“You’re Triggering My Students”: Hunter College Professor Trashes Pro-Life Display

We have previously discussed professors who have violently attacked students or destroyed displays with opposing views. This month there was the Albany professor who shutdown a pro-life display and then resisted arrest. The latest such case comes from Hunter College where Art Professor Shellyne Rodríguez trashed a pro-life display while badgering them for “f***ing propaganda” that was “triggering” for her students. Rodríguez is an adjunct professor teaching art at Hunter and is shown in a video telling the students “You’re not educating S**t […] This is f**king propaganda. What are you going to do, like, anti-trans next?”She continued: “This is b******t. This is violent. You’re triggering my students.”One of the students actually says that he is “sorry” if her students felt triggered, but Rodríguez screamed at him “No you’re not — because you can’t even have a f**king baby. So you don’t even know what that is. Get this sh*t the f**k out of here.”In an Instagram post, the group Students for Life posted the video. The video is also posted on other social media sites.


It is obvious that the display is not just triggering for Rodríguez’s students given the professor’s unhinged response. It is all part of an anti-free speech movement that seeks to treat speech as harmful. Once this foundation is laid, any speech can then be curtailed or denied for the protection of others.

This is unfortunately not surprising. Years ago, most of us would have been shocked as we were by the conduct of University of Missouri communications professor Melissa Click who directed a mob against a student journalist covering a Black Lives Matter event. (Click was later hired by Gonzaga University). Since that time, we have seen a steady stream of professors joining students in shouting down, committing property damageparticipating in riotsverbally attacking students, or even taking violent action in protests. Others like Fresno State University Public Health Professor Dr. Gregory Thatcher recruited students to destroy pro-life messages. At University of California- Santa Barbara, professors actually rallied around a professor who physically assaulted pro-life advocates and tore down their display.

As has been the case in many of these incidents, Rodríguez was supported by others at the college in violently opposing dissenting viewpoints. The group CUNY For Abortion Rights declared support for Rodríguez  and said that she was “justified” in her actions. Her trashing of the display was presented after an effort to “constructive[] critique” the students’ exhibit. Furthermore, she is portrayed as acting only after she “correctly assessed the damage” the exhibit was doing to Hunter College’s “learning environment.”

Accordingly, trashing the display was justified because Rodríguez viewed the students as “propagating dangerous propaganda” and offering “inaccurate depictions” of abortions from “unscientific sources.”

In a chilling reminder of the use of disinformation as an excuse of censorship, the group declared that “disinformation should never be allowed to take root at our college.”

There is now a letter being signed to show the college support for Rodríguez and her trashing the display.

Ironically, Rodríguez describes her work as “depict[ing] spaces and subjects engaged in strategies of survival against erasure and subjugation.” It appears that she also specializes in erasing the views of others.

The problem is that, while this conduct may be allowed or even encouraged at private colleges, Hunter College is a public college and it is subject to the First Amendment. In this case, Rodríguez is claiming to be acting as a faculty member in protection of her students. Even if she is not viewed as acting in an official capacity, there is still the question of how the college will address the assault. Thus far, the incident has only appeared on conservative sites since attacks on pro-life centers or figures has proven to hold little interest for mainstream media. However, President Jennifer J. Raab is now faced with an adjunct professor who trashed a display, verbally assaulted students, and declared that opposing views should not be tolerated on campus.

Raab now has a choice to make in either supporting free speech by taking action against Rodríguez or confirming that the college’s commitment to free speech is a mere pretense.

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  1. I’m about Turley’s age and I cannot remember any of my professors ever expressing a personal opinion. Abortion had been legal about 10 years when I was leaving college and I cannot recall a teacher ever bringing the subject up for discussion. Both of my parents were college professors at the time and even they never discussed it with me. Something changed and teachers went from educators to preachers. It is destroying our nation.

  2. We need to fight fire with fire. A lack of action in response to their antics further emboldens them.

  3. Unless you sue them, they will address it the way they always respond to conservatives or incorrect thinking or speech. They will blame the victims and congratulate the triggered A$$wipe professor.

    Conservatives need to start rewarding this kind of treatment with a response in-kind. treat the left the way they treat us

    1. Sue them and file a complaint with the US Dept of Education to cut off their federal student loans and federal funds

  4. “You’re triggering my students!”

    Good. They need a dose of reality.

    And, they aren’t YOUR students. You are THEIR teacher, and a poor one.

  5. Except in cases of self-defense, it should never be legal for one human being to engage in the pre-meditated killing of another human being.

  6. One of my favorite recreational activities is watch a bully get humbled. Rodriguez here presents a bullying beast that needs a ring through the nose. I think New York state follows the common law doctrine that striking an object closely associated with a person is as much a battery as direct contact. Love to see a civil battery case brought with that video shown to the jury as Exhibit A. She might end up like Melissa Click crying in her office from the shame but our professor here might not understand shame. She seems a tad more knuckledragger.

    Oh and a criminal charge for Harrassment might be fun, too.

  7. Professor Turley Writes:

    Thus far, the incident has only appeared on conservative sites since attacks on pro-life centers or figures has proven to hold little interest for mainstream media.

    This weekend The Washington Post prominently featured the story of Baby Milo. Here are the opening paragraphs:


    Deborah Dorbert discovered she was pregnant in August. Her early appointments suggested the baby was thriving, and she looked forward to welcoming a fourth member to the family. It didn’t occur to her that fallout from the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a half-century constitutional right to abortion would affect them.

    A routine ultrasound halfway through her pregnancy changed all that. Deborah and her husband, Lee, learned in late November that their baby had Potter syndrome, a rare and lethal condition that plunged them into an unsettled legal landscape.


    Florida’s previous, (less strict) restriction, required Mrs Dorbert to carry this baby knowing it would barely live an hour. The fetus suffered a rare condition in which no lungs develop. Which meant the baby would suffocate shortly after birth.

    Baby Milo was born to live 99 minutes. During that time, the extended Dorbert family took turns cuddling Milo. While the newborn gasped for air like a beached fish. Having no lungs, Milo finally gave up.

    1. Baby Milo was born to live 99 minutes. During that time, the extended Dorbert family took turns cuddling Milo. While the newborn gasped for air like a beached fish. Having no lungs, Milo finally gave up.
      Playing God usually has very unGod-like consequences. For example, judging the value, quality and duration of a life. A guy with a bad mustache tried that in the 30s. He ended up with a cyanide capsule and a spent round to the temple. BTW, what were those family members cuddling? A meaningless mass of flesh? I’m guessing not – to them.

      1. Well said Mespo. Thought-through seems to be using the story of this precious baby to somehow argue that the baby should instead have been violently killed before being born. That is barbaric and inhumane. Thought-through showed his demonic colors without even realizing it.

  8. The best way to avoid triggering a left-leaning college student is to express your strong support for laws that allow doctors to intentionally kill unborn human beings.

        1. David – I don’t expect you to take my word. But you refer to the stats as “pseudo-statistics” thus already judging them to be false, although the implication seems to be that you haven’t actually looked into it yet.

          1. Kansas Elder, *actual* data only ends with “00” one time in a hundred. So two such endings happen one time in a hundred hundreds; this ain’t actual data.

    1. David,

      Those pesky guns seem to have a bad attitude. Perhaps they were raised without fathers. Maybe they are addicts or traffic in narcotics. Maybe thieves?

      But how do they load themselves? How do they aim themselves? How do they fire themselves?

      Or maybe it is more to do with people than with inanimate objects. Who do you think?

        1. Yawn

          Yawning is a sign of low oxygen saturation in the brain. You should go to the Emergency Dept and check your blood oxygen saturation, David. Stay away from those pesky rifles. They may discern, as oh so clever rifles, that you are hypoxemic and perhaps take you to the horse farm to make glue against your wishes

        2. David: “course the phrase gun violence refers to violent acts by persons using one or more guns.”


          The intention –and it works beautifully with you– is to take minds off the actual people committing violent acts and onto inanimate objects.

          The same impulse drove BART to stop releasing videos of crimes on its trains and for the San Francisco police to stop releasing mug shots and for media to stop releasing the race in descriptions of criminals on the run.

          It is impossible to formulate a sound policy for controlling the problem if you are not even permitted to think about the social pathologies in the cohort most responsible for the slaughter and collapse of civilization in inner cities. And, of course, the problems go far beyond ‘gun violence’ in cities where vicious mobs are given ‘room to destroy’ and loot by government.

            1. David — No, not your intention. But it was the intention of those creating the phrase to move your mind off the square to obscure the real causes of this violence.

              You think ‘gun violence’ and you can’t go much further than banning guns. That still leaves you with a lawless population seeking room to destroy and a civilization to loot. And now they feel even more motivated and justified because of people like Newsom who have made promises of ‘reparations’ he can never meet and even if met would never satisfy. In months the hands, or fists, would be out demanding more.

              1. Young, I almost completely disagree. There are, it seems, many motivations attributed to those who resort to violence.
                I suppose that psychologists attempt to sort all this out, but if there are answers, such are unknown to me.

                Anyway, if guns are restricted to gun clubs and hunting parties, bar fights would be less dangerous and road rage wouldn’t put holes in cars and people.

                1. Welll, there are shootings in countries with tight gun laws.

                  But the left said we don’t need guns because we have police.

                  Then the left moved to defund and disarm and disparage the police.

                  So no police and no guns and a normal citizen is left helpless before savages who grow more bold every day.

                  Oddly Obama was one of the best gun salesmen this country ever had. He did a lot to tear up race relations and condone criminal behavior in this country.

                  But, it’s people not guns. If memory serves, the Idaho murders over in your neck of the woods were committed with a knife, not guns. In the UK knife attacks have led to trying to control knives. Somehow over there the bad guys manage to get guns and knives anyhow.

                  I wonder what it would be like if we stopped pandering to lawlessness and started enforcing laws? Maybe the demand for guns would decline. But that’s not the trend with the ‘government’ we have now.

                2. David: ” i suppose that psychologists attempt to sort all this out, but if there are answers [to violence], such are unknown to me.”


                  You might get closer to an answer for part of it if you remember that well over 50% of ALL murders in this country are committed by about 7% of the total population, black men.

      1. Go ahead and say it. Those guns are black, which makes you a racist

        Sorry, I couldnt resist.

        I called my friend today and asked me to take me to his gun range in Mechanicsville, VA, so I can practice with my AR-15. My friend was thrilled I called. Sadly, I must have a lifeless, broken AR-15. All it does is sit, and sit, and does absolutely nothing in its case, since I used it last >6 months ago at a gun range. Maybe David Benson can tell me how I can get one of those AR-15s that run solo down roads, sidewalks and alleys, discharging, reloading and self-cleaning. Apparently buying ammo isnt a problem for those rifles either.

        What say you Mr. Statistician who believes parts per million CO2 has anything to do with Dalton’s Law, Boyle’s Law, atmospheric pressure, intrapleural pressure inspiration, expiration and oxygen saturation of Hemoglobin?

        1. Estovir,
          Same here!
          We have had a fox around the farm lately eyeing the chickens. I have the .22LR next to the back door. It is still there. It has not ran off to commit a crime. It has not held up a bank. It has not shot random people.
          Must of been the fact both your rifle and mine were raised in a good home!

    1. It’s quite unlikely that she “probably has an IQ hovering around 70.” (Do you really think that any college hires adjuncts who have borderline intelligence?) Nor is there any reason to think that she’s “incapable of having a rational conversation,” even though she didn’t have one here.

      Why do you feel the need to invent negative things about her that you don’t know? It’s not healthy, for you or for society.

        1. You’re inventing reasons to insult her. I think it’s bad for society when people give in to this urge. Demonizing others for no good reason only serves to further divide us. If my pointing that out makes you think I’m a nudge, so be it.

          1. Did you watch the video of her temper tantrum?

            P.S. I feel like if I said, “The whole town came out to the Memorial Day parade,” you’d find proof that one or two people stayed home and tell me I’m being untruthful. People don’t always mean everything literally. People communicate in other ways. Sometimes a person exaggerates to make a point. I don’t think society will crumble when that happens.

            1. P.S. I feel like if I said, “The whole town came out to the Memorial Day parade,” you’d find proof that one or two people stayed home and tell me I’m being untruthful.

              Its his classic pedantry. Its all he has, because the facts dont support his agenda.

            2. Yes, I watched the video. That’s why I pointed out earlier that she didn’t “scream” and that she flipped one thing on the table and pushed some of the cards off. That’s why I said that her actions were childish and inappropriate.

              “Sometimes a person exaggerates to make a point.”

              In saying she “probably has an IQ hovering around 70. Foul-mouthed jerk incapable of having a rational conversation,” what’s your point? That you object to her response? So do I, but I don’t feel compelled to demonize her more generally in making it.

  9. Professor Turley Writes:

    Thus far, the incident has only appeared on conservative sites since attacks on pro-life centers or figures has proven to hold little interest for mainstream media.

    Here Professor Turley is probably right. Attacks on Forced-Birth displays have garnered little sympathy in mainstream media.

    Instead mainstream media has kept the focus on pregnancy complications in the post-Roe era and how they are NOT treated at Red State hospitals.

    The paragraph below is from op-ed piece in The Tampa Bay Times written by Dr. Robyn Schickler, an OB-GYN practicing in the Tampa Bay region.


    So, what does a doctor do when their patient’s organs are failing? In Florida, nothing. If your patient is pregnant, all you can do is sit on your hands and wait until they get sicker. If the hospital you work in isn’t sure how to interpret these laws or isn’t sure if a patient’s condition is “severe enough,” the solution is to send the patient home until they suffer enough organ damage and come so close to death that you and your colleagues know you won’t violate this (incredibly vague) law by providing treatment. Which brings us to another issue. How close to death is close enough? If a patient has a 50% chance of dying due to a pregnancy, are they barred from receiving abortion care? What about 70%?


    1. “Forced Birth” is an ideological nonsense term, I have to wonder why you would use it. The idea of forced birth is ludicrous, a pregnant woman is giving birth to the child, the question is whether the child has been killed or not when she does. The only people using the term “forced birth” are the ideological narrative pushers and their useful idiots, I would have to wonder to which group you belong.

      1. Aussie – “forced birth” is in the same category as “gender affirming care.” Both are Orwellian language shifts, both are in service of demonic ends (death of the body, or mutilation of the body).

          1. Would you feel that way if when you were young they castrated you so you would remain a soprano? Today most call that demonic, but not you? One has to wonder why.

  10. Good for the professor, I hope more people emulate his courage and throw pro-life garbage in the trash.

    1. Sure…..let’s get rid of all those pesky first 10 amendments -starting with your right to post freely

  11. Unhinged, some might say insane responses and trashing displays, that can easily be called violence, have become the norm. These behaviors indicate that those committing these acts have no foundation for debate.

    These crazies see themselves as brave. They are not. The brave are those that speak out even though they may be targeted.

    As we approach Memorial Day, set aside to honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the Freedom of Speech it is horrifying to think that these unhinged individuals are trashing what the brave died for.

  12. Biden’s harping on white supremacists is nothing more than conjuring trick to deflect from his failures. It’s comparable to a magician distracting the audience with some shiny object over there so they don’t see what the performer is actually doing.

    Trotting out the old white-supremacy bogey man is very convenient because nobody is in favor of white supremacists, so it’s safe. But it’s also divisive because everyone knows they’re not a genuine threat to public safety. Everyone knows he’s lying. When people get on a plane or train, or go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve, if they worry about being killed or wounded in a terrorist attack they’re not thinking about white supremacists.

      1. What exactly do you mean by “white supremacist?”

        Why do you perceive exclusivity?

        Is there no such thing as a yellow supremacist, a brown supremacist, a red supremacist or a black supremacist?

        Are only those who succeed demonstrably supreme?

        Do you NOT believe in self-governance?

        Some people” were the members of the First Congress (1789-1791) which established federal procedures and criteria for foreign-born individuals to become U.S. citizens.

        Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1798 and 1802 (four iterations, they meant it)

        United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” March 26, 1790

        Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof…

      2. Some people like to keep white supremacists in the news even though they exist on all sides of the aisle. The one’s that do this must be racists because they focus on a relatively small number of deaths while killings in Democrat run cities are almost non-stop.

        One has to wonder about what is in the heads of these rabid folk that care so little about the minority children that die in large numbers in Democrat cities. Maybe these rabid folk are related to those advocating open borders and permitting criminals, killers and drug dealers to enter our nation. Over 100,000 Americans are dying each year from overdoses.

        1. The Israelite slaves were out of Egypt before the ink was dry on their release papers, but they had the capacity, acumen and gumption sufficient to the task.

  13. “an adjunct professor” in “art” intimidating students while claiming to protect ‘triggered’ students? An absolute oxymoronic stance. The majority of the history of art is one of making statements, not physical and mental intimidation. The exceptions being the likes of Nazi and Communist government sponsored ‘art’.
    Are her ‘triggered students’ so weak minded that they requested her to act for them? “Professor Shellyne Rodríguez” is a mere thug shaking down those with an opposing point of view. We now get to see who runs Hunter College, Professor Shellyne Rodríguez and her thugs or President Jennifer J. Raab.

    1. Ex Dem – university art departments have been in the grip of dysfunctional leftism since the 1960s. One of my kids was majoring in studio art at a liberal arts college when Trump was elected. The day after the election she had an art class, and learned nothing that day because the whole class was one big gripe session about Trump. The prof noticed she wasn’t joining in the hysterics and challenged her about it. She responded that she just wanted to learn art, which is why she had come to class. The prof scoffed at that and she was branded as a “bad guy” for the rest of the semester among her fellow students and professor.

  14. “…[I]t is “f***ing propaganda” and “triggering” for her students.

    Rodríguez…screaming…“You’re not educating S**t […]

    This is f**king propaganda. What are you going to do, like, anti-trans next?”

    She continued: “This is b******t. This is violent. You’re triggering my students.”

    One of the students…says…he is “sorry….”

    Rodríguez screamed…“No you’re not — because you can’t even have a f**king baby. So you don’t even know what that is. Get this sh*t the f**k out of here.”


    Amendments must not “injure” the Constitution.

    The Hysteria and Incoherence Amendment constitutes an “injury” to the Constitution.

    The Hysteria and Incoherence Amendment requires the denial of rights and freedoms to others and unconstitutional supporting legislation. It requires the denial of the absolute 5th Amendment right to private property, the unconstitutional redistribution of financial assistance, the unconstitutional partiality and prejudice in statutory and family law, and the unconstitutional provision of bias and favor effecting the artificial elevation of status through affirmative action.

    The Hysteria and Incoherence Amendment is unconstitutional.

    ”And if there are amendments desired, of such a nature as will not injure the constitution, and they can be ingrafted so as to give satisfaction to the doubting part of our fellow citizens; the friends of the federal government will evince that spirit of deference and concession for which they have hitherto been distinguished.”

    – James Madison, Proposed Amendments to the Constitution, June 8, 1789

    “[We gave you] a [restricted-vote] republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin

    Humpty Dumpty

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    – English Nursery Rhyme, 1797

  15. It appears the Left is losing in the public marketplace. It is happening at universities very slowly given that student enrollment is falling nationally. Likewise in for-profit businesses like Disney, these organizations are paying the price profoundly for their Woke culture war. For profit businesses like Anheuser-Busch are now realizing that they desperately depend on the very people Barack “mostly white, hardly black” Obama derided with his hateful “they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion” comment. Now they need American Veterans and Country Music fans who are mostly White, gun owners.

    Adjunct faculty are very low on the totem pole at universities. This violent, threatening MFA adjunct instructor may or may not be out of a job, but her fellow adjuncts will be very careful to even whisper a critical comment to individuals who keep businesses profitable. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you applies, as Anheuser-Busch realizes.

    How Bud Light Blew It: With one blunder after another, the brewing giant behind the brand became a case study in how not to handle a culture-war storm

    By the first week of May, Bud Light sales volume was down about 28% compared with the same period last year in U.S. retail stores, according to an analysis of Nielsen data by consulting company Bump Williams. It was a rare case of a politically inspired product boycott working. The company now plans for the first time to include Bud Light in the brewer’s long-running sponsorship of a veterans organization, wholesalers said. Bud Light is also leaning back into television commercials on themes like football and country music. The brewer recently told its wholesalers that it would buy back unsold cases of beer that have gone past their expiration date.

    Wall Street Journal

  16. Ms. Rodriguez’s true hard core communist sympathies come out. Total censorship of everything she doesn’t like is completely justified in her warped psychotic mind. No free speech… no problem. I might suggest that Hunter College consider employing a good Belgian water cannon for Ms. Rodriguez the next time she starts screaming and turning over tables of student displays. It’s only water. Thank you, Jonathan, for an excellent article.

    1. Communists are direct and mortal enemies of the American thesis, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Americans and America.

      Enemies must, by nature and definition, be repulsed and defeated.

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