Head Haitian Voodoo Priest Objects To Scientologists and Others Proselytizing Through Aid Activities

We have been following the arrival of Scientologists and Evangelicals in Haiti to spread their faith with needed aid to survivors. Now, Haiti’s top Voodoo priest is objecting to the use of the aid efforts to spread the off-island faiths.

In the story below,
Al Jazeera
interviews the top Voodoo priest (he appears around 1:20 on the tape) over his concerns.

14 thoughts on “Head Haitian Voodoo Priest Objects To Scientologists and Others Proselytizing Through Aid Activities”

  1. Uhhh… other faiths were not let into the former soviet Union- Duhhh! Scientology is a cult, and should not be discussed along side legitimate religions. If the people of Haiti do not like the bearers of aid- well maybe they should fix their country themselves. They have proven so competent so far! Why don’t all of the Haitians who came to the US to go to school and get a professional education here go back to help rebuild, along with those here illegally who are crying to get special treatment with the quakes as an excuse. If our people can go down there to help, why don’t you? Haiti has been a bottomless pit for help in the past, does not seem to learn from past disasters, and are going to suck up more international aid that could be used for people willing to work to help themselves!! During WW2, after German towns were ruined everyone would be out rebuilding the next day…. Haitians sit around crying that the rest of the world was not helping, waiting for someone else to do the work and pay for it.

  2. To more clearly express the meaning behind my last comment:

    If I were practicing the voodoo of Voodoo, I might get a chicken dinner out of it on occasion; if I were practicing the voodoo of Scientology, the most I could expect out of it would be to eat the charges to my credit card.

  3. Fertilizer chaps. You can get fertilizer out of them.

    Come to think of it, you can get plenty of that out of them when they’re alive too.

    Yes, I’m back from my tropical hideaway and bloody grumpy I can tell you……..

  4. “There is nothing that you can get useful out of a dead Scientologist”.

    …..or christian or jew or mormon or muslim or hindu. If one is defined one’s religion, there’s not much use for any of them regardless which brand they wear.

  5. TomD.Arch:


    “There is a backlog of at least 800 aircraft awaiting permission to land at the overloaded airport, which can handle just 130 flights daily, prompting recriminations from some aid agencies.”


    According to the National Red Cross media spokesman who accompanied the trip, JT’s was the only private aircraft permitted to land.

    -Channel 9, Cedar Rapids

  6. Why is this DuBuddy person calling Duh “tartar sauce”?

    And BigFella – please don’t joke about the death of people with whom you disagree.

    The appropriate analogy would be “you can’t eat an E-Meter.”

    I wonder how the $ology “relief flight” identified themselves to Air Traffic Control at Port au Prince airport? There’s still a lot of demand to get supplies and personnel into that airport, and it would seem that there would be other flights that could be seen as higher priority than that flight…

  7. sey duh,

    wehn U wannta gitz 8 me fur tine duh. used me now used tink i tupid. i knot u noe. i tink u r tarte souce. u say u b sew tarte u noe u r. u doughnut look lake dat.

    u halp em an+ya brung hear da bekon.

  8. I’d buy in to Voodoo voodoo anytime as opposed to Scientology voodoo. Once you’ve sacrificed that chicken, you can make chicken soup. There is nothing that you can get useful out of a dead Scientologist.

  9. it reminded me of the orthodox russian church’s complaints about evagelical christians showing up in russia after the soviet union dissolved.

    i think they had every right to be angry. the orthodoxy was there throughout all the killing times and then the american evangelicals show up to “save” them??!!

  10. It doesn’t surprise me. Help from the ‘christian’ community usually has strings attached. Far be it from these groups to go in and just help their fellow man, and respecting their fellow man enough to leave their own personal beliefs at the door. I certainly don’t remember Jesus putting conditions on helping the needy.

  11. Well, if we can have the funky chicken man in Texas be able to practice his faith and God knows what they do with the chickens in LA. Why can’t the Islanders be left alone by outside interferences?

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