Scientists Find 4-Million-Old Hominid . . . Creationists Find 10,000 Year Old Talented Monkey

180px-Lucy_(Frankfurt_am_Main)Her name is Ardi and, while she may not have been much of a looker by modern standards, she had one remarkable skill. She walked upright. This find in Ethiopa pushed our evolutionary traces about a million years earlier than the famed Lucy found in 1974.

Lucy can be forgiven for being a bit peeved by the displacement by a younger woman or at least a younger Hominid. Ardi was 4 feet tall and walked upright a million years earlier.

Ardi (known more formally as Ardipithecus ramidus) reinforces the view that humans and chimpanzees evolved separately but from a common ancestor — a central concept of evolution of the human species.

Project co-director Tim White, a paleontologist at the University of California, Berkeley, had a “I Can’t Believe Its Not Human” human moment, stating “This is not an ordinary fossil. It’s not a chimp. It’s not a human. It shows us what we used to be.”

Ardi was found in Aramis, Ethiopia. This suggests that we are all a bit Ethiopian. I just cannot understand why I can’t finish a marathon worth a damn.

250px-Tree_of_KnowledgeOf course, none of this is particularly credible given the fact that the Earth is only 10,000 years old, according to many of our political leaders (here and here). This makes Ardi a chimp with a talent, here. The picture on the right shows the accurate record for scientists to base further research.

However, I have to disagree with both the scientists and the creationists. This leading scientific study shows precisely how homer sapiens evolved:

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  1. JC:

    Malthus was wrong on that one as well. I guess even a Deity can be non-omniscient on occasion.

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  3. This is as wild and wolley a place as it was when Roger Patterson filmed his subject. It is a strangely primeval place, with creepers and vines , sawtooth, and massive cedars and pines , mashed together in a remarkably dense and claustrophobic forest. The Hupa Indian called him “Oh-mah”, some call him Stick-man stil others call him Sasquatch or Bigfoot. This is his home, from northern California through the southern Cascades , all the way up into Alaska. He has been seen in the San Bernardino Mountains, near my home and even in the Mojave desert into Palmdale and up through Tehachapi..

  4. Coincidentally, the 42nd anniversary of the Patterson Film is upon us. Oct.20,1967 was a remarkable day in the annals of zoology amd anthropology, as the only only existing movie of Bigfoot was filmed on this day in Bluff Creek California..

  5. RC , you might also be interested in the works of Dr. Grover Krantz, he was a renowned physical anthroplogist from WSU, and a believer in the “bigfoot phenomenon”. He wrote a brilliant book on the anatomical features of various bigfoot casts. The book showed various sizes and deformities and abnormalities in the shape and construction of footprints prior to casting and after. I had the good fortune to meet him and discuss the bigfoot phenomenon, originally a skeptic, he became a believer when certain anatomical features of the musculature of the thigh were noticed moving in a “hernaited fashion” in the Patterson Film. His analysis of the film eventually compelled him to admit that the creature on the film was most certainly an unclassified species of primate. After reviewing the film well over a hundred times as well, I also am reasonably convinced that the subject of the Patterson film is authentic…

  6. RC Campbell, sorry it took so long to get back to your question regarding ‘the decline of olfactory preeminence in mans’overall sensorium”. John Napier is a good place to start, he was an anatomist, surgeon and primatologist from England, who did a fair amount of research in the “sixties” on primate taxonomy. Much of his research centered around the development of the opposable thumb, which allowed primates, especially humans to grasp organic and non organic instruments as a means for food gathering and for defensive purposes. You may seek out the work of Wilfrid Le Gros and even Ivan Sanderson, who was an accomplished primatologist and physical anthroplogist in his own right. From an “evolutionary perspective”, man’s reliance on his sense of smell probably bacame less acute as other more important aspects of his brain formed, which allowed him to discern and think spatially. His reliance on his olfacotry declined as he became better equipped at gathering prey items, with his fellow primates, who began to fashion tools and weapons which aided in the overall survival of his species,and this may have led him to “develop a longer life span” due to a communal reliance on others to assist in the procuring of prey items and in the construction of “lairs”, which protected him from the elements and potentially life threatening animals that “had him on the menu”. As the other “associative areas” of his brain formed and developed more robuslty, his reliance on smell has become less and less important. As a primate, mans’ sense of smell was probably one of his least acute senses, even when studying some of the most primitive primates such as the prosimians. These ancient primates have massive, soup plate eyes, which allow them to see small prey items in the canopy and rotate their heads at a 180 degree angle. Please review the work of Napier and Le Gros.

  7. Is Ardi our ancestor or does she swing from another branch of the bushy hominid tree?

  8. Why must every discussion about the evolution of man include a reference to the creationist idiocy? It only lends credence to their benighted view? Let them rant at one another; the rest of us should just ignore them.

    Paleontologists have been studying this fossil for 17 years, so why is this suddenly news? That’s right, boys and girls, the corporate-controlled media is manipulating you yet again. This story actually broke over 15 years ago, but it’s being presented to us as news today. Stop and ask yourselves why.

    I studied biology in college over 20 years ago and we learned then that the evolution of man traces back at least six million years, so I’m not sure where the five million year number came from. It was obvious from some of Lucy’s features that Australopithecus was not the first hominid to walk upright. So the “news” article itself is a load of crap.

  9. gyges,

    Yes I did. I also recalled seeing a story not long before that claiming Asia to Africa then to bounce back and forth between Europe. I have a suspicion that our knowledge of the gene migration for our species will eventually be a much more complicated map when we are done with it, but it will always have huge gaps in the data simply because of the thin data set paleontologists have to work from with their their inherently small sample spaces.

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