Delawhere? The Justice Department Remains Silent on Curious Omission from Searched Locations

Below is my column in on the current status of the investigation into the Biden classified documents. The search of the Rehoboth Beach residence did not find classified material. The search, however, raises the question of a massive amount of Biden material held at the University of Delaware. Biden has pledged to be “very transparent” but continues to block any public or press access to this material.

Here is the column:

The FBI search of President Joe Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Wednesday, continues the search for classified material in various homes and work spaces used by the president and his family in the past decade.

What is surprising about Wednesday’s search is not the fact that a sitting president has now been subject to two FBI searches of his residences and a prior office, but the fact that this search has come roughly three months after the first discovery of documents in a closet in Washington.

Despite that rather lackadaisical record, Biden’s personal counsel Bob Bauer still stated on Wednesday, with no sense of irony, that this has been a “timely DOJ process.”

It is “timely” if you use glacial measurements.

If this is how the FBI moves with dispatch, it is chilling to think of the schedule for lower-priority matters.

While the FBI reportedly later searched the Biden Penn Center office, the FBI waited to conduct their search until both counsel and the president went to the house. They will now see if they can find anything.

The search of the president’s small Delaware beach house is also telling in that it sits roughly 80 miles from a massive trove of Biden documents that neither counsel nor the FBI has shown much interest in.

The University of Delaware is currently holding a colossal collection of Biden documents from the time before his presidency.

The Bidens have effectively converted the university into a type of political safe deposit box, barring media from reviewing documents going back to Biden’s time in Congress.

Universities are usually dedicated to facilitating access to knowledge and information. However, the University of Delaware has spent public funds in resisting media requests for access to look at the documents for material linked to sexual harassment allegations and other controversies.

Since some of the material reportedly included classified documents removed by Biden as senator, there is obviously the chance that the university files could also contain classified material.

The sheer size of the documents magnifies those concerns. Biden parked 33 pallets holding 1,875 boxes and 415 gigabytes of electronic records at the university. He then barred the public and the press from looking at the collection.

The university has continued to run interference for the president in arguing technical exclusions from public access rules and by claiming to be organizing the material. This has gone on for over a decade.

Since the FBI is already in the state, they might want to consider a trip to the university. However, for the moment, no one seems to want to discuss the collection. It seems that this is all an intractable game of “Delawhere?”

At some point, the Delaware faculty need to object to the use of their institution as a political lock box.

While the university’s motto is “knowledge is the light of the mind,” neither the university nor the president appear eager to shed light, let alone knowledge, on what these papers contain.

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  1. Expecting the DOJ to do the obvious due diligence in their investigation. That will get you labeled a MAGA extremist.
    Get ready for the raid on your home.

  2. What sickens me is when usually decent conservatives say that they don’t think that there is anything nefarious with Biden’s docs as an excuse to try to alleviate the pressure on Trump. The difference is that Trump did not use the documents to get money out of Ukraine and China. The smoking gun was shown by the great Miranda Devine when she printed out the message that Hunter sent to Devon Archer for use in pleasing Ukraine and Burisma. The language, tone, intelligence and obvious intel information that Hunter supposedly gave to his crony was how Hunter got $80,000 A MONTH from Burisma. It was the inside dope (no pun intended) that showed that Hunter had juice, that Hunter had valuable information and that Hunter was in cahoots with the VP.

    The fact that people like Bernstein, Woodward and other so-called journalists aren’t on this as they were with Deep Throat is telling, obnoxious and frankly dangerous. We have a crook in the WH, a corrupted and compromised man making decisions to purposely harm our country.

    If this isn’t so then please tell me why Biden hasn’t closed the border?? Only 17% of the people aren’t upset at this and that means that basically EVERYONE is opposed to it, and yet he continues the policy. It harms us and helps the CCP.

    Why else would Biden have shut down out energy industry? It harms us and helps Russia and the CCP.

    Why else would Biden say that Climate Change is more of a threat than nuclear weapons? Odd that Biden and the left doesn’t care about China’s climate policies, only ours. It hurts us and helps them.

    Why else would a president drain our strategic reserve in order to lower gas prices by 50 cents at a time of mortal peril? It harms us and it helps the CCP.

    Biden is compromised, he is selling us out and the left is happy about it because they hate America and that allows the crook-in-chief to ruin our country under the guise of liberalism. Was Biden ever this far left? No, he has to act this way in order to appease his CCP masters.

    I support arming Ukraine, but we need to keep armed ourselves because we are running low of weapons and it’s just in time for Taiwan to be attacked.

    1. hullbobby – it is often said by one of the commentators on this blog that “peddling influence is not a crime”. The email you cite shows that Hunter was not merely peddling influence, but also peddling inside information. Efen if that information was not classified, it was of special value to the receivers.

      1. Edward, you are right, Hunter was peddling inside info.

        I forgot to add to my already long list that Biden also MANDATED the vaccine for the military and tossed out anyone that failed to get the shot. Now we have a military that is understaffed and Biden is still fighting to keep these service people out even though the vaccine is not helpful right now. AND I HAVE GOTTEN THE VACCINE AND THE BOOSTERS, but that is not the point.

      2. Peddling info that is not classified is not a crime not it’s illegal. The email just points out that Hunter Biden was being paid by Burisma which is not illegal either. A lot of Biden critics want to look for anything to support their wild conspiracy theories based on top of other conspiracy theories. It’s easy to start spinning a string of events to fit the preconceived notions of what one thinks is really happening.

        1. The information in the text sent to Archer is OBVIOUSLY classified, but when you keep your eyes closed for one side you cannot see. Svelaz is a hack!

    2. Hunter also proposed to provide information about Russian oligarchs and elite structures to Alcoa. RusAl, controlled by Deripaska, was Alcoa’s competitor and sometime partner. Now where would he have got information of this kind that Alcoa could not get itself?

    3. Hullbobby: you don’t know what all Trump did or may have done with the documents he STOLE. Woodward, Bernstein and other REAL journalists don’t fall for the slop put out by your favorite alt-right media. No crimes by Hunter or Joe Biden have been proven. Explain to me just HOW, under the US. Code, Biden can “close the border”? Federal asylum law states that any alien may apply for asylum at the border or after being apprehended. Biden has tried to keep out migrants using COVID as an excuse, and a few days ago deported 300 to Haiti and 400 to Cuba, but until Congress changes immigration law, Biden has no unilateral authority to stop migrants from coming here and apply for asylum. If you don’t like it, ask your Repubs in Congress why they don’t propose some law to change things. THEY don’t have any plan, and the ball is in their court. The US is NOT in “mortal peril”, either. Biden is NOT compromised either, and your alt-right media is lying to you. Where did you get the idea that the US is “running low of weapons”? Why do you believe all of the anti-Biden manure peddled on alt-right media?.

  3. [QUOTE]What is surprising about Wednesday’s search is not the fact that a sitting president has now been subject to two FBI searches of his residences and a prior office, but the fact that this search has come roughly three months after the first discovery of documents in a closet in Washington.[/QUOTE]

    Well, maybe it took that long for Brandon’s peeps to remove all the “documents marked classified.”

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  4. I don’t mind Turley insisting that all locations associated with Biden be searched. If only he wouls show such diligence and request searches of Trump Tower and Bedminster. Turley has given up any prerense of impartialoity, maybe it’s in his contract with Fox News?

  5. Does Fox know that JT made the same University of Delaware records argument in a NY post column 3 days ago? Does journalism standards require some form of acknowledgement or sourcing of the previous column?

    1. “Does Fox know that JT made the same University of Delaware records argument in a NY post column 3 days ago?”

      Since Fox and NY Post have the same owner — Murdoch — it’s safe to assume that Murdoch knows that two of his publications published the same material. There is probably a contactual stipulation about shared publication rights.

      “journalism standards” is another issue. Possibly it’s presumed — conveniently presumed — that everyone knows that Fox and the NY Post are sister publications, but it does seem to be conveniently misleading if/when that isn’t pointed out every time they take turns publishing the same material (often repackaged by one or the other), because certainly not every reader knows they are sister publications.

  6. The university of Delaware has been slow walking the processing of Bidens documents (paper and electronic). Thankfully Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has been trying to pry open those records

  7. Make no mistake. My take they’re throwing Biden under the bus.

    This one gives the National Socialist Democrat WOKE Party cover. Any other scandal would be problematic for the Socialist.

    1. back arounds start of hoax plandemic, a retired asbestos defense attorney explained to me how Beau Biden used his father’s political clout for Pay to Play influence peddling to quash a bill or law to allow plaintiffs to “?” pool? class action? their asbestos damage claims . . . it would have saved huge legal fees (more proceeds to the injured) so the asbestos plaintiff attorneys opposed such an economical solution. I was ignorant. I’m a dumbass. it SURE sounds vile to me. Karma was Bad for Beau, as it is also for Brandon.

  8. “At some point, the Delaware faculty need to object to the use of their institution as a political lock box.”

    Perhaps it would help if someone reminded the school that in most (if not all) jurisdictions in America, concealing evidence of a crime is itself a crime.

    1. You are sadly out of date – in our current world of Through the Looking Glass, there is no crime if there is no punishment, and for the University there will be none.


    So who, exactly, does the Global Communist Deep Deep State Swamp intend to ensconce in the White House?

    Surely not the immutably ineligible child of two foreign citizens “at the time of the candidate’s birth,” the eminently inimitable Kamalalala Harris.

    Where’s my electric bus, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha???

    Wait, Biden’s in there now.

    I’m no psychiatrist and I could be wrong, but there’s very little difference between ditz and dementia, right?

      1. LOL!

        It said, without elucidation, citation, proof or otherwise accurate, unassailable refutation.

        But I am always grateful for your patronage.

        Thank you so much for reading…again.

  10. Meanwhile, Trump has not promised to be transparent and has not allowed the FBI to search any other of his residences.

      1. Well, if you’re going to bring in former Presidents and VPs for whom there’s zero evidence of obstruction and false statements to the government, don’t forget that “The Archives sent a letter [last] Thursday to representatives of former presidents and vice presidents from the last six presidential administrations covered by the Presidential Records Act (PRA) – from former President Ronald Reagan’s White House to the present …. [saying in part] ‘we request that you conduct an assessment of any materials held outside of NARA that relate to the Administration for which you serve as a designated representative under the PRA, to determine whether bodies of materials previously assumed to be personal in nature might inadvertently contain Presidential or Vice Presidential records subject to the PRA, whether classified or unclassified.’” (CNN)

  11. Glacial measurements indeed ! Reminds me of when Columbia University quickly sealed Obama’s school records when he announced his run for President. Delaware is simply doing the same for one of its own and will try every possible way to block their release. If the University had Trump documents, they would already have them laying out on the front lawn for a staged photo op. “Knowledge is the light of the mind” …… what a joke. Thank you, Jonathan, for an excellent article.

    1. Wayne Allen Root, Grad Columbia U, same time as Obama, never saw him once.

      Now Columbia did away with most all standards switched to full diversity, equity & inclusion to include anyone with a pulse, 75% minorities!

      A diploma from Columbia current value, about the same value as the toilet paper you flushed down the stool this morning.

    2. Try to get Obama’s application to Harvard as well. It seems as if maybe Barack applied as a foreign student in order to assist in his successfully getting in. Notice that I AM NOT saying that Obama was a foreigner, I am just speculating that he possibly pretended to be a foreigner to up his chances. If not then please tell me why his application is more protected than Biden’s top secret documents.

  12. Do You Really Think the DOJ is going to do or find anything? Agree with others the Fix is in, DOJ providing cover and the FBI shows up for Donuts and Coffee and a day at the beach. Its going to take a Whistle Blower with copies of the documents found? You are not going to see the FBI/DOJ leak pcitures, like they did with Trump

  13. And we just sit here watching.
    Biden, his son and his brother are criminals. Their crimes are selling America to the highest bidders and weaponizing our Law Enforcement agencies against citizens who disagree with ‘woke’, murder of babies and authoritarian mandates. Republicans have been driveling cowards.

  14. Of critical importance is whether Hunter Biden had access to classified documents when peddling influence with his father to Burisma in Ukraine. A chain of emails in which he discussed the geopolitical situation with the depth and clarity of a classified briefing, indicates this is a possibility.

    I predict that Democrats are trying to stall until Joe Biden passes away, before admitting to his total corruption in Hunter’s schemes. Then they’ll shrug and say, “It’s in the past. What difference does it make?”

    Get rich in the private sector, and you’re a bourgeoise dirtbag. Get wealthy through influence peddling, insider stock trades, and connections through elected office, and you’re elite and powerful.

    Remember the claim that Trump violated the Emoluments Clause because his hotels he no longer controlled let rooms to foreign travelers at the same rate as domestic? Remember the hubbub that Ivanka’s jewelry line became more popular when Trump got elected? How quaint, now that we’re supposed to ignore Hunter’s swirls of paint selling for millions to anonymous buyers, the influence peddling to foreign companies and individuals that sold Joe’s favors, Hunter’s multimillion dollar job in Ukrainian oil and gas for which he was totally unqualified but coincidentally his father bragged about a quid pro quo that got the prosecutor fired who was investigating Burisma…

    1. Karen S: please go away. There’s no proof that Hunter Biden “peddled influence” with his father. You don’t know what the hell you’re blabbering about because you’re just repeating the slop served up on alt right media. Trump DID violate the Emoluments Clause–there’s proof that multiple suites of rooms were booked, including expensive conference rooms, all at inflated prices, that were never used, by foreigners wanting to do business with the US. Since America kicked Trump out of the White House, his DC hotel went to hell and he was forced to sell. Where the proof that Hunter’s artwork is really bribes? The rest is the usual blather you got off of alt-right media.

  15. Of course Biden is blocking access to the classified docs because it will lead back to the mess in Ukraine. Hunter was involved with Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who had a controlling interest not only in Burisma, which was paying Hunter an exorbitant salary, but also had an interest PrivatBank, which was sending payments to Hunter, and we know Hunter was paying the Big Guy. Biden is on record with a phone call to former Ukrainian Pres Poroshenko. Biden asked him to shut the bank down. He is also on vid at the CFR explaining how he shut down Ukrainian investigator Shokin, who was investigating the Biden/Burisma corruption. That also explains Trump’s first impeachment. Kolomisky owned the media company that Zelensky worked for, before he became pres of Ukraine, and Trump was asking Zelensky about PrivatBank, owned by Kolomoisky, on that famous “perfect” phone call (we know now why Trump called it “perfect”). The Biden’s are desperate to stop investigation of Kolomoisky, which is why they banned him from coming to the US. The classified docs scandal connects Burisma, Ukraine, the Penn Biden Center (BTW funded with over $50 mil of Chinese Communist Party money), and the Bidens in a nice web of deceit and corruption. It’s an even more sordid mess than one of Orange Man’s press conferences.

    1. Walter Cronkite = Anti-American, New World Order Supporter, Right hand of Satan. You can check for the videos of him saying the same.

      Walter Cronkite, Thks, No!

      Ck Banned.Video

    2. Walter Cronkite skewed the news just like those talking heads on the other networks. Uncle Walter did offer opinion. all 3 networks controlled what we saw on the news programs, they were just more subtle. It was the arrival of the internet that released conservatives to provide the balance we sought in the news. At the same time Rush Limbaugh was going after the left with a vengeance until his death

  16. Anyone with functioning brain stem knows that the fix is in for biden. They will find just enough to pressure him to resign before his crime family is investigated during an impeachment. yada yada yada… It’s all just a big performance at this point, we are just going along for the ride, I hope someone is making popcorn.

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