“What About His Son?”: CNN’s Stelter is Latest Media Figure to Suddenly Discover the Hunter Biden Scandal


I recently wrote a column on the sudden shift in coverage of the Hunter Biden scandal in the mainstream media, a shift that has coincided with widespread pieces pushing President Joe Biden to change his mind about running for reelection. As political and media figures fret about Joe Biden endangering Democratic control of Congress and the White House, there is now increased willingness to acknowledge the long buried scandal. Few are as striking as the shift of CNN’s media pundit Brian Stelter, who seems to have suddenly discovered that there are serious allegations of influence peddling by the Biden family.  After previously calling the Hunter Biden story “manufactured” and “whataboutism,” Brian Stelter is now saying that the story “is not just a right-wing media story” while asking “What about his son?” For those skeptical of the sudden media-wide conversion, it sounded more like “what about his father.”

Stelter previously mocked those pushing this story as a complaint by those who do not “know how newsrooms work” while participating in a “disinformation conference” on how to shape news with insights from former President Obama and other democratic figures.

“How newsrooms work” today is precisely the concern. N.Y. Times’ Thomas Friedman recently declared “The New York Times felt it didn’t pursue it originally as much as it wanted to.” He did not explain what could possibly have overridden such journalistic interest until long after Biden’s election.

Now, with the Democratic control and its agenda in danger, the media appears to be living through a version of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Trouble with Harry.” Call it “The Trouble with Joey?” or, as Stelter suggests, “What to do with Father?”

The criminal investigation holds some promise as a way out of the inconvenient body in the White House. However, as discussed earlier, the Hunter Biden scandal must be a “controlled demolition” — the scandal has to fall precisely on a narrow foundational footprint without causing collateral damage to others in the political and media establishment.

A scandal implosion can be achieved by avoiding the obvious need for a Special Counsel and prompting a plea on narrow criminal charges. That could be enough to contain the blowback for the political and media elite while prompting the President to take a powder soon after the midterm elections. (Indeed, if the President pardoned his son, he could admit to the obvious conflict of interest and decline to run for reelection as a self-imposed consequence for his abuse of the constitutional authority).

For Stelter, the shift is more painful than most. The figures who derided those of us pushing the Hunter Biden story as engaging in “Whataboutism” was now literally asking “What about his son?” and his scandal. The point is not just hypocrisy, it is the concern of what this change is really about.

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  1. JT says: “‘What about his son?” and his scandal.” A thousand times “no”. The focus should be on the father, not the son, Hunter is a guileless and malleable drug addict whose rise to great wealth was engineered by his father, who, for example. took him on foreign trips for no reason other than to be introduced, with a wink and a nod, as Biden’s son, who is “in the consulting business”. (“In 2013, Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two with his father, who was then vice-president, on an official visit to Beijing, where the younger Biden met investment banker Jonathan Li.” https://www.bbc.com/news/world-54553132. April 6,, 2021.) One would need to be as blind as Brian Stelter not to see a joint enterprise of the Biden Crime Family (BCF). Hunter is certainly liable as the point of contact, but the greater moral obloquy falls on the responsible and powerful adult, Joe Biden, and even on Barack Obama, who must have known about the activities of the BCF and did nothing to stop them, and who later even arranged the nomination of Joe Biden.

    1. “87,000 new IRS agents”

      Which is the reason to *stop* being productive. The only thing you’re working for is your own destruction. Let the looters confiscate scraps. See how long they survive.

  2. These Democrat MF’ers just declared WAR. We are now at war in what is left of this country.

  3. In my estimation, the Ukraine proxy war is a product of defending financial scandals that politically connected figures in the U.S. profited by. The idea that even a former President can’t question what Vindman called settled policy without being accuse of treason seems to point to a rot that is well entrenched.

  4. The Democrats are trying to use well placed demolitions to lessen the damage of the Biden China connection. They’re trying to keep their party from blowing all to hell. They overlook the fact that the stray spark has already scattered their putrid explosion from sea to shining sea. They’ve tried to limit the explosion of the outhouse but the blast has ignited the D.C. swamp gas. Perhaps we should consider firing the incompetent demolition team but first let’s enjoy seeing what their covered with.

  5. The media buried the story to hurt Trump and give Biden a boost through fraud.

    It was an immeasurable campaign contribution.

  6. Congress may NOT tax for the Climate, Health, Tax Bill.

    The Supreme Court MUST strike down the Climate, Health and Tax Bill, immediately and with extreme prejudice.

    Congress has the power to tax for ONLY debt, defense and infrastructure (i.e. general welfare).

    Congress has the power to regulate ONLY money, commerce and land and naval Forces.

    Most people refuse to believe it, but Americans are FREE – yes, it’s true, but you can’t handle the truth.

    Justices swore an oath to support the Constitution.

    Please do that.

  7. Perhaps I missed JT’s rationale. “The Hunter Biden scandal must be a “controlled demolition” — the scandal has to fall precisely on a narrow foundational footprint without causing collateral damage to others in the political and media establishment.” Why exactly “MUST” the demolition NOT cause collateral damage to members of ‘the establishment’?

    1. Hello Darren, I suddenly don’t have permission to read the moste recent posts regarding the raid on Mara-a-Lago. I get the following message and am told I’m not a member of the site. Is this happening to everyone or have I been kicked out?

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      1. Enigmainblackcom

        I looked on the last few articles (posts) published and all of them are marked as Public. The default is to make new articles public. There are two other modes: Password Protected and Private. I haven’t seen anything that indicates that others are experiencing the same issues you are, so I am a bit at a loss to explain what happened. Nobody has mentioned to me that you were kicked out and Professor Turley et al did not tell me you were. So I am certain that is not the case.

        There is the possibility there is some transient error on WordPress’ side that munged your permission level. I recommend that you Log Out of the account that you use to connect to the wordpress/jonathanturley.org site. close your web browser, then restart it and log in as you normally do when connecting to wordpress / this website. That might flush out any cached credential that might have been misconfigured and hopefully the problem will correct itself.

        Give that a try and see if it works. Else we might have to research the problem and see what is happening.

        1. I logged out and closed my browser (Chrome). Restarted and logged back in with no change, If you could look into this at your convenience it will be appreciated. Getting the same message,

          “Private post
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          I’ll try logging in from a different browser just to see,

          1. A different browser might help. Another method you could try is to clear out all the cookies, history, internet cached files, login information, saved passwords/user-accounts, everything, on the broswer close it, then trying again to coneect. Be sure to log out of whatever user account (such as gravitar) you connected to wordpress and then log in. If there is a caching issue that should take care of it. If not let me know.

          2. If it hasn’t worked so far for you try clearing the cache as noted in my comment @ 2:04 p.m. Here are a couple other tricks to see if you can see it:

            Click this link: https://wp.me/p6sYP-O2q (that is a shortlink to the page)

            Here is the raw text of the article, at least you can then see the words:

            “The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago has unleashed a familiar euphoria among critics who have longed for–agents descending upon the President’s residence in a criminal operation. One MSNBC pundit declared that day of the “orange jumpsuit” may finally be at hand while another simply exclaimed “hallelujah.” It was a tad premature since we do not even know if classified material was found and, if so, whether there is a criminal case to be made from such a discovery.

            I previously testified in Congress on the earlier seizure of the boxes at Mar-a-Lago under the Presidential Records Act and how criminal prosecutions have been rare under the law. Nevertheless, criminal charges are possible, including under Section 2071 which states that anyone can be prosecuted who “willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates or destroys … any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited … in any public office.” That crime, however, requires a showing of not just negligence but that “an act is … done voluntarily and intentionally and with the specific intent to do something the law forbids.”

            Notably, even the most serious cases of mishandling classified records have not resulted in major charges. One example is that of former Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger who was found to have secretly stuffed classified material into his pants and socks to remove them from a secure facility. He then hid them in a spot to be retrieved later. It was a flagrant and premeditated violation of federal law and put national security secrets at risk. Yet, Berger was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and did not have to serve any jail time. Indeed, his security clearance was suspended for only three years.

            However, critics were not particularly interested in whether Trump might have some suspended misdemeanor sentence. Rather, even before learning if any evidence of criminal conduct was found, critics turned to the ability to use the charge to disqualify Trump from future office. Section 2071 has excited the imagination of such critics because of a line that states that a convicted party can “be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

            (MSNBC/via YouTube)
            That was the enticing possibility highlighted by Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer who was a critical player in pushing the false Russian collusion claims in the Steele dossier. In addition to accusations that he may have lied about the funding of the Steele dossier, Elias has been sanctioned in court for his conduct.

            Elias was not alone citing the possible use of a Section 2071 charge to block Trump’s expected presidential run in 2024. Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman even suggested that this could be the actual plan of the Justice Department to end Trump’s political career: “So this could be the whole enchilada in terms of DOJ resolution.”

            Consider that culinary-legal analysis for a second. The claim is that the Justice Department may be actively seeking to use a charge to block Trump as the real motivation for this raid and possible charge. There is not a hint of concern over the FBI being used to achieve such a political purpose. That is putting aside the fact that, unless there is evidence of a “willful and unlawful” effort to conceal or retain such material, the FBI could end up an enchilada short of a combination plate for prosecution.

            There is also a significant constitutional hurdle facing this latest means of barring Trump from office.

            This is not the first time that this disqualification argument has been made and scholars like Seth Tillman have previously raised constitutional objections to it. (Professor Josh Blackmun also has a column on this issue)

            The problem is that the law would add a qualification or condition that is not stated in the Constitution. There are constitutional ways to impeach a president or to bar a former president from future office. The mishandling of official records is not one of them. In analogous cases like Powell v. McCormack and U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton, the Supreme Court rejected the authority of states to impose new qualifications for congressional seats under Article I. The same is presumably true under Article II when it comes to the chief executive.

            There is ample reason to doubt that the presidency would be deemed barred by statute in this fashion. What would not be in doubt is how such novel claim of disqualification would be received by millions of citizens already skeptical of the motivations of both the Biden Administration and specifically the FBI.

            The basis and even the motivation of this raid will become clear in time, including whether there is evidence of willful and unlawful conduct by the former president. However, whatever this raid produces, this “enchilada” will likely be hard for most judges to swallow as a way to keeping Trump off the ballot in 2024.

            This column also appeared on Fox.com”

            1. I appreciate your effore Darren. Clearing the cache was no help. I can read all the articles in full. When I try to click on the link at the top to see general responses and reply is when I get the “Private” message.

                1. In every article Professor Turley publishes, under the title and picture there is a link to the article where you can also see all the comments and reply. It’s highlighted in light blue.

  8. Turley: do they pay you a bonus to keep trying to resuscitate the “Hunter Biden Scandal”, and for attacks against non-Trump media? If they do, you should disclose it.

    1. No need for Turley to revive the Hunter Biden pornographic, drug induced, woman abuse, pay for access to US presidents reel. As a matter of fact, you might have missed it because the Press has spent 2 years hiding it from those who bury their heads under fake news peddled by NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, and the likes. But you can just search the internet for Hunter’s videos and his graft emails. That is … if you can handle the truth!

    2. @Natcha

      I guess you have been living under a rock.

      The Hunter Biden laptop scandal never ended.
      It got drawn out because everyone tried to bury it in an effort to pull Biden over the goal line because MSM and others didn’t want 4 more years of Trump.

      Joe Biden is corrupt and should be sitting next to Hillary in jail.

      The problem is that you’ll assume that I am pro Trump, but no. Just like Turley I see Trump as both the lesser of two evils and that he has wrongly been maligned. History will be kind to Trump. Already we have seen the Russian Collusion narrative fall apart. Unfortunately no one guilty of the scam… went to jail. Let alone had been charged w a crime.

      1. “Already we have seen the Russian Collusion narrative fall apart. Unfortunately no one guilty of the scam… went to jail. Let alone had been charged w a crime.”

        What would the charge be? Who would bring it?

  9. It probably comes down to which party controls the Congress. Republicans may want to be careful what they wish for, this could backfire big time.

    Remember the fake aluminum tubes, fake weapons of mass destruction, violating Ronald Reagan’s Torture Treaty (felony crime), warrantless domestic spying about 6 months before 9/11 (a felony crime), kidnapping terror suspects or Monica Goodling firing federal prosecutors?

    The then GOP-controlled Congress and WH simply looked the other way. Justice only hinges on who controls the justice system. Merrick Garland could give Republicans the gift that keeps giving!

    [source: non-fiction films “Fair Game” and “Why We Fight” that came out around 2006 plus every major newspaper].

    1. Remember the fake aluminum tubes, fake weapons of mass destruction…..

      You did not mention the mother (NB: Im not a biologist) of all fakes: the fake legacy media / Big Tech that Americans despise.

      Cheer up. Didn’t you get the memo? The Democrats are now giddy about the midterm elections, says DNC Press Release The Hill:

      Democrats see new signs of hope ahead of midterms
      Democrats are seeing new glimmers of hope for the 2022 midterm elections amid a series of high-profile legislative and political victories that they say could reverse the longtime expectation of a so-called red wave in November.

      – The Hill
      Aug 8, 2022


      The Senate Dems could not pass, with their own members, their deceitful Senate “Inflation Reduction Act” bill that was misnamed, mischaracterized, and will do nothing in favor for the areas which they stated will have demonstrable beneficial impact. Bernie Sanders went on a tear against the fake bill. It was defanged and declawed with multiple amendments by members of both parties, and they had to coach Kamala in how to look presidential and not cackle while casting the tiebreaker vote. And yet the Dems are giddy. Democrats are now hopeful! That or Hunter Biden has teamed with Joe Biden’s crack kits, with all legacy media elitists hitting da pipe!

      It is happening again. The fake media and Big Tech oligarchs are controlling the messaging to manipulate Americans. All this is going to do is force Americans to vote for Trump because they despise the legacy media. Even CNN gets that.

      Gird your loins!

      1. They got Manchin and Sinema to sign on.

        Manchin’s wife is head of the Appalachian… The bill includes $1Billion to that group.

        Sinema said she wanted to protect the taxpayer. In the end carry over tax credit for hedge funds is again a reality. Instead of paying normal taxes on money they earned from the hedge funds they pay only capital gains. That is estimated at about $14 Billion in taxes not collected that will end up paid by other taxpayers.

        That is how Democrats work.

        1. I attended an academic medical conference for minorities in West Virginia recently, first time there. I was literally the only Hispanic brown guy. Interesting! There is a big push to recruit people like me to academic medicine all over the country. I understand why Manchin does what he does. Beautiful state – we went hiking near the New River Gorge Bridge, but the poverty and misery in WV are inexcusable. The medical needs in WV are off the charts

          1. Estovir, you are correct about the Appalachian area where many of the impoverished people are white. (By the way, Charles Murray wrote a brilliant book where in England he saw the same problem with whites as we see in America with the black population. You might be interested in that book.)

            There are a lot of qualified Asians that apply to medical school. Should they be denied admission because of their excellence? Should they be denied research positions?

            There are ways of helping impoverished people while improving diversity. Lowering the standards is not the best way.

            I don’t know if you are aware but there were quotas on the number of Jews permitted into medical schools in this country half-century ago. That was wrong as well, but because of the quotas, only the brightest of the bright Jews got into American medical schools. I think that may have been a reason why even in areas where anti-Semitism was strong, people looked for Jewish doctors. However at the same time Jews were not known to be the greatest football players.

            1. There was a report generated decades ago to assess the state of medical education. Called the Flexner Report, it is still used as a guidepost in med ed, even if it was flagrantly racist and xenophobic.


              I have historically considered Jewish physicians some of the best in medicine. Like Cubans, they are exacting, driven, passion for excellence and demand scientific data for decision making. Some of my closest friends at Mt Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, were Orthodox Jews, closed office Noon on Fridays in preparation for the Sabbath, and treated Jews and Non-Jew patients with utmost professionalism. I think one of the biggest tragedies that has faced Jews is falling away from Judaism. I had a very close Jewish friend, Emergency Medicine physician, 100% Orthodox, and we were like brothers. We were gym buddies, pushed each other hard, and his drive for delivering excellent medical care to all, was inspiring. He was fascinated with my love for Catholicism. Then he divorced, fell away from his religion, fell into drugs, was arrested and self-destructed. True loss.

              Judaism is a beautiful religion as practiced by Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed Jews. Exquisite rituals and deep history of identity. I think most have disappeared. Very few in Richmond.

              I take it you are Jewish. Go to temple!

              1. RE:”There was a report generated decades ago to assess the state of medical education. Called the Flexner Report,..” “Holy Moses Maimonides, Batman!! “The Flexner Report’!!! Yon physician doth digeth deep!! I bet their rolling in their graves given the questions on the current AAMC application form.

              2. Estovir, bias, and racism existed in this nation as it does everywhere, but America has moved forward. I take the position if you let me live and thrive, you don’t have to deal with me if you don’t want. America and Americans have given me more than I deserve. Racism is rearing its ugly head mostly from the left.

                The Jewish and Catholic religions have beautiful traditions, but in my mind, both are faltering. Hopefully, they both hold out based on the best they have to offer. I find both religions accommodating.

                “Go to temple!”

                Do you not believe that God can be with you at all times?

                1. Do you not believe that God can be with you at all times?

                  Yup, but alas you and I are very weak men, and we get in the way of seeing God in each other. Our senses are weak. Our minds are weak. Our perceptions are cloudy. Our monkeybabble is burdensome (at least for me it is), and God uses many of our “receptors” to get our attention, like Catholic Mass or Jewish service, or most other religious services.

                  The Council of Trent (Catholic Church) taught that we need sensory peripherals to aid us in the worship of God: high music, stained glass windows, beautiful architecture, Cantors, incense, etc. I find that mindset to be very true. Although I pray every morning the “Liturgy of the Hours” at home, it does not compare to being in a Sacred Space, surrounded by the many visible sensory stimuli that speaks to my heart and soul. Note, Faith is not simply a mental exercise. The soul needs feeding too


                  1. Interesting Estovir. It seems you are saying there is more independence in the connection to God in the Jewish faith than in Catholicism. I am not making that distinction, rather I am taking note of what you have said.

                    I don’t see you as a weak man though perhaps I understand what you mean in a religious sense. When one removes the mask, is God easier to see?

                    1. The hardest prayer known to Catholics. I pray it often in Spanish

                      English version:

                      Prayer of St. Ignatius (Suscipe)

                      Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty,
                      my memory, my understanding
                      and my entire will, all I have and call my own.
                      You have given all to me. To you, Lord, I return it.
                      Everything is yours; do with it what you will.
                      Give me only your love and grace,
                      that is enough for me.

                      -St. Ignatius of Loyola

                      my favorite:

                      If you should ask me what are the ways of God, I would tell you that the first is humility, the second is humility, and the third is humility. Not that there are no other precepts to give, but if humility does not preceed all that we do, our efforts are fruitless.
                      – Saint Augustine

                      Buenas noche. May God Bless and protect America

                    2. Both your prayers provide a similar message.

                      You said earlier you were at Mt. Sinai. Was that for your residency? I used to know people there. Phil Samet, cardiology, comes to mind.

                      May God Bless and protect America

                    3. S. Meyer and Estovir: Did either one of you ever see the movie, “The Chosen,” with Robby Benson? (Zionism v. Hasidic (sp.) orthodoxy. It is absolutely in my top five. Without giving anything away, it ends with the narrator saying something like (not verbatim), “And the son said, “Father, I cannot agree with you, I cannot meet you in the middle,’ and the father says, “Come as far as you can, and I will go the rest of the way…”

                    4. Lin, fantastic book and movie.

                      There is a very special movie that you might want to see if you haven’t already. It should be seen in a theater where there are no interruptions and you are kept in your seat because I almost walked out at the beginning. 1945 says it all. The movie starts slowly and gradually builds. One doesn’t hear or see action on the screen. All of that builds inside. One of the most brilliant films I have seen, but it is close to my heart.

    2. Ashcroft’s Zersetzung, are you suggesting we lay down for prosecutorial misconduct and phony investigations? Are you suggesting the right thing to do would be to cower in the corner while power is abused? Is this the same advice you would give to Democrats? Is that the advice you had for them when those instances you cite occurred?

      I would remind everyone that the instances you cite happened under the administration of Liz Cheney’s father.

      I read your comment several times and found it a bit murky (chilling?). Perhaps I mistook you?

      1. Or maybe you’re suggesting Republicans are as guilty as Joe and Hunter and need to watch out? Last I looked, CNN was a pipe organ of the deep state, not the GOP. Maybe you should remind the leftwing media Merrick Garland might investigate them, too.

        1. Now that I think about it, the Obama administration did investigate some journalists they didn’t like. In fact, the Biden administration spied on Tucker Carlson, too. I guess you’re more right than you realized. The Democrats are already doing vindictive fishing expeditions.

  10. One would think that after 2 years of relentlessly writing columns, posts, and comments wanting and begging the mainstream media to cover the Hunter Biden story JT and others around here would welcome the recent news coverage and declare victory but instead they are suggesting improper motives and conspiracies.

  11. Profiting from influence peddling by, say, a Senator would be referred to the ethics committee who, being equally divided between R & d, will do nothing until long after that Senator’s term expires.
    What the Biden family did when he was Senator will never see a courtroom. The only court is public opinion. CNN stuck its proverbial finger in the air and found the headwind and changed their direction.

  12. Oh come now dear Professor. Has the nation really been damaged by the people who were placed in charge who allow rampant crime in our cities, people who destroyed our economy with lockdowns, people who think that twelve year olds should be allowed to determine their gender, and people who tell our children that they are born to hate because their skin is white? Would an actual investigation of the cooperation of Joe Biden with China to influence his son’s fortune have changed the results of a Presidential election? Has damage to our nation occurred because of the likes of Brian Stelter and his coverup cohorts? Now, like the rats, they hurry to the ropes to abandon ship lest they go down with those who neglected the maintenance of the vessel. Now that their ship sinks in the roiling ratings sea out of frustration they dance their jig to a different tune. They may try to avoid the coming dirge but no escape will be forthcoming. Thankfully.

  13. “The point is not just hypocrisy, it is the concern of what this change is really about.” (JT)

    Democrat apparatchiks to the Biden crime family:

    “You didn’t heed our gentle suggestions to step aside. Now it’s time for the Luca Brasi treatment.”

  14. The Dem propaganda machine is running some stories, so the can claim they have always been covering the story. There core audience will beilieve it.

    I have family and friends blissfully unware of almost all political reporting. The get the news from facebook and twitter, and other sources in the same echo chamber. The believe the Muller report found crimes but can NEVER name one, or come close to explaining why no action was taken. They ‘know President Trump is a racist, but had never heard he won numerous awards in NYC from minority organizations for his support and hard work. Nor can they name any racists events associated with Trump in his life time. Maybe 2-3% of the population actually delves into a dozen different news sources to get the full spectrurm of reporting.

    1. @iowan

      That’s why we have to have confidence in the fact that their audience consists of a long forgotten peanut and some lint in the corner of the bathroom. This is why the electoral college is so integral: people in CA, DC, and NY etc. (read: ‘core audience’) have precisely those errant nuts and neglected bathrooms. That any of them purport to understand even sophomorically or metaphorically what life is like literally anywhere else in the country for real, breathing people is wishful thinking. The aristocracy lives, and it isn’t particularly intelligent, insightful, or compassionate. Grown adults that still believe the Democratic party has anything to do with actual living, breathing, people have their fingers firmly lodged in their ears and have, ‘LA LA LA’, on a loop. Because Dems insist on comparing us to Europe, even though that is the tyranny we fled and the founded this country against, they think those people they never see must not exist, and if they do, then why do they not bow down to the Dem’s obvious enlightenment? The only party still harboring racist, xenophobic, classist thinking in the 21st century begins with a big ‘D’.

  15. Media are not just the equivalent of Town Cryers, they are also gatekeepers on stories and issues. Stelter is a modern version of Walter Duranty, the notorious fraud who was the New York Times correspondent in Moscow when Stalin imposed famine on the Ukraine. Duranty was a stooge of the Kremlin who spiked the Holodomor story and prevented other reporters from travelling to cover it. Stelter, a stooge of the the Democrat party, was part of the lefty media mob that spiked the Hunter Biden story because they thought it posed a risk to Papa Joe in the 2020 election. Democracy dies when media lie.

  16. Stetler is a GEORGE COSTANZA WANNABE JUST WITH LESS HAIR….This guy licked a lot of non-stick frying pans as a kid and his diminished mental capacity shows. Mediocrity rises to the top and Stetler is riding that wave- EPIC FAILURE

    1. (Josh Stern: I’m sorry to admit that I burst out laughing at your ” licked a lot of non-stick frying pans as a kid” remark–hadn’t heard that one before.)

  17. It helps to keep in mind that all the “news” that comes out of the major media is scripted. It all passes through filters, and it’s all censored in one way or another. The same can be said for the news coming from abroad. Worldwide, journalism has failed in its original purpose to act as a check on power. Instead, the media — left, right and center — have allied with power. And they’re not budging.

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