Un-Lucky Strikes: Saudi Arabia Sentences Man To 30 Lashes for Smoking on a Flight

lucky_strike_usaIf you think that American flight attendants have become a bit heavy handed, be grateful that you don’t fly Saudi Arabian Airlines flight. A man who refused to put his cigarette out on a flight to Jeddah was sentenced to 30 lashes.

The man reportedly said that he was on his way to a clinic to stop smoking. This would fall in the category of adverse therapy.

In some way, he got off easy. In April 2008, a man was sentenced to 50 lashes for smoking on board a Dammam-Riyadh Saudi flight.

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  1. Jill writes:

    “People who are interested in actually considering what others are saying, even when they disagree with each other, are equally obvious by virtue of their responses.”
    That’s ripe, Jill. You were the one who invited Bartlebee to stay over my stated objections to his foul language and insulting behavior the first time he posted here last Spring- because you were so interested in what he had to say about RELIGION – 24/7…on a Law blog.

    Thanks for your ‘virtue’. Likewise, with regard to the other clones
    CMM, Waynebro, Gaylord Focker, Bron98 and the other ‘98%’.

    I notice anytime I am part of the discussion and especially when I challenge you, on point, over some ignorant statement you make, you choose not to respond. Especially when it’s my field, Medicine. Classy…

    I got a question, how much ‘drumming’ do they do in the Hindu religion? Oh, that’s right, your an A-theist. I forgot…


  2. I am humbled in the face of superior intellects. I defer to such great thinkers on all maters. I have now been converted, I am a socialist. The state is all, I am nothing, I live for the state and my brothers, what is mine is theirs. I shall have no thoughts save what the state requires me to think. I am now at peace with all mankind. The state is my father and my mother, I shall be blessed by the will of the people for the collective is all knowing and good.

    My desires matter not if they do not align with the greater good of the collective. I will henceforth be We98.



  3. The profile is complete – Bron98 is definitely Bartlebee/Cromagnum Man/Waynebro/Gaylord Focker and the other 98%
    – of trolls. No doubt in my mind.

    Buddha, he didn’t say what species of female he ‘owns’.
    Thus my ‘Warthog Theory’.

    You should have seen his hysterical Rumpelstiltskin imitation following that remark last night as ‘Bummer’… because, true to form, he didn’t ‘get it’.

    I’m all done.

  4. Jill & mespo,

    So all points proven, no further discrediting needed? Then by your request . . .

    One lives to be of service.

  5. Buddha,

    Here’s my take on certain people who post on this site. It’s obvious that some people are not interested in an actual exchange of ideas. When a person keeps shifting their argument without responding to any points, no matter how well made (ie: Mike A. gave several very well laid out point by point arguments that were promptly ignored!) then, I think it’s time to just ignore those people’s posts. The same goes for people who offer not reason, but constant personal attacks. The weakness of these posters is obvious and speaks for itself. People who are interested in actually considering what others are saying, even when they disagree with each other, are equally obvious by virtue of their responses.

    I think we do get distracted from real learning and discussion by responding to people who have a bad intent. Who cares about deliberately ignorant arguments? They don’t need to be refuted because they refute themselves. I’m wondering if we could all follow what rafflaw sugested and just concentrate on people who’s posts are sincere?

  6. Spittle? Hardly. You think you get my ire? That really shows how stupid you are. I’m TRAINED not to get angry arguing, sport. It’s one of the reasons I fold, spindle and mutilate your childish evil and ineptitude.

  7. Buddha:

    I just love to see the spittle run down your chin!

    out of curiosity are you an organic collectivist or just one that believes in the power of the state over the individual?

    not that either one is any different.

    and yes there can be something wrong in listening to intelligent people when they say things that shows they dont even understand simple basic philosophic principles.

  8. Bron,

    Noting compares to your weakness – willful stupidity and a desire to harm people for no reason but your own personal satisfaction. That makes you ignorant and evil.

    You see the word “collectivist” and you freak out like the simpleton you are without having read the books in question. It’s obvious by your customary childish response.

    How about you reading a book before criticizing it, dipshit? Not that it would make much difference since you’ve a demonstrated inability to comprehend even when presented with basic definitions let alone an entire book of conceptual thought. Quite frankly, your level of stupidity, it’s not very becoming even for a self-confessed redneck and worse – it’s repetitive dogmatic tripe. “Oh, he’s a Commie!” wtf. What is this, 1953? First, no one is a Communist anymore except the Russian versions of you, okay? You know, people stuck in the past with their head up their ass. Communism’s day is done, it was proven invalid just like Neoconservatism is about to be proven invalid. And lumping socialism and communism together? Really amateur night. Some of our strongest allies? They are socialist, Parliamentary democracies, some of which have MUCH higher standards of living than we do here. You’re a country boy. You never learned a chain’s only as strong as it’s weakest link? Rhetorical. You’ve proven you can’t learn. Second, your rails against the common good show what a fascist and elitist you really are. It’s all me me me with you. The reason you had to “buy a woman”? I’m betting a decent one wants to vomit after talking to you for ten minutes, you selfish little troll. Even worse, you’re a pseudo-intellectual. Pssst. Your lack of education is perpetually showing when you reference concepts and authors your posts show you clearly don’t understand. And being stupid? Not the kind of trait that gets taken seriously in government anymore . . . unless you support Bush and think Palin is the future. And last I looked, that’s about 15% of the population. Good luck with that. Disparaging anyone here with garbage like “the pitty is that most of these people are exceptionally bright and their views are listened to by people they interact with during daily activities” just shows the depths of your illness. Hm, smart people being listened to? Is that a threat to you? Who woulda thunk it! It was a full blown, dry-drunk, Fundamentalist moron being controlled by a fascist criminal that screwed the U.S. in the first place, breaking the law and the economy at the same time. Who would have thought that listening to smart people was worse than that?

    Well, you obviously. That about says it all.

    You have no stances you can defend. None. Not one. This is not an opinion. This is a fact proven time and again. Keep coming back to illustrate who we’ll be locking up and removing from any decision making processes or oversight positions when We the People clean house.

  9. Chris:

    Basically the snarkishness of the individuals on this site can be summed up by Buddhas own words:

    “If you want to know how I define liberty, read Jean-Jacques Rousseau. To save you time, I’m a collectivist.”

    They argue for the rule of law and then for the collective. It cannot be both ways. Rousseau is pretty much resposible for the French Revolution and its ideas of Fraternity and Equality (He also was instrumental in Kants developement of his works on ethics, Kants work is the philosphical grandfather of Marx and Hitler). We all know what that was-mob rule. That is their idea of liberty, the rule of the mob against the individual or the rule of the state against the individual and they wrap up it up in a nice little package of protecting the constitution.

    They are fundametally ignorant of what protects human rights or even the nature of those rights. They think that capitalism is a corrupt system while failing to even acknowledge that socialism/communism/collectivism does not even work and bankrupts countries and individuals. And the pitty is that most of these people are exceptionally bright and their views are listened to by people they interact with during daily activities (F.A. Hyack has an interesting article on the spread of ideas you can find it on the Mises website).

  10. I said the ones that i have personally met. Have you personally ever spoken to any Iraqis, or you just search the web to find evidence that supports what you believe. Go and search for how many Iraqis Sadaam is responsible for killing, many of whom are women and children, of which he killed purposefully. America makes concerted efforts to avoid civilian deaths, can you say that about Sadaam.

  11. I just told you one. Noone said that the Iraqi people “enjoyed Sadamm”. Show me the poll that says 90 percent of the Iraqi people approve what we have done in Iraq. Your numbers are nowhere near reality. Here is a link to a 2006 Washington Post that states 75% of Bagdhad citizens want the US to leave and 65% want that departure immediately.http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/09/26/AR2006092601721.html. How can you expect the citizenry to be glad that we are there when we have killed hundreds of thousands Iraqi’s civilians and produced thousands of orphans and widows and displaced millions. And then we torture their citizens without bringing up charges against them. And you claim that they want us there? That is enough evidence for you tonight.

  12. Chris,
    It is interesting that you jump to Fox news falsehoods and make up claims that were never made. Noone suggested that Iraqi people “enjoyed Saddam”. Not only are your facts thin, they seem to be made up. As to defending the honor of the Marines, I don’t attempt to honor them. They can do that on their own, however, they did not gain that honor by torturing prisoners.
    Buddha, thanks!

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