Chavez: U.S. Caused Haiti Earthquake With “Tectonic Weapon”

A Spanish newspaper claims that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the United States of causing the earthquake in Haiti by a U.S. “tectonic weapons test” that is being called “The Earthquake Weapon.”

Chavez reportedly said that the Navy launched the weapon, but that this was just a test. The weapon is being developed to be used against Iran.

The fact is that Chavez is not making this stuff up. Here is one of the actual tests of the Earthquake weapon:

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    If the technology has any weaponized potential it would be for altering weather or direct application of heat to the surface. The suggestion that it could be used to create earthquakes simply shows you don’t understand what causes earthquakes.

    If you applied enough heat energy to alter a plate or a fault, you’d cook everything on the surface of the earth long before you added enough heat into the lithosphere to alter its natural conductive patterns, the same patterns that drive continental drift and fault movement.


    The earthquake weapon focuses radio waves into the earths atmosphere to try and heat it up. When they are reflected they can heat the earth’s crust and cause quakes when focused

    the technology was created by big oil to use radio waves to find oil deep without digging. the surprise was that earthquakes could be created.

    if you search a little on the technology you will see that this is very real.

    to those who don’t, keep living in the dark ages like bible thumpers. the world will pass you by.

  3. You are correct, we are in deed. But you need us to protect your rights under the Constitution that you seek to destroy. So you see we are a necessary evil…..

  4. “The Earthquake Weapon”

    Man, that’s a killer. They used “MK-Ultra” as code name for a covert CIA mind control program, but for this one, it seems they just haven’t gone great lengths to come up with a good name, did they?

  5. I used to see this guy on Michigan Avenue in Chicago – he would walk around wearing old-school, hand-written sandwich boards. He had a few “themes”, most of which revolved around the idea that the Soviet Communist power structure was still operating full tilt – not in the real way that the former KGB actually runs Russia, but that Communists were still in power. My favorite “expression” of this idee fixe was that Al Gore had been kidnapped by the Commies and REPLACED WITH A ROBOT!!! (That would have explained his lame presidential run…)

    Another one of his “themes” was that the Soviet/Russian Communists had developed A WEATHER CONTROL WEAPON!!! (Dum, dum, DUUUUUMMM!!!)

    I haven’t seen this guy around in a couple of years – it must be that he’s down in Venezuela with a juicy consulting gig for Chavez.

  6. Seeing the Pokemon video labeled a test video made me spit out my water in the middle of a drink 🙂

  7. Residents of Big Bear California experienced a quake following an underground nuclear detonation on the other side of the mountain out in the desert.

    That actual earthquake weapon, a nuke, has not been used for many years.

    The Chavez dude is suffering from WMD (weapons of mass delusion).

    Any human weapon of that sort (micro-wave vibe generator) would be so underpowered compared to the tectonic plate resistance there could never be any hope of such accuracy.

    We can’t even predict when earthquakes will happen with any sane accuracy, meaning we do not know enough about them to make such a weapon IMO.

  8. Let’s see, I would not put anything against betting on the odds of this happening. I wonder what the sport line is in Vegas. Heck, whats the Off Shore bet line? Would this be an insurable risk? Would it be one tectonic weapon or two.

    Would the UN have the capability to come into the US and inspect for weapons of tectonic destruction? Would they know what they are looking for? Would they know it when they see it? Would it have to be labeled somewhat like Airplane 33 1/3. Would Leslie Nielsen be in charge:


  9. I did not know Conspiracy Theory 2 was in the works. Perhaps Chavez is auditioning to replace Mel Gibson.

  10. the Arabian plate and the Eurasian plate meet in Iran. looking at a map of Iran and it’s nuclear sites and overlaying the plate interface is very interesting.

    Many Iranian nuclear facilities lie within the plate interface. Coincidence?

    Maybe Chavez isn’t so stupid after all.

  11. I heard someone on a call on show say this exact same thing the other day,so this is out there.

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