Illinois Gov. Pritzker Calls for More Gun Limits After Highland Shootings

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) and others responded to the massacre in Highland Park, Illinois with calls for more gun limits and bans. Pritzker repeated a dubious musket argument but also ignored that Illinois has some of the most stringent gun laws in the country, including bans on assault weapons and a red flag law. The media is reporting that Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, an aspiring rapper, is a person “known to law enforcement.” His postings reveal highly disturbing videos and bizarre images, including violent references.

Pritzker appeared in Highland Park after the shooting to call for more limits and criticize the protections afforded under the Second Amendment to gun owners. Pritzker repeated the common argument that

“Our founders carried muskets, not assault weapons, and I don’t think a single one of them would have said that you have a constitutional right to an assault weapon with a high-capacity magazine or that that is more important than the right of the people who attended this parade today to live.”

President Biden has made an analogous and clearly false claim that certain guns were banned for private ownership when the Second Amendment was ratified: “The Second Amendment is not absolute. When it was passed you couldn’t own a cannon, you couldn’t own certain kinds of weapons. There’s just always been limitations.”

Once again, there were no federal laws barring cannon ownership when the Second Amendment was enacted. Gun laws remained local matters and I do not know of any bans on cannons or other gun types until much later in our history.  Early local laws did control concealed weapons, though concealed cannons were not part of those ordinances.

Indeed, the Constitution itself supports private cannon ownership in the case of privateers.  Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 allows Congress to “grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal.”  That allowed private parties to privateer on the high seas with . . . cannons. (Recently some members of Congress wanted to issues such letters of Marque again to enlist privateers in the fight against Russia).

Pritzker’s musket argument is equally dubious. He presumably does not take the same narrow reading of other parts of the Constitution on individual rights. For example, he recognizes that privacy is protected even though it is not mentioned and our notion of privacy rights has become more expansive over time. The “living Constitution” model allows for such expanded meaning.

Moreover, while the Framers were used to “letters” (and the Fourth Amendment references letters), few would argue that the same protection does not apply to electronic letters in the form of emails or digital files with communications.

In the end, the musket argument is often the fallback position for those who previously opposed interpreting the Second Amendment as an individual right. Some, however, also pushed that line of argument. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney suggested that only police should have any guns of any kind.

What is interesting is that this is a state with some of the most stringent gun laws in the country. That includes a red flag law, a waiting period for gun purchases, background checks, gun owner licensing, domestic violence gun laws, and “open carry regulations.” This and other counties have “assault weapons” bans.

According to the mayor, this weapon was “legally obtained.”

As with past calls following such tragedies, the question is what in addition Pritzker is advocating that would have stopped this massacre. A high-capacity magazine ban would not stop such shootings. Anyone with a modicum of experience with weapons can swap out magazines in a matter of a seconds.


What may have stopped the massacre is the enforcement of the red flag laws given the dark and deranged postings of this individual. However, such laws depend on people reporting such warning signs and police enforcing the laws. The fact is that many shooters are not known to police or experience a sudden and lethal turn where such laws are largely ineffective.

As a Chicago native, I am very familiar with this area and spent a great deal of time in Highland Park and neighboring towns. It is a very affluent area with a relatively small population. Yet, even in this small community with considerable assets for mental health and law enforcement intervention, red flag and other laws did not prevent the shooting.

For politicians like Pritzker (and President Biden) who raised new limits after this shooting, there should be a demand for specifics on not just how they will constitutionally limit guns but whether such limits would have actually prevented this tragedy. There remain areas where we can make real progress, particularly in the greater funding of mental illness programs. However, there must also be greater honesty about the range of constitutional and practical options in dealing with such shootings.

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    1. Any and all bans infringe.

      Any and all bans are unconstitutional.

      2nd Amendment

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  1. I suspect if you said to Gov. Pritzker that you supported the right to abortion, but only with the methods and tools available during the 18th Century he’d have a conniption.

    1. Maybe we should require a license, training and a test for getting a drivers license. And do not allow the cars to be driven on sidewalks.

  2. Any person who is proven to have had any type of physical or cyber relationship with a perpetrator of gun violence, and who is proven to have had knowledge of the perpetrator’s mental/emotional problems and/or interest in gun or other type of violence, and failed to report relevant information to authorities, must be charged with complicity.

      1. “Harvard-Harris Poll: Trump Most Popular Politician in America”

        “Americans hold nearly unanimously unfavorable views of political leaders, but former President Donald Trump stands as the most popular of all politicians in the latest Harvard-Harris poll.

        “Trump, behind his America First and Make America Great Again movement he calls the most powerful in U.S. political history, stands 2 points ahead as the most popular above No. 2, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; 3 points above former Vice President Mike Pence; and 4 points above President Joe Biden.”


        1. What do you think that says about America? I might agree with you. MAGA isn’t the most powerful force in American history because he says so. It does channel a force that has always been present, however.

          1. You do know you’re in the United States of America, don’t you?

            When you have time, why don’t you review the nature of citizenry in the Founders’ immigration law, the Naturalization Act of 1790, understanding that every last thing your boy, Lincoln, did was unconstitutional and remains illegitimate to this day. No “Reign of Terror” is ever licit.

            You might respond and stay on constitutional point; that would be productive.

            Alas, you cannot

            You’re as false as your false, fabricated contentions.

            1. You are only proving the point, America intended itself to only grant citizenship to “free white persons.” A lot of people considered white today didn’t qualify in 1790. America was, and is, a racist nation.

                1. Yes, because the racist people went beserk after the election of a Black President. It wasn’t because of Obama’s policies, it was because of the hearts and minds of those who couldn’t accept him. The backlash to Obama was how we got Trump.

                  Having said that, America was a lot more racist before Obama. At no time before his election could there have been a Black President, there still hasn’t been a woman President. America stays as racist as it is because of ideals like “originalism” that insist we as a country maintain the racist ideals it began with.

                  1. At no time before his election could there have been a Black President, there still hasn’t been a woman President.

                    One could argue there still hasn’t been a black President either. I couldn’t care less what color a president is, as long as they honor the oath of office. We didn’t get in the mess we’re in because of the skin color or sex of the President. But for damn sure we will not get out of we it if continue to make the qualification for public office based on skin color and sex.

                    1. You do realize the qualifications for office until relatively recently were based on skin color and sex?

                      Let me guess, the keyword there is relatively. So how recently was this qualification changed? How was it changed?

                    2. Women didn’t universally get the right to vote until 1920. Black people in some places could only vote under the protection of federal troops, once they were gone, it took the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to make clear what should have been clear in the 14th Amendment. Since then, that Act has been gutted multiple times and voter suppression exists in many of the same forms now as it did then. Look at the case decided last week by SCOTUS allowing Mississippi to dillute Black voting strength even further. Since Roe V. Wade existing a mere 50 years was meaningless to SCOTUS, eligibility to vote and hold office hasn’t been around much longer.

                    3. So if I understand correctly, we evolved from the evil notion that only white men should hold public office, to the idea that race and sex should not be used as qualifications for public office. But now we have rejected that principled notion and once again we have the evil idea that one’s skin color and sex should be used to determine one’s qualification for public office. Brilliant!

                    4. I never said race and sex should be used as a qualification, just that relatioively recently it was. When you interpret my answer to someone else out of context, you end up confused.

                    5. I never said race and sex should be used as a qualification, just that relatioively recently it was.

                      You didn’t need to, it was front and center when Biden made his Supreme Court nomination.

                  2. If only that were true, it would be a temporary situation, but it is not. I had no problem with Obama being Black (part white). My problem was that he aggressively made hate more acceptable. I thought Obama would reduce race problems, but I was wrong. Instead of decreasing race problems, he accelerated them. I didn’t change. He changed the direction of the nation in the wrong direction.

                    We got Trump because the middle-class felt squeezed.

                    I can’t believe that in today’s world, you look at gender and race as important mile marks. One would think you knew better.

                    1. I’ll give one example. The Gates incident. You will vehemently disagree and blame someone else. However, one can look at the handling of race relations by the two prior Presidents, Democrat and Republican, and one can see where the advancement of race relationships went forward under them and backward under Obama.

                      I won’t comment about how little Obama did as President for Black people.

                    2. The Gates incident where Obama initially sided with the Black man who was arrested in his own home? He then backed down and brokered a beer summit as if nobody did anything wrong. I might agree some of what you think about Obama doing almost nothing specifically to benefit Black people. My personal opinion was his concern about being perceived of being too much of a Black President. His emergency policy to save the economy he inherited included militarizing police forces and doing other things that hurt Black communities, he did less for HBCUs than several white Presidents.
                      Having said that, the previous two Presidents Democrat and Republican did little to advance race relationships. One ran on stokinjg the fears of white people against Blacks and the other passed a crime bill on his watch (with a Republican Congress) that advanced mass incarceration and maintained disparate sentencing.

                    3. The picture to the police at the time was a robber breaking into someone’s home. The police have a difficult job, but Gates, who is an intelligent man, got nasty. He is smart enough to realize that in many situations he would have been a robber and in some of those situations the robber might have pulled a gun and might have killed a police officer.

                      That is why one stands down. That is why if pulled over by a police officer I put my hands in clear sight on the steering wheel. The beer was a corrective action on Obama’s part, but that was Obama’s attitude.

                      “perceived of being too much of a Black President. “

                      Helping to educate the poor and therefore many blacks isn’t something to be perceived as too much of a Black President.

                      The next comment is your typical blame game. He was President. Correct the problems, don’t make them worse.

                      The crime bill I think you are talking about was advocated by Black leaders. Race relations improved significantly under both Presidents.

                    4. Gates was in his own home, he provided identification, because he was uppity he got arrested. The crime bill was pushed for by some (not all) Black leaders, what percentage of the required votes in the House do you imagine they represented? Maybe 15-20%? Maybe 2-4 % of the votes required in the Senate? It’s ridiculous to say Black leaders passed that bill. It’s also ridiculous to say their white counterparts deferred to them when they never have before or since.

                    5. You have no desire to look at things objectively. From the policeman’s perspective, anyone doing what Gates was doing had to be considered a criminal and dangerous. Unless you think Gates is a stupid man, he should recognize the position he put himself. It didn’t have to do with being uppity. It had to do with Gates acting unthoughtfully based on resentment misapplied to the circumstances he faced.

                      Black leaders pushed the rest of the legislators to vote alongside them. I would probably have done the same as the black and white leadership. I am not interested in politics. I want to protect the community and raise the education level of the young.

                      Everything is politics to you when you should focus on solving problems and making things better while preserving the Constitution.

                    6. In 1994 there was one Black US Senator, Carol Moseley Braun. You’re saying she pushed 53 Democrats and 7 Republicans to vote her way? Give me an example in American history that one person, let alone a woman, got that percentage of the Senate to adopt a position they didn’t hold otherwise? The same is true to a lesser degree in the House. Some Black legislators actively supported the bill in hopes it would help solve a problem (some actively opposed it), your suggestion they made others accept it is lunacy.

                    7. I don’t know how many black leaders were in the Senate or the House. I can’t trust your numbers or dates because you are error-prone. However, let us pretend only one Congressperson was black. Important black leaders exist outside of Congress unless you believe they don’t.

                      People were trying to stop crime and devastation in the black community. I can understand the push. Today our kids, black, brown, Asian, American Indian, etc., are dying from Fentanyl, and the numbers are climbing fast. Again Democrats and perhaps you have no concern. Biden is causing these deaths, and you remain silent.

                      As I said before, you are all politics without attention to the well-being of the American people.

                    8. You dismiss numbers and facts if you don’t like them. You make sh*t up and change the subject. There was one Black Senator that I named, you could easily check but your only purpose is to troll. Go away.

                    9. “You dismiss numbers and facts if you don’t like them.”

                      Enigma, when you provide BS shown to be wrong, yes, I dismiss your numbers and facts. That is your problem, not anyone else’s. Instead of using facts and numbers to conclude, you draw your conclusion and then search for facts and numbers to prove your conclusion, even if your data isn’t consistent.

                      You named one black senator. I agreed to accept your statement for argument’s sake, but you couldn’t handle the fact that black leaders weren’t just senators. For example, Rep. Charles Rangel of Harlem pushed such laws, as did some pastors in the Harlem Churches. There were more pushing for harder drug sentencing that you do not mention in your response. Why? You like to load the deck.

                      If you wish to say that there is a dispute among Blacks over whether the passage of tough drug laws was good, I won’t disagree. There is such a dispute today, but how much existed at the time is what we have to reckon with? That is a difficult assessment especially since a new breed of racial politics has taken over many minds.

                      I have a home in Manhattan and have always had a presence there. I heard Charles Rangel and others talk. That is my memory, and it is based on Black rhetoric. You have a counterargument. Fine. Present it, but don’t load the deck.

                      Today we have a Fentanyl crisis that hits everyone. Decisions need to be made today, but you are quiet on that issue. Why? You take a stand only when you can manipulate racial politics to satisfy your grievance.

                    10. “You named one black senator. I agreed to accept your statement for argument’s sake, ”

                      Actually, you didn’t accept it. Show me where? Yopu don’t have to go back 5 years, just today’s posts. You lie about your lies. Go away troll.

                    11. “I don’t know how many black leaders were in the Senate or the House. I can’t trust your numbers or dates because you are error-prone. However, let us pretend only one Congressperson was black. Important black leaders exist outside of Congress unless you believe they don’t.” …”Go away troll.”

                      I accepted your statement for argument’s sake. Then I brought up other black leaders that pushed the crime bill. Charles Rangel was one (IN THE HOUSE), and Rangel was very outspoken in NYC, as were many black clergies. There were others. I don’t know why you make such foolish arguments or how this type of argument helps reveal the truth.

                      You don’t like the charge of stacking the deck. That is your problem, not mine.

                      I proved my case that there was significant black leadership pushing the bill. You couldn’t, so you lash out at others. You do that all the time.

                      Do you concern yourself with black lives dying from Fentanyl and other drugs? Of course not, because your actions are to blame, and grievance is your game.

                  3. enigma—–Remind us of the names and tribe(s) of the evil and despicable black Africans who put their fellow black Africans in chains and sold them to slave ship owners
                    headed for America.
                    We’ll wait.

                  4. “Yes, because the racist people went beserk after the election of a Black President. It wasn’t because of Obama’s policies, it was because of the hearts and minds of those who couldn’t accept him. The backlash to Obama was how we got Trump.”
                    Yeah, so berserk and unaccepting of a black candidate that we elected him twice. America isn’t racist. The people who say it is clealry are. We got Trump because we saw the game was rigged and wanted to let the permanent political class know they didn’t own everything yet.

                    1. He got elected twice because he turned the economy around from a disaster he inherited. He provided healthcare to a great number of people whereas Republicans wanted to take it away, and the Republican candidate didn’t have the solid backing of even Republicans. America is racist, the only debate is to how much? Did you catch Patriot Front marching down the streets of Boston two days ago? It probably brought a tear to George’s eyes, thinking of the good old days when he thought America was great. The answer I often hear when pointing out the rise of the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, Neo-Nazis, skinheads, and others is thet membership in the Klan is small. If you consider them all the same thing, we’re in the beginning of the Fourth Wave of the Klan. At their height, the Klan was not one huge centralized organization following the will of a dynamic leader. It was hundreds of splinter groups with some common and some disparate goals, just like we have today. Maybe the Oath Keepers wouldn’t normally have a cup of coffee with the Proud Boys (except when meeting to discuss overthrowing the government) but they come together on some things.

                      By the way, unaccepting of a Black President includes vowing to disrupt everything he attempted to do, (Mitch McConnell) and coming up with the entire Tea Party. After Trump got in, the policies were all skewed to favor the rich and the divide between rich and poor got wider not better. If you thought the game was rigged before, it must have been a disappointment.

                    2. “He got elected twice because he turned the economy around from a disaster he inherited. He provided healthcare to a great number of people whereas Republicans wanted to take it away, and the Republican candidate didn’t have the solid backing of even Republicans.”

                      Both have been proven wrong repeatedly in earlier discussions. Check with Karen on Obamacare and try to remember how anemic the recovery was while comparing that recovery to others. Trump, taking office, reduced unemployment further and at a rate more than twice as fast as Obama.Obama.

                    3. “He got elected twice” proving the country isn’t racist. The rest of your comment is just noise. A racist country doesn’t elect him once or keep him regardless of the reason. We can debate his policies but not his two elections. Nor can we debate that racism isn’t a problem. it’s a cudgel to beat people you don’t like. Sorry, it ain’t working.

  3. In the last year how many illegals have died locked into the back of a semi-truck trailer by human smugglers, like the 50 plus dead about a week ago?

    In the last year how many people died by the hand of medical patient nut job Mass Shooting like the 6 dead yesterday?

    In the last year how many people died in the US from the millions of illegals flooding into the US?

    OT: News out on the invasion of illegals into the US coming out today unless something changes.

  4. It is clear these shooters announce their intentions.
    We just need to lock them up when the make themselves public

    Dont strip rights from the good citizens, lock up the bad ones.

  5. So on our Birthday, President Magoo stands up and tells us we’re a “project that has come up short in many ways.” Never mind the history of unbridled sucess. Our President says we’re not up to HIS robust standards. How’s that for the death of irony?

    Sounds a lot like ol’ Malaise-y Carter. He was a one-termer, too.

  6. It’s laughable. While the Governor is in a tizzy guns are being smuggled across a wide open southern border. Through his refusal to close the border he is encouraging gun running from the Mexican cartels. Cry me a river.

  7. And Pritzker, ever a D sycophant, has said what about the every day and every weekend shootings (very often murders) in D-run Chicago? Oh .. nothing!

    1. thetennants1970 is The Blog Stooge.

      The Stooge is also Hullbobby, James, Upstate Farmer, Tony and Sam, all clumped below.

      These clumps of Stooge puppets are fairly common on weekday mornings. The idea seems to be raising the ‘Comment Count’ as quickly as possible.

      1. AnImpossibleNinny:

        “thetennants1970 is The Blog Stooge.

        The Stooge is also Hullbobby, James, Upstate Farmer, Tony and Sam, all clumped below.

        These clumps of Stooge puppets are fairly common on weekday mornings. The idea seems to be raising the ‘Comment Count’ as quickly as possible.”
        You get a continuing objection that everyone who blows your infantile musings out of the water is the “Blog Stooge.” Boy, do you need a mirror!

          1. He was alot more entertaining when he first arrived on this blog 3 years ago, using various sock puppet names like Peter Hill, Seth Warner, Enoch Poor, and other American Revolutionary figures. Now he is just buffoonery, just like the DNC troll farm that pays him

          2. Manual Lopez WHO are you???? Never seen your name before. Just popped out of nowhere??

            1. Anomaly,

              Who are you? What gives you the right to interrogate new posters such as Manuel?

              You are one of a handful of idiots with bags on their heads who post here anomalously, at least one of whom is actively banned from the blog.

              You are collectively known to me as anomalies, which I define as those who for whatever reason are so bereft of credibility or civility that they cannot reveal their name or they would be either ridiculed or IP blocked.

              Welcome to the blog Manuel! Don’t be discouraged by the anomalies, we welcome new posters .

  8. The Governor’s tripe isn’t even worth these few words. I’d search back to the primary grades in school on Crimo, looking for adjustment problems among his young peers. I wonder on his evaluation in ‘works and plays well with others The neighborhood kids as well. I’d wager his self esteem has been in the crapper for years, and his behaviors evolving as reflective of same.”

    1. The loss of God in our schools and homes; the lack of moral training and the development of the ‘victim’ identity grievance movement have turned many of our misadjusted young people into terrorists, nihilists and even collectivists who see a utopian future at the end of a societal collapse. The educators and groomers use the process to aim the weapon at our traditions, standards and institutions, and the result are these loose cannons full of hate and empowered ‘destiny’ as the shooter wrote. It won’t be fixed until we return to our country’s oldest values, faith, freedom and real education in real Western values that produce empowered citizens, not virtue signaling elite ,social justice warriors.

      1. it is a resurgence of Marxism. Bishop Robert Barron gave an excellent summary of our current culture and how Marxism is tied to it

        1. Estovir—–This assessment of Karl helps one understand why he never could have been successful in show business, like his brothers.

          P.S. I like Bishop Barron!

          1. Cindy:

            Yeah Harpo, Chico, Groucho, Gummo and even Zeppo (from the hand lighter fame) were inveterate capitalists! Wasn’t it Groucho who said “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others. ….” LOL

  9. Actually, even the Letters of Marque argument misses the wider point that, until the Royal Navy completed its task of global suppression of piracy, just about any merchant ship of meaningful size, of any nation, carried at least a minimal defensive armament of cannons, as well as small arms for the crew. The letter of marque was much more about the use of such weaponry in an offensive manner in support of the national war effort, legal protection of the crews should they be captured by the enemy, and the right to take prizes in courts of Admiralty, than the possession of such weaponry, which no one would have even considered questioning. Merchant ships stopped carrying armament when the threat no longer justified the cost, space and bother, and the reason that, when armament was reintroduced on merchant ships during the world wars, it was often manned by naval personnel, was not that merchant crews should not man them, but that proper training and expertise was needed for twentieth century ordnance. The naval gunners still operated perfectly legally under the direction of the merchant captain.

  10. If this murderer had said on FB or Twitter that Caitlan Jenner is really Bruce Jenner he would have been removed. If the killer said on social media that the Trans Admiral that Biden appointed is really a man he would have been banned. Somehow the geniuses in silicon valley don’t seem to be able to create an algorithm that removes people with murderous intent???

  11. Sure, gun limits. Because that kid looks soooo mentally stable. 🙄

    We already have gun limits. Why are these kids et. al. so psychotically deranged that in some cases, they will bide their time for years waiting for the opportunity to harm other people? In countries with no guns people like that resort to other means. It isn’t about guns, knives, or pipe bombs.

    Someone this kid’s age should very much still be under the eye of his parents/guardians. They didn’t think anything was off, huh?

    1. Kid? This wasn’t a kid. This was a 22 year old adult. These “kids” as you refer them are legally and constitutionally guaranteed to be able to buy any weapon and as many as they want. 22 year olds are not kids.

      1. I know of a few 30-40 somethings whom I would call “kids.”

        One would think years of experience would mature them. But it does not. They usually respond to things as “that is how I feel!” rather than using reason, logic, understanding of facts and the ability to conduct the scientific methodology.
        Their reasoning is usually emotionally based. A highschooler mentality in an adult body.

      2. @Anon…
        “These “kids” as you refer them are legally and constitutionally guaranteed to be able to buy any weapon and as many as they want. 22 year olds are not kids.”

        Uhm no. This is IL.
        It still restricts the purchase of NFA weapons.


    2. I doubt the “parents” were unaware of their murderous son’s mindset! They, too, should be charged – for not alerting some authority of his state of mind, access to weapons (his and theirs); surely, he expressed himself orally, not just in postings.

      1. They, too, should be charged…..

        Better solution: if two breeders can not pass the sniff test that guarantees they will be responsible, God fearing, authoritative parents, the type that will beat the snot out of their kids with the rod with gusto, and show them who is in charge, then, as SCOTUS Justice Holmes opined, snip his vas deferens and do a tubal ligation of the her fallopian tubes. No offspring for you. if the Left celebrate Margaret Sanger’s crusade to eliminate blacks via abortion, certainly they can get behind a concerted effort to prevent weak adults from producing offspring that will adopt visible creepy tattoos, cringe bodily piercings, live fantasy lives with social media accounts in their 20s and drive a Honda Fit.

        Its our fault really for not seeing Joe Biden as the greatest president since slave owning Presidents

        How Joe Biden is like America’s founding fathers — and no, I’m not kidding
        Biden has great ideas but can’t implement them due to political stalemate — just like Washington and Jefferson–and-no-im-not-kidding/

        OTOH, the Left is already blaming Trump so there you go. This will end really swell!

        Robert E. Crimo Seen Attending Trump Rally Dressed as Where’s Waldo

        / sarc

  12. Using the brain dead argument that only muskets were available when the Constitution was written would also make the case that we should all be living like the Amish.
    Only horse and buggy existed then for interstate commerce. No one should have a truck?
    I don’t see the quote below limited to muskets.

    “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”
    – Samuel Adams

    1. “would also make the case that we should all be living like the Amish”

      I don’t know, some days I feel this is tempting.

  13. “Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) and others responded to the massacre in Highland Park, Illinois with calls for more gun limits and bans.”

    So they want to compel the innocent to pay for the sins of a criminal.

    That is not the American system of justice.

  14. Another societal pariah and creep we’re not allowed to do anything about or even notice due to woke ideology and a clueless judicial/mental health system wreaks havoc on us and our leaders lecture us that it’s our fault for having guns to defend ourselves. Which way to the Bastile?

    1. The Classic Alex Jones Pro 2nd Amd Rant from 2013. lol


      “Deport Piers Morgan” Petitioner Goes Crazy on CNN | Newsbreaker | OraTV
      Jan 7, 2013

    2. mespo asks: “Which way to the Bastile?”
      Gone now, but back in the day you could find it easily, as there was usually a Sara Lee delivery truck parked in front. 🙂

  15. It’s never about the guns. It’s about the destructed culture that the left has created these past 60+ years. Remember the Waukashau driver? How many dead and not a gun in sight. Until we admit that we are creating an over-abundance of disconnected crazies we won’t solve this problem with gun control. Just take a gander at Chicago.

    1. It’s precisely about guns and our leaders fears of them. We’re not sheep with them. We are sheep without them.

  16. Let’s focus on people instead of guns. Many of these mass-shooters seem to be young males. If we can ban young people, perhaps anyone under 30, from buying or even possessing these rapid-firing rifles, much of this killing will probably cease. It takes a long time to grow up.

  17. Students shouldn’t be restricted from bringing guns to school so that they can shoot a shooter.

  18. 54 people were shot and 9 killed in Chicago this weekend, all in predominantly black neighborhoods. A typical Chicago weekend. No outcry from Pritzker or Biden. Six killed in the affluent suburb of Highland Park and the media are on fire. Let’s talk about racism.

    1. The real question is how many of those shootings had arrests made? How many will be prosecuted.

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