Biden’s “Bottomless Pinocchio”: Washington Post Hits the President With Rare Rebuke for Repeated False Claims

We have been discussing a series of false statements made by President Biden about election law, border agents, Second Amendment, gun capacity, and a variety of personal facts, including all of the falsehoods addressed on this blog earlier. Now, the Washington Post has awarded President Biden a “bottomless Pinocchio” for his repeating of clearly false facts — a distinction that he now shares with his predecessor former President Donald Trump.  For those in the free speech community, it is a highly ironic moment given the President’s recent defense of censorship because citizens need “editors” to tell them what is real and what is not. Indeed, he asked, if we did not censor social media, “how will people know the truth?

President Biden is arguably the most anti-free speech president since John Adams. The President often sounds like the Censor-in-Chief, including claiming that social media companies are “killing people” by not engaging in more robust censorship.

Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler listed various examples of Biden spreading false claims that have been repeatedly and publicly debunked. You draw this rare rebuke if you repeat false statements more than 20 times. That includes his claim  on meeting with the Chinese leader: “Folks, I spent a lot of time — more time with Xi Jinping than any other head of state. … I’ve traveled 17,000 miles with him.”

The Post also noted how the president claimed that he is responsible for seniors getting an increase in their Social Security checks for the first time in 10 years: “On our watch, for the first time in 10 years, seniors are going to get the biggest increase in their Social Security checks they’ve gotten.” The Post noted “the reason Social Security payments are going up is because Social Security benefits, under a law passed in 1972, are adjusted every year to keep pace with inflation.”

The President has also continued to claim that the Republicans want to end social security, which the Post has previously declared to be false.

Despite his own pattern of false statements (some might call it “disinformation”), the President seems most alarmed that a single social media platform is moving to restore free speech protections. For years, Twitter has joined companies like Facebook in barring or removing dissenting views in some of these same areas like election reforms. Biden warns that the pubic will simply not know what is true without such editing of the material that they are allowed to read.

The President could cite his own history of false statements as an example for his call for greater censorship to protect voters. Yet, despite his history as a serial spreader of disinformation, I would still oppose any effort to ban him from social media or even remove his comments.  It is false that Republicans want to end social security but others can counter such bad speech with good speech. Readers can discern what is true and false from their sources and their support. As shown by the President himself, the governing principle remains “caveat emptor,” or buyer beware.

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    1. Professor David B Benson, criticism of syntax rather than a discussion of the premise. Such shallow approaches are far to common on this blog. When you’ve got nothing else you look for a miss placed comma. Thanks for your insight.

      1. Thinkitthrough, one had supposed that a lawyer would know better. After all, pre-law requires a course in philosophy but unfortunately just the history and not a course in logic.

    2. David, I agree with you. Saying ‘false facts’ is like saying ‘false truths’. It is either one or the other.

      But, it appears ‘false facts’ is an acceptable colloquial expression that everyone understands, though not one I would use.

      In the Twitter Age ‘facts’ come at us as if from a high pressure hose and many, maybe most, of those are false or, less charitable, simple Bull S**t.

      Consider the Covid vaccine. For a long while it was deemed a fact that it was ‘safe and effective’. People bet their health and their lives on that assurance. Now not so effective. Multiple jabs in the arms of Fauci and Walensky didn’t effectively keep them from getting the disease. Now the ”effective fact’ is false. Not so safe either. Heart disease and strokes have been admitted and there appear to be many other problems not yet admitted but real enough if you are stricken with them. Death is one such but we are assured it would have been worse without the vaccine. The ‘safe fact’ is false.

      Maybe ‘false facts’ is an emerging linguistic trick–soon to be in the canon–of things that we were repeatedly told were ‘facts’ which turned out to be falsehoods.

      Could be a useful expression after all.

      1. Why do you Trumpsters persist in claiming that it was represented that COVID completely prevents getting infected, when the WHO and CDC have made clear from the beginning that the vaccine is intended to prevent serious infections and deaths, which it does do, and that is a massive benefit? Not dying or going on a respirator is a good thing. The vaccine was tested on thousands of people before it was approved for use by an independent panel of experts not employed by the CDC or WHO. If you don’t believe the vaccine is safe and effective, then explain to me how and why we no longer set daily records for new infections and deaths since the vaccine went on the market and millions of Americans have gotten vaccinated. Did either Fauci or Walenski end up hospitalized or on a ventilator? No, and Fauci is 80 years old–at high-risk. All either of them had was mild symptoms, and the vaccine can be thanked for that. You must watch the same alt-right media as Karen S. The reasons alt-right media put out the lie that COVID vaccines aren’t safe, or that the public was lied to is because of the fat slob you worship–they hate Dr. Fauci because he wouldn’t politicize COVID and called out Trump’s lies about Hydroxychloroquine and horse de-wormer, along with calling out his lying about the seriosness of COVID. Biden marshalled the assets to get vaccinations done–ultra-cold freezers, PPE, trained people to give the vaccine, setting priorities based on risk, and the government paid the cost for the vaccine. We can thank Biden that we no longer have closed schools, factories, businesses and restaurants and that the economy has made a rapid recovery from the utter failures of Trump.

        1. Get boosted! Make sure you are up to date! What is it now, five shots? But then, let’s hope you don’t drop dead, suddenly, unexpectedly, of a heart attack or anything! Might want to test your d-dimer and troponin levels too. You know, only cuz these shots are safe and effective, mostly, sort of, “experts” say so! But sometimes there are rare unusual side effects…like heart attacks and even death! But hey! No worries! Get your booster! That’ll surely keep you safe from a bad cold virus called “covid.” Unless it kills you. But don’t worry, Fauci says it’s safe! Trust Fauci! Yeah.

          1. At this time there is little evidence that unless you are in a high risk group for Covid that getting vaccinated is wise.

            The mortality rate from Omicron is significantly lower than earlier variants. Even for earlier varants the statistical evidence is that for healthy people under 40 the risks associated with the vaccine are greater than those associates with Covid – and this disparity increases as age declines.
            For those under 20 – Flu deaths are much higher than Covid deaths – get a Flu shot.

            Thus far only the Pfyser booster has been modified to deal with Omicron – and the Pfyser vaccine is the one with the highest risk of cardiac problems.

            There is a growing body of evidence – really just relearning things we already knew, that too many vaccines is harmful to peoples immune systems.

            The covid vaccine is at best 97% effective 2 weeks after the vaccination and has a half life of 8 months.
            BUT both of these Decrease with each booster and adverse events increase with each booster.

            There are lots of things that you can do to protect yourself against covid – most of those boost your immune system against everything.
            Making sure that you have normal levels of vitami D alone is more effective at preventing or mitigating covid than the vaccine is.
            And the effects of Vitamin D do not diminish if you keep your levels up, and they help fight other diseases – and even cancer.

            There are many other things you can do.

            The best advice regarding Covid is to “get healthier” – instead of expecting a magic bullet from the vaccine,
            do all the things you need to do to get healthy. Lose weight, excercise, eat well, get plenty of sun.

            In addition to reducing your covid risk it will actually improve your life.

              1. Mr. Miller – are you seeking to censor the truth ?

                And do you actually have a clue about what is and is not “medicine” ?

                Does it require a medical license to take data gathered by the CDC, or WHO or English NHS and perform statistical analysis on it ?

                Do you think you need a medical license to perform a statistical regression ? or to read a graph ?

                Just about everything I posted was data analysis and statistics based on robust public data.

                An awful lot of is was gathered and analyses by some of the best researchers and statisticians in the world many of them doctors – as that seems to matter to you.

                Dr. Fauxi was the pre=-eminent expert in the country on the spread of viruses – how well did he do ?

                Would you take a jab from this man ?

                Whether You like it or not from the vary begining large numbers of very qualified people
                – many of them actual medical doctors and leading scientists have studied Covid and the data about it.
                And have been presenting their judgement based on that evidence – and updated it as they learned more.

                I would note – this is supposed to be the way sceince and medicine works.

                But oddly from the start they encountered a problem – Dogma had been dictated by the high priests of the public health establishment, and the slightest deviation from dogma resulted in excommunication.

                As things progressed – the actual scientists – in the sense of people who actually followed the process of science, rather than being members of the cult of science, adapted views as they learned more and slowly drilled down on the truth.
                While the high priests remain defending dogma that is self evidently false.

              2. Data supporting everything I have said is readily available from CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, ….

                I will be happy to have a discussion rooted in facts about anything I posted that you take issue with.

            1. There is a growing body of evidence – really just relearning things we already knew, that too many vaccines is harmful to peoples immune systems.

              Actually, no. If a vaccine results in an adverse event (AE) on someone or a group of individuals as contrasted to millions who had no AEs, chances are it was their immune system that was to blame, not the vaccine. To have an academic conversation (which I would prefer to do) requires all parties having a robust knowledge on the immune system and a healthy dose of genetics.

              Vaccines are wonder drugs. Everyone should get vaccinated as their physicians recommend. Flu, COVID, and whatever your age group dictates, get them. Being an immigrant from humble origins, I know all too well that fear, superstition and cultural myths have a strong grip on immigrants thinking when it comes to health. You are not one of them, and you should educate yourself on these issues given you are an learned man. Start here:

              Carter B, Zhao K. The epigenetic basis of cellular heterogeneity. Nat Rev Genet. 2021 Apr;22(4):235-250. doi: 10.1038/s41576-020-00300-0. Epub 2020 Nov 26. PMID: 33244170.

              Carty M, Guy C, Bowie AG. Detection of Viral Infections by Innate Immunity. Biochem Pharmacol. 2021 Jan;183:114316. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2020.114316. Epub 2020 Nov 3. PMID: 33152343.

              Fitzgerald KA, Kagan JC. Toll-like Receptors and the Control of Immunity. Cell. 2020 Mar 19;180(6):1044-1066. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.02.041. Epub 2020 Mar 11. PMID: 32164908.

              Gaulin C, Kelemen K, Arana Yi C. Molecular Pathways in Clonal Hematopoiesis: From the Acquisition of Somatic Mutations to Transformation into Hematologic Neoplasm. Life (Basel). 2022 Jul 28;12(8):1135. doi: 10.3390/life12081135. PMID: 36013314

              Stick to articles published from 2018 forward.

              1. Clonal hematopoiesis in human aging and disease is a hot topic right now in the medical research world.

                Kusne Y, Xie Z, Patnaik MM. Clonal hematopoiesis: Molecular and clinical implications. Leuk Res. 2022 Feb;113:106787. doi: 10.1016/j.leukres.2022.106787. Epub 2022 Jan 10. PMID: 35091334.

              2. Vaccines are wonders, they are not without risks, My argument was not about Adverse reactions – that is an independent problem.

                All or nearly all vaccines we have used in the past have had very long half lives. Immunity to smallpox appears to last about 75 years.

                There are plenty of studies that have been done on vaccines that have indicated that too frequent vaccination weakens the immune system.
                Regardless, I am not aware of any prior vaccine that requires booseters every 6-8 months – that is uncharted territory.

                There are also health issues that have emerged coincident with Covid/Vaccines, that we are unsure of the relationship.
                There is a spike in cardio problems and in the past 2+ years we have had a significant increase in excess deaths beyond those expected, and covid only directly explains about 1/3 of those.

                I am also going to disagree with your premise that you must be some kind of expert in specific areas to have a valid discussion.

                One of the worst problems we have today – across ALL fields is the absence of generalists.
                One of the huge mistakes we made with Covid is failure to consider the unintended consequences of the policies we chose that ultimately did not work very well against covid, AND had large negative impacts outside the knowledge of the people setting public policy. Deep knowledge in narrow fields is essential to basic research. But the close we come to applying science to the real world, the more important broad knowledge becomes.

                I am not an immunologist. But nearly everyone taught programming has written “the game of life
                In Feb 2020 Lawrence Livermore modeled that Covid would burn through the US quickly and kill about 4M people
                There was alot wrong with the LL model – and the imperial college model was even worse.
                But ultimate they proved better than the “experts”.

                Frankly one of the biggest failures of the “experts” was inside their domain of expertise – We have never really thwarted the flu – for which we usually have a working vaccine, and which has a base transmission rate that is half of the Wuhan Covid variant.
                Basic math should have told anyone with a brain in early 2020 – that if Covid got a foothold – it was not possible to stop.

                I can address many many many other issues and failures, but the BIG DEAL is those “experts” – regardless of what they might have specifically been correct about – overall FAILED. They made promises that were not possible, and that they knew or should have known they could not deliver.

                You do not need advanced degrees in micro biology to know that know only did the experts FAIL, but they Failed BADLY.
                And again – that was predictable.

                It should also be self evident that – then as now the efforts to “censor” misinformation – did more harm than good.
                Outcomes would have been no better if we had forcibly vaccinated 350M people.

                I have no problem with “experts” – I have a large problem with hubris.

                It is also patently false that the best of the best in a narrow domain have the broad knowledge necescary to know what ALL of us should do particularly given that narrow domain is a tiny part of life, and human life – is vastly complicated and interconnected far beyond cellular biology.

              3. Most vaccines are wonderous.

                It is certain that mRNA drugs and vaccines have an incredible potential in the future.
                What we have learned from mRNA vaccines and covid is likely to help rapidly advance the fight against all kinds of health problems in the future.

                None of this alters the fact that mRNA covid vaccines overall impact is not that large, and may prove to be negative.

    1. Speakup: Just look at the weirdos Biden brings to the White House. The transgender freak about a week ago. And then Sam Brinson, who is running the nuclear waste apparatus for the country. Not to mention Majorkas, who is a major league America hater. Only Obama could do this, the Chief America-Hater, and that is who is behind the curtain with Biden as you assert.

  1. Remember, Biden said that inflation was going to be over before we know it. If your a Democrat just remember who you voted for when you when your eyes bug out looking at your heating bill this winter. They try to blame it on Russia but Biden is the one who said “no more fracking.” Remember who you voted for when your kids say “mommy I’m cold.”

    1. Inflation will ease–it always has. The economy grew by 2.6% last quarter, and hundreds of thousands of jobs were added, and yet, Republicans lie and say we are in a recession. Tell us, what is the Republican plan for inflation–can you? I know you can’t because there isn’t one–all they do is try to blame Biden. Trump decimated our economy with his incompetence and Biden turned things around so quickly that consumer demand is outstripping supply. Plus, the Trump tax breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations are contributing to inflation by ballooning the national debt to record levels. Republicans are dishonestly trying to blame Biden for the problems caused by Trump, who inherited a booming economy that he proceeded to trash due to his utter incompetence, trade war with China, mishandling of the pandemic, trashing our relationships with NATO and EU and just rank stupidity. Fracking is ecologically disasterous and will cause earthquakes.

      1. You’re entitles to your opinion but not your own facts. Despite their pathetic attempts to redefine the definition of inflation it is 2 quarters of negative growth. We are deep into one now. Under Trump minority unemployment was at it lowest in history. Considering the situation in Ukraine right now Europe is quickly realizing Trump’s demand Europe meet its NATO commitments in terms of GDP percentage is looking pretty smart. Lastly had the Biden Administration opened up some Federal Lands for more energy exploration and not blocked critical infrastructure like the Keystone pipeline, gas would not be hovering at over $4+ today along with severe diesel shortages leading to record food inflation.

        Your boy has destroyed the country, possibly beyond repair. He’s going to pay dearly tomorrow, and to hell with all of the stupid, pointless things you are all hyperventilating about.

  2. Turley: “Readers can discern what is true and false from their sources and their support.”


    A few can. Many need to be slapped in the face with hard facts before they pay attention. Something like what is happening in Germany. Cold is coming and they destroyed their energy industry. Now a wind farm is being knocked down to try to expand a coal mine. Firewood is hoarded. Too late. You can’t flip a switch and get it back in an instant. Comes the freezing, Frimaire to some, and Greta may not be worshipped in Germany anymore.

    You can ignore reality but it won’t ignore you. Even if Biden tries to censor it.

  3. “the pubic will simply…” Fruit flies like a banana so millions will get screwed. The professor must be channeling Anita Hill and it’s hard to parse.

  4. Biden’s been around so long he still thinks this is the pre internet days. Now every statement can be checked instantly, ever speech compared to what he said previously.
    When you tell the truth you don’t need to remember those things. Not sure he could even remember the truth at this point when he botched the story of his own son’s death. Completely disgusting.

    1. @Tony

      There could not have been a single greater event in the 21st century than Elon buying Twitter *before* the elections. You are so right. We have instant access to their mouths saying their actual words. With an honest platform, gaslighting is pretty much obsolete. Russian anarchists did not hack Joy Reid’s actual lips and diaphragm on camera.

  5. THIS is the post I have been waiting for. THANK YOU to the good professor. I only regret that it did not appear before early voting started. Trump says many childish and immature things; Biden simply lies. Which is more damaging?

    1. Am I to infer Trump doesn’t lie?

      — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 12, 2020

      “Determining whether a statement is protected involves a two-step inquiry: Is the statement one which can be proved true or false? And would reasonable people conclude that the statement is one of fact, in light of its phrasing, context and the circumstances surrounding its publication, Analyzed under these factors, and even assuming, arguendo, that each of the statements alleged in the complaint could be proved true or false, no reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact.” Sidney Powell regarding her similar claims about Dominion voting machines.

      1. You can infer anything you want, but you should know better than to quote his retweet of someone else’s data–even if false–as evidence of a “lie.”.

        1. There is so much to choose between, I just picked one where his own lawyer said nobody would believe it. Pick a topic, any topic, and I’ll give you an example where he lied about it.

              1. “He may want to improve the country for rich people doing business with him. Nobody else.”
                Is this your lie tonight?

                  1. Trump is recorded all the time, but you find your quotes on tape. That makes you a second hand liar. It is expected from you.

                    1. You call anything that suits your purposes documented and when you are proven wrong you squawk. I am sure you can find something Trump said that can be criticized so why do you use unproven material all the time.

                      Your research skills are horrible.

                    2. I gave you sources for everything I said, you call them lies but at least admit it wasn’t me that made them up. How’s that red wave coming along by the way?

                    3. No one should be proud quoting things that are known lies. You are. That tells everyone a lot about you.

                    4. These aren’t known lies, they are the words that came out of his mouth. You can’t accept them so you call me a liar. Again, I didn’t make any of this up. You can have the last word and I won’t respond because my time is better spent anywhere else.

                    5. Many of these made up quotes people like you copy and quote as legitimate can be cross checked with the audio, but then foolish people like you would have nothing to copy and paste.You would have nothing to say and feel left out.

                    6. Or you can listen to the whole video.

                      Regardless, what is it you think you proved ?

                      I happen to think McCain is an actual war hero.
                      I am not that happy with What Trump said.

                      But much of it is opinion – and the FACTS are correct.

                      John McCain did graduate last in his class at Annapolis – McCain is actually quite honest about that in his book – which is very good.
                      And McCain did call Trump supporters crazies – which is an invitation to a slap down.

                      Joe Biden is maligning half the country pretty much every day.
                      And god forbid we should actually need our military anytime soon.

                      Barry Goldwater famously said – I do not care if they are straight, I just care if they can shoot straight.
                      Joe Biden doesn’t care if they can shoot straight as long as they aren’t straight.
                      Recruitment is in the toilet.

                    7. What he said, wasn’t just about John McCain, he has no respect for anyone who was captured in service to his/her country. There’s no other way to interpret that, especially coming from someone who faked bone spurs to get out of serving.

                    8. “What he said, wasn’t just about John McCain,”
                      “he has no respect for anyone who was captured in service to his/her country.”
                      Incorrect. He said that being captured does not make you a hero.
                      That is correct. McCain is not a hero because he was captured.
                      He is a hero because of his conduct as a POW.

                      “There’s no other way to interpret that”
                      Of course there is – instead of “interpreting it” – just take it as it was said.

                      But if you insist on going deeper – as Trump’s remarks made clear – McCain started this by disparaging Crowds of Trump supporters.
                      One of the biggest reasons that Trump’s supporters are loyal to him is that he defends THEM.

                      As you are ignorant of these things – many of Trump’s supporters – including those in AZ that McCain called crazies, are military. law enforcement, ex military and ex law enforcement.

                      Your own post – skip to 1:49 demostrates you either did not listen or were ignoring what was occuring.

                      Trump was defending his supporters from attacks by Sen. McCain.

                      McCain made an unforced mistake. Trump responded justifiably if not perfectly.

                      When you spray this nonsense that Trump does not respect the military – you are lying – and Trump’s supporters – many of whom are military KNOW you are lying.

                      The way they KNOW is because Trump defends them from the disrespectful attacks of people like YOU,
                      or in this case Sen. McCain.

                      I have a great deal of respect for McCain. He was a real Hero, Trump danced around that. ALL he committed to – correctly is that McCain was not a hero just because he was taken prisoner.
                      But McCain – like Trump – and like all the rest of us is a flawed person.

                      “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

                      I can provide a long list of the mistakes, even bad things that McCain has done.
                      Just as I can with every politician right or left.

                      Our Hero’s have clay feet. Nothing new in that.

                      “especially coming from someone who faked bone spurs to get out of serving.”

                      Trump avoided service – so did Biden. Clinton. Obama, Democrats elected all three.
                      They rejected GHWB – who is also a genuine war hero. Dole – another war hero. McCain another War hero.
                      And BTW called every one of them Nazi’s.
                      Democrats also rejected Tulsi Gabbard, and essentially drove her out of the party and called her a Russian puppet.
                      I have not heard you speak out about that.
                      Trump was atleast defending his own supporters against attacks by McCain.
                      The only person Gabbard had Correctly attacked, was Kamala – when Clinton LITERALLY slandered her.

                      Trump’s remarks about McCain were atleast true – if not an accurate depiction of the complete John McCain.
                      Clinton’s attacks on Gabbard were uncalled for and FALSE.

                      So again WHAT IS YOUR EVIDENCE ?

                      I also find your defence of McCain particularly rich.

                      YOU are perfectly willing to atleast literarily tear down statues and edifaces of our founders.
                      Pretend the entire nation is irredeemable because “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

                      If you will not listen to me – Try Bryan Stevenson
                      “Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done”

                      This country is much more than the worst things we have ever done.
                      And YOU in particular have ZERO understanding of that.

                    9. The “crazies” ar finally starting to reject Trump. I’ll give you a little time to catch up. Your lengthy post reeks of more desperation than usual. Are you okay?

                    10. You were asked for proof. The proof you provided did not make your case.

                      Again what evidence do you have of your claims ?

                    11. I have no idea whether republicans will move away from Trump or not.

                      I am not a republican – that is up to the GOP not me.

                      But lets assume you are correct – if this election results in the decline of Trump – then it is the Rise of DeSantis.

                    12. I get way too much nonsense from you here – Why would I want to read you elsewhere ?

                      All kinds of things can change in politics.
                      But The democratic party faces huge future problems and has for a long time.
                      While the GOP has a deep bench of potential national contenders.
                      Barring getting caught on video in a hotel room being screwed by a trans person, DeSantis will follow Trump, either in 2024 or 2028.

                      The left and corrupt left institutions will do to him all the same things they have done to Trump.
                      And it will not change anything.

                      And the people of Florida – including massive numbers of minorities and democrats are very happy with him.

                    13. Typical left wing nut projection.

                      Regardless, rather than pretend you know anything about what is going on inside my head – why not take a look at the world.

                      Or do you have your head in the sand ?

                      Forget republicans and democrats or left and right – what is it that you think the country has to look forward to in the next 2 years.

                      Please tell us all how we are going to beat inflation – without recession ? Polish off your Nobel in economixs and explain how you will wave a magic wand and that will happen

                      I hope and pray and beleive that the conflict in Ukraine will not draw us into global nuclear war. The odds are small.
                      But we are going to have to live with that small fear with huge consequences for a long time – Because Democrats F’d up.

                      Is magic going to bring violence and crime down ?
                      Is it going to reduce the spike in drugs and drug overdoses ?

                      Look at the past 2 years – WHAT have democrats succeeded at making batter that is of any consequence ?

                    14. If you are going to pretend you are a betazoid – you should atleast be good at it ?

                      Why would I be desperate ?

                    15. Why would any of those make me desperate ?

                      Republicans won the generic vote by almost 6%, I have questions as to why that did not result in a Red Tsunami.
                      The polls UNDERCOUNTED the proportion of republicans who were going to vote,.
                      But they did somehow at the same time overcount how well Republicans were going to do in individual races.

                      Regardless, the polls do not bother me, and I am looking forward to the post mortum.

                      One major open question is whether Roe was the determining factor here.
                      My pre-election prediction was that it was not going to be a factor.
                      But I am hearing some people claim that was wrong.

                      If True – Republicans have a very bright future – because Roe is a one time issue.
                      Every other major issue in 2022 favors republicans, will be present in 2024, and will favor republicans even more.

                      Indict whoever you want – it will just blow up in your face. If you wish to continue to look like Nazi’s running the Gestapo – Go for it.
                      That does not depress me in the slightest.

                      Regardless, purportedly you are a writer. You would think that you could pick words more accurately.

                      The collapse of the left is inevitable. The only question is how much damage they do to the country first.
                      This election means things will get even worse. That is what is called a self punishing act.

                      Democrats needed to reassess and tack back to the center after 2016.
                      They have not.

                    16. “because Roe is a one time issue.”

                      That is the silliest thing you ever said. Are women going to forget they’re women? The Dobbs decision got more youth voters out than anything before it and there will be generations of voters who won’t forget.

                    17. Roe is a one time issue. Even in 2022 a further delay would have mitigated its effect – presuming there was an effect.

                      Women are not dying in the streets – and will not be. There has been no consequential ACTUAL effect of overturning Roe.

                      Birth control works dramatically better than it did in 1973. There are affordable morning (or week) after options that did not exist then.
                      Contra left wing nut protections subsequent to Dodd no state has actually successfully imposed draconian restrictions.

                      Sorry EB but Roe is a one time issue. Frankly that is strong evidence the Court should have stayed out of abortion in the first place.

                      I am not interested in your claims regarding the election as you are incapable of grasping that the rest of the world is NOT you.

                      On issue after issue – you think that the world divides into stupid people and people who share your views.

                      It is true that Democrats did win the under 30 vote – though it is doubtful that was because of Roe.
                      There are only two major demographics democrats won – under 30 and single women.
                      The data I am getting so far is that Republicans gains with some minoroties were less than predicted – but they were still large gains.

                      The fact that Democrats won under 30 voters – and that the driving factor was NOT roe – is actually GOOD news for democrats.
                      Because the win in under 30 voters is entirely the result of corrupt mailin voting.
                      As I have said – Democrats have won the couch potato vote.
                      Democrats have been trying to win the under 30 vote my entire life – they have always polled well with under 30 voters.
                      But prior to mail in voting – voters under 30 do not vote.

                      What those like you fail to grasp is that is a GOOD thing.
                      We do not want people – who have not figured out how to get an hold a job, who have not managed a successful long term relationship, who have not gotten married, had kids, bought a home – it is a GOOD thing that people who have barely gotten out from their mothers aprons have not prior to mail in voting voted.

                      Regardless, Roe is a dead issue.

                    18. Oh, you think these under 30’s voters will not forget ?

                      You are clueless.

                      Under 30 voters tend to vote democrat – and that is nothing new – the only thing that is new is that massive mailin voting has resulted in large numbers of them actually voting.

                      They vote democrat – because they are USED to being coddled – they do not yet understand that govenrment is not benevolent. That it is arbitrary, capricious, and that it does not love them.

                      These are people who have had their needs met by loving parents, who have lived in a top down benevolent dictatorship, and think that is normal. Some have gone to college – where they continue to be coddled by college and their parents.

                      But ultimately they must enter the real world. Most of them – unlike Fetterman can not sponge off their parents in the basement for life.

                      Eventually they get jobs discover that govenrment steals much of their money, that the government they demand is expensive – and does not love them – or actually give a schiff about them.

                      The form permanent relationships, they buy homes, they get married, they have kids – and each one of these steps makes them far less progressive and far more conservative.

                      Even Churchill understood this nearly a century ago.

                      No these voters do not have “long memories”

                      I would further note that – the number of abortions in the US per year is a TINY fraction of the number of women undergoing fertility treatments.

                      Women who want a child at 40 and can not have one are unlikely to be remembering abortion fondly.

                      But as always – you have a shallow grasp of the real world.

                      Rather than sharing your self masterbating on Medium – I would suggest you read something about critical thinking.


                    19. Enigma, Trump called McCain a loser which was a mild retort to McCain’s nasty statements about all those that supported Trump. You wish to forget those things. Trump believes McCain was not a war hero but was called one because he came from a privileged military family and was captured. Can you tell us what makes McCain a war hero that distinguishes him from all other prisoners of war? If you can’t, you are agreeing with Trump.

                      Trump didn’t call other POWs losers. You have a vivid imagination that is nearly always wrong.

                    20. McCain was a war hero. Because of the family he came from, Because his father was the absolute Top ranked military leader in the entire pacific
                      while McCain was a POW the Vietnamese tried absolutely everything to gain propoganda value from him.

                      Only a few POW’s were tortured worse than McCain. At other times the vietnamese shifted to favoring him to paint an image that he was getting special treatment because of his father. He was repeatedly told that he would could be set free immediately. He refused – because the military code requires POW’s to be released in order of capture. There are a few POW who accepted Vietnamese offers of early release.
                      McCain did not.

                      McCain was a real Hero. But that does not make everything he has ever done good.

                      Our heros nearly always have clay feet.

                      McCain attacking Trump supporters as Crazies was WRONG. Trump’s response was not perfect, but warranted.

                      And there is a reason that Trump’s supporters are loyal.

                      Trump does much more than attack his enemies – he stands up for his supporters.
                      The relationship is weird. Trump is just an unlikely champion of the working class.
                      But he is.

                    21. If Trump really “is just an unlikely champion of the working class,” it appears that said class was not sufficiently aware of that relationship to motivate enough of them to vote for him in 2020. As a result, we’re stuck with Sleazy, Slimy Joe Biden. Trump is THE only Republican that Biden can beat. Although Trump can be charming, he seems to go out of his way to be dislikable. For those two reasons–the likelihood that Biden will beat Trump again and and the fact that DJT is so dislkable–the GOP would be self-immolating if it nominated him again in 2024. I’m hoping that a DeSantis run for the GOP POTUS nomination in 2024 will prevent that.

                    22. I am not particularly interested in defending Trump.

                      But I would point out to you that EVERY republican that ends up as a contender for president will be labeled exactly as Trump is.

                      If Trump never existed – nearly everything said about Trump would have been said about Cruz as an example.
                      When I hear the rants about Trump, most are just the same generic complaints they will force onto every republican.

                      I can not recall a republican presidential candidate in my lifetime that was not called a Nazi. A liar, a threat to democracy.
                      The intensity increased with Trump – but frankly it has been increasing for a long time.

                      There are only two unique attributes to Trump. The one is that unlike the vast majority of Republicans he appealed to the working class.
                      Had McCain, or Romney, or Rubio, or Cruz been able to do that – they would have been president. You say – Any republican but Trump could beat Biden or Democrats. Yet history shows us that is not true. McCain did not win, Romney did not win.
                      And more specifically none of them made progress in the rust belt. There are a few current red states that are likely to flip blue over the next couple of elections. The rust belt from PA to WI and MI is likely to slowly flip red over the next several cycles. These were reliable blue states not long ago. And there are a few deep blue states that appear to be turning purple. This is not all Trump. Alot of this started with the Tea Party.
                      But Trump saw this before any of the people you seem to think would win, and helped accelerate it.

                      The 2nd attribute of Trump that is unique among republicans – or atleast it was in 2016, is that Trump has clearly Read and takes advantage of Alynsky’s rules for radicals. And THAT is actually why the left hates him so much. This is also why Republicans hated Bill Clinton so much – because Clinton stole the republican playbook. Nearly all the things that many people hate about Trump are things ordinary democrats do every day.

                      As to 2020 – Any republican president with Trump’s record of successes AND Covid, AND the massive lawless elections that Democrats used Covid as an excuse to permanently impose on us, would have lost to Biden.

                      Trump does not go out of his way to be dislikeable. He fights back. And you will not hold the working class and growing minority republican vote if you do not.

                      Look at who the GOP locked in choice is likely to be if Trump bows out – DeSantis. There are small differences between Trump and DeSantis – with pluses and minuses for each. But DeSantis will face EXACLY the same attacks, the same censorship, the same media hostility, the same likely successful efforts to carciture him.

                      I am not some giant Trump fan. I never voted for him. I am libertarian, and that is how I vote.
                      But I am also not stupid. Republicans are not going to win nationwide if they play golf while democrats play rugby.
                      Democrats will make whatever republican is running and turn them into a demon, and use that to justify defeating them by any means necessary.
                      People do not care if you cheat if you are saving democracy from fascism.
                      What I find absurd is that apparently 50M voters believed that – or maybe not.

                      Everything that you think is wrong with Trump, will be painted on any republican – a tactic right out of alynsky.

                      GHWB did not beat Clinton, Dole did not beat Clinton. McCaine did not beat Obama, Romney did not beat Obama.
                      The evidence is already in – that strategy fails.

                    23. I personally would have thought Democrats were so damaged by 2022 that they were going to be obliterated in this election.
                      I am very bothered – because Republicans won the popular vote – significantly, The top issues were republican issues.
                      I have not seen the demographic results yet – but it is likely that Republicans dramatically improved their position with minority voters.
                      Biden was unpopular DESPITE being propped up to an absolutely ridiculous extent by our institutions.

                      And while they did not do as well as hoped – the Republican candidates that were supposed to be dead bang losers have come incredibly close.
                      Only a few thousands votes would turn this election into the Tsunami many of us expected.

                      That BTW also democrats serious problems with our elections. When you roll box cars 14 times in a row – no one trusts you.

                      I am not opposed to DeSantis. But if you think that will change anything, you are mistaken.
                      The left already hates DeSantis very nearly as much as Trump, and he may be even easier to paint as the racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic fascist threat to democracy that Trump purportedly is.

                      This nonsense will continue until Republicans win so overwhelmingly that democratic – the ends justify the means tactics do not work.

                      And the primary force getting us there – will be democrats – not republicans.

                      The fundiumental political question of our time is when have democrats gone so far too far that enough voters abandon them.

                    24. ” But if you think that will change anything, you are mistaken. The left already hates DeSantis very nearly as much as Trump, and he may be even easier to paint as the racist, misogynist.”

                      John, we have many intelligent people on the right that hate Trump. They let their emotions control their intellect. I understand how some dislike Trump, but hate is different and is generally emotional. Though they stand with Trump’s policy instead of his rivals, they ‘hate’ so much that they would not vote for the person representing their interests and desires.

                      How does one vote against their interests (I direct this comment towards others, not you)?

                      As stated before, the media plays a big part in how Republicans are labeled, whether the candidate is Trump or another candidate.

                      Take note of the “Kill Bush” slogan used against a prior administration. This type of action is very much Alinsky at work, and, as you say, the left hates Trump because he used their tactics against them.

                      However, I think there is more going on than just the media. Emotions and perception are the guiding force for many people. What else affects those things?

                      The beginning is in childhood when we learn about the world. When reading Dickens, our schooling teaches us how cruel the world can be. Correctly, no one wants to act cruelly, like some of the characters in Dickens, but Dickens wasn’t writing about economics and how to balance a checkbook. His books create a one-sided view of the world where one might shun those who work and produce. I am not criticizing Dickens Few want to be around cruelty and pain. I am blaming our schools and society for obliterating the other side by raising a child focused on a single side of the coin.

                      Were we educated better than our youth today? The ’60s were emotional and bullying times. Today we are bombarded with many things that lead to emotional responses rather than thoughtful ones. Those things start with the media but include Hollywood, magazines, books, academia, art, and other things where there is more of an emotional engagement than the more demanding intellectual engagement that requires the dry facts that can restrain our emotions.

                      It pains me to hear intelligent people say how they hate Trump emotionally while forgetting that actions speak far louder than words. I wish they would deal with policy instead of incessantly ranting or excusing themselves for voting for the interests of the nation or their interests.

                    25. The numbers on the right are shrinking.
                      Nor am I concerned bout those on the right so much.

                      There is a pretty good editorial over an JTN – a where to go from here.

                      I am not entirely in agreement with respect to “capitulate to early and mailin voting nonsense”

                      Republicans have to figure out their own way to “game the system” using the idiotic rules

                      As an example AZ appears to have a rule that ballots delivered by hand on election day must be counted LAST.
                      So the GOP should assure that several hundred thousand ballots are delivered on election day.

                      I do not care if GOP voters go to the polls fill out a ballot, put it into an envelope and hand it to election officials.

                      The likely hood of fraud increases exponentially with the time it takes to count the vote.

                      There is also a major problem if one party can assure that the votes of the othr party are counted first – that encourages fraud – it means you know exactly how many ballots you need to manufacture.

                      So Republicans need to vote such that it is not possible for Democrats to know how many votes they need to manufacture.

                      I was surprised – a poll taken yesterday or the day before had 80% of americnas insisting that all the votes are counted by midnight on election day.

                      This election smells rotten.

                      It is starting to look like the real purpose of the J6 committee was not to “get Trump”

                      But to make it harder to complain about future Fraud – like right now.
                      Democrats are losing the popular vote by 5%. That is about the same as in 2014 when the GOP took 247 seats in the house.
                      Republicans have a 5% advantage in the popular vote. The geographic distribution of republicans and democrats – with democrats highly concentrated in urban areas results in an additional 4% advantage for Republicans in house races.

                      Everybody knows this – democrats complain about this, they pretend it is Gerrymandering, but it is really just democrats self selecting to live in urban areas.

                      So we have what shoudl be approximately a +9 advantage in house races – and yet the election sits on a razors edge.

                      Accross the country – Republicans have done better – in percent of the vote than most any previous election.
                      While they did not make as big a gains as hoped in WA, NY, NH, OR, MI state wide races that should have been democratic runaways – were highly competitive.

                      I just about every quantifiable way Republicans have outperformed polling – even polling immediately before the election.

                      EXCEPT in the seats won. That is a gigantic red flag that the elections themselves are corrupt.

                      I am not onboard with Republicans should just roll over and except mailin and early voting and just get good at it.
                      But I am onboard to disrupt the way democrats have gamed the system.

                      I am also not on board with the republicans buying into CAGW and just redirecting to nuclear and NG.

                      The CAGW agenda is NOT just about global warming, and it does not matter what form of energy warmists favor.
                      The CAGW agenda has very little to do with climate – it has to do with taking control of the economy – particularly global control.

                      In the 80’s and 90’s I would have been called a globalist – a supporter of global free markets that DISEMPOWER governments.
                      Today Globalist has nothing to do with free markets, it is about global governance by elites outside the domain of national government.

                      Globalism is about left wing nuts going to climate symposiums and making rules that often have nothing to do with climate and getting governments to sign on.
                      Then we end up with treaties – that are not actually treaties that are somehow binding – not just on the left wing nut administration that imposed them, but everyone following.

                      So NO I am not interested in pandering to 30 something’s who are too stupid to grasp that global warming is a hoax.

                      That said the idea of the GOP – RIGHT NOW announcing a Trump-DeSantis partnership for 2024 is excellent.
                      There is actually a minor constitutional problem – the president and vice president can not legally reside in the same state.
                      DeSantis is gov. He can not relocate. trump is going to have to establish residence somewhere else.

                      Regardless. Trump and DeSantis need to avoid a bloody fight that harms the GOP.

                      We need more analysis of the 2022 election – but despite the problems it is actually pretty clear that the argument that Trump and Trump candidates are the problem is FALSE. Trump and Trump candidates managed to get to the 1yd line.
                      There is zero possibility that Romney like candidates would have done as well.

                      Republicans can not afford Trump to sit out 2024. Both his machine and his base are necessary.
                      Trump must be part of 2024 – and quite obviously So does DeSantis. And Both in a BIG way.

                      And Republicans must start NOW.

                      McCarthy did not do well running the GOP house campaign. But for now, he should remain speaker,
                      But MCCarthy is going to have to come to terms with the house freedom caucus.

                      McConnel BLEW the Senate – he failed to support candidate who came close to winning.

                      It is not critical to drive McConnell out now. But he must leave soon enough.

                      The GOP is going to have to figure out how to combat the idiocy from the left.

                      But instead of adopting Democratic tactics they need to look for new tactics of their own.

                      Democrats have managed to hang on by the skin of their teeth for 6 years past their sell by date in 2016.

                      They have gone too far left and they keep doubling down.
                      At some point that comes apart catastrophically

                    26. The I hate Trump nonsense, is just more of the juvenilification the left has imposed on modern politics.

                      I found the Biden Reichstag speech and the democracy is over if republicans win nonsense to be transparently stupid.
                      But there is some evidence that it worked.

                      This is a part of what I am saying regarding Trump. The left will do to ANY republican candidate what they have done to Trump.
                      Who does not think that DeSantis will not (already has) faced the same idiotic nonsense that Trump has ?

                      You can not fool all of the people all of the time.

                      When is it that ordinary people grasp that the left lies about everything.
                      And the politics of the left is to destroy people – individually or in groups.

                      This is also why compromise is not possible.

                      When one party lies about the character – not just of the other party – but of its voters.
                      Compromise is not possible.
                      Working together afterward is not possible.

                      I do not “hate” some of the moderate republicans who want to compromise with the left or who are not happy with Trump.
                      But they are not and can not be the future. moderation only works when the other party is moderate and honest.
                      When the other party is extreme and the ends justify the means – moderates will be run over and shat on.

                    27. “Trump must be part of 2024 – and quite obviously So does DeSantis. And Both in a BIG way.”
                      “And the politics of the left is to destroy people – individually or in groups.”

                      We have a lot of complainers on the right that hate the left but can’t seem to separate policy from emotions. The left attempts to destroy all Republican presidential candidates while the complainers, aiding the left, think their petty emotional state is more important than defeating the left. I am not against constructive policy arguments.

                      Trump and DeSantis are the leaders. I hope most people that support either candidate stay out of the debate until it is time to choose a nominee.

                      If they don’t, they are tools of the left, unable to recognize their foolishness.

                      I don’t think Trump will be the Republican candidate of his own choice, not due to losing the vote.

                      Presently the right is healthier with Trump and DeSantis. Together they dilute leftist attacks by splitting the left’s resources into two parts.

                    28. There are ALWAYS people on every side who engage in alynskite attacks on their opponents.
                      Trump is quite good at that. For those on the left that is ALL they do.
                      These tactics are very effective.

                      Those tacitcs win elections and power.
                      They do not solve problems.

                      I would note I am specifically distinguishing alynskyite tactics from moral claims.

                      A calls B a liar – that is a moral attack, and it MUST be followed by compelling proof.
                      If not, it is just a tactic and SHOULD result in discrediting A.

                      B calls A a liar for engaging in a false moral attack – that too is a moral attack.
                      But the burden of proof remains with A.

                      Put somewhat differently – the goal is not to “win”, or gain power.
                      It is to arrive at the truth.

                      There are ALWAYS some on all sides seeking power.
                      The problem with those on the left is they are seeking power – not truth.

                    29. Mr. Say, it took me a minute to figure out what your word, ‘alynskite,’ meant. I finally got there: You made an adjective out of Saul Alinsky’s surname. Therefore, I think one way to present that adjective is Alinsky-ite. Another, which I think is better, is Alinsky-like. Trying to be helpful, sir, and I ho pe I’m succeeding.

                    30. Alynskite is not about a person. It is about an approach to politics.
                      One that is very successful, and very harmful.

                      With few rare exceptions it has been the exclusive domain of the left.
                      Trump has very successfully adopted it – which is why those on the left hate him.

                      Regardless, it is not going to stop until it is not effective.
                      And it will remain effective as long as it is primarily the domain of one party.

                    31. I respect the fact that you believe that, Mr. Say. It’s a free country.

                      However, if you google ‘alynskite,’ you’ll see that the word is indeed associated with Saul Alinsky, regardless of what you believe to the contrary. And you’ll also see that you have misspelled it. Again, the correct spelling is ‘alinskyite.’

                    32. I did not say that alynskite is not affiliated with Alynsky.

                      That should be self evident.

                      Alynsky is a person.

                      He wrote 12 rules for Radicals.
                      You can find the rules in Wikipedia.

                      Those rules constitute an effective set of tactics.
                      While Alynsky intended them for people on the left,
                      The tactics do not care about ideolgy.

                      The tactics themselves are highly problematic.
                      They are both effective, and destructive. They rest on the assumption that “the ends justifies the means”.
                      Wise people do not want to go there.

                      The increasing bitter nature of our politics is the result of ever increasing use of those tactics.

                      Trump did not invent them. He is not the first republican to use them.
                      But he is the first republicans to make significant and successful use of them.

                      I am not especially interested in a semantic debate over Alynskite ?
                      Do you have a meaningful purpose to arguing over that ?

                      I doubt we are at odds over the facts.
                      You seem to be claiming that the relationship of the term Alynskite is more intimate to Saul than I am.

                      I am using it much like marxist or maoist.

                      Regardless, in my use it would not matter if the Person Saul Alinsky ever existed.

                      As to spelling – if you are offering to pay me for my writing – I will follow your rules of grammar and spelling.
                      Otherwise – I do not care.

                      The only people whose grammar or spelling I criticize are the grammar and spelling nazi’s

                    33. Do you have argument or criticism of substance rather than style ?

                      If you do not – then you are right, because I do not care.

                  2. Enigma: I am not the one responding to you as “Anonymous.”
                    My last post was at 8:26 yesterday. However, I am amused and flattered that you have decided to adopt my responsive move,”You can have the last word and I won’t respond..” Thanks anyway.

          1. That is not a Trump quote. You have a tendency to quote things created by others or to take quotes out of context.

  6. ..can Manchurian Candidates. (..not only the First Class WH rendition… but newer one popping up elsewhere, like now in PA….) be held accountable for their Lies and other assorted slippages and non-sequitors…?

  7. Hypocritical irony is the prog/left stock in trade. Without it, how could they keep their sheeple herded into one monolithic group-think of mis-informed tools?

  8. Don’t be fooled by the media. All they have been doing for the past 10 days is slide the scale towards straight up reporting. NOT go all the way, and any hint of neutrality, will evaporate completely a week from now. All the media is doing is creating a trail of stories they can point to, attempting to convince you they are neutral in their reporting. This last 10 days of media stories are only giving a nod to what the world already knows to be true. They are just creating content they will hoist on the public to defend themselves.
    (NBC got carried away with their Pelosi Story, finding it strange Pelosi opened the door to let the cops in and they went back to his supposed attacker, and NBC got slapped back for their flirtation with reality)

    Ditto for pollsters. All the polls that showed the Dems taking back the lead in close races, have narrowed in the last 2-3 weeks, swiftly creating a paper trail, proving they are not propagandists for Democrats.

    1. Iowan2: Your last paragraph is sooo true.
      Media: “We realize our previous tactical slant in reporting poll results. For purposes of credibility, we would like to show tighter races, so that when Democrats pull off the win in the final dash, it won’t appear so suspicious.”

  9. Yeah.
    I commented previously about how you could take all the lies by Obama and Trump combined and they would not hold a candle to the hurricane of lies Biden has told.
    In Biden’s defense, he may not be aware of what he is being told to say or read off the teleprompter.

  10. The root of this round of presidential incompetence lies with the DNC. They allowed America to be snookered into having a demented and incapable leader with an incompetent California reject as his VP.
    The DNC is somewhere between incompetence and malpractice. So now, we are entrusting the fate country to Ron Kline. Not a bad guy, but not a president.
    If we get to 2024 without being sucked into a war it will be a miracle.

    1. “The DNC is somewhere between incompetence and malpractice.”

      No more like outright criminal.

      I don’t think Ron Kline is a good guy at all. He’s a totalitarian National Socialist.

    2. Chuckie, if it was Ron Klain you meant then no, he isn’t “not a bad guy”. He is the partisan hack that has put the DOJ in political hands and attacked anyone that disagrees with his Muppet boss.

  11. Does this mean that the Washington Post has had a “Come to Jesus” moment? I am struck almost speechless. “Oh the Humanity!”

      1. Mhj: And they’ll somehow turn that impeachment into another Republican “crime” so they don’t have to answer for their own.

    1. GEB, this is a dispute within the politburo of Democrat donors. Bezos, the WaPo owner, has already tweeted dissatisfaction with Biden’s inflationary policies. He’s the one giving the Pinocchios.

      Bezos bought the WaPo and Laurene Jobs bought The Atlantic so they could infiltrate the East-Coast establishment on behalf of the tech oligarchs.

      The East-Coast Democrats will defend Joe because they don’t want Kamala giving their sinecures in D.C. to West-Coast types. Hence, the sniping and leaking between Joe and Kamala. Things are not all lovey-dovey within the politburo.

      This is why we don’t want a one-party dictatorship of Democrats. East-Coast and West-Coast Democrats don’t have the same interests. The only thing that unites their donors is the desire to marginalize the rest of us. If they succeed, America becomes two warring country clubs separated by 2,000 miles of hostile territory.

      And yes, I know all this sounds crazy, but if the Democrats keep control of Congress, it won’t sound crazy in another 20 years.

      1. Diogenes, I appreciate what you are saying but the west coast and east coast democrats are the difference between Blue Beyond Sanity! and Blue OMG!
        I would still like to see a Democrat Extinction Level Event (political of course so I’m not accused of promoting violence) so they could start with a clean slate. We do still need two parties.

        1. GEB, I agree. We need two parties. That one of them has become insane and OMG nuts is strange and unfortunate.

          1. Et al, FYI: There are a few common areas I share with Islamist.


            “I Won’t Support Democrats with my Vote… If You’re a Person of Faith, Then Neither Should You” – Muslim American Explains Why Muslims Shouldn’t Vote for Democrats (VIDEO)
            By Jim Hoft
            Published November 6, 2022 at 2:45pm



            1. Thanks, Oky1. All people of faith should revile a party that supports perverts twerking in front of children, and anybody who twerks in front of kids is, by my definition, a perv and a groomer. Nobody person of faith can go along with that.

              1. The powers that be, TPTB, have long mastered how to get to groups fighting each other so they can take advantage of each.

                What good did it do US taxpayers to get tricked by the TPTB into m*urdering millions the last 50 so years in the ME elsewhere.

                Dick Chaney/others are still Stealing a large portion of Syria’s Oil today as I understand things.

                I’m not an expert, but look at Libya/Muammar Gaddafi, a stable nation, after Obama, Hillary, US govt destroys it & now anyone can go there & buy a Slave for about $2000!

                It’s long since time for the Citizens of the World to hold the International Globalist Banking Trash Accountable for their Crimes Against Humanity!

                  1. Et al,

                    I’ve mentioned this here before.

                    I follow a handful of attorneys, Prof Turley, etc., & also Viva & Robert Barnes.

                    Barnes seems to add a bit of humor I like with some of the current legal issues & sports/political betting.

                    People can sign up for free or the premium site. & think the address is;

                    He says he’ll have live election coverage tomorrow night.

        2. GEB,
          The Dems do need a serious analysis of exactly what and why of the election results.
          I think when they do, they will find they alienated their own base with their embracing of wokeism. I have a few Dem friends and they are all, “WTF happened to my party?”
          Will they actually do it? Or double down on the “democracy is in danger!” hysteria?

          I recall listening to a NPR (this was back when NPR was still somewhat respectable) doing a postmortem of the 2016 results. The reporter was noting the composition of those who voted for Trump (you could hear the contempt dripping from her voice through the speaker), but what struck me was she noted how those (reporters and pollsters) did not venture outside of their bubble to talk to or poll those people.
          My question is, are we going to see the same? I have read about minorities that in the past were part of the Dem base, but this election, they are going GOP. Also read about some lifelong Dems who are switching to GOP.

          1. “I have read about minorities that in the past were part of the Dem base, but this election, they are going GOP. Also read about some lifelong Dems who are switching to GOP.”

            Upstate, if all the sunny pictures we talk about are true, absent typical Democrat cheating, we should not be hearing of close races, and there should be many more races up for grabs by Republicans.

            I think the Republicans will win the House, but the Senate shouldn’t be up for grabs. Based on the lousy performance of the Democrats, we should be seeing all of Congress turning very red. I don’t think that is happening to such an extent.

        3. I would still like to see a Democrat Extinction Level Event (political of course so I’m not accused of promoting violence)

          I thought civil war possibly started this morning.

          This morning, as we left the gym at 5:45 am, we saw strange gaseous accumulation in the sky above the city. The gas was exceedingly bright, fluorescent, and atypical shape. My first thought was that ANTIFA BLM had blown up an industrial plant in Richmond, or caused fires like in the past. It definitely was not a low lying cloud because of the features I mentioned, plus it was still dark with not a cloud in the sky. It was very strange. Cars were stopping on the roads to observe as well, making us more anxious. As we drove home I kept my eye on this gaseous accumulation, wondering if it were dangerous, perhaps an attack from a rocket sent by China, Russia, etc. My spouse said it was like a space ship, and I muttered, “if only we could be so lucky”.

          It was a rocket alright

          Pictures here:


          Liftoff of Northrop Grumman’s CRS-18 Antares Rocket from the Wallops Flight Facility located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

          ANTIFA BLM may strike tomorrow or Wednesday though, and Richmond might be the birthplace of yet another Civil War. I just want to get my gym training in for the day


            1. Yesterday, beautiful Clear Blue Skies, starting about 3:30 pm, visible anywhere around Tulsa Co Ok one could see the jets flying by, 2/3rds leaving no vapor trails, the other 1/3rd Spraying their Stratospheric aerosol injection toxic Crap Illegally in the US since at least the mid-1990’s. ( think Nam, 1960’s)

              Stratospheric aerosol injection is their method of solar geoengineering ( solar pollution). This does introduce aerosols into the stratosphere to create a cooling , like what occurs from volcanic eruptions.

              Point being that within about 30 mins later the clouds from the Com Trails blocked the sun light, dropped the temp 5-10% & ruined another nice afternoon.

              Who owns what in this country?

                    1. That’s right, Get off our Lawns, Pastures, Farms, Timber Lands & our Air We/I need to Breathe US Govt!!!

                      If there’s nothing in the Govt’s spraying program they can stop & pull/save the approx 5.5 Billion$$$ yearly from the budget the are spending on it.

                      Like the Romans & others used to Salt the Fields of their Enemies to Stave them to Death, research by others have shown they’re Spraying contains Barium Salt, Aluminum & other Harmful Pollutants that render the land worst the useless. (You Vill Eat De Bugs, Own Nothing & Like it!, Klaus Schwab)

                      Anyone else start to figure those b*stards don’t have our best interest in mind?


                      Just wait until they screw up & steal our currency as well!


                    2. “Like the Romans & others used to Salt the Fields”

                      I don’t know if I can back that statement up, but fields/crops were often damaged.

  12. Sounds like Old Joe qualifies as a “liar”. Now what was it the press called Orange Man? Oh yeah, liar! Hypocrites.

  13. Biden has a full career of misinformation, lies, and plagiarism. That anyone believes what he says is alarming.

    1. yea, poor Beau. Then Joes conversation with the man that discovered insulin, that died before Joe was born, Hillary Clinton named after Edmond Hillary the first man to scale Mt Everest, though he wasn’t famous till well after was born, and of course Sen Warren, of Native American dissent…All these dems succumbing to family lore, in an attempt to punch up a vapid CV

      1. When Hillary’s parents named her after Edmond Hillary, they didn’t know he wasn’t famous yet, when Warren claimed Native American dissent to kickstart her career, she didn’t know she was only 1/1024, because she didn’t know anything about her family, and when Joe Biden spoke with the guy who invented(?) insulin, Joe didn’t know that the guy was dead. So, when iowan2 tries to mock these people, iowan2 is neglecting to mention that these are all innocent lies any one of us could make when we’re trying to advance our career. As a side note, when the rest of you thought Joe was moving to shake a phantom’s hand, it was actually dead insulin discoverer Frederick Banting with whom he was shaking hands. Get your facts straight iowan2!

  14. The Entire Evil Fascist Democrat Party is a LIE!
    Ask anyone who has lived in a failed Democrat city for the last 60 years….as public unions and cronies steal trillion after trillion, decade after decade!
    Newark, NJ 7% of kids passed a science proficiency test! reading and math are like 20%…TRILLIONS of dollars and generations after the Democrats Great Society! Biggest killer of young people are drugs and young people killing them!

    1. Well they had to take something out of the curriculum to teach that all white people are oppressors, all minorities are oppressed, the Constitution was written with the sole intent of perpetuating slavery and just learning all the pronouns leaves no time for silly things like math and science. The latter will be dictated to you by Fauci anyway.

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