Darwinian Dilemma: Scientists See Fossil As “Missing Link” While Creationist Scientists See Old Dead Monkey

225px-Darwinius_radiographsScientists have discovered what is being heralded as the long sought “missing link” — a 47-million-year-old fossilized skeleton of a monkey called Ida that is 95% complete. It is believed to show a direct connection between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. Of course, anyone who has a master’s in creationist science in Texas or runs as a GOP candidate for president can tell you that the researchers have been duped. Since the Earth is only 10,000 years old, the radiometric dating is obviously wrong by roughly 47 million years and evolution is just a god-hating, atheist-advancing theory.

Ida was originally found in a rich fossil quarry near Frankfurt.

What is amazing is that this fossil was hanging for 20 years on the wall of a collector’s home. It eventually was shown to an expert in Hamburg who notified the world. It is now being called the “eighth wonder of the world” — except in Texas where it is being called a dead monkey.

Bill Nye might want to be consulted before the bring Ida to the Lone Star state.

Id is a 95%-complete lemur monkey.

Part of the delay was due to the dealer’s demand for more than $1 million (£660,000) — it took months to raise the unprecedented sum and Ida was brought to Oslo. It will be shown for one day in London, making this the most traveled 47-million-year-old lemur in history.

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  1. Prof.,

    You are a magnanimous grader!


    We are not men. We are Devo.

  2. My brother in law knows that the earth is 6000 years old. He’s bigger than I am, so it must be true. In Falls Church VA, anyway.

  3. Dude:

    Rest assured that I will not take off any points for any typos I write on your exam. I hope that you can except that as payment for your proofing.


  4. accept = except. hopefully you are as forgiving of typos as you grade my final from last semester : )

  5. Anyone who believes the creation story is anything but a metaphor and is supposed to be taken as fact is a fool. A reading of Genesis confirms this, such as where did the women who Adam’s sons married come from? Anyone who believes the story of Noah and his ark is likewise deluded. I do think it references a historical flood and there is evidence for it, but the idea of all the animals in the Ark for all those days, would require a ship the size of a very large island. That doesn’t even account for all that food and disposal of waste.

    Could God have created the Universe, I admit the possibility and that is why I am a deist. However, most people who listened to the creation tales in biblical times understood them to be metaphors and the time frames not to be taken seriously. Also those who believe that the Gospels and the Torah are the exact words directly from God are either fools or con men. The Torah was obviously taken from at least two different sources and went through a process of canonization
    after around 500BCE. The Gospels, etc. were canonized at the Council of Hippo towards the end of the Fourth Century CE, this is historical fact. The other problem is the Torah portion of the Christian Canon was mistranslated in spots either purposely or inadvertently. Then too, The gospels of Thomas and of Mary of Magdala, were left out and suppressed from the Christian Canon because they didn’t follow the Roman/Church part line. These gospels were as much valid testimony as the other four, came from the same era, but gave a different outlook to Jesus’ teachings.

    Given this, why you might ask am I a practicing Jew and I would answer you: because it makes me feel good and because I suspect there is a creative force intimately involved with the Universe. However, I think we humans are incapable at present of understanding that force and understanding its’ motivations, if it has any. Secondly, as I’ve said before the
    Rabbinic teachings of Rabbi Hillel make sense to me as a way of life, even if there were no God to enforce it.

  6. MikeS:

    now that was funny! LMAO. I especially liked the he/she/it part.

    What is a moron who thinks he/she/it is clever?: ROSE COLORED GLASSES.

  8. What goes into office half white and half black but turns red?

    Answer: Barack Obama

  9. Bron, the regression has actually been going on for more than a few decades. Conservative religious forces began their anti-Darwinian campaign immediately after publication of The Origin of Species. Indeed, the term “fundamentalism” came from a series of publications entitled “The Fundamentals” printed in the early 1900s. One section dealt expressly with the heresies of “evolutionism.” When advances in educational levels in general, and in biblical scholarship in particular, left the conservative theological arguments in tatters, fundamentalists reacted by developing the concept of “creationism” and “intelligent design,” conservative theology poorly dressed as science. In the last twenty years, we have witnessed increasingly agressive attempts to preserve the fundamentalist worldview through the introduction of pseudo-science into school curricula. And we wonder why our students are increasingly unable to compete with their peers in the rest of the world?

  10. Actually, the one on the right looks more like Dick Cheney descending into his bunker after 9/11.

  11. BobEsq:

    “So, the way I see it, Ida, the aforementioned dead monkey, proves nothing more than …


    We have regressed over the last few decades, I think because of a lack of education about those types of issues. We also have a press that seems uninterested in letting people know their rights are being trounced.

    I also think people think they can do nothing, for example when the patriot act came up I called all of my representatives and told them I was against it’s passage and a good number of my friends did to, no one listende to us. I think many people called against it but it got passed anyway.

    I think you should narrow your focus to politicians, they are assclowns and examples of human devolution.

  12. Blasphemer–the earth is 4000 years old, not 10,000. The word “Blasphemer” comes from an obscure origin. Blas is thought by Dan Brown to refer to an ancient god, co-equal at one time, to Yahweh. The information about Blas is hidden in various fossils which his followers planted all over the world to fool certain believers in Yahweh. The followers of Blas pointed the way to the early origin of fossils by introducting the word, “femur” around 1500 A.D. The word “femur” is found in alchemist texts where it’s actual meaning is clearly deciphered as “lemur”. Hence, it was known to the followers of Blas that this lemur existed and would eventually be found by modern humans. The original prophetic text also mentioned, “a sum greater than most others” as the price to be paid for this knowledge. Now there is a plot by followers of Blas to take over the world. They have implanted the ideas of secession in Gov. Perry’s mind via advanced scientific telephathy that is able to penatrate even the must numb skull. I have already said too much. If you read and understand what I have said you will probably be killed by the church for possessing this knowledge! Good luck, godspeed.

  13. Ida was probably killed by falling of the flat Earth edge near Wasilla, Alaska.

    Good one AY!

  14. “It is believed to show a direct connection between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom.”

    Let’s sum up:

    The average American is either unaware or doesn’t care that their Fourth Amendment right to private telephone calls continues to be violated as a matter of procedure.

    The average American is either unaware or doesn’t care that their right to habeas corpus has been suspended in more ways than King George III could have ever imagined.

    The average American is either unaware or doesn’t care that congress and the executive have been holding themselves higher above the law than King George III with statements such as “we need to look ahead, not behind.”


    So, the way I see it, Ida, the aforementioned dead monkey, proves nothing more than …


  15. Ida probably escaped from Texas 47 million years ago. I think she deserves to go back to remind those Texan creationists that they are blind.

  16. I think Ida’s more intelligent than her detractors. Both do enjoy the same cranium contents however.

  17. Well, what do you think about Republican Arabic Math. Works for them. 1 and 1 equal 1, mine.

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