Pronoun Lockdown: Almost Half of Millennials Want Jail Time for “Misgendering”

A recent survey by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek, found that 44 percent  of millennials (between ages 25-34) favor criminal charges for people who use the wrong pronouns for others or so-called “misgendering.”  We have previously discussed how misgendering is now a crime in countries like Great Britain. Misgendering has been referred to as an “act of violence” at some U.S. universities.

There has been a concern that we are seeing the rise of a generation of censors, who have been taught since a young age that speech is harmful and even violent.

Yet, hate speech is protected in the United States. Given that fact, it is astonishing to claim that a pronoun violation could lead to incarceration. Only 31 percent of the millennials disagreed with the proposition.

They are not alone.

Recently, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), who is a lawyer, said that “if you espouse hate … you’re not protected under the First Amendment.” Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean declared the identical position: “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.”

Even some dictionaries now espouse this false premise, defining “hate speech” as “Speech not protected by the First Amendment, because it is intended to foster hatred against individuals or groups based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, place of national origin, or other improper classification.”

If hate speech is constitutionally protected, pronoun use or misuse is also protected as a criminal matter. (There is ongoing litigation of the protection in an employment setting for civil liability or disciplinary action). Yet, the most serious concern is the inclination of this generation to use criminal laws to police such questions.  It reflects the erosion of free speech principles with younger generations.  That crisis of faith could prove disastrous with free speech in a virtual free fall in Europe.


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  1. As a scientist and engineer, I believe in facts.
    Biology is fact.
    Genetics is fact.
    Feelings can’t trump facts.

    The only people guilty of “misgendering” are those claiming to be a gender different than their biology and genetics, and those who agree with them. Now THAT should be a crime.

  2. Here’s how you derail EVERY court case ANYWHERE in the legal system!! Just demand to see your written guarantee of actually GETTING a fair trial! Without that guarantee, the “trial” devolves into one of two things, either it becomes a gamble, or a scam that is being run on you! No one has the power or authority to make you gamble, or to participate in any kind of a crime in any way! Does everybody see this? And how about a guarantee that no mistakes will be made during the gamble/scam? The USSC/SCOTUS said last year that Roe v. Wade had to be reversed, because an EGREGIOUS mistake had been made in 1973!! If even the USSC/SCOTUS can make mistakes, then why should we trust any lower courts??

  3. When someone plays the part of being female so poorly that they are clearly pretending gives them no particular rights. They are only deserving of quiet mocking chuckles. Acting like a child playing dress-up is not reasonable adult behavior. We don’t have to play a role you give us. We are adults who don’t play pretend and accept ourselves as we were born.
    But if you can pull off the female impersonation so well it has to be whispered that “she is really male, y’know,” might have earned the pronoun “she” as a kind of applause at her impersonation skill.

  4. School choice for everyone , ending federal Dept. of
    Education and ending pressure on teachers to be in union. These things should help.

  5. This is the byproduct of dumbing down education with indoctrination along with dropping critical thinking. Big brothers plan of division is going strong.

  6. They’re going to have their hands full with me. That’s because I identify as a pro misgenderer. And my preferred pronouns are pro and misgender.

    As the left so frequently quotes, “my body, my choice”. That choice also includes words.

  7. There are so many forms of dysphoria. Why was transgenderism selected out of all of them, and declared that the world must affirm that someone can actually transform their gender? It’s not enough to be tolerant of someone’s delusion. You have to tell them that it’s real, or you’ll be punished.

    Therians believe they are really another species. Otherkin believe they are a mythical species, like a vampire, elf, or dragon. Lycanthropes believe they really do transform into a wolf. People with Body Integrity Disorder think they are supposed to be amputees, and try to get doctors to remove their parts, rather similar to transgenderism, frankly. Transableists think they are supposed to be handicapped, and use wheelchairs. Transracialism is the belief that someone is really another race, like Rachel Dolezal. The list goes on for all the ways that a human being could reject biological reality.

    If someone can be forced to affirm that a man becomes a woman, merely by saying so, then can’t we all be forced to say that people can turn into wolves, elves, aliens, another race, etc?

    I think the transgender movement would hit a brick wall if, by logical extension, white people like Rachel Dolezal could openly, and proudly claim to be transracial, and then take all the jobs, scholarships, and opportunities carved out for black people. Hire Rachel Dolezal back at the NAACP. Her delusion is the reality we all must affirm on pain of punishment.

  8. Why do these millennials think anyone should be jailed for disagreeing with another person’s opinion?

    A man could think that they transformed into a woman, just by saying, “I’m a woman.” Others could have the opinion that a personal belief does not change biology. Why does one person’s opinion matter more than everyone else’s?

    Transgenderism is a form of mimicry, in my opinion. If someone truly suffers from gender dysphoria, rather than social contagion, then he has felt, since a child, that he was born in the wrong gender. Tragically, a higher than average percentage of people suffering from gender dysphoria suffered sexual abuse, and other forms of abuse, as a child. There have also been instances where a mother or grandmother despised men, and a very young boy believed that if he were only a girl, he would be loved. In order to get relief from the distress of feeling like he should have been a girl, such a person would mimic being a girl. Changing how he dressed, speaking in a higher pitched voice, wearing makeup, and in extreme cases, getting castrated and receiving a vaginoplasty. All of these are attempts to mimic the appearance of a female, often relying heavily upon gender stereotypes. A man might put a bow in his hair, for example. None of this transforms a man into a woman. He just looks as close to one as he can manage. A blood test would still come back XY. He is performing as a woman. Now, this person deserves compassion. Where that line ends is when someone demands that everyone constantly affirm his claim to have become a woman, upon pain of punishment, harassment, firing, jail time (in Canada, for example), the loss of scholarships, places on sports teams, and any other way he can strike out, especially if a woman disagrees.

    It is an ugly thing for a biological man to shove his way onto women’s sports teams, take all the opportunities carved out for women, and then threaten any female teammate who says it’s unfair, or who is distressed at the prospect of being forced to undress around his naked male genitalia.

    Just in the past few years, so many awards, scholarships, women of the year recognition, modeling contracts, and championships meant for women have gone to biological males. Every single time this happens, a woman lost out on a chance to distinguish herself.

    A biological man who identifies as transgender, Na Hwa-rin just won the women’s cycling race, the Gangwon Sports Festival, to prove the point that it’s unfair for biological men to compete against women in women’s sports.

    All the awards and accolades for women have lately seemed to be going to biological men. It’s so unfair to women, who are told to keep sweet and applaud the men from the sidelines.

  9. I agree that misgendeding is bad. Which is why I refuse to call a man “she”, a woman “he”, or to use any non-standard (made-up) pronouns folks may dream up. I don’t necessarily think people who do use made up gender pronouns, or misapply the ones we have, should be jailed. But, I am open to discussing it.

  10. “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me.”
    Wisdom from the 1950s, when I was a child.
    Honestly, human civilization isn’t looking too stable lately

  11. The issue of so-called “hate speech”” was resolved with the National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie, 432 U.S. 43 SCOTUS decision (1977)
    Speech id speech, hateful or not, and it’s all covered by the First Amendment. no exceptions, but’s, or asterisks.
    If you don’t like what someone has to say, don’t listen, walk (or run) away, but censorship is strictly prohibited.
    Especially for all governmental entities.
    Attempts by government agencies to censor “disinformation”, misinformation”, and/or propaganda, or anything that goes against “the narrative” should be dealt with properly – as severe Constitutional violations. The perpetrators should go to prison for that and for abusing their position of authority

    1. Sadly, that won’t matter to the thought police leftists. The law, the constitution, common sense, decency all have gone the way of the dodo as far as they are concerned. the only thing that matters is power and controlling their lessers.

  12. Lately there seems to be a larger than ever supply of unhinged leftist 
    who love to publicly wallow in the 
    Rights and Protections they are laser 
    focused on removing from other 
    American Citizens they have 
    designated unworthy of such
    “Just because you can,
    doesn’t mean you should.” 
    – Ian Malcolm
    I have every right to deck myself out in expensive furs and gold and 
    diamond jewelry and watches and walk down the street 
    of the most violent, crime-ridden area
     in DC unprotected at 2 o’clock in 
    the morning. 
    Having that right, does not mean it’s a 
    good idea. 
    And it certainly does not mean that my
     right to do so will protect me from the real world consequences of a mugging or worse. 
    Just because tyranny loving Americans can exercise their First Amendment Rights and government officials abuse their office to issue veiled and not so veiled threats against Americans who don’t  agree with them or toe the totalitarian line, does not mean they
    will be free of the consequences forever. 
    Eventually their threats are going to 
    reach the ears, minds and hearts of A People who have reached critical mass and who will see the threat issuers as a direct imminent threat to their very lives,  and the leftist/democrat machine and it’s cogs will suffer real world 
    consequences of a response. 
    The consequences of the leftist/democrat party’s overt commie/nazi combo techniques and their catastrophic intentions to destroy The United States have openly come to the forefront and are afflicting Americans everyday lives, their ability to feed their family, live as they want, worship as they please and thrive. Worse yet, it now openly affects the ability of some to survive because they have been branded by the government as terrorists by the very fact they love and want to protect their families or are born into a certain race.
    Because of this, and the fact that most People in America like the benefits of living in this country, like their own freedom and like their own lives and
     do not want the Fundemental Foundations that offer freedom and protections available 
    nowhere else on the planet destroyed, the pendulum is starting it’s swing the other way. 
    I live in lib central Fairfax County 
    Virginia among acquaintances, co-workers and neighbors whose delusional, unhinged, foamy mouth tirades I’ve 
    listened to for years. Their tirades are now
    starting to turn to to basically stunned 
    exclamations of,
    “Oh My God. What have we done? Censorship, control and banishment was for thee, not for me.” 
    Especially the ones who have had their social or family life destroyed because they question or don’t agree with what is being done to their country and children or worse have had their children they love more than life itself turn on them, deem them worthy of hate and throw them over in lieu of their new parents, “the cause.”
    Leftists democrats everywhere, especially White democrats, are begining to realize that The US is at a pivotal juncture 
    in the survival of this country. 
    Many who are not openly unhinged lefty extremists but middle of the roaders or who are just live and let live types trying to live decent lives are now seeing 
    themselves designated as the 
    21st century version of the 
    1930s Jews in Germany when Hitler was gliding toward absolute power because they don’t fall down prostrate and worship at the official state sanctioned political altar. Self preservation is starting to feebly kick in because most of them love their lives, their 
    freedom and their children more than they hate to admit this truth and the fact that they’ve been decieved and led to a place by evil people who have crossed into a dark relm they never even dreamed existed in America.
    Leftist/democrats are watching their
    party do EXACTLY what Adolph Hitlers party did in 1930’s 
    Germany. Most approve, but many know in their hearts of hearts the inevitable conclusion of allowing such unchecked abuse of power spiral out of control.
    They KNOW they must choose to either become death cult monsters complicit in the dissolution of The Constitutional Republic and wholesale genocide that must be carried out in order to complete that mission, or become agents of stopping it.
    In 1920’s-1940’s Germany Hitler
    and his minions used their positions and social engineering  to interfere with, obstruct, 
    overide and eradicate the established, legal Constitutional Government of the German Republic and replace it 
    through sheer aggression, 
    intimidation, harassment and 
    systematic terroriziation with vicious,
    draconian, illegal, unConstitutional, illicit laws policies, edicts, procedures and engineered social norms to usurp The Peoples Rights To Their Own Lives via methodical attacks designed to crush, remove and kill any and all political opponents and
    Cititzen Dissenters.
    So too today in 21st century America, are the shadow council of presidents obiden schumer, pelosi, xi, $0r0$, gates etc., and their democrat and gutless co-conspiring republican and leftist steering committees in the process of doing the same in The 21st Century United States.
    The acceptance and embracing of these  same terrorist tactic by American 
    Citizens and the refusal of our elected 
    officials whose duty it is to stop them, means they accept, embrace and participate in the goal of destroying the 
    Foundation America was built on. 
    It also means that finally, The People they are abusing, are begining to realize  the multiple levels of dangerous corruption that is thriving in rogue gov and the reality of the choice most government entities have made, to flout and violate their Oaths, and that it is now up to the American People to 
    stop them.

    “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” – Harry  S. Truman
    The US is now in the midst of this up to now unthinkable by most People used to Constitutional Rights situation being carried out by a government reflecting the now prevalent government attitude
    “The question is not who will allow us 
    to do this, the questions  are, who will stop us?…and how do we get rid of them?”

      1. Alas, if only the worlds woes could be solved with old 140 character tweets and bumpersticker slogans.

  13. Holy cow! Whatever happened to ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’? This is beyond sad . . .

    1. Our kids are Millennials, and I have known, through them or my time teaching, hundreds more…I doubt the real number who believe this nonsense is as high as 10%…,this was robably a push poll, or something even more fake and gay…

  14. To a normal person, misgendering would be defined as “claiming to be of another gender than the gender at birth.” It would be punished by having the deluded persons inspect their own bodies for clarification.

  15. Whenever I have a discussion about where we are headed, I always tell people that America dies with the education system. These indoctrinated kids will be the future lawyers and judges and that is how the first and second amendments will fall.

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