Oh Canada: Trudeau Denounces China for its Failure to Allow Protests Over Covid Policies

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left many of us gobsmacked this week when he denounced China for its crackdown on protesters. Many of us denounced Trudeau for his authoritarian crackdown on truckers protesting Canada’s Covid policies. Trudeau used terrorist laws to freeze bank accounts, treat truckers as terrorists, and treat trucks as effective weapons.  This is a continuation of Trudeau’s utter lack of self-awareness (and the media continuing lack of objectivity). He previously was praised for his stance against Cuba’s crackdown on protesters.

Trudeau told the media Tuesday, “Obviously everyone in China should be allowed to express themselves, should be allowed to, you know, share their — their perspectives, and indeed protest. We’re going to continue to ensure that China knows we’ll stand up for human rights, we’ll stand with people who are expressing themselves.”

That is coming from the man who invoked the 1988 Emergencies Act for the first time to freeze accounts of truckers and contributions by other Canadian citizens. It was entirely unnecessary and, while the media is largely supportive of Trudeau, the powers have been condemned by civil liberties groups in Canada.

The 1988 law is meant to address the greatest national threats when existing laws are insufficient. However, there are ample laws allowing the clearing of roads and bridges. Trudeau is using the Act to intimidate not just the truckers but anyone who supports them. That includes sending lists of names to banks for accounts to be frozen and going to court to prevent donations from reaching the truckers.

Ironically, it was Trudeau’s father, who used the predecessor to the Act for the first time in peacetime to suspend civil liberties. Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act on Oct. 16, 1970, after separatist terrorists calling themselves the Front de libération du Québec kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross and Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte. The prior Act had never been used in peacetime and only twice before during prior wars.

Justin Trudeau, like his father, has never been a strong supporter of free speech. Indeed, he has more often championed its limitations. He previously declared that “freedom of expression is not without limits . . . we owe it to ourselves to act with respect for others and to seek not to arbitrarily or unnecessarily injure those with whom we are sharing a society and a planet.”

He has long been criticized for his anti-free speech policies, including his move to amend the Criminal Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act to criminalize any “communication that expresses detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.” That regulation of speech was criticized for its vague terms to prevent “social media platforms, [from being] used to threaten, intimidate, bully and harass people, or used to promote racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, misogynistic and homophobic views that target communities, put people’s safety at risk and undermine Canada’s social cohesion or democracy.”

Having Justice Trudeau speak out on the protection of free speech is akin to Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud speaking out on the protection of the free press … it is simply not his strong suit.


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  1. That’s exactly it. These despots lack all self awareness.

    Most people who commit evil acts do not think of themselves as bad people. They have a ready excuse for their actions and a lack of introspection.

    1. Amen

      If you are using power to constrain the rights of people you do not like – your not a good person.

  2. OT

    “Elon Musk says Twitter ‘has interfered in elections'”

    3 days ago — Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday promised that “Twitter 2.0” would be more “effective” and “transparent” under his leadership.

    “The obvious reality [is that] Twitter has interfered in elections,” said Musk.

    – Chris Pandolfo

    12% of the population is featured in 100% of the scenes on TV and in movies.

    The communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO, AINO) teachers/professors unions have brainwashed American students with lifelong propaganda and indoctrination.

    The mainstream media have brainwashed Americans with constant propaganda and indoctrination beginning with the removal of Caucasians from all programming and the “replacement” of Americans with hyphenates and illegal aliens.

    The communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs, AINOs) have stolen the minds and the elections of Americans.

    The “obvious reality” is invasion, “fundamental transformation” and the total conquest of America.

    What the —- are Americans doing?

    The communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO, AINO) slogan:


    Make Foreigners Great Again!

  3. I knew when I read the Twitter story this morning that those on the left on this blog would point out that Twitter received suggestions from both the Democrats and the Republicans. I knew that our leftist bloggers would put out the false equivalence between the two occurrences. Missing from their thought process is the fact that Twitter did not censor false reports by the MSM saying that the Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation. So their “see look the Republicans did it too” narrative doesn’t hold water. The question that should come to mind is that with 95 percent of employees at Twitter being on the left which political party did they listen to? The answer to this question has been made obvious by the released actions of the Twitter employees censoring of conservative viewpoints and the missing censorship of those on the left. Duh, one of these thing is not like the other little children.

  4. Jonathan: Let’s get this straight. Kanye West (Ye) gets booted off Twitter by Musk because Ye praises Hitler. But in the same breath Musk reinstates the account of Andy Anglin, the biggest lover of Adolph Hitler on the planet these days. Go figure.

    Hate speech and antiSemitism have increased exponentially on Twitter since Musk took charge. According to the ADL slurs against gays appeared on Twitter 2,506 times a day before Musk. After, the number rose to 3,964 times a day. Antisemitic posts increased more than 61% in the 2 weeks after Musk acquired Twitter. Accounts associated with QAnon have paid for received verified status. According to Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, “Elon Musk sent up the Best Signal to every kind of racist, misogynist and homophobe that Twitter was open for business”.

    And Huffpost had a headline yesterday: “Angry Tweeters are Being Force-Fed Extremism is Surprise New Feeds on Elon Musk’s Twitter”. Actor George Takei is sounding the alarm. He says Tweeter users are being bombarded with obnoxious tweets from extremists. Takei says: “My feed today has all kinds of right wing posts in it from people I definitely do not follow…”. In response Musk said the unwelcome tweets are really the “best content on the platform”.

    Now, I know. From the other side on this blog we will hear the frequent argument: “If you don’t like the content on Musk’s Tweeter get off or don’t sign up! It’s illogical to expect Musk’s business model to cater to your personal preferences!” Fine, that is my preferred option. But this doesn’t answer the Q what is going to happen to Twitter going forward? If it ends up just being a platform for hate speech will advertisers flock back? Unlikely, since Twitter in increasingly looking to be an “unsafe place” for targeted ads. Why would Eli Lilly want to be associated with the neo-Nazi Andy Anglin?

    Speaking of Anglin what can we expect from his presence on Twitter? The same neo-Nazi propaganda he has been spewing out for years. In the “Daily Stormer” Anglin says his goal is to “ethnically cleanse white nations of non-Whites and establish an authoritarian government”. Anglin doesn’t discriminate in his hatred. He hates women too: “I think they deserve to be beaten, raped and locked into cages”. Nice guy. Anglin faces all sorts of legal problems. In 2017 the Southern Poverty Law Center won a $14 million default judgment against Anglin. On Nov. 9 a Montana judge issued a bench warrant for Anglin’s arrest when he failed to respond to the judgment. No one seems to be able to find Anglin to arrest him. Rumors are that Anglin is now living abroad. But you will find Anglin on Musk’s new improved 2.0 version of Twitter! You get what you pay for these days on Twitter. Thanks, but no thanks!

    1. Meanwhile, today Trump insisted that his loss in 2020 calls “for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” and apparently those on the right don’t find it concerning that the head of their party wants the Constitution to be “terminated.” Trump is sick, and the GOP is sick for enabling him.

      1. Anonymous, I am very interested in your post today. Please post your source for what Trump said. Surely your desire is to properly inform us all by presenting your source. Without such information one might surmise that you made it up in your head. We might even think that it has all the earmarks of Russian disinformation. Any good nonfiction book provides footnotes. The operative word being, books that are nonfiction. Opinion or literature that is considered fiction provide no substantiating evidence. Your comment may be considered the later when footnotes are not provided. As is your want.

        1. Apparently you don’t know how to do a quoted Google search. Not surprising. Now’s the time to learn!

          He posted it to his Truth Social account. Aren’t you a subscriber? If not, why would a Trump lover not you be reading his account? Odd.

    2. Dennis McIntyre, I would take your complaint more seriously if you had just posted one time that you were equally offended by the Ayatollah Khomeini posting on Twitter. Not even a little birdies peep from you about women being stoned to death on the streets in Iran. Not a birdy squawk from you concerning the genital mutilation of women encouraged by your Iranian friends. Instead you point out a man who is a Nazi but has little influence in the grand scheme of things. Do you think that more people in the world listen to this Nazi wack job or to the Ayatollah? You’ll have to excuse me if I find your outrage disingenuous and self serving. I’m sure that you will receive your pats on the back for your post of the day administered by The Iranian Gazette.

    3. Dennis McIntyre. Never in the past have we seen one of your post made in outrage about this Twitter user. https://twitter.com/chinascio. Where has your outrage been? Who has more influence on the world stage. Some obscure Nazi or the Chinese party. Something seems to be missing in your narrative.

    4. The question is not whether or not Andy Anglin is likable. It is whether or not he violated Twitter rules. You should know that by now, but apparently you don’t. One can see that from almost all your responses that prefer to attack then to state the truth.

  5. Professor Turley, tough times call for tough men and women. Call Trudeau out for what his behavior proves: Trudeau is a hypocrite of the highest order, he seems to be untethered to reality, incapable of the least effort at self-reflection. Trudeau’s Covid policies were draconian, unwarranted, and in-place for far too long. Trudeau personally maligned Canadian protesters, and ordered the use of force against peaceful protesters. Shame on Justice Trudeau and his Leftist Liberal Party. May he go down in history as a failed leader, and failed wanna-be dictator.

  6. (OT)

    Musk’s Twitter dump, to date:

    Twitter 2020 — a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC.

    Still believe that the 2020 election was not rigged? If so, you need your head examined.

    1. Matt Taibbi: “10.Both parties had access to these tools. For instance, in 2020, requests from both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign were received and honored.”

      Strange that you consider the Trump Admin to be a subsidiary of the DNC. Even Taibbi admits that it’s a different party.

      1. “Strange that . . .”

        Strange that you evade the issue: Twitter playing in the DNS’c fascist sandbox to squelch the HB laptop story and to boost the Biden candidacy.

        Actually, it’s not so strange. Apologists always deflect. That’s their stock tool of deceit.

        1. ATS alway forgets that ultimately the censorship was against the right. Additionally there was election interference by censoring the Post. He sounds deceptive and elsewhere likes to lie.

  7. That is Rich…..very rich indeed. Canadains lost their freedom a long time ago and if they keep electing these left wing nut jobs they will lose all their freedom if they have any left to lose.

    1. LOLOLOL!!! Laser-dot chicken pox!! Had not heard that one. Thanks, Oky1, I enjoyed that 😉

  8. Every time I hear mention of Turdeau’s father, I immediately think of his real, biological father, not his step-father Pierre.

  9. I honestly don’t understand how Turdeau can stand himself. He must compartmentalise a lot, so that he’s in a clown fantasy world at the same time he is in the real world.

  10. The global, nay, Universal benchmark is the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    The Founders and Framers described the rights and freedoms in those documents as God-given and Universal.

    Canada is under God and in the Universe.

    People under God and in the Universe must be put on notice that the rights and freedoms in the Constitution must be standardized and available to all citizens.

    1. Apparently you’ve changed your mind and now support women globally having a right to vote.

      1. Can you read, you cretinous coward?

        The Constitution provides the power to “entitle” voters to the States, as Dobbs proved that the Constitution provides the power to allow abortion to the States.

        “The global, nay, Universal benchmark is the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

        – Previous Post

        Looks like women and every American have the freedom to build a world.

        It’s unconstitutional for the “government” to steal or take any aspect or facet of the world that men built and gift it to women, minorities, hyphenates and/or illegal aliens.

        Equity: The absence of bias and favoritism [in fundamental law], by definition in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.

        People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

        Freedom does not adapt to people, dictatorship does.

        You communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs, AINOs) live by the “DICTATORSHIP of the proletariat.”

      2. Though things are distasteful to you, George seems to be looking for a way to protect the Constitution. I don’t always agree with him, but if sides have to be taken, he is more correct than you, and fights for mostly the right things. Stalin probably would have taken you on his side.

  11. My family built the Ont NDP in the 70s – what I saw growing up was a Fabian/Bolshevik agenda to hollow out our civic structures and install their utopian ‘counterfiat’ operation within.

    They cut out my eye as a baby for some reason – the past few years of our psychotic govt using the scamdemic to chase everyone around with needles and straightjackets allowed me to re-live my childhood of violent operant conditioning and constant abusive medical intervention in the absence of any expressed spiritual understanding of existence.

    This is all going to the same place it did last century, it is amazing no one grasps the obvious ramifications of the behaviour being displayed by our Pedeau-phile ‘leaders’.

    The Fabians pontificated that the unwashed deplorable masses were too unsophisticated to be told where their society was being taken – the Modern Fabian ideology I watched develop around me as a kid was to not bother telling you when you’d arrived, either.

    The ‘Progressive’ ie Communist Conservatives aren’t going to help you – our wholly cynical and fake ‘Charter of Rights’ was written purely as a vehicle for the Notwithstanding Clause, and was thus designed to strip you of every ‘right’ they could manage to squeeze in there, no matter how absurd. What you do with your willy in your spare time is now a social identity protected with threats of govt violence on one hand, while they simultaneously claim the right to deny those same ‘rights’ arbitrarily and without explanation.

    The goal here is always and only to defile God. This is what I learned in the halls of Canadian power in an era before smart phones, and I’ve never seen the truth written down, ever. I’ve been trying to tell it for 20 years, and not one person has ever responded – I get it, trust me, it took me 20 years to accept this was some kind of open air Satanic cult, and not a real country.

    If I told you the truth of what I saw and learned growing up in govt in Canada, I would meet the current clinical definition of a paranoid schizophrenic.

    They aren’t planning to kill everyone – it is already underway.

    Turn back to Jesus, folks. This is it.

    1. New International Version
      “If the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, whom he has chosen, he has shortened them.

      New Living Translation
      In fact, unless the Lord shortens that time of calamity, not a single person will survive. But for the sake of his chosen ones he has shortened those days.

      English Standard Version
      And if the Lord had not cut short the days, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect, whom he chose, he shortened the days.

  12. When politicians are given a class 1 felony for hypocrisy the world will become a tremendously better place.

  13. Elon Musk just tweeted: ‘What really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will be published on Twitter at 5pm ET!’ (Dec 2)

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