Saudi Court Upholds Marriage of 47-Year-Old Man to 8-Year-Old Girl — Barring Divorce

Saudi Arabia flagA Saudi court has ruled that the marriage 47-year-old man to an 8-year-old girl — upholding the controversial decision in December. Sheikh Habib Al-Habib rejected the mother’s effort to secure a divorce for her child.

Since the mother is separated from the girl’s father, the court ruled that she is not a legal guardian who can seek such a divorce. The father arranged the marriage to settle his debts and insists that the girl’s husband promised not to consummate the marriage under the girl reaches puberty. That could be as early as nine years old.

Recently, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia endorsed marriages of girls as young as 10.

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44 thoughts on “Saudi Court Upholds Marriage of 47-Year-Old Man to 8-Year-Old Girl — Barring Divorce”

  1. Buddha:
    Calm down,I have feeling that we haven’t seen or heard anything yet in regards to the new administration,these little incidents that are happening now,seem to be just a warm up.

    With the “TEABAGGING”and the kids are ROFLTAO for the title of such an event led by “ADULTS”now I am “ROFLMAO”its going to only get better and more WTF is going on coming.

    So start drinking tea we need you .

  2. Actually he does appear to be an honest man, there is no doubt where he stands on the issues. So while I dont agree with him you do have to respect his views and values.

    He also has a very fine looking wife, not bad for a leprechaun!

  3. Well . . . kinda. But he’s got more brains and honesty than 10 Obama’s. I would have said 5, but the last two weeks have made my opinion of Obama plummet. Just as Bush was owned outright by big oil, Obama is showing that Wall St. owns him. Outright it would seem.

  4. Traitor – one who provides material aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States during wartime.

    Not attacking the country that paid for and manned the 9/11 attacks, whisking their in States family out of the country on military craft immediately after the attack and then diverting our military into a third country that did not attack us because the Pres and VP were 1) in bed with said families, 2) they wanted Saddam’s oil, and 3) because Bush the Incompetent Scumbag Failure At Everything He’s Ever Done has Daddy issues most certainly is treason.

    Obama wasn’t my first choice. Kucinich was. Obama became my choice by default because most Americans are so superficial they couldn’t get past the fact Kucinich looks like a leprechaun to back him for the ticket based on what he was saying, not how he looks. Because if Kucinich had been elected, Bush and Cheney would be on trial if not in prison by now. Gitmo would be closed. Baghram would be closed. Riyadh would be shaking in their theocratic fascist boots in fear of being rendered into radioactive glass. Kucinich may be the only honest guy on the Hill and he is certainly the only one who was paying attention to anything other than his re-election campaign or kissing ass upstream on the Hill. Kucinich was doing his job. And if he runs again, I’ll back him again. Right up to the point where you bunch of marketing drugged zombies in love with Brittney who think “pretty” is a job qualification for President screw it up again. Or not. Bad times can make people pay more attention.

    I don’t care if you don’t like the truth, John.

    Most Neocons don’t. Because it shows them to be the villains as much as the House of Saud. It shows them to be warmongering fascists with no regard for the Constitution. From Wolfowitz to every signatory to PNAC – NEOCONS ARE ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES. And I don’t care what you claim as party affiliation – if you are an enemy of the Constitution and the Rights and Liberties guaranteed therein, you are my enemy by definition.

    That goes for Obama too.

    When it comes to the Constitution, nobody gets a free ride.

  5. John Ross Patriot:

    Actually the Neo-Conservatives such as Wolfawitz[sp?] and others have done a great disservice/harm to our country. They are not true conservatives and are more idealogicaly tied to the radical left. Bush’s compassionate conservatism is a load of Bull Shit and his bail-out ala TARP is/was a big mistake.

    Bush and Company were actually bad for America and conservatives. It will take a few years for people to forget compassionate conservatism. Hopefully the republican party is not dead after 8 years of Bush and they will re-emerge from their self induced hibernation with a renewed belief in the rule of law, capitalism and free markets, separation of Church and State, individual liberty and other ideals that have made this country what it used to be. Bush was the old style country club republican, that is to say a member of the do nothing preserve my wealth class. They have interest in free markets, they might actually have to work to keep their wealth.

    You sir, if you are a Neo-Con vis a vis Bush and Comapny, are no patriot and you need to get your facts straight. Bush was a big mistake for the Republican party and the country as was McCain who you probably supported in the primaries and so we get Obama, who is probably not that much different than McCain in terms of ideology.

    True conservatives (or should I say classical liberals per Mr. Jefferson) believe in the rule of law, free markets and individual liberty.

  6. Patriot?:

    “And stop labeling people Neocons – I realize when your ideas and views are inferior and you are unable to defend them it is easier for you to stamp a negative label on it, destroy it personally, and then feel you have accomplished your debate objective. Your ideas are weak, your logic is flawed and your facts are non-existent. Hit me with facts and not radical labeling tactics.”


    You obviously haven’t read this blog long enough. Pick most any topic and you will find the facts you claim to crave but will likely discard. Buddha’s label is quite accurate summarizing the incompetence, mean-spiritedness, and down right anti-democratic values of that klan. The “k” is intentional by the way.

  7. To Buddha,

    I think your reflexive “Bush Lied People Died” rant and the former President and Vice President are traitors, their buddies are hip deep, blah blah blah is getting old to people. Point me to a nickel that Chevron, Exxon, Bush, Cheney, or their ‘pals’ benefitted from the Iraq war financially? Did any US oil major receive any oil concessions in Iraq yet? Or did the Chinese? Did Bush get a fat book deal on it (like Obama just did)? Cheney sold all his Halliburton shares long before. Maybe all future politicians should have no connections to any private sector activities. That would be foolish as the private sector runs the country economically and the policy setters would make foolish mistakes. (oops – wait – thats the Obama administration – except for the multiple ‘ethics waivers’ no one has ever done anything productive).

    And stop labeling people Neocons – I realize when your ideas and views are inferior and you are unable to defend them it is easier for you to stamp a negative label on it, destroy it personally, and then feel you have accomplished your debate objective. Your ideas are weak, your logic is flawed and your facts are non-existent. Hit me with facts and not radical labeling tactics.

    And you don’t like Obama? Nice misdirection – but that pig won’t fly Buddha. You’re are all about ‘change’. Except I think your idea of change is the historical facts and interpretation of them. I don’t care how loudly you yell, get angry and demonize reasonable thought and rational people – the end result is the same: your ideas are wrong and therefore your conclusions are wrong.

  8. So… Obama’s girls are now of marriageable age… hmmmmm… After all – he must agree with this since he bowed down to the King of the Saudi’s. Pathetic wimp of a President… lowers himself as subservient to a King that allows this type of garbage to occur. wow

  9. Yep. Let’s get to the point where OPEC can charge whatever they like and it means squat. Let’s see how long the Neocon war criminals and their buddies in Saudi Arabia can survive without oil revenues. I’m betting it’s an end measured in years, but not decades.

  10. Bio-diesel. The diesel engine was actually made to burn fuel from vegetable oil. American farmers can grow certain tree nuts to make fuel or even soy beans.

    I agree with Obama on this, lets get rid of dependence on foreign oil.

  11. Hei Doc, there is a big difference between being 16, and 8 !!!!! Duh… at 8 yo, that little girl should be free of her father’s debts. He ren up the tab, he should kiss ass, and not trade his daughter. …. and as far as the 47 yo perv, right, he won’t touch her till puberty ???!!! That
    s a laugh. He’ll make her do things for him, to him, and will be forever ruined, a slave. Castrate the son of bitch, that is what we do in Romania when a child is raped. … and the only thing this has to do with our government is the fact that it will pass with time and the oil will still be coveted by the US. You see she’s running dry, the reserves are about all that is left, without totally destroying our Alaska, our Parks, our coasts …. so no one will say or do any thing to deter this mf from raping this little girl. Let me know what I can do to help. I am not afraid of these fanatics, s–t, we all got to go some time, and why not for freedom. The US has given me shelter from a terrorist regime, ( Ceausescu ) and I will always defend the helpless. This Easter Sunday, I will keep the little one in my prayers, and hope the 47 yo’s d–k falls off !!!!

  12. So it can be said then that in Saudi Arabia, the female is nothing but a sex toy and a baby making machine and that they are otherwise useless human bbeings not worthy of respect, love, nurturing and all the other things that people the unique human beings that they are. It seems to me that men in Saudi Arabia only want male heirs and marry many women in an effort to hget them. If all that Saudi men want is male children then let the women go free after they have given birth to one son. Sooner or later the population would decline to the point of being extinct because all that there would be is men.

  13. What are these people doing? What are we doing supporting them, we pay for their country with all the oil we use and they are taking it and marrying 8 yeara old girls? Whats wrong with us?

    We need to cut all ties with these uncivilized countrys, all of them, get out and stop buying their products, gas, oil, figs, whatever it is we can find a new source.

    We want to bash Americans for being Gay or Smoking Pot or wanting to own an Assult Cannon but this, this is just sick and we still will kiss their butts, all over OIL!

    Do we not see what truly needs to be done people? We need to stop getting Oil from these countrys today! So fire up the Hemp ethenol and electric cars, bring home our troops in these nations and start doing whats right instead of what makes us money or saves us a few pennys! like converting to Hemp Ethenol Cars/Fuel, its going to cost at first and we need to change some peoples mind about hemp, but in the long run, within a few years it will pay for itself, finaly we will be free from Oil!

    We will buy their oil even thought they hate us, and in 20 years when all the oil is gone, and we all our money is bled dry, we can borrow money from them to put in place a new source of fuel like Hemp! Gee why does it take the actual devistating event to make Americans change how they live. It will be too late when this one hits and we will be too broke to do anythign about it!

    Oh and you can drill baby drill but we will never have the amount of oil we will need, to continue how we use it today. If that was a viable solution adn would completly take care of the whole problem with oil then we would have done it by now. oil in itself, allthe oil on the planet is doomed to run out, period, unless we stop using it as our primary fuel source. Alteritives like Hemp Ethenol will provide the amopuint we need to dowhat we do now and still save our oil here in the USA for even longer into the future.

    Hemp the old new Fuel source, dont let the closed minded tell you lies about hemp!

  14. There is no correlation between Bush and this story. It is incredibly foolish to even bring it up. This is just disgusting and reprehensible. Children should not marry adults.

  15. Just suppose there was no oil in SA! Those bloody idiots would still be herding camels and marrying children, or whatever peels their bananas! The world wouldn’t even know about them, except in a National Geographic magazine occasionally. Come to think of it, the West would also be a better place overall.
    Progress? Bah, humbug!!

  16. TO KR

    This is not common in the arab world , maybe in the gulf states only , i have never ever heard of such a case in palestine and will never allow such a thing to happen .
    don’t make such an empty and baseless comments without facts behind it .

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