It’s Hammer Time! Tom DeLay To Dance With the Stars

225px-TomDeLayThis sounds like something from the Capitol Steps, but former Republican House Majority Leader Tom (The Hammer) DeLay will be on this season of Dancing of the Stars. I kid you not.

This will hopefully by the only Dancing with the Stars entry on this blog, but the show has described its newest hoofer as “The former House majority leader is a prominent Republican and conservative firebrand. He was first elected to Congress in 1984, and when Republicans took control of the House, his colleagues elected him majority whip, and later majority leader. His leadership was characterized by his aggressive “grow the vote” method of party discipline in which he never lost a vote, leading the Washington Post to nickname him “The Hammer.” He and his wife, Christine, also served as foster parents and founded a community in Texas that serves as a safe, permanent home for abused and neglected children. DeLay is currently president of First Principles LLC, a strategic political consulting firm based in Washington, D.C., and Houston.” It does not mention that criminal investigation and unethical allegations that led to his departure from the House.

I am personally waiting to see his interpretation of the Swing (Voter), Fox(News)Trot, Line (Item) dance, Repubumba, and the Taxango. Of course, according to prosecutors, he is particularly adept at the Hustle.

For the announcement, click here.

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  1. My daughter and I went to “500 days of Summer” and my spouse went to “District 9”. He loved but said I wouldn’t like it. It is very well done violent science fiction.

  2. GWLSMom,

    It’s a date movie if your date likes to talk about the implications about humans and repression of the other afterward or likes a good dose of action along with a good story, but if your date is squeamish? Maybe not. The aliens are very alien. Even their kids aren’t cute. There’s also a slime factor and some interesting deaths by alien weaponry later in the game. Well told story – not effects driven despite being S/F, a bit dark. It doesn’t really compare with Suspect Zero (which was better than I was anticipating, but more pure thriller structurally) or Burn After Reading (the only humor in D9 is much darker that the two “darkest” Coen movies IMO – Blood Simple and No Country For Old Men). What it does have in common with a Coen Bros. film is a very unlikely hero. This guy starts off a very loathsome example of humanity in many ways. Many regular readers would consider him an outright bad guy. Not totally irredeemable, but not a guy Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed or Ganesha would be proud of either. By the end? You totally believe he’s a hero.

    That’s the long way of saying “maybe”, but there you you have it. 😉

  3. So Buddha….you liked District 9. is this a love story? something that a girl might like? a good date movie?
    it’s worth bugging out from work…

    the last movie I saw before Harry Potter was Burn After Reading. I love the Coen brothers. I saw some very strange movie on the tv machine by accident yesterday.. Suspect Zero.
    not my usual taste in movies but I kind of enjoyed it.
    it wasn’t a girly movie at all.
    I can’t stand anything sappy which is why I am so over Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.
    all they do is sappy movies.

  4. Speaking of which . . . I’ve been playing hooky today.


    A trusted S/F source came by my office right after lunch. He is on vacation this week in addition to being a persistent bad influence on me. He made a convincing argument that I should skip out on the afternoon and go see “District 9”. He’d already seen it this past w/e and was going again. What I do is project based and he hit me in a lull, nothing that couldn’t go on autopilot, so we bolted. Usually I trust this guy. We’ve known each other since high school and we know each others tastes in cinema.

    He said “District 9” was as good as and as important a film to the genre as “Bladerunner”. I told him he was a pants load.

    He was right.

    I have since apologized.

    It was timely, relevant, well-paced and has a very interesting look, blending documentary and “real time” footage in a way that is both pleasing and functional. The performance of Sharlto Copley (mostly improvised from what I’ve read) was simply stunning. As fine an acting job as I’ve seen anywhere.

    I can easily envision humans behaving just this poorly too.

    Now off to enjoy the rest of the afternoon off, such as it is. 😀

  5. Well you know those GOP people. They will tell you anything to get you to vote for them and then make you feel like they are still working for you, after your pockets have been picked. I guess they need the new identity.

    To dance with the stars? Come now, dance lightly, Mr. Bojangles.

  6. well,consider this our chance to vote Delay out of office.

    I personally can;t wait to see him embarrass himself doing a sexy cha cha or salsa with a barely clothed latin dancer, squirming in his arms, rubbing her body against his, shaking her nubile hips, whose sequins barely cover her unmentionables. what will they say in bible study. delay dances to the devils music? what kind of fancy camera work will they have to do to avoid taping his mid-section? can he do this and not get, well, you know, common decency forbids me to go all the way with this image. so does my need to keep my lunch down. and consideration for you and your lunchtime as well.

    personally I hate this show. we, in my house, watch real dancers in So You Think You Can Dance.
    but this time I think have to watch…
    just to see him use this as a launching pad back into politics.

  7. Tom DeLay is not a decent man and dancing with the stars is where he should stay. Hopefully he will win and that will lead to a Hollywood contract and he will stay out of politics.

  8. Brings whole new meaning to “It’s Hammer Time!”

    If he wears one of those Arabian looking pairs of pants, I am going to laugh myself into a coma.

  9. Big Fella,

    I think you’ve hit upon this season’s hit Halloween costumes. That’s a scary image.

  10. The imagery of dancing fools would be even better, had the producers paired The Exterminator with Michelle Bachmann.

  11. We’ve heard of pristine, ballet dancers called “twinkle-toes”.

    Well now, we have:

    Tom “hammer-toes” Delay

  12. The U.S.A. is becoming one big comedy of errors being lead by present and past felonious “stars” such as roach/bug exterminator Tee DeeLay…

  13. It’s a revolting story. I’m was appalled much like SWMom, but then I decided to turn that frown upside down. When the news just becomes to much to tolerate I like the idea of mashing up your own headlines like the kids do with the videos on the YouTube. Take this story and the previous thread for example.

    “It’s Hammer Time! Tom DeLay To Dance With the Stars” – The story: Not serious. Not funny ha-ha. If it’s funny anything, it’s funny annoying that this tool is getting paid.

    “Boise Man Sues Police After Being Tasered in Buttocks and Threatened With Sodomy” – The Story: Serious. Nothing funny about that.

    But when you do this: “It’s Hammer Time! Tom DeLay To Dance With Police After Being Tasered in Buttocks and Threatened With Sodomy”?

    Not only is it funny, it’s something I’d consider shelling out for on pay-per-view.

  14. This is so disgusting. I thought he was going to jail. My whole family worked for Martin Frost after Delay did him in.

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