Remember that Biden Dinner That Joe Biden Never Attended? Well, he did.

“The Bidens are the best at doing exactly what Chairman wants.” That WhatsApp message to a Chinese business associate was the perfect epitaph for the entire Biden corruption scandal. Part of the brilliance of the Biden influence peddling operation was to invest the media in the denial of any scandal. That is no more evident than the much discussed 2015 dinner of President Joe Biden with his son’s foreign associates. The alleged dinner demolished Joe Biden’s long denials of any knowledge of his son’s dealings. Accordingly, the Biden campaign denied he ever attended and the media happily dismissed the account. Well, the dinner meeting reportedly occurred, he attended, and, as usual, most of the media has not fully informed their readers or viewers.  Indeed, even though Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates was central to this denial, most of the media cannot be bothered with such trivialities.

In 2020, the New York Post reported that Hunter introduced then-Vice President Biden to a top executive at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, which was giving him more than $50,000 per month.

The Biden team and its media allies went into full crisis mode. Andrew Bates, who was still with the communication team of Biden’s 2020 campaign, assured the public that it was false. Politico reported that he had “reviewed Joe Biden’s official schedules from the time, and no meeting, as alleged by the New York Post, ever took place.” It also reported that Biden’s campaign was “punching back” on the Post’s story as false. Biden associate, Michael Carpenter, denounced it as part of “a Russian disinformation operation” and added “I’m very comfortable saying that.” You will recall that they said the same thing about the Hunter Biden laptop before the election … which the media also unquestioningly accepted.

A later Washington Post article in 2021 acknowledged that Joe Biden might have stopped by despite the prior denials. However, it reported that a “White House individual with knowledge of Joe Biden’s schedules said the decision to see Father Alex [Alex Karloutsos]” at the dinner was made late that day after the schedule was completed but Biden “didn’t even sit down” and that he “was not part of the dinner or part of the dinner discussion.” Again, problem solved.

Not quite. Former Biden associate Devon Archer just told Congress Joe Biden did attend, did sit down, and did engage all of their clients, including “Vadym P. from Burisma.” Archer said that, when Biden arrived, Biden “shook everybody’s hand” and joined their conversation. Moreover, emails show that it was long known that Karloutsos would be there in attendance.

Archer’s account supports an April 2015 email from Burisma board adviser Vadym Pozharskyi, who wrote Hunter Biden the day after the dinner to thank him for allowing him to meet his father and spend “some time together.” “It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.” Pozharskyi added, “as we spoke yesterday evening, would be great to meet today for a quick coffee,” he continued. “What do you think? I could come to you [sic] office somewhere around noon or so, before or on my way to airport.”

A month before the dinner, Hunter and Archer discussed the dinner guests, including “Pozharskyi,” who was listed as “Vadim” and “Vadym.” Archer added  “Obviously save a seat for your guy.” Biden associates were told not to refer to Joe Biden by name and referred to him as “your guy,” “my guy” or “the Big Guy.”

It was the same pattern that we saw with the laptop. The claims of Russian disinformation. The lack of media curiosity. The lack of coverage of the later disclosures. It is the hallmark of a state media, by consent rather than coercion. There are the denials of the incident, the dismissal of the story, and then the downplaying of the countervailing facts.

It is also an example of the only demonstrably true statement from Hunter in this corruption scandal. The Bidens truly are “the best” at this.

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  1. YNOT,

    The joke is on you.

    What have you been right about ?

    Why should anyone trust you about anything ?

    Why should anyone trust You or those you offer as experts over Trump ?
    Oversome hayseed in Iowa ?
    Over all of those you have spewed bile and vitriole at, and called all kinds of names who have on every issue been right as you have been wrong ?

    I am not going to try to predict the short term outcome of a rigged contest.

    As to the long run ? People who are wrong FAIL. The more wrong they are the MORE they FAIL.

    The real worl is not perfect – sometimes the bad guys win and sometimes the good guys lose.
    But the real world is the closest to perfect that we have – and it is very very very rare that those who are consistently wrong prevail.

    Regardless, we are already past peak left wing nut. We should have been passed it in 2016 when Clinton lost.
    The left FAILED under Obama and the nation rejected 4 more years of that failure.
    But YOU did not get the message.

    By hook and crook you have managed to prop up failure.

    Nearly always that means the collapse will be all the more complete and all the more brutal.

    Regardless, none of this is about Trump.

    It is about YOU.

    Trump is not the problem YOU are.

  2. Anonymous

    “Where did NATO expand? What NATO countries border Russian?”
    Seriously ?

    Gorbechev and later Yeltsin were PROMISED that NATO would NOT expand to include ANY eastern block countries.
    There was no reason to.
    Today we are close to NATO surrounding Russia.
    Further we already Know that Russia invaded Georgia – when NATO threatened to expand into Georgia.
    That Russian invaded Ukraine Both now and before – which the West threatened to incorporate Ukraine into NATO

  3. Joe Biden caught on video accepting pallets of cash delivered from Ukraine, Russia, China, et al.

    The Left’s/MSM’s “explanations:” He was just directing traffic. It’s perfectly legal to accept cash. That’s just the illusion of cash. It’s really HB’s cash and JB is just being a loving father. He wasn’t deeply involved in accepting the cash. But Ivanka accepted cash. . . .

    1. Correct! JB is corrupt, HB is corrupt and our vaunted 4th Estate is under their control

  4. I am so sick of seeing the BIDENS Names on this , that I’ve stopped reading for months now. How many articles have you written about the Orange mentally challenged sick man who after 3 years still is unable to deal with reality.?

    1. Guinness buddy, you are convoluted, Biden is the President, You go to all lengths to say that the Election was not a Steal, Biden is the real deal, and that DJT should be incarcerated.

      Joe Biden is the President, He should receive more attention and scrutiny than Anyone else.

      So that puts the spotlight on Biden, after all that’s what your after. So now that it is, the Cameras zoom in and the cracks and flaws start to appear, and You are saying that this is not fair.

      Twisted, but that’s what you do, deceive to capture and destroy the integrity of the Audience.

      Totally Convoluted.

  5. Mr. Turley, I have a question about the legality of Mr. Smith’s charges. The charges in his complaint have to do when Donald Trump was still President. Though there was a very short time period between voting and the swearing in of Joe Biden, in my opinion only Congress could have raised the issue of wrong doing. Impeachment, but Congress didn’t not start this action BEFORE Trump left office. So my question did Congress fail in it’s legal standing and does the current seated Congress can take up the matter without Mr. Smith? The basis of my question is about the constitutional aspects of the case.

  6. Does this mean that Joe has been lying to everyone? Oh no! Has he resigned yet? Joe Biden has done more to bespoil and dishonor the office of the Presidency than any President in history. And absolutely nothing is being done about it. Just a bunch of noise, and nothing. I’m getting older now and more and more glad I won’t have to watch the outcome of all of this .

  7. OT, it feels a bit sad to say this but I’m glad the US women’s soccer team lost to Sweden. Most of the players have been acting like spoiled, ungrateful brats, and they needed to be taken down a notch. It will hopefully be good for their personalities in the long run.

    1. There was a sharps gambler commenting on the World Cup and which teams to avoid betting on, his comment went something like “don’t bet on any team that does recognize their country with pride, they are too self-centered to sustain a winning attitude under adversity.”

      1. That makes a lot of sense. It articulates why I was more or less expecting the US team to lose.

  8. Turley ignores the part of Archer’s testimony to Comer’s committee where he said Joe Biden was not involved in Hunter’s business deals.

    Turley goes to great lengths to suggest that he somehow has a “gotcha” here when all he seems to have shown is that Joe Biden might have stopped by a dinner, shook some hands and exchanged pleasantries. Like Trump does at every Mar-a-Lago wedding – just because Trump stopped by does not mean he will even remember who the bride was the next day.

    1. First comment is a DNC astroturfer with the two time-tested classic Democrat deflections:
      1) “Nuh uh!”
      2) “Even if it did happen, Trump did it too!”

    2. This is a foolish comment. Archer said he was not present on calls or in meetings when Joe Biden was called on for assistance. For example, he was excluded from the Dec 4 2015 call to “D.C.” that Hunter Biden made with Zlochevsky and Pozharski at their urgent request. These kind of calls are not made in front of witnesses, for obvious reasons.

      1. Daniel, I cant figure out if Bidens are clean, why to the apologist keep lying about the evidence. You are 100% write about Archers Testimony. There is a huge difference between a declarative statement ‘Joe Biden was not involved in Hunters Business’ and I never saw them discuss business..

    3. Have some respect for America and for yourself. Biden is compromised and was installed. Countless truckloads of evidence against him.
      The Democrat party stands for nothing but the looting of the treasury and the destruction of the Constitution.

    4. Biden associates were told not to refer to Joe Biden by name and referred to him as “your guy,” “my guy” or “the Big Guy.”

      Like the Mob when Bob Blakey placed listening devices in every crevice of their hangouts. “Don’t refer to Gotti as Gotti. It’s ‘Mr John Gotti to the FBI'”.

      Who would have ever entertained the thought for 1 second that this paragon of virtue, whose history includes plagiarizing, lying about plagiarising, lying about his full ride and lying about his class standing, his “academics”, and was condemned for being a racist by that racist Kamala, and worshipped by leftists, could possibly forget to wear his halo?

      Hunter, let’s face it, was a genius businessman on par with Warren Buffet and took Burisma for every penny he could squeeze out of ’em.

      Our leftist media is like a hostile, foreign power interfering with the our constitutional freedoms. They should be indicted for creating and spreading false information.

      Man, I cannot stand them.

  9. It would not have been illegal for Joe Biden to eat with those folks or shake their hands. So not really worth the time exploring whether this was a falsehood when we know that Trump told 30,000 falsehoods in his four years as President, including a very big and persistent one where he incited an insurrection.

    1. If there was nothing wrong with Biden attending the dinner then why did his staff at first deny that he did?

    2. Shelly – give us a list of those “30,000” as claimed by the usual radical left slanderers of the Dem Party and media. By the same token I can claim Hillary told over 2,109,400 lies during her career. Obama, 1,234,556. Biden, lost count – pathological liar (even recognized so by his fellow Dems in the House and Senate) his entire career. BTW, an insurrection is a mass revolt with lots of shooting, burning, and damage. Much like the far left Antifa and BLM riots led by communist revolutionaries. [NO? Did you miss all the communist logos and slogans carried by these vermin?]

      We now know for 100% certainty that the “riot” was 99% produced by the 38+ undercover fed agents (as reported by DC Chief of Police, who was fired the next day when he was going to expose Pelosi’s scheme) along with a 100 or so Antifa and BLM agitators. No one was hurt except for four MAGA people. Two died of heart attacks, one woman was murdered with a unwarranted shot to the neck, and another woman was stomped to death by female DC cop. One DC cop named Gonell claimed he was “savagely beaten” and suffered major brain injuries. False. Video shows him walking around and joking with other cops AFTER the affair was quiet. I bet your Dem media will never report such things, right? And you will remain a useful idiot to them as you accept whatever BS the fascist (communist who allow some capitalism) Dems throw out each day.

      Dems rage against anyone who dares reveal the truth which bogs down their propaganda campaign. They are fully insane, and deserve to be kicked out of the US, where we Americans (opposite of Dems) permit them to secede the 57 counties Hildebeast won in 2016 and form a country called “Alliance of Socialist States” (ASS). You can be as insane and Woke as you desire. Until your collapse. There are about 35 million of you, and over 85 million of us.

  10. Jonathan: The indictment of a former president of the US is a big deal. Never been done before. But in other countries, not noted for their allegiance to democratic values, former leaders have been charged and convicted of crimes. Case in point. Pakistan. Former PM Imran Khan has just been arrested after he was convicted of corruption. What did he do? He was found guilty of unlawfully selling state gifts during his tenure as PM from 2018 to 2022. Khan says he will appeal to the country’s SC. and has asked his supporters to “peacefully” protest. Sound familiar? The Pakistan government said: “Imran was given ample opportunities to present his defense, but he consistently sought to sidestep the law, hiding behind legal complexities and employing delaying strategies”. Again, sound familiar? See, even in a country like Pakistan they believe in the rule of law.

      1. Thinkitthrough: You apparently don’t see the difference between the Pakistani law that criminalizes homosexuality and the the law applicable to corruption by a former PM. They are quite distinct. My point, which you missed, is that the Pakistan’s government is holding the former PM accountable for unlawful conduct while in office. That is exactly what Jack Smith is trying to do. No person is above the law, not even a former president. You missed the point because you don’t think things through!

        1. “Since 1789, no action taken by a president while in office had ever been criminalized. (No wars, assassinations, nothing.) As of 2023, criminal presidential action consists of:

          – Misdescribing payments to a porn star
          – Tweeting critical memes about Pennsylvania state legislators”


    1. Dennis McIntyre, all your LGBTQ++++++friends will be glad to know about your high esteem for Pakistani law.

    2. Dennis – the use of the law to destroy your political opponents has been the norm in history. For example, the early Roman emperors, especially Tiberius, used the device of “delatores” to denounce influential or simply rich rivals. Often the denunciations were of vague crimes such as “spurning the majesty of Tiberius”. They profited from their denunciations and thus were self-financing. Such people destroyed the vesitges of Roman democracy, just as American leftists are now destroying the vestiges of a free country here.


      Prentis asserted that, “popular self-government ultimately generates disintegrating forces from within”, as:

      From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to courage; from courage to freedom; from freedom to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency ; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to fear; from fear to dependency; and from dependency back to bondage once more.

      – Wiki

    2. One man, one vote democracy will not persist.

      One man, one vote democracy devolves into the “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

      America was designed and established to be a severely restricted-vote republic, which all republics have been since inception in Greece and perpetuation in Rome and the U.S.

  11. Archer’s go to word was “Like”, I didn’t try and determine how many instances he used the word but it’s was (LIKE) many.

    (LIKE) Examples

    “invest in and be like..
    We were like, okay, well
    So I was like, okay,
    It’s like,
    He was like,
    Which is like the—I would say like the fidelity of china
    Because obviously drilling was like, you know a,
    So those are like my content
    I don’t, like, remember
    Like after all—we kind of spent the 3 days together
    You know, not, like—whatever
    I don’t have that, like, visual
    So you had this, like—I mean,…that was, like, really—like, it was a mistake
    But RST was, like, kind of a mistake…, it was just, like, a regulatory
    So, like, I wouldn’t… wires or, like, pressed “go”
    That’s why I clarified the point, like; I wasn’t, like doing this banking
    First one was, like, a birthday dinner
    There was basically—like, essentially—not “essentially.” There’s a lobbyist that the D.C. team would call for, like, visa
    We went into—we did—like, went into the armored cars
    That my, like, only honest opinion
    That’s like my honest—that’s like really what I—that’s like how I think holistically
    Yeah, he never—there was no ambushing in the sense that, like, Hunter wouldn’t just, like, be like, listen, this is my dad,

    These are just a few examples.

    My attorney of many years (bless him) in the few depositions I had, said limit your use avoidance words as much as possible, they can raise more questions than answers.

    Like: forming adjectives from nouns, meaning, characteristics.

    1. Same with the tucker interview. He was shifty, evasive, and careful with his phrasing. He knows way more than he has told yet.


    “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.”

    – Karl Marx

  13. Pure commentary gold from William Kunstler today:

    That silence you hear these dog days of a wilting empire is the calm before the storm and everybody knows it. “Joe Biden’s” final desperate ploy against the menace of Donald Trump looks about on par with the Ukraine spring offensive, hardly even worth a “hey, nice try.”

    So, the best they could do was to charge Mr. Trump with objecting vocally to an election that looked as rotten as Hunter’s uncapped teeth? We all saw what happened overnight November 3 and 4, 2020: what the numbers looked like in the swing precincts at midnight and the magic mathematics that swapped tens of thousands of votes over from the Trump column to the Biden column (say, whu?) … the shutdown of the Fulton County State Farm Arena due to a supposedly leaking toilet and the ensuing monkey business with rolly-bags full of ballots under the tables captured by the closed-circuit cameras… the miraculous wee-hour harvest of ballots in Milwaukee… US Postal Service truck full of completed ballots out of Bethpage, Long Island, that turned up in Philadelphia… Mark Zuckerberg’s $419-million-dollar operation using two front orgs, the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) to staff precinct election boards with party shills and buy votes… the thumb drives and modems in the vote-counting machines….

    Special Counsel Jack Smith may find it difficult to prove that expressing an opinion about all that is some kind of crime. Meanwhile, he’s turned Mr. Trump into the poster boy for the many other aggrieved victims of a government weaponized against its own people. More than half the country sees exactly what’s going on and no amount of video footage showing “JB” and Jill holding hands on the beach is going cover for that. We are on the threshold of a king-hell national crisis.

    1. an election that looked as rotten as Hunter’s uncapped teeth?

      eeegads, that was brutal. His terrible teeth was a reminder of the the irreversible consequences of using crack, cocaine, crystal meth. Yet, instead of using it as a teachable moment for the many drug addicts (or those tempted), Hunter Biden, as a son of a privileged white guy, has gotten a pass. Minorities, those on the margins, those of modest to little economic means, do not have the resources to get dental implants, seeing they cause thousands of dollars a tooth. it was a missed opportunity to preach “diversity, equity and inclusion”, but as usual, the Left does not take their dogmas to heart for themselves. Hunter’s addiction was an opportunity for him, per the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous, to express humility, make amends to all those whom he has harmed, and show the world what a ‘fearless moral inventory’ looks like as the 12 Steps says. All this is to say that Hunter is a fraud as are his enablers.

      We all saw what happened overnight November 3 and 4, 2020: what the numbers looked like in the swing precincts at midnight and the magic mathematics that swapped tens of thousands of votes over from the Trump column to the Biden column

      I never bought the argument that voting was done illegally and nefariously to such a wide extent that it swing the election results. Magic ballots, missing ballots, dead people voting, etc, happen, it seems, for every election, though they should never occur. The election was decided before it ever took place by the many manipulations by the MSM and COVID mail-in ballots, particularly those ordered by Executive fiat of some States, as opposed to State Legislatures. SCOTUS should have demanded a new election without the COVID “mitigating” election ploys. Setting that aside, the fact that Obama/Biden/Hillary and their MSM kkkomrades censored, manipulated, launched a coup against Trump in 2016, and undermined his presidency from Inauguration Day with limousines set on fire in DC, and massive violence thereafter, are more than enough data points to make all Americans believe that Trump had reason to protest the election “results” because they were rigged. I did not vote for Trump in 2016 nor 2020, nor Biden in 2020, but the 2020 election was disgusting. It was something out of Venezuela.

      We are on the threshold of a king-hell national crisis.

      I have stated on this forum many times that it is easy to complain, scream the sky is falling and the end is near, yet do nothing in personal conduct to reverse the trend. The Right has been a monstrous plank in the eyes of Americans while complaining about the splinter of the “unsaved” (e.g. Anita Bryant, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Charles Stanley, Oral Roberts, etc). I have always believed that the Right is just as culpable for the fall of American civilization by failing to walk the talk which they demand others to adopt. The lowest point in their recent history was learning that the President of Liberty University, a christian fundamentalist school, Jerry Falwell, Jr, employed a pool boy for over a year, to bang his wife so that the 3 of them can get their rocks off. No one should be shocked that atheists piss on people of Faith. We have done a marvelous job of showing them why we are all hypocrites, and are no better than them. With that said, we might be in a national crisis, but that doesn’t prevent each individual of pulling their own weight, taking care of themselves, their loved ones, their families, their neighbors, demonstrating love for our own kin and stranger in our midst, and perhaps turning the country around. Chances of that happening are as good as Americans exercising, losing weight to a BMI < 25, eating nutritious meals, being faithful to their marriage vows, and raising children to be functional, mature, capable adults. Better late than never.

      1. Jews in America are no better. Commentary Magazine ran an excellent article about a Jewish boy who attended a Jewish school, who was part of the school’s cross country team, and refused to participate in a sporting event because it fell on the sabbath. The author recounts how the Jewish students, Jewish parents, Jewish school leaders all pressured him to run anyways. Eventually the boy appealed to the non-Jewish organizers of the athletic event, to change the date of the event, so that he could observe Sabbath. The organizers granted him his request. Excellent piece:

        The Boy Who Thought He Shouldn’t Run
        Jewish Commentary by Meir Y. Soloveichik

        After Oliver adamantly refused to submit to the terrible pressure, his coach finally suggested that a request be sent to Greg Dunston, the director of the Maryland race, requesting that the race be moved. This Oliver did, telling Dunston that “it would mean the world to be able to both race and keep Shabbat.” Dunston readily changed the date, showing respect for Oliver’s faith in a way that Oliver’s own community never did. He ran, and his team won; but as exceptional as Oliver has proved to be, it is hard to celebrate his team’s victory. Never, perhaps, was a team less deserving.

        1. Please refrain from anti-semitism.

          Any comment you think is applicable to all Jews in America is maybe something you should think twice about.

    2. He either hasn’t read the indictment, or he didn’t understand it, or he’s purposefully lying to his readers.

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