House Democrats Take Ownership of Hunter: House Committee Votes Down Inquiry into Influence Peddling

House Democrats on the Oversight Committee took a vote on Tuesday that could come back to haunt them.  All of the 23 Democrats voted not to inquire into the influence peddling scheme of Hunter Biden and the Biden family. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) proposed a “resolution of inquiry” in light of growing evidence of not just a possible multimillion dollar influence peddling operation by Hunter and his uncle, but the knowledge of his father, President Joe Biden. At a minimum, it appears that President Biden’s repeated public denials of any knowledge of these dealings is false.  Yet, the Democrats blocked any inquiry into the corruption. If Republicans take the House as expected in the midterms, the Democrats now effectively took ownership of Hunter — a political proprietary claim that few would relish.  The vote comes after 33 senators asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel in the matter, a call that I have repeatedly made in prior columns for over two years. The letter is below.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the chairwoman of the House Oversight Committee, called the resolution a “nakedly partisan effort” and accused Republicans of being “obsessed” with Hunter Biden.  The vote, however, reveals a blind avoidance by Democrats of a corrupt scheme that brought in millions for the Biden family and may have benefitted the President himself.

Even if no criminal acts are charged, the foreign dealings of Hunter and his uncle were clearly corrupt and leveraged access to Joe Biden to acquire windfall payments from governments and their surrogates. There is no good faith basis to refuse to investigate such a scheme designed to influence U.S. policy and policymakers. Why wouldn’t the Congress want to know if there was a multimillion dollar influence peddling scheme reaching the very top of our government, including allegations of the involvement of foreign intelligence figures?

The vote, however, does bring a modicum of clarity at long last. The House Democrats are now on record as actively blocking efforts to investigate this massive influence peddling scheme.  The implications of that vote will likely  become more clear if the House switches hands after the midterm elections.

The Democratic members are not alone in such a reckoning. The mainstream media has been clearly moving to re-position itself in anticipation of possible criminal charges after years of blocking or downplaying the story.

I previously wrote a column on the one year anniversary of the Hunter Biden laptop story that marveled at the success of the Biden family in making the scandal vanish before that 2020 election. It was analogized to Houdini making his 10,000-pound elephant Jennie disappear in his act. With the help of the media, the Biden trick occurred live before an audience of millions.

The problem is the public can now see the elephant.

That is why the media is now recalibrating. Yet, the Democratic members have decided to go “all in” with the original delusion. They are still going to deny that there is any elephant on the stage as it trumpets in their ears with almost weekly disclosures of foreign influence and deals pursued through Hunter and his family.

Hunter Biden Special Counsel Letter


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  1. democraps don’t have to worry about losing the house or senate. they have dominan voting machines and they’ve perfected the art of cheating.

  2. “Even if no criminal acts are charged,…”

    If no criminal acts are charged, justice is truly dead in this country.

  3. Does this mean the House Republicans nine “own” the Jan 6 scandal because they resisted the investigation?

  4. Turley is so predictable. When Trump is in serious trouble and Turley can’t bring himself to analyze why he drags out this dead horse called the Hunter Biden “scandal” so he can beat it a little more.

    Turley should realize that influence peddling is legal thanks to SCOTUS. There’s no crime to investigate. That’s why democrats voted down the idea of investigating the allegations.

    1. “House Democrats on the Oversight Committee … All of the 23 Democrats voted not to inquire into the influence peddling scheme of Hunter Biden and the Biden family. …growing evidence of not just a possible multimillion dollar influence peddling operation by Hunter and his uncle, but the knowledge of his father, President Joe Biden…. President Biden’s repeated public denials of any knowledge of these dealings is false. Yet, the Democrats blocked any inquiry into the corruption.”

      One would guess the above is important to everyone who isn’t stupid.

      1. 50 days away from midterms, ithe down vote is no blow for GOP, IF they find ways to provide the electoral with information about this matter timely.

  5. The Senate Republican letter to Garland requests that David Weiss be extended special counsel protections in his investigation of Hunter Biden, which is different than JT’s repeated call for the appointment of a special counsel. Given the letter, JT should clarify his special counsel position and tell us whether he agrees with the rest of the Garland complaints in the letter.

    1. No. GOP Senators suggest that AG appoints David C. Weiss, currently serves as the US Attorney for DL District Court and in charge of Hunter Biden investigation since ’18, as “Special Counsel”:

      “Given that the investigation involves the President’s son, we believe, it is important to provide U.S. Attorney Weiss with special counsel authorities and protections to allow him to investigate him an appropiate scope of potential criminal contact, avoid the impropiety, and additional assurances to the American people that the Hunter Biden investigation is free from political influence”

      This is by far the best letter Senators Grassley & Johnson wrote to DOJ in Hunter Biden case since 8/20 and finest political move 50 days before midterms so far with potential to address voters. That need a presser and a powerful compilation what you find after a “NYP Devine Biden” search.I would start with WFPUSA meeting at Cafe Milano, Georgetown on 4/16/15 (a search: “WFPUSA Cafe Milano” an you are spot on).

  6. Ha, ha, ha, yeah the Republicans are “obsessed” with Hunter Biden and the Biden Crime Family the same way J.Edgar Hoover was “obsessed” with Al Capone and Pretty Boy Floyd and Willie Sutton and John Dillinger and The Clyde Barrow Gang and Murder Incorporated and the Purple Gang and before that the way law enforcement was “obsessed” with the James Gang and Billy the Kid and The Dalton Gang and …..

    1. The House Democrats have clearly demonstrated their corruption and biased application of the law. The evidence from Hunter hard drive is clear that national security and ethical guidelines on influence peddling were violated. The Bidens were for sale to any bidder and any country.
      The law breaking antics of Hunter Biden have been covered up despite the hard line prosecuting and sentencing positions for such activities loudly advocated by Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats. The Democrats break the law and make a sham of our justice system and Congress with impunity.
      I have come to believe that Biden’s personal tragedies have caused him to hate the American people, our laws, and our country.

  7. Hunter Biden..??

    Oh, Trump Must Be In More Trouble

    Following a three-year investigation, New York’s Democratic Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil lawsuit on Wednesday against former President Donald Trump.

    “The complaint demonstrates that Donald Trump falsely inflated his net worth by billions of dollars to unjustly enrich himself, to cheat the system,” James said at a press conference.

    The lawsuit also targets members of Trump’s longstanding executive team, including members of his family: Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump.

    Responding to the lawsuit, Donald Trump Jr. used an expletive on Twitter next to a video of James: “The bullsh!t Dem witch-hunt continues!” he wrote.

    Edited From:


    Let’s be honest here. Johnathan Turley knew this announcement from Letitia James was coming this morning. And Turley knows that Trump’s legal team has found Raymond Dearie to be a not-so-accomodating Special Master. So Turley responds, as only Turley can, with one of his stock columns on Hunter Biden.

    Turley is incapable of grasping that as long as Donald Trump keeps making headlines, Hunter Biden is irrelevant.

    1. With all due respect, it seems that the media and the weaponized Stage IV TDS suffering New York AG who ran on a political platform of nothing but finding crimes to pin on Donald Trump while ignoring all actual crime in the state and the DoJ and the FBI and the Democrats….but I repeat myself….are the ones trying to bury the Hunter Biden criminal activity and dredging up or inventing any mud they can find on Donald Trump, even if the psychopathic DA in New York has to keep creating fairy tales to perpetuate the sliming.

    2. Yes, here we have NY AG James defending the world against ….. nothing.

      James starts with a stupid premise.

      There is no such thing as an objectively correct price for anything.

      The definition of price in economics is what a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to.

      One would have hoped that we learned not to meddle with prices from the financial crisis.
      Government decided to require banks to value any securities they held at the last market sale price.

      The problem is that few banks were willing to sell at that price. Therefore that is NOT the correct price.
      But regulations required banks to use a false price resulting in regualtory but not real insolvency causing the credit markets to seize.

      The error should have been obvious when Tarp I failed because banks continued to refuse to sell their MBS’s.
      The stock market collapsed because of the requirement to mark to market and a temporary lack of confidence in the value of Mortgage Banked securities.

      Interestingly these MBS’s were all esentially insured by CDO’s issued by AIG which had over 100B in liabilit with CDO’s insuring MBS’s.

      What wing nuts miss is that AIG came out of the financial crisis quickly. fought to resist taking govenrment funding, and never actually needed it.

      Why ? Because Banks did not excercise their CDO’s – the collateral was the MBS’s and they were not going to trade the MBS’s to AIG for cash.

      Very few banks ever sold their MBS’s for less than full value. They all knew they would recover if they held them.

      Again the value of anything is what a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to.

      James is off in lala land.

      Trump can not fraudulently enrich himself by inflating the value of his properties.
      No matter what he says, the value is what someone else is willing to pay.

      As with MBS’s and CDO’s assets are often used as collateral to borrow money.

      Lenders are incredibly careful about lending on high priced properties.
      There is a whole banking sub industry called the Due Dilligence industry that does massive 3rf party assessments to assure banks that a borrow is not going to take the money and leave the bank holding a worthless property.
      BTW that is the only way of committing the actual fraud James alleges and that did not happen.

      If miraculously I persuade a bank to loan me more than a property is worth. so long as I honor the terms of the loans which Trump did – there is no fraud. BTW the same is true of overinsuring – though even more so.
      Insurance is just a form of gambling. You can find someone somewhere to insure almost anything at almost any value.
      While most insurance tries to insure act actual value – that is to avoid incentivizing destroying the insured thing to profit. That is the only reason some insurance ties to actual value. I can get my leggs insured for $10M each – if I am willing to pay the premium to do so.

      Again the value of anything is what a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to.

      James does not have someone claiming they were ripped off – because such a person can not exist.

      This is all stupid political theater.

  8. Thank you for including a link to a .pdf version of your letter to Attorney General Garland. I live in California in a district representing values that I abhor, but I write my elected officials regularly. Some – perhaps all – responses are form letters. I raise concerns that you & I share, and after hearing White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre attempt to credibly state that illegal immigrants aren’t entering the US on foot, I’m not sure if my elected officials believe that my concerns are fringe or fantasy or genuine. Your letter will lend me some credibility.

  9. “in case Biden lied about something that was not illegal anyway” Mr. Squirrel has eaten so many nuts he is nuts. If in fact, TBG was benefiting from HB’s slimy deals with China, Russia, Ukraine that were facilitated by TBG when he was VP would clearly be illegal. But the current AG who has the integrity of a Soviet commissar will refuse to investigate as does those apparachiks in Congress and the MSM

  10. Is there anything in private citizen Hunter’s doings that is remotely comparable to the $2 billion former Government official directing a lot of foreign policy Jared got from the Saudi’s or the $600 million he got from the Qataris?

    I understand Hunter may have benefitted off his Dad’s name, as all the Trumps do and many of the SCOTUS kids do etc. But the scale of corruption you prefer we overlook in Jared’s case to focus on relatively small potatoes private citizen Hunter is astonishing.

    1. You are one of those whose name changes from one response to the next. The name change is understandable as the content is ridiculous. I should’ve passed it by like I do with most that do not have any name recognition.

  11. NY AG today: We are suing Trump and Trump Corp for massive fraud. He lied hundreds of times.
    Special Master yesterday: Trump has shown no evidence of having declassified anything, he is clearly making that up

    Turley: Squirrel! Squirrel! Look at this thing with Hunter over there? We need to investigate this to the end of the earth in case Biden lied about something that was not illegal anyway.

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