Taliban Cut Off Fingers of Women Voting in National Elections

250px-Election-2004The Taliban has made good on its horrific promise to cut off the fingers of people with the tell-tale dye stains on their fingers after voting in the national elections. This does not surprise me about these extremists who believe any atrocity in the name of Allah is permitted. What astonishes me is that the Afghan government continues to use the dye technique when it allows for such retaliation.

The two women referenced in these reports showed extraordinary courage. They not only defied the Taliban to participate in democracy but they did so in in the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar province. They showed greater courage than the cowards who commit this crime. It is of course no accident that these extremists selected two women as part of their treatment of females as virtual chattel under their perverted notion of a pure Islamic society.

Next time you are not sure of voting in one of our national elections due to the inconvenience, it may be a story to keep in mind.

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27 thoughts on “Taliban Cut Off Fingers of Women Voting in National Elections”

  1. FFLEO,

    Washington’s speech doesn’t really lend itself to the Cliff Notes treatment. Even if you modernized the grammar and trimmed the fat, it’s so information dense it wouldn’t substantially shorten it. What would be more helpful to move the discussion would be if Bob were to specify which ideas he is thinking about (preservation of the union? the necessity of his withdrawal? international relations? militarism?) or if he was speaking to timbre of the speech as a whole. Washington covered a lot of ground on that address.

  2. What puzzles me is why aren’t REAL Muslim nations taking on the Taliban as they are wrecking the Muslim faith with bad practices. There’s no pages in the Koran about finger chopping to thwart democracy or dealing drugs and arms. Sounds more like the Mafia. I suppose they’re being treated as useful idiots by the others who hate Americans but are too gutless to stand up to them.

  3. Buddha,

    Can you find the Cliff Notes version of Washington’s Farewell Address for those slow readers amongst us…or I bet Bob Esq. can provide us a concise synopsis.

  4. Someone brilliant need to do some serious historical research and study the connection between the strenghth of militant Islam and Western sexual decadence at different stages of history over the last 1400 years.

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