MSNBC Remains Silent After Elie Mystal Unleashes Racist Attack on Herschel Walker

One of the long-standing complaints of media critics has been the double standard applied to liberal and conservative figures voicing controversial viewpoints. For example, columnists celebrated the firing of former Sen. Rick Santorum at CNN for making insensitive or false comments about the influence of Native American culture on the United States. When racist statements, however, are made by those on the left, there is no such hue and cry. The latest example is MSNBC regular Elie Mystal, who launched into a racist diatribe against Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker who is African American.

Mystal is the “justice correspondent” for the Nation Magazine and has also written for the website, Above the Law.

During a segment on “The Cross Connection,” Mystal suggested Walker was supported because he does what Republicans “want from their Negroes.”

“You ask why are Republicans backing this man who’s so clearly unintelligent, who so clearly doesn’t have independent thoughts, but that’s actually the reason. Walker is going to do what he’s told, and that is what Republicans like. That’s what Republicans want from their Negroes: to do what they were told. And Walker presents exactly as a person who lacks independent thoughts, lacks an independent agenda, lacks an independent ability to grasp policies, and he’s just going to go in there and vote like Mitch McConnell tells them to vote.”

Mystal has previously caused uproars for controversial claims from accusing a senator of wanting to murder Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to his continued attacks on a high school student even after he was cleared of a false race-based story. He has called the Constitution “trash” and previously stated that white, non-college-educated voters supported Republicans because they care about “using their guns on Black people and getting away with it.” He has also lashed out at “white society” and explained how he strived to maintain a “whiteness free” life in the pandemic.

Many clearly relish Mystal’s race-baiting takes on issues on MSNBC. The issue, in my view, is not why Mystal is allowed to continue to make such comments on a network but the clear double standard applied to such commentators.

We have seen the same double standard at universities. For example, Women’s Studies Professor Donna Hughes was publicly condemned by the University of Rhode Island for writing an op-ed that criticized what she called the LGBTQ ideology.  Yet, the university has largely remain silent on the writings of Director of Graduate Studies of History Erik Loomis, who has defended the murder of a conservative protester and said that he saw “nothing wrong” with such acts of violence. Loomis also declared that “Science, statistics, and technology are all inherently racist because they are developed by racists who live in a racist society, whether they identify as racists or not.”

I have defended faculty who have made an array of disturbing comments about “detonating white people,” denouncing policecalling for Republicans to suffer,  strangling police officerscelebrating the death of conservativescalling for the killing of Trump supporters, supporting the murder of conservative protesters and other outrageous statements.

Yet, liberal professors continue to enjoy the full protection of academic freedom and free speech. Indeed, at the University of California campus, professors actually rallied around a professor who physically assaulted pro-life advocates and tore down their display.

The fact is that most faculty hold liberal views and do not feel threatened by such biased, content-based approaches to free speech and academic freedom. Others remain silent to avoid being the next tagged in the next campaign.

The support enjoyed by faculty on the far left is in sharp contrast to the treatment given faculty with moderate, conservative or libertarian views. Anyone who raises such dissenting views is immediately set upon by a mob demanding their investigation or termination. This includes blocking academics from speaking on campuses like a recent Classics professor due to their political views. Conservatives and libertarians understand that they have no cushion or protection in any controversy, even if it involves a single, later deleted tweet. At the University of North Carolina (Wilmington) one such campaign led to a professor killing himself a few days before his final day as a professor.

Mystal knows that he has a license to speak that is denied to those on the right on platforms like MSNBC. He wrote an April column calling Walker’s campaign a “political minstrel show.” He later attacked New York mayor Eric Adams bizarrely as a “conservative”  and then added “these tokens who are out here right now shucking and jiving for their White handlers.”

Obviously, such attacks on liberal black figures would not be tolerated by the media and a commentator would be barred by many platforms as persona non grata. Again, I believe that we all benefit from having an array of different views, including controversial views like those of Mystal and Santorum. The worst approach is to maintain a double standard where racist or controversial commentary is celebrated from the left while condemned on the right.



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  1. Diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment, class-based bigotry) breeds adversity.

  2. Since it appears that now it is OK to use racist invectives against minorities…..

    oh baby you are so talented and they are so dumb

      1. I turn more and more to Youtube older movie clips for humor (e.g. Monty Python, Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks, etc), because present day humor doesnt do it for me. You may recall the section in Readers Digest magazine known as “Laughter the Best Medicine”. We didnt speak English at home when I was a kid, but my mother and father would eagerly buy me Readers Digest when they went grocery shopping for me to practice English and watch me laugh. Knee slapping humor makes life more tolerable

        John Cleese has stated today’s Woke leftists have no humor. So true

        1. Estovir….I go back even further….to Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein!! LOL
          Hilarious and so nostalgic.

          1. Youre an inspiration, Cindy. Thanks for being a light in the darkness of our online commentariat.

      2. Cindy:

        Mel Brooks could never make his movies today, yet he was a force for good in the way he savagely lampooned society’s flaws and history’s worst dictators. Blazing Saddles showed how ludicrous and ignorant racism against black people was, at a time when it was far more common in society. He probably inspired more introspection than any angry speaker ever could. People are more open to think about what they might be doing wrong when it’s done with humor.

        I just ordered this on Amazon, since it won’t be long before it’s canceled, I’m sure. Thanks for the reminder of Abbott and Costello. I used to watch those old movies when I was a kid, but my son has never seen them. I’ll have to introduce him to the world of this duo.


    “Suppose 20 millions of republican Americans thrown all of a sudden into France, what would be the condition of that kingdom?”

    “If it would be more turbulent, less happy, less strong, we may believe that the addition of half a million of foreigners to our present numbers would produce a similar effect here.”

    – Thomas Jefferson

    “The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the

    composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.”

    – Alexander Hamilton

    Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1798 and 1802 (four iterations)

    United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” March 26, 1790

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof…

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in [America] anymore.”

    – Dorothy Gale, Wizard of Oz

      1. “You’re always gonna be a Mexican. You’ll never be white. Ya know that, right?”

        – African, “woman,” by definition, union teacher.

      2. Diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment, class-based bigotry) and Some, Select [Black] Lives Matter (SSBLM) breeds adversity.

        The officer is to be commended for demonstrating restraint in the progress of affirmative discrimination.

        Baby Lives Matter (BLM) #HateLovesAbortion

      3. He was Mexican, perhaps. He is American. Color is a low-information attribute. He was not, will not be judged and labeled by Critical Racists’ Theory (CRT) that presumes diversity [dogma]. #PrinciplesMatter

  4. Jonathan: There was a time when the GOP claimed to want a “color blind” society. Now it has moved to a politics of white grievances. The J.6 Committee is called a “Bolshevistic anti-white campaign”. Newt Gingrich calls it a “cult of anti-white racism”. You hear the same rhetoric almost every night from Fox News hosts like Tucker Carlson. Now, being an anti-racist is equated with being anti-white. It’s a false attempt by the power elites to exploit white anxieties in order to hold onto power. And probably the reason for your attack on Elie Mystal. It’s non-sensical to argue that Mystal’s criticism of Herschel Walker’s campaign amounts to a “racist attack”. A Black man (Mystal) calling another Black man (Walker) an “Uncle Tom” does not make his criticism a “racist diatribe”. Mystal’s criticism of Walker is about how the predominantly white power structure seeks Black candidates to push its agenda in hopes of getting some Black votes. Most Black voters are not that stupid to fall for such a ploy. Being an “anti-racist” doesn’t mean being against all white people. But you would like to confuse the terms by following the right-wing mantra that those who are opposed to racism are part of an “anti-white racism” campaign. It’s disinformation that seeks to divide and rule. But it should appeal to some in this chatroom who still harbor a lot of white grievances.

    1. Its not the GOP that is pushing the patently racist CRT theory in the public schools and public domain. Exposing the hypocrisy of the left has obviously hit a nerve.

    2. DM, you are completely wrong:

      1. The term “anti-racist” now means the set of beliefs holding that our society is systemically racist and that its institutions are deliberately structured and maintained by the dominant strata of white, cis-gendered, heterosexual, Christian, able-bodied men to perpetuate their oppression over the intersectionally opressed. It is racist to the core.

      2. Only conservative Blacks are attacked in this way as stooges of whites. Blacks allied with rich, progressive, powerful whites are not denounced by anyone as stooges. This reflects the view, eloquently expressed by our current President, that “you ain’t Black” if a Black person fails to support Democrats. Also a racist perspective.

      3. All of this assumes that the “natural” views of authentic Blacks must be on the left of the political spectrum and aligned with college-educated white progressives. This is not true when you look more deeply into the views of the Black communities and is itself a racist belief.

    3. I couldn’t agree more. And, the things Elie Mystal said are true, too. Herschel Walker doesn’t seem to appreciate the extent to which he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. My favorite is his claim that the Chinese are taking our “good air” and replacing it with “bad air”. If Walker were white, the Republicans would have chucked him a long time ago. He’s not fit to serve in the Senate, and it has nothing to do with his race.

      1. RE: “He’s not fit to serve in the Senate, and it has nothing to do with his race.” Neither is the Democrat incumbent for all the same reasons. However the Georgia electorate sees fit is what we get, as it was in 2020. As for Mystal, a person of color who doesn’t speak ‘right speak’ according to his view of the world is a useless tool for him as well. Deal with it!

      2. A question for you: Is it not true that barack Obama was, to the extent we are aware, our first half-white US President. Explain then why he is always referred to as our first Black president. Half-black…..yes. Half-white…..also yes. I recall when Bill Clinton got elected that some folks referred to him as our first ‘black’ president, not based upon skin color, but on his beliefs and background, and his policies. People will vote for Herschel Walker for two reasons: they LOVED him when he was a super star athlete in college in Georgia, or because they do NOT want a Democrat representing them in Congress for all kinds of reasons….so Walker will vote GOP across the board — and so do all or nearly all other GOP Senators……we don’t call them House Negroes, do we? Warnock votes Democrat across the board, he does as Schumer tells him to do — he’s gotten a free pass for the violence against his spouse, hasn’t he……so what kind of Negro is Warnock — an articulate, free thinking man with black skin who votes as he’s told. Of course I could be all wrong —- 50 years ago who would have thought there’d be two black men vying for a seat in the US Senate? Lester Maddox is rolling in his grave, no doubt.

      3. Natacha, if you agree with Mystal’s explicitly racist attacks on Herschel Walker, that makes you racist. That’s really sad and ugly.

        There are legitimate criticisms of Walker that do not involve calling him a dumb Negr@ who does what whites tell him to. Shameful racist drivel.

        It’s the Left and people like you who tell blacks what to think, and hurl racist attacks when they don’t toe the line.

      4. Natacha,

        “Herschel Walker doesn’t seem to appreciate the extent to which he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth.”

        Your complete lack of self awareness is legendary.

        1. RE:”“Herschel Walker doesn’t seem to appreciate….” That’s Georgia electorate’s right to decide. Presently, I’d be more concerned with the President, his Vice-President and his White House Press Secretary.

    4. A Black man (Mystal) calling another Black man (Walker) an “Uncle Tom” does not make his criticism a “racist diatribe

      Help me out here. Is this because it is ok to call a black person (man is insulting to the gender queer, geesh!) an UncleTom? Or is it because a Black person has special privilege? Or because a Black person lacks the intellect to understand the statement?

    5. Dennis, racism is wrong in all its forms. Objecting to any form of racism is the right thing to do.

      Enabling or excusing racism, or mocking its target, is wrong.

    6. WAKE UP, Mr. McIntyre…FIRST: Mystal’s criticism is indeed a Very Racist attack… what else can it be considered when anyone accuses a Black man of basically being owned or enslaved by whites, i.e, the ‘white power structure….’ ??? Mystal is Very Clearly invoking the ‘Uncle Tom’ scenario… RACIST 100% SECOND: Guys like you love to use the ‘disinformation’ card when you want to accuse a different opinion as being a lie or invalid. ..THIRD: it is also ‘Racist’ simply to say the ‘predominantly white power structure…’ It is no longer 1960… there is no such thing anymore… so both you and Mystal trying to revive it is indeed aimed at stirring up Racism. Sad.

  5. Don King should stick to fixing fights. WALKER WAS/IS A SUPERSTAR…TO DENIGRATE SUCH A FORCE OF NATURE IS COMME D’HABITUDE FROM VILE, FILTHY LIBTURDS….since when did they corner the market on dirty tricks?

    1. Walker was a superstar, no question. He now suffers from cognitive issues to the degree they barely let him speak freely in public. The only definitive way to recognize CTE is an autopsy. Vegas should start laying odds. What in your mind currently makes him a superstar?

      1. Thank you, Enigma. It’s beginning to look like Republicans must resort to fame for their candidates, instead of things like integrity, honor, and a track record of devotion to public service. That’s all Herschel Walker has going for him: fame as a successful athlete. Sadly, he does have some kind of serious cognitive problem, which is obvious to anyone, and it probably is related to all of the concussions he received when playing football. That’s what Elie Mystal probably meant when he indicated that Walker would do what he was told to do. Walker struggles to even make sense when discussing issues, so how would he know how to vote on legislation? In addition to Walker, there’s Dr. Oz, famous for his televison appearances and for promoting various controversial patent medicine cures and Lake, that election-denier who used to be a news reader model. All Trump had going for him was his self-anointed status as an alleged “self-made billionaire boy wonder” and fame due to “The Apprentice”, all of which we know are phony. In addition to that, the had a string of failed businesses, bankruptcies, failed marriages, failed partnerships and thousands of lawsuits for failing to pay his bills, but he was famous. He’s conclusively proved that he has no talent for leadership, no vision and mainly survives by pandering to racism, xenophobia, misogyny and anything else that will get him attention.

        1. OMG I’m laughing so hard milk came out my nose. As if Democrats sitting in Congress have whatcha call integrity, honor or devotion to anything other than power and personal gain! OMG Schumer? Pelosi? and the rest of the odd balls that look like they come from the land of misfit toys? Sure thing darling.

      2. “He now suffers from cognitive issues”

        It sounds like you are either being sneaky since you can say that about everyone or you are lying as to their significance. Listening to him being interviewed clearly demonstrates him as intelligent with a mindset set towards solutions. I’ll bet he is a clearer thinker than the average representative in Congress. That is why you don’t like him. He talks about real solutions.

        Does the left ever stop sliming people? Is Walker a racist because his father may or may not have been somewhere 20 years before he was born?

      3. He now suffers from cognitive issues to the degree they barely let him speak freely in public.

        Thanks Dr enigama
        Like the current resident of 1700 Pennsylvania Ave, and his VP? If Walker has CTE what is the VP’s problem?

      4. Enigma, there are certainly many valid criticisms to be made about Walker. Calling him a dumb Negr@ who does what whites tell him to is an ugly, racist attack. Why do black Democrats normalize calling black conservatives racist names, and give whites a pass to do the same?

        You consistently defend this behavior, which seems a poor way to repay the years of struggle for blacks to get respect.

        Walker is not whom I would have chosen, but I cannot abide racism like this. Why do you?

        1. I personally think there is a medical explanation for his being dumb, I wouldn’t remove him from society but I would never make him a US Senator. He isn’t being criticized for being Black or conservative.

          As to whether he’s doing what whites tell him to do. I think that’s pretty clear. Who pushed him into the race and comes behind to explain what he really meant? It would be more precise to say he’s doing what Republicans tell him to do in order to win a seat. That isn’;t much different from saying whites but a little more precise.

          1. “his being dumb”

            When you defame an individual you need to provide proof. You called him dumb. Prove it. Prove he is dumber than HankJohnson, Maxine Waters, or President Biden.

              1. In other words Enigma, you can’t point to anything specific to prove Walker is dumb. I don’t know him well, and am not sure of how well prepared he is in math and other subjects, but when I have heard him, he has been very logical, direct and correct.

                He is black and conservative. That makes him offensive to you from the start as do any black conservatives. You are an ideologue who sounds as if his interest in racism is more to push ideology than to help people.

                I often wonder why, I, the conservative, have such an interest in the black public schools of NYC and other large cities while you seem to have none.

                1. ““Since we don’t control the wind, our good wind decides to float in China’s bad air. So when China gets our good air, their bad wind blows. So this Onwards goes our good air space.” Herschel Walker

                  1. Enigma, though a couple of words appear jumbled, his underlying thoughts have some sophistication. Let’s have link for this snippet. I’ve listened to much longer interviews where he jumbled no sentences, but then again I remember your complaints about Trump jumbling a few words of his own even though he can speak for hours extemporaneoulsy while making good sense.

                    1. It is not unusual for a person to jumble a few words. We are still waiting for the link.

                      In any event that comment had an aire of sophistication and understanding of world politics. You haven’t demonstrated similar sophistication. No where do those words prove he is an idiot which means that you are defaming another without proof and you do that because he is black. That smacks of racism.

                    2. An “aire (sic) of sophistication.” You are trying real hard. I am not looking up links for you, do it yourself. This is but one example of his ignorance, not alone all the things he’s lied about in his past. I once admired Herschel Walker, the (lost) skills I appreciated don’t qualify him for office. Dumb as a rock (with a likely medical explanation).

                    3. I don’t need your link and based on your history might not be accurate.

                      I have hear Walker in interviews that were not scripted. He didn’t sound like an idiot. You are angry because he is a black conservative.

                  2. The monsoons deposit much of Java’s garbage in Bali. The air is Hong Kong is polluted from China.

                    Air currents move. Dust particles from the Rub’ al Khali make their way over the rest of the world.

                    Any time the wind clears up some of the thick smog over China, that means “good air” is replacing “bad air”, and the “bad air” they produced is now someone else’s problem.

                    Poorly worded statement, to be sure. It’s Japan, North and South Korea, Hong Kong, and other near neighbors who bear the brunt, with Chinese contamination accounting for up to 60% of Japan’s air pollution in some areas. However, some Chinese air pollution does, eventually, reach the west coast of the US, after a 6 day journey overseas. It is most unfortunate that the Paris Climate Accord allows China to keep increasing its air pollution. Years later, they will have to reduce their air pollution, but that starting point will be much higher than today.

                    Air pollution is a Tragedy of the Commons problem.


              2. “I’ve listened to Walker, he’s dumb, if you hear anything else, you’re dumb.”
                It is extremley unwise to accuse anyone of being dumb in a sentence that is a logical failure.

                Or do you really mean that someone is made dumb because of what they hear ?

                “I am presuming you are talking about Herschelle Walker ?”

                I have not heard Walker. I am not from GA and have no reason to get interested in this race.

                Though Warnock is a peice of work.

                But I highly doubt Walker is dumb.

                In 9th grade my H guidance counsellor drafted me to be the manager of the football team.
                And I quickly learned that good athletes are rarely if ever “dumb”. Great athletes are never dumb.
                Walker may be learning a new skill – politics.

                Walker is a Heisman Trophy Winner, a College Hall of Fame player and a likely NFL hall of fame player.

                He is a running back which a fairly intellectually challenging position.

                I doubt you have anything near equal accomplishments.

                1. I am quite ready to believe he wasn’t always dumb but suffers from brain damage. He isn’t as smart as he has lied about; wasn’t the valedictorian of his class, didn’t graduate from U of GA, wastn’t in the top 1% of his college class, wasn’t employed by the FBI. He’s not only dumb but a dumb liar, saying things easily exposed. That makes him like Trump though so maybe that’s why it’s okay.

                  1. If what you say is true then Biden, being at the bottom of his law school class and doing poorly everywhere he went, means that Walker will make a far brighter senator than Biden does a President.

                    1. You never did well at reading with comprehension. Walker lied about being the valedictorian, finishing college at all let alone being in the top 1% of his class. He never worked for the FBI. We don’t know anything about his grades yet Biden graduated from law school, plus the likelihood Walker has CTE. I wouldn’t make that comparison if I were you.

                    2. Enigma, when you comment about another’s reading skills you should first make sure that your own don’t embarrass you. Where did I mention Walkers specific education details? Hmmm, I guess you need to brush up.

                      I don’t know much about Walker’s education but can I trust what you say? No. Can I trust the left that smears any candidate that is a threat? No. Do I even care about those details? No. Based on what I heard him say, he makes much more sense than you so he is on the right track. Is he my candidate of choice? I don’t live in Georgia.

                      All I can say is if we compare him to Biden, he is an Einstein.

                    3. You don’t have to trust what I sy about his education, you can find out what he said, and then find the truth. It’s all available to you, but you don’t really want to know do you? Biden passed the bar exam. Walker can’t pass a lie detector test.

                    4. Enigma, what did your response say? Absolutely nothing of value. Biden passed the bar. That is the only thing you said that makes sense. The rest is your typical meaningless prattle.

                    5. Enigma, I do not need to verify the claims of Walker. He is running for the Senate, and Biden ran for the Presidency, yet you weren’t the least bit interested in Biden’s self-aggrandizement nor his activities of selling the United States down the drain. That tells us a lot about how you think. You are a non-thinking ideologue.

                      As far as informing myself, it is funny that you make such a request. In our past discussions, for the most part, I have been right, and you have been wrong.

                      Presently you wish me to listen to what Yahoo has to say. Were they right about the Russia hoax, the Steele Dossier, the Ukraine hoax, Joe Biden, or much of anything else in the battle between the right and the left? No. But you will trust them despite their being wrong on almost every issue.

                      Did Walker say things that weren’t entirely true? Yes, but what is the context? Walker is famous. He has so many awards, he doesn’t need anymore. That should make you ask the question, what motivated him to act as if he functioned in certain capacities where perhaps he was only a figurehead? That is known as marketing. It doesn’t change who the man is, but CNN can take that edge and make it into a vile story that convinces the gullible like yourself, but that doesn’t change who the man is. On the other hand, CNN can take Biden’s video on Ukraine or Hunter’s laptop and make them both disappear under false pretensions.

                      If you believe that there is more substance to these stories, you have to provide the story, Walker’s words, Walker’s further comment on those words, and the context. That would be meaningful, but being meaningful isn’t what you wish to do. Instead, you prefer sliming. That is fine, but don’t expect others to get up and join you.

                    6. ” I do not need to verify the claims of Walker. He is running for the Senate”

                      Those sentences only go together if you’re a partisan dupe. You just don’t care.

                    7. The sentences go together because you have diarrhea of the mouth. You could not be bothered about checking out Biden who is a cheat and sells America down the drain. However, suddenly you look at Walker not even bothering to understand what the so-called lies were. Many were puffery if they were lies at all.

                      Hypocrisy describes what you are and your actions, but hypocrisy alone is not a good enough answer for your absurd responses. One has to add tremendous ignorance to your hypocrisy for one to truly understand what you are saying.

                    8. You called Walker a liar, not I. People exaggerate all the time, but Walker ran businesses where puffery was part of the job. Some of the businesses weren’t owned by Walker in the normal sense, but he was the face and the name. You don’t like advertising, but that is what we see when buying commercial products.

                      However when it comes to politics we see Biden lying throughout his career in politics. I don’t know that Walker has done that. His statements were mostly made when he was promoting a product.

                      You don’t understand the difference because you don’t want to. It upsets your mechanism of attack. You don’t want to have to use relevant fact. That can be considered dishonest.

                    9. Now it’s exaggeration. He either worked for the FBI or he didn’t. Graduated or didn’t. Owned the businesses he claimed or he didn’t. Had 600 employees or 18. You defend liars with the same enthusiasm you defend racists, I’ll give you that.

                    10. Did Joe Biden graduate at the top of his class? He said that as a politician. We can add all the other lies over the years, including those that involved selling America down the drain.

                      What we need to know about each and every claim you make is what Walker said, why he said it, the context, and what he believes today. Then we can evaluate those statements. Unfortunately, you are gullible enough to think you have the facts when you don’t, and you are unwilling to back up your statements. That makes you not credible.

                      I have heard Walker speak as a politician running for office. I heard none of those lies, though they might exist. I have heard a person who has good ideas and says them quite well. I have listened to Biden who has never had good ideas and today is demented.

                      Either argue as an intelligent adult or quit the argument. If you wish to use hypocrisy and ignorance, you only amplify what many have said about you.

                    11. Enigma, no subject was changed. You started off sliming Walker. Your slime was based on hypocrisy and ignorance. We haven’t moved further forward because you can neither defend your statements nor leave your ideology behind.

                    12. RE:”I didn’t change the subject like you’re attempting. Now Walker isn’t lying, it’s “puffery.” That’s just sad.”…The two of you can’t beat this dead horse to death anymore than necessary to have killed it. As with 2020, Georgia will decide and they, as well as they rest of us, will have to live with what ever that decision is. Move on!

                    13. ZZ, if you go to you will see my first statement in this thread. What do I ask?

                      “Does the left ever stop sliming people?”

                      Apparently not. One can be as critical as they wish about any candidate, but one needs some substance, or all they are doing is sliming. I have had these useless discussions with Enigma for a long time. All I desire is the fact behind the slime.

                      Enigma’s most ridiculous statement in the past was that the proof Trump was a racist was a non-event involving Fred Trump 20 years before Donald Trump was born. Based on that non-information, Enigma concluded that Donald Trump was a racist.

                      Is all this ridiculous? Absolutely, but I am patient in waiting for proof which seldom, if ever, arrives.

                      Your comment is correct, but one shouldn’t expect it to change anything. 🙂

                    14. RE:”Your comment is correct, but one shouldn’t expect it to change anything..” I addressed that in a comment very early on. Black conservative writers whom I have referenced have addressed that as well. [Sowell, Steele, Woodson, Riley and Owens] Those of Enigma’s ilk hoist themselves and their cause by their own petard in that those thinkers I’ve noted, do not support her agenda. The irony of it is that, more often than not, socio-economically and politically, the loudest voices of dissent have already escaped the plantation, yet what they and Enigma advocate chains the rest to the wheel.

                  2. So you are claiming that Walker is like Biden ?

                    Shouldn’t that make you rush out to vote for him ?

                    Lots of people pad their resumes – and frankly I do not trust your claims about walker.
                    If you want me to beleive you provide records – and no, something from some reporter is not enough.

                    I would note that Walker has been successful, it appears not as successful as some of his claims, but still successful.

                    That strongly suggests that he has lots of working brain cells left – more than you.

                    1. That is right – I am not paying attention. I can not vote in Georgia – and I doubt you can either.

                      Nor do I trust the media to report honestly about republicans – so why should I bother to trust your sources.

                      There is some indications Walker has exagerate his business accomplishements – and Trump did.

                      Regardless, he has plenty. Do you ?

                      He has employed less people that he says he has. He has still employed people. That is a big deal. You should try it.
                      You want to change the world – quit ranting about racism and go out and hire people – black -people if you want.

                      And BTW is you want to hire people you have to make money to do so. And the more you make the more people you can hire.

                      So rather than piss over Walker because he is not Elon Musk, why not given him credit for what he has actually done.

                      I forget what godawful portion of black males ends up with a criminal record – Walker did not – that is an accomplishment if you are a black man.

                      Ypu seem to be saying he is not Herman Cain.

                      Wow. would you vote for Cain if he was alive ?

                      My bet is you would be saying the same things about him as you are about walker.

                      Walker got into politics, we all know that means every skeleton in your closet will be drug out.
                      And if that is not enough – your oppoents – and today if you are a republican that includes nearly all the press will make claims up.

                  3. Biden has said more stupid claims in the last year than Walker and Trump put together probably in their lives.

                    While he is clearly worse today, this is not knew Biden has exagerated his entire life.

                    If your criteria for selecting a president is how much they exagerate or how stupid some of their stories are – why did you vote for Biden ?

                    Both Trump and Walker have many real accomplishments in the free market.
                    Biden has none. Warnock was atleast a successful pastor

          2. Enigma:

            Do I understand you correctly that you do support racist attacks on black Republicans? You are not content to confine yourself to valid policy and fitness criticism? Saying he was talked into running for a position you feel he is not fit to serve is quite a bit different than calling him a dumb Neg(&* who does what whites tell him. Also, do you yet realize that blacks, Asians, and Latinos are Republicans? Therefore, white is not synonymous with the Republican party.

            It makes me ill to see black people defending and participating the Klan behavior of the Democrat Party, in which they threaten, harass, or hurl racist slurs against blacks who refuse to vote Democrat. I will never understand this. Too many black people are conditioned through use to believe it is ok, like so much evil in the world went unchallenged through history because it was normalized at the time.

            What do you think about Joe Biden’s mental fitness? He has been photographed with a note in his hand reminding him to enter the room, say hello, sit down, take a couple of scripted questions, say goodbye, and leave.

            1. No, I don’t support racist attacks on Black Republicans. I don’t support racist attacks on anyone. I do realize there are various groups that are part of the Republican Party that have little influence. My favorite example is the Log Cabin Republicans that try so hard to be heard but watch every four years as gay people are vilified in the Party platform (except 2020 when they had no platform, just do whatever Trump says) and watches party member take homophobic stances all the time.
              There have been Black Republicans that I have appreciated, even when I mostly disagree. On occasion, Tim Scott has taken principled stands against racist judicial nominees and said he won’t do that. He also says America isn’t a racist country while counting the times he gets stopped on the streets and in the halls of Congress for being Black but I figure that’s hyperbole. I liked J.C. Watts and have generally liked a few other Black elected Republicans. I liked Colin Powell long before it was popular and generally like Condi Rice.
              I think Joe Biden is too old like most candidates for President. Trump was too old when President and has had provided many more opportunities to question his mental fitness than Biden. I am disappointed in Biden for a few reasons but I don’t question his mental capacity to do the job. That wasn’t true of Trump.

              1. Enigma:

                I’m happy to hear you do not support racist attacks on black republicans. I’m not sure why you keep objecting to our criticism of the racist aspect of attacks on black Republicans, and look forward to your joining us in condemning them in future.

                Can you please give a quote from the Republican Party platform that vilifies gay people? I’m sure Dave Reuben would like to hear it.

                This is the Republican Party Platform, if you were curious:

                “Republicans believe in liberty, economic prosperity, preserving American values and traditions, and restoring the American dream for every citizen of this great nation. As a party, we support policies that seek to achieve those goals.

                Our platform is centered on stimulating economic growth for all Americans, protecting constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms, ensuring the integrity of our elections, and maintaining our national security. We are working to preserve America’s greatness for our children and grandchildren.

                The Republican Party’s legacy — we were originally founded in 1854 for the purpose of ending slavery — compels us to patriotically defend America’s values. As the left attempts to destroy what makes America great, the Republican Party is standing in the breach to defend our nation and way of life.”

                Trump is a braggart and self centered, yet he had no new wars, a booming economy, the lowest black unemployment ever recorded, and many other accomplishments.

                For you to say that Trump had more opportunities to question his mental fitness than Biden, who routinely forgets people’s name, including Barrack Obama’s, where he is, and needs a flashcard to remember to say hello, that seems like willful blindness. The man read a Teleprompter instruction reminding him to repeat a line.

                You seriously don’t question Joe Biden’s mental capacity? Do you watch him on TV, or is the coverage heavily edited?

                I have to rush off right now, but I’ll try to get a compilation of Joe Biden’s addled moments. I don’t understand how both of us could watch the same thing, and yet you could conclude Joe Biden is mentally competent.

                1. I’ll let you read what Log CAbin Republoicans siad about the 2016 Platform:


                  Despite complaints about the draft from Log Cabin Republicans, everything they railed against was passed anyway.

                  In 2020, they chose to forego a new platform and decided to use the same platform until 2024

                  “RESOLVED, That the Republican National Convention will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention.”


  6. Joe Biden was a poor student in his private school, poor student in college, and 76th out of a 85 at Syracuse University Law School. Also played football and other sports in high school and college. Almost nil business experience. If You think Herschel Walker has CTE then Joe Biden has it in spades only his may have started when he was born. Also Grant failed at Business and so did Harry Truman. For those who have run businesses, they know that only a small number succeed and many individuals have failed multiple times before achieving success.
    Elie Mystal’s brain exists in some sort of alternate hate filled universe but all the rest of him, including his mouth, unfortunately resides in ours.
    Africa was exploited by multiple parts of the world. The big news is always the middle passage to the new world but almost never is there any discussion of the millions of slaves sent to the Muslim states and their predecessors in North Africa, and millions more were sent to the East over the Indian Ocean to nations and empires in the east. Check your history.

    1. So you believe Biden got CTE after a few seasons of amateur football but not Walker with his 13 years in the NFL and a stint doing Mixed Martial Arts at 47 years old. He pointed a gun at his wife and said, “I’m going to blow your f***ing brains out!” How do you defend that?

      1. enigma: “I’m going to blow your f***ing brains out!” How do you defend that?

        hmmm…..I guess the same way you defended George Floyd’s holding, for several hours, a gun pointed at the abdomen of a terrorized PREGNANT woman during a home invasion that he initiated.

          1. enigma—–George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose. If it was an execution, then it was a self-inflicted one. Try to keep up.

          2. …But executing Ashil Babbitt is fine, She is a white conservative. Can’t Trust her. She never broke into someone’s home, robbed a bank or shot someone in the street.

              1. That is murder since she wasn’t a threat to anyone. Look at what the rules are for a proper shooting. Byrd failed. You, again do not know what you are talking about.

                1. S. Meyer, she was shot because she was breaking into a secure area and ignoring commands from law enforcement. She was already a criminal by the time she decided to crawl into the area.

                  Obey the law and you won’t get shot. Right?

                  1. “Obey the law and you won’t get shot. Right?”

                    Does that apply to Floyd? Once again when the situation changes Anonymous the Stupid;s interpretation of the law changes.

                    Byrd didn’t obey the law. He didn’t get shot or significantly penalized. How come he can break the law but other police trying to protect themselves get dragged into court?

              2. He was too. He was using forged $20 bills. So it’s okay to kill people when they break the law. YOUR words.

                1. Floyd wasn’t breaking in anywhere, he was sitting in a car. He wasn’t leading a crowd of people behind him. You wan’t these things to be the same, they aren’t.

                  1. Counterfeiting is a major crime and a federal offense. He was a serial criminal, but are you telling us being black absolves him of all guilt?

                    1. Didn’t say he was guilty of nothing though in America we normally determine that in a courtroom. I’m saying he wasn’t a threat, he didn’t have an unruly mob following him, those officers had no reason to fear for their lives and they killed him because they thought they could.

                    2. That Floyd held a gun at a woman’s abdomen makes him non-threatening? That he is a serial criminal and that his body is loaded with drugs doesn’t make him a threat? You care that he died in police custody of an overdose because he was black. Ashli was white and presented not threat at the time. She was white so in your mind she doesn’t count?

                    3. Walker pointed a gun at a woman’s head. Should we execute him?

                      Floyd didn’t accidentally die in police custody. Do you know how I know? His killers were found guilty in a court of law. I saw it for myself. Not once did anyone say, “Look, that man is dying from an overdose.” That’s what you tell yourself to keep from acknowledging the other thing.

                    4. RE:”Walker pointed a gun at a woman’s head. Should we execute him?..” As I see it, any individual who commits a crime using a weapon for the purpose of instilling intimidation, or the fear of injury or loss of life in order to force their victim to submit should never be allowed breathe the air of freedom again. Floyd did that. No, he certainly should NOT have died as he did. He should have been locked away for life the first time, instead of serving five years. Personally, I don’t give a damn how you feel about this point of view. You’re locked into something you’ll never be free of.

                    5. We have laws and a system that spells out a range of sentences. If you want lifetime imprisonment for what I think in either case would be assault with a deadly weapon, feel free to push for that change. But Floyd served his time and shouldn’t be subject to execution years afterward. Neither should Walker. I wouldn’t want either one to be a Senator.

                    6. RE:”We have laws and a system that spells out a range of sentences…..” I have no issues with your statement as crafted. Your ‘prison’ is constructed upon the foundation of controversy entertained in these pages between yourself and others regarding Walker. In that, you and Mystal share the same cell. That is where you fail.

                    7. Enigma, you are now starting to make claims that Floyd was an upstanding citizen.

                    8. RE:” and he was sitting in a car at the time of his arrest….” You’re really digging deep for material in rebuttal. You should have stopped at ‘execution”. Though I trust that ‘executed’ is the word best suiting your agenda, unfortunately for you and it,he was not. Floyd’s death was a homicide and the individual who committed it was Chauvin who was found guilty on three counts in Floyd’s death — second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, as well as guilty to violating Floyd’s civil rights. By extrapolation Floyd, in another act of violence, threatened to do precisely the same thing to a pregnant woman against whose abdomen he held a pistol while his accomplices searched her home. Threatening her with bodily injury or death to herself and her unborn child, whilst violating her civil rights at the same time.

                    9. I understand Enigma, a crime stops being a crime as soon as the crime is over and the criminal should go home. Floyd wasn’t executed even though the policeman’s actions appear wrong. Ashli Babbitt was murdered. I hope you don’t think the same way about Ashli Babbitt as Anonymous the Stupid does. He called her a stupid woman.

                      The initial coroner’s report said it all.

                      You got your revenge, but what did the people of Minneapolis get?

                      “Minneapolis residents crowdfunding to hire off-duty police officers for extra patrols
                      Major staffing shortages and crime spikes have plagued Minneapolis in the wake of defund efforts

                      Minneapolis neighborhood groups are raising money to hire off-duty police officers to work extra hours patrolling their streets, amid a sharp increase in crime and a decline in the ranks of the city police department.

                      As of this May, Minneapolis had lost over 35% of its police officers, compared to before George Floyd died in May 2020 as a result of being arrested by Minneapolis police. …“

                      I am sure black mothers and fathers are happy that you got their revenge while they are paying for it. That is what happens when people don’t think.


                    10. RE:”That is what happens when people don’t think…” If thinking were their forte they’d be following the conservative socio-political and economic writings of people of color. Instead, they follow the exhortations of Black Lives Matter and the panel on ‘The View’, which to that lot, in practice, do not.

                    11. RE:”Enigma, you are now starting to make claims that Floyd was an upstanding citizen…”Hardly!’ The man served the time he was sentenced to. Neither should he have been subjected to departures in proper police procedures. As a consequence of that, the pendulum has swung such that the public safety is no longer being properly served, least of all in communities of color.. As to Floyd’s disposition after having completed his tour with the criminal justice system…well… can lead a horse to water…..

                    12. Enigma, you alternatively hide behind the authority of the court, whether right or wrong, and when not doing that, you hide behind race. That is not the perfect way to exercise your beliefs.

                      My understanding is the gun incident occurred 20 years ago. The question is whether or not Walker’s mental state is stable or not.

                      The left is very big on rehabilitation, but we have to remember in your mind, that Walker is a black conservative so he doesn’t deserve any of the normal niceties.

                      Maybe, according to your thinking processes, if he were white you wouldn’t be so focused on punishment. That could be an answer to how you feel about Hillary who has a lot of dead people swimming around her. She may not be black, but she is a liberal.

                      Had Floyd been left to his own means and didn’t cause harm to another, based on his toxicology reports, he might have died without any assistance whatsoever. The initial coroner’s report didn’t demonstrate his death was due to the knee. Chauvin had three strikes against him. 1)His actions, whether from the training manual or not, 2) his status as a policeman, and 3) his color. Only the first one had significant relevance.

                2. RE:”So it’s okay to kill people when they break the law. YOUR words.”……It is the wise one who understands the uselessness of debating with an individual who has already determined that they are right and you are wrong. Try as you may, she is cast in stone. Hence, attempting an intelligent discourse with a building block is of no avail.

        1. Did you say, “George Floyd?” Lie down on the floor and have a man put his knee on your shoulder/neck area. Let us know if you die. Ever heard of world wide pro wrestling? They don’t die in the WWE.

      2. Enigma, you provided quotes around a statement attributed to Walker. That means he said those exact words, but he didn’t. That means you lied and are not credible about anything involving Walker.

          1. That is not the point. The point is you lied. You quoted a man using quotation marks. That means the man said what you quoted. He didn’t and you knew better. You lied.

            That is something you do all too frequently.

              1. Whose sworn testimony stated in front of who? That is your problem. You thrive on hearsay and libel. You have been wrong on most things and don’t seem to learn from your mistakes.

                  1. We have gone that route before. The Fred Trump incident. You referred me to the newspapers. I did even more and checked the fact checkers, the reports, and a bunch of other things. You embellished the incident, were inaccurate and you lied. You called Donald Trump a racist based on those false facts you mentioned that occurred 20 years before Donald Trump was born. You misstated the entire story about the investigation of Trump for racism concerning his apartment buildings. There was a story, but it did not prove he was a racist. You lied. I even provide the settlement terms with the signatures. You did this with other things as well. You had long discussions with John Say on slavery in America. Again, many of your facts were wrong and you couldn’t even get the historical timeline straight.

                    This is your modus operandi. Slime your opponent. It doesn’t work after your credibility disappears.

                  2. You lied or misspoke the truth. Choose your poison. It is not new to you. This is your way of life.

                    1. We are dealing not with Walker but your quote and the context with which it was made. Now you point to another article that is further proof that you lied or misspoke. The headline of the article uses the word allegedly and that places you quote into doubt.

                      “AP Report: Herschel Walker Allegedly ‘Threatened His Ex-Wife’s Life’ on Multiple Occasions”

            1. More Herschel Walker quotes, some from his own book. None of the quotation marks were added by me.
              “The logical side of me knew that what I was thinking of doing to this man — murdering him for messing up my schedule — wasn’t a viable alternative,” Walker wrote. “But another side of me was so angry that all I could think was how satisfying it would feel to step out of the car, pull out the gun, slip off the safety, and squeeze the trigger.”

              “I’m going to blow your f’ing brains out.”

              In Tsettos’ recollection, Walker “stated unequivocally that he was going to shoot my sister Cindy and her boyfriend in the head.”

              He “expressed to me that he was frustrated with (Cindy) and that he felt like he had ‘had enough’ and that he wanted to ‘blow their f—— heads off,’” she recalled of the Dec. 9, 2005, exchange.

              In his book, Walker acknowledges violent urges. He writes that he played Russian roulette and recounts sitting at his kitchen table in 1991 pointing a gun, loaded with a single bullet, at his head. “I wasn’t suicidal,” Walker explained, but “just looked at mortality as the ultimate challenge.”

              “I’d been running for most of life, from what only I really knew but seldom talked about. It was time to stop running and face some harsh realities,” he wrote.

              Your only response is to call me a liar. #Sad

              1. From your comment: “He pointed a gun at his wife and said, “I’m going to blow your f***ing brains out!” How do you defend that?”

                Walker either said that to his wife or he didn’t. You are quoting loads of stuff without context or direct sourcing. You haven’t shown your statement and quote above to be true. That is typical for you.

                This is the type of person you are. You make things up.

  7. Mystal shows us the ugly side of blackness. He’s not just a race-baiter, he’s a race bully. And, like all bullies, he’s a coward. He bullies from a protected space — space provided by wealthy whites who make money off of race division. Mystal goes along with that — in fact, he is enriched by it. He’s a useful tool, but money matters more to people like him than dignity, truth or ethics. One day this woke race insanity will end, and people like Mystal will look back on a life sold to the highest bidder. He’ll realize he’s been a slave to the most reactionary forces on the planet. Let’s hope he lives to regret it.

  8. To Elie, the Harvard grad with his “earned” law degree, I say if the U.S. Constitution is “trash”, then I guess we should repeal all of its amendments, starting with the 15th?

  9. Elie Mystal is a race baiter and all around loathsome guy. That said, he can say “any damn fool thing” he wants. We’re free to ignore him which I routinely do with gusto. Sorry, I broke my own rule this time. One of my favorite ways to avoid promoting stupid is to not repeat it. I’d recommend it to all along with this advice from my father “if you don’t like the party, then leave.” I think Dad was talking about more than a social occasion.

  10. I am sick to death of white liberal elitist’s hauling out their Token Negro to say all of the horrible racist things they think but are unable to voice themselves.

  11. just what a diverse society needs: more goofyass, tone deaf, self-centered White Guys “RaceSplainin'” and “WhiteSplainin'” to blacks and minorities how they really don’t have anything to bitch about.

    1. Can you comprehend the English language or do you just post the hate that the prog/left has pumped into your noggin? Senseless, opnion-based nonsense but it made you feel self-righteous, didn’t it – and that’s all that really matters to tools such as you.

    2. SR1:

      “… goofyass, tone deaf, self-centered White Guys “RaceSplainin’” and “WhiteSplainin’” to blacks and minorities how they really don’t have anything to bitch about.”
      You’re right but I prefer the ones “splainin” why they do and, land a goshen, it miracuoulsy mostly benefits the ‘splainers. Better comic relief with the latter and the hypocrisy is just grandiose.

  12. Let’s assume Mystal is right that Republicans want “Negroes to do what they’re told.” Though wrong, it’s better than the Democrats approach: they want everyone to do what they’re told. Sadly, to a large extent, they succeed.

  13. “Mystal suggested Walker was supported because he does what Republicans ‘want from their Negroes.’”

    When tribalists are your public intellectuals, your culture is headed for Rwanda.

  14. Words are inadequate to characterize the chagrin felt so profoundly after listening to the vile insensitive words of bigot Elie Mystal

  15. ….said White Bread Fred……….perhaps if White Bread Fred were black and was still suffering institutionalized racism and still suffering social and workplace racism after 245 years of White systematic oppression of blacks and minorities, perhaps White Bread Fred would be more understanding to Mystal’s attitude towards the White Establishment.

    Turley is usually pretty damn objective, but in this instance Turley fails miserably.

    I’m a white guy and what I have to say about the racist White Establishment makes Elie Mystal’s remarks sound like the Love Boat.

    1. Stud is one of these white people that always claims that whites are racist…except for him, his father, his mother, his children and his friend, especially him. All other whites are racist.

      1. hullbobby

        Studly is one of those self-loathing, virtue signaling lefties.

        I enjoy watching those people posture.

        They only fool themselves.

      2. HullBobby,
        What I find interesting is when whites who like to tell us minorities not only what to think, but how to think.
        Then when we commit the sin of thinking for ourselves, or not falling in line with the narrative, we get accused of enabling racism. As I have noted on this blog more than a few times, I am not white.

        Case in point, there was a pro-police rally in the city of Oakland CA. Those in attendance were from those communities hardest hit by crime and the defund the police movement. They were black. What they wanted everyone wants: safe neighborhoods. They wanted more police patrols.
        But then a small but vocal group of ANTIFA, whites, showed up in counter protest, trying to tell those people from those neighborhoods they were wrong and they did not need police.

        If you search for Oakland pro-police rally, you will find some more interesting articles to include pictures on the topic. Gets rather tense.

        1. Enigma, when you become so indignant over the slightest misuse of a word by one not meaning anything bad, you create bad air and that air spreads to the community and then back again onto society.

          What does it lead to? Read the story, and link at the bottom of the page.

          A black kid working at a McDonald’s served cold fries to a woman, The woman was insulted. She called her son (they happen to be black) and complained. He comes over and shoots the kid who died today.

          That is what your type of heated indignance leads to. You are a grandfather and you should be teaching everyone differently, but you don’t.

          I am not picking on blacks, but this is a cultural problem faced in certain black areas causing all too many black youths to die in violent situations.

          I hope you don’t take this as an insult or a racist comment. It is meant to be neither, but if a grandfather can’t hold his emotions in check, how do you think the young in violent areas are going to be able to hold their own?

    2. Please cite actual examples of institutional racism rather than flashing that dog whistle. Your lie has grown old and only works on other, likewise, brainwashed tools of the prog/left.

  16. If racism is bad why is anti-White racism tolerated and even celebrated on national television in America? Why would a fuming, flailing racist like Elie Mystal be permitted to teach at a university or even allowed on campus? Does this constant stream of hatred promote racial harmony and social cohesion or intolerance, mistrust, and alienation? Characters like Mystal hide behind the free speech laws they seek to undermine for others, while extending the rot in a society that gave them the money and privileges that they now enjoy. If Joe Biden is the symbol of America in decline, Elie Mystal is a symbol of what’s destroying it. And grubby MSNBC profits from all of it.

    1. SR1:

      “You’re full of white shit.”
      And that line would match perfectly with your anti-white racism. Oh and systemic racism is mythical. If you disagree, give me the particulars of any victim of “systemic racism” and I’ll personally go to federal court to address it.

    1. Enigma sees and hears what Mystal, says and of course he attacks…Turley. This is what a partisan fool sounds like. Keep voting for liberals and keep watching black people suffer with bad schools, high crime and poverty.

      Hey Enigma, nobody suffered more from the teacher’s unions over the last few years than poor minority kids and yet they are supported by the Democrats because they give them money. It is a shame that dumb partisan people like you will let the poor black kids suffer in bad schools, in closed schools and in crime ridden cities just to be played by the party. You are selling out those you profess to support. What a tool.

      1. “Education is not merely neglected in many of our schools today, but is replaced to a great extent by ideological indoctrination.”

        Sowell is right. Enigma is a prime move in that direction.

      2. HullBobby,
        You are quite right about poor minority kids feeling the most harm.
        WBUR has a radio show called On Point. They had a IIRC mathematician who crunched the numbers back in 2020. His findings showed the COVID lockdowns affected minorities the worst, putting them years behind. He also said it would further exacerbate income inequality in the future.
        Sorry, no linky, On Point search function is awful.

    2. Enigma

      We don’t often agree, but I usually respect your comments.

      Not here – you are excusing vile behavior (not sure if because that vile person is black or because he is a lefty).

      Bad behavior is bad regardless of who does it.

      Attacking Turley is just deflection – intellectual dishonesty.

      1. I attacked Turley’s claim of the double-standard of others when his is glaring. Hershel Walker being called a negro by a Black man based on his behavior is highly specific. Walker isn’t being attacked for being Black or conservative. He is being called out for being an incompetent prop of Trump and others to fill their needs. If Walker was a Democrat, you’d disqualify him for having lied about being his high school valedictorian, graduated from the University of Georgia (didn’t) in the top 1% of his class (didn’t). You’d be concerned about the physical abuse of his wife and having pointed a gun at her threatening to kill her. You might even be concerned about CTE and the potential brain damage that one study showed 87% of football players examed have experienced. The man dares not speak in public in anything but a controlled environment because he doesn’t make sense. The vile behavior is not removing him from the public scene as he’s destroying whatever reputation he may have had. He had several failed business ventures as well but in the Republican Party that’s a badge of honor. Notice none of my criticism’s are because Walker is Black, conservative, or Republican. He’s unqualified and unstable.
        You and so many others are horrified when you think a Black conservative is a victim or racism from the left but can’t find a single example of racism on the right.

        1. Enigma

          That is the quality of arguments that you usually make, and why I read your comments.

          That comment made me think.

        2. +100. Doesn’t Walker also have 3 outside kids and a history of domestic violence, both of which he condemned, and both of which he is allegedly guilty of?

          1. If Walker or Trumps kids , etc., had been hanging out/flying with Jeffery Epstein I’m confident Mr “Bullsh*t” Fm AG Bill Barr would have told us & made public the list!

        3. enigma:

          ” Walker isn’t being attacked for being Black or conservative. He is being called out for being an incompetent prop of Trump and others to fill their needs.”
          I think Walker is a prop and not the sharpest tool. His threats to his wife are indefensible, if true, and he admitted them even if they are 20-years-old. That said, the reason for Walker is that he’s black and conservative. That’s a rare combination and compared to the socialist Warnock, he’s better for the country even if the race game is being played. No one’s gonna ask him to solve quadratic equations or give the area of a parabola but he’s reliably conservative on the issues. That doesn’t make electing him because he’s black right. I’d still prefer the best man/woman on intellect AND the issues wins but he’s the lesser of two bad choices.

          1. Is he really conservative? Not that it’s clear what conservative means these days. There is an apparent litmus test as to whether you believe the 2020 election was stolen or not. But back to Walker, it isn’t clear he has any long standing values. He is a prop and even more than being told what to say, he’s being prevented from espousing on any issue lest he reveal hi s lunacy. His campaign’s main job when he accidentally speaks is to go behind and say what he really meant to say.

            “Since we don’t control the air, our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air. So when China gets our good air, their bad air got to move. So it moves over to our good air space. Then — now we got we to clean that back up.”

            Make sense of this?

            “Cain killed Abel and that’s a problem that we have. What we need to do is look into how we can stop those things. You know, you talked about doing a disinformation — what about getting a department that can look at young men that’s looking at women that’s looking at their social media. What about doing that? Looking into things like that and we can stop that that way. But yet they want to just continue to talk about taking away your constitutional rights. And I think there’s more things we need to look into. This has been happening for years and the way we stop it is putting money into the mental health field, by putting money into other departments rather than departments that want to take away your rights.”

            Or this,

            “Do you know right now, I have something that [you can bring] into a building, that will clean you of Covid, as you walk through this, this dry mist?” Walker claimed in August 2020.

            “As you walk through the door, it will kill any Covid on your body,” said Walker, “EPA-, FDA-approved. When you leave, it will kill the virus as you leave, this here product.”

            He will be at best somebody’s pawn, if he can remember which lever to pull when it’s time.

            1. Anybody reading what you quote has to check every word elsewhere. You are not credible and you are willing to quote things others didn’t say.

              His religious stuff is no different than you saying that an incident 20 years before being born proved Donald Trump to be a racist.

            2. Enigma, in defense of racist attacks, you excused the racism because there are perfectly valid criticisms of Walker. Turley and the rest of us don’t take issue with those criticisms. They’re on point. It’s the RACISM that’s the problem.

              1. Turley hasn’t acknowledged the legitimacy of the criticisms of Walker, at best he might have mentioned them while sweeping them away. Walker was put up to run against Warnock because he’s Black. Is that racist, maybe pragmatic? I’ll let you decide. That he’s an unwitting pawn that has a seriously flawed record and no understanding or control of the issues is clear. I attribute that to CTE but he might just be stupid.
                Every candidate for every office faces attacks, that’s part of the process. When it’s a Black conservative it doesn’t automatically become a high-tech lynching or a racist attack. The claims about Walker are true. If the Apprentice outtakes of Trump calling people ni**er are ever released, would you hesitate for a minute to defend him? No, you’d point to some false equivalent and ignore it. If you honestly see racism from the left against Black conservatives, feel free to rally against it, you might be right in some cases. But if you can never see racism from the right then you are willfully blind and have no leg on which to stand.

                1. “Turley hasn’t acknowledged the legitimacy of the criticisms of Walker, at best he might have mentioned them while sweeping them away. Walker was put up to run against Warnock because he’s Black. Is that racist,”

                  That has been one of the main thrusts of Democrat leadership over the past 50+ years. Republicans put up one candidate that you think fits into that tactic and your start using the term racists. What you have done is admitted the Democrats have acted in a racist fashion since the 60’s.

                2. Turley is not concerned with the flaws of Herschel Walker. He is not defending him as a candidate. He condemned the normalization of racist attacks against black Republicans. It has nothing to do with whether Walker is a good candidate or not.

                  You keep bringing up valid criticism of Walker as if it excuses racism against him.

                  Is it OK to use racist slurs against Democrat Hank Johnson for claiming Guam might tip over? Do you think skin color should be brought up when a black man makes an ignorant, uneducated, or mistaken statement?

                  I’m quite at a loss as to why you consistently defend racist attacks on black Republicans, instead of calling for skin color to have no place in criticism.

                    1. E,
                      You should go to Infowars Store & buy at least some Judge Joe Brown’s BBQ sauce.

                      Judge Joe Brown will most likely Win & become Memphis Tn’s Mayor nest year.

                      Why don’t you also call or go see Ret Judge Brown?

        4. Enigma, this is willful blindness. Negr@ is a slur specifically for blacks so, yes, he is being called this specifically because of his race and his political beliefs.

          This is so common. Black conservatives are called StepNFetchits, Uncle Toms, House N words, and dumb Negr@s.

          Black Democrats dutifully excuse or participate. Why why why do you do this to a fellow black man you disagree e are myriad ways to make an argument against him as a candidate that have nothing to do with race. Yet Democrats ALWAYS go after the race of black conservatives.

          It’s like the KKK denigrating or threatening black Republicans who refused to vote Democrat in the 20s, only now there are legions of black Democrats at their back.

          Racist slurs are NEVER OK. I wish I could find the right words to reach you.

          NO ONE has said there are no racist Republicans out of the millions in America. The difference is that there is no normalization of it. You hear nasty comments from fringe groups. Democrats, on the other hand, blast racism from all media. Racism and discrimination are at the core of the ideology. Racism against whites, Asians, black conservatives, etc.

          Do you really believe if a prominent Republican called a black Democrat a dumb Negr@ that Turley wouldn’t comment, or need to say that he was disappointed in its normalization? No way. The reason he’s spoken up is because this is NORMAL in the Democrat Party, a party he’s voted for in the past.

          1. Negro is a slur in this context but not a criticism of him being a conservative. It relates to his Blackness in that it points out he’s a willing pawn. Which do you disagree with, that he’s willing or a pawn?

            1. Enigma:

              The racist slur is being applied because he’s a black Republican. I do not see the normalization of this against black Democrats.

              He is expressly being accused of being a dumb N doing what white people tell him to, because he’s running as a Republican.

              I don’t think I’m getting through. You are engaging in gymnastics defending this. I actually don’t favor Walker as a candidate, and you’ll get no argument from me about valid criticisms. The racist attacks are indefensible.

              You asked what I disagree with, but then provided a false dichotomy. As I’ve told you repeatedly, I disagree with the racist bit about him being a dumb N doing what white people tell him.

              It is surreal that a literal Karen is trying to convince a black man that racism against black men is wrong, and making no headway. Can we get a seance with Dr King? I need a little help here.

              1. Just to be sure, you are now using Negro as the N word as opposed to the other one? I get that it might be hard to keep up with the variety of ways Black people are described by others and how they refer to themselves. I could list several but that would only distract.
                When Trump refers to someone as “my Black person.” surely that was just poorly worded and not a racial slur. There is a nuance in what Elie Mystal said that may have gone over your head and that is being used for political purposes by Turley and others to claim racism against Black conservatives.
                I usually find that claims of racial attacks on Black conservatives have nothing to do with conservatism and little if anything to do with their race other than they happen to be Black. In this case Elie Mystal referred to Walker’ race but it was all about him being a pawn of the white man. He could have been talking about Trump or the Party which most would agree mostly represents the white man as are most of their representatives.

  17. The fundamental issue is that the right believes that rules constrain people. The left believes that rules constrain society.

    It all depends on whether you think that the problem is people or society.

  18. Most American cities vote 100% Democratic ticket, very few exceptions. It sounds like blacks are following the orders of their white masters perfectly. Good blacks.

    1. that is why AID to cities should be cut off….make them pay for their cities.

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