Swiss Vote To Ban Minarets

We previously discussed today’s Vote in Switzerland on a ban on minarets for Mosques. Despite international criticism, the ban has passed. Just as we saw today (here) how Islamic extremists can justify blatant discrimination against other religions, the Swiss have shown that Christians are equally comfortable with such double standards.

The vote is a triumph for the country’s far right party. It is not a ban on new mosques but rather the minarets typical of such places of worship.

A surprising 57 percent approved the measure.

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49 thoughts on “Swiss Vote To Ban Minarets”

  1. “And that whole Scientific Method thing. Invented by a Muslim scientist commonly called Alhazen.”

    I thought that was William of Ockham.

  2. as to the question about churches in Damascus, Syria, and Karachi, Pakistan…I just googled both and found at least 10 Christian churches in both cities
    As those who know their New Testament will remember, Damascus was the site of St Paul’s conversion, and Syria was the first church planting place outside of Israel…there are some very old , and still active, Christian churches there
    there are over a million Christians in Syria

    This reminds me of the run-up to the war in Iraq….Saddam was pictured as a raving Islamic, when in fact he was just a crazy, secular one. There were open houses of worship, Christian, in Baghdad, before the American invasion. Unfortunately, with all the Shia-Sunni violence, and the war, a lot of the Iraqi Christians have fled (many to Syria)…even though they (and Jews)had a long presence in Iraq.
    War is not healthy , for many reasons

  3. Gyges,

    Great catch. Oh beloved roasted bean! How could I have forgotten thee?

  4. Todd/Mino:

    if it was not for Arab/Islamic scholars that kept the writings of the ancients (Aristotle, Plato, etc.) alive we would be a lot less farther along on our path toward civilization.

    We at least can acknowledge our debt.

  5. Muslims have done nothing to advance civilization.

    Oh, except preserve the knowledge of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians while Europe wallowed in the Dark Ages.

    Optics. Don’t forget optics. Big advancements in optics.

    Astronomy. Big sky country out in the desert.

    And that whole Scientific Method thing. Invented by a Muslim scientist commonly called Alhazen. He was born in Basra and his full name was Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham.

    But other than that, the Muslims have done nothing for civilization.

    And those damn Romans! Don’t get me started! Diego bastards! What have the Romans ever done for civilization . . .


  6. I agreee with Mino on some things. I see all these Muslims out in the streets throwing huge demonstrations and having rallys to throw down the West. Don\’t they have jobs? Don\’t they think their time would be better spent working towards gaining marketable skills? Maybe you wouldn\’t be so angry if you educated yourselves with real money making skills and start new companies. It\’s easy to blame others for your problems. I blame you for your problems for being ignorant and not trying to compete in the World. Look to Asia a good example. Amazing!
    It\’s time to get a grip and start taking responsibility in the World. Become competitors on an economic level and start contributing to make the World a better place. I think without oil you are nothing. You have pretty much wasted all the oil wealth to this point from what I have seen so you better get busy with some viable industries.

  7. Why don’t all these Muslims that spend all this time fighting work towards educating themselves towards skills that are marketable in the World. I see a bleak future for the World with narrow minded Muslims. Time to send them all home and let them blow each other up. I am sick of them. A bunch of whiners. Just stay in your own land. You aren’t wanted outside of it. Apparently you hate each other too so just go ahead and kill yourselves and do the World a big favor! If you can’t live in peace then this is what we believe. Prove it otherwise…

  8. Muslims contribute nothing for the advancement of society. They are parasites that bring the World down. They should be isolated to their countries of origin and be left to consume each other as they have down for centuries.

  9. rcampbell:

    so did I, the number of people practicing Islam is 87%. While there are Christian Churches in Syria there are not “hundreds” in Damascus. Syria is a totalitarian secular Arab country not that it has anything to do with the subject, but not a country I would use as a model of religious freedom or any freedom for that matter.

    I thought Lanny’s post was BS.

    I politely commented on Berliners’ post.

    When people think my comments are BS they say so as well and in about the same way. As your post demonstrates.

  10. Byron

    I did a simple Google search with the words “damascus, syria churches” and found directions to several christian/catholic churches. That would have been your better response rather than assuming the arrogant posture you chose as if Berliner, or anyone else, owes you anything.

  11. @ Byron:
    When the state allows one religion (e.g. Christianity) to build funny towers, but is banning another religion (e.g. Islam) from building funny towers, it’s violating the religious freedom as written (until now) in the Swiss constitution.
    Because arbitrary and unequal restrictions by the state are the opposite of “freedom”. You know, the whole “equal before the law” thing.

    At least that’s what the Canton government of St. Gallen told the SVP when they tried to prevent the erection of the minaret in Wil (SG) 2006.

    That was the reason for the constitution amending referendum initiated by several SVP members which was passed this sunday.
    This amendment made such unequal treatment of religions by the state constitutional, and even required.

  12. Lanny:

    “if you walk in damascus or Karachi streets you will find hundreds of churches..”

    prove it.

  13. Since when is it the religious majority should be asked to approve of the minority rights and religion?
    had it been the case there would have been only 1 big religion in the world.
    this is a gross breach of human rights, and freedom of worship, and a slap in the face of all moderate muslims around the world that took place in the heart of the west.

    i doubt all those who cracked our head bragging about democracy will voice a small concern about this dispicable action.

    and all those who say they do it why shouldnt we I say watch something else besides Fox vews..have you rednecks left your village once?..there are Giant churches in EVERY muslim country in the world (except saudi/their equivalent of Vatican)..there is a law in egypt that you cant fund building a mosque unless you fund building a church in the same neiborhood..if you walk in damascus or Karachi streets you will find hundreds of churches..
    this world is full of loud ignorant people

  14. Berliner:

    A Minaret is not a religion, put the Star and Crescent on top of your Mosque. They aren’t banning the Star and Crescent are they?

  15. Had that been the case I will assume the measure would not have passed as it would have been at odds with the Swiss Constitution.

    Until this sunday the banning of minarets was unconstitutional in Switzerland. Then a referendum passed which amended article 72 (“Church and State”) of the constitution to exempt minaret-bans from the right of religious freedom.

    Which is, I believe, the whole point of this blog entry…

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