The final day is here in the galactic struggle for blog dominance. This afternoon, voting will end and, while the vote count has now been hidden by the ABA, we cannot give up our righteous battle.

To that end, we are unleashing our 40 inspirational speeches from Lottakatz:


  1. Sorry, I was trying to post Eddie Vedder & Bruce Springsteen singing “Better Man” live. Try Youtube: txl4b44Ncds

  2. CEJ:

    I have no idea how Legal Satyricon won the bout. I see his posts and he gets an average of 10-12 comments. I’ve seen up to 1100 on some postings here. Truly amazing.

  3. Lottakatz,

    Thank-you for that awesome video, it does lend one perspective especially as our larger goal is controlling the Space-Time Continuum.


    Thank-you for the link to the ABA vote totals. While initially it seems disappointing, the good news is the kittens are no longer under threat!


    You are no doubt the better man! This year, a win is an Insult!

    It would appear ABA’s *beauty pageant* had more than a little controversy. It seems there was vote *buying* and everyone is chiming in at Simple Justice to share their outrage with Scott Greenfield.

    I wonder if they are aware of Marc Randazza’s self-promoting/trolling for votes over at AutoAdmit and the rest of the blawgosphere?

    Do you think his ass is no longer chapped now that he has something he can wipe it with?

    To paraphrase some of the comments: “What ever chance Marc had at legitimacy was lost when he chose to troll AutoAdmit for days, then delete his post there, followed by deleting Buddha and FFLEO’s comments on his blog for incivility when they rightly called him out! It’s the cover up which offends! Marco has reduced his win and the entire *beauty pageant* to a joke.”

    On 12/31/09 Marc wrote on Simple Justice: “Jesus…you’ve managed to make me ashamed for ever giving a shit about the ABA 100.”

    Ah, we have seen through you from the get go–Marc, you took this whole thing to seriously and had no fun; while here it was tongue-in-cheek and saving kittens!

    “The price? Not just the ABA “badge” but the respect of all your peers!” So Marc who’s sorry now?

  4. Thanks sir for the link and it had an interesting tidbit.

    U.S. Supreme Court
    Scalia Worried About Supreme Court Filled with Experienced Judges

    People with only judicial experience “come to think the government is always right,” he said. “Now you contrast that with the Anglo-Saxon system where, in the most important courts, the judges not only have not been spending their whole lives with their snout in the public trough, they’ve been suing the government. They’ve been defending their clients against the government. [It’s] a different mindset.”


    Wow and wiki says that he is guilty of what he complains about.

    Antonin Gregory Scalia (born March 11, 1936) is an American jurist who has served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States since 1986. He was appointed to the Court by President Ronald Reagan, having previously served on the D.C. Circuit Appeals Court and in the Nixon and Ford administrations and taught law at the Universities of Virginia and Chicago.


  5. L-katz,

    I did not want to leave you and others with the false impression that I um, er, cough…watch Ms. HotForWords’ videos on YouTube to gain knowledge. Once upon a time, I think I musta just happened to ‘stumble’ accidentally across one of her videos–it could happen.

    However, I must say that if young men had English teachers like Ms. HFW, the vocabulary scores on standardized testing would skyrocket throughout the Nation—if not the English-speaking world—and new male wordsmiths would abound.

    Hum, I wonder whence the word ‘etymology’ came? I guess I must check a reputable on-line dictionary and/or other source…

    Happy New Year

  6. That is the order in which they would have been arranged had the vote been settled before they first started hiding (??) the vote count. In other words, the voting did not change much, or at all, to affect the outcome.

  7. The arrangement of IMHO blogs at the ABA web site has changed. The Legal Satyricon is first and Jonathan Turley is second. Not a good sign.

  8. LOL! Woah, Hot-for-Words indeed! You rascal you… 🙂

    The google mentions The 5th Element in a search result for Ms. Words: and since there’s another hour in the voting I can do that, a kick-butt girl fighting for right and justice is called for:


  9. Glad you liked it FFLEO, I found it about a week ago and just keep coming back to it- it’s an ‘all roads lead to Mecca’ sort of thing. I think a vid like that appeals to peoples sense of wonder on the one hand and their desire for context on the other. Some time you just need to be shaken out of yourself to appreciate the extraordinary nature of what is, no matter how imperfect while being kicked in the butt to make it better. It appeals on a strangely dual plane of thought and emotion.

    My stockpile of LOLCat links (which is vast, VAST I tells ya!) and others, many of which were actually kind of close to being on-point, just didn’t convey the message I wanted to send. I am amazed at the number of hits it’s racked up in just the last week! I’ve not heard of Hot-for-Words, I’ll have to Google that.

    I’m glad you are posting more often lately, I always enjoy your take on things. The better half is a bit under the weather so I’m spending the holiday in front of the monitor while he naps. You have a happy new year.

  10. L-katz,

    That was an excellent video and in just 15 days it has had 1,735,133 views and 4,596 comments.

    At least there are some people who are not just watching Hot-for-Words et al….

  11. The winner of this years ABA poll may be in doubt as yet and the votes when tallied may favor another. THAT IS OF NO MATTER.

    There were some good blogs in the IMHO category but only two that had thriving and convivial communities of posters. The IMHO category had two distinct flavors of blog, the community-type and the columnist-type, it’s actually inappropriate to mix the two I think because the columnists style and the community style are so fundamentally different forms. I visited them all and a couple are now on my secondary blog roll because they are worthy of reading. It’s apples and oranges as a category though and that’s a disservice to both.

    I like the community blog style and between the community style blogs (there are only 2) the best blog is TurleyBlog. Althouse is a darned close second.

    The Professor gets the top honors because he at least tries to make it a legal blog, he posts about the law in all of its quirky magnificence after all. It’s his community that seems to have never met a tangent it could resist for long 🙂 or a legal/cultural matter they won’t plumb to surprising depth and length with a wealth of skills appropriate to a legal blog. TurleyBlog does it best. His blog wins. Period.

    Althouse doesn’t even pretend and I actually like that about it. It is a blog heavy on politics though and the host uses many and various photos and vids to make a point (including a Dr. Who vid this month!); what’s not to like? It’s a blog worth the time to read but not a legal blog in the strict sense.

    (Lawyer2Lawyer is in a class all it’s own, they should get some kind of award for just being all unique and like that.) 🙂

    I started to dig around in my ‘MiscCool’ folder to find a vid to sum up the nature of it; polls, awards, the value of ones work, something light that had a good beat but the search just started expanding to include the old year, the promise of a new year, life, death and everything. This is what I came up with: If the Professor prevails, what a singular and extraordinary thing it is, all things considered; and if he does not, what a singular and extraordinary thing it is none the less, all things considered 🙂


    I suggest you double-click to go to YouTube and full screen it.

  12. It’s 4:27pm, and I just voted.

    Hello, my name is Bob, and I’m a chronic procrastinator.

  13. Mr. Randazza’s quote that follows was written within his blog just before the quote Jill referenced in her post above:

    “For either reason, the public debate democracy relies upon to thrive and solve its problems is undermined”

    Public debate is indeed undermined when a self-professed First Amendment lawyer disingenuously deletes civilized posts by arbitrarily and capriciously labeling them uncivilized, thus hiding them from the world because they clearly illustrate his deceitfulness. I do not think that labeling such a person as a hypocritical coward is too piquant an appellation.

    Attorney Randazza is the antithesis of Attorney/Professor Turley. Turley—at all times—ensures factual accuracy by correcting any errors the visitors find within this blawg. There is no question between the two men as to which legal expert a person should rely upon for honest, ethical legal opinions and facts.

    Nevertheless, I will occasionally visit LS because it is still a good reference site for First Amendment legal issues and Mr. Randazza has a unique perspective regarding freedom of speech matters.

    Jill, thanks for referencing that phrase within LS since I had not visited the site recently.

  14. FFLEO:

    This is Marc’s quote of the year on his blot–pour tu!!!

    “People are ostracized for pointing out unpopular but scientifically tenable information.”

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