YouTube Censors Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

YouTube has continued its censorship of those with opposing positions on Covid 19 and vaccines. This week it prevented users from hearing the views of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Despite Kennedy running on the failures of the pandemic response, YouTube will not allow users to hear what it considers harmful thoughts.

On Sunday, both Kennedy and podcast host Jordan Peterson tweeted that they were the latest to be censored by the company. Kennedy tweeted: “What do you think… Should social media platforms censor presidential candidates? My conversation with [Peterson] was deleted by [YouTube].”

He added: “Luckily you can watch it here on [Twitter] (thank you [Elon Musk]).”

The incident shows why many on the left continue an unrelenting attack on Musk and Twitter. Musk eliminated most of the company’s censorship system and, despite a few censorship controversies, the site is now the most open social media site among the major companies.

A Google spokesperson told Fox News Digital YouTube “removed a video from the Jordan Peterson channel for violating YouTube’s general vaccine misinformation policy, which prohibits content that alleges that vaccines cause chronic side effects, outside of rare side effects that are recognized by health authorities.”

Rather than allow experts and others to debate that question, Google and YouTube will not allow the debate to occur. It is consistent with calls from Democratic leaders for dissenting voices to be removed on subjects ranging from Covid to gender identity to climate control.

We have been discussing efforts by figures like Hillary Clinton to enlist European countries to force Twitter to restore censorship rules. Unable to rely on corporate censorship or convince users to embrace censorship, Clinton and others are resorting to good old-fashioned state censorship, even asking other countries to censor the speech of American citizens.

President Joe Biden has at times acted as a virtual censor-in-chief, denouncing social-media companies for “killing people” by not censoring enough. Recently, he expressed doubt that the public can “know the truth” without such censorship by “editors” in Big Tech. There is growing evidence of long-suspected back channels between government and Democratic political figures and Big Tech. Some of those contacts were recently confirmed but Congress again refused to investigate.

For years, scientists faced censorship for even raising the lab theory as a possible explanation for the virus. Their reputations and careers were shredded by a media flash mob. The Washington Post declared this a “debunked” coronavirus “conspiracy theory.” The New York Times’ Science and Health reporter Apoorva Mandavilli was calling any mention of the lab theory “racist.”

When a Chinese researcher told Fox News that this was man-made, the network was attacked and the left-leaning PolitiFact slammed her with a “pants on fire rating.”

The mask mandate and other pandemic measures like the closing of schools are now cited as fueling emotional and developmental problems in children. The closing of schools and businesses was challenged by some critics as unnecessary. Many of those critics were also censored. It now appears that they may have been right. Many countries did not close schools and did not experience increases in Covid. However, we are now facing alarming drops in testing scores and alarming rises in medical illness among the young.

The point is only that there were countervailing indicators on mask efficacy and a basis to question the mandates. Yet, there was no real debate because of the censorship supported by many Democratic leaders in social media. To question such mandates was declared a public health threat and what the WHO called our “infodemic.”

A lawsuit was filed by Missouri and Louisiana and joined by leading experts, including Drs. Jayanta Bhattacharya (Stanford University) and Martin Kulldorff (Harvard University). Bhattacharya previously objected to the suspension of Dr. Clare Craig after she raised concerns about Pfizer trial documents. Those doctors were the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, which advocated for a more focused Covid response that targeted the most vulnerable population rather than widespread lockdowns and mandates. Many are now questioning the efficacy and cost of the massive lockdown as well as the real value of masks and the rejection of natural immunities as an alternative to vaccination.  Yet, these experts and others were attacked for such views just a year ago. Some found themselves censored on social media for challenging claims of Dr. Fauci and others.

The media has quietly acknowledged the science questioning mask efficacy and school closures without addressing its own role in attacking those who raised these objections.

Yet, the censorship continues to the point that even a presidential candidate is now being silenced on social media.

The censorship of Kennedy is a national disgrace.  Despite the proven legitimacy of prior censorship of viewpoints like the lab theory and natural immunities, Google continues to silence those with opposing views.

YouTube is signaling that this election will be another exercise in corporate approved messaging and ideas.

If you want to use YouTube, you will now have to engage in self-censorship, eliminating views that Google disagrees with. You may be able to “Broadcast Yourself” but you must first “Censor Yourself” . . .  or YouTube will do it for you.

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  1. The censoring by Youtube must be stopped, especially since it is so biased in favor of the left’s progressive narrative. I’m a stockholder in Google. Please, someone suggest steps that I can take to make my objections known to Google. And hopefully, more of us stockholders can follow.

  2. “[Y]ou ticketed the getaway driver after a bank robbery.”

    – Professor Turley to the dogged prosecutor Merrick Garland

  3. Communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO, AINO) America is more corrupt, rotten and rancid than Stalin’s Soviet Union.

  4. “Trust the Science”

    As scientists are barred from publishing studies that undermined dogma, as new data comes out, as the Wuhan lab leak gained credence, and as Dr Fauci’s lies about funding gain of function research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology came out. It’s more like, trust the State-Approved Position, and disregard all scientists who disagree.

    “Trust the Science”

    As the entire premise that gender is mutable is based on the flawed research by sexual predator Dr Money, on a study of exactly one person, of a set of twins that he sexually abused, and in which he totally fabricated the results.

    Trust the science? Science evolves through trial and error, and regularly gets it wrong. Asbestos made a safe fire retardant, smoking was healthy, dinosaurs were cold blooded, and the rate of mutation does not change in evolution…The list of errors in science is interminable. Science itself is based on questions, and an openness to learning.

    1. Jim22, you are probably right. People are looking for people who have made no mistakes and have no negatives. A person who hasn’t done much makes no or few mistakes and has few negatives. We have to look for true and proven results.

      The one area Kennedy has shown himself is on Covid, and I am not sure how he got to where he is. Mostly he appears like a leftist.

      Others keep talking about Tulsi who I like but also has a strong history on the left that seems to be changing.

      People need to look at the major policy issues and see where they stand. Then compare themselves to the candidates.

  5. The Left’s obsession with a benign common cold virus to healthy people would be laughable if not for the evidenced based data they ignore: the number 1 medical problem globally is obesity. If the NIH, CDC, FDA, et al had launched an aggressive, in your face, national health campaign against obesity, much like they did against cigarette smoking, billions of lives globally would have been, would now and would be impacted positively.

    The reason why the Federal government has failed to launch such a life saving health campaign is because they have capitulated to emotional handwringing. Time and again, the Left shows they have no love, regard or respect for evidenced based data. Forget COVID the virus. Focus on obesity. Only then will atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and many other pathologies like many cancers, infectious diseases and COVID deaths, will be reduced. Until then, their COVID grandstanding is smoke and mirrors for their love of power and censoring evidenced based data on our number 1 urgent health crisis: obesity

    Ultimately, hypertrophic white adipose tissue (WAT) growth and expansion restrict the ability of oxygen to diffuse from the capillaries into the adipocytes.77 This hypoxia constitutes a biologic red alert for the cells, altering the expression of more than 1000 genes and triggering a series of interconnected responses that ultimately lead to local resistance to both insulin and adrenergic signaling, increased inflammation, and cellular damage. Failure of the adipose tissue to continue expanding leads to overflow and subsequent deposition of triglycerides throughout the body, with ectopic accumulation in the liver and skeletal muscle. The extent of this lipotoxicity is an important determinant of the development of metabolic dysregulation, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.79

    This milieu leads to immune-system dysfunction and is thought to contribute to increased morbidity and mortality from infectious disease, currently highlighted by the worrisome epidemiologic reports about people with obesity and coronavirus disease 2019. 80 Obesity is also associated with an increased risk of many types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, uterus, ovary, esophagus, stomach, colon or rectum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, thyroid, and meninges, as well as multiple myeloma, 81…

    Cypess AM. Reassessing Human Adipose Tissue. N Engl J Med. 2022 Feb 24;386(8):768-779. doi: 10.1056/NEJMra2032804. PMID: 35196429.

    NB: RFK Jr is a nut job regarding vaccines

      1. BMI is not racist. It is a measurement based on kg / m². It is very imprecise. I have a BMI of 31. I also have a 32″ waist, wide, muscular back, big chest and huge quads/legs. My BMI does not account for my muscular build. However most Americans are not muscular. So the BMI is a quick but sloppy value. More precise would be placing somebody in a container of water and calculating their buoyancy, following Archimedes buoyancy principles. Fat floats, muscle does not. But that is inconvenient and impractical. BIA (Body Impedance Analysis) and body calipers that measure skin folds were 2 popular methods 20 years ago but they are also imprecise. We use BMI in medicine because it is part of a larger rubric, but a BMI value per se is not enough. You have to step back and get a fuller picture. Big ass, large hips, “apron” belly = obese.

        The AMA stopped being credible decades ago. Less than 25% of licensed physicians are dues-paying members yet we still get their mailers. They are a political “lobbying” group.

        1. Estovir,
          I never thought the BMI was a good test.
          When I was in the military, I knew a number of guys who were ripped, but they would technically fail the tape test.
          Thank you for the insight.

  6. Without taking a position about Covid vaccines one way or another, the anti-Vaxers enable the censorship by not illustrating the specific clinical studies that support their arguments. Instead, they reference supposedly relevant articles only anecdotally, not scientifically. If RFK had armed himself with specific references of validated scientific papers and visually highlighted the relevant conclusions and statistics that supported his arguments, how could YouTube then have banned the video?

    The take-away for challengers of Covid orthodoxy is to show the supporting specific documentation, show the abstract, show the data, show the results and show the inferential conclusions. Put everything up on a screen. Let the science speak for itself.

    1. I do not agree with RFK’s assessments on many things but the COVID Vax- hysterics claims are afraid to debate RFK because everything said about Covid vax risks is true and everything the Vax-hysterics said has been proven false. The Vax-hysterics forced an unproven medical intervention on children and on people who didn’t need it. The data clearly indicates the harm caused by the Vax-hysterics harmed people under age 25 far more than Covid did.

      The truth is no one is willing to to debate RFK because they are afraid of the truth, as illustrated by Rogan’s challenge and the weaselly doctor who’s afraid to debate. If he though he’d win the debate and show RFK to be wrong, he would eagerly debate. But when you know your position of 2 years has shown you to be wrong and a weak critical thinker you just say no and hope the population has been so brainwashed that they’ll never question. Of course only those who bend to everything they read in the Press are brainwashed.

      1. I do not in detail know all of RFK’s claims.

        Most of those I know I disagree with. But he is NOT a tinfoil hat nutjob.

        He is doing much the same as those who forced masks on us, forced vaccinations on some and forced the economy closed or restricted.

        He is placing far too much weight on correlations found in studies that are not strong and often contradicted.

        But there is ONE HUGE difference.

        RFK jr is not advocting the use of force against anyone. Fauxi, CDC and those who will not debate him WERE and in many cases still are.

        1. “I do not in detail know all of RFK’s claims.”

          In some eyes, that makes RFK good. He has a relatively clean slate.

          “Most of those I know I disagree with.”

          True, but The NYTimes hasn’t listed these things, so until they do, he has a clean slate.

          “He is placing far too much weight on correlations found in studies that are not strong and often contradicted.”

          Having not done much, there isn’t much baggage. Therefore RFK’s slate is clean. Add to that a prominent name, and one can vote for him despite not knowing who he is or what he can do.

          “RFK jr is not advocting the use of force against anyone.”

          So far, that is one feature of his that is attractive, and I set it in the positive column. Many more positives need to be shown, but I don’t think that many exist.

          1. SM you disected my post without getting the point.
            While I stand behind each sentence in detail, What was important was the whole post.

            R$FK jr is NOT someone who fits the defintion of “crazy”.

            Everyone I disagree with is not “crazy”.
            I disagree with Trump on many things.
            I do not think he was that good a president – just better than every president after Clinton low Bar.

            Ordinarily RFK jr is NOT someone I could vote for.
            But he is positively rational compared to just about all credible democrats.

            Interestingly his polling is slowly improving.

            It also increasingly appears that Biden and Democrats have finally gone too far.

            At this point I suspect DOJ will indict Trump in DC.
            I am not sure what Willis will do in GA – as she is subject to scrutiny by the GA Legislature and the GA AG’s office and the GA courts.

            But it should be obvious to all at this point that further legal attacks on Trump are accomplishing NOTHING.
            If anything his popularity is rising.

            DOJ has just struck a plea deal with Hunter.
            That is an unbelievably politically biased deal – but that is GOOD for republicans.

            The more that not just Biden but the entire Biden admin – as well as the media and the democratic party is in the tank for the
            Bidens the better for Republicans.

            Nixon resigned over far less than we have on Biden. Remembr Nixon had nothing to do with The Watergate Breakin.
            Nixon’s “crime” was that he participated int he coverup after the fact.

            Joe Biden has done that PUBLICLY and Worse – there is a great deal of building evidence that he was not merely involved, but VP Biden was the PRODUCT.
            That is far more than we had with Nixon.

            Nixon resigned because Republicans would not support him.

            Why are democrats continuing to support Biden ?

            Regardless it is GOOD that they are. They are OWNING this administration.

            Almost nothing of consequences is getting done between now and the election – and that is a OOOD thing.

            We will have to see if MacCarthy lives up to his promises that his debt ceiling deal gave him the power and leverage he needed in the Budget.
            Regardless, we are not going to get anything fiscally responsible in the next 2 years – just maybe less fiscally irresponsible.

            According to SOME sources the rate of inflation is dropping SLOWLY. It is still a total of 16% inflation since Feb 2021 – and that number is GROWING not droping.

            It is hard to tell where the Jobs numbers actually are – the Biden admin blatantly lied so many times – there was over a million new jobs reported in Summer 2020 that actually turned out to be about 10,000 – that is a huge error.

            This certainly does not feel like a strong economy. We had a mild recession on 2022, and are likely to see a worse one soon.

            Regardless, it is unfortunate that bad news for the country is good news for Republicans – but that is where we are.

            The Biden admin is unlikely to be able to keep manufacturing stories harming Trump and republicans – and no one seems to care.

            While I can not understand why americans did not see the problems with Biden and democrats in 2020 or much earlier.

            Increasingly and slowly they are.

            People are not stupid -= they understand when Hunter Gets a sweatheart deal, when Clinton does not even get a slap on the wrist, when DOJ/FBI is not even investigating credible claims of bribery involving the president, When the economy sucks, that idicting your political rival for waving a classified document that proves that This administration is LYING and defamining the former president – that is just not going to fly.

            Contra the left – the “evidence” in the indictment JUSTIFIES the records Trump kept.

            Over time we will see more and more misconduct by Smith and his team.
            More and more misconduct and evidence of misconduct by Biden.

            I m personally surprised. I did expect that there would be enough low information middle of the road voters who would just say – Trump has been indicted – he must be guilty. But so far that does not appear to be the case. The polls are showing more moderate problems with Biden than Trump.
            And that appears to be growing not shrinking.

            Democrats do not appear to understand they have gone too far.

            I personally do not give a schiff about beer – but even the Bud Light fiasco is a warning
            The boycott of AHB is about more than Beer, It is about more than Mulvaney, it si about more than Woke, DEI and ESG.

            It is the means for large numbers of people to send a message – to take a stand without putting a target on their back.

            It is really hard to cancel people for quietly not buying Beer.

            And this has spread. Aparently there were lots of Bomb threats to Target not to get them to back down on LGBTQ+ stuff,
            But because they decided to move it to the back of the store and offended the violent left.

            Target has gotten hit with sales drops, and stock drops.

            Normally I would say that it is just too hard for americans to boycott the large portion of Big Corporations that have gone woke.
            But I suspect the looming recession is helping.

            Buying is slowing down anyway – might as well start FIRST with woke retailers who are pissing on your values.

            Anyway I think we have a way to go, But I think we are past peak Woke.

            1. In this recent response, you provided multiple areas of discussion where some are not directly related to the rest. But you tell me: “ SM you disected my post without getting the point.”

              Below I copied what you said and responded to the interesting part. I prefer not to deal with too many thoughts, not closely related.

              “>>I do not in detail know all of RFK’s claims.”
              >In some eyes, that makes RFK good. He has a relatively clean slate.”

              My interest in RFK (and Tulsi) is many people seem ready to back them based on little information. RFK’s slate is mostly empty, and Tulsi’s might be changing directions. Of course, others might know things I haven’t seen, even when reading this blog.

              1. I now what I said, and YES, all the parts ARE related to my argument,
                While each assertion must prove true independently – you did not challenge that,
                But you did try to make each assertion into an independent argument.

                That is tedious, and AGAIN bury’s the point.

                I did not Endorse RFK jr.
                In fact I made clear that I think he is wrong on several points.

                One of the Major problems we have politically today is that everyone pretends there are only two choices – those who agree with me and those who are fringe, bat$hit crazy.

                Much of the left is actually fringe bat$hit crazy.

                RFK jr is merely wrong on several things.
                Trump is also wrong on several things.,
                Glenn Greenwald is wrong on several things.
                Bari Weis is wrong on several things.

                I have far more respect for those who are wrong – but willing to debate, than those who are bat$hit crazy and think everyone who disagreess with them is an extreme crazy nut.

                I can find common ground and have fruitful discussions with people who are willing to debate, and do not think all disagreement is extreme evil or crazy.

                I can even find small common ground with the bat$hit crazy nut their unwillingness to engage in honest debate means the only purpose for debate with them is to expose the crazy to those who are not.

                1. “I did not Endorse RFK jr.”

                  Did I say you did? No.

                  This was my point: “My interest in RFK (and Tulsi) is many people seem ready to back them based on little information. RFK’s slate is mostly empty, and Tulsi’s might be changing directions. Of course, others might know things I haven’t seen, even when reading this blog.”

    2. Actually “Science” has been afraid to speak for itself because so many of the Covid Vax-pushers’ claims were un-true. That’s why Rogan’s challenge was unattended by the doctors who lied about Covid.
      There was never any “science” in vaccinating healthy people with a vax that had been tested for 18 months when most vaccines get between 10-15 years of testing.
      There was never any “science” in vaxing young men and women who SCIENCE showed had more adverse effects from the vax than from COVID.
      There was never any “science” in vaxing people who had natural immunity.
      There was never any “science” in saying that the vax would stop transmission when it didn’t.
      If you believed all of the false and now disproven “Science” of Fauci et al, you have more proven the ease of brainwashing.

      1. To be clear – I think the Covid Vaccine has proven mostly a mistake.

        But that is mostly NOT the issue.

        We WANTED Pharma to develop it as rapidly as possible – and we should be greatful that they did -= even though it proves less than we hoped.

        The problem is NOT that we tried. It is not that we failed, it is that having fallen short – those in power LIED to us all massively.

        And not just about the Vax.

        I was a cheerleader for the Vaccine from April 2020 when I first heard that Biohackers could have something in weeks.

        It SHOULD have been legal for anyone that wanted to get a biohacker vaccine in May.

        I actively supported the rapid development of the vaccine – the rush to market and the shortcuts taken.

        And the moment it became available – anyone who wanted it should have been able to get it.

        But we do not all have the same risks. nor do we make the same choices regarding those risks.

        I knew by Jan 2021 that the vaccine was NOT going to stop Covid. Its initial effectiveness was too low, and its half life to short and the rate at which we could vaccinate people to slow.

        The vaccine was not going to work as a matter of basic math.

        That however does NOT answer the question as to whether it is a good idea for each of us individually to get the Covid Vaccine.
        Increasingly the evidence is NO.

        But what was ALWAYS true was that for young people and people without comorbitities the answer was ALWAYS no.

        I would not bar a parent from getting their kids the covid vax.
        But like the many many failed covid policies it was ALWAYS immoral to FORCE them on us.

        1. There were many reasons to be skeptical of government’s reaction to CoVid. What should have *never* happened was government/media silencing the voices and threatening of livelihoods for those doctors and other medical professionals who disagreed with a rushed, pre-approved, obviously political narrative that wasn’t based on *all* available science information.

          1. Fundimentally what covid proved is that government emergency powers are a huge mistake.

            The ONE bright spot is that immediately post covid – My state a purple state passed TWO amendments to the state constitution radically limiting the emergency powers of the governor.

              1. I found it amazing. And reflected the intelligence of the voters.

                One of the reasons we had two resolutions was because the Sec. State deliberately mangled the language of the ballot initiative on the first to cause confusion in the hope of tanking it. So we ended up with a second initiative making the ballot that was more blunt and harder to mangle.

                And BOTH passed. Voters were able to figure out how to say NO to limitless executive emergency powers.

                This was a big deal. It is a significant part of how we got F$%Ked up voting that we now can not get rid of.

                1. “Voters were able to figure out how to say NO to limitless executive emergency powers.”

                  Let’s hope this awakening can continue nationwide.

              2. It is also interesting because the differences between executive and legislative powers are relevant to the Trump legal battle.

                It is odd that the left wants executives to have infinite powers when they are the executive and none when they are not.

    3. Rad, so you require documentation for RFK and skeptics but not for the statists that said vaccines would stop spread, prevent getting sick etc etc? Why censor one side, the side paid by drug companies?

      AND I AM PRETTY PRO VAX! I’ve gotten 5 shots, albeit with more and more skepticism, but I don’t want you deciding what’s allowed.

      1. Re: “Rad, so you require documentation for RFK and skeptics but not for the statists that said vaccines would stop spread, prevent getting sick etc etc? Why censor one side, the side paid by drug companies?”

        I don’t require anything. My point is that if RFK wants to insulate himself from censorship, he must provide specific supporting documentation when he makes his case in public. When RFK speaks, the invitation is for him to offer up compelling evidence to support his case. That he and others do not do that is unfortunate. It is also the obligation of the interviewer to press the advocates both pro and con to produce and illustrate supporting documentation. That is the nature of objective scientific inquiry. Like RFK, the “statists” should not be censored. However, claims made by the statists without compelling supporting evidence should also be challenged by their interviewers as mere opinion.

        That the media figures on both sides do not press the advocates on both sides with equal skepticism illustrates that most media vehicles are fronts for specific ideological ghettos. Which is a shame…

        1. What were the supporting documents for the forced medical treatment, 6 foot social distancing, lock downs and masks?

          Why did the CDC redefine “vaccine”? Why did CDC redefine how they label cause of death? Why did the cdc use such a high CT count for PCR tests?

          1. Re: “What were the supporting documents for the forced medical treatment, 6 foot social distancing, lock downs and masks?”

            I don’t write the rules. I only note what is required for RFK and others to influence public opinion outside of their specific ideological ghetto. That the crony pro Covid side gets a pass for the MSM does not reduce that obligation.

            If someone is not buying what I am selling, they don’t have a problem, I have a problem. That’s where RFK sits. The obligation to convert the skeptical is on him. What part of “life ain’t fair” don’t you get?

    4. Studies have long recognized a link between the anit-Covid vaccines and myocardia in young males. Here is a meta study discussing some of the studies: https://www.ncbi. Although the incidence of myocardia is described as rare, it is also true that death from Covid for young adults is also rare. And we don’t know the long term effects of the vaccines, which were never properly tested. No one should be silenced on this topic.

    5. That is not how the first amendment works.

      There is no “make your argument as I demand or you will be censored” exception to the first amendment.

      I do not agree with RFK on several of his arguments – but the FACT is that he actually does have specific references to published scientific studies to support his claims.

      Just as CDC and FDA and Fauxi had specific references to published scientific studies to support his claims.

      In Both the case of RFK and Fauxi and CDC there are conflicting studies and RFK, Fauxi and CDC are basing their conclusions on poorly done or annecdotal studies.

      One of RFK’s big claims is about Thimerisol – whis is a preservative in many vaccinations that contains mercury,
      Mercury is KNOW to be dangerous to humans, especifally infants.

      If I personally had the choice I would NEVER subject a child to a vaccine that has thimerisol. It is just not worth the risk.

      At the same time – the evidence that Thimerisol is linked to autism or other problems is quite weak. Most infants are exposed to higher levels of organig mercury that would be much more dangerous.
      Still we can have vaccines that do not use thimerisol.

      And it is my understanding that Thimerisol has slowly been removed from all infant and childrens vaccines and is now only found in the flu vaccine.

      I think RFK is wrong about Thimerisol. But I do not think he is NUTS, and the cost of his being right is very high, while the cost of his being wrong is negligable.

      There are a host of other issues in the RFK work – most of which I come down the same as with Thimerisol.
      RFK is likely wrong – but he is not completely absent scientific support. And the cost to us all if he is right is huge, while the cost of adressing his concerns is small.

      Under ordinary circumstances I am glad that people like RFK jr are out their – but I would not elect them president.
      However if the Choices is between RFJ Jr. and Biden – that is easy – “just say no to Biden.”

    6. My caveat would be that the viewer can do a few clicks after interviews like Kennedy’s and decide if there’s backup for some or none of what he says. What gets me is that the beltway crowd, who are most gullible to “facts” that fit their ideology, and who don’t bother to research claims when they fit what they want to hear, think the American people in general do the same kind of sloppy work they do. Most Americans click around. Find more than one source for a claim made in an interview.

    7. Radical, alot of what you say is relevent.
      What climate change has exposed, (if you’re looking) Scientific research is balence precariously on funding. LOTS of funding coming from the government.
      Today, if you are in the field of climate, or adjacent to, like stats, physics, etc, you will earn research grants do add to the “science” supporting climate change, not any for contrary science.

      I have spent my life looking at research generated at land grant colleges. Often the research contradict decades old conclusions, to advance a govt narrative.
      In corn production row applied fertilizer only return a profit on cold wet soils. But during the farm crises of the 80’s, “new” studies claimed it was a great way to save input costs. Of course reducing fertilizer also reduces yield. A few years after the crisis, the decades old recommendations were back in style.

  7. A recent Economist/YouGov poll has RFK Jr. 49% vs 45% for Biden.
    Read an article that America Muslims favor for Trump has grown since the 2020 election.

    I think it would be hysterical if RFK Jr. and Trump lead in the polls with Biden a distant third.
    Watching how they run the Biden campaign from the basement again is going to be fun!

    1. Upstate, what happens the day after ballots are all cast and nobody gets 271 electoral votes?

      1. 270 is the required number, not 271. What happens is nothing until the electors actually vote in December and their ballots counted before the Joint Session. The House will convene in January, elect a speaker, count the electoral votes in a Joint Session, and if nobody has 270 then immediately proceed to elect the President, by ballot, with each State delegation having one vote. This was last done in 1825. The only point of discretion in House rules is whether the members of a State delegation must have a majority or a plurality to prevail.

        1. Andrew is correct.

          So the Democrats always pushed the lie that disqualifying a States Electors would be a disaster. The truth always has been…The People would decide…Through their elected reprsentatives, The exact same thing would have happened in 2000 on Florida. Not an emergency at all.

          1. Excellent.

            At the same time as we elected the electors to elect the president.
            We elected senators and the entire house of representatives.

            In many countries the head of the executive is determined by the party that controls the legislature.

            In the US that is true ONLY if the electoral college fails to reach a result.

            This is also what is wrong with the entire J6 and insurrection nonsense.

            The only thing that Trump or supporters could accomplish on J6 was to throw the election to congress.

            Trump still would have had to win re-election by a vote of congress.
            While that is not impossible, it would have required nearly every single republican in congress to vote for Trump.
            As little as a signle senator from the wrong state would have thrown the election to Biden.

            Frankly the odds are that Biden would have been elected by the Congress.

            And most everyone new that.

            In the PB trial the PROSECUTION produced evidence that none of those involved expected even to succeed in kicking the election to the congreess, much less actually electing Trump. And NO ONE was plotting a “coup”

    2. I’m of course planning on a 3 way race. Then again there is Senator Manchin. How about a 4 way race!

      1. Don’t be surprised if during the dim primaries RFK starts to complain about voting irregularities.

        1. That is one of the reasons why I want to see RFK Jr. running, and polling well.
          Let us see to what lengths the DNC and MSM will go to to protect Biden.
          The primaries could be fun!
          And what will they do if he not only takes the Democrat nomination, but wins the white house?

      2. Get States out of Primaries.

        States should have nothing at all to do with primaries.

        States should set the critieria needed to get on the ballot in the general election.
        And then conduct the general election without bias and with maximum transparency.

        If you can provide a valid drivers license or state ID that show you living in the precinct and your photo and signature match you should be allowed to vote.

        There is no need for voter registration – that only serves the interests of political parties.

        2,. 4, 6 8 however many candidates can qualify to get onto the general election ballot should be allowed.

        And for every elected office there should ALWAYS be a “none of the above” choice

        And if a candidate can not win 51% of the vote – including none of the above voters. then there should be a new snap election in 6 weeks.
        Repeated until someone wins.

  8. Like we are surprised that this has happened. These people are not going to quit just because millions of us are getting pissed off by their censorship antics. We don’t matter to them at all. We are just nameless pod people or even better yet, we are just mushrooms. You know about mushrooms, you just shovel s—t on them and keep them in the dark. Really if you want to say something on YouTube, then go to Twitter. Like climate change these censors think medicine is “settled science”. Besides being an oxymoron, it’s simply not true.
    First of all there are many ways to reach a conclusion in medicine. Second is that no one is 100% on virtually any meaningful question in medicine. That last time I saw anything in medicine that people were nearly 100% on was AIDS in the early stages in the early 1980’s. In a packed room at the American Thoracic Society a brilliant lecturer told all that was known about AIDS up to that time. At the end there was absolute silence as we are shuffled out of the room. We were all absolutely convinced that mankind as a species was DOOMED. And these were some of the most brilliant of us that had pointed this all out. AND WE WERE All WRONG.
    Medicine (and science) are never settled. The best you can ever say is “this is all we know up to now and in time a lot will be wrong”. That’s TRUTH.
    These people think they are the Vatican and the rest of us are just a bunch of ignorant Galileos running around upsetting the settled order of the universe.
    Professor you need to leave the Liberal-Progressive monolith and get down here on the ground with the rest of us ignorant apes. We’re a lot more fun too. We have humor.

    1. GEB,
      That sounds a lot like common sense.
      And the Democrats left common sense some time ago.

    2. The mushroom analogy is spot-on. And poop the shovel on us will get deeper and deeper as 2024 approaches.

      As the medical community was wrong about AIDS, I hope the pundits are wrong about the looming death of a free America. Will we make it to 2026 in such a way that we can celebrate our history–as it happened, not as rewritten.

      1. I would much prefer Robert ran with a prominent Republican on an independent ticket. Robert can’t fix the Democrat Party.

        Trump has permanently lost the swing vote. Nobody can fix Trump.

        Screw the parties. Unite the people.

          1. Robert and Tulsi would be huge. Can you imagine how much better off we’d be with Tulsi instead of Kamala?

        1. Diogenes,
          I would like to see RFK Jr. win.
          Then lets see what the DNC/MSM does with such an “outsider.”
          Could be fun!

    1. “’I’m done with voting for the lesser of two evils. I’m writing in Robert Kennedy Jr for 2024″

      Would you permit yourself to drink poison rather than something that tasted bad?

  9. Of course YouTube doesn’t want people to realize that their brand new chronic health problems that they never had before submitting to the shots are related to said shots. That’s pretty explosive information. The fact that YouTube censored criticism of said shots at a time when people needed to know the facts behind the narrative makes YouTube morally culpable and in my view legally liable for damages. Even asking questions like “Why would you take an experimental shot for which there is no legal liability for a flu with a 99% recovery rate?” were not allowed. Our infolords need to make sure the dam of information doesn’t break before they can steal I mean totally legitimately win the primary for the Big Guy. Once Biden has been reinstalled and there’s nothing anybody can do anymore to stop the globalist agenda, that’s when the fun really begins.

  10. “. . . that are recognized by health authorities.”

    Translated: . . . by bureaucrats whose boots we lick.

  11. JT writes: “YouTube is signaling that this election will be another exercise in corporate approved messaging and ideas.” The “corporation” is the Democratic Party, which is the entity behind the censors. Just as the Democratic Party is the entity behind the continuing prosecutions of Trump and his supporters. Everyone else — judges, journalists, bureaucrats, academics, business leaders — are puppets. JT knows this, but is too attached to his role as a neutral commentator and vestigial attachment to the Democratic Party, to acknowledge this fact. History will acknowledge that we are in the early stages of a police state created and run by the Democrats, with get-along, go-along Republicans watching with only mild disapproval, who prefer to join the chorus denouncing Trump to picking up a lance to slay the newly-born Dragon of Suppression.

  12. There will be no debate. Progressive clowns alone know the “right” answer, you must follow them – or be WRONG and EVIL. progressive clowns fear people understanding there may be ambiguity on a subject or worse no perfect answer.

  13. This administration would never attempt to silence its political opponents! It would never attempt to throw the closest contender in jail! The state media would never shy away from the truth!

    This administration would never shy away from rigorous debate. The President is too busy planning a railroad from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, Ol’Joe, Corn Pop’s nemesis, might get in trouble.

  14. “The Known Unknows” (Johari Window, interpreted by Donald Rumsfeld on 2/12/02)

    “President Joe Biden has at times acted as a virtual censor-in-chief, denouncing social-media companies for “killing people” by not censoring enough. Recently, he expressed doubt that the public can “know the truth” without such censorship by “editors” in Big Tech.”

    It’s unbelievable what “You Tube” offers in it’s channels [1-3] for years and is now sold by “Oversight” as “bombshell”. I know: Mitch McConnell didn’t approve these messenges!

    [3] “OAN’s Exclusive reporting by Chanel Rion on the audio recordings of VP Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Poroshenko discussing the firing of Prosecutor General Victor Shokin looking into Hunter Biden. This explosive report was targeted by the entire Biden and media apparatus. Only to be proven not only true, but the most damning proof of just how corrupt the Biden family has been. First aired August 2020”. If interested, search for “Biden’s Bribe Tapes III” still available on “YouTube”.

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