Hiking in the Clouds of Colorado Springs

As a lifelong backpacker and hiker, I often use speeches to explore state and federal parks in different states. This weekend was a particular delight. I was able to take a day after speaking at the Tenth Circuit judicial conference in Colorado Springs to explore some of the trails in the North and South Cheyenne forest and the spectacular Seven Falls areas.  Colorado is paradise for hikers and Colorado Springs has endless choices within an hour or so drive. It was raining but the effect was spellbinding as I hiked among the clouds at around 7500 feet in elevation. I wanted to share some of the photos.

While the weather was not ideal for mountain hiking (particularly with heightened lightning strike dangers on these trails), it worked out wonderfully in terms of the almost Monet-like surroundings. The Broadmoor controls the Seven Falls park and it costs $17 to enter. It is worth the money. You have a steep set of stairs for the first leg and then you are on your own.

The Cheyenne trials are next to Seven Falls. I started out on the Chamberlain trail but wandered around the park area in the north and south trails.

I have done Seven Falls before and it always reminds me of my favorite movie growing up Jeremiah Johnson in its incredible views.

Here are some of the photos:

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  1. Beautiful landscape in Colorado. We’re in Denver but the whole state is scenic and lovely. Glad you enjoyed a hike after your always brilliant and insightful speeches.

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  4. What a great way to celebrate life – walking in the clouds! Those pics made me feel very nostalgic. Thanks, Jonathan. I think the Cascades are calling you . . . on line one. lol.

  5. Thanks, Professor Turley, for the beautiful Colorado photos. If you haven’t already, you should hike the Cascade Mountains and the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. They’re also spectacular.

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  6. Professor,
    Thank you for posting the photos. I’ve missed visiting that magical place. When the mist and rain share the atmosphere with the scented Ponderosa pines and other evergreens, it creates a magnificence that is second only to the scenery.

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