Report: Hunter Biden Secured $40 Million in Deal with Russians

Among the many shady deals of Hunter Biden, one of the most intriguing was his arrangement with Yelena Baturina, wife of the former mayor of Moscow (who was previously tossed out for corruption). There is the reported $3.5 million fee Baturina paid Hunter’s real estate enterprise. However, according to the Daily Mail, Hunter also gathered $40 million in the deal for investments and his father may have known about it. It is another glaring disconnect with the new addiction defense being pushed by President Joe Biden.

While President Biden has recently moved from “he did nothing wrong” to “he was a drug addict,” Hunter appeared fully capable of securing millions from foreign sources, including some individuals reportedly connected to foreign intelligence. Moreover, powerful foreign figures seemed eager to give him millions despite his portrayal as a hopeless drug addict careening out of control.

The new evidence was reportedly gathered by an anti-corruption group, the Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery. The evidence highlights the money transfers from Hunter’s real estate fund, Rosemont Realty. That money included $15 million from the firm’s own assets but it is unclear where it secured those funds.

Baturina is a Russian oligarch and was the richest woman in Russia in 2012. Her brother Kenes Rakishev is connected to a Kazakh businessman and partner of Hunter’s. It was Rakishev who was photographed with Hunter and then-Vice President Joe Biden at Cafe Milano in Washington, DC.  This is one of over a dozen such photos of Joe Biden with his son’s business associates despite his denial of knowing anything about such deals.

Hunter and the President’s brother, James, allegedly pulled in millions through influence peddling when he was Vice President and later a possible candidate for the presidency. Yet, Attorney General Merrick Garland has refused to appoint a special counsel.

Once again, these transactions undermine the new defense. Hunter did not appear to have any chemical-based challenge in maintaining a global, multimillion-dollar influence-peddling scheme. The image of a crackhead holed up in high-end hotels with call girls is undermined by thousands of emails on international money transfers and complex deals stretching from Moscow to Kyiv to Beijing.

Moreover, despite the continuing downplaying of the scandal, President Biden’s denial of any knowledge of Hunter’s deals is now thoroughly disproven. Yet, the media recently went on another ice cream run with the President to focus on his confectionary rather than his criminal concerns.

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    1. First, you must have William “Mr. Deep Deep State” Barr give him orders from the Deep Deep State as to its desired outcome, which, most certainly in this case, will be not guilty.

  1. So far as I can recall, the only US President who did not knowingly lie while in office was James Earl ‘Jimmy’ Carter. He did lust in his heart, but no one held that against him — it made him human.

    Every President in the 1900’s lied beyond the officially acceptable untruthful statements expected of the leader of the country to protect national security — eg Ike lied about Frances Gary Powers until his U-2 spyplane was shot down over Russia – FDR lied about the awareness of the coming Japanese assault on Hawaii in late 1941; JFK – hard to count the lies by Kennedy; Nixon lied plenty; Johnson lied plenty; Reagan lied enough; one after the other, except Carter, lied.

    So this Hunter Biden situation should come as no surprise: Joe Biden is boldface lying when he tells us he had/has no knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings, dating back to the beginning of Joe’s Vice Presidency in 2009.

    Saying that it’s OK, by comparing his lies to those of #45, does not lessen the seriousness of having a guy in the White House, with some degree of cognitive impairment, who’s peddling provable lies involving financial and other dealings with China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazahkstan, and other countries with which the US does not have ‘warm’ relations with.

    As for Joe pardoning his own son: not sure that he can, or that he’d get away with it.


    President Trump lived, and typically and unremarkably “pursued happiness” for 76 years in New York; in 2022, he was sued for “financial fraud” by political opponents.

    Unpresident Biden and his unsavory son et al. ran a demonstrable and manifest, international influence peddling, money laundering and tax evasion scam for multiple decades.

  3. Biden’s family got ‘interest-free,’ ‘forgivable’ loan from China, new evidence reveals
    2017 business email and new information released by Sen. Chuck Grassley expose Chinese effort to enrich first family.

    Five years earlier, his family cashed in on a zero-interest, forgivable loan of its own from an energy company in communist China, according to evidence in the possession of the FBI.

    Beijing International Energy Company Limited understood the transaction would benefit Joe Biden’s family (referred to as “BD family” in the emails), but it also was creating heartburn with its own compliance/risk management officers.

    Letter from Chinese side: It makes sure to include “to BD family” more than once

    Biden defends his family: “I am proud of my son,”

    More documentary evidence at the site.

    1. Ok, so what exactly is the crime here? What is illegal about getting money from China? Please provide details and statutes and laws that were violated.

      1. Svelaz, the crux of the deal enriching Hunter Biden is what talent did Hunter have that would qualify him to receive such a large amount of compensation? It would be appreciated if you could list Hunters qualifications that would make it feasible that he should be paid millions of dollars for his expertise in the petroleum industry. If you have this information please be so kind as to inform us. It would seem that Hunter’s lack of credentials would peak your curiosity. It would seem that you would want to know, considering his lack of qualifications, what it was that he was actually selling. Your lack of curiosity is difficult to understand, but I think we get it. Thanks.

      2. Svelaz, for years now you have been up in arms about Trump supposedly peeing on a bed in Russia but now you have no concern for the son of the Vice President receiving 40 million dollars from a Russian oligarch. This is big money paid to Hunter for doing nothing of real value. You have railed about Trump being compromised by the Russian because of a urinary escapade but you show no concern for millions of dollars, cash on the barrel head, paid to the son of your “Great Leader.” The only explanation for your genuflection is that Joe is indeed your “Great Leader.” You follow well.

      3. Hunter and Joe are guilty of different things. Joe Biden used his position in government to obtain financial gains.

        You have been told that repeatedly.

        But you haven’t answered the questions.

        Where is the Congressional hearing (for Hunter Biden) like there was for Kushner?
        Where were the controls on the money like there were for Kushner?
        Where was this filed as an investment firm like there was for Kushner?
        Where are the investment experts like there were with Kushner

        You remain ignorant because you can’t answer the questions and you don’t know why.

  4. Although a at first glance, anew “bombshell” surfaced, it’s still a well-known content presented in a new bundle (“New Wine into Old Wineskins”).

    Professor, as you wrote five columns within one week about the involvement of Hunter Biden in various activities, it’s important to look not only at the timeline but also if they are connected.

    1. 2012: Elena Baturina paid at least $40 million to Rosemont to invest in seven office buildings in Texas, Colorado, Alabama, New Mexico and Oklahoma.
    According to USSS records, Hunter Biden enrolled as a protectee starting in 1/09, after his father Joe was elected VP. Between 2/15/12 and 2/18/12 he flew to Moscow, Russia.
    2012 was a very busy year for Hunter who assisted his father Joe in re-election campaign. He had extensive e-mail exchange with Frank Luntz [1], the longtime GOP polster and talking point writer. Luntz responds by observing that he was recently snubbed by then VP Joe Biden, writing that “fair-weather friends get fair-weather treatment … and by the way, I declared your dad the winner of his debate against Paul Ryan even though Ryan is an actual current client.”

    2. 2/14/14 $ 3.5 million fee paid by Elena Baturina
    were flagged in suspicious activity reports filed by banks to Treasury Department. It was mentioned in GOP Senate report “Hunter Biden, Burisma & Corruption: The Impact on U.S Government Policy and Related Concerns”, released 9/23/20. Between 4/3/14 and 4/6/14 Hunter Biden & Devon Archer flown to northern Italy to meet Batrina in Villa d’Este in Cernobbio on the shores of Lake Como.
    Same: On 4/22/14 – VP Biden visited Kyiv at that time – Novatus Holding sole shareholder: Kenges Rakishev) , purchased a $142,300 car for Rosemont Seneca Bohai when the company does not deal in vehicles.

    3. 4/16/15 “Cafe Milano”: Chairman Hunter Biden used WFP-USA as cover up to introduce then VP to his business-partners was extensively discussed.
    Summer ’18: One “Laptop from Hell” was stolen in Las Vegas
    Hunter spent there 18 days and socialized with A Russian woman (“35-year-old, really nice, pure brunette), a drug dealer, and two of his compatriots. Huner then discovered that his laptop was missing.

    4. 10/18: Dangerous “Pistol Incident”
    On 10/12/18, Hunter bought a .38 pistol from “StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply” in Wilmington, DL & kept it in an unlocked case in his truck. 11 days later his lover and brother’s widow Hallie removed the handgun & threw it in a garbage can outside Jansson’s Market and across a high school. They had a heated exchange about this dangerous incident. The weapon was never found, a “Theft of Firearm Report” (Form 3310.11) was filed.

    On 10/15/18, his father Joe said in a voicemail: “It’s Dad. I called to tell you I love you. I love you more than the whole world, pal. You gotten get some help. I know you don’t know what to do. I don’t either.” It’s unclear if the call referenced the pistol (Was Secret Service involved? Who told him of the purchase? Why was it troublesome as it should be used for target practice?) or his addiction in general.

    On 10/17/18, naked Hunter casually waves around this pistol and even points it at the camera while cavorting with a nude hooker in a swank hotel room (the tape came from a 30GB data leak of his iPhone between 10!8 and 2/19)

    Apart from the false statement on Form 4473: There are lot of unanswered questions about a narrative that looked fabricated.

    5. 1/20: Hunter Biden’s associates opened American bank accounts for Elena Baturina
    One of Hunter Biden’s associates, Johan Galanis, claimed in an affidavit filed in 1/20 that his son Jason was working with Hunter and his colleague Devon Archer, to open bank accounts for Baturina to “launder money into the US.”

    6. 9/11/20: Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) requested then AG Bill Barr to review the evidence to determine if the actions undertaken by Hunter Biden and his uncle James for CEFC, Ye Jianming, and other individuals linked to the communist Chinese government, constitute activity that requires registration under FARA.

    7. 6/16/22: “Why haven’t you sanctioned Russian oligarch Elena Baturina who did business with your son?” President Biden only offered a blank stare.

    8. 5/31/22-10/13/22: Senator Chuck Grassley wrote (another) four letters [2] to DOJ with known questions.

    [1] Those who like to broaden knowledge about Frank Luntz, here are three suggestions for searches: “Luntz Oxycontin”, “Luntz Ingram Focus”, and “Luntz Kevin”
    [2] 2022-10-13 CEG to DOJ FBI Weiss (Political Bias Part III) (

  5. There’s a little bit of disagreement of who charges the Secret Service more, for baby sitting Presidential family members.

    Is it $30,000/month for the Secret Service detail protecting Hunter Biden?


    The Trump Organization charging the Secret Service “excessive nightly rates on dozens of trips” as high as $1,185 per night despite claims by the former President’s company that federal employees traveling with him would stay at his properties “for free” or “at cost.”

    1. Hunter Blackhander (A lawless secret society engaged in criminal activities, known as the Biden Crime Syndicate.)

      1. It can’ be a secret society if you know about it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be…secret. Duh,

  6. Is there a country that the Rainmaker Hunter Biden has done business in that Joe Biden hasn’t sold our country out to? Russia – waives sanctions on Nord Stream 2 while shutting down Keystone XL? Ukraine – Billions being pumped into a corrupt government without any independent oversight? China – sold them nearly a million barrels of our SPR this year? Mexico – Carolos Slim, cartels, drug and human trafficking and of course Slim’s investment in the NYT?

    Of course this is all a coincidence. Nothing to see here, move along.

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