Santa Spotted In Micronesia

The good people of Norad are tracking the jolly fat man and spotted him in Micronesia, here.

The Turleys are again celebrating Christmas in Chicago with the entire Turley clan. (Or kids actually double dip and get to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas). Tonight I will make our traditional Cioppino soup before going to midnight mass to listen to my 82-year-old mother sing with the choir at St. Mary’s of the Lake. I remain on call, of course, for any Christmas torts that may occur.

49 thoughts on “Santa Spotted In Micronesia”

  1. Prof Turley,
    I am sorry to hear your battery died. Bad weather for that kind of problem. We just got back from Skokie and drove 1 1/2 hours home to Woodstock through the pouring rain. Have a great Holiday and safe trip home.

  2. Hey can’t leave out little Dominick, Chingedy Ching!


  3. All these fine selections from the Turley Saloonatics, I’m grateful.

    Here’s a serving of grace, a devine wild card if you will,
    the lyrics aren’t open for discussion thou. 🙂


    Just love when a plan gets rehearsed and comes together.

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