“That’s Now in the Hands of the FBI”: Newly Obtained Texts by Hunter Shed Light on Gun Controversy

The Washington Examiner recently gained access to texts on Hunter Biden’s laptop with the help of a computer expert.  One of the newly acquired texts addressed the scandal over his lost gun. In prior interviews, Hunter insisted that he was never aware of federal law enforcement getting involved in the case and did not believe that it was true. However, in the text, he attacked his sister-in-law Hallie for throwing out the gun. He laments that her tossing the gun to protect him meant that the matter was now “in the hands of the FBI.”

We previously discussed the gun controversy and whether the President’s son violated gun laws by falsely completing a required ATF Form.

Hunter Biden acquired a .38 caliber handgun despite his long-standing drug and alcohol abuse as well as a history of depression. In 2018, the gun was tossed into a trash bin in Wilmington by Hallie Biden, widow of the deceased brother. After the death of his brother Beau, Hunter began a sexual relationship with Hallie and she apparently became concerned about what he might do with the gun. That is precisely the concern for Red Flag laws.  In many ways, her action reflected the need for such laws. In desperation, she threw the gun away but unfortunately chose a garbage bin not far from a school.

According to the Washington Examiner, Hunter was irate with Hallie throwing out the gun to protect him and making him look like an “abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies.” In the long exchanges on Oct. 23, 2018, Hunter asked Hallie if “you want me dead” ​and said “I won’t ever recover from this.”

He then made comparisons to the rest of his family, including her dead husband: “There are 5 guns in dads house. There are f​—ing more weapons in your sons room then in an armory. What’s my f— up? Owning a gun?…Beau owned a handgun issued by the state and i[t] was in the front glove compartment of his car. So f​— you.”

Hallie tried to explain that she was afraid that he would “use” the gun.

In response, Hunter said “They think you’re scared I would shoot you” and called her a “f—ing a–hole.” He then added “You now have me as an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies. And that’s now in the hands of the FBI.”

Secret service agents reportedly appeared in the case and asked for the paperwork for the gun from the store where it was purchased. It is still not clear why. It has never been explained and most media have shown little interest.

Years later, Hunter went on a media tour over his new book, “Beautiful Things.” The interviews were largely fawning and avoided past scandals or follow up questions. However, in one interview, CBS News’ Anthony Mason on “CBS This Morning asked Hunter about the gun incident and why Hallie thew the gun away. Hunter responded “I think she … yes. Yeah, I think she was just concerned about me” and went on to say that “my life was difficult. … Hallie’s intent was to, to make certain that I didn’t do anything to hurt myself.” He added:


“W​e knew that the​ gun​ was los​t,​ that Hallie had thrown into a trash can​. A​nd I told her ​you can’t do that when I realized that it was gone. And so she went back​ again and then they, the police​,​ came to help retrieve the gun, which was retrieved, someone had gone to the trash and picked it up and they found it within hours, I believe. And so that was the end of the story.”

Mason then asked if the Secret Service got involved and Hunter responded “I have no idea. I don’t know whether the Secret Service were, or why they would be. I don’t think that that’s true, to my knowledge.”

As the New York Post reported at the time, there was already a known text message from January 2019 sent by Hunter months after the incident in which he admitted that the Secret Service did get involved:

​“She stole the gun out of my trunk lock box and threw it in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens [sic]. Then told me it was my problem to deal with. Then when the police the FBI the secret service came on the scene she said she took it from me because she was scared I would harm myself due to my drug and alcohol problem and our volatile relationship and that she was afraid for the kids​.”

To get the revolver back, Biden answered “no” on the firearms transaction record that asked whether he was an “unlawful user of, or addicted to” a narcotic drug or any other controlled substance. Lying on that federal form can lead to prosecution under several provisions. The United States code makes it a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison to “make any false or fictitious oral or written statement” to obtain firearms. Although prosecutions are rare, this should be a major story or at least warrant media scrutiny. After all, the son of the president may have committed a federal felony and his father has been calling for greater expansion and enforcement of gun permitting laws.  Now, the issue of unstable gun owners is one of the core areas of President Biden’s proposed reforms.

The result is a mess of conflicting statements from Hunter. However, with the exception of a few media outfits, the media has little interest in pursuing such questions.

100 thoughts on ““That’s Now in the Hands of the FBI”: Newly Obtained Texts by Hunter Shed Light on Gun Controversy”

  1. Professor Turley,
    You staunchly defend First Amendment, why are you willing to overlook the Second and Fifth Amendments when it comes to “Red Flag Laws”?
    Under current “Red Flag Laws”, a person, without due process, can have their firearms taken by the state. In many cases, it can take up to a year to get these firearms back.
    How does this not conflict with the Fifth Amendment?

  2. “Biden answered ‘no’ on the firearms transaction record that asked whether he was an ‘unlawful user of . . .'”

    Actually, he answered that question truthfully.

    The entire Biden family is beyond the law. So nothing Hunter does can be considered “unlawful.”

  3. This just goes to show that the various gun laws we have are nothing more than after the fact laws, they stop nothing. Recently a man was arrested for having purchased over 100 guns for resale. The news story noted that he didn’t undergo a background check because he had a Texas “License to Carry”. one need only look at the requirements for obtaining such a license are more rigorous than passing the NICS background check. That said it proves once again that where there is a will there is a way if you want to purchase a firearm and no law is going to prevent it

    1. Like cars, you can own all you want. Most states limit the number per year you can sell. (that’s a pay off to the car dealership lobby that likes to squash competition.)

      The is no limit on the number of guns you can own.

  4. And Hunter is living in a $20k per month luxury rental in Malibu where he has Secret Service protection round the clock, paid for by tax payers. Then he sells his finger paintings for hundreds of thousands a pop to anonymous art collectors. It’s in-your-face corruption. The only people who “admire” Joe Biden are his corrupt buddies in Congress and the swampy filth he’s been hanging around for 50 years…all while getting filthy rich working for the gubment. It’s disgusting. Everything about Joe Biden and his screwed up family of grifters is disgusting, including his wife the “Dr.”

  5. How long does it take to fully investigate Gun Gate?

    You start with the gun…back track its possession to the original owner….and follow the chain of custody of the firearm…obtain the Yellow Form and do a hand writing analysis including writing exemplars from the person that signed the form….confirm the responses checked on the form….interview witnesses, interrogate the suspect….file your report.

    As I have said…..a Boot NCIS Agent could do this one with no problem at all….as it is a straight forward process with no technical difficulties or specialized techniques required.

    In this case…..what stops that is the cover-up by the ATF, FBI, Secret Service, DOJ, and the Media….and Groping Joe.

  6. biden’s gun laws that don’t apply to the bidens? Just like biden’s drug laws don’t apply to the bidens. I am shocked.

  7. Red Flag laws would allow for the anonymous ‘ex’ to flag you as a risk to yourself or someone else so that authorities can legally come into your home, take your gun(s) and then bankrupt you in the legal process of having to clear your name to get your guns back.

    The intent is to make it so difficult to buy and own guns and too costly and difficult to legally fight to get your guns back after being falsely accused by an anonymous tip. That is how they will disarm the population of legal and lawful responsible gun ownwers, one by one. They want a national gun registry so they have a list to get moving on, one by one.

    No Republican should give an inch on Red Flag laws. Not one inch. They are blatantly unconstitutional. If they do, they need to be hounded relentlessly and shamed right out of office.

    Why won’t the Republicans tell the Biden DOJ to prosecute Hunter Biden and then we’lll begin to negotiate on new gun legislation. Until then, Joe Biden is not owed any courtesy for his son to get a pass. Quite the opposite, he should be forced to answer the question about his own son’s gun crimes before he stands there pushing for more laws that punish and bankrupt lawful gun owners who have never broken a law the way his own son has.

    1. Good point on the anonymous tip angle. The revolutions in Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia all had an equivalent command to red flag laws, which required tips (called denunciations, either anonymous or public)) for not just actual counter revolutions but for any small behavior or attitude considered counter revolutionary. That’s bad enough, but in every book about life under communism you find that many denunciations were based upon grudges against people that you didn’t like. There needs to be a way of distinguishing phony from real dangers. We can’t arrest people for something they made do in the future, but there needs to be a way of some sort of intervention for clearly dangerous people that cant be abused by phony tips.

    2. The FBI infiltrated and then instigated the J6 riots. The FBI worked hand in glove with Hillary Clinton and her people to perpetrate the Russia Collusion Hoax. What’s to stop the FBI from gun raids based on anonymous tips in order to seize guns from lawful gun owners and then bankrupt them as they attempt to clear their name and get their guns back? Nothing. The Biden DOJ/FBI is right now “hunting” Republicans and labeling them “white supremacists” and angry parents are “domestic terrorists”…..allowing red flag laws will be the beginning of the end….

  8. We are supposed to ignore the Secret Service was called to action?

    The President of the United States needs to be held accountable for demanding the Secret Service to go and fetch the Vice President’s dirty laundry.

    And of course the fact that gun laws only work when they are enforced. Not holding Hunter Biden accountable for the lies on a federal form, is reason enough to stop writing additional gun laws. Its just another ratchet stripping law abiding citizens of their rights, and criminals (Hunter Biden) Walk free.
    ps still waiting for the California Highway Patrol to release the video of Pelosi’s drunk driving arrest. The refusal by the Highway patrol was brought to our attention, by a Hollywood actor getting arrested for drunk driving, and that video was released within hours….not weeks.

    Also a reminder that we are more than a month from the Leaked Draft opinion. Roberts is a disgusting politically driven con man

  9. The guy has drug, alcohol and depression a responsible adult realized the potential danger and took the weapon away from him, that’s a good thing. Her mistake the way she disposed of the weapon. His mistake he lied to the FBI and must be treated as an ordinary citizen would be. Regarding Red Flag laws No, to easy cause mischief and destroy a life. I’m more concerned about the dealings Hunter had with adversaries using government influence as a bargaining chip.

    In the article it appears the family is in possession of a number of weapons, wonder how many are automatic? You know the kind Joe frets about.

  10. “ In the long exchanges on Oct. 23, 2018, Hunter asked Hallie if “you want me dead” ​and said “I won’t ever recover from this.”

    What a manipulating drug addicted sorry-ass-piece-of-shit!! He really is. But, nearly all drug addicted people are. And so are nearly all Alcoholics.

  11. Today, Conservative stalwart Judge Michael Luttig testifies against John Eastman and Trump.

    Turley has previously indicated:

    “I have tremendous respect for many on the other side of this debate including former Judge Michael Luttig, who just penned a thoughtful column in the Washington Post arguing against such self-pardons.”


    Luttig’s testimony is likely to prove very damning for Eastman and may stand in stark contrast to Turley’s opinion that Eastman acted in good faith in advising Pence on Constitutional law and procedures. No doubt you Trumpists will ignore the hearings, but there is no doubt that Turley will be listening intently. Perhaps, Turley will say little or nothing to contradict Luttig’s testimony just like he did not offer one bit of criticism of Barr’s damning testimony unlike Steve Bannon who went after Barr:

    “Bannon rips Barr over Jan. 6 testimony”


    “Conservative podcast host and former adviser to President Trump Stephen Bannon this week blasted former Attorney General William Barr for testifying against Trump to the House Jan. 6 select committee, calling the former Trump official an “establishment scumbag” and a “liar.”

    “During a Monday episode of his podcast “Bannon’s War Room,” the host accused Barr of spinning the truth in his testimony and working to “directly destroy the Trump movement.”

    I’m sure every Trumpist here agrees with those sentiments.

    Turley, on the other hand, may disagree with Luttig’s opinion, but unlike a Trumpist, he will not vilify him, call him a RINO or otherwise attack his integrity.

    1. Off topic as are most of your posts. Quit acting like a juvenile poster.

      1. . Quit acting like a juvenile poster

        retard is shorter and more accurate.

      2. It’s called free speech. Ever hear if it? Thanks for your service. Where did you serve?

    2. You do not seem to be able to grasps that it is possible to respect but disagree with someone.

      I guess that is because before Barr was saying things you liked you were crucifying him.

      Though I am not even sure I respect Barr that much anymore. Not because of what he is now saying – but because he FAILED.

      His JOB – was to restore the integrity of the FBI and the DOJ.

      Yet he is like King Arthur and Camelot – one brief shining moment and them gone.

      Barr got played, DOJ and FBI were corrupt and remains corrupt after him.
      He failed at the one most important task that he had.

      No I do not respect his judgement all that much anymore – BECAUSE he failed.

      If Barr had effected permanent depoliticizing changes in DOJ and FBI – then I might have some respect for his views on elections etc.

      But he had no actual consequential impact on the most important task of his lifetime.

      I think he is a good man. But he was not up to the job, and he is wrong today.

  12. We all know no charges will be brought against Hunter Biden. The department of Justice is corrupt and maintains a two tired system that protects the swamp people, and destroys the minion’s of this country.

  13. Lefties can sleep well at night if the matter is in the hands of the FBI.

    No action will be taken and the matter will be stonewalled.

    Now if the gun had been owned by a Teump supporter…

    1. Don’t worry yourself. The GOP will steal the 2024 election – and Trump will be protected if he doesn’t run. The winner will pardon him if he happens to have a final conviction by then. If the GOP’s steal doesn’t work, D’s will pardon Trump & cite Ford’s “long national nightmare” excuse. Be Happy. Don’t worry.

  14. Turley says:

    “The result is a mess of conflicting statements from Hunter. However, with the exception of a few media outfits, the media has little interest in pursuing such questions.”

    That’s rather rich coming from Turley given that his network Fox cancelled the first day of the 1/6 hearings on its News channel! What did we hear from Turley about that bit of “Little Brother” censorship?


    You have no moral standing Turley to complain about media showing little interest in Hunter when the Fox primetime hosts are ignoring the hearings. You are not fooling anyone.

    1. According to Allen Derschowitz, ALL of us should cancel ALL dog a pony show, aka the Jan 6 hearings. As our host has opined, the hearing has no credibility because of the way Pelosi abused her power.

    2. What’s it to you whether Fox covers it wall to wall when you have your choice to watch on every other major news network like the good state TV they are?

    3. You have no moral standing Turley to complain about media showing little interest in Hunter when the Fox primetime hosts are ignoring the hearings.


      Fox carried it on their business network and split screened it on their FoxNews primetime lineup. The primetime hosts also cutaway from their broadcast when something new came out of the hearing. That didn’t happen often. So no, they didn’t ignore the hearings.

      1. Olly,

        The Business network’s reach is 1/10 of that of the News network (so I heard). And the when it appeared on the Fox network on split screen, you could see it but not hear it!

        We know why Fox has not provided the same full as the other networks. Because Hannity and Ingraham are hypocrites. Saying one thing in private to Meadows, and another thing to their viewers. As well as being instrumental in spreading the demonstrably false election conspiracies for which it is being sued for defamation. It’s not a good look for Fox.

  15. “That is precisely the concern for Red Flag laws. In many ways, her action reflected the need for such laws.”

    The problem is what we know will be the usage of such laws to simply disarm one’s political enemy. I don’t care one wit for this ‘problem, reaction, solution). There are already ways to handle this issue without ANOTHER law.

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