“Ongoing Need for Specific Deterrence”: Michael Cohen Denied Early Release by Federal Court

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Below is my column in the New York Post on the denial of the early release requested by Michael Cohen in New York. What was most notable was the use of Cohen’s cable appearances on CNN and MSNBC to show that he is continuing a pattern of lying about his past criminal conduct.

Here is the column:

Michael Cohen was long known as the “fixer” for former President Trump — a legal thug who threatened students, journalists, and others on behalf of his former client.

While his loyalties have shifted with his fortunes, the one constant element in his career has been an utter disregard for the truth and a remarkable moral flexibility. The media now gushes over Cohen, a lawyer it once (rightfully despised) because he has become a Trump critic.

The one person, however, not falling for Cohen’s shtick is US District Judge Jesse M. Furman. Cohen came before Furman to ask for early release from his probation late last week and Furman refused.  Prosecutors suggested that Cohen should try to stop lying before coming before the Court. Furman agreed and ruled that it would be better for everyone to keep Cohen under the supervision of the criminal justice system.

I have previously written about Cohen’s different hustles to attract money and advantage from the higher bidders. Furman was clearly not impressed and not buying.

In 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to various charges, including tax evasion, campaign finance violations, lying to Congress and several banks to obtain campaign financing and was sentenced to three years in prison. However, if you watched his media appearance or read his book, you would think that Cohen is a victim of terrible injustice. Cohen has written not one but two memoirs: “Disloyal” in 2020 and “Revenge” in 2022.

He unsuccessfully sued Trump on the basis of a verbal contract on the basis of his own dubious veracity. The result was predictable.

As noted in the proceedings in Manhattan, Cohen has continued to misrepresent his criminal background and, after assuring the court that it was remorseful for his crimes, was regularly going on the air to deny that he committed tax fraud and suggesting that he was railroaded by prosecutors.

Prosecutors cited his numerous media appearances as containing false accounts of himself and his case: “while Cohen is free to write and say what he wants, he cannot simultaneously distance himself from his conduct on cable news, while cloaking himself in claims of acceptance of responsibility in court filings.”

Now that he is reliably anti-Trump, the media has rehabilitated Cohen as a reliable source and quotes his sage predictions (which usually involve Trump being found guilty on a variety of different crimes).

There is little interest in addressing the disbarred attorney’s history of lies and threats. Just weeks earlier portraying Cohen as virtual pond scum, media quickly declared him a hero who could “save America.”

His abusive antics are forgotten in favor of an image of the playful influencer on social media. He is now described as a TikTok star and fans post gushing reviews like “I want to hate you but you’ve turned into a hero.” Indeed, he is now an inspiration to many on the left: “Luv your excitement it makes me hopeful for justice.”

That feeling however does not extend to Justice itself. US attorney Damian Williams told the court that “Cohen’s recent efforts to back away from his prior acceptance of responsibility is evidence of the ongoing need for specific deterrence.”

I became a critic of Cohen long before he broke with the President. He was a disgrace to the bar for years and Trump bears equal blame for retaining such a person as his legal representative.

What Cohen lacked in legal skill, he made up for in a lack of ethical and professional standards.

In 2015, students on The Harvard Lampoon played a harmless prank on Trump by having him sit in the stolen “president’s chair” from the Harvard Crimson for a photo. Cohen threatened the students with absolute ruination. He was quoted by a student on the Lampoon staff as saying: “I’m gonna come up to Harvard. You’re all gonna get expelled. If this photo gets out, you’ll be outta that school faster than you know it. I can be up there tomorrow.”

On another occasion, after a journalist pursued a story he did not like, Cohen told the reporter that he should “tread very f—ing lightly because what I’m going to do to you is going to be f—ing disgusting. Do you understand me?”

Cohen remained Trump’s loyal attack dog until he was arrested and Trump refused to pardon him, That is when Cohen proved that when you scratch a lawyer, you can find a foe.

Cohen has been gaming the system his entire career. He claimed urgent medical needs for release from prison. Of course, he previously claimed health problems in failing to appear to testify only to be spotted out on the town for a fancy dinner. Cohen previously (and implausibly) reinvented himself as a redemptive sinner and received financial support from Trump critics.  He continued that pattern after his conviction.

Notably, Cohen loves to discuss how he helped the Justice Department pursue Trump. However, the Justice Department informed the court that Cohen is about as reformed and serious as a Pirate of Penzance.

This is one hustle that Michael Cohen will not be able to land. It is hardly a major loss. He can always write a third memoir after “Disloyal” and “Revenge.” Perhaps “Shameless.”

Jonathan Turley is an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School.

138 thoughts on ““Ongoing Need for Specific Deterrence”: Michael Cohen Denied Early Release by Federal Court”

  1. ““The claim that Joe has made his tax return public is garbage. He and Jill made $9M in 2017 in two S Corps that no one knows anything about.”
    Then how do you know about it?”

    Because he made his personal tax return public – listing 9M in income from various Scorps.

    But did NOT make the Scorp tax returns public.

    This would be like Trump reporting the income he received from his various businesses, without providing the tax returns of those business.

    Biden’s Scorp tax returns would NOT likely prove corruption.

    But they would likely prove a very important point that republicans are making.
    That the Biden’s did NOT receive millions for providing a clear good or service beyond leaveraging public power.

    Biden’s Scorp tax return would not likely tell us much about where the money came from or why it was paid.

    But it would tell us that the Scorp had revenues of $10M and expenses of less than 10% of that.

    What is it that the Biden’s produce that is worth Millions ?

    The left through Trump’s presidency attacked the Trump organizations sale of FL condos to Russian expats.
    Claiming that was a ruse to transfer bribes to Trump. But we know what was being bough – Condo’s
    and we know not only what their market value is, but that that value is increasing.

    What was bought from Biden Inc. that was worth hundreds of millions ?

  2. Anonymous

    More than one Governor has self pardoned in the past.

    One of the core problems of those on the left is that one of the requirements of “the rule of law” is that if a law or constitution has operated one way for centuries, we change that by changing the actual law or constitution, not by changing the courts decisions.

    Another core problem of the left is the very nonsense that you are arguing. We do not establish whether something is a crime or not but “testing it in court”.

    The first and most important test is whether an act uses force or fraud to harm others. If it does not, it is not likely to be a crime.
    The second test is is it a clear plain easy to understand violation of the text of the law or constitution.

    “[the president] shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.”

    The only constitutional limit to presidential pardons is that the president can not preclude himself or others from impeachment by pardoning.

    Trump has the power to pardon himself. Biden has the power to pardon himself. PERIOD.

    All you are doing by making this argument is proving that you are prepared to treat the law and constitution as infinitely malleable.

    If you wish to further limit the power to pardon – change the constitution.

  3. Hunter got himself the kind of deal that working-class and middle-class Democrats never would have gotten. Something that will be remembered in 2024 as a significant number of Democrats—enough to make a difference—switch their support to Trump.

  4. Jonathan: Now that we have discussed Michael Cohen ad nauseum–a rather minor player in the scheme of things let’s move on to some important news on the abortion front. After Roe was overturned many GOP controlled states quickly moved to impose abortion bans–they were motivated by what I call the “Sir Matthew Hale” syndrome–named after the 17th century English jurist who had the misogynist notion that husbands couldn’t be prosecuted for raping their wives and who sentenced women to death after being accused of being “witches”. Justice Alito quoted Hale extensively in his tortured and contorted decision in the Dobbs decision.

    Anyway, Missouri was one of the first states to reimpose an abortion ban. Many Missouri voters were not happy with that move. So they want to put an initiative on the 2024 to overturn the abortion ban. The GOP controlled legislature in Jefferson City is opposed and is trying to put up roadblocks to the initiative. The state’s Auditor has estimated the cost of the initiative would cost about $50,000. Andrew Bailey, the right-wing GOP AG, objected and claimed, without any evidence, the cost would run into the millions. The voters took Bailey to court and Judge Jon Beetem just ruled for the voters saying the AG has “no authority to substitute his own judgment for that of the Auditor”. The AG says he will appeal. But barring any other attempts to stop the initiative, voters may have an opportunity to enshrine in the Missouri Constitution the individual right to make decisions about abortion, childbirth and birth control. While the “Sir Matthew Hale” syndrome is extant in Jefferson City these days it may pass into history next year in Missouri. Why is the Missouri case important?

    First, the initiative process is one of the important ways voters can decide important issues not addressed by their state legislatures. In Missouri the GOP controlled legislature has chafed at the initiative process and proposed all sorts of limits on voter generated initiatives. That’s anti-Democratic but that’s the modern GOP.

    Second, and most important, history teaches that progress in human rights is not a upward straight line. Reactionary forces always try to fight back against progress. And sometimes, for short periods, they succeed in reversing progressive change. We saw that in the Dobbs decision when a reactionary SC majority overturned an almost 50 year precedent on women’s rights to reproductive choice. We also see the fight against progress in the many restrictions on Black voting rights–attempts to gerrymander and other voter suppression efforts. The “anti-woke” agenda of DeSantis in Florida is another example of reactionary forces trying to prevent progress–preventing white children from learning about the Black experience in the US.

    Ultimately, all these efforts to turn back the forces of progressive change will fail. Hitler learned that hard lesson. He thought he could create a “Thousand Year Reich”. It last only 12 years. The brutal rule of Gen. Pinochet in Chile last 17 years. Trump’s authoritarian rule lasted just 4 years. In the course of history brief periods of reaction eventually implode. That’s my history lesson for today. Progress in human rights is inexorable.

    1. Abortion is now properly returned to the states to decide. Democracy in action.
      “anti-Democratic” is a word that correctly describes todays Democrat party.
      Democrat politicians today are literally destroying the very democracy they say they are protecting.
      Democrats are the ones trampling all over “democracy” and our Constitutional and civil rights.
      The actual “authoritarians” are CURRENTLY in high office.
      Biden IS the authoritarian.
      Student loan forgiveness with the stroke of his pen is just ONE of dozens of blatant power grabs.
      Censorship by Biden government in partnership with big tech is another.
      Covid vaxx mandates another.
      You are blind to the obvious.

    2. Majority of the country does not support the woke Democrat agenda being rammed down our throats or indoctrinating our children. Just FYI.

  5. I came in to see what the Prof has to say about the Hunter Biden sweetheart deal.

    I looked at the news headlines online yesterday morning during breakfast and it said Hunter Biden was being charged.

    I looked again 10 minutes later and it said they’d struck a deal for no jail time and barely a slap on the wrist.

    Its right in our faces now. They’re not even trying to hide it.

    1. Chris Weber,
      “Its right in our faces now. They’re not even trying to hide it.”
      That right there.
      And then we have those who try to spin it like it is not obvious corruption.

    2. “Its right in our faces now. They’re not even trying to hide it.”

      – Chris Weber

      There! He said it!

      Where are John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington et al. when America needs them?

  6. The notion that Garland did not interfere in the Weiss investigation is only the most obvious lie.

    In May 2023, the DOJ (Garland’s department) removed the IRS team investigating Hunter’s taxes. Why? Because key members of that team complained that political favoritism compromised their investigations.

    If that is not DOJ interference in the Weiss investigation, if that is not politicizing the law — then there is no such thing.

    1. Thomas and Alito are both late filing their financial disclosure forms, and in Thomas’s case, amending previous forms. I wonder what else will come out.

      1. All Supreme Court Justices face the same problems.

        Only you pick out the ones you don’t like and “wonder”. Stop wondering and show where any acted wrongfully in a case before them. Your incompetence is legion.

    2. ATS always uses sites known to be misleading or known to publish lies. However, he cannot see how all the irregularities of money ending up in Joe Biden’s pocket have any meaning. ATS likes to deceive and is a liar. He also has significant Stalinist behavior. The Rule of Law is meaningless to ATS. He makes up laws and events as needed.

      1. S. Meyer,
        Well said.
        That is all ATS does, spread misinformation, disinformation and lies.

        1. I think most of us know that ATS wants to deceive and lie. That appears to be the only reason he is here.

          But Wen adds the real problem, the MSM, which lies. The American public pays for those lies, but perhaps the people are learning and turning off the MSM.

          There are three levels of political knowledge.

          Stupid: Listening to the MSM and knowing less than nothing.
          Reasonably intelligent: Not listening to the MSM and knowing nothing.
          Intelligent: Going to alternate sources of information that can prove themselves correct.

          ATS remains at the Stupid level.

      2. “You have not shown anything that is illegal or criminal. Shown no evidence that it is. All you can show is money transfers and deals. How are they illegal, you never explain that particular part.”

        The above-deleted response requires an answer. Firstly, you demonstrate an inability to research or read the blog. Your mind is that of a 6-year-old who can only play simple games, embarrassing himself and others nearby. You are proven unable to engage in an adult debate.

        These questions were answered on the blog by others and myself. The whistleblowers reported seeing criminal behavior covered up by higher-ups.

        We can see the crime as well. Hunter’s problems weren’t misdemeanors. They were felonies. Hunter was engaged in intentional hiding of income where the penalty rises with the amount hidden. He was also engaged in money laundering. One can guess that a sentence for an unprotected citizen would be double-digit, but his corrupt father could pull strings to make these crimes into misdemeanors with just a slap on the wrist.

        The proof is how he shifted money from one bank to the next (money laundering also carries many years of incarceration). Further proof is that he moved money from one LLC to another. Finally, one cannot find a reason for such payments, and Hunter can’t provide it.

        If you engaged in felony tax fraud and money laundering to the tune of $ 17 million, you likely would die in jail. That $17 million is just one part of the money involved in this criminal enterprise.

        1. Just look at what Manafort was convicted of and increase the scale byan order of magnitude and you have Hunter Biden.

          Oh, and throw in human trafficing and drug dealing.

          Fortunate Son

          It ain’t me, it ain’t me
          I ain’t no senator’s son, son
          It ain’t me, it ain’t me
          I ain’t no fortunate one, no

          Some folks are born silver spoon in hand
          Lord, don’t they help themselves, no
          But when the taxman come’ to the door
          Lord, the house lookin’ like a rummage sale, yeah

          It ain’t me, it ain’t me
          I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no no
          It ain’t me, it ain’t me
          I ain’t no fortunate one, no

  7. So if your name is Trump: Documents = espionage

    If your name is Biden: International bribery scheme = slap on the wrist.

    The “Weiss” agreement is yet another phony attempt by the DOJ/FBI to provide cover for the Bidens’ kleptocracy. And to provide the MSM with the talking point that they (the corruptors) are “politically neutral.”

    Weiss was never given special counsel status, because *Garland refused* to do so. Weiss never had the authorities or the protections of a special counsel. Because of that, the corruptors were able to (among other things):

    “The IRS on May 15 removed the 13-person investigative team from the Hunter Biden case, including an agent assigned to the probe since it opened in 2018, in alleged retribution for IRS Supervisory Agent Gary Shapley contacting Congress about ‘irregularities.’”

    1. If Republicans have evidence of an “International bribery scheme,” they should present it in impeachment proceedings.

  8. US Attorney David Weiss — appointed by Trump and retained by Merrick Garland to maintain the independence of the Hunter Biden probe — confirmed in a letter to Jim Jordan this month that he was “granted ultimate authority” on the Hunter Biden probe, “including responsibility for deciding where, when, and whether to file charges.” But yeah, that Trump-appointed AUSA is biased in HB’s favor because … you dislike the results.

    1. Hunter’s lawyer stated Wiese NEVER asked a thing about the laptop. Despite multiple documents chronicaling Hunters lobbying of foriegn nations and the payments distrubuted to the “Big Guy”

      Why anyone would think this guy being appointed by Trump is relevent, exhibits a shocking level of historical ignorance

    2. Arguing that Weiss cannot be biased because “he was appointed by Trump” is like arguing that Nicolle Wallace must be biased in favor of Republicans because she helped run the McCain campaign or that Joe Scarborough can’t be biased against Republicans because he was a Republican against congressman. It is a weak ad hominum argument that ignores the realities of political slant of the DC establishment.

    3. “. . . retained by Merrick Garland to maintain the independence of the Hunter Biden probe . . .”


      “Independence” means all of the authorities and protections of being a special counsel — which status Garland refused to empower Weiss with. As a result, the DOJ corrupted just the IRS aspect by removing en masse the IRS agents who complained about political favoritism.

      The dishonesty of the Left is not so much in what it reports — but in what it fails to report.

  9. Cohen is not a nice person, but I fail to see how anything he has done is worse than what the Big Guy and Little Guy Biden have done with absolute impunity. And the 2 tiered system of injustice schleps on into the murk.

  10. Comrade Dennis posits that felonious behavior, influence peddling, money laundering, tax evasion and rancid corruption constitute good governance.

    After falsifying the facts on Trump’s restaurant bill a couple of days ago, Dennis has no credibility remaining.

    The equivocating prevaricator-in-chief, Dennis, is not trustworthy.


    Did NUTCHACHACHA’s co-conspiring comrade, Dennis the Meanass, just lie, believing the readers here would buy it, when he wrote, “Trump left without paying the bill?”

    Is Dennis now understood to be a liar?

    “Just the facts, ma’am.”

    – Sgt. Joe Friday

    “Fact Check: Did Trump Offer to Buy Food in Miami But Leave Without Paying?”

    “However, it appears that the claim he “stiffed” the restaurant was based on a misinterpretation of a story written by a Miami-based journalist.”

    “In any case, there is no evidence that Trump left the restaurant without paying for orders, but it has not been verified by the restaurant.”

    – Newsweek, 6/16/23 at 3:53 PM EDT (excerpted)

  11. Some egghead at the Pentagon should do an analyis of the benefits of killing Putin versus the costs of killing Putin. He can’t keep doing this in perpetuity, launching missiles into Ukraine willy-nilly. It needs to stop, the sooner the better.

    1. Yeah, nobody could foresee that the US assassinating the President of Russia would result in them proclaiming war against the US. It definitely requires someone to do a cost-benefit analysis.

    2. Some Anonymous nit-wit who has no skin in the game, who wants to see WWIII and even possible nuclear war should do the cost analysis of lives lost, damage on the global economies, environmental damage before signing up other peoples kids to go to war.
      You want war so badly, get your butt down to the recruiting center and enlist for a combat MOS. If not you, your kids or your grandkids.
      Do it.

  12. Jonathan: Great news! Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to the tax charges but won’t be prosecuted over the separate gun charge. In the tentative agreement with the DOJ Hunter agrees to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges of failure to pay taxes in 2017 and 2018. Prosecutors are recommending probation on the tax charges. On the gun charge Biden will agree to a “Pretrial Diversionary Agreement”. So no jail time for Hunter Biden. Probably a big disappointment for you.

    For those who think this is a “sweetheart” deal where the DOJ intervened to protect Biden–think again. The investigation of Biden was led by David Weiss–a Republican and holdover from the Trump administration. When AG Garland entered office he pledged to give Weiss all the resources he need and would not intervene in the Biden investigation. And he didn’t!

    So what’s left of your claims of the “vast influence peddling and corruption scandal” in the Biden family? David Weiss couldn’t find any evidence to support your allegations. Only tax violations and the gun charge–all of which have been settled. That leaves the GOP controlled House to come up with something–anything. So far James Comer and Jim Jordan have come up empty handed. Comer can’t find the informants who would testify against the Bidens. They have all gone “missing”. So for you, Comer and Jim Jordan, your batting averages are in the cellar! You are going back to the minors!

    1. These people make the mafia look legit. (Julie Kelly)

      By ‘these people’ she means Biden crime family, Biden White House, Biden IRS, Biden DOJ, Biden FBI, Biden’s Delaware mafia, et al.

      American is now Wanna Be Dictator Joe Biden’s Banana Republic.
      Every law abiding American should now live in fear of this lawless, corrupt government.
      Absolute disgrace.
      The corruption here is so apparent that every blind man in America and around the world can see it.
      Why can’t you, Dennis?

        1. “Someone should ask Joe Biden if he agrees that brandishing an illegally obtained gun while on crack — and then trying to dump it in a garbage next to a high school — deserves only a misdemeanor? Curious to hear his thoughts.”

          But the Fake News will never ASK Biden this question.

          Joe Biden: “My son has done NOTHING wrong. I’m proud of him.”

          Fact Checkers? Anybody out there?

        2. Is the Trump family engaged in racketeering? Or accused by muliple credible whistleblowers of Selling US secrets, changing US policy for millions in hidden cash? How about money laundering bribes thru 20+ shell companies to multiple family members and not paying taxes on said “income”? Treason? Bribery? Drug crimes? Gun felonies? Underage prostitution rings? Stealing classified documents out of the US Senate? Stealing classified documents from the vice presidency?

          NO. The clear answer is NO. Trump is not the criminal.

          Joe Biden is the CRIMINAL — always has been. The world can see Biden’s corruption, because much of the world has participated in paying off Joe Biden’s crime family via Biden’s shake-down racketeering operation.

          1. In 2017 Joe Biden reported Income of just shy of $10M.
            That is more than his income in the prior 16 years combined.
            Just shy of $1M of that was from book deals and speaking engagements.

            The remained was income in two S corps whose taxes records have never been released.

            The claim that Joe has made his tax return public is garbage. He and Jill made $9M in 2017 in two S Corps that no one knows anything about.

            Do they make widgets ? Or are they just places for foreign govenrments to deposit their bribes ?

          2. I think Comer should demand the Tax Returns of those S Corps.

            After all turn about is fair play.

        3. Criminal acts are not part of the Trump family. If they were, you would be able to name, them debate them, and have significant proof. You can’t do that. You fail every timer.

                1. Are you that stupid that you don’t now the difference between a company losing a tax suit and an individual? Trump wasn’t convicted of anything. This has been explained on the blog countless of times while you were rolling around in the dirt.

                  You are an incompetent that had to link rather than state what was said in the article. We need to cancel people like you out because you do harm to the gene pool.

                  1. Are you that stupid that you didn’t understand Trump family business when you read it?

                    You sound like Hitler.

                    1. You replied to the statement, “Criminal acts are not part of the Trump family.”

                      You replied, “The Trump family business has already been convicted of crimes.” You didn’t separate the business from the family. That was deceitful and stupid. Trump was not convicted, nor were any of his family members. Weiselberg pled guilty, but had he gone through years of fighting, he likely would have won at great cost. The plea deal involved actions that occur all the time and in other cases involve paying a fine.

                      You are a nincompoop, so you don’t know these things. Tell me how I sound like Hitler. You are the deceptive one. You are the one who lies and cheats. You are the one that supports despotism in our government.

            1. Tucker episode today:

              “Racketeering, money laundering, wire fraud; those are some of the crimes the Bidens seem to have committed—in addition, of course, to selling out the United States for cash. So what would happen to them?…This morning, Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to pretty much nothing.”

              Why? To coverup and make disappear more evidence of Joe Biden’s high crimes called BRIBERY and TREASON.

            2. We’ll wait for ever for even ONE of the criminals in the BIDEN FAMILY CRIMINAL RACKETERRING SHAKEDOWN OPERATION to be prosecuted.

              This is what happens in a corrupt dictatorship called Biden’s banana republic.

    2. Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg served four months at Rikers for not reporting perks like a car lease on his taxes.

      Kodak Black spent four years in federal prison for lying on a gun application.

      Biden’s DOJ continues to arrest and throw the book at Americans who protested Joe Biden’s election.
      No sweetheart plea deals available for the protesting trespassers!

      This is Biden’s Banana Republic.
      Be very afraid.

    3. Take a look at 18 USC 924(c) charges. Easy to prove given Hunter was distributed/dealing drugs with a firearm in his possession. Such charges were brought against thousands in inner cities across the country for last 20 years. Mandatory minimum sentences for all. Except Hunter. (@tolmanbrett)

    4. “If you are the president’s leading opponent, the DOJ tries to literally put you in jail and give you prison time. If you are the president’s son, you get a sweetheart deal.” ~Speaker McCarthy

      This is Joe Biden’s Third World Banana Republic

        1. Heard they are going to make Trump an offer he can’t refuse. Pretty sure not running for president, or anything else, is top of the list. .. along with an appropriate ironclad NDA, of course.

          *I’ve been doing the maths on Hunter deal. .. a five year U.S. Attorney investigation for two (2) misdemeanor tax violations and firearm diversionary program does not add up.

          1. The can not strike the deal you propose.

            Trump can agree to not run for president in return for droping the prosecution and re-announce the next day.

            The constitution specifies the only requirements to run for president – or other federal office.

            Smith can try Trump convict him, Jail him and he can still run for president and be elected, and pardon himself.

            What is most critical thus far is that this has all had no negative effect on the polls. Trump has made FURTHER gains over DeSantis – not that I have any problem with DeSantis.
            Trump still leads Biden.

            It appears the democrats have jumped the Shark.

            Outside the left wing faithful – no one is paying attention to the Biden admin.

            In other news – Target has been faced with a rash of Bomb Threats. But not because of their Pride Month LGBTQ campaign.
            But because they partly backed down. Left wing nuts phoned in bomb threats if they did not continue to feature the displays.

      1. Roger Sollenberger:
        “Roger Stone and his wife settled a $2 million unpaid taxes civil case with DOJ last year — they weren’t charged criminally, unlike Hunter Biden, so they didn’t even get probation”

        1. “they weren’t charged criminally”

          Thank you for admitting you know very little about the tax code or the subject matter, but we all know that already. It is not the amount of money that is the issue, but whether the act was under the civil codes or criminal codes. The Biden’s work under the criminal codes. Most others under the civil codes.

    5. ‘Joe Biden is weaponizing federal law enforcement to imprison his leading political rival for life over a document dispute with bureaucrats at the National Archives.

      At the same time, the DOJ covers up hundreds of crimes committed by the Bidens and their business associates.’

      Biden’s Banana Republic

      1. To be clear: your message is directed to the pathetically brainwashed Dennis Mcintyre, of course.

      2. Not even I read this crap.

        Anonymous = scroll, ignored
        Paid DNC troll = scroll, ignored
        1,000 words essays = scroll, ignored

        Soon I’ll just be talking to myself on here just like I do in real time, but the conversations are glorious


        Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated
        ― Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    6. Reply to pathetically brainwashed Dennis’ comment:

      ‘For years, congressional investigators, litigators, and former prosecutors have wondered whether David Weiss’s actions in the Hunter Biden case were driven by personal incompetence or corruption. Even among those who know him, it’s been an open question. Today we got our answer.’

    7. Question: who are the 2 people actually “liking” pathetically brainwashed Dennis’s comment? Really?

      Sean Davis

      Make no mistake: DOJ had no intention of even giving Hunter Biden a slap on the wrist until the whistleblower evidence of Biden bribery was revealed. They sat on those charges (which they watered down to nothing) for years. The bribery evidence must be overwhelming.

        1. The Republicans HAVE more than enough evidence to have impeached Biden at least a year ago.
          The corrupt establishment UNIPARTY is not going to impeach one of their own.

    8. Why is it great news that a person who was heavily involved in drug trafficking, heavily involved in human trafficking, having involved in violations of FARA, engaged in money laundering and had tax problems that made those of Manafort look puny.

      I can assure you that jusr for what Hunter is pleading to as a first time offender in my County Hunter would spend several years in jail.

      Conversely people charged with felony defiant tresspass – which NO ONE at J6 actually committed – that is refusing to leave after being notrified in writing to leave, typically get probation for first offenses.

      I do not overall care about Hunter – in fact the Hunter plea deal is very good news for Republicans – it amplifies the perception that this administration is deeply corrupt.

      It is also a huge mistake NOT to get Hunter to Plea to everything possible.
      At some point Joe is going to have to pardon Hunter and himself, and it will be very embarrassing to pardon him for crimes he was not charged with.
      But failure to pardon Hunter creates a huge risk that he will be prosecuted later.

      Regardless at this time the best outcome for Republicans is building evidence of Corruption of the Bidens WITHOUT prosecution as the DOJ badly doubles down against Trump.

      This makes not only Joe look all the more corrupt, it also makes it obvious how corrupt the rest of the Government is.
      Making house cleaning in 2025 much easier.

    9. ‘Hunter Biden used shell corps to hide the transfer of millions of dollars in an effort to evade taxes. Money laundering. Not to mention that this income was made from unregistered lobbying for foreign oligarchs. This deal isn’t normal and no credible lawyer would say otherwise.’

    10. but won’t be prosecuted over the separate gun charge.

      Endless regulation through passage of more restrictive gun laws is a major push for the Democrats

      Then ignoring all the laws if they are uncomfortable

    11. The investigation of Biden was led by David Weiss–a Republican and holdover from the Trump administration.

      Aren’t the one having wet dreams posting all the republicans that are slamming Trump.

      Which is it? Republicans are all in lockstep, or Republicans are turning against Trump. It’s like all you leftist wake up every morning with your memory wiped. At least half the Republicans in the DC swamp were undermining Trumps every policy.

    12. “. . . would not intervene in the Biden investigation. And he didn’t!”

      Which, of course, is a lie.

      As just one illustration: The DOJ (that would be Garland’s department) removed en masse the IRS team on the Biden case. It did so because key members of that team complained about the political favoritism that infected their investigations.

      The bigger lie: That Weiss was truly “independent.” The fact is that Garland refused to appoint Weiss as a special counsel. That left Weiss without the authorities and protections to, in fact, remain independent.

    13. “David Weiss couldn’t find any evidence to support your allegations.”

      Someone’s hoping that we don’t know the difference between a prosecutor and a special counsel.

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