Res Ipsa Hits 67,000,000

crowd vj dayLast night, Res Ipsa passed the 67,000,000 mark in views on the blog. We have used these moments to give thanks for our many regular readers around the world and share our traffic data to give you an idea of the current profile of readers around the world. We do not have a running data page so these periodic postings allow our community to see the traffic profile of our blog. So let’s get at it.

As always, I want to offer special thanks for Darren Smith, who has continued to help manage the blog and help out folks who encounter posting problems.  I also want to thank our editor Kristin Oren, who continues her amazing work proofing posts on a daily basis to remove my embarrassing typos.  Finally, I would like to thank our regular readers who alert me to typos or any violations of the civility or copyright policies on the blog.

We have continued to post significantly higher traffic numbers for each month this year. As I mentioned in the end-of-year summary, December was the best month in the history of the blog and we are doubling or tripling the traffic from prior years. January continued that trend with the best performance for that month in our history and an increase of roughly 50 percent over last year. It now stands as the second highest traffic of any month in our history (and almost tied December).

So here is our current profile:

As of this morning, we have  21,050 posts and 1,236,053 comments. We have also continued with the rise of Twitter followers since the Musk takeover. We are currently at roughly 440,000 Twitter followers.  We have roughly 7,100 people signed up for alerts by emails.

In the last month, our ten biggest international sources for readers came from:

  1. United States
    2. Canada
    3. United Kingdom
    4. Australia
    5. Mexico
    6. Germany
    7. “Unknown region”
    8. Netherlands
    9. France
    10. New Zealand

The top five posts in terms of readership in the last month were:

  1. “We Don’t Do This”: Adam Schiff and the Underbelly of American Censorship
  2. The Importance of Being Biden: How Hunter Reached a New Low in Seeking to Bar Daughter From Using His Name
  3. Ninth Circuit Rules that Middle School Teacher’s MAGA Hat was Protected Speech

15 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Hits 67,000,000”

  1. Res Ipsa provides the kind of informed analysis that we need more of: intelligent, reasoned, civil, and brimming with insight. Bravo!

  2. Truly one of the most informative forums I subscribe to. I have found it thought provoking and enjoyable. When I was applying for medical school in 1969, my backup plan was law school, if I had survived the draft and Vietnam (low draft number and no deferments for law school). I was happy to have gone to medical school but the law has continued to interest me through the years and this column shows me that my back up plan was a good one. Professor Turley, you bring understanding and light to the law. Much appreciated.

  3. JT has found the secret ingredient to a “vibrant” constitutional law blog: Get a prolific defender of every government abuse of power and violation of individual rights. Then post commonsense legal opinions about current abuses and violations and watch that defender go to work.

    Of course that villain is of no value to a blog’s growth if he is ignored. He needs an equally prolific protector of the republic and the people.

    Professor Turley should thank Svelaz the Villain and John Say the Protector for their sheer volume of comments.

    1. I doubt most people reading the blog are reading the comments.

      I would love to beleive that my posts have broad influence.
      But that is a dream not a fact.

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