Age of Rage: UChicago Report Finds 30 Million Americans View Violence as Justified To Keep Trump from Power

I recently asked, in light of the free speech implications of the second federal Trump indictment, when the price is too high for those who seek to jail the former president. The chilling answer is found in a new report out of the University of Chicago showing that almost 12 percent of the population, representing 30 million people, believe that violence is warranted to prevent Trump from assuming the presidency. That is almost double the number who believe that violence is warranted to ensure that Trump does become president.

As discussed in The Guardian, the Chicago Project on Security & Threats survey found many Americans are embracing violence as an option for political change.

We have watched as rage has risen in the country. It is often celebrated by one side or the other. I previously discussed how a scene like the recent confrontation on the floor of the Tennessee House perfectly captured our “age of rage.” Protesters filled the capitol building to protest the failure to pass gun-control legislation. Three Democratic state representatives — Justin Jones from Nashville, Justin Pearson from Memphis, and Gloria Johnson of Knoxville — were unwilling to yield to the majority. They disrupted the floor proceedings with a bullhorn and screaming at their colleagues.

It is a scene familiar to many of us in academia, where events are regularly canceled by those who shout down others. The three members yelled “No action, no peace” and “Power to the people” as their colleagues objected to their stopping the legislative process. Undeterred, the three refused to allow “business as usual” to continue.

Nobel Laureate Albert Camus once said, “Insurrection is certainly not the sum total of human experience but … it is our historic reality.” Those words came to mind when Tennessee’s House of Representatives expelled two members accused of disrupting legislative proceedings in what some called an “insurrection” or a “mutiny.”

Only a few days before the Tennessee House floor fight, a confrontation occurred off the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington which captured perfectly this new political reality.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) was shown on videotape screaming about gun control in the Capitol as his colleagues left the floor following a vote. Various Democratic members, including former House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), tried to calm Bowman. However, when Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) asked Bowman to stop yelling, Bowman shouted back: “I was screaming before you interrupted me” — which could go down as the epitaph for our age.

The problem is that political figures on both sides are attempting to harness this rage.  They are playing a dangerous game. Trump’s inflammatory tweets are an example. Likewise, former Democratic National Committee deputy chair Keith Ellison, now the Minnesota attorney general, once said Antifa would “strike fear in the heart” of Trump. This was after Antifa had been involved in numerous acts of violence and its website was banned in Germany. His son, Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison, declared his allegiance to Antifa as riots raged in his city last summer.

Unleashing such rage is difficult to control and often those leading the mob find themselves later pursued by it. This is why, during the French Revolution, the journalist Jacques Mallet Pan warned, “Like Saturn, the revolution devours its children.”


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  1. “Republicans did nothing about Bill Clinton flying to islands with minors

    Republicans did nothing about Hillary Clinton smashing devices

    Republicans did nothing about James Comey brazenly lying

    Republicans did nothing about Andy McCabe plotting a silent coup against a sitting President

    Republicans did nothing about BLM raising $100 million and breaking charitable giving laws

    Republicans in Florida did nothing about James Biden’s alleged fraud scheme involving a hospital system

    Republicans in Arkansas did nothing about Hunter Biden’s myriad crimes

    Republicans have done nothing against ANTIFA and their interstate RICO operations

    Republicans have done nothing against Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance, or the other fake scientists who promoted lies about Covid’s origins to hide their own culpability

    Why would Democrats be afraid of us? They run the country while Republican AGs and DAs quiver in fear and run for the hills.”

    11:59 PM · Aug 14, 2023

    1. Things that are now illegal according to the Georgia indictment:

      – Asking people for phone numbers
      – Reserving rooms in a Capitol building
      – Telling people to watch TV
      – Getting people to attend legislative hearings.

      — Greg Price (@greg_price11) August 15, 2023

      More things that are now illegal according to the indictment:

      – Holding meetings
      – Calling people
      – Asking people to call special sessions of legislatures
      – Setting up phone calls

      — Greg Price (@greg_price11) August 15, 2023

      – Getting contact information for people
      – Sending emails
      – Observing signature match audits on mail in ballots
      – Asking people to speed up signature match audits.

      Things that people are now being charged for.

      — Greg Price (@greg_price11) August 15, 2023


      – Telling people that there may have been voter fraud
      – Telling people to watch RSBN
      – Discussing the election on a phone call
      – Offering to provide election worker Ruby Freeman with protection

      — Greg Price (@greg_price11) August 15, 2023

      8/15/23, 8:45 AM

  2. This GA indictment is the biggest joke yet.

    These people really do have no self awareness. Same people driving 50 and refusing to move out of the left hand lane.


  3. “Trump’s inflammatory tweets” ?????

    Professor, please look up “false balance”.

    So sad… We have so many corrupt liars in government service and media… and so many, very many, ignorant or just plain stupid people in this country.

  4. As long as Trump is willing to fight for the country, I’m willing to fight for Trump 2024.

    Without Trump on the ticket, MAGA will not come out to vote, Republicans will lose just about everywhere, and this country will be under a one party Democrat Authoritarian WEF Gloablist Rule.

    Trump 2024 !!!

      1. If Trump only fights for himself, I say, keep fighting for yourself because you moved the country in the right direction increasing jobs, increasing income, decreasing taxes for the lower class, keeping us out of war, etc.

        This fool thinks Biden is fighting for the people. The people want him to stop fighting because he is killing them.

        You don’t know what you are talking about and you can’t match your rhetoric with fact. You are a mouthpiece repeating what you were told.

      2. If Trump only fought for himself he never would have run at all. He could have made a fortune in the private sector and not gotten crucified by the Democrat fascist machine.

      3. That statement makes no sense. There is not one factual statistic that backs that statement up. Turn off your tell-a-vision and stop injecting yourself.

  5. The Fulton County GJ has voted in favor of 10 indictments, but no press conference / no further info about who was indicted and what counts until the clerk dockets and processes the indictments, which could be a couple of hours.

    1. The Fulton County GJ has voted in favor of 10 indictments,

      41 counts. All you got is the first page posted before the Grand Jury actually voted. The indictment was written before the investigation started.

  6. There is no free speech or tolerance on the Left. They’re only tolerant of people who hold exactly the same beliefs. Which isn’t tolerance at all.

    The media and academia did a fantastic job amplifying false stories about Trump. He’s a braggart, but thanks to the media, too many people believe he’s a racist, fascist, xenophobe, etc.

    The Left tends to call anyone they disagree with a fascist. They’re calling women who don’t want to compete in women’s sports against men fascists. Though Republicans wish to preserve individual rights, which undermines fascism, it’s been branded fascist.

    The Left promoted false stories that Trump was working for Russia, when it was actually Hillary Clinton who paid a disgraced British spy to gain Russian misinformation and bar talk against Trump. Joe Biden publicly bragged about a quid pro quo in Ukraine, but the media claimed it was Trump who was guilty of a quid pro quo for one phone call inquiring about it. The Left claimed that Trump violated the emoluments clause because foreign tourists could pay the going rate and stay at any of his hotels or play his golf courses. That’s not what the Emoluments Clause refers to. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden allegedly sold political favors while his father was in office, and Biden’s Administration shielded Hunter and Joe, slow walking investigations for years. The media gave Joe Biden a boost in the 2020 election by falsely claiming Hunter’s laptop was Russian misinformation. Democrats ludicrously claimed Trump was antisemitic because he forwarded a “lock her up” meme with Hillary Clinton. The claim that the clip art labeled “sheriff’s badge” was actually a Star of David, which would make no sense as Clinton is Christian. Meanwhile, law enforcement, rangers, and even gymkhana teams use six pointed stars in their badges and logos. They claimed he was antisemitic, even though he was close friends with Netanyahu, and courageously moved the embassy to Jerusalem. He’s been a staunch friend to Israel. Meanwhile, Joe Biden plans to release Iran’s billions of assets, which it will use to promote its nuclear weapons projects, the goal of which is the total annihilation of Israel. The Left claimed that Trump was too mentally incompetent to have the nuclear codes, while Joe Biden can’t remember how to exit the stage, and has to read notes telling him where to sit, when to clap, and what to say. Trump took a cognitive assessment and released the results, while Joe Biden angrily refused. Trump took home documents that he claimed he declassified, as was his purview as president, and quarreled with the National Archive over what documents they were entitled to. The NA typically spends years chasing records down from former presidents. That was deemed a threat to national security. Meanwhile, Joe Biden kept boxes of documents, including classified material, in his unsecured garage next to his Corvette, and sent relevant classified material to his think tank, the Penn-Biden Center. His drug addict, self destructive son used terminology and phrasing from classified briefings, in his emails selling political favors to foreign entities. If Trump did that, there would have been riots.

    The Left has contrived to paint Trump as a boogeyman, far above his very real flaws, while portraying Joe Biden, the hair sniffer who may have gotten rich through grift, as a kindly, polite grandfather. The amount of boost that Democrats get from the media in elections, alone, is measurable. They amplify injurious, often false, stories about Republicans, Libertarians, and even non legacy Democrats, while burying stories, often true, about the elite, establishment Democrats. It’s Pravda on steroids. Private industry is more innovative and efficient than government, and propaganda is no exception.

    1. 👏👏 Well stated, Karen. Sadly, what you’ve correctly identified will have zero impact on Leftists. They no longer scurry when the light is shined on them. Instead, they become even more belligerent, daring ‘normals’ to come after them without a single clue about being careful for what they wish.

  7. . . . almost 12 percent of the population, representing 30 million people, believe that violence is warranted to prevent Trump from assuming the presidency

    You’re about 23 years behind the times. The last time 30 million represented 12% of the population was in 1990 (30 million is 12% of 250 million). The US population today is close to 340 million; 30 million is under 9% of that population.

    1. Don’t forget Bidenomics!
      Mortgage rates hit 7.53%, highest since 2000.
      Thanks Joe Biden!

      Joe Biden is a criminal.
      Pass it on….

    2. And this coming weekend, it is off to Tahoe for the Bidens NEXT vacation. Must be nice to be treated like the King of America

  8. my guess is

    few of the 30 million

    have ever touched a rifle in their life

    and never intend to

    whereas all of the 18 million

    not only own multiple rifles

    but have fired thousands of rounds

    through them

    and have thousands more in the


  9. Actually, if you’re honest, the answer to those questions is: some on the left AND some on the right.

  10. August 14, 2023 at 4:56 PM

    Estovir Says:

    “Darren can check IP addresses and assess whether the IP address belongs to a high fraud risk ISP that abusive trolls and scammers use worldwide. It is a truly dark web that exists and we see their abusive work hourly. OTOH, I can read just a few words and determine the authorship. The paid DNC troll uses the same key signature words that rarely anyone else uses, regardless of the zillions of sockpuppet accounts.”

    Estovir is always squealing like a pig with regards to ‘trolls’. Like why is it ‘his’ concern?? And why is Estovir always referring to Darren as something of a ‘partner’?? Are they coordinating all day long??

    ANSWER: Estovir is the Bl*g St**ge and he quite literally thinks of these threads as his personal forum.

    Estovir writes about 70% of the comments here on any given day. Because of ‘him’, these threads typically read like a mob of angry Trumpers.

    Yet Professor Turley has the audacity to decry this “age of rage”!

    If all the anger of this era bothers Turley so much, he should logically ban Estovir. Estovir, more than anyone, has been the rudest, and stupidest of commenters. But instead Turley seeks to root out anyone trolling Estovir.

    Which goes to show that Turley’s claim of being a ‘free speech’ advocate is absolutely meaningless!

    1. I wish I could give you half of an upvote, because I basically agree with everything you wrote about Estovir. The clown attacked me the other day for no good reason — just swooped in like a chicken hawk and started pecking away. It would be a MUCH better comment section without him and possibly a few others who appear to think of this as their own personal playground where they can bully whomever they choose.

      That said, this is hardly an endorsement of YOU. Your statement about “a mob of angry Trumpers” is all I really need to read. There’s already too much of that sort of off-topic ad hominem at this site — WAY too much.

      1. The fascists are on the right, and yes, I do expect that they will attempt more election interference.

        1. The fascists are on the right.

          That may have been true 90 years ago, but think about today if you can. Who is promoting censorship, lockdowns, blind obedience to the state, media as propaganda tool of the state, government-corporate complexes, academic conformism, election rigging, and so on? The answer to every one of those is clear: it’s Democrats. The “right” promotes the opposite: freedom of movement, free inquiry in academia, election integrity, personal choice in vaccines, questioning of government agencies, and free speech.

          So . . . saying something like “the fascists are on the right” is completely disconnected from the reality of today. In fact, it’s the opposite of the truth. Then again, I’ve noticed some commenters live in opposite world.

        2. As a mental exercise, you should try thinking back to whenever it was that someone mind-conditioned you into thinking in terms of right vs left, and placing those bipolar labels on people and issues instead of just thinking things through without the prepackaged ideological nonsense.

          1. As a mental exercise, YOU should try imagining that I haven’t been “mind-conditioned” and that’s simply some garbage that you wish to falsely believe about me.

            1. Right vs Left is a falacy — a cookie-cutter way of reducing a complex world into a simplified formula for simple minds that have been sofrened up in order for politicians to control them.
              You’ve been mind-conditioned to accept an invented vocabluary and an invented bunch of bipolar right vs left / us vs them BS.
              There may be a better expression than “mind-conditioned,” but if there is, it’s escaping me for the moment.
              Believe me — I’m not expecting you to understand what I’m referencing here — not in this life or the next.

              1. It’s not a fallacy. There’s a continuum from right to left (or left to right), but as is the case with any other continuum, one can talk about the extremes as subsets of the whole. It’s no more of a cookie cutter distinction than your condemnation of Democrats as a group. Believe me — I’m not expecting you to understand what I’m referencing here — not in this life or the next.

                1. Meanwhile if one actually thinks about the hallmarks of rising fascism (see my list above), it describes the actions of today’s Democrats almost perfectly – except those on the margins like RFK Jr. But it describes what those in power are actually doing.

                2. “It’s no more of a cookie cutter distinction than your condemnation of Democrats as a group.”

                  LOL — Democrats ARE a group — a tangible organization comprised of all people who specifically self-label themselves as democrats.
                  There is NO SUCH THING as a tangible organization comprised of all people to specifically self-identify as left or right.
                  You are clueless in addition to being mind-conditioned. And like I said, I knew you’d never understand what I’m talking about.
                  But go ahead, last-word freak — have the last word.

        3. It is behavior, not labels, that matters. Which side is: censoring speech on the internet; enforcing orthodoxy in employment at colleges: shouting down speakers at colleges; burning down cities when it suits them; engaging in lawfare; rigging elections; denouncing people with unorthodox opinions (e.g., RFK)? It is clear who is engaging in behavior that is usually called “fascist”. It is only the label that is missing.

          1. Which side is threatening to fire career civil servants and demand a loyalty test? Which side refuses to accept that it lost the 2020 election? It is clear who is engaging in behavior that is usually called “fascist”

            1. You say that as if firing career civil servants from a corrupted, bloated, deep state bureacracy is a bad thing?
              Why should anyone accept a stolen election and the corrupt corpse they installed?
              Why should anyone accept Pelosi’s false & dishonest “narrative” about her planned “Fedsurrection”?
              Why should America accept Democrat Authoritarian Globalist Rule over us?

              We should not.
              And we will not.
              Truth will win.

            2. “Which side is threatening to fire career civil servants [. . .] engaging in behavior that is usually called ‘fascist’.”

              Fascists do not decrease the size of government. They increase it.

              Yet again, you’re playing games with words, as a means to smear the opposition.

      1. No, she didn’t.

        “The Office of the Fulton County Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts has learned of a fictitious document that has been circulated online and reported by various media outlets related to The Fulton County Special Purpose Grand Jury.
        “While there have been no documents filed today regarding such, all members of the media should be reminded that documents that do not bear an official case number, filing date, and the name of The Clerk of Courts, in concert, are not considered official filings and should not be.
        “Media members can expect to be notified of any/all filings in real time and will be provided access to filings via equitable communication.
        “As the official custodian of various county records, the Clerk of Courts understands the sensitivity of all court filings, especially those that are at the forefront of the national spotlight and remains committed to operating with an extreme level of efficiency, accuracy, and transparency.”

        1. Strange that the fictitous document looks like the “real”one

          That the court lies to you and you believe it, defines your problems.

  11. Trump will have multiple trials in process next year. The PR will all Trump, all the time.

    1. Trump’s PR will be negative, and Trumpists won’t care when he’s found guilty, just like they didn’t care that he was found liable for sexual assault. Trumpists have been taken in by a con artist, and they like his con.

      1. Thanks, Aninny. Why don’t you get a name? Shy perhaps?

        Joe Biden really, really liked Tara Reade, according to Tara’s account of their meeting in the hallway.

        Wikipedia skipped right over the fact that Teddy Kennedy was drunk out of his mind while driving Mary Joe home.

        Did Teddy have sex with Mary Joe? Who knows, perhaps that Kennedy didn’t like sex.

        “The Chappaquiddick incident occurred on the island in Massachusetts of the same name some time around midnight between July 18 and 19, 1969,[5][6] when Senator Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy negligently drove his car off a narrow bridge, causing it to overturn in a tidal pond. This resulted in the drowning death of his 28-year-old passenger Mary Jo Kopechne, who was trapped inside the vehicle.[7][8][9][10]”

        – Wiki

      2. Yes. Remember how shocked, appalled and taken aback Democrats were at allegations of sexual assault against Clinton and Biden that were not 20+ years old.

  12. Yesterday I paid $3.75 for a gallon of gas. The day Joe Biden was sworn in it was $2.38 a gallon. When we go to the grocery store the prices are through the roof. Bidenomics, yeah this is great.

    1. $4.39 a gallon or more here in the Peoples Republic of Washington…Food prices up 23%… homelessness up 19%… drug deaths up 130%… it never ends when these people are in control…

      1. Richmond, VA violent crime has increased >20% YTD 2023. Violent crime has gotten so bad that stray dogs and cats are packing heat, target practicing on rats and squirrels and not taking any sheet from the fleas anymore. Theyre just flinging them on the politicians.

        Good doggy/kitty!


    2. Just got back from the grocery store. The lady in front of me paid over $200 for a medium size food order. The recent lyric “your dollar don’t mean sh-t” rings true for all but the elite.

      1. Bidenomics!
        Biden crime family gets filthy rich.
        The people get poorer and poorer.
        Biden’s Banana Republic.

      2. One of the cashier’s where I buy groceries was a big supporter of Biden and the Democrats. The other day she cursed them out. She and her husband were doing well a short while back and were putting money away to go to Disney with their three children. Disney is now history for those three kids and the family. I don’t think she will be voting Democrat any time soon.

    3. @Independent Bob

      I’ve shared it before, but our expenses have gone up in total $16,000/year and still climbing without us changing a single thing since Biden took office. Very easily trackable. That is a second job for most ‘average’ Americans. They can kiss our *bleep*. They aren’t fooling anyone. ‘Bidenomics’, my arse. That only works on college kids that don’t yet pay their own bills, though at this point, for many young people, ‘yet’ is ‘never’. 🙄

      1. James, I’m interested in the percentage rise of the most important items compared to those that aren’t essential. Did you figure that out? The poorest group doesn’t have any fat to peel off.

  13. It now cost the typical American family $700 a month more than it did a year ago to get by. Yeah, Bidens our savior.

  14. Jonathan: You’re right. the “Age of Rage” is all around us. Case in point. You know that DA Fani Willlis down in Fulton County Georgia is about to hold the Sword of Damocles over DJT in her vast RICO conspiracy indictment of him and his co-conspirators. For those not up to speed the former Lt. Governor of Georgia, Jeff Duncan, is going to testify before Willis’ grand jury tomorrow. He is an outspoken opponent of DJT’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia. That has put DJT in a fit of “rage” and this is what he just posted about Duncan:

    ” I am reading reports that failed former Lt. Governor of Georgia, Jeff Duncan, will be testifying before the Fulton County
    Grand Jury. He shouldn’t. I barely know him but he was, right from the beginning of his Witch Hunt, a nasty disaster for those
    looking for those looking into the Election Fraud that took place in Georgia…”

    DJT had other “nasty” things to say about Duncan but you get the drift. DJT’s attempt to intimidate Duncan is what we call in the law–a “per se” violation of Georgia’s witness tampering statute–Title 16-10-93. Is there any chance Fani Willis will NOT be adding an additional charge against DJT for attempting to intimidate a potential witness? And is there any chance Jack Smith is not also paying close attention to what is going on in Georgia?

    1. Why are you even bothering to engage conservatives rationally? They don’t care, and they’re not about to start caring

    2. LOL LOL LOL — Ask an adult to explain to you what “attempting to intimidate a potential witness” means, because it doesn’t mean what you “think” (for lack of a better expression).

      1. Dennis can’t fathom the idea that character assassination isn’t the same thing as actual assassination. Not everyone’s the same hot-house flower he is, thank goodness.

      2. I just looked up GA’s 16-10-93,and for someone who claims to be the former editor-in-chief of law review, he surely does not understand, especially the BIG WORDS like “per se.”

      3. Ralph de Minimis: Read the Georgia witness tampering statute–Title 16-10-93–and then explain why it doesn’t apply to what DJT told Jeoff Duncan. Telling a witness not to testify IS witness tampering! LOL

    3. Joe Biden and his family are leaving this Friday for yet another vacation, this time for a luxury week in Lake Tahoe where his motorcades and security will disrupt everything during the high summer season at Tahoe. Joe Biden can do whatever he wants and it literally does not matter one iota to the media sycophants.

      Can you even imagine what the fake news would do if Trump and his family headed off to yet another vacation while all this upheaval was going on?

      The fake news would DESTROY the Trumps for going on vacation.

      Biden? Not a critical word.

        1. Taking an afternoon for golf is not the same as lounging on a beach while the world burns. Trump worked 24/7. Joe Biden is a LAZY entitled pos. No comparison.

            1. Joe Biden just took 10 days off to lounge on the beach.
              Then he spent the past long weekned lounging on the beach again, not arriving back to DC until Monday afternoon.
              Then he will “work” a couple of days before flying off to yet another family vacation.
              Joe will almost certainly have Hunter flying with him on AF1, so their corruption and entitlement will be In Your Face on yet another weeklong luxury Tahoe vacation. Joe Biden thinks he is a dictator.
              The man is a lazy, corrupt, entitled, nasty, demented, lying, criminal sack of sh*t.
              The entire country sees what pos’s Biden crime family actually is: 100% despicable.

            2. Are you joining Biden on his next vacation to Tahoe this Friday?? He lives on vacation whilst America burns to the ground and YOU still protect his grift. YOU deserve everything you are going to get because of his policies. Hope you enjoy your KARMA.

        2. Joe Biden has never done anything in his adult life but suck off the government tit and abuse his political office for personal gain.

    4. Geoff Duncan testified today instead. At leas two more witnesses are waiting to testify. Everyone is working late today.

    5. Dennis – here is the relevant part of the Georgia statute you cite:
      “Universal Citation: GA Code § 16-10-93 (2020)
      a. A person who, with intent to deter a witness from testifying freely, fully, and truthfully to any matter pending in any court, in any administrative proceeding, or before a grand jury, communicates, directly or indirectly, to such witness any threat of injury or damage to the person, property, or employment of the witness or to the person, property, or employment of any relative or associate of the witness or who offers or delivers any benefit, reward, or consideration to such witness or to a relative or associate of the witness shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years.
      b. 1. It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly to use intimidation, physical force, or threats; to persuade another person by means of corruption or to attempt to do so; or to engage in misleading conduct toward another person with intent to:
      A. Influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding;
      B. Cause or induce any person to:
      i Withhold testimony or a record, document, or other object from an official proceeding;
      ii. Alter, destroy, mutilate, or conceal an object with intent to impair the object’s integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding;
      iii. Evade legal process summoning that person to appear as a witness or to produce a record, document, or other object in an official proceeding; or
      iv. Be absent from an official proceeding to which such person has been summoned by legal process; or
      C. Hinder, delay, or prevent the communication to a law enforcement officer, prosecuting attorney, or judge of this state of information relating to the
      commission or possible commission of a criminal offense or a violation of conditions of probation, parole, or release pending judicial proceedings.”
      There is nothing here about insults being a form of “witness tampering”.
      The argument from the Demo trolls that Trump is tampering with witnesses by publicly insulting them is, first of all, nonsensical since it is likely to have the opposite effect, and, second, ineffective since it is out in-the-open, thus leaving any pro-Trump testimony open to impeachment. But the argument has the sinister object of attempting to control the speech of critics of Democrats. Insult is threat, justifying a violent triggered response and treatment as a crime. Therefore, stay silent.
      BTW, I have never heard of the per se analysis being applied to criminal law beyond posssibly traffic tickets. It may be applied in torts or even contract law. But in criminal law? A per se label imposes automatic liability, regardless of intent. That is not a characteristic of criminal law.

        1. by what statute? Incidentally, he is not “telling” anyone to not testify. “Telling” suggests control over the person, e.g. a parent over a child. Trump has no control over the former lieutenant governor.

      1. Dennis does not speak legalese. He speaks troll, as in copy/paste George Soros / Media Matters talking points. I find legalese refreshing, and troll-speak is γρεεκ to me! 🇬🇷

  15. Damn, I wonder why most Americans hate trump supporters so dang much, what a mystery. Anyway, time to go back to antagonizing literally everyone who isn’t a Trump supporter! See you guys in 2024!

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