MSNBC Meltdown: “Our Children will be Arrested and Conceivably Killed” if the GOP Wins Midterm Elections

Last night, President Joe Biden returned to his earlier claim that his political opponents are fascists seeking to establish authoritarianism in the United States. While the hellish red background is gone from his controversial Philadelphia address, the message remains: a vote for the GOP is a vote for tyranny. Despite polls showing citizens view the President as inciting political unrest and potential violence with such attacks, the theme was quickly picked up and magnified in the media. Presidential historian Michael Beschloss actually suggested on MSNBC that we could be just days away from an authoritarian hellscape if the GOP prevails in midterm elections — raising the specter of our children being taken away and killed. 

If you thought that the election was being decided on the top polling issues of the economy, crime, and classic kitchen table issues, think again.

On MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes,” Beschloss went all in on the  “democracy-or-death pitch” before the midterms:

“[S]ix nights from now, we could all be discussing violence all over this country. There’s signs that may happen, may God forbid, that losers will be declared winners by fraudulent election officers, or secretary of state candidates, or governors, or state legislatures…

We could be six days away from losing our rule of law, and losing a situation where we have elections that we all can rely on. You know, those are the foundation stones of a democracy…

Joe Biden is saying the same thing tonight, and a historian 50 years from now – if historians are allowed to write in this country and if they are still free publishing houses and a free press – which I’m not certain of – but if that is true, a historian will say what was at stake tonight and this week was the fact whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed.”

So much for gas prices. The choice is now voting Democratic or lining up your children in front of a firing squad. (Strangely, it will only be our children and not adults targeted by the roaming GOP goon squads). However, it will all be “off-the-books.” After all, Beschloss warned Hayes, “we both write history, you and I” and he is not certain that “historians [will be] allowed to write in this country” if Republicans gain a majority in Congress.

In other words, there may be no history books, no living children, and no democracy, but feel free to vote your pocketbook, America.

At the same time, Democrats and the J6 Committee are pursuing those who engaged in similar inflammatory rhetoric leading up to the January 6th riot. The airways are also now filled with warnings from leaders such as Hillary Clinton that the midterm elections are about to be “stolen.” Likewise, many are campaigning to ban books by figures like Justice Barrett in the name of protecting free speech.

The alarm raised over many of these GOP candidates is particularly ironic since Democrats spent millions to support the most conservative candidates in Republican primaries. Those candidates (now denounced as election deniers) prevailed in their primaries with Democratic campaign support and could now win in states like New Hampshire.

It is all perfectly Orwellian, but it is not particularly effective. With the over-the-top rhetoric and open bias in the media, the public is tuning out many in the press (which is at record lows in trust). This is becoming a type of primal scream session among friends, cathartic but confined.

President Biden was widely criticized for his Philadelphia speech, but he and others are now doubling down on this type of reckless rhetoric.  The likely effect will be to incite further violence and to give license to the most unhinged in our society.


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  1. This coming from the people who want to take your children away if you don’t want to allow them to be mutilated. They want to take your son away if you don’t agree to his castration or take your daughter away if you don’t agree that her breast should be removed. The want to mutilate your children and then say that if you don’t agree you are guilty of child abuse. The hypocrites should leave the killing of children out of it. When their down to there last straw will they say anything in their moment of panic? Yes they will.

    1. TiT,
      “When their down to there last straw will they say anything in their moment of panic? Yes they will.”
      Interesting part about both today’s topic by the professor and reading the comments. Those leaning right or Independents comments are mostly but not all, reasonable, measured, and have a degree of thought or insight behind them.
      Our resident Leftists, like the MSNCB episode (you can read into that either way) seem a bit desperate in their comments.

    2. So Svelaz, are you now telling us that gender altering surgeries are not happening. Where is your concern for gender affirming surgery? So the left want it and they are doing it. They say they are doing it but you deny that it is happening. When they turn a boy into a girl are you saying that they leave the scrotum intact. Either you do know whats happening and you say it’s not happening or you don’t know which makes you blindly unaware of reality. President Biden has said that he is in favor of gender affirming surgery. Do you really think that in the process the genitals are not altered. You say it’s all just propaganda but we know that there are doctors who are describing and performing the procedure. You say they are not taking children from their parents if the do not agree with gender altering procedures on their children. Here it is . Acceptance of reality is an important factor when assessing a state of mind.

      1. The “Left” doesn’t want anything other than for people who have gender dysphoria to not be the subject of abuse by ignoramuses like you with no empathy. There is no “they” turning boys into girls or vice-versa. This is just part of the alt-right culture wars. “Texas Tribune”–really?

    3. You are openly lying, but what else is new? Cutting off the breasts of a minor IS mutilation. Giving puberty blockers to minors that sterilizes them is effective castration. All of this is true, it is happening, and all can see it for themselves. There’s something wrong with your brain or your soul Svelaz.

  2. In recent years, the annual number of unborn children in the United States intentionally killed by physicians has been about 600,000. Amazingly, in June of this year, conservatives won a 50-year battle against Roe v Wade in the Supreme Court, paving the way for state legislatures to restrict the killing. Although we have made progress in the states since June, much more is needed. I am sure Michael Beschloss, who opposes the killing of children, can be counted on for his help in this effort.

    1. After 24 hours of fertilization, a nascent human being exists in its mother’s womb; it will need total protection and nurturing for 9 months, and continuing care for ~10 years after birth.

      If the life of the nascent human being is not illegally and criminally terminated, it will develop for an average of 78 years.

      To kill a human being, young or old, is homicide, no matter the locus.

      Murderers of pregnant women are charged with two homicides, killing the mother and killing her unborn baby.

      1. This is an uninformed, fantasy version of what takes place after fertilization. Most fertilized eggs are deficient genetically, and will not survive the first cut (implantation). When a baby is born, it is a miracle. But, you can hardly call the fertilized egg such, because the high % of defective ones that will go to early miscarriage. You don’t need fantasies to build your case. Argue from facts – it’s more persuasive that you know what you’re talking about — that you’ve studied pregnancy in detail.

  3. Things are as we suspected. The Democrats are preparing their Antifa costumes for battle. Can’t you see that the wicked Republican witch is luring your children into the ginger bread house so she can eat them?! Don’t you see that the evil Republicans are going to take their blood to make their bread?! Fairy tails being told to adults who are still children. I just wanna know how low will you go? Very superstitious, black cats cross our paths

  4. Ron Klain just said that Biden’s speech at Union Station yesterday (which he probably played a big role in writing) was a “final warning” to the American people.

  5. After the Pelosi home invasion, doesn’t Michael Beschloss understand that there are a few mentally disturbed people out there who will not process his hair-on-fire alarmism as a campaign talking point, but take it literally?

    I fully expect that, if we wake up on Nov 9th, or 10th, or 11th to news that Republicans will have the majority in Congress for the next 2 years, we’ll see political violence on the left in response. You reap what you sow.

    The country (the middle majority) is looking for a return to responsible, good government, and a much more responsible-neutral role for the media. Who knows?…the audience might actually tame their media consumption habits away from “loudest voice” preferences.

  6. Democrats (and the current President of the United States) will smear you as an “election denier” IF you question election results, if you call for election audits, if you exercise your right to object to a state’s electors, if you vocally oppose *unconstitutional* changes to election laws — they will silence you, intimidate you, smear you, and label you an “election denier”!


    Democrats want to ban speech, censor dissent, and suppress all but the official government “narrative.” YOU WILL NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY.

    Democrats intend to federalize our elections!

    Democrats will criminalize political dissent. YOU ARE A DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

    Vote Republican as if your life, your freedom, our liberty, our country depends on it. Because it does.

    1. There is a difference between CONTESTING election results and DENYING election results as a tactic to force a legitimate loser to be they winner.

      Election deniers are those who will never believe trump lost the election. No amount of evidence will ever convince these people that Trump lost. Election deniers are today’s flat earth believers except they are a bigger group. Even if they were to count all the votes by hand them selves they will still come out with an excuse to deny the truth in front of their eyes, That’s what happens when you are constantly shoving conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory into your mind. The rot it does to it is immense.

        1. At least they were not obsessively dwelling on it for years and years. Unlike the nut jobs that are Trump supporters and Trump still peddling the BS that the election was stolen. At least Hillary knew when to accept reality. Trump and his supporters still can’t let go of their own alternate reality. They have been damaged beyond help by the constant lying and enabling from Republicans.

          1. Sorry, but could you please tell me the date Hilary accepted defeat and point me to the source? Thanks.

              1. Upstate Farmer: Notice the absence of reply to your very good rebuttal.
                (Also see my addition (below, @6:08), from Newsweek, dated Oct. 26, 2022, “Hillary Clinton Called ‘Election Denier’ After Issuing 2024 Warning.”
                As the good professor says, MORE speech is best to address selective speech.

          2. It seems that the people who keep Donald Trump in the news the most are those who hate him the most. I think he really did get inside their heads.

      1. You mean the way Hillary, et al, said the 2016 election was “stolen” from her and that Trump was illegitmate? The way the country endured the Russia hoax investigations and smears for years? No amount of evidence will ever convince these people that Trump won, or that Russia did not ‘hack the election’ for Hillary. That’s what happens when the fake “news” media, the FBI officials, DOJ officials, and Democrat lawmakers, constantly shove conspiracy theories and outright lies into your mind. The rot is immense. Same difference, right?

      2. “Election deniers are those who will never believe trump lost the election.”

        WE would have very few election deniers if the complaints were adequately investigated and if the documents that were supposed to be kept were actually around for an investigation.

        It is people like you that want to keep elections murky so that cheating can occur. Face it. There is good reason many do not believe Biden won. …And face it, looking at how he governed tells us how much better off we would have been if he lost.

        1. “ WE would have very few election deniers if the complaints were adequately investigated and if the documents that were supposed to be kept were actually around for an investigation.”

          The issues HAVE been investigated multiple times. In Arizona multiple investigations by Republican committees, Trump supporters, and even a very scrutinizing audit by cyber ninjas showed Trump lost and STILL they don’t accept the results. The cyber ninjas even went they every ballot checking for watermarks, the makeup of the paper itself and HAND counted every ballot, even discovering that Biden won by a few hundred more votes than Trump. Even AFTER that they still insisted on MORE investigations because they are stuck on the idea that Trump was SUPPOSED to win and they can’t accept any evidence at all that Trump did lose.

          These election deniers will conduct investigation upon investigation until they find something that will given them the excuse to “prove” they were right. These “investigations” will never stop because any little discrepancy will spawn an new conspiracy theory and start the doubt all over again. This is why this vicious circular parade of suspicion will continue. No election is ever, EVER going to be 100% perfect and even that won’t satisfy election deniers because they are forever stuck in that loop of suspicion that comes with rampant conspiracy theories. No amount of evidence is going to cure them of that mental illness.

          1. Svelaz: Too bad Newsweek just labeled Hillary an “Election Denier” (Oct. 26) for her RECENT statements.

          2. “The issues HAVE been investigated multiple times.”

            Reports of lawless or illegal actions keep coming in, but you don’t seem to notice. Perhaps you are deaf, dumb and blind.

        2. I did not vote for Trump in either election.
          I think he lost in 2020.
          However, the recent Democrat whistleblower who filed a sworn affidavit of ballot harvesting in African American communities, allegedly going on for years, I think there should be an investigation. Anyone with any degree of critical thinking skills would also ask if this illegal activity has been taking place in other cities and for how long. Could it have changed outcomes of elections, not including the 2016 or 2020 presidential elections but all elections in prior years?
          If we want everyone to agree to the outcome of elections, we need to improve our election security and integrity.
          It was recently noted that Biden and his grand daughter voted in DE recently, It would be her first time voting. They both had to present a valid picture ID. I think that would be the first step in ensuring election security and integrity.

          1. “I did not vote for Trump in either election.”

            Upstate, I wonder, do you regret your choice?

            I don’t know who was the legal victor in the election. It was lawless. I voted for Trump and greatly regret his loss. I don’t ever remember such a poor candidate as Joe Biden. His mental capacity was compromised and the incumbent President had done a good job.

            1. S. Meyer,
              Actually I did not think Trump had a chance in 2016, so voted 3rd party.
              Boy was I shocked come next morning.
              Same goes for 2020. I did not think Biden could win with his obvious mental decline and Harris as VP.
              Boy was I shocked come next morning.

              Kinda goes to show how much people would rather vote for a person whom should be in an assisted living home and so called top tier VP (Tulsi Gabbard was able to last far longer in her run than Harris) vs mean tweets, right?
              Just looking at two years of the gross incompetence of the Biden admin, it is clear to me, mid terms and 2024, dont care who the GOP is running/wins the nomination, I am voting for them.
              Personally I would like to see a DeSantis/Gabbard ticket.

              1. Upstate, thanks for answering honestly.

                “I did not think Biden could win”

                We will never know if we did, but your statement reflects the doubt in many people’s minds.

                “DeSantis/Gabbard ticket.”

                DeSantis is great. I like Tulsi but her voting record and what she promoted makes me suspicious. Her past shows her solidly on the left, however, she is not the Democrat of today.

                1. S. Meyer,
                  Honesty is the best policy. And that whole “Honor! Courage! Commitment!” thing.
                  As I posted below, the Dem whistleblower about ballot harvesting in Orlando FL African American communities, one should question if this corruption goes beyond just that one instance.
                  Anyone or party who fights against common sense voter security and integrity laws, I would find suspect of cheating.

                  Oh, Gabbard has definitely changed her tune. I am on her email list. Even on the 2ndA, she sees the need for self defense. She also acknowledges the fixs the NSSF recommends to the NICS system. Like Elon Musk, Bill Maher, she sees the crazy the Leftists have taken over the Dem party.

                  1. Honesty is the best policy.

                    “Gabbard has definitely changed her tune”

                    Things to consider.

                    Her energy policy has been wrong. She believes too strongly in climate change is against fracking and nuclear, wanting tax incentives for green power. That is not good economic policy.

                    She said voter ID surpasses the vote.

                    She would expand Obamacare and provide Medicare for all.

                    Those are only three problems where she has to substantially change her policies. There are more.

                    Let me know how she has changed and the proof. I like her, but not many of her policies.

                    1. S. Meyer: We need to consider the times. If she ran for President as a Republican, and won, she would be a unifying figure for the country, much as Eisenhower was in the 1950’s. Her wilder legislative ideas would be tempered somewhat by Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

                    2. “We need to consider the times.”

                      Ed, we are past that point. We need a decisive win by the Republican Party that is big enough to force the Democrats to abandon all those that call for socialism and anti-Americanism. I don’t think that is happening this election, so we might have to wait. Then we can consider splitting votes and the like. Tulsi has to change significantly, with proof, to generate acceptance from me even though I like her.

                2. @S.Meyer

                  I feel the same. Whatever Tulsi says about the party, I still disagree with 90% of her stance, historically. If the party is too crazy for her, because she is no moderate, hoo boy.

        3. Only you who watch alt-right news believe that “elections (are) murky”. Don’t you know that there were both Republicans and Democrats at all polling locations, at all vote-counting locations, checking and double-checking every voter and every ballot, and supervising the recounts and re-recounts? 2020 was the most-secure in US history according to Trump’s own head of cybersecurity Chris Krebs, and there was NO widespread voter fraud. More than 60 courts have ruled that there is NO evidence of widespread voter fraud, but none of this enough proof for you. Every single allegation of fraud put out by Trump has been disproven, but you are fact-immune. You have to be immune to facts to look at that pig and not see a pathetic loser, a chronic habitual liar who destroys businesses and nearly destroyed our economy because of his ego and utter incompetence. I’d like to know why you aren’t offended by someone who cheated his way into office in the first place, who did the worst job of president in US history, and who knew, in advance, he was going to lose, so he started lying about his “victory” being “stolen”, even to the point of inciting an insurrection to try to thwart the will of the American electorate. Why does he keep claiming this, when it has been disproven time and time again? More importantly: why do you fall for this BS, and why would you even consider voting for an election-denier?

          It’s people like you who provide the opportunity for election-deniers to threaten our democracy because of your vulnerability to lies and unwillingness to look at facts and accept the truth. That’s the real threat to democracy–people who sit there, night after night, believing the utter lies put out by Hannity, Levin, Carlson, Ingraham and the others and believing this slop.

          1. “Only you who watch alt-right news believe that “elections (are) murky”. Don’t you know that there were both Republicans and Democrats…”

            As an idiot, who babbles and cannot put ideas together, you don’t deserve a reply.

      3. › hillary-clinton-issues-warning-over-2024-presidential-election-called-election-denier-1754988
        Hillary Clinton Called ‘Election Denier’ After Issuing 2024 Warning
        “Oct 26, 2022 Hillary Clinton is being accused of being an “election denier” over her warning this week that “right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election.” “

    2. Anonymous: stop lying. People who are called “election deniers” DO NOT QUESTION election results–they DENY them, despite all proof that 2020 was free and fair. Trump planned long before Election Day to claim that he really won, because all polls predicted he would lose, which he did, because he is mentally sick with narcissism. He is not a patriot. He sought the office for attention, adulation and praise, and he, just like all of the businesses he started that failed, trashed our economy, downplayed COVID, causing unnecessary deaths and illness due to his lies, he started a trade war with China, the results of which we still suffer from, and alienated our allies which emboldened Putin. THAT’S why a majority of Americans wanted him gone, and still want him gone. But, his ego won’t let him give up the attention and glory as long as someone, anyone, is willing to cheer for him and give him money. Fundraising is the reason for all of the rallies and because election laws allow him to keep and spend the money raised however he wants until he declares his candidacy, he hasn’t declared his candidacy.

      Changes to election laws were made for the sole purpose of making it harder for probable Democrat voters to vote–not to correct or address any actual problems (other than the fact that Republicans lost) because all investigations have proven there was NO widespread voter fraud. Those Trumpian election deniers who are running for office have pledged to be willing to discard Democrat votes on the flimsiest of pretenses, and there will be pretenses if they lose–THAT is the threat to democracy–and it is a real and present danger.

      You are lying about Democrats. It’s Republicans who are not only threats to our liberty and freedom, but they DO NOT HAVE ANY AGENDA OTHER THAN: 1. Taking away Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps; 2. giving more tax breaks to wealthy individuals and corporations; 3. supporting the fossil fuel industry and opposing clean energy initiatives. all of which will make climate change even worse than it is; and the biggie: 4. BANNING ALL ABORTIONS, despite lying about this being a “state” issue. The rights to individual privacy and liberty are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, and no state can take them away.

      Democrats have passed: COVID Relief Act that got Americans back to work and back to school, Infrastructure Act, that will create thousands of good paying jobs, CHIPS ACT: to stimulate domestic production of computer chips, cap on insulin of $35 per month, Medicare can negotiate prescription drug prices, and are actively working to curb inflation. Republicans have no plan to address inflation, but are trying to blame Biden for it, despite knowing that Trump and his stupidity are the true causes: downplaying the seriousiness of COVID, allowing the virus to spread so that schools, factories, businesses and restaurants had to close for almost 2 years, refusing to wear a mask, disputing public health officials and accusing them of crimes because they disagreed with his politization of COVID, started a trade war with China, resulting in shortages of consumer goods and chips needed for computers, home appliances and automobiles, Because of Trump’s tax breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations, the national debt rose to an historic level, and interest on this debt helps to drive inflation. Biden brought that down by several trillion already. The economy grew by 2.6% last quarter. The US economy is on track, which Republicans will scuttle if they get the chance.

      VOTE DEMOCRAT if you believe in democracy and the integrity of free and fair elections, if you want the economy to continue thriving, if you don’t want Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamp programs to end or be severely curtailed and if you believe that a woman should have the right to choose. If you don’t, election-denying Republicans will simply wipe away votes they don’t like when they lose elections, like Trump tried to do in 2020, setting the stage for an authoritarian regime to push their agenda down our throats. America is at the brink of an authoritarian take over. The risk is very real.

      1. “…if you believe that a woman should have the right to choose.”

        What’s a woman? Can you define it? Can a woman choose whether or not she should be forced to take an unnecessary experimental injection?

        “America is at the brink of an authoritarian take over.”

        Yes, by the authoritarian Globalist/Democrat party hell bent on destroying our constitutional protections.

  7. Dear Prof Turley,

    I can see by your coat, my friend, you’re on the other side .. . ‘just one thing I want to know; who won the war?’ * CSNY

    President Obama, back from semi-retirement, says world order and ‘Democracy itself is at Risk’ in the upcoming elections! Res ipsa loquitur – The thing itself speaks!!

    President Biden Handlers feel the same way. And for ‘God sakes, Putin the butcher cannot remain in power’ .. . Regime change or bust!

    *Snowden for President 2024 ‘From Russia With Love’

  8. Professor Turley,

    There are crazies on both sides of the aisle. Is this any different from Tucker Carlson arguing that something must done before CRT turns the USA into Rwanda? Or, his Great Replacement nonsense, that voting for Democrats will lead to oppression against white people?

    This type of fearmongering occurs from both of our crappy political parties. But, repeatedly acknowledging its existence on MSNBC rather than your own network is certainly disingenuous. Or, if your non-disparagement clause puts a gag order on you, at least calling it out on Newsmax, etc.

    1. CRT is teaching white kiddos to hate themselves. It’s creating separate spaces based on race because kids of color won’t feel safe around white kids.

      In Rwanda, it was a difference of height and facial features- it started as “othering” and before long, it became a genocide.

      Teaching children to hate or fear each other is not something any politician or party should be advocated. Carlson is warning AGAINST such things, Beschloss, Biden et al are ADVOCATING such things…

      1. “ CRT is teaching white kiddos to hate themselves. It’s creating separate spaces based on race because kids of color won’t feel safe around white kids.”

        CRT does NOT teach kids to hate themselves. It did NONE of that and that is the problem. There are people claiming it does this without ever providing proof and this kind of blatant misinformation being deliberately used to demagogue the theory because it exposes uncomfortable truths about our history. People who don’t want to face that reality are deliberately and purposely spreading falsehoods about what CRT is and this is why it’s being censored. CRT is still a different to point of view. According to Turley’s own philosophy CRT should not be banned, or censored or forbidden from being discussed in classrooms because it is just a different point of view.

        They are NOT teaching children to hate, period. Carlson was peddling BS because he believes it is part of the “great replacement theory” which is quite ironic given that it is also a different point of view. Carlson would be more comfortable if kids were taught about the “great replacement theory” in school. The arguments against CRT come from racists who can’t handle the prospect of people learning a different point of view that unfortunately makes the reality of our history uncomfortable,

        1. …..gotta love ‘svelaz’ for trying to outdo themself everyday with more and more stupid trolls…!

            1. Svelaz’s replies might appear random, but there is an undeniable pattern. Svelaz will say anything and everything to try to turn a thread in the favor of the Leftist’s narrative. Sometimes this blog’s Lying Troll needs blatant lies and other times he just needs a simple out-of-context twist of a comment.

    2. Wouldn’t such a gag order constitute corporate censorship? Turley loves to argue for free speech but he is literally bound by a corporate dictated censorship on criticism of the company. As a free speech absolutist he should be demanding that he be allowed to criticize his own employer.

  9. Beschloss has become unhinged. The study of history is supposed to cultivate perspective, wisdom and judgment, but it clearly failed to do that in his case.

    1. This clown, Beschloss, is but a Left wing ‘hit man’—a political poser, a scammer— and not a true historian in any significant capacity. Reminds me of Bill Nye, the self-labeled ‘Science Guy’ or “Mr. Vaccine”, Bill Gates—-neither of whom possess even have minimal qualification to be considered “scientists”. Much like Stacey “Aunt Jemima” Abrams is NOT the Georgia governor and the “Piano Legs” Hillary is not the president (nor will she/it ever be!)—regardless of what they and CNN say.

      1. hey trollkiller, you are not doing your job. gigi, svelaz, sammy and the other leftist trolls are commenting. get to it

  10. Oops, double dip: Sorry, but there is no excuse for a head of state ripping up a speech, telling us their opponents are fascists in a free society, or locking down the country for years over a bad flu. Under Obama, who in my opinion was the catalyst for all of this (and you are free to disagree), we did not lock down or institute Soviet measures to buy groceries for a pandemic (‘You may only have the GOVERNMENT APPROVED’ toilet paper, even though there is in theory plenty available.’). Modern liberals are whole hog communists, and that is all there is to it. Ours is one of the last countries to legally be allowed to express this in the West; so it’s time to decide. And that is not aimed at the comfortable Dem voters in comfortable places. It is aimed at everyone, regardless of color or culture. If you want to be free, prove it. I think most of us want to be free, and I say again: what is the purpose of this blog if statists get their way? This is it. Either vote the dems out or enjoy being thrown in jail for saying the ‘wrong’ thing, just like China, just like Russia, just like North Korea.

    1. Trump’s SOTU “speech” was nothing but a vainglory pack of lies–beneath anyone occupying the Oval Office. Pelosi is too much of a lady to wipe her butt with it, but that’s about all it was worth. The country was “shut down” over COVID that Trump made immeasurably worse by lying about it because he thought it made him look bad. Plus he had no idea what to do and refused to submit to the advice of public health experts. COVID has about ten times the death rate of flu, and it is not “the flu”–not even in the same virus class. You are free to “express” anything you want, James, but all you do is prove you are willing and able to believe any lies Republicans put out.

      1. Natacha: “Pelosi is too much of a lady to wipe her butt with it, but that’s about all it was worth.”
        lin: “Trump was too much of a gentleman to throw Pelosi out on her tusche, after she ripped up his speech behind his back -on national television-and made faces and smiled into the camera for the SOTU address.”
        The most childish, immature, unbecoming, and base conduct I have witnessed by a member of Congress, let alone the leader.

        1. Of the various things Trump has proven to be, “gentleman” isn’t among them. He was at Congress–and he had NO authority to throw anyone out of the House of Representatives, especially the Speaker. His SOTU was lie-packed, a vainglory exercise in lying, attention-getting and abuse of the office of POTUS. The number of lies he told is literally staggering, along with pandering and using genuine heroes as props. You want to talk about “childish, immature, unbecoming…base conduct”? How about your pig calling Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man”? What about all of the anti-Asian racist slurs? How about praising Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “savvy…genius”? How about siding with Putin and against American intelligence publicly at Helsinki, lobbying to try to get Russia back into the G-7, trashing NATO and our EU allies? How about calling migrants “animals, criminals, rapists, and murderers”? The list goes on and on.

          1. “Of the various things Trump has proven to be, “gentleman” isn’t among them.”
            So ?
            I would be hard pressed to think of a politician that is a gentleman or lady.

            “He was at Congress–and he had NO authority to throw anyone out of the House of Representatives, especially the Speaker.”
            Correct, the president must be invited into the capitol. Whatever occurs at the capitol is the responsibility for the party in control of congress.

            “His SOTU was lie-packed”
            Then you would be able to be specific about those lies.
            It is self evident that Trump was the best president in the 21st century.
            It is self evident that Biden is the worst president in the 21st century, possibly of all time.
            It is self evident that the mess we have now is not just Biden’s responsibility – but the entire democratic party.

            “a vainglory exercise in lying, attention-getting and abuse of the office of POTUS. The number of lies he told is literally staggering, along with pandering and using genuine heroes as props. You want to talk about “childish, immature, unbecoming…base conduct”? ”
            Then you would be able to cite specifics.

            “How about your pig calling Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man”? ”
            What is inaccurate about that ?

            “What about all of the anti-Asian racist slurs?”
            Please be specific. Covid originated in China. Saying so is not a slur.

            “How about praising Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “savvy…genius”?”
            Putin played Biden. Just because someone is evil does not mean they are not smart.

            ” How about siding with Putin and against American intelligence publicly at Helsinki”
            US Intelligence was wrong and has been repeatedly.

            “lobbying to try to get Russia back into the G-7”
            Strengthening Russias ties to the west is the most effective way to avoid conflicts like Ukraine.
            Since the breakup of the USSR Every president has sought to bring Russia closer.
            Obama tried TWICE – thwarted by stupid actions of Clinton and Biden.

            Whether you like it or not the US MUST deal with bad regimes throughout the world.
            Must we always go to war with them ?
            Or maybe can you conceive of the possibility that holding our nose and working with them might make the world better and safer ?

            We have a War now – with hundreds of thousands of people dying, and with the returned threat of Global extinction because Biden BOTCHED being president.

            “trashing NATO and our EU allies?”
            No he made demands, and told them what they were doing wrong
            And he was correct.

            “How about calling migrants “animals, criminals, rapists, and murderers”?”
            That would be illegal immigrants. Migrants are people who come and go – usually seasonally.
            Please learn english.
            And please quit damaging the language. Both immigrant and migrant are neutral terms.
            The only reason the left has shifted language is they have damaged the term immigrant.
            A migrant is someone who comes to a country temporarily.
            An immigrant is someone who comes to a country hoping to stay.
            Both can be legal or illegal.
            Some are criminals. rapists and murderers. The man who attacked Paul Pelosi is a violent illegal immigrant.

            “The list goes on and on.”

            Only in your head.

            Here is some very good advise from Tulsi Gabbard.
            Instead of ranting incoherently – LISTEN – especially to those you disagree with.

            It is self evident that I, and myriads of others here give you the courtesy of listening.

            I have not only read every word of your post, I have directly and factually addressed each and every error and misrepresentation.
            That is how we get to the truth – LISTEN first, which I have obviously done
            And THEN agree or disagree – making arguments using FACTS.
            Try it.

        2. Lin,
          Well said.
          Natacha is, well, clearly delusional, and in need of some serious TDS intervention. Might require a whole team of psychologists, and some really powerful meds.
          I hope she gets help she needs.

          1. Upstate, if you run out of fertilizer, you can always use Natacha-Gigi. She seems to have a non-stop supply of BS.

  11. OT; It looks like John Eastman’s emails became public yesterday and they show He and other Trump lawyers were indeed coordinating an illegal obstruction of congress. The more damning revelation is that they were talking about Justice Thomas helping them out by relying on him to issue an injunction to stop the election. Remember Justice Thomas wife Ginny Thomas was in direct contact with Eastman. This may turn out to be a big problem for Eastman, Trump, and now more likely Thomas.

    “ We want to frame things so that Thomas could be the one to issue some sort of stay or other circuit justice opinion saying Georgia is in legitimate doubt,” Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro wrote in a Dec. 31, 2020, email to Trump’s legal team. Chesebro contended that Thomas would be “our only chance to get a favorable judicial opinion by Jan. 6, which might hold up the Georgia count in Congress.”

    1. “He and other Trump lawyers were indeed coordinating an illegal obstruction of congress. “

      You can clearly tell us what is illegal or all you are doing is proving yourself stupid once again.

      1. The email cited in Politico is nothing but speculation by one lawyer to another about a possible appeal to Thomas as circuit judge. Eastman is unsure in his response that this is their best option, saying only that he thinks it might work. What is illegal about this?

      2. Agree. If anything, it shows that they were contemplating various approaches, e.g., “…or other circuit justice opinion saying Georgia is in legitimate doubt,” –which actually undermine a conclusion that Thomas was in on it/ or knowingly part of it.

    2. So in other words, building a scenario in THEORY, but they never actually did it. Wargaming? Not illegal. Now if this had gone into effect you would have a case. Free speech is just that.

      1. It is worse than that.
        The left is literally trying to argue that conspiring to do something legal and constitutional, is a crime, even if it never happens.

        Conspiring to do something ACTUALLY illegal is not a crime if you do not go forward with it.

        There is no crime of pure conspiracy.

        There are only two ways people get convicted of conspiring to commit an actual crime.

        The first is all or some actually go forward with the crime. That makes those who conspired criminals so long as they did not actively stop the crime.

        Or conspiring, to commit a crime. committing atleast one overt act in furtherance of that crime and then getting arrested.

        Regardless, you can not illegally conspire to committ a non crime.

    3. Mp they were coordinating to legally challenge several states.

      You and democrats keep making this fundimental error.

      Something is not illegal because you do not like it.
      If Eastman’s efforts were illegal Hillary would be in jail.

      BTW if those emails become public – then someone in the J6 committee or DOJ or FBI committed an actual crime.

    4. It does not matter what Eastman said about Thomas.
      It does not matter what Eastman said to Ginny.

      You have nothing unless you have Clarence as part of the communication.
      And even then you only have a basis to ask him to recuse.

      You have that – regardless of whether the activity is legal – which you continue to presume it is not.

      Mostly this looks like more democratic efforts at election interferance. NOw you are trying to interfere in the 2022 election.

      You do not seem to understand – the overwhelming majority of people have already formed opinions on all of this.
      Anyone who cares about these emails is already voting Democrat.

      All you have done is given Republicans more to investigate in 2023.

      BTW you are aware that the DOD is completely stonewalling the IG looking into afghanistan – and that has never happened before.

  12. Children Killed By Mass Shooters?

    In the aftermath of of every mass shooting, Republicans always say, “Now’s the time for prayers”, while chiding Democrats for wanting to talk about gun restrictions. Curiously Congress can’t ever hold hearings about which guns are really needed to defend most homes. The NRA would never allow such hearings.

    Republicans always forget that “mental illness” was the cause of each mass shooting when it comes to healthcare funding. There’s never any follow-up! No one really expects Republicans to sponsor any bills funding mental health outreach. People know it’s just a meaningless talking point.

    1. “Curiously Congress can’t ever hold hearings about which guns are really needed to defend most homes.”
      Whatever gun keeps me and mine safe. Could be a pellet rifle, a shot gun or an AR15 (note, I do not own a AR15, those things are junk).
      We need more mental health in this country than ever before. There are entire swaths of this country whom cannot define what a woman is.
      Side note, I am a registered Independent.

  13. Joe Rogan: “I think the Red Wave that’s coming is going to be like the elevator doors opening up in The Shining”


  14. “our children will be arrested and conceivably killed”

    That’s pure unadulterated and unsupportable fear mongering.

    That kind of delusional hysteria from the snarling attack dogs at MSNBC comes as no surprise. That seems to be the kind of false biased delusional propaganda that MSNBC presents as journalism on a routine basis. They’re brazen fear mongering liars.

    1. Witherspoon says, “ That’s pure unadulterated and unsupportable fear mongering.”
      That’s funny coming from a guy who engages in the same kind of rhetoric on a daily basis. The irony couldn’t be more obvious. You’re just as emotionally melodramatic when it comes to the left.

    2. Typical.

      Two stalking internet trolling attack dogs go out of their way to track me down in almost every blog thread I choose to be part of just to spew forth their typical ad hominems. I seriously wonder if their obsession is getting them their jolly’s.

      TROLLING: verb Posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement.

      1. And there is the Pavlovian response. If you spewed anything besides hyperbolic garbage or engaged in actual debate, you’d get a different response. Stop being a drama queen. If you want a safe space, go to 4chan, or just scroll past, but your narcissism won’t allow it.

  15. Democrats may be justified in their concerns.

    “Trial shows Oath Keepers never wanted January 6 to end, and GOP candidates plan to grant their wish”

    “But, as revealed in the seditious conspiracy trial for five Oath Keepers on Monday, they weren’t quite ready to throw in the towel. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Stewart Rhodes, the militia’s founder, texted in a group chat.

    “We aren’t quitting!!” member Kelly Meggs texted the team. “We are reloading!!” He promised that the Oath Keepers would return to the Capitol to finish the job and grumbled that they had not been able to find Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi after another Oath Keeper expressed disappointment over not seeing her “head rolling down the front steps.”

    The level of violence on J6 was more likely a precursor to what we might be seeing soon. Turley’s dismissive attitude about the concerns democrats have is just adding the flippant attitude that is dangerous.

    Trump supporters were perfectly willing to assault police officers and anyone who they deemed an “enemy” of Trump. It’s this same rhetoric and conspiracy theory fear mongering that led a nut job who believed republican lies about Pelosi to assault her husband with a hammer and injure him. So democrats are justified in being a little paranoid about what Trump MAGA nutties are capable of.

      1. Nope, it’s quite true. AAAND it makes a lot of sense as to why democrats are concerned and Turley is essentially being a dismissive of the true nature of what Trump’s supporters are are capable of.

        Obviously Trump’’s Oath keepers still want to engage in violence.

      2. “Trump supporters were perfectly willing to assault police officers “

        Svelaz is an ass. There are always a few bad apples, but the actors in the ~500 riots were almost all bad actors including the politicians that supported rape, murder, theft, arson and everything else that went along with it.

        The Svalaz’s of the word know almost nothing so all they can do is copy from a left-wing rag and forget about the 99% of the information that proves them wrong.

    1. The out of control event on 1/6 was set up and enabled by the speaker who pointedly denied the extra security that was requested by the president at the time. The only person killed was an unarmed protester. The real harm done was to the many people who languish in jail, for just being there, and with sentences longer than the violent criminals let loose in any radical no bail leftist state run by the democratic machine.

      1. OK, but that doesn’t absolve the militants who forceably broke into the Capitol, those who visited violence on the Capitol Police, and those that had been planning for a month to disrupt and block the Electoral College count. “Stop the Steal” has no other meaning than impeding an official act of Congress”.

        I’m sick and tired of the “what aboutisms” meant to shift attention away from, and essentially exonerate law-breakers on “your side” — as if your “cause” merits extra-legal tactics.

        Saving the country from 1-party autocracy can only occur if enough people take up a powerful, neutral stance, demanding equal consequences for law-breakers regardless of political persuasion. Only an independent-minded polity can demand the two parties serve us. As we see daily, once you “take sides”, you tend to acclimate to self-serving corruption so long as it aligns with your side, not theirs.

        The lesson: NEVER give over your full allegiance to one political party or faction. You’re only powerful to the extent you are
        1) not taken for granted, and
        2) aren’t written off as unreachable.

    2. Svelaz, Witherspoon is like Putin railing about the so-called “dirty bomb” the Ukrainians allegedly have.

    3. Svelaz, and us Maga nutties were concerned when they had to move Trump to the Whitehouse bunker when the leftist were on the attack. We just called it a riot and not an insurrection when they burned the church across the street. Please inform us if you were equally concerned for Trumps safety. Perhaps you were gleeful as you have been on any attack against Trump. Please inform us of any occasion in which you were equally concerned about the riots of 2020 and the deaths and injury of police officers on the streets of Seattle. Short of such revelations we take your comments for what they are worth.

  16. Turley: “The likely effect will be to incite further violence and to give license to the most unhinged in our society.”


    You mean the unhinged folks actually running the government?

  17. After the Mar-a-Lago raid, and the Washington Post leak about “nuclear documents, Beschloss tweeted a picture of the Rosenbergs with the comment: “Rosenbergs were convicted for giving U.S. nuclear secrets to Moscow, and were executed June 1953. ” No doubt winking, he later denied that he was calling for the execution of Donald Trump. Apparently the murder of a former President is consistent with “Democracy”.

    1. edwardmahl: You are right. Just by merely implying a “threat to democracy,” all sorts of unseemly, improper, dishonest, and at times illegal conduct can be justified to save “it.”

      1. “Just by merely implying a “threat to democracy,” all sorts of unseemly, improper, dishonest, and at times illegal conduct can be justified to save “it.”

        Really? So Trump merely implying a threat of a stolen election or merely implying that protesters march to the capitol justifies the improper, dishonest, and at times illegal conduct?

        Can you see the irony of that statement? Trump merely implied a lot of things. If it was not an issue with Trump doing it why would it be with Biden. A double standard perhaps?

        1. Svelaz: We are talking about invocation and misuse of “Democracy” or the term “threats to democracy.”
          Please refresh my memory, did Trump use that term? Am I being “disingenuous?” Thanks anyway.

    2. “No doubt winking”? Make that “wanking”….maskurbating Lefties simply can’t “give it a rest”. Thump, thump, thump!

  18. Just seeing the caption on the image. Who has been “condoning” political violence other than leftists?

  19. If you say anything other than one party rule is a threat to democracy it is YOU who is the danger.

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