“You’re Done, Over, Out of the Art Club”: Activists Go Full Dementor Over HBO Max’s Harry Potter Series

We have been discussing the unrelenting campaign against British author J.K. Rowling, who has raised concerns as a feminist over the impact of transgender policies and laws. She has been denounced as a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) and even the reading of her famous book series is now considered unacceptable by many. This unhinged response includes cancel campaigns against bars that even briefly show the Harry Potter game. Now, activists are denouncing HBO Max for a new series on Harry Potter in which Rowling will understandably be the executive producer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new series  will “cast new leads and include far more detail from the seven novels, which were often rather truncated in their previous adaptations into Warner Bros. feature films.”

Activists went full dementor upon hearing the news:

Many activists targeted Casey Bloys, chairman and CEO of HBO & Max Content, for saying that the company has no plans to “get into” or address Rowling’s political views.  There was a time when such a position would seem a victory for free speech to allow writers and artists to create regardless of their political views. There was a time when Communists and socialists were blacklisted. Now, it is the left that is routinely calling for blacklisting of those with opposing views.

Kathryn VanArendonk, who appropriately writes for a site called Vulture, pounced on the news: “This faithful adaptation of harry potter, announced with absolutely bullshit craven disdain for rowling’s political impact, is bad.”

Rolling Stone reporter Sean T. Collins insisted that artists and writers should first and foremost answer for their political views before their art is discussed — calling feminists who question transgender policies as engaging in hate speech. Collins wrote “If you interview an actor or filmmaker or executive involved with the Harry Potter tv show and don’t lead with a question about JK Rowling leading a hate group you’re done, over, out of the art club.”

So if you adopt a feminist view at odds with transgender policies, this reporter believes you should be blacklisted and forced “out of the art club.” Your art does not matter any more than the work of Communists blacklisted in the McCarthy period.

It is not the lack of sense but the lack of shame that is most striking in these attacks.

98 thoughts on ““You’re Done, Over, Out of the Art Club”: Activists Go Full Dementor Over HBO Max’s Harry Potter Series”

  1. Sorry Professor – the left has no shame – because they have no sense.

    This whole endeavor on the part of the left is drowning in self contradiction.

    No matter how you slice it the myriads of permutations of sexualtiy embreaced by the left is an embrace of the abnormal.

    At the same moment as those on the left are demanding – by force if necescary the power to choose their own sexual identity,
    they are compelling everyone to a single acceptable norm regarding the legitimacy of that choice.

    Left Dogma is that sexual identity is an unrestricted free choice. It does not rest on science, or biology or any other foundation.
    And that is all fine – Except that other free choices – such as rejecting that view can not be tolerated.

    I would further note that this view of sexual identity unanchored but accepted as dogma is very dangerous.

    WE are OBVIOUSLY in the midst of demographic changes that will of necescity elevate the value of procreation.

    Absent each new generations able to produce more than the last the standard of living of the world is unsustainable.

    As Reality, nature science increase the necescity of procreation the left dogma on sexual identity will inevitably face a challenge fromt he core value of the left – the common good.

    The likelyhood that in 20, 20 years they very people espousing infinite sexual identity choices will be the same people encouraging even forcing reproductive heterosexuality at scale is very high.

    You can espouse near limitless freedom without any objective foundation, But not while dogmatically punishing those who disagree, and not without anchor aginst the forces of nature.

  2. These so-called journalistas have NO PROBLEM when an openly gay man was playing a lead character, *Sheldon Cooper, in the big bang theory tv show, who was portrayed as straight. Hey woke-mob, you can’t have it both ways. Your hypocrisy slip is showing!

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