Devil in the Details: Televangelist Rod Parsley Calls on the Faithful to Give Him Cash After Devil Took His Money

With Oral Roberts “called home,” televangelist Rod Parsley appears to have taken up his message of “give me money or Satan will win.” This bizarre video below shows Parsley explaining that he is in need of cash because the Devil was trying to financially ruin him and left him with little operating capital. He does not mention that the church was just hit with a $3 million award in a child abuse case. The Devil appears in the details.

We have previously followed Parsley’s brand of hate-based faith, here.

Parsley explained that his financial crisis is not due to his poor management but rather a “demonically inspired financial attack” that forced him recently to write a $3 million check. He never explains that the church had to write a $3.1 million check in a case where a two-year-old boy was abused at the Cuddle Care operated by World Harvest Church. This appears to be what Parsley is referring to as the “unavoidable deadline” of December 31st. The Devil in this case would be the son of Michael and Lacey Faieta who was beaten so badly that he was covered with welts and abrasions. He said that he was beaten by a knife but the family believes it was a sharp ruler. The teacher Richard Vaughan was never charged and the day care center was closed. The original award was for $6 million but the court reduced its to $2.8 million in light of the state caps on such award, here.

The video appeal is titled: “Will you help me take back what the devil stole?”

Parsley is clearly angry at the Devil over all of this. Angry enough to beat him all over his body with a knife or sharp ruler, but he will take cash instead. His message appears to be “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child.”

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  1. Jill–

    I didn’t mention anything about Obama in my previous comments. You’re responding to this comment that I made earlier: “The trouble is that so many folks fall for the rantings of guys like Rod.” I didn’t use the words weak and stupid. I think lots of people believe what they want to believe–it doesn’t matter what proof is stuck in front of their faces. It doesn’t matter if they’re conservative or liberal…if they’re high school dropouts or have advanced college degrees. Some folks fell for Obama’s smooth style; some fell for Palin’s “soccer mom” persona. I’m too old and too skeptical to be swayed by someone’s rhetoric…or they way he/she dresses…smiles…winks…handles/lies to the media, etc. I decided I had no choice but to vote for the Democratic ticket in 2008–especially after John McCain selected Palin as his running mate. Thinking of her as VP or President of the US scared the bejeezus out of me.

    One thing I must say though–Obama was clear about his belief that the war in Afghanistan was the “right” war before he was elected president. People who feel blindsided by his ramping up of things over there weren’t listening to him carefully.

  2. It’s a shame that men like him prey on people’s good intentions when they’re really up to no good.

    I never give money to any charity because of reasons like this. I don’t trust that my money will be used in the manner it is promised to be used in.

    I’ll take a bum on the street to lunch before I’d ever give him or her money.

  3. Elaine,

    I repsectfully disagree with you on this one! This nation elected a complete and dangerous fraud of a man for president. Many people who voted for him were kind, intelligent and sincere. There’s really no difference between what Pastor Parsley and Brand Obama did to achieve their aims–it all works the same way.

    These kind of people take advantage of other people’s best instincts. They understand how to manipulate people by making them feel a part of a common cause which doesn’t really exist to the manipulator. For example, people who voted for Obama firmly believed he would end all wars, restore civil liberties and work for the little guy. His past actions and voting record did not support these beliefs but he gave wonderful speeches and the propaganda machine surrounding him is one of the most sophisticated ever. So people believed in Obama despite evidence that contradicted that belief. Likewise, our good pastor understands what it takes to make people fall in line.

    It is my contention that anyone, and I mean anyone, can fall for these types of things if they are at a certain vulnerable place in their life. It happened to me when I was 16 years old and I’m certain it could happen to me again if conditions are right. The Milgram experiments showed that any one of us might do something awful when commanded by an authority. Interestingly, people who went through it and were able to reflect on what had happened without judging themselves harshly, have found they are far less vulnerable to manipulation because they see it faster and understand how it works.

    That’s my two cents, but I don’t think being fooled is just the province of the weak and stupid.

  4. I watched the video of Pastor Rod begging for donations again. I had to laugh when I read the following on the chyron moving across the screen: “Call now with your very best sacrifical seed.”

    All I can say is there cain’t be much germinating in the gray matter of those who do contribute to his cause.

  5. Buddah.

    “And if Jesus does come back?”.

    To which “Jesus” are you referring, Jesus of Nazarath or Jesus Kerist?

    If Jesus of Nazareth were to come back he would be in an American prison awaiting trial for associating with Palestinian terrorists. The good and decent people of his day recognized the danger that he represented to the proper order of things and nailed him to a tree.

    God then mostly obliterated his seditious messages by converting him into Jesus Christ, a pure bred aryan, the son of God himself. Jesus Christ would be welcome in the drawing rooms of South American junta leaders, the Vatican and the White House.

  6. Former Fed.

    In my opinion people that are stupid are much more dangerous than those that are merely evil.

  7. That evil 2 year old that forced the obviously decent Christian child minder to beat him is going to hell. He will roast in one of the hottest vats of boiling metal for depriving a servant of Jesus of so much money. $million 2.8.

    Elaine M.

    Don’y insult geraniums.

  8. A clerihew about pastor Rod who is under attack by the devil:

    Rod Parsley–
    Whose neurons are spread sparsely
    Inside of his cranium–
    Has the IQ of a geranium.

  9. Just one more reason why I abhor anything McCain/Palin. I remembered that Parsley/McCain relationship and how McCain accepted Parsley’s praise and endorsement.

  10. Well, shucks, Ms. EM’ done stolt my line a’fore I could think it. Good one.

  11. “The trouble is that so many folks fall for the rantings of guys like Rod.”

    You nailed it, Elaine. As ridiculous as it may sound to us (that ‘The Debbil done stole my money’), there are a (sadly) huge number of folks out there (who can least afford it) who will eat this guy’s crap up with a spoon and refill his coffers in record time.

  12. roflol

    Oh please, Elaine, DON’T help yourself. Anything but that. It’s just so much funnier when you don’t resist “that urge”. 😀

  13. BIL–

    The trouble is that so many folks fall for the rantings of guys like Rod.

    That’s Parsley for you. He surely isn’t sage most of the thyme.
    (Sorry, I can’t help myself when it comes to making puns.) I wonder if his wife’s name is Rosemary???

  14. Elaine,

    Thanks for the video. It’s always entertaining to watch revisionist insanity and theocratic asses get taken seriously by a politician.

    Now? A thousand pardons. I must rant a bit.

    “America was founded to fight Islam”? Excuse me, Ronbo? Where the Hell did you get your law or history degree, Parsley? Out of a cereal box? Off sugar packets at Denny’s? America was founded to escape religious intolerance and repression in and from Europe. So if ANYTHING, America was founded to fight Christianity since they were fleeing Christian based repression. Unless King George II (no, the other one) was a secret mullah? You’re just full of shit, Ron. A liar. And a liar encouraging people to kill for “Jesus”. And don’t forget! To send your venal ass more money to spread your hatred and ignorance. Do you have an ATM in your church Ron? I bet you have more than one.

    You’re not just evil. You’re a moron. What a lovely combination.

    And if Jesus does come back? It’ll be people like YOU, Ron Celery, who will be standing in front of the line marked “Ass Kickings for Abusing My Teachings”. He is supposed to come back as a vengeful lion by your Revelations Death Cult Cartoon Theology, isn’t he? Mad at all those who didn’t do as He said and love and care for one another? Well, when He sees this tape, I’m sure He’ll be real impressed with your expressions of the love and compassion that He told you to live by. Or He’ll think you’re a hateful lying little venal war monger who takes the “thou shalt not kill” admonishment as a suggestion and not a commandment and that His advice to “love thy enemy” is for suckers. I’m thinking the later. Jesus, by your own mythology, will be looking to beat your ass, Ron. You aren’t doing as He told you and spreading love in the world. You’re doing the exact opposite.

    Your version of Fundamentalist Christianity is as vile as the most virulent form of Fundamentalist Islam. Both are based on hatred and intolerance covered with a big ol’ ala mode scoop of stupidity and drizzled with sauce that has greed and ego as the primary ingredients.

    Enjoy your hypocrisy, Ronbo.

  15. From Brave New Films & Mother Jones–a short video about McCain’s Spiritual Guide, Rod Parsley


  16. I wonder if the devil was wearing a blue dress? Would the feelings be any different if this was say, per chance the reverend’s child that this happened to?

  17. [youtube=]

    Note to my fellow musicians and cartoon fans: Please note that this song borrows heavily from “Powerhouse” by Carl Stalling, the musical master behind Bugs Bunny and the WB cartoon stable.

    Appropriate not only to play off mespo’s devilish post but because “Pastor” Parsley is such a maroon.

  18. “…his message of “give me money or Satan will win.”


    Tough call on who to root for in this contest, but I like those uniforms on the Ba’al Zebûb team!

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