail.

    The criminals know they will only get a slap on the hand and will be back on the streets to do as they please, emboldened. It’s easy to talk about liberal policies for a person who has not yet been impacted, yet.

    Good for the citizens!! People worldwide have this in common, safety. . Safety is at the very top of the list. That is a fundamental human right!

    Security is only achieved by rule of law and a fair and consistent enforcement of the law.

  10. When those remedials in liberal San Fran finally get it, that signals it’s over for the Dim Reign of Stupid. Took ‘em a while but even a blind donkey can figure out its being urinated on after a long while.

  11. The guy who only got elected due to the money of George Soros is now complaining that monied people, LOCAL PEOPLE, are supporting his recall. Odd that the progs complain about LOCAL business and property owners being in support of the recall when it is LOCAL businesses and property owners that are being crushed by soft on crime policies???

    This is the left, the hypocritical, lying, projecting power hungry mob that will use anything to get their way. Voting rights…huge issue, let’s abolish the filibuster, get rid of the electoral college and federalize elections, Roe v Wade…huge issue, let’s abolish the filibuster, get rid of the electoral college and nationalize elections, gun violence…huge issue, let’s abolish the filibuster, get rid of the electoral college and federalize elections. They want us to forget that federalizing elections was what they submitted as HR1, their very first bill this term.

  12. Its improtant to understand the committee has no intention of addressing why Pelosi refused to protect the Capitol.

    Yesterday the post was about DHS declaring domestic terrorists the number one threat to the United States. Somehow the monster agency that is DHS, had no idea about all the different conspiracies in play Jan 6. and the organized sedition. Sedition has been charged. But those charged were smarter than DHS, and sprung their elaborate plan. Totally surprising DHS.

  13. My sister in law voted for him originally. When I spoke to her about 2 months ago, she was AGHAST that her Walgreens was closing the doors. I asked her what she expected them to do, when they can’t afford to stay open for people to come in and steal $950. worth of stuff, and nothing happens. She woke up(this time)…and she and her husband voted for his recall. Unfortunately, they will still vote for Progressives. They will never learn.

    1. Wen Bars:
      Socialists will take a lot of abuse before they finally figure it out. Give em time. In the meantime, enjoy their learning curve.

      1. have the socialists of Venezuela learned to stop voting Socialist?
        See your Future!

  14. Was January 6th bad? Yes. Was it at times a riot? Yes. In normal times it would have and should have garnered huge and dominating headlines, but these weren’t normal times. About 5 months prior to January 6th there was another riot at the White House that was so bad that the Secret Service moved the president into the bunker for his own safety and a very historical church across the street was lit on fire. Security agents and others, many others were injured and it was a very serious riot. Also all across the nation the left was attacking businesses, federal court houses and POLICE STATIONS all while Kamala Harris was involved with providing bail for the rioters.

    The nation in 2020 was convulsed in left wing riots and when the right decided to join in the rioting the world ended for the media. The same media that had no issue with RIOTERS attacking the Supreme Court in 2018 over the Kavanaugh hearings with some going so far as to INVADE the Senate and even go after a sitting senator in their private elevator. Any word from the media? Nope.

    Fox News should not cover this ABC produced, Disney promoted, Democrat attempt to make people forget that their IRA’s and 401k’s are being ruined, that they can’t afford gas or groceries and that they can’t even find baby formula.

    Hey folks, I would suggest going to a nice steak house rather than watching the hearings, the fake hearings, but these days you can’t get a steak for under $40,00 at even a decent steak house.

    PS. To all the leftist liars promoting the hearings, if it is a search for the truth then why won’t Pelosi allow even one true Republican to be on the committee? Why no subpoena power for the minority, as is always the case? Or should always be the case. This is just another Schiff show, you know Adam Schiff, the guy that still says he is holding PROOF of Trump’s collusion with Russia.

    1. Yes. In normal times it would have and should have garnered huge and dominating headlines, but these weren’t normal times. About 5 months prior to January 6th there was another riot at the White House that was so bad that the Secret Service moved the president into the bunker for his own safety and a very historical church across the street was lit on fire. Security agents and others, many others were injured and it was a very serious riot. Also all across the nation the left was attacking businesses, federal court houses and POLICE STATIONS all while Kamala Harris was involved with providing bail for the rioters.

      And they complained when those rioters were tear gassed, even going so far as to deny there was any riots.

  15. ITS ABOUT TIME, VOTERS and REAL CITIZENS taking back their Gov’t and LAW, LAW and ORDER. San Fran use to be a nice place to visit, hope they wake up and install a REAL CRIME fighter and Clean Up their streets. Hopefully the Mayor goes next. Lets hope Chicago, Philly, DC, NY and other places that Soros DA’s throw out these DA’s and bring back LAW and ORDER.

  16. Hopefully Gascon is next. I don’t know if they have recall in Philly or Chicago, but it would be nice to see Lucifer funded Foxx and Krasner go also.


    “Fox News Doesn’t Plan to Carry Jan. 6 Hearings Live”

    “Its sister network, the lower-rated Fox Business, will carry live coverage, while star prime-time hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity will proceed as usual.”

    How many times have we read Turley quite RIGHTLY criticize the MSM networks for ignoring the Hunter Biden scandal? I’m all in favor of investigating and prosecuting Hunter and Joe if the evidence warrants. I could not care less if Hunter were imprisoned or Joe impeached.

    But I don’t want to hear any more about the MSM’s silence about Hunter’s laptop given Fox’s decision to blackout these hearings.

    Turley, to the contrary, is on the record stating:

    “The House hearings are likely to add details that damn Trump for fueling the riot and failing to immediately call on the rioters to pull back. Yet many of us reached the condemnation stage years ago; I reached that point while Trump was still speaking on Jan. 6, 2020, and opposed his efforts to challenge the certification. The problem is not that the committee will move forward with hearings or a report. Despite its partisan composition and agenda, there is always a value to greater transparency about what occurred on that tragic day.”

    The question is whether Turley will denounce his employer for its censorship or keep his mouth shut (if he knows what’s good for him).

    Will Turley cover the hearings here despite the fact that the Trumpists believe his Fox brethren who have called these hearings a TOTAL SHAM?

    Another humiliation for Turley.

    1. …humiliation for Turley…
      …Will Turley cover…
      …whether Turley will…
      …Turley, to the contrary, is on the record…
      …Turley quite RIGHTLY criticize…

      What a retard.

      1. Thank you for your not ignoring me which is worse than being called a retard.

          1. Monumentcolorado asks:

            “Have you no self-respect?”

            After considerable thought, I would have to say “no.” I do act from principle, and I have a sense of shame, but self-respect? I think not. It is not important whether I respect myself but whether others respect me.

            Now, you don’t respect me. You say that I am pathetic. Given your irredeemably ugly soul, I don’t want your respect. If ever you stop criticizing me, I’ll begin to doubt myself.

    2. Jeff, it is a mistake for Fox not to cover it morally. But believe me, from a purely business standpoint it makes sense. Wanna bet who gets the higher ratings? I know that the audience will be split but even Watergate was not broadcast in prime time. The hearings are legit. Using them as a political tool is reprehensible. Let’s just use cable networks. Fox will outdraw cnn and msnbc combined. You can take from that what you will.
      What happened on Jan 6 was awful. But if that put our democracy at risk, we are in bigger trouble than I could have ever imagined. Does anyone really think that the Electoral certification would have been nullified? It was a stupid maneuver and nothing good was ever going to come out of it. I said it at the time.
      And if these hearings in some way prevent Trump from running, good. He is unelectable.

      1. Paul,

        I don’t complain that Fox is engaging in censorship per se. I am in favor of censorship by Little Brother (as opposed to Big Brother).

        Turley insists that the First Amendment should apply against Little Brother! I don’t. I believe that the media should discriminate against bad speech. Though it’s their privilege, I deplore Fox’s decision to deprive its viewers of these hearings so that they can make up their own minds. To be sure, it’s a business decision for Fox. Mine is a moral criticism of Fox’s business decision, not a Free Speech criticism.

        Either way, it’s an embarrassment for a free speech purist like Turley to work for a network which engages in censorship. If Turley denounces Fox’s deplatforming of these hearings, I will respect him. If we hear

        ……………. Crickets…………..

        Well, you know…

        1. Jeff. I agree. I am not going to relitigate Turley’s “: hypocrisy” again. Maybe he just contributes to a network that is more aligned with his views. If he went on cnn or msnbc and spouted their ideology that would be hypocritical. That would be him conforming his ” expertise” to a certain mindset in order to get a paycheck.
          By the way, and I hope you would never do this, calls for you to stop posting here are wrong. I for one appreciate your input. We obviously don’t see eye to eye on most things, but I do not desire an echo chamber.
          I am sure Fox’s viewers can tune in to another network if they want. I don’t think that they are being deprived of anything.
          My view is this prime- time event is way more political than informative.

          1. Paul,

            Turley’s hypocrisy is not that he works at Fox. If he did NOT criticize- which he should- the rage and false narratives in the MSM while IGNORING worse at Fox, I would not call him a hypocrite. He should criticize both which he would do were he not employed by Fox. But there is no money in being intellectually honest, sadly. And I’m not saying that Turley is any worse than any other paid pundit. It’s just that I had come to expect far better of Turley which explains why I am so annoyed that he has sold-out. I was a big fan of his until he decided to cash-in.

            I hope you will watch the hearings so that we will have more to argue about! Turley was honest to acknowledge that he expects damning revelations about Trump unlike his Fox colleagues who are advising the Trumpists to boycott the hearings because they are a sham. These hearings will be a test of Turley’s intellectual honesty as he tries to contextual the damning revelations. He won’t go full Trumpist and ignore them or accuse the witnesses of lying. But will he finally concede that Trump and his lieutenants were NOT acting in good faith in contesting the election as he has to date presumed?

            We shall see. My guess is that Turley may side step that verdict by claiming that there is just not enough evidence….

            1. “But will he finally concede that Trump and his lieutenants were NOT acting in good faith in contesting the election as he has to date presumed?”

              How could Trump not be acting in good faith. According to Democrat leadership, the election was the most secure in history. No matter how one feels about the election results, after seeing 2000 Mules, everyone knows that statement was untrue. The election wasn’t secure, and more than enough know that Biden lost. Trump’s claims were accurate.

              Jeff, I thought you were going to say your goodbyes. (deep state)

        2. They are airing it on their other network. If ESPN air the college lacrosse championship game on ESPN2 are they censoring the game?

        3. “I deplore Fox’s decision to deprive its viewers….” Fox’s viewers can change the channel to Fox News if they desire to suffer through a partisan hearing but I suspect they will prefer the scheduled shows and for good reason.

          “I will respect him.” BS. You have never respected Mr. Turley. Every day Turley this and Turley that but hey….at least he’s not a Trumpist. Your original post like most has nothing to do with the article and was just another jab at Turley. You’re what Turley refers to as a troll and juvenile poster.

    3. Jeff:

      “I don’t want to hear any more…”

      Presumptuous little twit aren’t you?

      Read about King Canute.

      There is a conservative wave rolling in.

      1. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

        Martin Luther King, Jr.

          1. Turley concedes:

            “the details in this article are different and deeply unsettling, if true. If not, Garrow has ruined his own celebrated career and defamed an American icon.”

            Unlike a Trumpist, Turley keeps an open mind and laments the fact if the accusation is proven untrue. You, on the other hand, jump to the worst conclusion, true of not.

            1. Why not? It’s not like the guy had great character to begin with. He was an icon and a great one but like Lord Acton said “great men are almost always bad men,” Grow up, Jeff. Adult experience beats childish hero worship. Too many libs don’t know that. They love worshipping the world and it’s baubles.

              1. Again, I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with Turley on this one just like I stand with him in refusing to watch “ 2000 Mules.” We have a lot in common us NeverTrumpers.

                1. JS:
                  Sure critique something you’ve never seen and denounce it with no basis. Stubborn ignorance kinda fits you. To quote the liberal mealy-mouths around, it’s “deeply disturbing.” Real folks call it criminal or evil.

                  1. If Turley recommends it, I’ll go see it. Ok? If he says nothing; I’ll trust his opinion that it is unmentionable.

                    1. Turley never told me to stay near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris either but behold I did and am!! You’ve got a strange way of thinking.

                    2. Mespo,

                      While you’re there, go to a Michelin 3-star or at least a 2-star. But I would not advise telling your Trumpist fellows what the evening set you back since they’ll know you are in the elite. We haute cuisine diners don’t want that, now do we?

      2. MC:

        Canute (Cnut the Great) is one of my favorite historical figures. After failing to command the tides, it is said that he exclaimed ‘Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws.'”

        The conqueror of all he surveyed then hung his gold crown on a crucifix, and never wore it again. There’s a man.

    4. Jeff is too blind, stupid or partisan to see that there is a difference between not giving wall to wall coverage of an ABC produced, Democrat controlled, Schiff led partisan attack of half-truths and totally ignoring a true story. Fox News does cover the hearing, talks about it in it’s newscasts, debates it in it’s opinion shows and discusses it on all platforms as ALL OTHER NETWORKS wouldn’t even mention the Hunter laptop story or the Sussman trial prior to acquittal.

      Jeff needs to leave this site because it is making him seriously ill. The guy is obsessed with Turley, Fox and Trump and he really needs an intervention. As for the rest of us…we need a break from his insanity and I suggest we all ignore his rantings until he quietly goes away.

      1. Well if one has no belief in God, something else needs to replace the prior faith in something — some people just believe religiously in all things anti Trump and Fox News — no room for discussion just fervent ideology however limited it may be…

    5. Fox Business will cover it since you are so upset. I’m sure you were planning on watching it on Fox.

      1. Fox Business gets approximately 1/10 the viewership of Fox News. Not even Turley would defend that blow-off. My guess is that we will hear crickets from Turley. He won’t bite the hand that feeds him.

        1. WAHHHHHHH……. Do you really think Fox viewers would turn in to watch Nancy lie to us?/ WHY would we. WE all know this is a show trial and the whole thing is a farce. The Progressives with the help of the Intel agencies performed a coup, and are arresting and imprisoning people who went against them.

          1. Wen Bars,

            Nothing you say, Turley says. Don’t tell me; try to convince Turley of your crap. When he repeats it, I’ll believe it.

    6. Of course, you misrepresent President Trumps message on that day – a day where extensive election fraud evidence was being overlooked in favor of installing joe biden (obama and company)

      1. Turley said:

        1. Trump’s speech was “reckless.”

        2. The storming of the Capitol was a “desecration.”

        3. Called for Trump’s Congressional censure just like Joe McCarthy was censored by Congress.

        4. Turley has denied that there was evidence of massive voter fraud.

        Turley is a NeverTrumper, friend.

        1. “Desecration”? That rich from a liberal … or maybe not since government is their religion. People always tell you who and what they are.

          1. Turley- not I- said it was a “desecration” which actually is worse than an “insurrection.” An insurrection could be righteous, but to desecrate is to destroy something with utter contempt.

        2. “Turley has denied that there was evidence of massive voter fraud.”

          We need some definitions of terms and the exact quote in context. Since 2000 Mules, has Turley said large-scale voter fraud didn’t exist? No. It appears he has stayed away from that subject probably because it doesn’t pertain to what he wishes to write, or perhaps, he is waiting for an opportune time to talk about it.

          We know there was large-scale voter fraud. It has been proven in many states and 2000 Mules. Not only that but if we remove the illegal ballots from the swing states Biden would have lost. That is why Jeff keeps his eyes shut tight. He believes what he doesn’t see never happened. He is a fool.

          Desacration? ~400 BLM Antifa riots isn’t a desecration? Taking over a portion of a city isn’t desecration. Burning down neighborhoods isn’t a desecration?

          Jailing innocent people isn’t a desecration? Not releasing exculpatory proof of innocence isn’t a desecration?

          What is a desecration is Jeff’s attitude towards those that are illegal and do menial labor in his behalf. Jeff, you are a self-serving desecrator, right?

    7. The show trial that the Democrats are putting on about Jan. 6, is just that, a show. Over 50% of Americans don’t care about it because they know it’s a political joke. At the outset, Pelosi denied the Republicans their ability to appoint members to the committee. What people do care about is $100 gas tank costs and food prices going through the roof. Bidenflation will trump Jan. 6 at election time.

      1. Hey Doc,

        Turley disagrees with Trumpists. I repeat what he said:

        “The House hearings are likely to add details that damn Trump for fueling the riot and failing to immediately call on the rioters to pull back. Yet many of us reached the condemnation stage years ago; I reached that point while Trump was still speaking on Jan. 6, 2020, and opposed his efforts to challenge the certification. The problem is not that the committee will move forward with hearings or a report. Despite its partisan composition and agenda, there is always a value to greater transparency about what occurred on that tragic day.”

        You gonna argue with Turley?

        1. What I’ll say is what JT says or doesn’t say is irrelevant. The majority of the public just doesn’t care about a third rate riot that happened a year and half ago. Nothing that comes out of this will change a single opinion or vote. The country and the economy is a wreck. People can’t afford to get back and forth to work. People can’t find food for their kids. Remember, it’s the economy stupid.

          1. Currentsitguy,

            You are correct. What you are saying is exactly what Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham are saying.

            Fox knows that its viewers don’t want to know about the fact that Trump was a liar. In addition, Fox does not want to embarrass Ingraham and Hannity when their tweets are presented at the hearings in which they were advising and colluding with Meadows to help Trump and finally begging Meadows to tell Trump to call off his followers from destroying all that they had worked together to achieve.

            It’s not a good look.

            1. We know every single last person inside the Beltway is more crooked than a country mile. It comes with the territory. Every single last one of them will lie, cheat, steal or do anything necessary because for them it’s a game and the goal is to win at any cost. There are no exceptions so accusing someone of that is the ultimate statement of the obvious. Anyone who says otherwise is either also a liar or is delusional.

        2. Hey Jeff,

          Let us look at a more complete quote of what Turley wrote to determine what he said.

          “A variety of polls show, according to the political site FiveThirtyEight, that “Americans are moving on from Jan. 6th — even if Congress hasn’t.” With waning interest in the investigation, congressional Democrats and some in the media have pushed “blockbuster” new disclosures. However, many of their disclosures simply confirm what is already known: Then-President Trump and close associates wanted to challenge Congress’ certification of the 2020 presidential election and, instead, force Congress to select the next president. I wrote about that likely strategy just a couple weeks after the election, but that fruitless effort turned into a full-fledged riot in the Capitol.

          The House hearings are likely to add details that damn Trump for fueling the riot and failing to immediately call on the rioters to pull back. Yet many of us reached the condemnation stage years ago; I reached that point while Trump was still speaking on Jan. 6, 2020, and opposed his efforts to challenge the certification.

          The problem is not that the committee will move forward with hearings or a report. Despite its partisan composition and agenda, there is always a value to greater transparency about what occurred on that tragic day. The problem is the effort to ratchet up interest through conflict. The committee has taken the rare step of subpoenaing GOP colleagues…”

          In summary, what Turley has stated is quite the opposite of what you imply with the selective quoting in your response to Doc.

          – Polls indicate the public is losing interest and has moved on from Jan 6.
          – The J6 committee and the [leftist] media are trying to revive interest in the investigation by revealing “blockbuster new disclosures” which mostly turn out to be old information that is already known.
          – New details may be revealed that damn Trump for his actions on J6 but it makes no difference because many, including Turley, already condemned Trump for this matter years ago on Jan 6.
          – The J6 committee has a “partisan composition and agenda”.
          – Greater “transparency” about what happened on Jan 6 would be good. [Interesting word choice]
          – The J6 committee is attempting to revive interest in the investigation through conflict by subpoenaing GOP house members.

          It sounds to me like the J6 hearings will be nothing but ‘Kabuki Theater’ but these are my words, not Turley’s.

            1. Jeff,

              Jeff, the linked response is not relevant to my comment. Are you not going to rebut my claim that your response to Doc was deceptive? Do you deny that Turley stated that much of America, including himself, have moved on from J6? Do you deny that Turley has stated that the J6 committee has a partisan composition and agenda? Do you deny that Turley has implied that the J6 committee lacks transparency?

    8. Fox Business is covering it. Will you watch it there, or are you just being rude to Jonathan because you think this is a GOTCHA? Why anybody would cover this show trial, when we will never get investigation we actually deserve is a joke. Nancy refused to let the National Guard come in like Trump requested. He sucks at the so called “coup” you dummies think he planned. WHY did she refuse the National Guard if she was so scared?? It must suck to be you Jeffy.

      1. Wen bars,

        Turley clearly does NOT believe it is a show trial. I’m with him. You are not. As I have said all along, it was inevitable that you Trumpists would turn on Turley because he stands for full accountability and law and order.

        Like me, Turley is a NeverTrumper. Surprise!

        1. “Like me, Turley is a NeverTrumper. Surprise!”

          Jeff has repeated this statement dozens of times and every once in awhile I take the time to correct him. By definition Turley can’t be a Never Trumper. Jeff is too dumb to realize that or even look it up. He prefers acting like a moron.

    9. If they are broadcasting it on their sister network how can it be a blackout?
      January 6 ranks below “other” in polls of voter concerns.
      They’re not refusing to air it, they’re not calling it Russian disinformation. They just don’t give it the hoopla you want.

      1. ti317 says:

        “If they are broadcasting it on their sister network how can it be a blackout?”

        I don’t care that Fox is largely blacking it out. I only bring it up because Turley cares. He is the one that complains about “advocacy journalism.” A genuine news organization would carry such an eventful hearing for its viewers to make up their own minds. Years ago, Fox’s slogan was:

        We Report, You Decide”

        Not any more. Fox is no longer a news organization. Let’s see whether Turley is man enough to criticize his employer’s business decision to de-platform this historic public event.

        1. Jeff,

          “I don’t care that Fox is largely blacking it out. *I only bring it up because Turley cares*.”

          “*Let’s see whether Turley is man enough* to criticize his employer’s business decision to de-platform this historic public event.“

          You are truly deranged if you believe that we in the blog do not see straight through your child-like attacks against Turley. You have no more idea what Turley cares about or what his opinion is on matters that remain unspoken than the man on the moon. Yet, you appear here on a daily basis with your proclamations of what Turley cares about, what Turley wants, what Turley believes, what Turley fears… Are we meant to believe that you are the oracle who can deduce from scattered bones the intent of the gods?

          Of course, none of your proclamations hold to the truth and you must be incredibly naive to believe that your *simple* efforts will convince anyone otherwise.

          Most of us have children and grandchildren who have tried to play the same games so your efforts, despite what you may believe, are in no way clever. Instead, they are just tiresome.

          Lest you feel some measure of success, be certain that the fact that you are ‘tiresome’ will not drive me or anyone else away. Quite to the contrary, I will continue to enjoy the company of the other adults in the room while ignoring your childish antics. However, be warned, after a while, like any adult dealing with an obstinate child, I will inevitably lose patience and smack you.

          1. Hey Ray,

            If you don’t like what I have to say, ignore me. Is someone twisting your arm to read my comments? Turley invites civil comments, and I oblige him with mine. It’s that simple. You don’t like, too bad. This is not a safe zone for Trumpists.

            I am very attentive to what Turley writes. I have come to know him by reading all his voluminous articles and watching his appearances in front of Congressional sub-committees like yesterday.

            He wants us to know what he believes and doesn’t believe. If I have misinterpreted his positions, he is perfectly free to disabuse me. I would love to engage him and ask him questions. I have a lot! I certainly would welcome being corrected; however, he refuses to participate in any discussions on his very own blog in order to clarify his positions.

            1. Turley used to occasionally comment. No longer. People like JS are not the type of people Turley likes to associate with.

    10. Fox did not decide to “blackout these hearing.” Didn’t you just say Fox Business was carrying live coverage? That’s not a blackout. Besides, Tucker and Sean’s viewers would prefer to watch their program. I’m sure they’ll cover the highlights on a later date. Why make all Fox viewers suffer through partisan hearings on both channels? You really have an unhealthily obsession with Mr. Turley but then again you’re just a troll.

    11. Nancy Pelosi was in charge of the Capitol Building and declined the troops authorized by the President. Pelosi didn’t do her job. Afterwords, she refused to permit the video tapes to be released, which would show what actually happened. She also refuses to provide her communications with all those involved with Jan6. Jan6 is a farce, and we will hear the politicking of the left without an in-depth look at what happened.

      There is no need to have Jan6, a political hack job, on all the networks. I think Congressional hearings should always be available for the public.

      While Jeff says Turley is humiliated, Jeff won’t see 2000 Mules until Turley tells him to. Nice to see him getting away from hiding behind mommy’s skirt, but now like a dog uses Turley’s pant leg.

      Jeff is one confused elitist. He better buy larger brand name labels for his expensive clothes, because that is all he has to cover his ignorance.

  18. Never thought I would see the day. BTW, I read your text on your testimony. EXCELLENT!

  19. It’s insulting to the voters of San Francisco to suggest that they were swayed by “right wing billionaires” rather than by what they see on the news every night in their own city, and what they personally experience walking down the street!

    1. Surprised he didn’t use the Progressive excuse that it was the WHITE SUPREMACISTS hiding behind every bush that did him in….

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