Delawhere? The Justice Department Remains Silent on Curious Omission from Searched Locations

Below is my column in on the current status of the investigation into the Biden classified documents. The search of the Rehoboth Beach residence did not find classified material. The search, however, raises the question of a massive amount of Biden material held at the University of Delaware. Biden has pledged to be “very transparent” but continues to block any public or press access to this material.

Here is the column:

The FBI search of President Joe Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Wednesday, continues the search for classified material in various homes and work spaces used by the president and his family in the past decade.

What is surprising about Wednesday’s search is not the fact that a sitting president has now been subject to two FBI searches of his residences and a prior office, but the fact that this search has come roughly three months after the first discovery of documents in a closet in Washington.

Despite that rather lackadaisical record, Biden’s personal counsel Bob Bauer still stated on Wednesday, with no sense of irony, that this has been a “timely DOJ process.”

It is “timely” if you use glacial measurements.

If this is how the FBI moves with dispatch, it is chilling to think of the schedule for lower-priority matters.

While the FBI reportedly later searched the Biden Penn Center office, the FBI waited to conduct their search until both counsel and the president went to the house. They will now see if they can find anything.

The search of the president’s small Delaware beach house is also telling in that it sits roughly 80 miles from a massive trove of Biden documents that neither counsel nor the FBI has shown much interest in.

The University of Delaware is currently holding a colossal collection of Biden documents from the time before his presidency.

The Bidens have effectively converted the university into a type of political safe deposit box, barring media from reviewing documents going back to Biden’s time in Congress.

Universities are usually dedicated to facilitating access to knowledge and information. However, the University of Delaware has spent public funds in resisting media requests for access to look at the documents for material linked to sexual harassment allegations and other controversies.

Since some of the material reportedly included classified documents removed by Biden as senator, there is obviously the chance that the university files could also contain classified material.

The sheer size of the documents magnifies those concerns. Biden parked 33 pallets holding 1,875 boxes and 415 gigabytes of electronic records at the university. He then barred the public and the press from looking at the collection.

The university has continued to run interference for the president in arguing technical exclusions from public access rules and by claiming to be organizing the material. This has gone on for over a decade.

Since the FBI is already in the state, they might want to consider a trip to the university. However, for the moment, no one seems to want to discuss the collection. It seems that this is all an intractable game of “Delawhere?”

At some point, the Delaware faculty need to object to the use of their institution as a political lock box.

While the university’s motto is “knowledge is the light of the mind,” neither the university nor the president appear eager to shed light, let alone knowledge, on what these papers contain.

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  1. I believe this is planned to jettison Biden so he cannot run in 2024. The UNIPARTY will not allow anything to affect Biden while in office. I believe Obama is running the country from behind the scenes. I think that they plan to run Michelle in 2024 so the selection will get more Blacks and Suburban Moms voting for her so the election numbers do not look so bad that we go into CW2 and Obama can continue to destroy the nation.

  2. If he had ANY documents from before January 2021, it is a criminal offense and should be pursued! Even members of his own party agree he should NEVER have had any classified documents at all.

  3. Please Mr. Turley, put a red star next to the blue star. The red star would be to disapprove some people’s disfavorable rants.

  4. Speaking of potentially (very) embarrassing documents being locked away – how about the the trove of Clinton impeachment docs that have been under lock and key ever since the impeachment effort concluded? Under control of the House of Representatives (Clerk’s Office, IIRC).

    How about some action on the part of House Republicans to provide access to *that*? Wild guess that it might make for some interesting reading…

  5. More Turley’s Fox-purchased disingenuity: “The university is sitting on Biden documents due to a cynical 2012 arrangement made by Biden when he was vice president and contemplating a run for the presidency.. The president effectively locked away his records by giving them to the university, which has claimed for a decade that it is still working to organize and catalog the documents. He has refused to allow the public or the press to see the documents. With the recent reports that Biden may have included classified information in notebooks found at his residence, the status of the University of Delaware documents is becoming more and more untenable for the White House.”

    What’s wrong here? Where does Turley get off claiming that the 2012 arrangement, from 11 years ago, is “cynical”, or that he knows that 11 years ago Biden was “contemplating a run for the presidency”, and, more to the point, that the Unviersity is “sitting” on the documents instead of actively working to catalog and organize them? How does Turley know what efforts the University has made to organize and catalog the papers, much less whether the contents thereof are “classified”? Without any evidence, Turley says: “Biden MAY HAVE included” classified information in notebooks. The records were donated to the University, which is “working to organize and catalog” the papers. Where does Turley get off claiming that it “is becoming more and more untanable for the White House” because this 11 year old arrangement is somehow really just a plot to hide classified information? This is a perfect example of the advocacy journalism that Turley accuses mainstream media of being guilty of doing. Turley is just another Fox pundit, and like the rest, has NO credibility because he just works off of innuendo and/or outright lies. Turley is just a stooge, carrying out the Fox agenda of attacking Joe Biden even if they have to make things up. All of this is, of course, more deflection away from the utter disaster that is the Republican Party and the Speaker of the House.

    1. So, Gigi, you don’t comment on Main stream media innuendo and lies because they do not provide a forum to talk. But come here to accuse Jonathan.
      If you love Joe Biden, please go to sites that support and praise him. Do not come here to protect him.
      Your arguments are pathetic and mainly pushing for silencing any talk against Joe.

    2. Nice try. 11years to organize boxes of materials. Situational ethics at its finest. As an alumnus of the University of Delaware, I am ashamed of my alma mater. Where have you gone E.A. Trabant?

    3. Gigi, I’m sorry but 11 years to organize and catalog’. Only a naive or “disingenuous” person would believe it would take that amount of time to organize and catalog.

      Your comment is pretentious and poorly conceived.

    4. Just comfirming. You don’t care if your guy does it now eventhough it was high crimes and misdemeanors when the other guy did it. Everything you said died on its own hypocrisy sword

    5. Utter disaster that is the Republican Party and the speaker of the house. Oh my, somebody has been jaded by the success of the Republican Party and the success of the Speaker of the House and in fear of what the Speaker of the house is going to uncover to disrupt the party that Gigi has been enjoying under the malfeasance of the Democrat party and the corrupt former Speaker Pelosi. I’m sure Gigi is ready to hit the bottle Nancy style when she considers what a Pelosi testimony about Jan 6th will reveal as to the complicity and responsiblity that Pelosi and the Democrats played in drumming up the sham that was the Jan 6th committee designed to make Trump look bad. I’m sure Gigi is enjoying the thoughts about McCarthy’s commitment to expunging the Impeachment records against Trump. Pelosi claimed proudly that Trump was impeached forever. Well, forever now seems like a very short time, as in less than 4 years?

  6. As far as the documents not found in Rehoboth, the speed at which the investigation by the doj and fbi gave the biden folks plenty of time to remove any such documents. Dont know this for a fact but didn’t just fall off a turnip truck.

  7. Turley is being quite obtuse with the facts. He complains about the “glacial pace” of the FBI’s searches without mentioning the fact that it took nearly two years to get Trump’s classified documents from him. It was only when he lied to the FBI that they acted quickly and because Trump was in possession of highly classified documents that were a high priority for recovery. Trump was never trusted with government secrets due to the fact that he loves to brag.

    We didn’t see Turley calling for searches of Trump’s other properties for classified documents after having lied and obstructed multiple times. Turley is simply peddling the Fox News narrative to deflect from Trump’s more serious problems with classified documents.

    The Delaware university trove of documents cannot be opened to the public because those documents belong to Biden. Unlike presidential records senatorial records ARE Biden’s property. He can dictate who gets access to them. If he chooses not to make them public there’s nothing anybody can do. He may have promised transparency and access but he also can change his mind. The records Trump had were not his property unless he can prove that they were his personal property according to the PRA’s definitions.

    Furthermore the FBI has no reason to search the Delaware documents unless there is probable cause that there are classified documents in that trove. It’s highly unlikely since the university has had them for a long time and they have had ample time to catalog and scan them. Plus he has been cooperating fully instead of obstructing like Trump. Trump is more suspect in hiding more documents than Biden.

    1. the fact that it took nearly two years to get Trump’s classified documents from him

      You cant get simple facts straight. T
      The govt has never claimed President Trump has classified documents.
      Why the DoJ is involved in a negotiation between Trump and the NARA over Presidential Records is a mystery

      1. The government regularly said that Trump had classified documents.

        I take it that you never read the legal filings before Judge Cannon and Special Master Dearie. Either that, or you’re just lying.

        1. The warrant is for “marked” classified documents. Qualifying language is used for a reason.
          I was going to add, the govt is not using the “marked” classified language. But realize the only the talking the govt is doing is leaks by “those close to the story. ”

          Officially the FBI is just a bystander aiding Biden if invited. Because the FBI has only responded to requests from the target of the investigation. Standard FBI procedure…when its a Democrat.

          1. I wasn’t referring to the warrant.

            Which is why I didn’t use the word “warrant” (which was signed by Judge Reinhardt) and instead explicitly said “I take it that you never read the legal filings before Judge Cannon and Special Master Dearie. Either that, or you’re just lying.”

            Are you really suggesting that after all this time, you’ve NEVER read the legal filings before Judge Cannon and Special Master Dearie, or for that matter, before the 11th Circuit?!?

        2. Why are you butthurt, you apparently don’t think having classified docs is a bad thing or you’d recognize your own hypocrisy

        3. Trump was President and had authority to declassify docuements. If he took any classified documents, his taking of them is an act of declassification under his authority as President of the United States of America

    2. Furthermore the FBI has no reason to search the Delaware documents unless there is probable cause that there are classified documents in that trove.
      Probable cause is met, by the fact that where ever Biden has been, classified documents have been found. Even after Biden says he has turned over all classified material. We also know the FBI has confiscated notebooks. Evidence, Biden was transcribing classified information

    3. So wrong you are. PUBLIC records, paid for by taxpayers, produced by PUBLIC Employee, he has ZERO authority to deny access. We will probably see the records burning before anyone sees anything.

  8. What has not been added to the discussion on advocacy media.

    Lot of the advocacy is being driven by the Government. The Emails from the DNC (not hacked by the way). showed repeatedly the narrative pushed by the media, is directed by the Government. One of the emails had a list of “reporters” (literally stenographers) that are more than OK to attached their by-line to content written by the DNC.
    The Russia hoax was advanced by govt agencies, “leaking” lies to the media. The CIA leaked informaiton to Micheal Isokoff. His “reporting” was then used as Woods information in the FISA warrant.

    Its all circular. Lies in the form of “leaks”, from sources close to the investigation, become “facts”. Once something is “reported” it no longer needs to be fact checked.
    When Comey gave President Trump the pee pee tape, briefing, the FBI leaked the BRIEFING to the media. The small print was lost and not reported. That the information given to Trump could not be verified.

    This is MUCH MORE than advocacy. This is real propaganda, created and spread by the govt and willing spread by the media with full knowledge it is nothing but propaganda. Designed and spread by the Government.

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