Time’s Up: Treasury Finally Agrees to Turn Over Hunter Biden Transaction Reports

For years, members of Congress have asked for access to suspicious activity reports (SARs) related to the Biden family’s foreign business deals. Those efforts were cut off by the Biden Administration and the Democratically controlled houses of Congress. Even after the GOP took over the House, however, the Treasury Department continued to refuse to turn over the SARs. While the GOP had to threaten hearings with Treasury officials, the department has finally relented. It now appears that time is up for Hunter Biden on the SARs fight and it could finally answer a number of questions over the alleged influence peddling of the Biden family. It may also put pressure on the Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who is looking into possible criminal conduct by Hunter Biden.

I previously wrote about how few people in Washington are eager to expose the influence peddling by the Biden family. Influence peddling is the cottage industry of Washington. However, even by the corrupt standards of this city, the Bidens took influence peddling to an unprecedented level in raking in millions from foreign interests, including some with alleged ties to foreign intelligence.

The least eager group to see these transactions may be the media, which not only buried the Hunter Biden story but has shown remarkable disinterest in these allegations. Indeed, this alleged influence peddling could not have occurred without the assurance that the media had the back of the Bidens. Imagine what the media would have done with even one of these deals with foreign political or influence figures if a Trump child was the recipient. The genius of the Biden influence peddling operation was to make the media an early and active participant. They became invested in the denial over two years of belittling or dismissing the story.

The SARs are relevant to the scope of the alleged influence peddling. It could also supply added evidence of possible criminal charges over tax crimes as well as unlawful work as a foreign agent. There are also possible allegations of evading financial rules, false statements, and even money laundering.

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R., Ky) has objected that the Biden Administration changed rules governing access to these reports that stood for more than 20 years. Comer has also subpoenaed Bank of America for financial records of three of  Hunter Biden’s business associates. That effort was also opposed by Democratic members. these inquiries will cover 14 years of deals and transactions.

Comer this morning revealed that the first SARs report shows money going from China to “three” Biden family members including one not previously discussed as a recipient of such money.

We will now have access to hard data on the dates, amounts, senders, and recipients of money transfers. That will reduce the speculation over the alleged influence peddling efforts and allow for a fuller understanding of what occurred in the Biden family business.

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  1. There are so many acronyms in Government its mind boggling. Today the discussion is on SAR’s as in suspicious activity, in yester year SARS stood for a respiratory related virus. Maybe there is after all a correlation as they both represent an affliction on society, one affecting the body, the other affecting the body politic. Getting the truth about either is like pulling hens teeth!

    1. No kiddin’. When I see the acronym ADA I don’t immediately know if we’re talking about the Americans with Disabilities Act or the American Dental Association. (The dental group should have sued.)

  2. Obama was and is a socialist/communist/globalist (and I suspect he is pulling the strings in America at present, given how many of his people have popped up in everything from Netflix to the current administration and how oddly perfectly everything that is happening now from news to banks is eerily similar to 2008), Biden is the useful idiot of that group who was installed, not elected, just like Hillary was supposed to be, but they still respected the voting process to a teeny tiny degree in 2016, such is their arrogance. they could not fathom losing. There is no question he is a corrupt piece of **** on the level of Al Capone. He is a sad, sad little man, with a sad little family that has gotten rich exploiting other people, and that is all there is to it. I used to have doubts, now I am convinced: we have a leftist regime running the country, they may as well be Peaky Blinders era gangsters, and they are going to get pushback they never anticipated in their hubris here in America, this is not 1928; and unlike the sad and compliant Britain or Canada which have gone full fascist because they are innately cowards. The DNC, at this point, deals exclusively, 100% in lies. If they speak, assume you are being lied to. It isn’t going to stand here. They have done their very best to absorb this country – they will not.

    1. @snellvillebob

      That’s the thing: just saying that publicly would label you with all presumed authenticity, a ‘conspiracy theorist’ on the likes of Wikipedia (I actually used to give them money back in the day; they have devolved into another leftist mouthpiece, whole hog. User generated, my a**). Touching the truth is just the beginning. That they are very, very actively trying to undermine our laws and judicial process are another. And at this point we are talking about the POTuS, not simply fools on street corners handing out flyers. We all need to wake up about 100 degrees. It is now or never. Stop. Voting. For. Democrats.

  3. I disagree with the “Cottage Industry Moniker”. Obviously when we have moved over into the billions of dollars, Renminbi (PPRC), Hryvnia (Ukraine) and others we have ascended to a politico-business-corruption international and national industry. Nothing cottage about it.

  4. Chuckie Shumer says: Damn it we lost the House so we can no longer protect Joe’s little boy. I hear that Chuckie has been in contact with The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC to make sure that the people never hear the story. I hear that Chuckie’s next call was to Twitter and Facebook to make sure that they label the story disinformation. Damn it Chuckie says, I don’t care if it is censorship just do it or you will reap the whirlwind. His third call was to the FBI. To round out the days work he contacted Merrick Garland. Then he smashed his phone with a hammer.

    1. The buried lede is “influence peddling isn’t a crime.” This is more BS from the DC overlords. Nothing will happen. The government pond scum would rather burn the nation down than to take one of their own down.

    2. Dig deeper, start taking a look at Obama and the monies he received. Biden is too stupid to do anything but follow his leader. Where America stands now is resultant of the Manchurian candidate, Barry Sotero Obama.

  5. “It could also supply added evidence of possible criminal charges over tax crimes as well as unlawful work as a foreign agent. There are also possible allegations of evading financial rules, false statements, and even money laundering.”

    As always, we have to say ‘allegedly’…..for Biden.
    No such qualifier is added to allegations against Trump or his family. Trump is always presumed guilty!
    Biden didn’t do anything illegal, he didn’t break any laws, everyone in DC does it, don’t you see?
    Trump bad. Biden good. That’s their (media/Dem) story and they’ll stick to it, facts and evidence be damned.

    It’s disgusting how dirty the Biden’s are. Of course they are filthy, corrupt sellouts — it’s the Biden family business.
    Biden, Inc. is a corrupt, money laundering racket selling out the country to the highest bidder. And everyone knows it.
    Besides China, Ukraine is where some real nasty business is taking place. But, but look over there: Trump!

    Recall how fast Manafort (and other Trump allies) was indicted, charged, tried and put in prison?
    Swiftness works in only one direction in DC and it has little to do with actual guilt.
    So we can safely assume that absolutely nothing will come of any of these investigations.
    It’s all political theater. Don’t waste the popcorn on it.

    1. If only the GOP would grow a pair instead of just running out the clock when it’s their turn. Hey, you don’t suppose they’re just as dirty do you?

  6. What would a weaponized government agency do in this circumstance?
    They protect themselves.
    And the people who they are tasked with.

  7. The Chinese saw crack-addicted Hunter Biden arrive on Air Force 2 back in 2015 and quickly figured out that their $1.5 Billion bribe to Joe would go through Hunter. Just call Hunter’s business with John Kerry’s stepson Chris a “boutique” investment firm and you have the perfect arrangement for everyone. Joe Biden is compromised and the Chinese know it. If ever President Xi was considering moving up his timeline to retake Taiwan, I would say the next 12-15 months look very promising. Thank you, Jonathan, for an excellent article.

  8. IMHO there is plenty of meat left on the Hunter Biden bone. That is why the Democrats are willing to spend millions and have hired Abbe Lowell to do a scorched earth defense of Hunter from now on. They just need to run out the clock for two more years, until they can “engineer” another election win, and with a corrupt DOJ in their corner for those two years they may well do it. Many folks say it is not illegal to engage in influence peddling. I disagree. The Hobbs Act and “honest services wire fraud” statutes are criminal in nature. They have been held constitutional by the SCOTUS but the prosecution, if it is so inclined, must be very careful in its allegations; they will be held to a tough standard of proof. See the McDonnell case, the last (to my knowledge) such case to reach SCOTUS https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/15-474.

    Some things we know; Hunter and Jim Biden were given millions and millions by government officials in China, Russia and Ukraine, among other countries. This is an admitted fact. What were these payments for? Picture yourself as a fly on the wall during meetings between Hunter, et.al. and those foreign government officials. What do you think Hunter offered in exchange for those huge sums? What? We have never heard any credible explanation. Never. That they were legitimate “business deals” is ludicrous. Kinda like the “anonymous” purchase of Hunter’s paint-by-the-numbers artwork for half-a-million bucks a pop. They really do think they have all of the media and all of Congress in their pocket and that the rest of us are just disinterested or really stupid. Do you think it is possible or probable that Hunter promised that in exchange “The Big Guy” would be “nice” to the foreign government in any future official actions that affect the foreign government? Or, at the least, promised that such future official actions would not be taken without consulting the foreign government in question (which is, in itself, an “official action”)? And that as “The Big Guy” got closer and closer to the Oval Office the price/payments increased? If so, would that be enough for a conviction under the statutes mentioned above? The McDonnell case, decided unanimously on a very, very narrow set of stipulated facts, does not rule that out, IMHO. Now be pretty sure that at least China (and probably all of them) have recordings (video and/or sound) of those meetings. You take it from there. And remember that circumstantial evidence is enough to get even a murder conviction. You don’t need the smoking gun. I am certain that Hunter and all of his colleagues have hired Hillary Clinton’s “Bleach Bit” applicators to deal with all of their devices by now. It worked for Hillary and for Richard Nixon (remember Rosemary Woods?). The chutzpah of these people is absolutely astonishing. Good luck. Follow the money. Always good strategy.

    1. “They really do think they have all of the media and all of Congress in their pocket and that the rest of us are just disinterested or really stupid.” Yep, true as far as I can see.

  9. How will we know that they are true accounts, have not been cleansed or if all of the documents were produced?

    1. They can check metadata. Sharp people can determine a lot of things from the data, if it’s delivered as it’s supposed to be, with all the metadata intact. But the people have to be sharp, and they have to want to really analyze it.

  10. I am unhappy that the DoJ is interfering in our elections by trying to stop Trump yet trying to boost Biden. It leads to people hardening their positions over the wrong issues.

  11. The age of accountability is over. That started with what the Clintons pulled off for years and has snowballed into the mess we now have. No one in government pays a price for any wrongdoing. The more they screw up, the longer their political career is. Just imagine: Feinstein is still in the Senate. Brandon is completely out of it but he is great as grifter-in-chief, and hair sniffing, and he can whisper weirdly into a microphone like nobody’s business.

  12. Not sure why we are talking about this. Everyone knows that it’s all Trumps fault that Biden was accepting bribes and money laundering. No story here.

    1. And I am sure that in news rooms around the globe such rhetoric is being composed at this very moment.

  13. Raise your hand if you think ANY part of the swamp will seriously conduct anything in the least resembling prosecution of one of their own. We ALL know what and where the corruptions are within the swamp and we remain powerless to use the tools given to us by the constitution because we have allowed an infestation of tyranny to overwhelm our government. Whether for self-interest or ignorance, it has been our fault to get to this point. Now, can we clean this up without destroying the nation? I have my doubts.

    1. You’re right. Remember Trey Gowdy running out the clock on Benghazi? We’ll see that again, and it’s likely because both sides are dirty and they just take turns being the investigators/investigatees. It’s a show to make us think something is happening, someone will be accountable. Can we clean this up? I doubt it. Anyone who tries is a target for both sides’ wrath.

  14. Pity this didn’t happen a couple of years ago. It’s not like the web of deceit has had anything to do with events in Eastern Europe!

  15. Lol, the big question is, just how redacted will these reports be?! They may turn out to be 90% blacked out.

  16. Interesting why after they refused the Treasury finally agreed, I guess they did not want to face the House, or perhaps with knowledge the House has banking records from Biden associates so they agreed to turn the info over. Should be interestingg

  17. Bidens are running out the clock.

    11/24 will be here soon and Brandon won’t (can’t physically) run.

    Another case of Washington corruption getting away with it.

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