Hunter Biden Faces Call for Key Business Associates in the Arkansas Proceedings

There is a new and interesting development in Arkansas where attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts have prepared a list of witnesses for the upcoming proceedings involving Hunter Biden’s daughter, Navy. As previously discussed, Hunter Biden is seeking to reduce child support payments and has balked at Navy being able to use the Biden name. If successful, this could get a lot worse for Hunter in his alleged efforts to conceal his past income. On the list are business partners at the center of the influence peddling scandal. (Thank you to the reader who sent this possibly prophetic intersection picture).

On the list are business partners who are connected to millions of dollars acquired from foreign interests in China, Ukraine and other countries. Also on the list is New York City art gallery owner Georges Bergès who continues to sell his art.  Bergès has reportedly pushed back on congressional efforts to reveal details on these proceeds and buyers even though former government ethicists have raised concerns over the sales.

The costs of these proceedings and high-priced legal team would seem to undermine claims of financial distress by Biden. However, by putting his financial worth at issue, Hunter has opened up a new front in battling over the disclosure of his past dealings. Some of his past associates are reportedly cooperating with House investigators in tracking foreign payments.

Even the Washington Post has belatedly published an editorial admitting that this is all a serious concern over influence peddling. In an editorial titled  “Millions flowed to Biden family members. Don’t pretend it doesn’t matter.”

It was a bittersweet moment for many of us who have been writing about these dealings for years as newspapers like the Post downplayed the scandal or the authenticity of the laptop. Media outlets like National Public Radio (NPR)  declared that it “not want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.” These disclosures have been forced into the public despite the best efforts of the Post and other media.  Indeed, recently the Post’s Philip Bump derided the House investigation as a “fishing expedition . . .  it’s nearly all innuendo, a big corkboard with lots of pictures but little interconnecting string.” His “witchhunt” attack was then repeated by others at the Post.

Despite these efforts, Hunter Biden appears to be doing his level best to force the issue in Arkansas. It is not clear if the court will call any of these witnesses. However, since Hunter has put his finances at issue, some disclosures will need to be made.

As for Navy, she is still uncertain if the court will allow her to use the Biden name despite her father’s efforts to the contrary. While it does not appear that Hunter (who lives in a California mansion and reportedly took a private jet to the last hearing) is financially broke, his actions (and those of the President and First Lady) toward this little girl show a moral deficit and delinquency that is abundantly obvious.

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  1. Turley didn’t make Hunter and his daughter part of the public discourse. Hunter and his old man did. Hunter makes the rules and he’s digging a hole for his drug addicted shameful self. Navy should get his money and stay far clear of the name.

  2. Egad, Turley, you are such a tool. First of all, you constantly write stories attacking Hunter Biden, who is not a candidate for office, has never run for office and probably never will run for office, solely to smear his fath. All the while, you ignore truly interesting legal news about Trump–to wit: prosecutors working for Jack Smith pierced the corporate veil and obtained attorney notes of Trump’s counsel, which prove that he was told that he couldn’t keep classified documents, that there’s no such thing as “mental declassification”, and he was advised about the declassification process. Then, there’s the story about his chauffeur who was told to move boxes containing classsified documents away from storage areas where Trump’s counsel indicated he would be looking for them–all of this evidence shows intent to thieve the documents. It also blows a hole in Trump’s lie, told on CNN, that all he had were the classified folders marked “classified”, becaused this was “cool”.

    Most of all that is inexcusable, Turley, is your use of a child as a political weapon against the Biden family and mainstream media. Where I live, paternity matters are sealed and confidential–this is to protect the innocent child. You call yourself a “law professor” and constitutional law “expert”, but you are nothing but the purchased mouthpiece for a media outlet that peddles lies and disinformation. You have no greater moral compass than Trump–anything for a buck–including using an innocent child. I won’t even bother to comment that you should be ashamed–it would be a waste of effort.

    1. Substitute Don Jr for Hunter and you’d be worshipping this Turley article … GiGi … partisan hypocrite

      1. Of course she would.

        The radically different standards is incredible.

        We have Gigi and Svelaz claiming there is no evidence in the Durham report or with regard to Biden syndicate corruption
        When there is MASSIVE evidence.

        Whether each of us chooses to accept that evidence reaches some standard of proof is a personal choice.
        Svelaz seems to expect Durham and House republicans to reach a standard that is far beyond what would be required for a scientific or mathematical proof
        just to beleive anything harmful regarding the deep state or the bidens.

        While conversely rumor and inuendo are sufficient to beleive anything negative about Trump or the GOP.

        If there were pictures of Don Jr. coked up with prostitutes the entire Trump clan would be in bars.

        If Trump had 20 Shell corps with secret bank accounts he was laundering payments from foreign operatives through – the whole family would be in jail.

      2. John Alan Schachte: Turley and the Republicans are using Hunter’s motion for modification of his child support payments as a tool to get into his finances, hoping to find something, anything to use against Joe Biden–and, the vehicle they are using is an innocent child who didn’t ask to get conceived. If Hunter is her father, he should support her, but there shouldn’t be the threat of smearing the entire Biden family involved in trying to extract as much money as possible. Nor should any of this be in the public domain. I am dumbfounded to understand how a judge could allow a child to be used as a political pawn in this manner. If you can’t see how wrong this is for any decent person, much less one who holds himself out to be some kind of expert in the law, a “constitutional scholar” a “family man”, and someone who supports the Republican Party that used to claim the moral high road as being the party of “family values”, then there’s something wrong with you. There’s nothing hypocritcal about me pointing this out. You have absolutely no substantive response to this, so, like Trump, you attack me. Turley should be ashamed to allow himself to use an innocent child for political reasons.

        1. No the Mother of Hunters child is using it for that, and Republicans are cheering her on.

          Regardless, this is a very stupid self inflicted wound by the Biden clan.

          This woman is looking to use any leverage that she can get to squeeze every possible dime out of the Biden’s.
          And more than half the country is cheering her on.

          Other Children are getting part of the loot of the Biden Crime syndicate – why shouldn’t Navy ?

          And Joe looks REALLY bad pretending his is not his grand daughter.

          1. Republicans are NOT, and haven’t been “half the country”. At best, they are about 30%, and their numbers keep going down, which is why they have to resort to gerrymandering, voter suppression techniques, and lying on alt-right media to avoid going the way of the Whigs and Bull Moose Party. You are a perfect example–I know where the “Biden Crime Syndicate” language came from–and it’s a lie. Either cite proof that such a thing exists, or admit you believed this lie. See, the reason for all of these baseless attacks on the Biden family is because of Trump’s ACTUAL crimes. “I just need you to find 11,750 votes which is one more than we have”; “fight like hell or you’re not going to have a country any more” “They’re mine” (referring to classified documens he stole to look “cool”. Just some real examples of Trump’s crimes we’ve all seen. They have to make something up, and they also know that gullible members of Cult 45 will believe whatever lie they come up with. Biden hasn’t been accused of any actual crimes by any actual prosector anywhere. The Durham investigation came up with squat. But, do those facts deter you? No. Mark Levin says there’s a “Biden Crime Family”, so, there must be a “Biden Crime Family”.

            1. Gigi – You are what is known as a negative marginal product. Your nonparticipation would add value. Your participation subtracts it.

            2. Stop Gigi. You’re starting to prove you are uneducated on any of these facts. Just because you don’t want to believe anything that you didn’t hear exclusively on CNN doesn’t make it not true.

            3. Nationwide republican and democratic voter registrations are close to equal. The nation is roughly divided equally between independents, republicans and democrats. And generally independents break 60:40 for republicans – making up for the slight advantage democrats sometimes have in numbers.

              Further over time there is ebb and flow in these numbers – Sometimes the number of democrats increases, sometimes t declines – same for republcians.
              But the big long term trend is more people identifying as independents.

              We have discussed gerrymandering before. It does not actually work as you claim.

              No party can gerrymander unless they are already the majority party for that state.
              Though there are issues because many many voters vote repubican locally and democrat federally. and some democrat in state wide elections.

              This is how we get deep red legislatures in in states with 2 democratic senators, or a democrat as governor.
              Many many voters have a strong preference for divided government – good for them,.

              Tehre are multiple forms of gerrymandering – NONE of which are a problem which should EVER require the courts to intervene.

              The most common form of gerrymandering is that done by the people themselves – and as old as the nation. That between city dwellers and rural citizens.
              Much of the structure of our government that you object to exists deliberately because our founders were worried that powerful populous states like NY and VA or big cities would completely dominate US politics. Much of the structure of govenrment in the constitution is to deliberately prevent that.

              Today it is democrats who dominate cities, and republicans that dominate everywhere else.
              And that is Fine.

              YOU Chose where you live. You chose to live in a city that is 75% democrat. Again fine. But the consequences are the rest of the state outside the big cities is 60% republican. Areas that are democratic get the same number of state and federal representatives per voter as those that are republican.
              But because Democrats concentrate in cities, they will ALWAYS get fewer legislative seats.

              That is the free choice of those who chose to live in concentrated political areas.

              That is the dominate form of gerrymandering today – and it has nothing to do with politics, It has to do with peoples choices as to where to live.

              I would further note that rural and suburban voters do not WANT to have their voting power diluted by being forced into districts that include parts of big cities.
              And the same was true when the constitution was written.

              As to actual political gerrymandering. There are two types of that.
              The oldest is powerful leglislators crafting districts that assure they will never lose.
              This type of gerrymandering HARMS their party – it means they have concentrated their votes in a few safe districts. and weakened it elsewhere.
              This contributes to the bitter divide in politics today. it encourages safe democrats and the fewer safe republicans to become more extreme.
              Because their elections are never at risk.

              The other form of gerrymandering – which is rarer and mostly newer is what you complain about.
              That is trying to take advantage of the natural gerrymandering that voters have done on their own and to amplify that to increase the number of districts that the majority party can win by reducing the margin of victory.

              If a state is divided 51:49 between part A and party B it could “gerrymander the districts to in theory win 100% of all seats.
              But a mere 1% change in the electorates preferences would result in their losing 100% of all seats.

              No political party does that.

              Regardless, that type of gerrymandering is a dangerous form of gambling, and if one party or the other decides to take that risk – LET THEM.

              If they can not deliver – they will be obliterated by voters next cycle.

              The problem of gerrymandering is self punishing and self correcting.

            4. What you call voter supression is a faux misidentification of voting integrity requirements.

              I would personally like to see REAL voter supression.
              If I could I would have a national wide huricane on election day so that only the most dedicated people would vote.

              Countries with high voter turnout are unstable – is that what you want ? It is not what I want.

              As US voter turnout increases – our political divisions increase – those go hand in glove.

              What you call “voter supression” is eletion integrity efforts to reduce political animosity.

              If you do not care enough about an election to come to the polls on election day with voter ID – then you should not be voting.
              That is voter supression and it is a GOOD THING.

              As to claims of racially discriminatory voter laws – those claims have proven FALSE by reality. Voter integrity laws have increased minority turnout – universally.

              You are the advocate of the couch potato vote.

              One Current candidate is advocating rasing the voting age to 25. That is an excellent idea.
              We already know that full cognative development is not complete until about 35.

              Why should we want people who can not hold a job. Do not own a home or a car, have not fed a family. who still beleive socialism works, voting ?
              We should not.

              Contra the left the goal of government is not to mimic the oppinions of the majority of people.
              We are not a democracy. All democracies everywhere have failed BADLY. Democracy is one of he worst forms of government.

              Our founders constructed a republican form of government – where the majority has a voice, but the majority does not have the power to infringe on individual rights.

              We have spent 2300 years since Greece trying to figure out how to do representative government that works – Democracy does NOT work.

              Nearly everything you complain about is the stuff we spent 2300 years trying to do to protect individual rights.

              Yes, I am perfectly happy to see the votes of every single person who is unwilling to get up out of the couch and come to the polls on election day and vote supressed. That is called SELF Supression.
              Absoilutely you have the RIGHT to sit in your couch on election day and not vote. You have the right to supress your own vote.
              What you do not have the right to is to make voting so easy – that you do not have to get out of your couch to do so.

              People like you will be looking for voting by video game next – in the hopes that will get you more voters who barely care – but vote democrat – if you make it really easy for them.

            5. “I know where the “Biden Crime Syndicate” language came from”
              It comes form ME.

              I have been using it since 2018 atleast. Possibly earlier.

              Regardless, the more that is revealed the more that is truth.

              The only difference between the Biden Crime Syndicate and the fictional Navaro Cartel from Ozarck is that the drug the Navaro cartell is selling is heroine.
              The one Biden is selling is political influence.

              Gigi – we can debate whether the conduct of the Biden’s meets the high McDonald standard that SCOTUS established for bribery.
              I do not think it does yet – but it is close.

              But there is ZERO doubt that it is political corruption – YOU can say – yes but it is LEGAL political corruption.
              MAYBE, but it is still political corruption. And the Biden family is a corrupt syndicate.

              Possibly a better model would be mafia protection rackets – except that the extensive money laundering operation the Biden’s are running, is far more like a drug cartel. Regardless, VP Biden is the “muscle” He was the on that goes in and tells foreign countries – do what I demand or you do not get US money.
              Hunter is the person coming by to collect and distribute the money.

              BTW current Harris polling has 70% of people believing Biden is corrupt.
              Which is odd because only 59% of people believe the hunter Biden laptop is not Russian disinformation.

              Trump si currently beating Biden by 7pts in some polls, and Harris by 15. DeSantis is beating Harris and tied with Biden.

              Both Trump and Biden have negative approval and the majority of people do not want either to run.
              But more than 60% do not want Biden to run, and only slightly over 50% do not want Trump to run.

              On the top 20 issues of concern to americans – voters favor Republicans on 19 of them.

              You are constantly ranting about how great the economy is and how successful Biden is.
              Super majorities of voters disagree.

              And the expectations for the next 18 months are that things will get WORSE.

              1. 2 different pollsters have Biden currently at about 9.5% favorably. Armstrong is one of them The other is an unnamed network guy that can’t go public.

                Chk the betting odds.

                1. Would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge ?
                  I Beleive the RCP poll of Polls now has Biden with the longest 40 or below approval since they started tracking.

                  No president has ever won reelection with Biden’s current numbers 18months out from an election.

            6. “Trump’s ACTUAL crimes.”
              What Crimes ?
              “I just need you to find 11,750 votes which is one more than we have”
              a perfectly legal request.
              No where Does Trump say Manufacture votes.

              “fight like hell or you’re not going to have a country any more”
              Trump telling the Truth is not a crime.
              Biden is busy destroying the country – like no president ever before.

              “They’re mine”
              JW v NARA says that he is correct.

            7. “They have to make something up”
              No, they do not.
              The flaming pile of schiff that is the biden presidecy is right in front of all of us.
              6% growth and 1.4% inflation in Jan 2021 turned to 6% inflation and 1.4% growth by 2023.
              The first president in 40 years to not have a serious military conflict start on his watch replaced by the president who returns us to cold war fears of global nuclear war.
              The worlds largest energy producer turned to begging foreign despots for oil.

              You say Trump lost the respect of world leaders whole Biden regained it.

              When did Trump come crawling on his knees to the Saudi’s only to have them turn him down.
              That is real respect.

              Europeans are seeing a whole plethora of problems that need not have happened – mostly directly or indirectly tied to an unnecescary war.
              If they respect Biden more than Trump – they are stupid – and I suspect they are not so stupid as yo.

              “and they also know that gullible members of Cult 45 will believe whatever lie they come up with.”
              Trump voters beleive Trump because he speaks the truth and delivers on his promises.
              That is unheard of in politicians. And they will drop him in a second if he does not.
              That is RATIONAL – not a cult.

              A cult is those like you who beleive – without evidence.
              Who beleive despite repeatedly getting screwed.

              “Biden hasn’t been accused of any actual crimes by any actual prosector anywhere.”
              Correct – and we are all wondering why. The actual crimes are obvious.

              You do not seem to understand – your own arguments are damning.
              You have destroyed the credibility of everything you touch.
              You have destoryed the credibility of prosecutors, or courts, of elections, of the FBI of the DOJ, or CIA, of the media.

              You are repeatedly caught in lies – and then you celebrate – that these institutions whose lies have ruined their credibility back you up.
              You think that is a good thing ?

              “The Durham investigation came up with squat.”
              Read the report. There is a schiffload of “squat”.

              “Mark Levin says there’s a “Biden Crime Family””
              I have never watched Levin in my life.

              I say there is a biden crime family because that is what money launderers and extortionists are – a crime family.
              Tony Saprano would be proud. Marty and Wendy Byrde would be proud.

              People know what corruption is – and 70% beleive Biden is corrupt – that includes LOTS of democrats.

        2. Aparently you have no experience with family law. The ONLY thing about this case that is unusual is the focus of the press.

          To the extent this is damaging Biden’s that is of their own doing.

        3. Gigi, this is EXACTLY about “family Values”
          Hunter owes his children support. Just like every other parent that ever was.

          Family law often gets nasty – nastier than this.
          Children are ALWAYS pawns, they ALWAYS get used.
          There is no means by which the court can alter that.

          The Biden’s could have easily avoided all of this.
          It is an own goal.

        4. Gigi: Turley has joined the Fox/Trump/Jordan/Comer/ McCarthy crowd that is desperate for the GOP to regain control of the WH and Congress next year. Turley knows his role. To provide a veneer of academic respectability to the relentless attacks on the alleged “vast influence peddling corruption scandal” involving the Biden family. After months and months of investigation what have Jordan/Comer come up with? Comer now admits his “informant” who would provide devastating information about corruption in the Biden administration has gone missing. Comer can’t find him. Jim Jordan had a shouting free for all during his last Thursday’s hearing. Turns out 2 of the former FBI agents he brought to testify were paid by operatives of Donald Trump!

          Turley has joined this crowd. He is now willing to engage in what tabloid scandal sheets do best.–engage in salacious and malicious exposes of the personal life of target–hoping Hunter’s financial condition will finally expose where he got his money from–“payoffs” and “bribes” by foreign actors to gain influence with dad’s administration? Notice Turley makes reference in his column to the “mansion” Biden is renting in Malibu. By LA standards it’s not a mansion. But Turley uses insinuation to try to make us believe something nefarious is going on. Where is Hunter getting the $20,000 a month in rental? Couldn’t be legitimate sources. In typical tabloid fashion Turley implies it must be from “corrupt” payments he gets from foreign actors. When Turley has to use Hunter’s personal problems and life style as a way to attack the Biden family we know he has descended into the world of tabloid malicious “journalism”.

          Between now and next year’s election we will see more of this from Turley. I think our job now and until the election is to point out what Turley is really up to. So keep up your good work, sister.

          1. Absolutely republicans are striving to take back the senate, expand their house majority and take the presidency.
            Just as democrats are seeing to hold the house and senate and take back the house.

            That is politics, That is what political parties do.

            Turley is NOT a republican. He does not have a role with respect to Republican politics.

            He is a well respected constitutional law professor with a lifetime record of that has not changed.

            I can not recall Turley taking a public position on myriads of issues that do not intersect with the law and constitution.

            I do not know Turley’s views – and I have not heard him express views on abortion.

            He HAS addressed views on the constitutionality of censoring pro-life speakers and protestors.
            I would expect that he would hold the same views regarding censoring pro-choice speakers and protestors.

            This blog is slowing becoming relentlessly critical of democrats.
            Not democratic policies.
            Not democratic values.
            But democratic CONDUCT.

            On the rare occassions that republicans have engaged in similar CONDUCT Turley has been rightfully critical.

            I do not trust republicans – nor do I think that Turley does. And I am pretty sure that he is opposed to Republican policies.
            But this blog is not about policies.
            It is about the law, particularly constitutional law,
            It is about unlawful and unconstitutional conduct.

            And today – BY FAR the greatest threat to individual rights and constitutional government comes from democrats.

            Turley addresses ONE aspect of that threat – the threat posed by the lawless, and unconstitutional CONDUCT of democrats.

          2. Of course witnesses go missing. Happens all the time.
            The J^ committee had several witnesses, go missing, change their stories or recant.
            They also coached witnesses and misrepresented what they said.

            And absolutely house republicans are playing hardball with democrats – They are pissed at 2 years of disrespectful, lawless treatment.
            And though they are not behaving half so badly as democrats did, they are still engaged in small acts of tit for tat.
            Democrats should have expected to have to live by the standards they set over the past 2 years.

            I would greatly prefer a return to sanity and playing by the rules. But that was not going to happen.
            But atleast it is not as bad as under Pelosi.

            As to Whistleblowers disappearing – what do you expect – they are being treated like $hit – by you. by the media, by house democrats.
            And they are being retaliated against by the Biden admin.

            I have no idea what your claim regarding being “paid” by Republicans. One of the witnesses was a former Republican House staffer who is not a key lawyer in a law firm that seeks to protect whistleblowers – republican. democrat and otherwise.

            As to the others – they have been deprived of a paycheck – for months – some as much as 2 years. The FBI refuses to allow them to get another job.

            I am sure they are willing to take money to support their families.

            Congress should just pay them directly.

          3. Politicians have found ways to profit off their political carreers for as long as their has been politics.

            Nancy Pelosi is far wealthier than the Biden’s.
            I think the conduct of Pelosi is politically corrupt and despicable.
            And there are republicans who engage in similar conduct.

            But the Biden’s are in an entirely different class.
            Biden is NOT – like Hillary profiting off of sweetheart deals on stock options.
            Biden is NOT – like pelosi profiting from insider trading.

            The Biden’s are engaged in shady dealings with corrupt foreigners. Often with corrupt foreign governments,
            Or their members of their intelligence services. mostly countries that are hostile to US interests.

            Even if these deals were entirely on the up and up – which they are not.
            They would still look really bad.

            You keep saying there is “nothing there”. But what you means is there is no proof beyond a reasonable doubt of criminal conduct.
            Juries accross this country have convicted on much less.
            But even if you were correct – there is still a great deal there.

            Deals with KNOWN corrupt business people accross the globe.
            Deals with people at the head of foreign intelligence services.
            Deals with russian oligarchs.
            Deals where what is CLEARLY being sold is influence – not condo’s or hotels or airplanes.

            All for personal profit, are pretty repugnant. And most of he country gets that.
            Why don’t you ?

            Nor is the Biden syndicate the top of your problems.

            You lied over and over to try to win the 2016 election.
            You lied after the election to attempt a coup.
            You lied about just about everything under the Sun – covid, your own corruption. in order to win an election
            You lied and continue to lie about the election.
            And not only do you lie over and over – but you use whatever power and influence you have to censor those telling the truth.

            You are a giant pack of liars. No one believes you – about anything.

            Every post by Gigi is a long littany of claims about how horrible everything was under Trump and how great it is now.

            But people KNOW things have gotten worse not better.
            Growth is now doine to 1.1% – that is Japanese or European levels. That is worse than Obama. Much worse than Bush.
            Inflation is stubornly stuck at 6% – and our necescary efforts to reign it in are causing banks – and other parts of our economy to fail.

            This should be no surprise – the Fed is deliberately trying to cause a recession – because that is the only known way to reduce inflation.
            That is very painful. But less so that continued inflation.

            Nearly all americans expect a recession very shortly. We have been very close to in one for the past 9 months.

            Yet you are claiming the economy is good, and you expect people to beleive you ?
            Accross the board things are bad and getting worse.
            Not the worst they have ever been – but the worst they have been since the early eighties and probably the 70’s.
            And things will get worse still before they get better.

            On issue after issue – you LIE.

            And this is your idea of a winning message ?

        5. Good grief. Hunter is the one that filed the motion to modify!!! Another breathtakingly stupid move on that screwed up cokehead’s part. Hunter the idiot is responsible for his problems. No one else.

    2. Gigi-
      You really believe that Trumps doc story is more interesting than the Biden family shenanigans? Not even close Dear. If Hunter’s tale was fiction, nobody would believe it. Talk about a tool.

      1. Gigi is the kind of person that won’t look at the laptop. There’s too much at risk to find out the truth. CNN will tell her what’s true and what’s not.

        1. Gigi is the kind of person to take selfie pics with Hunter and his ho naked, sucking on a crack pipe behind her, then sell the pics online for mo money


    3. If it appeared Hunter’s father benefited from his business, it’s a gigantic problem. Run from it all you like, but the American people need to find out exactly what the “Big guy” got, from who, and for what deeds/information in exchange. How tragic for you democrats–especially while you’re trying to make the phrase “no one is above the law” something you pretend to honor. You also pretend to care about classified documents, as well. Well, what if Joe passed those on to Hunter (as his emails suggest)?

      It’s obvious you want to play stupid to what justice should provide in this matter. Politics is just too important. And the plan is as obvious as your post: obfuscate, insult, distract, troll, repeat–go team blue.

    4. Hey GiGi, you have all the communist left talking points down to a tee! It is also obvious you are unfamiliar with the ultimate authority to determine document classification. I wonder how many years Senator Biden had classified documents in his garage next to his corvette? Don’t forget, Hunter is a deadbeat dad and Joe is a deadbeat grandpa.

    5. The Biden family has been engaged in illegally being paid for political influence of Joe Biden. Hunter Biden represents a national security threat to our country & clearly his father Joe Biden has sold his office for money thru his son as has grandson of John Kerry n Kerry. There is an abundance of evidence and now many whistleblowers!

    6. I’m sorry that this happened to you Gigi. You should know that as an American with the support of the first amendment, Johathan isn’t limited to writing only about politics. This story is about a deadbeat dad lying about his finances. If you want to bring president Biden into the conversation, that’s on you.

    7. Gigi,
      Don’t try to hide the Biden family’s Obvious criminality by waving the President Trump flag. You know Hunter is despicable and You now know your misdirection and smoke blowing won’t work.

      Hunter is a criminal and the Biden clan is a Crime family.

    8. Gigi, it wasn’t Turley that brought this matter to court or ruled on it. It was a stripper in Arkansas that wants Hunter to pay child support and a judge that is demanding answers and not getting any because the deep state is covering for the criminals you support as usual. I suggest that you give the judge and the Arkansas stripper that Hunter hooked up with a call and make your insults toward them instead of attacking one of the few good remaining journalists who actually brings real news.

    9. It is well known that Hunter is Navy’s father. The mother exposed Hunter as Navy’s father. If Hunter would have acknowledged the child privately and made child support to Navy’s mother, the exposure of whom was Navy’s father would never have been made public. Dont fault the author of this article; fault Hunter for his attempt to deny the child was his and to deny his responsibility to the child.

      You seem to forget, that this is Turley’s blog. If you don’t like what he writes about, don’t read it. But you don’t tell him what he should write about. It is disusting!

    10. Gigi, it doesn’t matter that Hunter Biden is not an elected official or a candidate for office. He’s an influence peddler with access to the president. That is the issue. There appears to be a surfeit of evidence requiring further investigation about Joe Biden’s involvement. Bear in mind that on many occasions the president said he never discussed his son’s business affairs. That has been proven to be a lie. The investigation into this corruption is completely justified.

  3. I just saw a picture of Joe Biden with his hand on Zelenskys shoulder. ” Remember just have your aid give my aid the envelope”.

  4. This is so sad …this kid being pawned. The mom should get what it takes to raise her. More than that is greed and the same problem retirned! She was a ducking hooker. She can’t expect to be second a biden! That’s bs. Award her what it typically takes to raise a kid….and settle on that . But no they get soap opera!! By greed! But let’s remember as many us who forgive hunter….we are christians…. If he’s working other sourcers….it’s not on Christ’s team!. How creepy these dark people are….so creepy when Christians know they were evil. And that is the war. And who is on hunters side? Anyone?

    1. Not christians! Who is on hunters side you deviks? Bc it’s ing christians….if he wants Christians in his side he needs to obey Christ not blasphemry. He would need to not just confess his sins…..but ask forgiveness. And their is no one giving communion in the world today who takes him serios. He can’t mock our creed and think it’s good enough. He’s have to actually take the Nicene creed and live with it…..whilst we Sondra stupid…..on who we commune with. Th a church is never going to take on his debt! It’s called ex communicated. And the Biden’s in Christ church are….excummunicated….now if they ever did communion they know how back I . But they mock our God so good luck back in. They ed have to really repent….and that’s doybtful!

    2. Jaelyn: for once, I at least partly agree with you: the child is being used. I don’t know anything about her mother, but Turley is using her for political reasons to attack Hunter Biden, and, by extension, Joe Biden, and he certainly does know better. Where’s his shame? Where I live, paternity matters are sealed for the benefit of the child. Even lawyers not involved in the paternity matter can’t be in the courtroom when there are hearings, much less spectators. I know from personal experience that you can’t even wait in the courtroom if you are the next case on the docket. They kick you out and post the bailiff at the door to keep people out. You can’t look up the case because the clerk can’t give you the cause number, and you can’t get copies of papers filed in the case either. Most people in the US would never have known about this child but for alt right media and Turley publizicing it. At the end of the day, the child is the one who suffers, and that’s just wrong.

    1. Big deal, NOT. That senate Republican has an ax to grind. He wanted Trump convicted.

  5. OT




    The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious crime in American political history. The co-conspirators are:

    Kevin Clinesmith, Bill Taylor, Eric Ciaramella, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann,

    James Comey, Christopher Wray, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic, Sally Yates,

    James Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell, Sir Richard Dearlove,

    Christopher Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper,

    Azra Turk, Kerry, Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power,

    Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Holder, Brazile, Sessions (patsy), Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Obama,

    Joe Biden, James E. Boasberg, Emmet Sullivan, Gen. Milley, George Soros, John McCain,

    Marc Elias, Igor Danchenko, Fiona Hill, Charles H. Dolan, Jake Sullivan, Strobe Talbot,

    Cody Shear, Victoria Nuland, Ray “Red Hat” Epps, Don Berlin, Kathy Ruemmler, Rodney Joffe,

    Paul Vixie, L. Jean Camp, Andrew Whitney et al.

          1. Peter and Donna. All it took was google. This isn’t the first time you asked. What is your problem?

            1. Thanks Wen Bars, Google kept spitting out a Polish names, might have been google ‘steering’ due to geo-local.

        1. This is a better list than yours George, albeit is missing (?) Kadzic first name.

          Adam Schiff : Emmet Sullivan : John Brennan : Peter Fritsch
          Alexander Downer : Eric Ciaramella : John Kerry : Peter Strzok
          Andrew McCabe : Evelyn Farkas : John McCabe : Samantha Power
          Andrew Weissmann : Fiona Hill : John McCain : Ray Epps
          Andrew Whitney : Gen. Mark Milley : John Podesta : Richard Blumenthal
          Azra Turk : George Soros : Joseph Mifsud : Richard Dearlove
          Barack Obama : George Tenet : [?] Kadzic : Richard Schiff
          Bill Priestap : Gina Haspel : Kathy Ruemmler : Robby Mook
          Bill Taylor : Glenn Simpson : Kevin Clinesmith : Rod Rosenstein
          Bob Woodward : GreggJarrett : Kurt Campbell : Rodney Joffe
          Donna Brazile : Hillary Clinton : L. Jean Camp : Ron Klain
          Bruce Ohr : Huma Abedin : Lisa Page : Sally Yates
          Charles H. Dolan : Hunter Biden : Lois Lerner : Richard Dearlove
          Christopher Steele : Igor Danchenko : Loretta Lynch : Stefan Halper
          Christopher Wray : Jake Sullivan : Marc Elias : Stephen Laycock
          Cody Shear : James Baker : Merrick Garland : Strobe Talbot
          Dana Remus : James Clapper : Michael Cohen : Susan E. Rice
          Daniel Walsh : James Comey : Michael Kortan : The Mueller-Team
          Dianne Feinstein : James E. Boasberg : Michael Sussmann : Valerie Jarrett
          Don Berlin : James Pavitt : Nancy Pelosi : Victoria Nuland
          Donna Brazile : Jeff Sessions : Nellie Ohr : The RAND Corporation
          E.W. Priestap : Jerry Nadler : Paul Vixie : The Brookings Institution
          Eirc Holder : Joe Biden : Perkins Coie : The Democrats of Congress

          1. My apologies. Thank you for your interest in the list. Please get a name and stick to it. Most people accomplish that at birth. Some require a nom de plume. I am going to appropriate your completed list and employ it. Thanks again. Oh, and send me a belated retainer request.

    1. Well stated. Of course none of the Maroons supporting Hunter and Joe will ever admit….well stated.

  6. Jonathan: Speaking of the Trumpster the NY Times has this headline today “Former Trump lawyer describes conflict inside Legal Team”. What is this about?

    Tim Parlatore, who represented Trump is the stolen top secret docs at Mar-a-Lago, has just resigned. He says he resigned for “personal reasons” but he had differences with Boris Epshteyn, an attorney acting as in-house counsel for Trump–hiring lawyers and coordinating efforts to defend Trump in his current and future legal difficulties. Parlatore claims Epshteyn intervened with his representation by preventing him from getting info to Trump. Parlatore specifically claims Epshteyn kept him from conducting additional searches of Trump’s properties after the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

    It appears there may be other reasons Parlatore has resigned. He lied in his testimony before Jack Smith’s grand jury investigating the Mar-a-Lago docs–making all sorts of bizarre and untrue excuses for Trump’s actions in holding onto government docs. Lying in a grand jury proceeding is a crime. That why we say MAGA actually stands for “Making Attorneys Get Attorneys”.

    Trump’s attorneys are dropping like flies and those who once representing him have defected. Former Trump attorneys like Evan Corcoran, Bill Barr, your close friend, and Ty Cobb all predict Trump will be indicted by Jack Smith and the Trumpster will go to prison. Oh. an outcome to be devoutly wished for!

    1. Classification, declassification and archiving of information or “material” is solely a function of the executive branch.

      The president cannot “steal” any of the “classified information” of the executive branch as he presides over that branch.

      The legislative branch has no power to legislate or otherwise usurp any power of the executive branch, which would constitute the ratification of a constitutional amendment.

      The president and former president may not commit treason, sedition, sabotage, espionage, etc., through the exploitation of classified information.

      The situation is not dissimilar to driving under the influence or “DUI” laws which arbitrarily “predict” hypothetical future events in the absence of a crime.

      Laws against “driving under the influence” are unconstitutional as there is no possible cause relating to a crime that has been committed.

      It is not dissimilar to gun laws which deny possession based on arbitrary predictions of hypothetical crimes that have not been committed.

      1. George, what provision of the Federal constitution is violated by State DUI laws? Thanks.

      1. edwardmahl/tiedinknots: I didn’t invent the new acronym. An attorney friend of mine came up with it during one one of our weekly meetings of like-minded present and former attorney’s who gather at our local watering hole. It’s appropriate, though, considering all the legal troubles former Trump lawyers are in–Rudy Giuliani comes to mind. As to tiedinknots’ wish that I experience a sudden aneurism–I have bad news. I plan to be around to see the Trumpster in an orange jump suit–it will match his skin color!

    2. Dennis your hate for DT will grow more intense (as if that were possible) as he proceeds to win the Repub primaries, and then wins the 2024 election. Really be some chapped arses, right? So an aneurism will probably take you out. Biden and Kam will be gone before 12-31-2023, and that will prevent JB from pardoning Hunter and himself. So how will that register with you Progressives? I would say; form the tribunals and prosecute Obama, Biden, Clapper, Brennen, Garland, Comey and certain other FBI agents, , Loretta Lynch, Erick Holder, Dirs of NSA, NIS, after convictions take all out to firing squad. All for the Coup attempt against DT.

    3. The NYT’s is a tabloid. They lie. They are propaganda. No wonder why you are so confused.

  7. “If successful, this could get a lot worse for Hunter in his alleged efforts to conceal his past income.”

    – Professor Turley

    How in the world will the Deep Deep State “Swamp” wriggle its way out of this one?

    1. By finding their next “front man” (or woman) to serve as President under their control. We’ll be watching for this.

      1. The next “front man” to be ensconced in the presidency by the Deep Deep State “Swamp”: “Mooch Hell” Obama.

        Her motto: If “Brain Dead” Biden can do it, so can “Mooch Hell.”

  8. This sounds like a sort of extortion legal strategy. Pay a lot of money in child support or we will force all your business associates to fly to Arkansas and testify and be harassed on the stand.

    Not the first time such a strategy has been used in court nor will it be the last time. But really judges do not usually allow a whole lotta witnesses in a case to determine child support but this judge seems to have a political agenda. I doubt this judge would be allowing all these witnesses if it were a Trump on the hook for child support.

    1. This judge is doing exactly what Hunter wanted. His intention in bringing this case was to prove his own poverty to lower his child support payments. He & other Bidens have over 20 LLC’s with no business expenses only millions of dollars coming in. His business associates are tied to these LLC’s. Who better to know how much money Hunter actually has than his associates since he has taken so much effort to hide his finances in shell corporations & offshore accounts. He was the one that was dumb enough to start this case.

    2. Don’t know if you’ve ever been through “domestic relations” court but this is what they do. Women extort money from the men who earn it. Lots of men try to hide their income from the extortion scam. The “legal process” is then all about finding out the man’s sources of income. The judge doesn’t pick the witnesses, the litigants do. Of course the judge can refuse to enforce a subpoena or deny a witness the opportunity to testify based on an objection from the opposing side but, in theory, either side can call whatever witnesses they choose to support their claims. Yes, it’s a scam – there’s no reason in HELL why child support should be pegged to the man’s “ability to pay” but that is the reality for all of us. Hunter is a criminal scum bag who just happens to find himself in the headlines instead of anonymously getting colonoscoped like us nobody’s out here.

  9. The list of witnesses attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts have prepared is of no significance unless Roberts’ case goes to trial. If only because of the political problems alone it presents for the Biden family, it is the list that will cause the case to settle prior to trial. Hunter will bring his alimony payments current, compromise with Roberts on what the payment amounts will be going forward, and most of all give his kid his name. And Joe will do his part by acknowledging his seventh grandchild. But for their ill repute and sordidness they will have done what they should have done long ago. As grifters who intend always to thrive on politics, both Joe and Hunter have been none too bright thinking this day would never come.

    1. Ron A. Hoffman, grifters? What evidence do you have that they are grifters?

      Trump’s family reputation is based on constant grifting. Did you forget the Trump foundation and why it was shut down? Or the use of campaign donations to pay for legal fees instead of campaign expenses? If anything the Bidens are the least “corrupt’ compared to the Trumps.

        1. Funny how that works. Every response to a comment about the BCF (everyone, even the trolls, can figure out that one) comes back with a “…bu…bu…bu…wutta about Trump?” Can the country take another six years of this? My answer is no. Trump’s win of the Oval Office would not alleviate the pain. It would make it worse because we would see Round ? (I’ve lost count of how many attempts) to topple him. It’s early 1939 and Xi is licking his chops as his prey becomes more vulnerable.

      1. How about “Trump University”–Trump paid a $25 million settlement to victims of this grift.

        1. Oh Please Gigi, grab ahold of your junk & go look into the Clinton Foundation ties to foreign Terrorist.

        2. Gigi, all you have proven is that you are ignorant of the facts. That was a lousy case that lawyers dropped because ‘it was lousy’. It was brought back by ambulance chasers who knew that with Trump running for office, it would lead to a settlement.

          You keep telling us that your friends, and the people that impress you are bottom feeders. When you are ignorant, that is what you are left with.

  10. “he too is party to that vengeful need.”

    You sound like the crazy lady Rodriguiz. You and her need to be treated for your personality disorders.

  11. Jonathan: It’s nice to see you have apparently, we hope, moved on from the Durham report. It deserves a quiet burial. So now you turn to your favorite subject–Hunter Biden and his dispute over the naming of his putative daughter–which you allege involves a “moral deficit and delinquency” of the entire Biden family.

    Your approach to the Biden family reminds me of how the tabloids in Great Britain cover the Royals. They delve into every aspect of the Royal Family, providing their readers with every titillating aspect of the personal lives of the Royals. They follow the Royals, taking juicy photos that are spread all over the front pages. Last week the tabloid Daily Mirror had to publicly apologize to Prince Harry for hacking his phone.

    We have our own “Daily Mirror” here. It’s called the NY Post–owned by your boss Rupert Murdock. The Post deals in sensationalized headlines, low-quality sourcing, questionable journalistic practices and a conservative bias. Surveys of New Yorkers indicate they consider the Post the least reliable source for news in the city. But you continue to use the Post as a source for many of your columns. For example, your reference to Hunter Biden’s “mansion” in Malibu echoes recent articles The Hill (where you often publish) and the Post about the $20,000 per month Hunter pays for a rental near the ocean–and the $30,000 the Secret Service pays for a rental next door as part of their protection detail.

    I own several properties in LA so I can tell you Hunter’s rental is not a “mansion”. It’s only 3,000 sq. ft.,– a 4 bedroom, 2 bath property purchased in 2019 for $3.34 million. Compare Hunter’s digs to your boss’s “mansion”. Rupert owns a $28.8 million compound in Bel Air with an adjoining winery. The main residence is 7,500 sq. feet. Murdock also owns a $57 million NY penthouse. He also has a ranch in Montana and properties in England and Australia. Murdock’s son, Lachlan, paid a whopping $150 million for a famous estate in Bel Air–so he be close to his dad. Have you seen photos of Lachlan’s home? Now that is a real “mansion”. Hunter doesn’t even own the property in Malibu. $20,000 seems a lot but by LA standards that is quite common in the more desirable neighborhoods.

    Why mention Hunter’s “mansion” and his personal family dispute over the naming of Navy? Since neither you nor Chair Comer in the House investigation have come up with anything close to the Hunter “influence peddling scandal” you both allege, you do what tabloids specialize in–sensationalized headlines, speculation and conjecture about the personal lives of prominent families–in this case the Biden family. Why is it that you never discuss the Trump family “scandal”? Now there you have, to use your words, a “moral deficit and delinquency” unrivaled in the history of our Republic!

    1. The reason JT covers this story is because a thourogh investigation of Hunter’s finances will show where millions of dollars in foreign money came frrom and where it went. This is neither personal nor trivial.

    2. Speaking of tabloids, it seems you get your information from Propaganda sources WAPO and NYT. They aren’t any different than what you complain about in the UK. You bought the propaganda and NOW you should be embarrassed that you still believe it.

      1. Wen Bars: Have you read any of the tabloids in Great Britain. If you did you would not compare them to either the NYT or WAPO. For example, The Sun, one of the most popular tabloids in England, is a scandal driver newspaper. It spreads the worst possible lies and disinformation. The most notorious example was its coverage of the 1989 Hillsborough football tragedy when many fans lost their lives. The Sun blamed the crowd through false reporting. No serious reader will touch the Sun now. And who owns the Sun? Rupert Murdock–the guy who just paid over $780 million to Dominion because of all the lies and disinformation Fox was pushing out re Trump’s false claims of “election fraud”. Fox and the Sun are sister tabloids. If you believe everything you see on Fox you will love The Sun!

    3. $20,000may be common in nice neighborhoods, but not for people with no money.

    4. Dennis McIntyre bleated, “Hunter doesn’t even own the property in Malibu.” AH, thanks for clearing that up, Dennis! So because Hunter pays $20,000 a month to rent the tiny, 3,000-square-foot property, it proves your argument–and Hunter’s case–that the court should reduce his child support payments. See, if he’d *owned* the cramped 4-bedroom hovel that would be “different.” But because he merely pays a trifling $20,000 per month to rent it, it definitely shows he’s impoverished.
      ….Dennis, if this is your best argument, you might want to consider a new career, like writing for the NY Times.

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