Mr. Smith Goes to Washington — With a Possible New Indictment of Donald Trump 

Below is my column in the Messenger on the possible second federal indictment of former President Donald Trump. The basis for an indictment remains unclear but the advantage in trying a case in Washington, D.C. is obvious.

Here is the column:

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a favorite classic movie for millions of Americans. Today’s legal-political sequel, however, may prove to be a bit more controversial.

Former President Donald Trump has revealed that he received a “target letter” from Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith as part of Smith’s investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol.

Many people were surprised by the news, since Smith already is pursuing criminal charges in Florida on the mishandling of classified documents and the likely Jan. 6 allegations are far more tenuous legally. However, the second indictment may have one irresistible element: It could be tried in Washington.

There are obvious reasons why Mr. Smith would want to go to Washington in this instance. Trump would face what is, for him, arguably the worst jury pool in the country. Trump lost the 2020 presidential vote in the District of Columbia, receiving a mere 5.4% of the vote. That means finding a Trump supporter in the district’s jury pool is only slightly more likely than finding a snow leopard.

Such an indictment could come at a high legal and political cost. This would be the third criminal indictment of Trump and there may still be a fourth coming in Georgia. Past indictments have given Trump boosts in polling, and this indictment could well seal the view of many voters that Democrats are weaponizing the legal system.

Smith has a reputation in conservative circles for stretching the criminal code in high-profile cases, including the prosecution of then-Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell (R), a conviction that was later thrown out in an 8-0 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, which rebuked Smith for what it termed the “Government’s boundless interpretation.”

That would certainly be the likely criticism again if Smith relies on Trump’s Jan. 6 speech for criminal charges. That speech is entirely protected under the First Amendment and governing case law, including Brandenburg v. OhioAny count based on Trump’s speech would likely be overturned on appeal.

Smith also could be pursuing claims based on the Trump team’s effort to challenge the 2020 election’s certification, including the possible submission of an alternative slate of electors. That foundation also would be controversial, however.

In the past, congressional Democrats used the very same law to challenge presidential election certifications with little or no evidence. Indeed, not long after the election, I wrote about that possibility in what I called the “Death Star strategy” using the same grounds. The use of the federal law for that purpose was not and is not a crime.

Indeed, the House Jan. 6 (J6) Committee’s chairman, Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), voted to challenge the certification of the 2004 election results and then-President George W. Bush’s reelection. His fellow J6 Committee member, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), sought to challenge Trump’s certification in 2016. Then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) both praised the challenge organized by then-Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) in 2004.

The question is whether Smith has evidence that goes beyond such use of the same law by Trump and his supporters. The J6 Committee spent a huge amount of time and money to try to find a direct link of Trump to a violent conspiracy or other crimes. It failed to produce such direct evidence, despite its revelations of embarrassing and disturbing testimony on Trump’s reaction to the Capital riot.

Those hearings showed that the White House’s lawyers rejected the theories put forward by figures like Trump associate John Eastman. However, relying on bad advice or bad law is not a crime. President Joe Biden, like his predecessors, has been accused of knowing disregard of statutory and constitutional law, including repeated losses before the Supreme Court. We have never criminalized such interpretations.

While many of us rejected the Eastman arguments, Trump had a split among the lawyers advising him on that day. He listened to the wrong side — but proving that he clearly knew the arguments were invalid would be a difficult task for Smith.

Again, Smith may have acquired evidence that eluded the J6 Committee. We will have to see.

There also is the possibility that, despite the usual pattern of target letters leading to indictments, Smith could be doing his due diligence in seeking Trump’s appearance before a grand jury before closing out the case. Trump would be certifiably insane to take Smith up on such an offer. Yet the widespread expectation now is that Smith will indict Trump if there is any possible basis on which to do so in Washington.

A Washington trial would add pressure on Trump to seek a plea deal, but that seems unlikely to evolve. Not only could Trump be pardoned by a potential Republican president after 2024, he could grant himself a self-pardon if he won election to another presidential term.

We could learn some of these answers as early as next week, if there is an indictment. Smith gave Trump only four days to appear before the grand jury. After that, Smith must make a decision.

With a majority of voters already viewing earlier Trump indictments as politically motivated, Smith would need to make a case that is unassailable. That means it cannot be another McDonnell case built on some new “boundless interpretation” by Smith of federal law. If Mr. Smith goes to Washington this time, he needs to bring indisputable evidence and law to support new charges against Mr. Trump.

Jonathan Turley, an attorney, constitutional law scholar and legal analyst, is the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at The George Washington University Law School.



140 thoughts on “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington — With a Possible New Indictment of Donald Trump ”

  1. It is an absolute disgrace that there exists a district in the Federal Court system that can be presumed, on a practical basis, to be so politically biased that obtaining a fair trial for ANY defendant is considered improbable. The statement “arguably the worst jury pool in the country.” is damning of the DC District and suggests an entity that is incapable of justice.

    Given these circumstances, it is well past time to consider a solution. Returning the the majority of DC to Maryland would give the inhabitants the ‘representation’ they have always craved and put an end to this tyrannical district. The DC jury pool could then be chosen according to methods that insure representation of true peers and not DC dependents.

    As it is, DC citizens have under-representation in Congress and over-representation in the DC federal jury pool. That needs to be corrected.

    1. In Washington DC in 1960, it was illegal for African-Americans to enter most department stores or swim in public schools in downtown DC.

      Trump’s family’s record sounds like they not only benefited from this Jim Crow system but supported these practices predating 1960.

      The jury pool knows all about injustice! Why no fuss over their injustice?

      1. We’ve had 47 presidents. 45 of them can trace their family trees to find out they were slave owners. Blah, blah, blah.

      2. Trump is the guy who let blacks and jews into the club and golf course scene at Mara Lago and Florida area you big ignorant.
        He took a lot of heat for it. He broke the glass for them.
        So you’re as dumb and lying as they come.
        Congratulations for being wrong again, like astronomically wrong.

      3. How, exactly, would they have benefited?

        I’ll be waiting for your response, clowny.

      4. @Anonymous
        Care to tell us who specifically designed and implemented those “Jim Crow system” rules and laws? Democrats!
        Care to tell us who set up red-lining policies? Democrats!
        Care to tell us who initiated and fought the demise of segregation? Democrats!
        Care to tell us what party had a paramilitary wing manifest as the Klu Klux Klan? Democrats!
        Care to tell us what party fought the US in a civil war? Democrats!
        Care to tell us what party fought reconstruction after the civil war? Democrats!
        Care to tell us what party introduced segregation into the federal bureaucracy? Democrats!
        Care to tell us which party fought to keep anti-lynching laws? Democrats!

        And what is your point about pools in DC in 1960? Segregation is a damnable process ANYWHERE. And your attempt to try to incorporate Trump or anyone else into the very part and parcel of the racist Democratic Party smacks of more of attempting a lame diversion than admitting the despicable history of the Democratic Party in race relations.

        The only significant organized force that has maintained and revitalized racism in the US is the Democratic Party. And you use this despicable example as an excuse to compare with jury pools? My God…..

  2. Steve Bannon testified before the Grand Jury, as did Mark Meadows. Assuming neither is so loyal to Trump as to do prison time for his protection, it’s a safe bet that Jack Smith already knows the goings on at the WH and the Willard Hotel in preparation for stopping the EC Count on Jan 6th (through pseudo-Constitutional gaming, not a violent mob action).

    It doesn’t matter to me how clever or how inspired the Master Plan of Trump and his close cabal to mickey the EC Count, and reinstall himself as President. In the Ellipse Speech on J6, Trump plainly states “if Mike Pence does the right thing….I become President” — as close to a self-incriminating claim of motive and means as you’ll find for any crime, and broadcast to everyone. And if refusing to relinquish the Highest Office after one’s term has ended? — there is no greater affront to the US Constitution. The mere attempt needs to be punishable — if we don’t want such contrivances to be tried over and over until it succeeds.

    I also find it insulting and corrupt for JT to suggest that a 12-person jury empaneled in DC would substitute their political leanings to reach a verdict, rather than putting those aside and only considering the law and provable facts. If legal scholars like JT are not going to uphold high standards of jury behavior, who else is?

    1. Trump got 4% of the vote in DC the year he won the presidency.

      We saw a DC jury acquit Sussman, who was charged and indisputably lied to the FBI.

      It’s cute but incredibly naive that in an era in which Democrats have politicized virtually everything, that Democrat voters will set aside their partisan proclivities, objectively listen to the evidence, and render a fair verdict.

      But let’s assume I’m too cynical. What can you point to that suggest Trump can get a fair trial in DC?

  3. Jonathan: Finally, you have decided to address, not the “possible”, but the certain second indictment of DJT over Jan. 6 by SC Jack Smith. The “target” letter DJT received on Sunday seals that deal. Certain points in your column deserve attention.

    First, I don’t believe “many people were surprised by the news”. Trump certainly wasn’t. His attorneys told him the this second indictment was coming. That’s why DJK has continuously attacked Smith–calling him a “crackhead”. And you know Jack Smith was authorized by AG Garland to investigate BOTH the Mar-a-Lago docs case AND Jan. 6. So the looming indictment likely to be brought in the next few days should be no “surprise” to anyone–least of all you.

    Second, even before the second indictment comes down you conclude the “Jan. 6 allegations are far more tenuous legally”. Really? You don’t even bother to discuss the possible charges. But other legal experts and reporting in the media have indicated the following possible criminal charges: (1) 18 USC 241 (Conspiracy); (2) 18 USC 1505 (Conspiracy to Defraud the US); (3) 18 USC 1505 (Obstruction of a Legal Proceeding). These are the likely three main charges but others may be included. The only Q is who will be charged? Just DJT or other co-conspirators like John Eastman, et al? Maybe, as he did in the Mar-a-Lago case Smith may choose to indict just DJK and one other co-defendant with indictments of others to follow. The fact that you don’t address the above likely charges indicates you really haven’t been paying attention to this important case. That’s probably because you have been wasting a lot of time on the three-ring circus in the House by MAGA Republicans–trying to invent charges against Hunter Biden and the Biden “crime” family.

    Third, “Smith goes to Washington”, not because he may have a favorable jury pool in DC, but because that is where DJT committed all the crimes in connection with Jan. 6. Smith doesn’t forum shop like DJT. In the Mar-a-Lago docs case Smith filed his indictments in South Florida because that, again, is where DJT committed his crimes. Smith’s team knew there would be a chance they would get Judge Eileen Cannon and they did, a Trump appointee, who already made spurious ruling favorable to Trump in the previous case involving attempts to prevent the FBI from using the Mar-a-Lago docs in their criminal investigation. So Jack Smith believes he has a solid case in the Mar-a-Lago docs case and is willing to try the case in a federal district court in the center of Trump country!

    All your other claims are meritless. Yes, Trump will get a boost from MAGA supporters who will continue to send in money for DJT’s defense coffers. But if Smith gets convictions on the Mar-a-Lago docs case will moderate Republicans want to vote for a convicted criminal? MAGA supporters will but Trump can’t win, even if he gets the nomination, based on that vote alone. And, yes, Democrats have challenged elections in the past but they never incited an insurrection to overturn the election results, nor did they come up with a scheme of fraudulent electors. That’s the difference you totally ignore!

    1. More evidence just dropped a bomb on ol’ Joey from Scranton, from FBI form 1023:

      “Burisma’s top executive told a confidential source for the FBI that he funneled money to the Biden family in ways that would take investigators “10 years” to unravel the money laundering scheme used to provide “illicit payments to Joe Biden.”

      Joe Biden’s name is all over this document, which might explain why 1) Democrats were so desperate to impeach Trump for digging into Biden corruption in Ukraine, 2) the FBI and DOJ hid the document from investigators and Congress, 3) the FBI and DOJ obstructed the investigation into Hunter Biden, 4) why the corrupt plea deal with Hunter Biden was struck, and 5) why Joe Biden is willing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to protect the current regime in Ukraine.” @seanmdav

      1. Wow, it all starts to make sense now doesn’t it?

        “Nobody f*cks with a Biden.” No wonder Joe could say that so confidently.
        The Dems and the Establishment, the Deep State, and the Fake News are all in on the corruption and the coverup — for the sake of Democrat Party power.
        Trump tried to, and still could, expose it. Hence, Trump must be stopped by any means necessary.

      2. This is an FBI asset reporting Joe Biden said his family needed $10 million in order for Burisma to escape legal scrutiny.


    2. One more fact for you, dennis:

      These illegal activities by Joe Biden and Hunter Biden all took place while Joe was VP and Obama was president.
      The head of DOJs public integrity unit–the section responsible for investigating “criminal abuses of the public trust by government officials–from August 2010 until January 2015 was none other than…

      Jack Smith.

      1. Wow, a criminal perp of government covered for the Biden’s now is covering his own butt for his crimes in government and is called a prosecutor.
        It’s so sick a movie about it would have to flash suspend disbelief in subliminal flashes the entire time.
        Same thing with Barr and Epstein – Barr’s Dad had some long back mentor connection.
        Same in so many other cases.
        We have the standoff at some state Capitol that some gov fed dirtbag oversaw, then he was immediately transferred to oversee the jan 6th make it happen on purpose setup.
        It’s like the fake Whitmer kidnapping with 18 fed agents and paid snitches and 6 targets who never knew what was going on and never agreed to anything.
        It’s like the 1993 WTC van bombing where the FBI’s paid informant / target / bomb procurer RECORDED the FBI secretly then complained to them they provided a live bomb instead of a dummy… yeah it blew up and killed and injured people – the tapes reveal the “fake islamic terrorist” working for the FBI was complaining he couldn’t get his 500 bucks a month pay and his hotels covered – the handler was whining he had to make submissions and it takes time – that was part of it also discussed was the bomb crap it’s just astounding really. you can’t follow that one and not conclude the FBI was in on it – at least no sort of explanation ever came, because how could it. Covered up except for the FBI’s stooge RECORDING THE CALLS SECRETLY.

        I don’t think we can imagine how corrupt DC is and the FBI and these dirtbags like Smith are – it’s incomprehensible and we surely only hear the tip of the iceberg.
        A partisan hack who was in charge of the public integrity unit when joe and hunter were taking their 5 million dollar each bribes from Burisma and millions from many other nations. It makes sense, and it also means they all know the partisan criminal dirtbaggery is rampant and just unbelievable for the average American.

        1. Yep, Jack Smith — hand picked by Merrick Garland himself. The hitman assigned to destroy Trump no matter what, no matter how, by all means necessary. The corruption is staggering.

    3. Dennis – Nelson Mandela was a “convicted criminal.” So was Nicholas Buhkarin. So was Sophie Scholl. Where the system is corrupt, the innocent are more likely to be convicted than the guilty,

    4. Yea, another weaponized political prosecution of a non-crime.

      Go for it.

      Democrats are making themselves look like fools.

      You are the idiots who impeached Trump for seeking an investigation of conduct by Joe Biden that was obviously deserving investigation in 2019 – so worth investigation that the DOJ/FBI and IRS were already investigating it – unknown to Trump and democrats.

      And yet here you are violating the same garbage claim you used to impeach Trump over conduct that IS NOT A CRIME.

      Most of the country grasps that the 2020 election was rigged. And here you are like a banana republic criminally prosecuting the victim of the rigged election for perfvectly legal efforts to expose the election rigging.

      In 2020 Ballot harvesting was a crime in every state in the US except California.
      There is not a single state that we do nto have compelling evidence of ballot harvesting by Democrats.

      In many many instances Democrats even ADMIT to engaging in Ballot Harvesting.

  4. Trump is 100% responsible for earning the classified documents indictment.

    Trump was given 18 months – a year and a half – to return the documents. Then very politely, the National Archives kindly asked him to return the documents.

    There would be no indictment today on stealing documents, if Trump would have simply complied with the very polite request.

    On the January 6 coup attempt indictments. Over 60 judges ruled unanimously (60-0) that Trump lost the election in November of 2020. Some were even Trump friendly judges, they also ruled he lost the election.

    Trump could have avoided today’s likely indictment as well.

    Here’s an idea: why don’t Trump supporters start taking personal responsibility? Trump has no one else to blame, he did this himself!

    1. 18 months
      Things were going as normal and then the illegal harassment came from nowhere.
      We know what kind of criminal jerks are doing this crap – many announce their entire reason for existence is to cook up a fraudulent charge against Trump… they pre- announce it and were supposed to pretend along with you ?!

    2. “Trump was given 18 months – a year and a half – to return the documents. “

      There is a legal question, did Trump have to return the documents? Such questions are answered in court where both sides have their say. If Trump were proven right, he could keep them That is something the left didn’t want to happen so they took the law into their own hands. Since they control the justice department they use force to abuse Trump and even parents of children.

  5. Americans are finally seeing the hypocrisy and victimhood of the Trump cult. Most of us actually believed the Conservative BS decades ago. Now we know the Conservative movement is morally bankrupt, more racist than conservative.

    We now know, todays Trump RINOs are on the opposite side of Reagan, Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt (Conservative hero’s). Trump supporters have never been real Republicans.

    Trump Republicans today oppose NATO – supported by both Eisenhower and Reagan. Trump was figuratively in bed with Putin, trusting Putin more than our American security and intelligence agencies.

    As for Trump’s most recent victimhood event tantrum. What about all those small businesses that Trump stiffed – the small businesses performed the work then never got paid.

    That wasn’t fair also, those small business owners weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths like Trump was. These little people actually rode school buses to school, they didn’t arrive at school in a limousine like Trump did.

    Blah, blah, blah! It’s all conservative BS!

    1. you’ve never bee in construction or running anything on contracts have you…
      “the small businesses performed the work..”

    2. Anon takes aim, and like Lucille Ball holding down the trigger of an automatic .50 rifle or Anthony Weiner looking in a mirror and holding his, well, weiner, sprays in every direction and hits nothing near a target.

      Racist…lol. Nato…Reagan…silver spoon attacks…lol

      I xcannot believe the nyt hasn’t hired you or maybe buzzfeed or alec baldwin…

  6. There are other countries who indict, jail (or is it jail, indict), try, convict, and imprison opposition leaders (parties). This way they show their force and power. Those who go along are somewhat rewarded. It is frightening that we could easily arrive there–we are walking in that direction. I am not saying that Donald Trump is any kind of angel but he has brought a lot out from behind the curtain. If only the voters would talk “with”, not “to”, each other Be aware and observant. Before you vote, be aware of what is going on, how it will affect you, how it will affect your community as a whole.

  7. Well it is only Trump after all. What does it matter if he doesn’t get a fair trial? We know he is the root of all evil, right? Everything bad in our country and the world was directly or indirectly caused by Trump, no?

    “Once these devils will be destroyed, your misery will be destroyed.’ It was the old, old story of the sacrificial lamb. What about those of us who knew better? We who knew the words were lies and worse than lies? Why did we sit silent? Why did we take part? Because we loved our country! What difference does it make if a few political extremists lose their rights?”
    Judge Ernst Janning, “Judgment at Nuremberg”

  8. The corruption is an obvious reason for “trying” the case in DC. When jurors will vote guilty no matter, it is not a trial, it is pathetic progressive clowns being stupid.

  9. Mr. Smith is like a Rabid Dog, foaming at the mouth, and nipping at every opportunity to spread its decease. Like any rabid animal they are eventually caught, tested, and then put down because they are incurable.

      1. Did you read the part where George W started his comment with “Mr. Smith?”
        Why is reading comprehension so difficult for you leftists?

        1. It just seems to me that the description so aptly described tRump. So I asked. Yeh, it’s always a good thing to belittle people before you know what they stand for. How do you know I’m a leftist? How do you know I suffer from reading comprehension? Why do you throw accusations around like that. Are you a fascist tRump supporter? I’m just asking because it seems to fit so well. No assumptions here.

          1. I am a registered Independent.
            I did not vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020. S. Meyer and I had a interesting conversation about it.
            However, IF Trump is the Republican candidate in 2024 I will vote for him. Better than the totalitarian Democrat party and the woke insanity they are trying to force on everyone.
            Your comment suggested something a leftist with poor reading comprehension skills would make.

            1. ” totalitarian Democrat party”

              Ban books that I want my kids to read in the PUBLIC library – Republicans
              Make it a crime to talk to a minor about an abortion – Republicans
              Ban all abortions for any reason, causing the death of both mothers and infants – Republican
              Banning the discussion of race relations in public schools – Republicans

              I’m sure it feels good down there with your head in the sand.

              1. Provide porn books that I want my kids to read in the PUBLIC library – Democrats
                Make it a sacrament to talk to a minor about an kiddy porn – Democrats
                Provide all child body mutilation procedures for any reason – Democrats
                Enshrine the discussion of Marxist CRT in public schools – Democrats

                Or you could get a respectable job, get married, have a family and do something meaningful with your otherwise miserable existence

                1. Michael,
                  Well said.
                  Thank you for your common sense comment.
                  Common sense, logic, morals are things Bob does not embrace.
                  He would much rather sexualize children, abuse them, traffic them for their own perverse perversions.
                  Just look at the push back from the movie the Sound of Freedom. They are all but endorsing child rape.

              2. Ban books? You mean pornography in elementary schools? Is that what you mean? What is it with you leftists and the sexualization of children? Why do you want to have sex with children? Why do you promote sex trafficking of children? See Sound of Freedom.
                Dont know what you are talking about talking to a minor about abortion. I am not a Republican. I am a Independent. Get that straight. Must be your lack of reading comprehension.
                I think abortion should remain legal as I want to keep it safe and not conducted by some failed med student in a minivan. But I also think 15 weeks is a reasonable time line. While in the birth canal is immoral and wrong. Again, I am an Independent.
                Race relations you say? Dividing children into the ‘oppressed’ class and the ‘oppressor’ class is promoting hate and division. Why are you so keen on hate and division?

                Must feel good with your head up your posterior end.

                1. I find all these accusations against me quite telling.

                  Look at the facts. Where are kids most likely to be abused? Churches. I have not done an extensive study but it sure seems that more boys have been abused by the Catholic Church than by school teachers.
                  Or how about girls, seems to me the baptists have that one cornered. I believe the statistic is that way more than half of abused kids are abused by a close friend or relative.

                  I never mentioned what kinds of books have been banned that I want back in the library. Yet several jump all over me accusing me of wanting to have sex with kids. Hmmmm, seems to me though dost protest too much. Might be a good idea to have you checked out.

                  And I say this with personal experience. I once had a person close to me mention something like the following to me, “why would someone leave their kids without knowing the parents at a friends house? I’d be worried about abuse.” Well, turns out this person was mostly likely an abuser himself.

                  You want to save kids from abuse? Ban churches. You want to ban pornography? Tell your pastor to turn his damn computer off and quit looking at porn and hiring prostitutes. Odds are high your pastor is a closet gay and is abusing kids, not school teachers.

                  And now desantis is picking a fight with a private company over their marketing program. Sheeeeeeesh, freedom? you nazi repos have a very warped sense of freedom.

                  1. I forgot to mention the Florida education that wants to teach kids that slaves really had it good. They were taught a trade that made their lies so much better.

                    You have got to be kidding me? This is the history you want to be taught in school? what is wrong with you people?

              3. Based on what you say, I have to conclude you don’t go to original sources much:

                Ban books that I want my kids to read in the PUBLIC library – Republicans

                Books illustrating oral sex between an adult and a minor, in a SCHOOL library? Tell me the educational value, given that school libraries have limited space and money. You want your kids to know how to give a BJ to a grown man?

                Make it a crime to talk to a minor about an abortion – Republicans

                Or menstruation, right? If you were teaching Mennonite or observant Muslim kids instead of Black kids, would you have the same objection to their parents’ knowing what you’re talking with them about? If so, have you interrogated yourself about your reasons? Checked your privilege?

                Ban all abortions for any reason, causing the death of both mothers and infants – Republican

                Where, in any American venue, is abortion banned such that both mother and baby will die? Oh, and – I did notice your use of the word “infants.” Shouldn’t that be “fetuses”?

                Banning the discussion of race relations in public schools – Republicans

                “Race relations” is not the same as Black history, friend. What you’re talking about is “framing Black history as a story of victimhood and victimization with no acknowledgement of either the power of Black Americans over their own lives at any time in their history – a story of strength and perseverance despite terrible adversity – or the contributions of white Americans (among others) to the cause of an ever-closer hewing to the ideals of the Constitution, beginning at the beginnings of the United States and continuing through the present day.”

  10. In politics being shameless is a superpower and the Democrats are totally shameless. Biden is told by the Court that the student loan deal is ILLEGAL…he does it anyway. Biden was told that the moratorium on evictions was illegal…he did it anyway. The whole country opposes the open border…he does it anyway. A vast majority of people think the DOJ is political and is being used by the powers in office…and they just keep doing it.

    The whistleblowers are set to testify…Biden’s DOJ sends Trump the target letter thereby giving the media something to wave at the moronic public. Shameless.

    Within a month of Hunter getting TWO SWEETHEART DEALS, guns and taxes, there is cocaine found in the WH and they manage to get the SS to quash it. Shameless.

    Two extremely credible whistleblowers testify about obvious criminal cover ups and the Dems talk about Trump, racial issues and other banalities. Shameless.

    There is a vote in the House condemning the statement that Israel is a racist state and 9 DEMOCRATS vote against it. Shameless.

    Of course we won’t see anyone from the media asking AOC, A NEW YORK CONGRESSWOMAN, repeat, NEW YORK, about her anti-Semitic vote. Shameless. All 9 Democrats that voted against the bill are either squad members or they are “squad adjacent”.

  11. I remember Joe Biden standing in judgement of Richard Nixon on national television. Joe Biden, national scold of the Watergate era.

    If the Democrats accuse you of something, it’s because they want to be guilty of the same thing.

  12. “The J6 Committee spent a huge amount of time and money to try to find a direct link of Trump to a violent conspiracy or other crimes.”

    For those if us who watched Trump’s speech and the storming of the Capitol immediately thereafter on television, such a direct link was plain for all to see. For those 1/6 defendants who said they stormed the Capitol because they understood that is what Trump wanted them to do, that was plain for all to see. For those of us who are watching Trump repeatedly say he would pardon all the 1/6 defendants if he is elected in 2024, it is plain for all to see.

    Yes, there is an obvious link there, although Turley goes to great pains not to see it.

    1. Agree 100%. I just don’t get that the trumpers that continue to exist don’t see that. Those that have been convicted on J6 events have overwhelming said they did it because trump told them to. Why is this so hard for those on the right to understand. I’m sure pretty much everyone saw the storming of the capital, it did happen. Unlike the moon landing, the killing of JFK, the earth being a spheroid, Ivermectin does not work. But hey, belief is a hard thing to shake.

      IMHO, the Republican part pre 2015 is dead, gone. It is now the Trump party, no relation to the Republican Party from which it sprang. So trump will win the primaries and be the nominee of the tRump party. And in the general election he will win at least 3 states, may 8 or 10. But IMHO I see no possibility he carries enough states to be elected Prez. When tRump looses biggly in 2024 many, but not all, will start to fall away. The Repo party will take 10 to 20 years to recover from the debauchery of the tRump years.

      1. Bob: thank you. Trump continues to get increasingly desperate because he is scared to death of prison, according to his niece, which is why he announced his candidacy so early. Because of his narcissism, he HAS to get acquitted, so he can pardon himself and avoid the humiliation of doing the perp walk, not being allowed to wear his toupee, not getting Big Macs and Diet Cokes whenever he wants them, not being allowed to golf, not being able to dye his hair, and, most of all, generally losing control over his life. People talk about how terrible it is for a former POTUS to be a criminal defendant, which is true–but it’s far worse for a former POTUS to be allowed to get away with the crimes Trump has committed. It’s hard to choose the worst one, but considering the danger of exposure of our intelligence officers, especially those serving in foreign countries, plus the danger of exposure of our readiness plans, the theft and retention of classified documents is probably the worst, and there’s just no defense to this one. He could have avoided this by simply not stealing the papers in the first place, or, at minimum, returning them immediately when the NARA demanded their return. Why did he do it? No one knows for sure, other than his ego played a huge role–to show off for young female staffers, or to others he thought he could impress, to leverage the information for favors or money–or just because they said he couldn’t have them and no one tells him what to do. He thinks he’s a big shot and untouchable because of his adoring fans, who would have lynched Pence if they could have caught up with him, and they continue to believe his lies to this day–aided and abetted by an active alt-right media network of which I include Turley. There’s no escaping the fact that just this crime alone is outrageously wrong–he has to be brought to justice. How the Republican Party today can defend just this one case is incomprehensible–can you imagine Eisenhower doing something like this or Regan condoning the theft of classsified documents?

  13. All of this, while the bribe money kept rolling in to the Bidens from China, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. Nothing to see here…..

  14. The Russian Hoax was the previous biggest crime in US history….and no one went to jail.
    So expect it to GET WORSE…a LOT WORSE! Fight while you can!

  15. Dems HUNGER for Drugs, Insanity, Suicide, Illegals, crime and Fascism! Against Free Speech!
    USSR Redshirts,
    German Brownshirts,
    Italy Blackshirts,
    China Redshirts,
    Globalists/US Democrats Rainbowshirts

    Germans were GOOD people…well know!

  16. and to think GOP republicans GAVE criminal Democrats an unlimited Debt ceiling, just a MONTH ago!
    Rule of Law is DEAD in America

  17. This is all pretty obvious, the Biden Administration is attempting to use “the law” to interfere in the election. Jack Smith is a hatchet man who swings wildly and usually misses, but they’re hoping to stir up enough dust to obscure the fact that Biden is going to lose the election as long as Trump is the GOP candidate. All but the most diehard Democrats know this although some are still unwilling to admit it. There is NOTHING wrong with challenge an elections results nor is there anything wrong with protesting the result, including assembling on the mall in Washington. Granted, protestors made the mistake of entering the capitol although there is evidence they were invited in. Claiming there was an “armed insurrection” is a big stretch since there were no weapons present, just some Mace and a few other protective devices. The protestors weren’t flinging concrete-filled bottles and none of them carried firearms. If they wanted to stage an insurrection, they well could have and it would have not only been bloody, it would have been the start of civil war. It didn’t happen because they didn’t want it to, regardless of alleged “interceptions” of Email messages, etc. that could very well have been created by government sources. I am a 12-year decorated combat veteran and I must say that I am now ashamed of the country I once would have died for. The United States is on the verge of the Communist takeover Karl Marx hoped for a hundred and seventy-five years ago when he sent Joe Wedemeyer to the US to spread his Communist Manifesto. It almost worked then but it’s working now. The Democratic Party is now the Communist Party, USA and they are desperate to dominate and control America.

        1. Yep, and patriotic Americans will, in 2024 if Trump is the nominee, will AGAIN stand in line for hours, in driving rain, bitter cold, or whatever the weather, without food or water or a rest room, if necessary, to keep him out of our White House.

        2. I have 30,000,000 votes in the back of my truck lets add them to the 81,000,000 and we will have 111,000,000. When cheating go all the way.

      1. Skipper to a mate: ‘there are thousands of lobsters out there I want ten.’

        There were tens of thousands of votes in question. All one needed to find was a fraction of votes that should not have been counted. We only need 11,780 out of all of them. That should be easy to find.

  18. What a widespread but completely uncoordinated effort to prevent another Trump Presidency! They work now at such cross-purposes that it is no longer possible to find any consistency. The narrative is a scrambled mess. This is what the shotgun effect would look like if no actual shotgun were involved, just an assortment of mediocre BB guns sputtering at the same target. Their puny, lame-brained efforts will avail them naught.

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